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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  May 22, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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finding the perfect project manager, designer, developer, or whomever you may need... tends to fall right into place. find top-rated talent who can start today on this is the katie phang show, live from msnbc headquarters in new york city. we have lots of news to cover lots of questions to answer. so let's get started. another big primary this, week this time in georgia, or multiple republican candidates are running on trump's big lie. my question is, has this kind of extremism become the new normal in american politics? i will ask my panel. the first flight of overseas baby formula arrives today to help ease the crisis. i asked the congresswoman whose district is home to one of the newest formula facilities in the country about how we got to this point in one else can be done. and later, a u.s. senator says
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that mortality rates in his second aren't that high if you exclude black women. i want to know, what's the hell. plus, new pentagon policy allows service members to request a transfer if they feel discriminated by gop state laws. i will talk to an army sergeant who transition it while in the service, about what this means for fighting forces. all that and much more is coming up. and a good sunday morning to you. i am katie fang. we begin this morning by going down to georgia, where this re-week will get a look at how republican -- in that state feel about donald trump's big lie. over the last four years we will see don terms fixation with the peach state. especially after -- refused to go along with trump's lie about the 2020 election results. of, course some say the trumps of frustrations played into the
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state electing two democratic senators. there is a razor thin majority in the u.s. senate. now, trump is going full throttle to replace the two men who stood up to. him endorsing david perdue in the governor's race, and jody hice for secretary of state. both candidates are fully on board with trump's false claims that he actually won in 2020. and they were not quiet about it. as you may have heard, purdue's way down in the polls though. the guardian reports that even if trump's handpicked candidates lose, it is not like the other republican candidates or anti trump. quote, the victors will not be moderates promising a repudiation of trumpism. their policies are generally aligned with his america first vision, and far-right positions on abortion, trans rights, and the teaching of race in schools. remember, just days ago republicans in pennsylvania picks candidates for both the governor and senator, who participated in the january 6th insurrection.
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denied the 2020 election results, in promoting conspiracy theories. so what happens when trumpism a gross trump? we are going to get a look first time this primary season, which will give us an even more important preview of what to expect in november. for more out of georgia we turn now to nbc news correspondent alison barber, who attended a democratic fund-raiser last night featuring stacey abrams, or feel or not, in jon ossoff, ahead of tuesday's primary elections. >> yours are democrats, this was the place to be saturday night. this was a fundraising gala days before the primary elections take place in this state. most of the action in the primaries is on the republican side. the candidates, stacey abrams, hoping to be the next governor of this state is running in the democratic primary and imposed. incumbent raphael warnock is light years ahead of his democratic primary challenger. tonight, the focus was on the general election. we heard a lot of it sounds
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like campaign speeches, looking ahead already to november. listen. >> i believe in the humanity that says that my rights are not made stronger by stripping them from others. and i believe in telling the truth. >> georgia saves the whole country. give yourselves a round of applause! >> -- ended on friday and it broke records. more than 850,000 georgians voted early. that is up to hundred and 12% higher than early voting in 2020. back to you. >> our thanks to alison barber for that report. coming up later, we are going to talk to the panel or who trump is going to face his biggest electoral loss since his own defeat to 2020. what's that could mean for him and his grip on the gop. and from empty store shelves to price gouging, many parents across the country have been struggling for weeks now to feed their babies. this morning, relief is finally on the way for family searching
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for formula, with a first job out from a broad set to come today. -- is live with the latest. >> good morning stephanie. do you have some idea about what's time these planes are expected to arrive with their cargo? >> yes. good morning to you, katie. we have just learned that first flight is expected to arrive around 11:30 eastern time in indianapolis. it has made a fuel stop at mcguire airport space in new jersey. so we know that agricultural secretary tom wilson will be traveling to indiana to meet that plane. inside that military c-17 aircraft, which originated from ramstein air space in germany, there are one or 132 pounds of baby formula. that equates to about 6000 pounds of formula per palette, which is the equivalency of one point 5,000,008 ounce bottles for babies. white house officials say that
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once it hits off loaded, it will go through an fda inspection, and the white house says it is working with vendors and retailers to then have them come to that facility and take that product, just rubbing it to those communities most in need. and katy, we understand some of the states that are most heavily impacted by these shortages include tennessee, nevada, and texas. so this is going to provide that necessary relief for those families, as you have said, who have been struggling with this. i also want to let you know, katie, that nestle is been working as part of this operation in the white house. and this formula is not specific, because it is for those children who are allergic to cows milk. >> our thanks to stephanie stanton for the latest on that shipment of baby formula. we're gonna turn overseas now to tokyo, where president biden just landed after. meeting with american service members in south korea. nbc's carol lee is following the president now in tokyo.
