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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  May 22, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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relief has touched down and it's on the way for the millions of parents struggling to feed their children. just under two hours, ago the first shipment of baby formula arriving in indianapolis from europe. 78,000 pounds of baby formula being taken off that u.s. military plane and put on two fedex trucks for distribution across the country amid a shortage. agriculture secretary tom vilsack shaking the hands of the u.s. military members who helped transport that much needed formula. the first of several deliveries to come, in fact. the secretary told reporters just how quickly parents could start to see formula back on the shelves. >> i've been told by the fda commissioner that in a matter of a week or so, we should begin to see some supply. but of the course of the next several weeks, we should see an ever increasing supply. so i would say certainly with the next 30 days we're going to begin seeing -- the situation. >> we're going to go right to nbc's meghan officials at that airport in indianapolis. give us the sense, megan, how
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critical is this shipment? >> yeah, alex, this is incredibly critical. we're talking about 78,000 pounds of this hypoallergenic formula. in fact, or standing in between two pallets here. you can see this is where we're talking about. this is the alfamino junior as well as the alfamino formula. and to give you an idea of what this process looks like, according to officials here, these tell someone to be taken to the nestle facility. which is just about a mile away. he reminds, these are fda approved but nestle has their own procedure where they are doing their own quality testing. we understand that a portion of this, those test results should be in within the next couple of days then that batch is going to be disseminated across the country into hospitals into health care provider so that of course again is in the hands of these parents who desperately need it for their kids. the rest of this formula, they're waiting on those results to come. we're told that should be here within the next couple of weeks. and then the rest of that shipment will go out. but we've been talking to some parents here on the ground.
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you say we've been waiting anxiously for this, it's been freaking us out, really. and so the fact that it's on the ground gives them some relief. i want you to listen to what one parent had to say. >> terrifying, honestly, or bliss to be able to do 50% breast milk, 50% formula. so we haven't had quite the panic that i know several of my mom friends that are fully formula feeding have had. but it is a big panic because we just don't know. because she has that dairy allergy, we can't supplement with anything. and she can't tolerate similar acts so we only can by that one brand in one time for her. or she doesn't sleep, she's in excruciating pain. so it's a battle and it's a terrifying feeling to know that you can't fight it. >> yeah, a terrifying situation that parents have been living through for the last several weeks. obviously, a lot more time to go as well. but we did speak with the secretary of agriculture, a tumble sack, and he tells us that there is going to be more
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aircraft that are becoming to the united states for the next couple of days here. specifically carrying kerber formula, that's the ones that babies can tolerate that don't have any allergies, cows milk. that will be on the shelves in stores. but as far as the timeline of when that can happen, it's still could be in the next couple of weeks but i want you to listen to a little bit of what he had to say. >> this is an important step but it is by no means the only staff that must take place. we will continue to work, as the president has instructed us, to look for every opportunity to increase supply. the president understands all too well the challenges, the stress, the worry that families have experienced. he's directed the department of health and u.s. services and usda to do everything we possibly can. >> yeah, so we know that these are happening now. we are seeing the progress but i know that there are parents
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at home that want to see this now, on their shelves in their store. and so we've press the secretary, asking him if he thinks that this is a crisis that will persist throughout the summer. and alex, he told us that he hopes not. >> i can imagine, we all hope not. let me ask you though, megan, one more time. so what we're seeing from that military transport plane, those pallets that were off-loaded behind you. those are not going to store shelves? or are they? are they going in their package for just hypoallergenic -- so explain exactly what to expect there. >> right, because it's confusing. there is all these different shipments. but these are specifically for hypo-, these are hypoallergenic formulas. those babies who cannot take cows milk. and so what's happening with these is that they're going to go to health care providers, to hospitals. because this is prescription only. and then from there, those medical providers will then give that to the parents. but it's a prescription based formula for those babies who
