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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  May 21, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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achievement off the field benefits fits both the women's and men's teams. under this new agreement, the men's national team will have access to childcare at all training camps and match it's, a benefit out the women's team has had for 25 years. is a good lesson for us because it represents how much we all gain when there is a level playing field. a victory for women is not a loss for men, it is a win for everyone. coming up on this hour of ayman, election deniers won big on this week's election primaries. what happens if they win big in november? plus, the january six committee reveals for the first time that it has visual evidence of what might be republicans committing crimes. then, our not so found farewell to madison cawthorn.
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i'm ayman mohyeldin, let's get started. this week, as voters in five states cast their primary ballots for upcoming midterms, the message from republican voters was really loud and clear. election denialism is alive and well. in north carolina, republicans chose ted budd as their candidate for the senate. last year, budd voted against certifying the 2020 election results. as recently as this week, he refused to say that president biden is the legitimate president of the united states. for the record, in case there is anyone out there who doubts it, joe biden is the legitimate president of united states. in pennsylvania, far-right state senator, doug mastriano, won the republican nomination for governor in a landslide. of course, mastriano attended the rally before the capitol
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riot on january the sixth. he was actually subpoenaed by the january 6th committee to provide testimony. you guessed it, he has ignored those requests. here is why this is a story of national importance and not local races. pennsylvania is one of the most politically competitive states in the country. in 2024, it will be crucial for whichever party wants to win the white house. pennsylvania is one of the few states where the governor has the power to appoint the secretary of state. it is something that doug mastriano actually bragged about on the campaign trail. watch. >> as you're governor, i get to appoint the secretary of state. guess who oversees elections, i do the secretary of state. >> yeah, if elected in november, doug mastriano pledged to end no excuse vote by mail. he also said he would force millions of registered voters to register again. what's more, as governor,
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mastriano would be the official to certify the winner of his state's vote in the 2024 election. that means he can ensure that no democratic president wins elections in pennsylvania, regardless of what the people decide. make no mistake. 2020 was only the beginning for these people. the future of our democracy is on the ballot, not in 2024, but in 2022. let's kick this hour off with my subtly night all-star panel. jasmine crockitt is a democratic house member. joe wine-banks is a former prosecutor and msnbc legal analyst. carlos -- is a former republican congressman from florida, he's also a msnbc political analyst. it is great to have all three of you with us. state representative crockett, i'd like to start with you. given the electoral success of these election deniers, how worried are you about the future of our democracy? we are seeing some very
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important races that could impact 2024 and beyond being contested and being potentially won by people that denied the elections in 2020. they believe in the big lie, and fundamentally, they do not believe in a democracy. >> first of all, it is great to be with all of you this evening. i am so fearful. i just want to scream, wake up america, wake up. i thought that was what we are doing when we decided to leave the state of texas and go to d. c. and say, hey, there is this big problem. there is an issue, it started in texas but is spreading throughout the country. we have to save our democracy. obviously we did not scream loud enough because we still failed to pass the legislation that would give us some protection. now we see these midterm elections are going in the wrong direction. we all need to wake up. >> joe, doug mastriano ignored
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a subpoena from the january 6th committee about his efforts to put forward alternative electors for donald trump. could he face any legal issues connected to that refusal and more broadly, over his election subversion efforts? if he can, why hasn't he been presented with any legal consequences? >> it is always hard to predict what another agency or element of government has done. i am not going to speak for anyone else. he is certainly subject to a legal subpoena. he then would have to come in or be held accountable for that. holding him accountable for that requires not just that he be subpoenaed by congress, but that he be indicted by the department of justice on a referral from congress. so, it takes two branches of government to do that. the voters, apparently in pennsylvania, at least the republican voters were perfectly fine with someone who was part of the january six
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insurrection, someone who was there -- someone who says he believes -- because it is hard for me to believe that anyone that can read, would believe the big lie. the votes are clear. the fact that donald trump lost the election is equally clear. it is hard to believe the people believe that. but there are plenty of legal consequences for mastriano, should he be subpoenaed and possibly indicted. >> carlos, one republican strategist told the associated press that mastriano is the democrat's dream candidate because he is so out of step with the state electorate. i am old enough to remember donald trump winning pennsylvania in 2016 and lost to president biden by a narrow margin in 2020. it's celebration from democrats that mastriano is the gop