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carol, good morning to you. one of the headlines now out of today's events, and what's on the agenda for tomorrow? >> other, katie the president wrapped up his portion of this trip from south korea, where he really focused on the economy. announcing some investments by south korean companies in the u.s., where they will build plants in the united states to generate jobs and focus on manufacturing. now he has just arrived here in japan where he's going to meet with the prime minister. and he is going to unveil the indo-pacific economic framework. that is essentially an alliance that is designed to unite countries in the region, as well as the u.s., around certain economic principles. so, enhanced trade, dealing with supply chain issues, tackling climate change. those are among the things that the lines are supposed to focus on. the question is whether or how many countries the u.s. will get on board. the supreme court is really set
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up to be this sort of economic security barrier against china. so the idea that the president has had on this trip is to demonstrate how the u.s. can create alliances in this region, much as it has in europe, that can push back on aggressors. particularly china. another meeting with the president will have all heroes here in japan is with the quad, that is the u.s. japan australia and india alliance. so the prime minister will meet with the president of india. as well as the first woman to new prime minister of australia. there will be a number of things that they focus, on but also the war in ukraine. there will be a lot of pressure on india to step off the sidelines and push back on russia's war in ukraine. and then taiwan will be a central issue for the president there. so there is a lot on the agenda, and it will be muscle to the person is trying to send, here katie, is really focused a trojan. >> her role, before we let you go, the present was also asked
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about the monkeypox outbreak just before he left for japan. they've confirmed 92 cases in -- countries including the united states. why is the president saying about this? >> he is saying that this is something that everybody should find concerning. take a listen to his answer to this question. >> they have not told me -- yet but it is something that we should be concerned about. we are working on it hard. figure out what to do. if a vaccine may be available for it. but it is a concern, in the sense that the more it spreads [inaudible] >> we heard from the presidents national security adviser jake sullivan after the president made this comment, and he said that he has been briefing the president on this trip based on documents and memos and input from the presidents health and medical advisers, that they are receiving. he said that he is going to continue to receive ongoing briefs on this particular issue. katie. >> thank you to you, caralee,
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in tokyo, traveling with the president. coming, up racism on display, maternal death rates in louisiana states are that bad if you do not count black women. but as i see something a sitting gop senator said in comments that are honestly quite hard to believe. we will expose and unpack bill cassidy's racist remarks, and when it says about his party. a little later in the hour, ted cruz says he does not understand how arsenal star p davis and get so many, quote and quote, hot woman. he blames toxic femininity. i have some thoughts on this. my message for ted cruz coming up. up flying] [tom cruise] tower this is ghost rider, requesting flyby. [control tower] negative ghost rider, the pattern is full. [sfx: fighter jet flying] ♪ ah, thunder, ah, thunder ♪ ♪ thunderstruck ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thunderstruck ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah thunderstruck ♪ [waitress] maverick... [tom cruise] having any fun yet? ♪ thunderstruck yeah yeah yeah ♪
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morning in the formula shortage. in just a few hours from now, the first pilot to baby formula from germany are set to land in plainfield, indiana. yesterday biden signed the access to baby formula act of 2022, into law which now opens
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the door for low income parents to have more formula options. plus, the ceo of formula maker abbott is finally apologizing and promising improvements at its lab so the shortages never happen again. these signs are welcome relief from parents who have been trying to find formula for weeks only to be faced with empty storm shells. from a monopoly on production for states relying on single suppliers this industry was built using a formula for disaster. are all of these relief efforts happening quickly enough? and will these quick fixes have a lasting impact on the industry? u.s. representative of pennsylvania's sixth congressional district, chrissy houlihan joins me now. representative, thank you so much for being here. i know that you along with others push president biden to invoke the defense production act to increase production of baby formula and to facilitate equal distribution of that formula throughout federal health centers. are you disappointed that it took this long for this move to be made by the biden administration? >> thank you very much for
4:16 am
having me, and good morning. i am responsible and a number of my colleagues bipartisanly responsible for pushing the president to invoke the defense production act. i do believe that this is just one aspect of how we can address this issue. you mentioned that this is a short term crisis but it is also something that we address in the long term, as well. i have been active with the president, as well as with the governor here in pennsylvania, to try to make sure that we are doing everything we can here in pennsylvania to make sure that we are able to not just get out of the situation right now, but also in the future. if it is okay i would like to point out that, as you mentioned, this is a problem of almost a monopoly situation. in my district there is actually a fist manufacturer having just join the four that exist in our country right now, that has just opened its doors. part of the conversation that i've been having with the president in the ministration, and with our governor is to make sure that this particular fifth addition is not the exception to the rule.
