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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  May 21, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hey everybody, good afternoon. i am yasmin your suit again. we have a lot to cover for you this. our new video from germany this today, baby formula being lit a descent tonight at. states to the crisis that is affecting millions of new patient parents here, we're gonna have a very latest on a new report coming up on. that then your present batted in south korea, lesson 16 miles from the north korean border, and the looming threat of a nuclear armed kim jong-un. and you get a shot at reuben giuliani, former president's
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lawyer sitting for nine hours to. testimony angry advocates after xia judges ruling that keeps that silence ukraine coming into this country. plus, as would one loved ones began funerals for the victims of the buffalo shooting, a moment of silence. this hour, when we got to the deadly rampage. and we are following the damage on the debt left behind by a michigan tornado, that is all coming up. we do want to start that with that breaking news from parents that are struggling to find baby formula. right now, more than 1 million palates have been loaded onto military jets to be float across the atlantic. while we look at the scene here, earlier this morning as you see pilots there being floated, more formula also being split scheduled to fly out of switzerland as well. and a short time ago, have a around the world in south korea president signing legislation into law giving the federal government more control over industrial production during i'm urgencies like this one. joining me now is nbc's steve
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patterson, and doctor patel former obama white house medical adviser. thank you for being with us both. you talk us through what we can expect here with the formula getting into the hands of all these parents desperately needing it right now. >> yeah, yasmin, talk about presage cargo. so many families across this country waiting with baited breath for this first initial wave of formula from overseas. and so here is where we are at. essentially, the administration had qualitative an audible. there was expected plan was commercial flights coming from switzerland. that didn't happen, those flights were available. so now they're using the u.s. military to how flights coming in from germany. so we are expecting about 132 pilots in one wave of two different kinds of formula coming, expecting to come tomorrow. followed by a second wave of 114 pallets of a third type of formula, which will follow
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closely behind. all of this important to know is hypoallergenic formula. it is so important because the most at risk families right now are lower income families, families baby to have pre-existing medical conditions including possibly food allergies. which could include allergies to cows milk, of course. and so now that the military is handling this, there is kind of the expectation of handling cargo that they have never handled before. we spoke to a colonel on the ground there in germany about how this has changed their operation. listen to this. >> so, baby formula is probably anyone for us. we have moved vaccines, we moved people during operation alex refuge. we've moved 35,000 travelers. we moved a lot of vaccine three operation warp speed, baby formulas is probably a new undress. but, we are here to help. you can depend on us, and we are there for. you >> as for how soon this will have an impact, the estimate is a couple of days. which you will feel it.
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but, obviously with the fda ramping up approval for that plant in michigan, the advocate planned in the center of all of this expected to be next week, that will help in the next few days as well. but even if you totaled up all of this, it is going to take a while for a ramp up. so 6 to 8 weeks for any sense of normalcy as parents at home again waiting desperately. yasmin. >> all right steve patterson, thank you. i'm gonna let you go, i know you have other stuff to get to so we appreciate your reporting on. that >> let's talk to some of. this we are looking at a gap of 6 to 8 weeks. that is a lifetime for new moms. for moms of any kind of the of three kids at home or this is your first kid. and i know someone who depended on baby formula along with rest milk for my first child, it is incredibly stressful. had we bridge that gap, had these moms and the stats these parents bridge that gap? >> i think it is incredibly stressful. the first thing is actually what not to do, and we have heard this before. do not overdo your formula. i know that when you are a mom,