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nominee premature? do they risk repeating the mistakes of 2016, which is not taking candidates seriously? >> certainly, any celebration of that nature is, at least, somewhat premature. we know that republicans have the wind at their back for this 2022 election. we know president biden's polling numbers are pretty low. it is likely that republicans will make significant gains this year. however, there is a great possibility that what happened to republicans in 2010, under a very similar environment, where republicans won a historic number of seats in the house, made gains in the senate, still, they nominated a number of candidates that year. that were so far out of the mainstream that even with those favorable political conditions, they were not able to get
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across the finish line. this is where mitch mcconnell talks about all the time. i have spoken to a lot of pennsylvanian republicans since the primary, and they are worried that mr. mastriano may not be able to win that race in a year where republicans have significant structural advantage. >> jill, the republican party to carlos's point, the republican establishment, i should say, actively campaigned against mastriano. now that he is their candidate, one gop insider has told nbc news, quote, as far as we're a pennsylvania government would look like with mastriano in charge, quite frankly, it's just not something i am ready to think about at this point. that sounds like the republican establishment and their approach to trump in 2016. what do you make about this lack of responsibility for a problem that they played a part in creating? >> i am actually more worried that the establishment will end up supporting him. there seems to be some
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indication that that might happen. that would be a bad thing. i agree with carlos that the democrats cannot rest assured that he is so far out of the mainstream that he would automatically lose. i think they have to take him very seriously and run a very strong campaign against him. i am the most worried about his election denial and his power to appoint the secretary of state. because he secretary of state is the one who could overturn the will of the people. the republicans have been working on this now in the last election, and they have learned a lot. i am hoping that congress could pass some legislation that will make it clear and prevent this kind of thing from actually being legal and happening. but, right now, someone could overturn the election and just say, under pennsylvania law, i
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have the right to appoint the electors that i want. and that could change the results of the 2024 presidential election and do severe damage to democracy in america. that part worries me more than anything. and it is a good reason for democrats to be very serious about how they campaigned in this race and make sure that mastriano is not the governor of pennsylvania with that power. >> he was boasting about it in his campaign video that we played there, saying that he gets to appoint the secretary of state and the responsibilities that position carries over the election. it is a double whammy when you think about both the electorates and the actual conducting of the election. representative crockett, the former president, president trump, took to truth social after the primary on tuesday. he does what trump does, he
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casts doubt on the pennsylvanian results. he wrote that doctor oz should declare victory. it makes them much harder to cheat with the ballots that they just happen to find. of course, like in 2020, there is no proof of widespread fraud in this election. and there is this glaring hypocrisy that trump had no issue accepting the validity of the governor's primary because he endorsed the candidate that won there. and yet, the senate primary in the same state, he is saying is fraudulent, or suggesting is fraudulent. >> yeah, that sounds about right. the former president seemingly wants to continue to say over and over if the results are not what i want, then i'm going to cry and whine and complain and say that they are an error, that something fraudulent has gone on. what we are seeing right now is so sinister, i really don't think people truly understand the gravity of what we are experiencing right now. it is not just a lie, right?
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we have been talking about the big lie for so long. the big lie led to legislative changes that turned out to be nothing more than voter suppression. in addition to voter suppression, it is now the voter subversion. the idea that we are literally walking into a country that we don't even know what it looks like anymore because we believe in democracy, or at least we say we do. but since we've had the former president in office, it is like democracy is only defined as him deciding who is really the real winner of an election. that is a problem. we also see that the president is losing his power. we see that he is losing his stroke with the candidates that he endorsed. they are now starting to lose. i am hoping more and more donald trump-backed candidates lose so that hopefully we can get those republicans that really don't agree with donald trump, we can get them from being so fearful.