4:17 am
rather, the beginning of diversifying our dependence on just a handful of providers. >> i'm glad you mentioned a. your district is home to one of these news production facilities of baby formula. in fact, it is the only new producer representative of baby formula to be registered in the last 15 years. obviously that speaks to the monopoly that has existed for years about which the americans were probably not aware. this new facility was obviously in the works way before this current crisis. were there any warning signs that this could have become a larger problem? now that there is going to be yet another facility in your district, do you think that that will actually contribute to a long term solution to this problem? >> yes, and my background is actually in supply chain management. i have the opportunity to meet with this particular facility well before the crisis was apparent. it was interesting to talk about the fact that there is presumably i'm napoli here. but also to remember that this is a historical consequence of something that happened decades
4:18 am
ago in the 18 of formula industry when we were very concerned about its safety and security. we kind of over compensated by having this handful of people being able to manufacture formula. now we need to open the aperture again, clearly, we are too reliant on those several providers. and so i think that there is a model to be followed here with the provider within my district. we need to encourage them to be able to be successful. the conversations i've been having with the administration, with my governor, are to take the resources of the defense production act and take some of those resources of the american rescue plan that still exists, take resources from rural development and actually interestingly, from world of element resources to be able to make sure that this organization, this particular solution thrives. but that we also make sure that we are never in this position again, domestically, and frankly globally as well. >> representative, this baby formula issue was obviously one that is critical. it deals with children and infants. there is a discussion
4:19 am
concerning supply pain issues in terms of basic generic pharmaceuticals, etc, it may end up being the next one down the line. being the next crisis. i would like forward a little bit off of your supply chain background and experience, have there been conversations with the biden administration about foreseeing or predicting, anticipating those key areas of industry that might end up being empty on the shelves soon? >> 100%. in fact i am part of a task force, was part of a task force, that was on the vulnerability that we have to other aspects of the supply chain. pharmaceutical ingredients was absolutely identified of one of those vulnerable spots. i had an opportunity to travel recently with the armed services committee to of all places india, one of our partners that has the ability to produce pharmaceutical ingredients. but we also need to be able to push even further, domestically, with our peers and near shore opportunities like with puerto rico, those sorts of places, to
4:20 am
make sure that we are not vulnerable in the production of the ingredients for our pharmaceuticals. particularly with the lens of our military and making sure that that is not a national security crisis. this is something that is already being looked at pretty hard. we certainly have a lot of work to do there, as well. >> a little bit less than a minute left. i do want to ask you since you hear about the recent republican senate primary race in your own state. donald trump is watching votes for david mccormack ketchup to his endorsed candidate oz, now trump is boosting the false rhetoric that the male invalid of pennsylvania is illegitimate and rigged. not new news from him. what is being down on your side on combatting this type of disinformation? >> i'm really glad that you brought this up! the hypocrisy is just so strong here in the state of pennsylvania. with this senate race, i am completely flabbergasted that so many people on the republican side while they are counting these mail-in ballots are in some cases insisting that they all be counted -- every out vote be counted in other cases we declare victory.