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and you are so stress you can just get that liquid in. but can actually be harmful. so the best thing to do is if, now the american academy of pediatrics is giving some guidance if you are six months and above, in a pinch, for short term until you got to your pediatrician. you can use kozma. that is not apply to people obviously have tracked allergies to how spoke, or some of the special formulas that they need, but for majority of family lies they can transition very briefly to cows milk in that 6 to 9 month period. so that is important to not dilute. looks alternative sources and then there are now more alternatives. we know that there are people on social media not trying to solve things you, but to try to put into where there is formula. and another key pieces that unless you have one of the special formula need, you can switch from one brand to another. just make sure you know how to mix, and i don't over diluted. that is what moms and dads today need to do. >> yeah, it is interest saying i took a gander at amazon because that is raised by all my formula was through amazon. i mean you are taking a look at
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152-dollar formula, most of which is by the way toddler formula. i could not find any infant formula, even if i wanted to order it. so i can't imagine. when you think about the stresses any moment you are under, just kind of figure this whole thing out. you know feeding this baby, keeping this baby alive, breastfeeding in general. what is your advice to moms that are dealing with? this it is so stressful without the shortage with this on top of that. >> yeah, no kidding. this is incredibly stressful. so this is one moms need two moms and dads, need to call on audible and get help. i know that so many months including myself who took on the stress and averaging at this right now i actually don't know how i would get through it. and i wish i'm actually trying to kind of find formula in my neighborhood so that i can get this to people. i think we have in this match so i think parents need to call on audible, ask for help. if you're not social media sad indeed don't know had avoid this garment at our artist, get unable to. help you there a lot of resources. i think we need to get to people this thing i will tell
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you is pediatricians are my heroes. they've risen to the call, their offices are trying to do as much as they can. they do have some formula and stop, and they're trying to also help match. second or hospitals. you don't have the er, you don't go to hospital. hospitals also have lactation consultants that have these formulas on standby. so ask around or get a neighbor or a friend to make these calls for you. and then finally, do not ever despair if you literally do not have something on the shelves, don't make a choice that could unfortunate make you or your family sick. and then i'll say finally as been, give yourself a little grace. i know to any modern freaking out because they accidentally over diluted, they accidentally give them something. do not blame yourself. i can tell you how many crime almonds, myself would've been in this category, freaking out and crying that they're hurting their children. feeling guilty, i feel guilty because i cannot breastfeed my child, and i are close to that moment of panic, but i don't know what i would do today. so give yourself grace, ask for help. and we are here to help.
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so we need to unite together those moms that, moms and dads. the dad can be left out of it, they are all in it and some of the siblings in the household members. so give yourself grace don't, blame or. self >> wealth once we get through this emergency we need to have a whole segment about mom guilt, parent guilt, all of that comes along with it. i was the same way. i couldn't breastfeed and i had friends calling me, hasn't aging out to my friends to call me to try and comfort me in to make sure that i could get kind of threw that difficult time because i was just so worried that i wasn't getting all of them all the nutrients they needed. but i had formula to lead. on and so that is why my heart is just going out these parents are now the john necessarily have. that you >> remember that, fed is. best however you feed them, and we can help you feed. yes that is right. >> doctor retell, as always great to see. you i'm gonna be seeing with your little bit later as well, because we are gonna be talking a course covid and vaccines
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when it comes to the booster shot to 5 to 11 year old and i get asked that question i ask you every time you're on with me, which is are we on track to get vaccine approval for children under five. so we are gonna be talking about that in just a moment thank you so much for standing by for us. >> all right nine hours that is how long the january six house select committee talks with rudy giuliani after months of negotiations. former trump's former personal attorney and strong support of the big lie, to undermine the presidential election was subpoenaed back in january for his involvement to quote, convinced eight legislatures to take steps to overturn the election results. julia's appearance yesterday, coming's former trump attorney bill barr is said to be in talks about testifying before the bipartisan house panel. nbc reporting that while no firm decision is made by the committee, on whether to invite our to peer in the public hearing that began in june, the report has this that barr is likely to cooperate. joining me now with more on this is nbc's julia gesture, julia, great to talk about.
