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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  May 21, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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biden threatened that the partnership was part of a bigger global alliance. >> this is an opportunity. you have heard it 1 million times, and i'm sorry to the american press to it repeat it. we are at a point in history that things changing so rapidly and we will see it more of it. there is a competition between democracies and autocracies. >> happening right now in germany, the first shipment of a baby formula is being loaded onto a military aircraft. that is like the parts of indiana tomorrow. it is part of the niche initiation to's increases supply formula among the shortage. overnight, a federal judge blocked the biden administration from ending title 42 that if trump era policy that allows officials to turn back asylum seekers at the border due to the pandemic. the justice department intends
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to appeal the decision. we have live reports from the barge border in just a few minutes. for the january six committee, sitting down with one of the most high-profile witnesses yet, rudy giuliani. the former attorney met with the panel on friday after nine hours from when he was subpoenaed in january. you reported today, according to the emails obtained by the washington post, ginni thomas, a wife of supreme court justice, clarence thomas, pressed lawmakers after the 2020 election to set aside the joe biden popular vote victory. she wanted a clean slate of electors. we are going to talk to legal analyst melissa murray about. this first, reporting on today's top stories we go to mike in a sole, erin mclaughlin in ukraine, and sam in texas. big welcome to all of you. mike, we talk to you first. a very busy day for the president. he is not just making international air headlines,
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but he is taking care of business over there. what can you tell us? >> i've traveled overseas with three different presidents. whenever you have a president on foreign soil, it tends to have domestic politics, domestic agenda is creeping in from time to time. that has been especially so with president biden. he is set to begin the third day here in south korea. we saw the president on saturday signing two piece of legislation. the first is to expand the safety and access to baby formula. we are dealing with the shortage that has sent his administration into a crisis mode over the past week. this new piece of legislation is coming as those 132 pallets are being loaded at an air force base to begin to deliver the equivalent of one point 25 billion dollars worth of baby formula to the united states. the president on saturday also had the important foreign policy work. he was having a bilateral meeting with the south korean
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president. whenever you are talking about the south korean u.s. relationship, a lot of that is looking with an eye to the north. that is because north korea's nuclear program is accelerating fast. the president signaled plans to expand a joint military exercises as they focus on both the defense and deterrence of north korea at this point. president biden was asked in the news conference today about the possibility that he might meet with kim jong-un, the north korean dictator. look at the presidents answers on these pressing questions. >> yes, we offered vaccines not only to north korea but to china as well. we are prepared to do this immediately. we got no response. with regard to whether i would meet with the leader of north korea, it would depend on whether he is sincere and serious. >> as i mentioned, the two bills that the president has signed on saturday, the other one was the 40 billion dollar
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ukraine aid package. there is an increase that the united states has been providing to the ukrainians. half of this is security systems to reconstruct their offense weaponry. -- he is flying the comfortable flight on the air force one. yet to sign the physical copies of the legislation our just passed in the last week. we are told by a white house officials that those actual hard copies of the bills flew on a commercial flight along with the staff. that is billions of dollars and carry on luggage, alex. >> that is a good way to put it my friend. you are president biden's. shadow it is after one in the morning on sunday morning and you are up chatting with us about the day's events. i very much appreciate it, my friend. we will talk with you soon. safe travels. joining with me is sumy terry. the director of the asian program at the wilson center. she is a former director for korea, japan, and national
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security council. thank you for joining me. in an article, previewing this trip, you wrote, if biden and yun seize these opportunities, their summit can be more than a photo op. it can be a step towards expanding and deepening the alliance for the challenges ahead. after the press conference today, do you think this summit is more than a photo op? what are your takeaways this far? >> i think so. it was very long and comprehensive. president yoon dodgeball attorney south korea in a global state. they had a long list of things that they wanted to talk on from a supply chain resilience, a public health, to cyber, and dealing with north korea. i am satisfied in terms of the direction that they are heading. i think the two idols are ideologically aligned. we will see. we will see what happens in the
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future. i think it is a very good start. >> the president is reportedly not visiting the dan z during this military trip. this is because of security concerns? how much for this matter anyway? >> i don't think it matters. i think that they are pretty strong in their statements about what they are going to do about north korea. the united states reaffirmed their deterrence that they have commitment to south korea. they talked about enlarging the rock joint exercises that have been a car child in recent years. they talked about bringing back strategic acts says to south korea. they talked about being on the same page when it comes to nuclear policies. i really do not think it matters that president biden decided not to stop by tmz. the head of this trip -- >> there were indications that north korea could conduct a missile launch, perhaps a nuclear test and do this while president biden is in asia.