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have allergies. >> okay now this all makes sense. gosh, you're great explain it all for us, megan fischer, thank you. let's go to more breaking news. this is on president biden's first trip to asia since taking office and right now, the president is in japan. that's where we'll be meeting with 70s leadership tomorrow to establish a new global economic partnership and mike memoli, of course, he's in tokyo as well. following the president. so mike, another welcome to you. what do we know about the plan, if it's going to offer any sort of reprieve to american consumers. who are struggling with inflation because the president will definitely be talking about the economy with japanese leaders. >> yet, that's absolutely right, alex, and that really is one of the goals with are calling the indo-pacific economic framework. the present will be announcing later this week here. it is monday in tokyo. and it's interesting, alex, last time i traveled with a president to asia, it was during the obama administration. he'll run for president by most pushing what they called at the time the trans-pacific
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partnership. a major international trade agreement, there was bipartisan support for it but ultimately more bipartisan opposition. now we're seeing the biden administration do, the president itself said this the other day. there are elements of this new economic partnership that began and were rooted in the tpp, as it was, called but really this is the u.s. working with some of -- especially democratic allies in the asia pacific region. to deal with issues, yes, like trade, like the supply chain issues, working more coordinated fashion in the future and dealing with -- we also spoke of this agreement will include a component involving climate change and other major concern of this administration. but alex, as we've also been talking about. this is a turn for president biden really is also operating on two tracks. a lot of emphasis on the economy, also dealing with some of those major international concerns especially in this region as there is the threat that north korea might launch a ballistic missile or even a nuclear test while the president is in the region. the person was asked about his concerns about such a test
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yesterday. let's listen to his answer. >> prepared for anything north korea does -- respond whatever they do. i'm not concerned. >> that really has been the message from administration officials throughout this trip which is of a don't want to get into the prediction business about what north korea might do. but they certainly have contingency prepared in case such a launch this happen. north korea also of course dealing with a major covid chance to the moon which might put off such a test. alex, as we look ahead to the presidents day, he makes that announcement on the economic partnership later today who also have a meeting with japan's emperor in a few hours. emperor naruhito. also includes a meeting with japanese prime minister could cheetah and later we'll see him actually meeting with another world leader who's fresh off an election on tuesday president biden as for that meeting of the group called the quad leaders of india japan the u.s. and australia will be meeting
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with anthony albany. he was literally just like to 24 hours ago as the new prime minister of australia, alex. >> i also want to note that joe biden will be reunited with ramah manual, i'm assuming there. being that he is the u.s. ambassador to japan. his longtime friend from the obama administration. >> and he's been quite a celebrity in these parts, alex. >> i've been reading about. it he's great on tweeting and he always has a very quick report. and come back, that's for sure. okay thank you very much michael emily for that joining me now is victor nbc former director of asian affairs in the national security council during teacher sylvia bush administration. welcome back to the broadcast, victor, it's good to see you. so how do you think china perceives president biden's trip to japan and south korea. does that pay attention to what's being said and discussed? >> oh, absolutely alex. which one is saying is that the united states, even though it is quite involved in preoccupied with the war in
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ukraine, over the past couple of weeks they have met with southeast asian leaders. gone to korea and japan. as you reported just, said we will announce a new economic framework. a meeting of the quad summit quad leaders in australia, india, united states and japan. next week, blinken was to give a big speech on china. immediately upon the administration had their pivot to asia. this is their sequel to the pivot to asia. and we will see that the united states can focus on these things in ways that are probably quite disturbing for china. >> so viktor, as you look at china's action in the region in recent weeks, does it raise any alarm bells for you? do you think that anything that has happened with ukraine is making china reconsider its future potential action on taiwan? >> i think it does. one thing it has not done is, it has not caused china to give up on his designs on taiwan.