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this lets talk to some of the points here as we were learning more about the testimony from the former presidents personal journey. what's the latest that we are hearing when it comes to this testimony of giuliani? nine hours of it. >> good to see you, yasmin. yes as you mentioned rudy giuliani met virtually with the committee for nine hours on friday. he is one of the most prominent promoters of donald trump's big lie about the election, and he was subpoenaed back in january along with three other close trump allies, and he is the only one notes so far to have cooperated. but it was not about drama. he was actually set to meet with the committee earlier this month, but abruptly and last-minute canceled that meeting over a dispute in which he wanted to record the proceeding. now rudy giuliani, as you mentioned has been one of those promoters of the big lie and so the closer the committee can get to donald trump, the
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better. because chairman bennie thompson said this week that the committee is not likely to call in president trump himself. so, giuliani can provide insights into trump's thinking and intention in his actions, leading up to the january 6th insurrection. yasmin. >> all right julia gesture for, us thank you julia,. we are getting some media developments as well when it comes to russia's invasion of the ukraine. earlier this morning the president signing 40 billion dollars of additional military aid into lafayette the bill was held up for a week by gop senator rand paul who is among the 11 gop senators to post a. bill these new funds approve less than 24 hours after russia claimed victory in the months long battle for variable steel plant which was the last stronghold of ukrainian resistance in that southern city. this is all coming as russia intensifies its attacks on eastern ukraine. the president calling it absolutely evil. presidents lengthy that is. and in the attack injured and
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11 year old child. and all of this amidst the presidents historic trip to asia, hours ago biden's president and the two agreeing to begin discussions on restarting even extending high-profile joint military drills that in fact had been halted under president trump. this is all sees officials say north korea could launch a technicolor test overshadow the presidents trip to the region. i want to bring in nbc's mike mentally, traveling with the president. and jordan calm from newsweek an author of the great u.s. china war and the kremlin class to china. let me start with you on this one, and talk to some of. this let's talk first about the presidents trip so far there, and what else the president south korean counterpart are saying today. >> hey there, yasmin. good to be with. you know you're talking a moment there about ukraine and that of course as it really taking up so much time and attention on the part of president biden over these last few months. and so he has really tried to
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make that pivot clear as he is now heading into thursday here on this asia trip. his first since taking office. and really is about the same message though. it's about showing that we can wear without enigmatic allies in the region to provide a check just like he is in europe with russia here and with china. and as he's me with president yun, you just with sworn into office a little over a week ago, he ran on a stance of taking a tougher line on china north korea. that was the focus of the meetings that we saw on saturday. the two president announcing that they were gonna be expanding joint military exercises as a way of deterring in defending against possible north korea invasion. and also, as we talk about some of the sticks in terms of military cooperation, the president was asked about some potential carrots. we are seeing north korea dealing with a major outbreak of covid for the first time. but also the possibility that biden this part of a diplomatic outreach, might be willing to do is partisans sir donald trump did. meet with president person with
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kim jong-un, biden was asked his questions during a news conference early today. let's take a listen. >> and suggest we've offered vaccines not only to north korea back to china as well. and we are prepared to do that immediately. we have gotten a response. with regard to whether i would meet with the leader of north korea, that would be dependent on whether he was sincere and weather was serious. >> it really is a contrast, yasmin, between when we saw in president trump not only came to korea, but went to the dmz and met in person with kim jong-un. president biden not even planning to travel to the dmz. the white house as he has done that as vice president as senator he's got instead be spending time at a military base. it is sunday here i say, today. with some of those u.s. forces who will be working alongside their south korean counterparts, yasmin. >> not only burning the midnight oil as you always do on trips like this, it's always an objects to petition when you're doing these live things
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and it's later the middle the night. they're so as always my friend, we appreciated. i'm going to let you go mexican get some sleep. thank. you >> gordon, let's talk through what some of what mike laid out for us here. first and foremost, it seems oftentimes in which kim jong-un likes to be the center of the universe, the spotlight we should say, in talks like. these and one way in which he can become that would be launching a missile oracular test. while the u.s. president is visiting. when you make of the possibility of this, or the likelihood that something like this would happen, and will be the message hubie sending with? it >> i think there is a high chance of something provocative. either during the trip shortly after. the north koreans are changing the conversation. this trip as president biden has said, is rallying the region and china. china doesn't like that of course. so i think they have been working closely with north korea or the north to do something provocative or least to threaten it.