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because so many of them refuse to stand up for what is right, simply because they are afraid that donald trump will endorse against them and make them lose their seat. i think donald trump is losing his popularity. >> analysts, stick around, we have a lot more to discuss after the break. still ahead, a picture is worth 1000 words, especially when it shows what trump was doing during the insurrection. we will explain that. first, cori coffin is here with the headlines. >> hey man, have a great evening, thank you. stories that we're watching this hour. a large party at a hookah lounge in california turned into chaos on friday, after a shooter started fire, with one dead and several wounded. police are looking for two suspects. the motive is still unclear. no arrests have been made. governor gretchen whitmer issued a state of emergency in michigan, after-a powerful storm saw winds of up to 400 -- two people dead and at least 40 people injured. new york city has its first
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case of the monkeypox virus, after a resident tested positive on friday. this comes after the first u. s. case was identified in massachusetts on wednesday. the world health organization has identified about 80 cases globally. more ayman, with ayman mohyeldin, after the break. ♪ ♪
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congress let any kind of reconnaissance tours through the capitol. you see the statement there on your screen, that was georgia republican, barry loudermilk, last year refuting democratic claims that some republicans conducted towards the day before the insurrection. this week, the january six committee told loudermilk that investigators had obtained evidence showing that he had in fact led a tour to the capital on january 5th, 2021. later, he change his tune saying that a constituent family with their young children visited the house office building that they.
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this comes as we are learning about new visual evidence but the committees physical possession. politico is reporting that the archives have handed over a batch of photos to the panel with images taken on generous excess. this could include realtime visuals about what trump was doing as the insurrection unfolded at the capitol. back with me now is my saturday night panel. jill, i want to start with you in this block. let's start with these new white house photos that the january six committee looked at the archives and police footage -- what could these visuals mean for the investigation and undercut some of the arguments made by republicans in their defense so far? >> sorry! i will try to talk over my dog! >> it sounds like your dog has strong views on that.
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>> because my husband is not putting them away! so, the photographs are extremely important, because as we all know, gathering evidence for a criminal case, pictures are very compelling. they are great evidence, but it is not just for criminal case. this has to do with public hearings that are going to begin on january six, june 9th, by the general six committee. i think that it could be very persuasive to the american public to see both the visuals of what was happening in the white house while the riot was happening in the capitol, but i also think from what i have read that there is evidence that counters with the republicans have said before, including latter milk that there was no tour. two members of congress have
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said that they saw their colleagues giving tours. they never, as far as i know, identified who the tours are being given by. when latter milk says that there was no reconnaissance done, it was just a family, it is not inconsistent. he was given a constituents family tour that is not necessarily ever constance tour by a maga person who later invaded the capital, but it certainly might be. vigils will tell the truth. we can see for ourselves, both in terms of the hearing beginning in june, but also in terms of what a grand jury can look at, what kind of indictment might result from this. and this goes to the broader conspiracy way beyond just the invasion of the capitol. beyond that insurrection, you have the effort to overturn the election. this could involve much broader scope of people, members of congress and members of the
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executive branch. >> yeah, and it is extremely bizarre at that in the beginning he denied that he was not giving any tours. even if it was with a family constituent, you should've said, yes, i was given towards a day but with a constituent family. representative crockett, i want to get your thoughts. general six committee is supposed to be starting their hearings on june 9th. what do you believe they have to do to convince your constituents, for example, of the case that they are making? >> that is a really good question. i do appreciate the fact that we are going to have something that i will consider to be of substance, right? because, sadly enough, what we are seeing in politics right now is that everything has to be a partisan divide. instead of what we were all talk in elementary school, which is this right versus wrong.