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anything that you hear even more closely to those designs. but how they're going to respond to the trouble that russia has had in ukraine, i think that is going to be very interesting for countries to. watch. undeniable the countries are much more concerned about the security threat in light of what has happened in europe with the war in europe. and that makes united states trip to the region pushing on the open door in that way. because they want to see u.s. security commitment to its treaty allies, and they don't to see democracy get rolled back by some sort of chinese effort to take over or undermine democracy in taiwan. >> can i just ask you your observations back in february during the olympics. whether you picked up anything, body language, or releases that were put out with the chinese president vladimir putin, when they were talking about things? there was a suggestion that the highest president assume that vladimir putin would not be invading ukraine. certainly not during the olympics. but did you pick up anything
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between the two of them in maybe it was misread by china? >> no. i think in many ways because the number of nations have done a diplomatic boycott of the olympics, because of china's human rights violations with xinjiang and other places, xi jinping saw it as an opportunity to really consolidate his relationship with putin. putting did not carry at his action against ukraine until after the end of the olympics. whether he knew that or not we do not know. but clearly those two are much closer now, and if you are north korea in. there is really about polarization of the region right now. with the united states and its democratic partners and allies on one side, and china, russia, and north korea on the other. >> to that, and the u.s. has warned that north korea might try something of a missile test or nuclear test, while president biden was in the region. and how much of an actual threat do you think that was?
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do you think it was maybe the u.s. or to preemptively warning north korea? saying, do not do that? >> i think it was a threat. we have been looking at satellite imagery at the nuclear test site, and they prepared their tunnel for another test. the question is just up to the north korean leader, when he wants to do it. i think it is entirely possible you could do it within the month, possibly even as early as next week during the memorial day. they like to do these things during our national holidays, for some reason. so it is not out of the question at all, that they could carry this out. even a intercontinental bit listed missile test, or a seventh nuclear test. >> it was reported earlier today, when president biden was asked by a reporter feet a message for north korean leader kim jong-un, he offered a very clear, concise response. it was, hello. period. pretty stark contrast to president trump trump's very chummy relationship with kim, when he was talking about letters and how they were in love.
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and it was, like okay. what do you make of biden's response? and how does come jong-un perceive president biden? >> clearly that was not a scripted response. that was biden being biden. i think on the one hand, it left the door slightly open, saying that he would talk to cam if he were serious and genuine. on the other hand, this was clearly not president trump. he is not going to fall on all over, going to casinos and hotels and condominiums. there's just not the way the biden is going to do it. and i don't know if that is going to make biden quite comfortable. dealing with a nuclear missile program, and not looking for some sort of photo opportunity with the north korean leader. >> i am curious, victor, about whether you are surprised that north korea has announced so suddenly that has so many covid cases? do you have a sense of where
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the truth lies, hasn't had covid cases all along? >> i think they have had covid cases all along. but i think they felt very confident that they could control it by simply walking down the border. north korea has locked its border now for nearly two and a half years. but i think they also what was going on the outside world, and realize this omicron variant is very serious. and it somehow got into the country. as you know, the population is completely on vaccinated. they don't have it for a shot, a second shot, a booster. no testing, very little protective equipment. i understand why could spread that quickly, once it got in. this was a very serious situation. we work about in march. it is potentially a breeding ground for new types of variants, just because their population is so unprotected, with lots of comorbidities. >> okay. that is a sobering thought, victor xia.
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after a federal judge blocked the white house from lifting the title 42 policy at the southern border. the decision is receiving backlash from democrats who say the child should not be interfering. >> it should be lifted but it's not what i think, with the president thinks -- this is a health decision and at the center of disease control looked at the issue and they said that we can't be denying people entry in the asylum process. >> we're going to bring in nbc's julie ainsley on this who's got more on the aftermath of this ruling. so julia, what happens now? what's the impact of this decision? >> well, we understand the