4:21 am
it has shades of the last election, of course. has shades of future elections! this is something that i raised the alarm on in terms of mask rihanna's propensity to call for these kind of things. if we elect a person like mastriano who made it through on the governor side, this is going to be just the beginning of this kind of alienation, restricting peoples access to their ability to vote. it is very, very, alarming what is going on with what would probably become a recount. although what is even more alarming, frankly, is what could happen in the governor's race and the sanatorium rate with the november timeframe of what we are seeing here. >> we are going to keep a close eye on the pennsylvania races. we will thank you for your time pennsylvania representative christie houlihan. coming up, when i revenge fantasy backfires. donald trump's enemy number one in georgia would likely win big this week. serving trump's biggest electoral loss since his own defeat of 2020. my panel is here, we are going
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it takes poise. donald trump might be about to face his biggest electoral austin's his own defeat in the 2020 election. trump has endorsed former senator david perdue in the georgia gop gubernatorial primary on tuesday. he is facing up against brian kemp, who trump blames for his 2020 election loss. trump refused to overturn georgia's election results after joe biden beat trump in that state by 12,000 votes. now, trump has put all of his energy into ousting camp and installing purdue. >> a friend of mine and a great senator, a man who, i don't know, are you going to run for governor david perdue? are you going to run to for governor? we're gonna support a great gentlemen. wonderful man incredible family. he is a great guy. and he really got screwed by
4:27 am
camp. the only candidate in this rates race who can beat stacey the -- abrams. >> despite his endorsement, and now looks like purdue is about to lose big time. a fox poll shows kemp leading purdue by a whopping 32 points. now he is looking to throw his hand under the bus. trump seems to have given his -- up for dead and is no longer doing appearances on produce behalf. this comes after trump gave over two point $6 million to groups helping purdue. for more on all of this we were joined by democratic strategist battles by cole. and former republican, jonathan horse. thank you for joining us. the biggest difference between camp and purdue is that kemp did not go along with trump's big lie. this georgia races clothes going to be a test of trump's grip on the gop.
4:28 am
right? >> this is a great race. it is a great example of what i said all along. that is standing up to trump, showing integrity and character and doing the right thing in spite of his bullying can be a winning position for a republican. kemp to the right thing. and what trump did not to take into account, perhaps, is that outside of this whole big lie controversy, which has been swirling around since the presidential campaign, kemp was a good governor. the people of georgia liked him. they thought he was -- they believed he was doing a good their job. he was well positioned to win this race to begin with, even outside of standing up and taking a character driven stand against trump. and frankly, it is something the entire party and especially the leadership in the party should really be looking at the very closely.
4:29 am
>> so basil, kemp may have been probably popular, but we want stacey abrams at the end of the day. so if camp beats purdue, it is going to be a rematch of camp versus stacey abrams. in 2018, he defeated abrams by less than 1.4 percentage points. it's a different climate right now that makes it better or worse for stacey abrams? >> very different climate, because as senator warnock said in an earlier signal, georgia saved america. and they are well aware of that. stacey abrams has been working and campaigning in areas that a lot of democrats historically, not just enjoyed around the country, have neglected. like rural areas in georgia. and i think that has done is it has really sets the tone for how she is gone about this race. nationally, you need to be going into areas that were perhaps excluded before to help to speak with those voters. so i think the grassroot operation have been different, the fundraising has been different. and the truth is, young woman
4:30 am
may have been the pattern for how republicans. and you can -- without actually giving them the hug, but the truth is trump is still aligned in many ways with donald trump, and as long as stacy can have his way with, that i think she is a good shot. >> but as a good point. camp is not the antithesis to trump. i want to turn to you, jennifer horn. a fascinating washington post piece shows elise stefanik, former harvard professor talks about her transformation and says the once bright light of her generation has abandoned all of her principles to advance in trump's republican party. he says, quote, she wanted to climb the republican rates and she has, but she is climbed on the back of lies about the election but are undermining trust in elections, putting peoples lives at risk. as a former republican,
4:31 am
jennifer, which do you make of elise stefanik's transformation from a moderate republican to somebody who actively and openly pushes white supremacist conspiracy theories, big lies that the 2020 election was stolen. what do we do with that? >> this is exactly why i am a former republican. because we have an entire party just about, of elected leaders, who have not just abandoned -- but enough they have amended their integrity in their own character. they have abandoned the truth. they are national leaders who denied the truth in every way. unfortunately, it is not just in the cases of the election. of the big lie. but elise stefanik is a perfect example of somebody who was perceived to be a rational and reasonable moderate, who wanted to work on both sides, wanted to solve problems, who's become a to a t to the most dangerous presidents that we have seen in
4:32 am
modern times. and i guess what is unfortunate about this is that it continues. would i still struggle with wrapping my head around it is that donald trump lost. he lost. and the republicans are continuing to give him -- everybody talks about how don trump has lost control over the party. no. the republicans have given him that authority. they continue to give ham that kind of loyalty. following him the way they do. i think that elise stefanik and all of others in congress are the perfect examples of that. you know what katie? there are a lot of other races outside of these ones that we are following so closely, on the air. we look at, people on the phones coming up this year and two years from now. people like christian knew, a governor in new hampshire, who has run his entire political
4:33 am
career on being a moderate. i'm being pro-choice. i'm being a pro-choice republican, things like this. when he is constantly trying to keep one foot on each side of the donald trump line. we are getting to a point where there is just not going to work for these republicans anymore. >> i have run out of time. it is always makes me upset, because i always want to keep on talking. basil michael, jennifer horn, thank you both so much. it was it to come back. there is a much more want to talk about. mandatory vasectomies were boys when they reach puberty? that is why -- has proposed in reaction to the abortion crackdown. we are going to talk to him right after the break. e break. you see, son, with a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush.