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you heard president biden say that he would consider meeting with kim jong-un if he was sincere and serious. do you envision a scenario where the two would actually need? >> i really do not. certainly not this year. north korea has really amped up these useful tests. they conducted 16 missile tests this year alone. they are committed to expanding, modernizing their nuclear arsenal, diversifying their capability, and this is the path that kim jong-un is on. united state has offered to sit down with kim jong-un anytime, any place. the president has not taken it. he right now things the external environment is favorable for more provocations. russia and china are not on board with the united states. the united nations security council cannot even condemn lost icbm that was conducted. i think that for the single future, alex, i did not see us getting back to negotiations or
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biden doing this either. >> something was interesting in the article is that you write about the similarities between the two leaders, president biden's center left and the president of south korea's center right. in terms of their personalities, they are a lot alike. they are pet lovers that you noted. talk about how important that is. talk about the chemistry between the two. >> i do think that having the right chemistry between the leaders and having a good robe for is very important. they are not countries. they are leaders that are trying to conduct a policy and move forward. i think it is important. they are from a middle class background with a full down to earth and love to cook and buy their own groceries. he is a good cook. -- biden likes to go to ice cream
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stops. he likes pizza, ice cream. they have a very folk oriented way of speaking. in terms of style, they are similar. ideologically, oftentimes when we have a conservative present and here, even though we talked about u.s. and south korea being aligned, sometimes they were not so aligned. now we have a chance. we have ideologically aligned, styles -- i hope that we can see this alliance get even further strengthened in the next year to come. >> it very well might be strengthened. moving on to japan, that is because that's where we are heading next. we are reporting that advisers and analysts say that the president is carrying a strong for a message to china. do not try what russia did to ukraine anywhere in asia, especially now to taiwan. how critical is this message for the trip? do you think is being effectively send? >> i think it is being effectively send just by them
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stopping the south korean president and now going to japan. what is on the agenda? we are talking about -- we do not mind saying the word china but you need to be talking about supply chains. it is indo-pacific framework. when you look at what is on the agenda we are talking about china and it is sending a strong message that the u.s. is coordinating very closely with our closest allies in the region. this is how we are going to deal with china by strengthening our alliance formation with our two closest allies in the region. all makes sense, thank you very much for sharing respectable. as good for more on the warning ukraine. a new video released by presents a landscape showing what he says the russian missile strike. it was hitting the house of culture in the kharkiv region. he says 11 year old child was among seven wounded. again, criticizing russian shelling civilian educational targets. meanwhile, russia claims it
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used to caliber missiles, launched in the city, just very large shipment of military equipment was headed to european troops dunbar. however, abc news's not able to independently consists confirm this. meanwhile, ukrainian fighters evacuated from their holy position that mariupol steel plant have arrived in a russian controlled part of -- let's go to erin mclaughlin who's joining us now from our kharkiv where russia is actively shelling targets. aaron, talk about what you're seeing there. >> hey, alex. that's right russia is continuing to its assault on the kharkiv region today. shelling killing at least one civilian and wounding 20 others. this as russia is claiming its second major victory in this war. >> russia claims to have taken complete control of the as a staff's deal plant in mariupol. the final ukrainian stronghold in the devastated port. city with the last of ukrainian