10:21 am
justice department does plan to appeal the decision. which means it will be taken out of the district court from the trump appointed judge, robert summer hazen, into the circuit level. it could end up playing all the way up to the supreme court. we've seen that with other immigration policies like remain-in-mexico which was a trump era policy. then put back on the books after biden got rid of it. this is sort of been flying out a lot in the course in large part because congress has been so afraid or reluctant to touch immigration reform for so many years. so that's what happens next. you have to point out that there are also lawsuits that have pushed the biden ministration to lift title 42 even earlier. something they thought would lift when the biden administration came into power taking over from trump. because it had long been thought that this was over used. they call the public health authority but had really turned it into a tool for immigration enforcement. and it also is what it looks like when you look at the fact that in 21 states who sued to keep title 42 in place are often the states who really were the first to lift any kind
10:22 am
of mask mandate and didn't take the same covid precautions as others. so while the sort of has the guise of an anti covid, covid prevention policy. for a very long time, immigration advocates of said it's being used as an immigration enforcement tool and it should not. so now it comes down to whether or not the courts will think that the biden administration lifted this in the right way. the argument now from republican states is that they should have allowed for more time for states to weigh in. because they say they would've been negatively impacted by its lifting, alex. >> interesting angle though, when you put this together with being those states. are those who said we're going to lift our mask mandates. that does not jive up at all. let me ask you cost wise. in the article you wrote for nbc news, you write that dhs is concerned and may need two billion dollars to deal with migrants surge at border. according to internal planning documents, those documents that you saw. what more can you tell us, what do they reveal? >> right, so these are internal
10:23 am
documents that dhs was sketching out to see if title 42 is going to lift, how much money they would need in order to account for the transportation, the detention, the processing. everything that goes into taking a large scale number of people into the country. they planned for up to 18,000 immigrants across per day. they say that realistic number will probably be somewhere around 12 to 14,000. but if they had gotten all the way up to 18, 000, they would've made it an additional two billion dollars in addition to what they've already been allocated from congress this year. i have to point out though that just because title 42 is remaining in place for now, does not mean that dhs is in a better place from a bunch standpoint. because we're already looking at surges that are higher than we've seen since the record started being kept this way 2000. already they are close to 7500 migrants crossing the border print a. to put that in perspective, under the obama administration, then secretary johnson of homeland security, used to say his red line, the thing that would call cause them to have a
10:24 am
huge meeting of everybody he knew. that was 1000 migrants a day. now we're seeing 7500. so even with title 42 in place for likely to see a large surges at the border. and it's something to really watch for over the summer. and especially to see how some democrats, might react coming into midterms. >> okay, julia ainsley, excellent reporting. thank you so much for sharing it all with us, appreciate that. americans are increasingly concerned about inflation as they grapple with rising costs. and a new quinnipiac poll poll shows 43% believe inflation is the most urgent country issue right now. and a poll from the economists in yougov just 70 some percent the country is headed in the wrong direction when it comes to inflation and prices. and earlier today, director of the national economic council brian deese gave an update on how the biden administration is approaching the issue. >> the united states is better positioned than any other major economy. to bring inflation down and address these challenges.
10:25 am
we know how to do this, first we need to get the federal reserve the independents to do what it does. it has the tools to combat inflation. second, we need to reduce costs and make things more affordable for families during this period. and third, we need to bring down the federal deficit. >> joining me now from davos was villainous nbc anchor have the gamble where the world economic forum is happening for the first time in two years. and you don't need a parka to be there are enjoying it. hadley, it's good to see you. thank you for joining me. usually at this time a year but anyway. is there anything that we can learn in davos this week that's going to help put inflation in check? >> well, alex, this is a form that as you know is the without doubt large gathering of world leaders, policy makers, philanthropist and business leaders as well. ever and this happens once a year. it was knocked on the agenda of the last two years because of covid-19. now everybody is back in the title town in davos, switzerland, and honestly -- but this could potentially mean
10:26 am