11:16 am
so that we talk about kim, rather than see jumping, the chinese will. >> i want to talk about canada's pivoting strategy that we are seeing from the u.s. president during his visit there. and i want to read for you with the new york times wrote about that. with his original strategy pivoting foreign policy attention to asia effectively blown up, by russia's invasion of ukraine, mr. biden has now shifted to the argument that there can be no trade-off between europe and asia, and that only the u.s. can bring together the democracy to the east to and west to stand up to autocracy and aggression on both sides. what do you make of the head of the shifting broader strategy of president biden here, gordon? >> the general strategy is correct. we talk about the war in the ukraine, and we also talk about china. but really, these are two sides of the same coin. because the chinese in the russians have made it clear that they are working together. especially in that 5000 word
11:17 am
joint statement they issued january for, and china has been helping the russian war effort, not only with elevating commodity purchases and military information, diplomatic and propaganda support. so i think that it is right. you have to deal with both at the same time. because they are the same problem. and i got the administration is viewing in that broader context. >> mike memoli mentioned the split screen moment for us, and i do want to mention that for you so that you could draw on a little bit. and that is as we watch the former president trump existing with kim jong-un there in the dmz, at one point, years ago his strategy has approach of course to the strategy when it came to dealing with north korea versus what we are hearing from president biden now thing and i quote, any meeting with kim jong-un would meet would depend on whether you since your weather with serious obviously in a major departure from the former president. >> yeah, i think that we need to go back to traditional american diplomacy.
11:18 am
we can whatever anyone might say about trump's approach, it just didn't work after may 2018. before me 2018, trump had a policy of vigorously enforcing sanctions. that actually got the north korean's to make concessions. but after that, when trump pivoted to a friendly policy towards -- it was the united states only that was making a concessions, not the north korean. so obviously the north didn't respond to that gesture, which means we have to go back to traditional american diplomacy, which is what the current administration is doing. that is a good thing. >> gordon chang, as always, we thank. you still ahead everybody, a moment of silence this hour for the victims of the buffalo shooting. the city's mayor joining me the next hour to talk about how the community is healing. one week later, and up next, we are live in pennsylvania where votes are still being counted and the republican senate primary race led by doctor oz and dave mccormick. we will be right back. and dave mccormick we will be right back. we will be right back. ♪("i've been everywhere" by johnny cash) ♪
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11:23 am
we are gonna continue to follow the story for you and bring you updates as they come. let's go now to the contentious primary valley battles on across this country right now. specifically in georgia. more than 150,000 people are gonna cast votes ahead of 2000s tuesday's primary election. that is a record number for the state. and a 212% increase compared to 2020. that fervor, it is also being seen in places like pennsylvania, where the states gop senate races too close to call. and a recount is all by the way guaranteed. dasha is following this for some. philly wow dasha, who knew this is where we would be on saturday after the primaries and specifically in pennsylvania. i think they like maybe you do. that being said, we are watching alligator county specifically, obviously. because that was mccormick space, right. so there was this thought, possibly, that mccormack would get a little bit of a bump, and we saw the votes come in from alligator county. instead the opposite happened. of got a slight edge, which is
11:24 am
good news for him, not so great news for mccormick since it was his base. so where do things stand today? >> yeah, still here, yasmin. so probably going to be here for quite some time. nbc may need to nba condo or something but, listen, both of these campaigns are displaying optimism. both saying that their candidate is going to win this thing in the end, and that it is extremely tight. you are right what we saw in allegheny in, does seem to give off a little bit of an advantage but, both of these campaigns are now preparing for what is almost inevitable. a recount. at the same time, we are having flashbacks to 2020 here. not only are we still waiting on the result of the election, but the former president is also trying to sow doubt in the election. trump calling on off to declare victory, which diaz campaign has not done yet. but he is saying that these results are taking too long. we know is going to take some