9:23 pm
for those that don't know, january six was wrong. it was an insurrection, right? for those in the back then i have hernia. this idea that we have more evidence is so much more helpful. sadly enough in this country, we are seeing a lot of times, that even when we have this visual, people are still saying, no, no, that is not what it is. think about the fact that there are members of congress in that moment, when they did that note that they were going to deliver die, completely did not care about the partisan divide. they absolutely proclaimed that what was done was wrong and then left time go by. for whatever reason, and their minds, i don't know, they seemed to have forgot with a experience on that day. maybe these visuals will bring back those memories of exactly of what they felt when they did not know exactly what would happen to them, and whether or not they were going to live to see their families.
9:24 pm
>> carlos, going back to latter milk for a moment. the january six committee told letter milk that interview of evidence directly contradicts republican denials that there were no tours of the capitol days before the insurrection. what do you make of that? >> it is clear that the committee has information that counters the statements made by loudermilk and other republicans. and they are showing the public that they are giving these members and others invited by subpoenas, the opportunity to come in and explain what happened, to give their side of the story in a truthful way and if they don't, then the committee, once it does begin its presentation, that presentation is going to be even more powerful. because they are going to say that this is the evidence that we have. we invited these members to come in and discuss it. they refused to do so. that will probably make their
9:25 pm
case more compelling. i want to add, this committee has conducted itself with professionalism. they have conducted a comprehensive interview. they have been fair. i think it's important for the public of this process to reflect that. i think the truth is so powerful in this case that we don't need the drama and some of the flowery language that we tend to see in these public hearings. they should really continue conducting themselves with the surprise to you that the country needs in order to confront this and let the truth speak for itself. it is quite powerful with they're putting together. >> panelists, stick around for me, we have a lot more to discuss. coming up, is there a light at the end of the tunnel for the baby formula shortage in america? ready to style in just one step? introducing new tresemme one step stylers.
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way. this afternoon, u.s. military aircraft delivered 132 pallets of baby formula from germany to indianapolis, as part of the biden administration's efforts to address america's domestic supply shortage. but look, frankly, it's too little, too late. it's still far from what americans would have gotten if republicans were in charge, to be honest. you see, this week, nearly 200 house republicans voted against a 28 million dollar emergency fund for the fda to tackle the formula shortage. all while criticizing president biden for not doing enough. back with me is my saturday night panel. representative crockett, let me start with you. have you heard from your constituents on this issue? what do you think of the work of the biden administration and
9:31 pm
the democrats have been doing so far, and why we find ourselves in this mess? >> yeah, no, i have heard in fact. and sadly enough, there were different message boards where people were sharing different information about how to get formula. i remember seeing something about people could order it on amazon and get it out of canada, just change your location. i remember when this first happened, i thought, this can't be happening, right? but i keep saying that over and over and over about the united states, this can't be happening, where we are. this is yet another example of us going in the wrong direction in this country. i applaud the democrats. the democrat said, listen, this is a crisis where we have to step in. what is so frustrating is that, when they try to step in, they are just trying to help families. and for the pro-life party, to not want to pitch in, to save lives and make sure they're easing the lives of some of our tiniest friends, and the ones that we should love the most, is really sad. i mean, who does that? but listen, we've got something done.
9:32 pm
we've got to make sure we're not in this set of circumstances ever again. >> yeah, you took the words out of my mouth. carlos, as i noted, house democrats moved to address the situation this week. seeking in part to provide the fda with millions in aid so they can attack the shortage. they weren't joined by the gop. why is that? why does it seem the republicans are willing to claim to be the party of pro-life, but not help those in need when they need it? >> ayman, i have a bit of a different take on this. i actually think the legislation democrats brought forth would have done little, if anything at all, to address this crisis. in fact, throwing money at the fda, when the fda is and at least partly responsible for the shortage, really doesn't seem to be the solution. and on top of that, i think we've thrown around enough money in this country, to the point where we have very high inflation.