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fighters said to have surrendered to russian forces. ukrainian officials have yet to confirm the complete surrender. but on friday, president zelenskyy said, the remaining soldiers have been given permission to save their lives and leave. regarded as heroes in ukraine, now prisoners of war and russian controlled territory. it is unclear how or when they will return home. this as russian forces advance in the donbas. transforming but was once the country's industrial heartland into a living hell. as ukrainian officials order the entire region of luhansk evacuated. still, u.s. officials insist, russia's progress remains slow and incremental. as ukrainians fight back. >> in the donbas region, almost every day, there are helmets, towns, and militias that are changing hands. the russians are still well behind where we believe they wanted to be. >> in the bombed-out villages that's around kharkiv, ukrainians collect the bodies of freshens older's. the high cost of russia's
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failed offensive. still, their assault on kharkiv continues. striking this cultural center in another town in the region. injuring at least seven. including an 11 year old child. and overnight, bombing a market near the center of town. ominous signs that the russians remain on the doorstep of ukraine's second largest city. >> this morning we tried to go to that market to see the aftermath of that missile strike for ourselves. but as we approach, we heard two loud explosions, and were forced to turn around. meanwhile, there's been ongoing shelling today, in the suburbs to the northwest of the city. ukrainian officials tell us that american supplied howitzers have moved into that area to defend kharkiv and russian forces continue to try to take those howitzers out. alex, >> which means i send it back, or take back from you and say, to be careful you knew or
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biden administration will appeal a federal judge's ruling that prevents the white house when listening title 42 u.s. scheduled on monday. at the southern. border that trump era policy severely limits asylum seekers from entering the u.s.. and we see sam brock is on the border force and del rio texas. so sam, this is not just a story about a court battle, this is one about the ongoing fortunes and misfortunes of some people who are pretty desperate to reach the united states. what have you learned about this?
9:19 am
>> alex that is exactly right. it is a daily drumbeat of humidity are watching play out. and that is with title 42 in place. and the issue for the court put forth is, is about, co-owners as about immigration? and a judge unfortunate side of that it is both. and what happens at the border here in texas and arizona it impacts states and cities all of the country. as you mentioned about administration is appealing this decision as border crossings right now skyrocket. the major legal blow to the biden administration border, where desperate scenes are virtually nonstop. we met this couple from ecuador, emotional and clutching one another as they crossed into the u.s.. >> he has how they are feeling. i'm nervous, this father said. i can't believe i put my family in danger. as its mother from columbia who left her two kids at home fight sears. clean with president biden, give some opportunity. we want a better future for our
9:20 am
family, she says. now a federal judge borrowing the biden administration from lifting a covid year aboard a restriction known as title 42, as he ministration at plant. two dozen administrative shiny generals do to stop them and in the title 42 would cause immediate unwrap rubble harm saying it could result in a three fold increase in border crossings. comes as the biden administration faces bipartisan criticism over its border policy. last year, there were an all-time record 1.7 million illegal border crossings. and just last month, 234,000 migrants crossed into the u.s.. the highest monthly total ever reported. even with title 42 in place, and majority of those migrants were released into the u.s.. the sheriff here in -- county says we don't have the resources to handle the already soaring numbers. >> are you losing sleep over? this >> i worried. very worried. yes. very worried. i think it will back in, title 42 maybe another three or four
9:21 am
months. maybe we could be a little bit more prepared. >> alex, this decision not only by the time for local governments, it also bide time for the white house, dhs says in his redeployed somewhere in the neighborhood of six hour-long forsman officers to the border right now. but documents obtained by nbc news, indicate that the agency looking at is modeling projections thinks that it's anywhere between 1.2 billion and two billion dollars short of the money that it needs should title 42 ultimately be lifted. alex. i'm like looking at the headline from nbc news joining me is congressman. from the house of armed services. he's a good friend to me even know he is from the bay california area and i am from l.a.. >> i was great to be on with you. >> where do you stand on title 42? do you want to see it lifted? we will not happen on monday.