for the global economy. and of course, president putin 's war in ukraine and the knockout effect that's having for energy markets, for the stock market, for the potential of famine. and we're talking about war. one of the things that we've been talking about even as things get underway here is the potential impact of the rebuild of ukraine. we're already talking about in terms of the number, it's the billions of dollars at the white house is committed to this as well as with the europeans are doing as well. so all of these things percolating on the agenda, world leaders are gathering here essentially to talk about them. but when we talk about solutions, that's a bigger question. the fight that you just played from the administration essentially suggesting optimism there. but you gotta remember that optimism on inflation and with the federal reserve can do, with those tools, has to be of course wait in the balance of global energy markets. because it has a major impact on peoples bottom lines. we're seeing cast personnel united states over 4:50 at the pump talking and someplace about $5 of the pump. and over that. and that of course all has to
10:27 am
do with spare capacity, whether anyone has it other and saudi arabia. who needs the energy, who has the energy and who's going to pay for that energy. no as you know, there are rumors that -- prince of saudi arabia couldn't factory with president biden in the near term and with that could potentially mean for opening tap if you will and putting more energy, more gas on the market. i'm talking about oil. that could potentially help that inflation scenario back in the united states. but as we saw last, week the stock market slipped into bear market territory, investors are cautious. >> okay, well that's the first i'm hearing but mbs particularly potentially rather meeting with joe biden. but we do know is that europe is planning on cutting oil ties with russia. so how does that affect the price of gas here in the united states? is that going to keep it high, or potentially senate even higher? >> absolutely. i mean for months now we've already seen traders essentially staring away from russian gas because russian oil ices shape because of that
10:28 am
fact. they don't want to be left in the lurch if those measures come into place from the europeans. we see the hungarian still pushing back there and saying this would wrecker khanna me. but you've got to take a step back and think about this little bit more broadly. for example, i just had an interview with the counter investment authority. they have about four and a billion dollars in reserves, they are the ninth biggest sovereign wealth fund in the world. and they're playing to the sides of this equation. as so often is the case. we are talking about is, the country that few months ago not just to the fact that they're willing to put more gas on the market and we're talking about national gas that the biden ministration was asking them to do this obviously to offset russian imports to europe. it's interesting because not only are they willing to do that and achieve non-nato dealt -- with the united states. at the same point, they still have nine billion dollars alex invested in russia. and they're not going to davis's assets they have a 19% stake in rosneft that are going to do anything about. so you see companies and countries, particularly in the middle east, still on both sides of this question. and one of the things we talk about is so often as what this
10:29 am
means for gas markets where this means for the oil market. because at the end of the day, this is the white house has at least so far failed to get a handle on those prices. and people at home are feeling that. >> yet, they are. okay hadley amble, always glad to have you want to flee all to us. many thanks. a new top ten list for 2024's out and while one name on it won't surprise you at all. what happened to another name might. talk about a next. t. big game today! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave. i just love our new alexa. dad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we need snacks for the team. alexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions. alexa will get us there in no time. it's a buick. let's be real. don't make me turn this alexa around. oh my. it's painful. the buick enclave, with available alexa built in. ask “alexa, tell me more about buick suvs.”
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10:34 am
spread. actor johnny depp is expected to return to the witness stand tomorrow in the trial for his 50 million dollar defamation suit against ex wife amber heard. hurts legal team says it plans to call death as their third witness on monday. they trials judge ordered closing arguments to begin on friday. the pennsylvania's neck and neck gop senate primaries now centering around mail-in ballots. candidates mehmet oz and david mccormack are squabbling over whether or not funded ballots should be counted. the awes campaign is signing a court ruling from last year saying that the ballots should be tossed. state officials are no deciding just had to proceed on that. in the meantime, some much needed relief for families. the first shipment of baby formula arriving in indianapolis just a couple of hours ago. 78,000 pounds of baby formula from europe was unloaded from the u.s. military plane. it was put on two fedex trucks, now for distribution across the country. nbc's stephanie stanton has been following the formula shortage from florida for us. how are families responding to the news?