11:25 am
time because again we learned this lesson back in 2020, that mail-in ballots take time. especially here in pennsylvania. i talked to philadelphia's can senate commissioner lisa dealey about that. take a listen to what she said yesterday. >> it is a very long process and the reason why it as long as because we want to make sure to protect the integrity of the vote and make sure that every eligible voter fotis counted. one other counties across the country that have mail-in voting and such a large number, they are able to start earlier. unfortunately benton pennsylvania we have no pre-canvas ability and required by law we cannot start until election day. >> so jasmine, that is a statute that actually many tried to change those rules of having to wait until election day to start the ballots. it was actually the gop legislature that said no we are sticking with this and now here we are. tuesday gasoline is the big day
11:26 am
that all of the counties have to get the result into the department of state. so that is when we should have a clear picture of that margin between the two candidates and when likely we will know whether or not there will be a recount. which we are looking at is inevitability now, yasmin. >> right, yeah. of course. so we'll be watching for tuesday and then after tuesday and then who knows after that. but for now, dasha, thank you for your reporting on. this year continued reporting of course. in the state of pennsylvania that's very tight race. we want to move down to buffalo. we are following what is happening in the aftermath of the shooting there in buffalo. the mayor there mayor brown, speaking ahead of a moment of silent honoring the ten victims that were killed in the shooting at the tops grocery store. let's listen. then as one community, one buffalo, our open hearts and strong faith is showing the nation and world how we are helping each other he'll. through intentional acts of
11:27 am
love and support, we are demonstrating [inaudible] >> to you, sam. all right, guys, it looks like we lost our signal to the mayor there in buffalo. but obviously the mayor was honoring those ten victims that were lost in that awful shooting at the tops grocery store in buffalo. i was there on the ground covering it live after. we are going to speak with the mayor a little bit later on in the show, in the second hour of the showed 3 pm hour. but of course, we are seeing there the first of many funerals honoring those victims that were lost in that shooting last weekend. and they will be having a moment of silence just about two minutes or so honoring those victims beginning at 2:28 pm eastern time. the exact time in which the shooter walked into the tops
11:28 am
grocery store and opened fire on all those people. changing their lives, the lives of their families, the lives of this town in this country. forever. we are going to continue to follow this, so we can get that signal back up we will bring it to you, if not we're gonna skip the mayor in our next hour and you don't want to miss that conversation. we will be right back. conversation we will be right back. we will be right back. a secret aioli... clean ingredients... in a buttery brioche roll. made fresh, to leave you... speechless. panera's new chef's chicken sandwiches. $1 delivery fee on our app. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? once-weekly ozempic® can help. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death.
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archbishop of san francisco saying how speaker nancy pelosi is barred from receiving communion and his jurisdiction, where pelosi in fact lives. archbishop salvatore code aaliyah wrote a letter to pelosi saying she can't receive communion unless she publicly repudiate sir support for abortion rights. pelosi has not commented but it into that indeed interview, she said being in that community would be a severe blow to her. the vatican has warned against denying politicians supporting of abortion rights, pope
11:33 am
francis saying that communion is not the reward of saint the breadth of. centers thousands of lives are at stake asked the as asylum seekers and migrants esper gaping wars famine and more have no path forward to enter the u.s.. less than 24 hours ago, a federal judge blocked the biden administration from ending the pandemic related restrictions known as title 42. the trump era policy is being lifted as early as monday. joining me more to talk more about it is jody ainsley and sam. rock walking about, julia let me just start with you on this one. talk to us just more about what we know about this ruling and the concerns really of dhs with the cost that they will take in now in dealing with the migrant surge. >> well this ruling will keep in place that covid-19 era roulette started in march of 2020, that is kept nearly 2 million migrants from crossing the southern border including asylum. something that they have an international right to do.