9:22 am
you heard the one gentleman at the end saying we need a couple of more months. you see sam brock talk about two billion dollars. it is what dhs is saying. we need that much money to deal with it when it gets lifted. what do you want to see happen? >> alex, it should be left it, but it is not what i think, the president things, the court thinks, it is a health decision. the center of disease control looked at the issue and they said that we cannot be denying people in asylum up prices. it just means that they are entitled to the process of asylum that that is offered. we cannot deny them anymore because of covid. it is not a valid health risk. i would say that funded two billion that is needed. how the races needed to protect the border. people should be able to have the asylum process in this country. >> how quickly can the money be funded? >> i will be voting tomorrow.
9:23 am
if the issue is that we need more security there, more agents there, more people to process, fine, i hundred resent agree. i am for border security. i am for people following the process. i am not for using the pretext of covid to deny people basic rights to seek asylum when they are being targeted for execution. this is all the people coming from ukraine. we shift people from allowing people in from europe in ukraine. should they not be allowed a process of asylum? that is the american process. it is a pretext to say that it is because of covid. we are not talking about the real issue. we need asylum issues officers but not make over the excuse. >> let's move on to what is happening overseas. while in south korea today, the president signed the bill for 40 billion dollars in new military aid and humanitarian aid to ukraine, what message should the send to americans?
9:24 am
if you digging into a long war in the ukraine? if it is, can it afford to meet their needs long term? >> to be clear, it is one thing, we do not have any of our personnel there. the president has been remarkably restrained and very clear. we are not going to go to war with russia. our assistance of ukraine is working. this means that the resistance that ukraine has put up has been courageous. it has been extraordinary. it is defined all expectation. we need to be working on a resolution. we need to be working to bring some settlement to this issue. i have supported the issue of this and what the others are doing to keep the dialogue open. i do not think that you can just have an endless conflict. this is both because of the drain on resources and because of the loss of lives of the devastation of war. >> it is hard to watch, that is
9:25 am
for sure. let's talk about the economy right now. the president tweeted you want to bring down inflation, let's make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. billionaire, jeff bezos, responded on twitter. raising corporate taxes is fine to discuss. taming inflation is critical to discuss. marching them together is just misdirection. in another post he wrote, the administration tried hard to inject even more stimulus into an already overheated inflationary economy, and only manchin save them from themselves. inflation is a regressive tax that most hurts the least in flu. and misdirection does not help the country. let me get your response to billionaire jeff bezos and his criticism on the biden administration. how do you feel about that? >> inflation is a real. concern prices are up. we have to talk about basic economic. the basic economics is that the build back better bill would have been fully paid for.
9:26 am
with all these fully paid for as any economists would tell you, it is not cause inflation. this is when you have deficit spending. then the fed has to come in and buy bonds. this increases the money supply. if you actually raise revenue, and you increase taxes, the fed has to buy less and you are shrinking the money supply. this is deflation. it is not a matter of opinion. this is economic fact. do i think that raising corporate taxes is the only thing that is going to be silver bullet? no. there are other things we ought to be doing and that the fed should be doing. this will be tweeted out about. it is correct if you raise revenue and lower the deficit it creates less a bond. you can shrink the money supply. bezos should talk -- >> if we talk about inflation and rising cost, you have one
9:27 am
area where americans are particularly struggling. this is gas prices. the national average for a gallon of gas was 4:59. the house just passed the bill to aim to combat price gouging on gas. how important is it to put oil companies at the center of this discussion? what do you say to republicans who accused democrats of trying to shift blame? >> have you ever notice that when the oil price goes up the price goes up at the pump but when the price comes down at the barrel it does not come down as quickly at the pump? that is what the bill goes after. you cannot be charging an excessive a price if you are a seller of kyiv. you also have to hold big oil accountable. they are making record profit. billions, of billions, billions of profit. they are putting it into a staff of buybacks. they are not increasing production. they're putting it into wall street. there is a bill that says tax those excessive profits and give a rebate to the american
9:28 am
public. we are paying and getting increased at the pump. >> good to see you my friend. thank you so much. newly discovered bombshell emails from the wife of supreme court justice thomas's is a leaving new support after one week of shooting in buffalo. this suggests that more than a dozen people may have known get this plot and had nothing about. it -- shootings in america, the grim numbers of just this week of ten. 38 mass shootings for the month. i total number this year of 207. the total deaths and lives lost is 218. ♪ ♪
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9:33 am
40 others. the twister hammering a small town where forecasters extreme winter uncommon. governor whitmer declared a state of emergency. millions of americans are under heat advisories right now, record temperatures are expected from texas to maine. with many places reaching the upper 90s. for some areas, the humidity is going to make it feel like triple digits. and san francisco archbishop, salvatore cord dion lee, denied house speaker nancy pelosi from receiving communion due to her support for abortion. rights across the entire archdiocese, must've was which lies in her. jurisdiction he told people the motive was pastoral not. political let's go now to buffalo give you a live look at the top supermarket there, where soon the community will be honoring this man people killed in saturday's mass shooting. it is an emotional weekend, as you knows will be held for victims today, and over the next few. days but first was yesterday.