9:33 pm
the true culprit is actually the tariffs put in place under the trump administration, which have lessened our ability, diminished our ability, to import product, when we have situations like this shortage here in our country, due to what happened at that one plant. what we really should be doing is strengthening, not weakening, our trade relationships, so that when we do have shortages of different products in our country, we can get them from other parts of the world. i really blame our trade policy, specifically the tariff policies, put in place by the last administration, which should be lifted. >> not to disagree with you on the macro picture of things, i think you're totally entitled to that opinion. but the $28 million would've given the fda the ability to inspect and make sure the quality of the formula is safe to go back onto the shelves. and as you talked about, the structural problems, which is why we are allowed in the first place an industry to become
9:34 pm
just so controlled and run a handful of companies. so it's better than doing nothing with a $28 million, to try and address the capacity, no? >> well, ayman, i suppose the $28 million could've made some difference. and sure, there's an argument out there that doing something is better than nothing. but there is some structural issues with the fda as well. >> totally. >> a lot of people of complained, experts have complained, that the fda has been very slow to approve different types of product. it's murky at best. i understand the frustration. but i really don't think that bill is the solution. >> no, no, fair enough. i completely agree with you that there's a bigger issue at play that should have been avoided from the beginning. jill, let me put up this headline for you. this is how vice characterized it. republicans just voted against feeding the baby they're forcing you to have. your thoughts on that framing? it cuts to the point that
9:35 pm
representative crockett was talking about, that the party of life is not wanting to help get food to the lives that they're forcing women to have. >> it's a very dramatic representation of the hypocrisy of the republican party. this is the party that appointed the judges that are about to take away all rights to reproductive health care. they are going to ban abortions. they're going to allow women to die in huge numbers from wanted pregnancies that go bad, either because of ectopic pregnancies, because of miscarriages, that will not be treated because they are not allowed to treat anything that might look like it's an abortion. and that is a tragedy. so that women are going to die, along with the fetus. but women will die as a result of the laws. but now they're saying, well, we only care about the fetus until it's born.
9:36 pm
they can call it an unborn child. but it's a fetus until it comes out. i'm jewish, and under my religion, it's not a being until it comes out of the birth canal. and to say that you care about it, while it's in utero, and don't care about feeding it once it comes out, is just completely outrageous. and i disagree with carlos. i think that the bill was a good bill. i think that the actions that are being taken, that are trying to be suppressed by the republicans, are the thing that america needed. anybody who has a child, and who is desperate to feed children, they cannot just be given cow's milk. they cannot digest cow's milk. they need the formula. babies have special allergies. and for the fda to allow foreign imports, they have to be able to inspect them and make sure they are safe.
9:37 pm
we don't know that without the fda acting. so that supporting them with funding was a good thing to do, in addition to bringing them in, right now, using the irie for that purpose is a good thing. so i applaud the biden administration for helping in a terrible situation, helping desperate mothers and fathers. everybody else, aunts and uncles, everybody should be concerned about the well-being of a newborn child. they cannot digest cow's milk. >> absolutely. representative crockett, to both jill and carlos's point, flying in formula from europe is a fine point. there are still structural issues with how we got here. what is the long-term strategy to address this shortage from your vantage point? >> yeah i know, there is a great point because obviously
9:38 pm
there is a miss somewhere in the fact how we got here in the first place. we definitely have to figure out what we're going to do with in the fda, to get them to the point where we can see this kind of issue before we get there. you know, we know that abbott shut down. we understand they were having some issues. but in the midst of that shut down, where was the pivot? where was the backup? where was the solution, recognizing that abbott is the largest supplier that we have here? i also applaud the legislation simply allowing those that are using wic to be able to use different brands. but i don't know if we'll get to a fix tomorrow with the fda. the fda is quite large. but i know we have to start getting to the fix. because guess what, this is just an example of a bigger issue that we may face with something else. this time it was baby formula. but the fda regulates more than just baby formula. so we absolutely need to make sure that we should have the fda right now. >> very good point all around. panel stick around with me, we have a little bit more to discuss.
9:39 pm
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with plans starting at just $35. all on the network more people rely on. madison cawthorn, we hardly knew you. when the north carolina republican was elected to congress in 2020, he had a promising future to some republicans. he was the youngest member elected since 1965. and i guess he had the full support of donald trump. what could possibly go wrong?