11:34 am
it started as a cdc authority, but has really been challenged by a lot of activity rope groups who say at this point has nothing to do a public health. it is really become more of an immigration enforcement tool. in fact, the biden administration fought lifting it earlier in court when advocacy group sued to lift. it then they agreed to lift it may 23rd on monday, but a job appoint adjudged and louisiana yesterday put a preliminary injunction that will keep this in place indefinitely until we can either have an argument on the merits or there is an appeal. . so we are waiting to see if the biden administration will appeal this. in the meantime they're hundreds of thousands of migrants, at least 170,000 we know of, in northern mexico living in squalid conditions who are waiting to get to the united states. and they might have thought that they had a shot of open monday, now they don't. they are still. there as far as dhs goes, they're planning for this was built around the fact that they are already at record levels of migrants searches along the border. something that we are seeing
11:35 am
firsthand. and now that they are saying if title 42 is gonna lift these are the plans before the injunction, they could've been as much as two billion dollars short and they are starting to put together plans that may look like going to congress and asking for supplemental funding. mainly because they didn't have that money, we would see a big backup of migrants along the southern border. people trying to get out, get to the final destinations, find shelter, find public health. that would've been an emergency, is what i am told. now though, just because title 42 isn't lifting, doesn't mean that they are in the clear. still a lot of discussions internally at the edges, and the white house, saying look, we are still at record numbers. we need to search resource to this. problem >> all, right so sam take us there. you are the texas border town of del rio. there are real life implications to all that is going on there. so, what do you see on the ground? >> well watching it play out, yasmin, it's gonna be with. you is fairly remarkable to
11:36 am
julian's point ef1 judge right now in western louisiana that has dictated effectively immigration policy for the country until further notice. course the biden ministration has appeal this ruling. over mitchell to we are looking at a course as a border wall, here in del rio. about an hour away from where we are in eagle pass, that is where the rio grande runs right through. and i can tell you, yasmin, every hour, every day, unabated you are watching families on the river trying to cross. and this is going on right now with title 42 in effect. it is so region graces point. some 7400 crossings per day. according to portable troll, that is a record 1.7 million encounters in 2021. that was a record, yasmin, we are on pace right now to smash that for fiscal year 2022. according to -- so these numbers continue to rise with title 42 in. places but listen families, you'll see some video there that are crossing in hugging each other, after a two month long journey from ecuador. and i can tell you many of them are unaware of title 42. they are not thinking about
11:37 am
that, they are thinking about their families back home, in squalid conditions there living in, the gang violence, and the corruption that they're trying to escape. all they want to do, even as u.s. border patrol tells them stop, you are going to drown in this river, many people i think have i think 25 drownings last month, they're just trying to get into u.s. soil and they're just so grateful once they to waiting to see how this will play out. and i will also tell you, the flip side of this, yasmin is that sheriffs locally, attacked him average county sheriff yesterday, they are overwhelmed right now. and worried about what it would mean if title 42 were lifted, there is a short exchange of that conversation. >> i am worried, very worried, yes. i wish that they can hold back in title 42, maybe another three or four months. maybe we could be a little more prepared for that. >> you don't think you are right now? >> to be honest with, you know. i mean we are not prepared for that. >> so, yasmin, this does by local governments. time certainly to julia's point, it buys the federal government time. here's one other interesting point about all this, to covid
11:38 am
era policy that was instituted in march of 2022, ostensibly to stop the spread of coronavirus. the 24 states that are party to these lawsuits, well those are largely states that do not acknowledge or allow mask mandates or vaccine mandates. that is kind of the irony to all of this. if it is being viewed as a health policy document, which clearly the judge louisiana is not viewing it just that lens, kind of strange. and coincidental that the states don't believe in the health implements if you will, of covid. >> yeah, you would think that if they were enforcing something like title 42, because of health implications, they would then want to have mask policies in place as well to protect the citizens that are living in that state. so the irony there of all that. hey sam, i thought it was a really interesting point in the fact that you bring up these migrants don't even know the title 42 what it is, that it exists, if it is lifted, if it is not lifted. and it speaks really to while we are having these conversations about policy, to their desperation to just seek
11:39 am
safety. and from what they're leaving behind, to seek a better life. can you talk more about that and seeing with the people who are trying to cross over, what it is a left behind, the time it is taken them to get here as well? >> well, holistically are looking at many countries right now that are looking at dictatorial regimes that have just deteriorated. certainly in the age of covid, for cuba. just a year ago of course those protests, a further government lockdown, and crackdown on any form of protesting. that drove people out of course. the strength of this happened in haiti created a crisis months ago. so you have those two countries. there's a host of others, as well you mentioned ecuador, mexico. it considers, continues to be, yasmin, sort of a regional problem that is really hit breaking. point and then you throw ukrainian refugees on top of that, as well. they are trying to -- cbp come through points of entries from europe. they show up here, that is spiked the number of two 233,000 people in april, as you
11:40 am
look at an average of all of these defensive creations. and one common thread of the united states is represents a far better situation than what they are currently living in. and they are willing to risk it all. and again, many of them are not aware of the trappings of the trump administration's era of title 42, and what that means right now is about administration just lifted, they don't know about any of. that they just know that they're trying to escape to safety. >> trying to escape to safety, julia ainsley thank you, sam brock, thank you as. well right, guys after the break, stock trading. nearly ended the week in bear market territory, what does this mean for the economy and your wallet as well, we will be right back. ell, we will b right back (vo) when it comes to safety, right back who has more iihs top safety pick plus awards— the highest level of safety you can earn? subaru. when it comes to longevity, who has the highest percentage of its vehicles still on the road after ten years? subaru. and when it comes to brand loyalty, who does jd power rank number one in the automotive industry for three consecutive years? subaru.