9:34 am
this is msnbc's natalie are canada. >> the final goodbyes began in a broken hearted buffalo. >> this is my son, jacob patterson, he is ten years old. they took his father. he will grow up fatherless. >> jacqui was the father in church to, can laid to rest with nine more funeral still to follow. after this tight-knit town was shocked by what police call a hate fueled massacre. the 18-year-old suspect, now indicted for first degree murder. becomes family reacting to the emotional day in. court >> the moment a suspect came through the door, what went through your mind? >> it was an eerie feeling to see this person walk in, that had called the traumatic thing to happen in the community. no matter what happens to him, the damage has already been done. >> new questions around whether someone could have intervened.
9:35 am
a source, familiar with the messaging platform discord, just ahead of the attack 15 people access to server detailing what is believed to be the suspects months long plot. in a separate online rant, allegedly by the suspect, he admits turning to racist chat for the start of the pandemic out boredom. >> that was msnbc's emily are canada reporting there. the department of justice which has launched a hate crime probe into the attack, announced yesterday, it is allocating $10 million for hate crime reporting hotlines and prevention. joining me now, is melissa marin, law professor at new york university. good to see you, my friend. there is increasing pressure, as you know, on the doj to act on racially motivated domestic extremism. do you think that they are moving aggressively enough, and is that one specific move that you think the doj could make two mediately help? >>, it's hard to say alex, a lot of the work at this level really does need to come at the state level. the doj is a national crime enforcement, or national law
9:36 am
enforcement agency. it doesn't necessarily have the tools or even the authority to delve into local crimes unless there is some kind of federal credit for it. so what they're doing right now is allocating money so that state local governments can be using to increasing enhance the opportunities for individuals to report hate crimes overhit crimes to be investigated at that local level. and so, that is a big part of what they are doing. and it is an expressive function of showing this is something that the biden administration in the doj is taking seriously. and obviously, the more they can put behind expressive message, the more tangible will be to the public at this is something that is being taken seriously. but again, we have talked about this before. this question of domestic extremism is one that has plagued this country for the last four years, at least. and it is something that requires more federal sustained attention. >> yeah, well said on all of that. let's move to reproductive rights, because this week as you know, oklahoma lawmakers passed the strictest abortion legislation in the entire country.
9:37 am
so if governor kevin stitt signs the bill out expected, nearly all abortions, from the point of fertilization will be banned. which effectively, i mean prohibits all abortions in the state of oklahoma. roe v. wade is still often, with our houses law allowed before the supreme court ruling comes down? and one of the broader implications of? this >> will one of the things to note here, alex, is that this law replicates a feature of texas sva. that is a controversial law in texas that bans worsens at six weeds, but delegates enforcements up a lot to private individuals. this law does the same thing. it prohibits abortion at an even earlier stage, fertilization, which as you say effectively bans all abortions in the state. but it doesn't actually required state to force it. instead, it deputized as private citizens to report abortion providers, or to report those waiter about someone in seeking abortion. so that is the reason why it hasn't actually been able to be -- and hasn't difficulty being -- because there isn't a state official that you can name isn't defended.