10:35 am
>> well, good afternoon to you again alex. as you are imagine at this point, parents are still very concerned about being able to get to the formula that they need. for their children. as we, saw that flight touchdown in indianapolis with those pallets of baby formula around 10:45 eastern time. it is still unclear if any of the formula will make its way here to the state of florida. and parents are very concerned, many left scrambling to find that necessary food with empty store shelves, to feed their babies. i am standing here at side johns hopkins all children's hospital in saint pete, and they tell us that they are closely monitoring this situation. they say that so far they've not seen any babies admitted for being malnourished. but they say that they are preparing for that possibility, as a shortage, they say, is expected to last for weeks. >> it was like i was in desperate mode, because i honestly didn't know what to do. and we had to order some online,
10:36 am
but then it was out of. stop every was at a stop. or they said, you can only order one. or two. and this is a big boy, so we need to make sure we have enough to feed him, you know? >> i just tell my families not to freak out. just because, get the supply that you need. but do not over by and take what you need, and leave when you don't for another family. definitely no doubt looking formula. and no making your own formula at home. that is just not safe for your baby. but >> now, the good news is that florida is currently not one of the states that his hardest hit by this shortage. those states include tennessee, kansas, texas and nevada. we are now just getting word that today in new york city, mayor eric adams has formally declared a state of emergency there, to help crack down on price gouging. so it is a very fluid situation. we have some good news coming in, alex, that those flights
10:37 am
are beginning. but there is still a lot of concern about their as to exactly how much formula will be delivered, and if in fact we will be able to keep up with the needs of babies across this country >> as we are saying here in new york city. 70, stanton thank you so. much going to the 2022 decision. just two days from georgia's primary cold, show to republican front runners who are governors of the senate backing more than 50% of republicans. george's among four states holding primary elections tuesday. in the democratic primaries, stacey abrams is running on the post for governor, and current senator raphael warnock has quite a huge lead on his bid for the senate nomination. joining me now from atlanta is nbc's alison barber, once again. let's talk about that fund-raisers i welcome you back, alison. you want to that one headlined by stacey abrams. how does the primary look for both sides, and what are you hearing from voters? >> we keep talking about the republican primaries here in georgia. that is because that really is where the majority of the action has been.
10:38 am
in the senate race, incumbent senator raphael warnock, he does not have a viable candidate. she's never pulled above 6%. from a campaign standpoint, he has been pretty quiet. and it makes sense, when you think about the fact that he does not have a very valuable primary challenger. you have such a crowded republican primary, the republicans have sort of been fighting and attacking each other. so his campaign, he has said, he's focused more on governing. the work he is doing in washington, d.c., not on the campaign. he did speak at that fundraising gala last night, i got a bit of a preview of the issues that he likely will focus on once we get into the general election. after tuesday. a big issue that we talked about last time, abortion rights. let's listen. >> i just happen to think that a patients room is too small and cramped with space for a woman, her doctor, and the
10:39 am
united states government. that is too many people in the room. [noise] and being antiabortion does not make you pro life. >> georgia passed a controversial heartbeat bill that would make abortions illegal before most people know they are pregnant. this is going to be a huge issue in this state. it is something that across the country here, especially people have very strong feelings on all of the republicans in the senate primary. they have said that they will support an all-out ban on abortion. i, expect alex, that we are going to hear a lot more on this issue from both sides as we head towards thursday. >> thank you, ellison barber, for that. this week, georgia to -- general report live from georgia. right here on msnbc.
10:40 am
let's bring in coauthor of lucky, how joe biden barely won the presidency. good to see my friend, it has been a bit. let's get right into. this a pretty interesting development in the georgia primary this week. former vice president mike pence. he has come in with a late endorsement for governor brian kemp. he even plans to hold a rally tomorrow for camp. kind of a provocative move, considering that donald trump back three rival david perdue. why did pence step into this race? >> well alex, i think that it shows that he is undeterred and unafraid of splitting from his former partner donald trump. he is showing this more and more. it is catching so much attention right now because this is such a critical race, and he is doing it at this very pivotal moment. but i think he is using his examples, more than his words, to essentially show that he is doing his own bid. he has his own man. he is not tethered to donald
10:41 am