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week. the s&p 500 seeing its worst losing streak since 2001, the dow jones down for the eight weeks -- alongside rising interest rates. nbc's tom costello has more on. this >> facing the growing possibility of a recession, wall street spent another day in turmoil. >> the lotus market keeps taking, when it might? and >> the s&p climb back after heavy selling, but it's still down 18% year today. the dow is down 600 points, than rally. but still lost ground for eight consecutive weeks. the first time that's happened since 1923. among the inflation sensitive
11:45 am
retailers getting hit hard, dollar general, target, home depot, and ross. from housing to groceries to gasoline to house to air fares to hotels, inflation is forcing families to make tough choices. >> i have three kids. i'll see what i'm gonna do with them for recreation because everything is crazy expensive. >> to tame inflation, the federal reserve is raising interest rates but going too fast can push the economy into recession. now, treasury secretary is warning there is a real risk of something even more concerning, stagflation. >> higher food and energy prices are having stagflation airy effects, some -- raising inflation. >> speculation is a stagnant economy while unemployment and consumer prices continue to rise. something u.s. less on the early 70s and 80s. well unemployment is now near a
11:46 am
50 year low, >> there's a real risk we could have a problem with stagflation in the months, ahead the years ahead, as the fed begins to slow this economy, but inflation remains high. >> with family budgets under extreme pressure, concern is that the economy is in jeopardy. >> our thanks to tom costello for that. coming up everybody, a look at the effectiveness of vaccine boosters for kids aged 5 to 11 now that they are approved. we'll be right back. l be right back. ghost rider, requesting flyby. [control tower] negative ghost rider, the pattern is full. [sfx: fighter jet flying] ♪ ah, thunder, ah, thunder ♪ ♪ thunderstruck ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thunderstruck ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah thunderstruck ♪ [waitress] maverick... [tom cruise] having any fun yet? ♪ thunderstruck yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ said yeah, it's alright. ♪ now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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months of nervous waiting is over for a lot of parents, children ages 5 to 11 cannot get their covid booster's. why are so many parents holding children's back from the lifesaving vaccine? by going out and the nbc researcher pedal. let's talk through some of the
11:51 am
stuff. when we look at now approval him cdc and fda think it's can go ahead from 5 to 11 to get these boosters, how protectable these boosters been, and for how long? especially as we take a look ahead to the summer months and then of course into the new school year? >> yeah, yasmin, there's no question that the protection of our vaccines include decreases. but we do know this, with the booster, the levels of antibodies that can neutralize surges like omicron, the levels are higher after the third dose than even after the second dose. so what does that mean? that means you've got a higher chance of antibody protection for all these infections that we are seeing right now today. to your very important question, along with that last, i think that remains to be seen. we know from prior studies, previous doses really only last several months. but do i think that my kids are gonna be able to get vaccinated every three to 4 to 5 months? no. so i think that we all have to kind of pause and say has it been five months institute for
11:52 am
our children? and yes that is the case, i would recommend getting that booster now. it hasn't, wait until five months, or have a conversation with a pediatrician if you know you're gonna send your kids to an away camper some significant event if certain month, and you wanna try to time the booster for that event as well. >> so here's the real life play now which is, me going to my kids pediatrician asking to get a booster for my almost six-year-old who is vaccinated december 1st, his second shot was december 1st. we are now past that bad month. mark the pediatrician doesn't happen. they don't have the vaccine. i don't necessarily feel comfortable walking into a pharmacy, as i would for myself, as i have four already for myself. so why the lag time, are you hearing more up this, and could you go to a pharmacy to cater to the booster? >> yes you can go to a pharmacy. you have to check. obviously not every pharmacies going to have. remember, these boosters, just remember minder for the 5 to 11,
11:53 am