9:38 am
the supreme court essentially blessed this kind of tactic back in september when it refused to enjoin texas as the -- and effectively a ended abortion access for most women that. stay this law will do the same thing in oklahoma which has received a lot of the spillover from texas. but what it does make clear is that even though roe v. wade has not been formally overruled, despite that after pinion, despite everything, there are states in this country that actually don't care. that are moving aggressively, and assertively table abortion rights within their orders. and we are getting very clear glimpse of what they were post a. >> interesting, to that last point you just made, let's look at michigan. because the supreme court there is considering whether to take governor whitman's challenge to decades old abortion demigod reactivated if roe fails. it comes after the judge suspended the 1931 law this week. so going forward, what would've algal ground look like over reproductive rights, if that
9:39 am
control is then given back to the states? >> well, so that is the point that brett kavanaugh made in the oral arguments in this case in december, they could simply have a seat by state settlement updates gimmick decisions based on whatever constituents views were about whether bush would be permitted. but we've already seen from fortune opponents, and effort to go beyond a state-by-state settlement or perhaps allow for a fetal personhood bill, they'll be enacted on the federal level if they control of congress. and that would effectively curve abortion access throughout the country. so for now, if roe v. wade is overturned in the staff's case, it would be a state by state settlement. that doesn't seem to be the place where antiabortion forces want to ask. they seem to be interested in moving beyond that, perhaps a fetal personhood bill, perhaps a nationwide ban if they get the votes they meet. in congress to do so. >> so after that draft opinion with sleet, protesters are you have seen have rallied outside the home of the supreme court justices. democrats or republicans have debated whether not that is legal.
9:40 am
florida governor ron desantis, reference the protest when he signed a bill monday making it illegal to protest or picket outside of persons home. critics are saying, hey this violates floridians first amendment rights. how do you see? >> while the seems to be part of a broader effort in florida from governor desantis to curb speech with which he does not agree. whether it is protesting for the house, of officials who are doing certain things, or limiting the dizzy corporation from making provisions for their employees to leave the state to seek abortion care. so again, the challenges about the first amendment, and as people are saying, the first amendments both ways. and ottawa tech speech you do like, it protects peachy don't like as well. and i think that will be another battleground question in florida, which is already seen a number of questions about speech come up in the last few months. >> yeah, let's get to the bombshell emails showing ginni thomas, certainly a conservative activist, and the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas, pressing arizona lawmakers to reverse
9:41 am
trump's loss just days after media declared back in the winner. among the emails obtained by the washington post, she writes, article two of the united states constitution gives you an awesome responsibility to choose our states electors. please take action to ensure that a clean slate of electors chosen. now nbc news has yet to come independently confirmed this reporting, but knowing this, if the supreme court is faced with a 2020 election case, as that have been in the past, should her husband recuse himself? >> obviously. but will he recuse himself, probably not. i want to underscore here, this theory that ginni thomas apparently sending in these emails allegedly scepters nobody independent alleged state legislatures theory, that essentially says the constitution commits the electors of each state to be determined by the state legislature. it is a very controversial theory. some people even called it a fantasy, rather than a doctrine. not really committed by the constitution to state electors
9:42 am
or state legislatures. but she is espousing this very controversial theory. and many argue that given the closeness that she shares with her husband, and how they frequently talked about how they share many of the same views, that it is likely something that he believes as well. and so that resists the question, regardless of what happens with regard to the january six select committee, and those questions that come out, when it case comes up to the court indicating this independent elect just fletcher doctrine, justice views may also really be noted are reflected in those emails from his wife. and by rights, he likely should recuse himself from that case. but of course the supreme court is not required to recuse themselves on any sort of issues, they do so as a matter of prudence not by requirement. and maybe very unlikely that justice thomas refuses himself. but he was the one, just a few weeks, ago saying that the courts integrity had vigilant by the leak. this also seems to be something that challenges the integrity of the court, as well. >> okay, melissa moreno, it was good to see you.