trump in any way. and he has been doing this more and more as the presidential in 2024 election inches a little closer. >> well, this weekend, let's check in with the washington post dead. they release their latest ranking of top potential republican presidential candidates. we still have donald trump who lands in the top spot. mike pence moved up the list. he is now just trailing rhonda sanchez. anyway you look at these presidential perfect's perspective hopefuls, how do you measure their efforts to jockey for voters? long before the race even begins. >> it is really critical, and i think they are all trying to see what exactly the former president does right now, if he is going to in fact run again, which all signs indicate that he will. but look at what the vice president mike pence is doing right now. he is essentially trying to be his own man, show what he can do to build his own
10:42 am
electorates. his own crowd. so i think a lot of these other contenders will be doing the same thing. to show and maybe appeal to social conservatives away pence's. or to do their own thing and show the republican party is not the trump party after all. >> in the hell this, week you wrote and examine the speculation about whether president biden is going to run for office again. in 2024. here is what's right. the party is bracing for a difficult midterm election season. something negative results could change the presidents calculations. why do you think joe biden would be considering as the mitts midterms play out? >> i think he is going to be watching, taking the temperature for voters, and watching what they doing what they are thinking. right, now of course, he is underwater. he is not doing so well. with some democrats, even. and so i think he is going to be trying to look to that, to those midterms, to show what is
10:43 am
exactly happening with the electorate. but right now i think the big question is not whether or not he is going to run, but if in fact he doesn't run, who does run? and i think a lot of democrats are pondering that question right now. because a lot of people still think that he is the only person who can beat donald trump. and even governor desantis in florida. that is the key question right now. will he be able to do that? and if, not if he is not going to run? then who will? because a lot of people have some doubts about the vice president, kamala harris. they think that she has not really lived up to expectations. a lot of people do you think that. but all eyes will be on other contenders to. maybe people to change and some other people as well. >> talk about that. if biden does get weekend in the midterms, as one strategist told you for this article, he said that the sharks will be circling. right? so as we look at the washington post rankings, you have president biden's number one. people to, judge surprisingly,
10:44 am
is number two. ahead of the vice president, who would usually occupy that presumptive spot. they are going to run to throw their hat in the ring for the presidency. what did you say about that and do you think it is legitimate that kamala harris would not automatically be the person up to get the not? which would be challenged by pete buttigieg, and elizabeth warren as well in the fourth position there? >> there are a lot of people who think that she is ready, and that she could be the number two. and it took a step into the role as president. but there are a lot of people, like i said earlier, who have not been impressed by her performance as vice president. i think that is why you're seeing so much on people to judge, kind of flying in the race. he did very well in the 2020 election. he is our mother came out of nowhere, literally, and began to become seen and even one in certain places. so i think that he is going to continue to be the focus.
10:45 am
he is that young, fresh blood that a lot of people think the democratic party should be. so i think all eyes will be on him. and i'm curious to see how he maneuvers and how he wants to see how the president is running, and if kamala harris will be running. >> listen, i have the answer to that one. it is going to be very daftly and carefully. that is how he is going to decide what he is going to do. all right amy, good to see you, thank you. one week after the mass shooting in buffalo, a new poll shows how it is having a terrorizing effect on african americans. but, will washington act in the series of new proposals to protect black americans? once-weekly ozempic® can help. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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10:48 am
officials say more than six billion ukrainians fled the war to other countries with more than 5 million settling inside the european union. most of them in poland. and pollens present becomes the first western leader to address ukraine's parliament in wartime. saying that word to serving voices in europe demanding that the ukrainian wield to putin's demands. let's go to nbc's jay gray who joining me now from kyiv. jay, with a welcome to you on the sunday. to get the sense that europe may be in this for the long haul or not? is there some conflicted feelings there. >> yeah i think there are some concluding thoughts -- somewhere right now maybe the duration of the war. look, we had air raid sirens today in the key area thankfully no direct strikes. we were told by ukraine officials that one of the missiles was interacted with their air defenses time and shut down over the kyiv region,
10:49 am
nowhere near the capital city but brought down -- those below. also today, we know that and advisor to president zelenskyy here has said that there is going to be no cease-fire, no concessions of territory to the russians to end this battle. that adds to concerns that u.s. officials have right now about how long this war may last. >> i think he is going to do everything he possibly can to lose as little in the east as possible. president zelenskyy is pretty clear he wants that territory as well. so i think we're in for a long one, it's going to be bloody, it's going to be visible, it's going to be whatever is. >> look, president loans he has said that this war will ultimately end through negotiations. through diplomacy. but he also, alex, has said that he doesn't believe they are anywhere close that level right now.