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i figured out the exact year he was born. the census records fill in gaps, it helped me push the door open. and now to abortion, and the
4:37 am
race to the bottom among red states to pass the country's most restrictive abortion ban as we wait to hear the supreme court's final decision in dobbs. oklahoma is the new frontline of this week passing a bill that would ban any abortion after fertilization with very few exceptions. let's take a look at who exactly votes in that state's legislature. 39 of 48 oklahoma state senators are man. 77 out of 100 state representatives are men. a body made up of 78% man making and intimate and personal decision on behalf of nearly 4 million people who live in that state. one of men's bodies were
4:38 am
controlled and regulated in the same way? with that in mind i would like to introduce you to one of the man of the state legislator, mickey dalton. what he had to say might surprise you. >> if you really want to and abortion, if that is your objective then i would invite you to coauthor a bill that i'm considering next year which would mandate that each male when they reach puberty get a mandatory visit to me that it's only reversible when they reach the point of financial and national stability. if you think that's crazy, then i think maybe you understand how 50% of oklahomans feel as well. >> joining me now is oklahoma state representative mickey donilon. he is the guy you just saw in that video, representative it is a pleasure to have you here. that wasn't a serious policy proposal but what did you come up with a? why do you think it's
4:39 am
resonating right now with so many people across the united states? >> katie, i appreciate you having me on the show. as you saw in that earlier graphic, the gop has a supermajority in oklahoma. their policies continue to get more and more extreme. the party of so-called limited government and personal freedom has become the party of intrusion. to fight fire with fire as they say, i proposed a tongue-in-cheek proposal to mandate the sack to me. to just prove a point to how absurd and ridiculous it is to regulate wands bodily autonomy. i would be on the record to say i don't believe that government should regulate anyone's reproductive system. in this case, it seems to have really resonated. time and time again, house democrats have brought up data, facts, stories, and nothing has hit quite like the mandate on the male reproductive system. >> it does highlight the hypocrisy, at a minimum, i was
4:40 am
curious to know have you been hearing from your constituents about oklahoma's newest abortion bill? it is really extreme! >> absolutely! yes, there is really no data to backup that this is the majority of what's oklahomans want. this bill, it does everything that texas does, plus a little bit more. there is a card out for rape and incense only if the victim has a police report. it allows people to basically tell on others, present their own lawsuits, it is really draconian. like you said we are one of three states that have done this but if there's anything i have learned in my six years in the legislature. if one republican control state, then all others will soon follow suit. that is why i would do more like making statements like a did to create attention towards what is happening. i know that other states are considering banning iuds, birth control, plan b.
4:41 am
i guarantee you if one republican controlled state does it, then oklahoma will be the next one to file that exact same legislation. >> so, you also said that oklahoma should consider being more open minded about the fact that the hypocrisy exists from trying to regulate women's bodies, through your tongue and cheek proposal to regulate men's body. i wanted to make your reaction to the following. if roe v. wade is overturned, several states have trigger laws that will go into effect immediately, including louisiana. the health department reports that black mothers are four times more likely to die than white mothers. this is a quote from louisiana senator bill cassidy, about a third of our population is african american. african americans have a higher incidence of maternal mortality. so, if you correct a population for race we are not as much of an outlier as it otherwise appear. he is basically saying our
4:42 am
maternal mortality numbers are great if you ignore black people. representative, what do you do with comments like that? >> you know, this goes along the lines of don't tread on me, but i will tread on the. it is just a common stream of hypocrisy, outlandish remarks that i believe are just cheat political tactics of score points in competitive primaries. unfortunately, the way that the primaries are set up right now candidates have to be more extreme than the other. what we are telling people in oklahoma and other states that legislative policy like this is that basically, if you are pre-born -- if you are pre-k you're on your own. i feel like that isn't what oklahoma stands for. it is not what's the oklahoma standard is. i think it is just terrible that we are in such a small minority. there are so many people in oklahoma that agree with the policies that myself and the house democratic caucus are putting forth on the floor.