9:43 am
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9:46 am
likely headed to a statewide recount after a short time ago, doctor mehmet oz and david mccormack were neck and neck with oz leading by about 1100
9:47 am
votes or so. let's go to josh burns who is joining us from philadelphia. big welcome to you. do we know how many votes have not been counted and when we might expect a decision on whether this does head to a recount? >> alex, i am having serious 2020 flashbacks right now, but this time it is 100 degrees here in philadelphia. we are waiting on results. this time it is between two republican candidates where we are seeing this neck and neck battle. the former president is once again chiming in. he is causing calling on doctor oz to go ahead and claim victory here. he is not done so. both campaigns have optimism. we do not know the exact exact number of ballots to count. we know the kind of bellow that are left are male ins and provincial ballads. tuesday, alex, tuesday is the day that all the counties have to record their results to the department of state here in pennsylvania.
9:48 am
why is it taking so long, some may ask? let's flashback to 2020. pennsylvania has some special rules in place that make it harder to count in mail-in ballots. i spoke to the city commissioner and take a listen to what she told me. >> it is taking so long because that is how the -- was formed. in other counties across the country that have mail-in voting at such a large number, they are able to start earlier. unfortunately, pennsylvania, we have no pre-camp is accountability. by law, we cannot start until election day. we cannot look at mail-in ballots until election day. that delays the process. >> alex, we have seen viewers on this network how to use and manual those mail-in ballot it is. they have to open to different envelopes, flattening ballots,
9:49 am
and then it all takes time. now, we are waiting for what is going to be a recount. tuesday results come in. we will have a very good idea of exactly where the candidates stand. then the secretary of state has until thursday of next week to order that recount. a quick history of recounts here in pennsylvania, there have been six automatic triggered a recount since 2004. three of them have been declined by the candidate that is trailing behind. whoever is behind could say hey, we do not need to go there. the last recount cost taxpayers over 1 million dollars. none of the recounts have ever change the results of the election. i doubt any of these candidates are going to go down without the fight because of the millions of dollars that have been poured into these campaigns. >> tasha burn, not even breaking a sweat for that heat or technical glitch. is anyone surprised that donald
9:50 am
trump would suggest to someone who just say, hey, you won. this is rhetorical my friend. the primary is three days away. what democratic voters in that state really want. you will never want to miss what a focus reaped told msnbc contributor coming up next. r coming up next ♪and something tells me they don't beat me♪ ♪ ♪ ♪he'd better not take the ring from me.♪ here's candice... who works from home, and then works from home. but she can handle pickup, even when her bladder makes a little drop-off. because candice has poise, poise under pressure and poise in her pants. it takes poise.
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to us at msnbc, georgia hit a record turnout for early voting. the secretary of state in the last few minutes released a detail saying that more hundred and 850,000 voted early. this is 212% greater early turnout than in 2020. in the meantime, we have new insight from voters in the state that was crucial to joe biden's presidential victory. a group of georgia democrats share their thoughts on the president with msnbc's elise jordan. >> my biggest fear was the other guy possibly winning. when we got the result that he won i was like, thank god is on
9:53 am
the other guy. >> i have to give biden credit. he has brought back the normalcy of putting people in positions and surrounding himself with credibility. we can start trusting him. he is trying to bring trust back to the government. >> it feels like politics as usual. prior to trump, prior to obama, it felt like he fell right in line with what's a politician at is. he did not add anything to it, did not take anything away. >> he is a government to be reelected. he is playing it safe. he is doing -- he thinks he is doing just enough in his opinion and not doing enough to piss off the right. he wants to be reelected. i think that he is just airing on the side of caution. >> joining me now is adrienne elrod, democratic strategist, and senior aide to the biden harris campaign. and the host of the show screen
9:54 am
share on a peacock. welcome to you both. michael, you first. there were negatives and positives. what do you make of the assessments we heard there in addition to the record early voting turnout in the state of georgia which is up to hundred 12% for the last election? this is a lot. >> it is a lot, alex. if we listen to those voters and they believe that joe biden is doing what they expected him to do. it is playing it safe. most voters, whether you are black or white, they voted for biden and likely understood there was only so much he could do, particularly with republican descent. however, with those early turnout numbers, what does that tell me and about democrats and republicans, people are paying attention to their state races. they are involved. they are engaged with the direction of their states. this could be a good sign for democrats, but it could also be a positive sign for republicans.