9:43 pm
well, apparently everything. cawthorn lost his reelection bid this week, losing his primary bid to state senator chuck edwards. cawthorn was mired in scandal for months. but strangely enough, it wasn't cawthorn visiting adolf hitler's vacation home and calling it a bucket list trip, that shook the gop support of him. nor was it his history of racism, lack of regret after speaking at the rally before the january 6th riot, voting to overturn the election, calling volodymyr zelenskyy a thug, or even spreading the big lie that push republicans to spurn cawthorn. it wasn't any of those. believe it or not, it was only after cawthorn claim that his colleagues engaged in coca fueled orgies that the gop each finally said, yeah that's enough for us. let's bring back our panel to break this down. representative crockett, forgive me here for this question, but what does it say about the gop that it was only claims about cocaine origins
9:44 pm
that pushed them to abandon madison cawthorn after everything else that you just listed? >> okay, i should be laughing. because it's one of those situations where you're laughing to keep from crying. this is what we're living with right now, right. like seriously, back to the elementary lesson that is speaking about earlier, right versus wrong. so the reality is that i am so excited. i was watching north carolina, there are so many exciting raising is on the democratic side as well as this republican race. i really wanted to see. it's exactly what i've been saying about trump and his power. and i think that is power is waning. and i really wish a lot more of our republican friends, that are more traditional republicans, would understand, it's okay to be normal again. like, guys, let's go ahead and say that whole laundry list of things you just set, they're wrong. hillary, guys, that is wrong.
9:45 pm
white supremacy, it is wrong. let's get back to like, normalcy. where we can say things like hey, that shooting in buffalo was gone. the inspiration was wrong. i think we may finally get back there sometime soon, hopefully sooner rather than later. >> carlos, you optimistic about that? to representative crockett's point. north carolina senator thom tillis was a major force in cawthorn. he repeatedly called cawthorn unembarrassed meant. does this show a concentrated pushback from establishment republicans can bring the party back to a sense of normalcy? >> ayman, i think representative crockett was right. think of madison cawthorn, this is someone made in the image of trump. he adopted the trump mentality that he could go down, shoot someone, and his supporters
9:46 pm
would -- this is what madison cawthorn believes. and obviously it didn't work out. he can muster a third of the vote in republican primary, despite the fact that donald trump came in at the 11th hour trying to bail him out. trump's preferred senate candidate in pennsylvania also failed to get even a third of the vote. so i do think that there is some evidence here that while donald trump remains the dominant force in the republican party, perhaps his monopoly is eroding. perhaps some of these previously establishment figures, that you can argue that donald trump is the establishment now, can really muster up the courage and say we are not going to accept this kind of indecency. we're not going to accept people who live blatantly. we're going to have some accountability in our party. and we're going to actually have a political party,, not a movement built around one man. so, i am a little bit hopeful. it was good night to see
9:47 pm
madison cawthorn defeated. and hopefully, we will see more candidates who display this kind of outlandish disrespect for unacceptable heavier excluded from both of our major political parties. we only have two parties in this country. so we don't want either of them to include people who are so permissions and damaging to the democratic process. >> yeah, i was gonna say. and i apologize to disagree on one thing, carlos. the republican party is more and more like i called the way they have been obsessed with donald trump. and do everything the way donald trump wants it done. that's the way i currently see it. i know their people out there who currently wanted to get back on track, because we need it in our democracy. jill, one of the people who've had an interesting role here is kevin mccarthy. he's left the door open to helping madison cawthorn in a future. and i'm taking, what is up with this guy? he basically single-handedly rehabilitated donald trump after january 6th.