4:43 am
>> you've actually suggested changing the state motto to if your pre-born, you are all good. if your pre-k, good luck. >> democratic oklahoma state congressman we wish you luck on your attempts to make sure that reason insanity can be met. thank you so much. >> thank you, katie. >> escaping discrimination. soldiers who put their lives on the line for their own country nice scrambling to find a way to protect themselves from say red state policies. i will talk to shane ortega retired army staff sergeant who transitioned while in the military, coming up next. in this here land! ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ crossed the desert's bare, man. ♪ ♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ i've been to: pittsburgh, parkersburg, ♪ ♪ gravelbourg, colorado, ♪ ♪ ellensburg, cedar city, dodge city, what a pity. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪
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4:47 am
the lines for us are scrambling to find ways to protect themselves and their families in their own country. spurred on by a progressively regressive republican agenda. a leaked draft policy allowed soldiers to request a transport
4:48 am
they feel a state or local laws are discriminating against them based on gender, sex, religion, race, or pregnancy. it appears to be as a result of certain gop led states the passing laws that are sounding and clear anti lgbtq sentiment, racism, homophobia, and other discrimination. reported on the draft which appears to be in its preliminary stages. a spokesperson responded that the army does not comment on leaked draft documents. and nbc news has not seen the draft yet. for most of the army's population is facing conservative states like texas, georgia, and north carolina, where many of these divisive laws are being passed. texas, for example, as the highest population of soldiers in the country. as for -- and fort bliss are located within that state. texas is also where governor greg habit has called in the public to report parents of transgender kids for abuse if those children are receiving any gender affirming care. at least 13 republican led states have circled her loss
4:49 am
that will allow them to immediately a lob or shin if roe v. wade is overturned by the supreme court. some gop state lawmakers are considering going even further, seeking to restrict contraception look iuds and plan b. ironically, all of these are aggressive moves by republicans could end up triggering one of the most progressive policies the military has ever embraced. but at what cost. ? with me now is shane ortega. a retired army staff sergeant in a transgender rights activist. shane, it is a pleasure to have you here this morning. you have told us that service members are asked to put their life, their existence on their plan, it on the line today with their country. when you asked whether the person they give it to carefully, let you persecutor existence, what needs to be considered is their humanity. share with us some more about this idea of the sacrifice you gave as a member of our military. but then, how it feels to be persecuted, as you say, for being who you are. >> well, i can reflect my own personal human experience with this. is a military career in the
4:50 am
itself came to a short close just due to the inward and outward pressure from the united states berman government, to be performative underneath harsh conditions. when we think of our entire country, we have to remember the humidity of all of the people that we are asking to give the ultimate sacrifice. not only are they members of our own families, they extended human family that we have, but they're also tax players. from a socioeconomic standpoint, and form a constitutional law standpoint, you are asking people who contribute tax dollars to serve you. and marginalized positions that will create not only psychological conditions, but also create internal family disruption. you are asking for their families, as well, to be split apart by being performative in these areas. food sewage crew to do is say that it is so much lost.