9:55 am
>> again, back to the bad and the good. there was positive and negative. there were statements that reflected those statements, adrian. comment on that as the record voter turnout. >> i'm so glad that we are trying to do these for the network. it is very informative to understand what voters are feeling and how they are seeing the election. i think that the comments that i just heard from those voters are not only enlightening but very positive. to sir michael's point, they are invested in their elections. and then we have a greater voter turnout participation is a good thing. in this particular, these early vote numbers in georgia and greater voter registration numbers in georgia are largely due to stacey abrams. i will never forget the last time that alex ran for governor. all of those long lines in georgia, we also saw the 2020 election. those long lines were voters of color, because they are being
9:56 am
targeted and trying to be disenfranchised by republicans in neighborhoods of voters of color, we were waiting in long lines of upwards of ten or 12 hours. we could see the conviction on their faces. they were not going to leave a long. they were going to stay there and they were going to vote. no one was going to take that a white right away from them. they were so invested in that particular state and those elected in the upcoming elections. with stacey on the ballot and with warnock, and a competitive race for the senate, there is going to be high levels of participation. by the way, alex, i want to say that the democratic primary, 2000 more voters turned out in that primary than in 2018. that was a big year for democrats. i think we are seeing more participation across the board. that is always a good thing. >> you mentioned pennsylvania. i want to get to that quickly as we get to the win by doug mastriano who got the republican nomination for governor. not only was he a strong supporter for trump's to overturn the election, he was
9:57 am
at the capitol in january 6th. he was a protesting the certification of the election results. if he's elected governor in november, he is responsible for certifying future elections. to you both, adrian first, tell me how concerning this is to you. it is not just pennsylvania. there are a bunch of other states where the government horrible state say they would not have certified the 2020 election. is the future of election integrity on the ballot this year? >> absolutely, alex. this is something not just democrats but republicans who care about the integrity of the elections care about. you need to protect the integrity of the elections as much as the presidential campaign. i also think that the insurrection is weighing on the republican party like the tea party wing in 2010. i am 20 to 25% of the electorate, when there is an insurrection in this type of candidate, whether or someone who participated in the insurrection or someone who supported it, they get 20 to 25% of the vote. this is also what we saw with
9:58 am
kathy barnette in pennsylvania. then we saw it with mastriano winning the primary. it is a very disturbing. it is added grounds ill. this is in terms of election protection and trying to protect the integrity of the systems. it was such a competitive state in 2016 and a very competitive state in 2020. >> i'm going back to michael on this. >> it was a close state. biden ultimately won. the conservative republican did not want a far-right candidate that is going to run up on the other side. importantly, alex, they are going to write those suburban voters, the women, the business guys that are going over to the democrat. they look at the other side and he is too extreme. he is a trump two point oh. we do not want that. we don't not want up for the individual state on a personal level. i think that's why so many republicans are very cautious about this. for a long time now, it is
9:59 am
going to move in a new direction. it is trying to move beyond donald trump in a few reasons. in a few and the democrats go well. >> this isn't a general election. thank you guys so much. we will see you again soon. in the meantime, we have this breaking. use relief is on the way. two different parts of the world for two different reasons. will it be enough in either? be enough in either? thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember. what do you think healthier looks like? cvs can help you support your nutrition, sleep,
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