it's a ten microgram dose. as an adult with the pfizer got 30 micrograms. so this is a different file, a different formulation. but it is still the same dose that your children got 41 into. so yes, it is safe to go to a pharmacy. i actually took one of my children for dose to get a pharmacy. but i will say this, yasmin, you bring up the point that i worry about also for the under five population. pediatricians offices, my office and primary care office, we do not have the staffing or the time to be able to do this 24/7 like we used to. so a lot of our officers, myself included, probably not gonna do the under five children because we don't have that staffing. so i don't think that americans realize that this is going to become an issue. not a supply issue, we have an effect scene. but had to get it into arms will become an issue. but for 5 to 11, it is available. you should feel safe, personally i know counties and states around the country are actually setting up those mass vaccination clinics. so they won't be every, day the probably be over the weekends
11:54 am
and over the next two weekends, they'll probably be solid booked. don't be scared about, that but you can wait two weeks but get boosted if you are eligible. >> talking about under. five so we are looking at before this eua, it looks like moderna put in for the eua to come sometime in the -- we have seen this before we came to pfizer. two times was not a charm, so where are we with this in the lead up to getting it in the eua for moderna? are we on track? >> yeah, we are on track. i think it is already scheduled it in advance, three advisory committee dates, in the month of june. there's an early one, june 8th i'm really hoping that that becomes an agenda item for moderna. you a request. specifically for their under five, under six vaccine. and at six months to the age of six. years and yasmin, i'm hoping that they can turn that around quickly. what has been good is we've been hearing very positive messages, just messages from administration officials that they hear parents. they are hearing their cries for help, they are hearing the comments that you and i and
11:55 am
others are making that any protection is better than what they have now, which is zero. especially when everybody is taking away masks, and other mitigation measures. and i will get another thing and, we don't have a ton of therapeutic options for the under five set. we have impatient ivy, or outpatient iv therapies. not easy to get. so i think the administration and the science is more importantly, have heard. us but the should not be parents, paris will not have access to shots probably earlier than mitchell a june. just given all the things that we are saying, but i hope that as soon as possible, june 8th is the first meeting date on the books for the fda advisory committee. i hope it is about. moderna >> let me just ask you this before we go, we need to, and it is this new spike we are dealing with right now. you know new york city is on hyaluronic comes to covid, but looking at two to thousand cases just on wednesday alone. the highest number we seen since mid february. we are pushing several months now. at this point we are not supposed to be seeing necessarily covid spike. >> yeah, i think i would remind us, july 2020. summer of last year was with
11:56 am
delta, we have seen the summer months not quote act the way that they are supposed to, meaning low levels. and here's what i am worried about. i'm sign you see ever so slightly new york, and d.c. area, starting on the west coast, we're seeing increases of hospitalizations. they're not dire, to be clear. this is nothing like what we are talking about a december and january with omicron, but it is not get that we are going higher. so be cautious, just be aware of your surroundings. and get vaccinated. >> dr., mattel as always, great to talk to you. thank. you >> at the top of the hour everybody, a win for. now for abortion rights advocates and idaho, but in oklahoma a ban on nearly all abortions. i'll be finalized, emily whales, from planned parenthood at the great plains joins me next. ed parenthood at the great plains joins me next great plains joins me next once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog.
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vossoughian. if you are just joining us, welcome. if you are sticking with us, thank you. a cavalcade of cruelty courtesy of the gop. the seems to be no other way to describe the flow of punitive antiabortion bills being passed -- around the country. the details which are outstanding. it includes a new one from oklahoma, that has the title of being the strictest in the nation. i'll be talking to emily wales from


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