9:48 pm
we all remember that image of him going down to mar-a-lago a few days after everyone in the republican party, certainly publicly, distance themselves from trump. why is he pledging to do the same with this guy? >> you know, this is the party of donald trump. and remember, he's the one who i thought for sure was going to lose as soon as the video of him coming out of the bus saying, well i just grabbed the you know what because i can. i thought for sure that was the end of the election. i thought the pictures, and you named a lot of things against madison cawthorn, but you left out all the photographs of him in lingerie, and in other obscene poses. and you would think for sure that's the end of it, and even donald trump wouldn't support him. but this is the party of donald trump, and mccarthy is the puppet of donald trump.
9:49 pm
so he supports who donald trump supports. and it is a shame that they have lowered the party to this. because i agree with carlos, that we only have two parties. and we cannot afford for them not to be decent and abate. i'm old enough to remember when there is bipartisanship. when democrats and republicans agreed on the facts. we don't have fox news saying an alternate universe exists. we all agreed on the facts. and we debated the policies that resulted in those facts. it's time to go back to that era, where we can talk about policies, and we can talk about the size of government. we can talk about whether the monopoly power of babbitt caused the shortage that we're now having in baby formula. there are so many things that we need to address. and that's where we should be looking at it. and also, i just want to add something that -- the very first lead into our segment was with megan rapinoe and the equal pay.
9:50 pm
i just want to say how grateful i am that you cover that. and that is happening. i grew up without title nine. and certainly without equal pay. and it's time. and that was a wonderful story. and i'm glad you covered it. so thank you. >> yeah, i know, thank you so much jill. we greatly appreciate having your voice in the mix. texas representative jasmine crockett, thank you so much for joining us as well. carlos calera, we greatly appreciate it my friend. it's great to have all three of you with us. still ahead, what we're just learning about the deaths of corruption within the trump administration. stay with me. (grandmother) make it three. (young woman) three? (grandmother) did you get his number? (young woman) no, grandma! grandma!! (grandmother) excuse me! (young woman vo) some relationships get better with time. that's why i got a crosstrek. (avo) ninety-six percent of subaru vehicles sold in the last ten years are still on the road. (grandmother) i'm so glad you got a subaru. (young woman) i wonder who gave me the idea?
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♪ all right, so this week, we got new insight into the breadth of effort that influence donald trump in the early days of his presidency by his own so-called
9:55 pm
friends. an updated indictment, filed in federal court this week, revealed that trump pal, tom barrett, who chaired trump's 2017 inaugural committee, sought millions of dollars in investments from the united arab emirates. prosecutors allege that barrrick was at the same time illegally lobbying the trump white house on behalf of the uae. last, year tom barrick and two alleged coconspirators were accused of conspiring to act as agents of the uae, without registering as foreign agents. he pled not guilty to the original criminal count, and is currently awaiting trial. and if that's not bad enough, we also learned this week that the justice department is suing gop mega-donor and former rnc finance chair steve wynn, claiming he made repeated requests on behalf of the chinese government to trump while he was in office. doj is seeking to force wynn to register as a foreign agents,
9:56 pm
and the doj accuses him of -- chinese businessman who has been seeking asylum. trump apparently said he would look into. there you have it. two trump friends, two allegedly unregistered foreign agents, lobbying their friend on behalf of foreign governments. as we're learning about these actions five years after the fact, imagine what we still might learn about the influence efforts in the trump administration in the years to come. we're going to leave you with that thought for now. that does it for me. thank you very much for making time for us. come back tomorrow night at nine eastern, right here on msnbc. former trump dhs official miles taylor will join me to discuss his decision to quit the gop and what got him to his breaking point. until we meet again, i'm ayman mohaydin, have a good night. that's certified head turns.
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>> and i'm natalie morales. >> and this is dateline. >> my question is why. i didn't need who. my only question is why? >> they were beautiful people, in miami's sizzling south beach. singles who became lovers, and then newlyweds. >> you may kiss the bride. >> congratulations. >> they were still on their honeymoon, only married four days, when this young bride was murdered. >> i get a phone call, screaming, crying. >> no murder weapon, no dna, but no shortage of suspects. >> you gotta prove it. > did the red homi


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