4:51 am
it is egregious and an exorbitant thing to ask for a human being to do. and it is kind of death to the reality that this is a job of compassion. united states military at any point is actually the biggest hiring institution. it hires black people. it hires woman. it hires immigrants. and all kinds of different people. so now, i feel that we are sort of sleeping back into the dark ages with these kinds of legislations, making service members serve underneath it. >> the sergeant maker glamour michael grunts controlled -- last week that the army is weighing new policies in response to roe v. wade potentially being overturned. but he did not really elaborate on what that would look like or how expensive they are. let us talk about the rules are in place now, it how updated military guidance is necessary not only to protect the rights of the service members, but also for safety reasons. >> i want to kind of change the
4:52 am
tone on that. it is not just roe v. wade protecting the rights of service members. it is roe v. wade protecting the stability and support system of service members. so, their families as well. it is also health care prevention. not only for six women, but also transgender and non-binary, nonconforming, service members as well. when we remove these protections, we are actually enabling them to have access to health care systems. access that could kill them. like a potentially take away with that which we call the defense of our country. so we are not just talking about roe v. wade protecting service members. we are talking about the very humanity of our own country. we are talking about the extended families of our country. we are talking about the guardians of our american freedom. and so i think that is what we really need to emphasize. is that these are human beings. and we are asking them more
4:53 am
than enough sacrifice. >> very quickly, shane, i have less than 30 seconds. i did want to ask, what are you hearing from's fellow service members on this particular issue? >> it is just like during the transgender military ban, in the proceeding are of trump. they are afraid. because now it is not just them, themselves, who they are willingly sacrificing. it is also their family members. it is also their children. it is also their health care. and their ability to serve at full capacity with good mental health and support. the military service is a contractual agreements. it is a federal contractual agreement. and so, for service members who have to serve in states that you're not abide by this constitutional rights, the bill of rights, the rights to freedom, then what are we asking from them? who have we become? >> we were asking the larger sacrifice for members of the military. shane ortega, i thank you for your sacrifice and for being here today.
4:54 am
coming up, ted cruz needs answers on the greatest question affecting our lifetime. how arsenal cells start pete davidson, who said goodbye to the show last night, quote, gets all of these hot women. my message for ted cruz after the break. >> i will never forget. this i called him and said, when i got engaged, lauren, i just got engaged to our integrated after dating for two weeks! and he said, cool, -- of your life! - of your life ♪i got bongos thumping in my chest♪ ♪and something tells me they don't beat me♪ ♪ ♪ ♪he'd better not take the ring from me.♪ (woman vo) sailing a great river past extraordinary landscapes into the heart of iconic cities is a journey for the curious traveler, one that many have yet to discover. exploring with viking brings you closer to the world,
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when we all learned that there are three branches of government, one of which is a legislative branch, and we learned that senators are part of that legislative branch. so there's basically have one job, to legislate. to make the laws and to represent the people. well, senator ted cruz apparently did not get the memo. despite serving in the greatest body of almost ten years, he's
4:58 am
decided to not let me's pollution to just tore their. fox news and congress. but he also co-hosts a weekly podcast where he shares his hot takes on seemingly everything and nothing. this week, crews, a noted authority on hotness, could not grasp why attractive woman would want to date snl star pete davidson. >> pete davidson. how come that to gets all these hot woman? >> because a toxic femininity, senator. that is the evidence that something has gone wrong. >> pete davidson was dating quebec. until you are talking underworld. super hot vampire in black leather trenchcoat. and you are like, really? the snl did? wow. >> okay. i really did not need to know that the senator from texas has a leather and vampire fetish. but let's get to the point,
4:59 am
right? i personally do not know, and do not care, white pete davidson can get any woman he wants. but i do know is that women deserve respect, from whoever they choose to be with. what does that respect look like? it means respecting women fighting to protect their bodily autonomy, not threatening a nationwide abortion ban. respecting woman also means standing up for your wife, even if it hurts you politically. not fawning over and sucking up to a presidential candidate who trolls your wife on twitter, insinuating that she is ugly. respecting woman meeks paid family leave a reality for all americans. not fearmongering that such a move would drive up the cost of labor for low income workers. and while we are it, respecting your constituents means doing your job. and not hosting a podcast and tweeting your hot takes as you attempt to become a maga celebrity. maybe ted cruz needs to go back to grade school and learn would being a knighted state senator truly means. thanks for watching the katie
5:00 am
phang show. i will be back next guidance on the i-70 am eastern. you can also catch an oversight on the msnbc hub on peacock every thursday and friday. velshi starts now. ♪ ♪ ♪ morning to you, i am ali velshi. it is sunday may the 22nd. president biden has pivoted to asia, at least for the time being. as we speak, he's in the middle of his first diplomatic trip to the region. since taking office. he landed in japan a few hours ago after a three-day visit to south korea. working more closely with asian allies in the face of a strengthening china has been a long sought foreign policy bill for the biden administration. which must of been stymied by other crises, like the war in ukraine, and the coronavirus pandemic. the administration's attention from the region. but asia maintains a big priority. one of his goals is to reassert america's commitment to its allies in the region. to make it clear that it is a priority. he is al


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