10:50 am
and then things are going to get worse before they get any better. >> okay, aj, with regard to the differences in opinions within the european union. what is the likelihood that the ignited states can put some pressure on the need for solidarity on that front. to support ukraine. i mean, one would think that given all the efforts that we've seen by leadership, diplomatic leadership here in the united states and also our own leaders congressional leaders coming over there. showing their support for vladimir zelenskyy. there were sending a pretty strong message right there. our, do you get the sense that european leaders are listening? >> yeah, i think, let's just break it down to the basic level. what we've seen is the 40 billion dollar aid package signed. we've seen weapons being shipped here. we know that the embassy's been reopened here in kyiv. that sends a very direct message to the other leaders in europe, and i think over the next week or so, you'll see more pressure behind the scenes
10:51 am
in the diplomatic circles to make sure that there is a unified front. at a time when president zelenskyy here and others in ukraine say they needed the most. >> okay. nbc's jay gray, thank you so much for the very latest from ukraine, we appreciate that. and for all of you, we're just getting some news in. we're going to the details for you. take a very -- breaking news right after this commercial. commercial riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa. ♪♪ this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to know you have a wealth plan
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...and you like it. you get bigger... ...badder... ...faster. ♪ you can never have too much of a good thing... and power is a very good thing. ♪ back with this breaking news from manhattan, the nypd is searching for a gunman who shot and killed another person on aboard a subway train. this all happened shortly before about noon today. it happened on the hugh train as canal street. that is in the lower part of manhattan. the suspect has reportedly fled the scene. we have no details yet on the victim or were there any possible motive. of course, we will keep you have breast of what we get from the npd on that one. another breaking story to share. this is just north of baltimore. 27 people were injured after a
10:54 am
megabucks rollover. let's have it on the i-95 near kingsville. we have 15 people reportedly taken to the hospital. that crash remains under investigation. there is also new today very strong signal from the white house that it will fight to end title 42. press secretary because when jean-pierre says ali ministration is appealing friday's ruling by a federal judge. the administration plans the expulsion tomorrow to prevent that. nbc's -- is right there on that side of the border talking to margaret about title 42. here is the latest update. >> we have all seen is images of the u.s. mexico border with groups of hundreds of migrants arriving at the border, entering the u.s., and going through that asylum process or whatever it is to win that u.s. authorities are going to do. meanwhile, at the mexico southern border with guatemala here in the petula, groups of migrants continue crossing into mexico, a lot of them and trying to reach the u.s. mexico border. this is a christian shelter
10:55 am
here in aa, where they receive people from different countries. i just spoke to a group from venezuela. i spoke to another man from cuba. we are here to find out what type of information they have when they travel. there is a lot of misinformation spread among migrants, that could be the cause for the migrants traveling into the u.s.. a lot of them thinking that the border is open. not understanding that some of the people that we have seen in these television images will be flown back to their countries. others will just be expelled. so it is not as easy as some of them might think. the man from cuba told me that he saw a facebook posting saying, champ now, the border is open. which is incorrect, of course. all of them do not understand what title 42 means. they know there is big news. they know they're a big headlines. but they do not know what the meaning is. meanwhile, you have smugglers in the area who are spreading that misinformation, telling them that the headlines of title 42 essentially mean that the border is open. so this is what authorities, federal authorities and activists in places like these, are trying to fight against.
10:56 am
they sit down with the migrants, they inform the way title 42 really means. they tell them that the remaining mexico policy is still in place at the border. and they tell them what could happen if we choose to cross. they are hoping that by spreading the right information, a lot of these migrants will think twice before making that journey to the u.s. mexico border. >> all right, nbc's guad davis, thank you so much for that report. that is going to do it for me everyone. on this addition of alex witt reports. i'll see you next saturday at noon eastern. -- continues our coverage, she standing order there. she will be in here shortly. shortly. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, through investments and partnerships in innovative solutions. like renewable natural gas from cow waste, hydrogen-fueled transportation, and carbon capture. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it.
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i miasma suu kyi. and welcome to a very busy afternoon. relief is here, the first flight carrying baby formula from overseas arriving in the united states but is it enough for dust from parents across the country right now? new defiance also from ukraine officials declaring no cease-fire and no handing over of linda russia. just hours away from the start of a new trading week in a general -- wall street economic leaders gathering right to take you there as well. and then the former president endorsing congressman barry loudermilk just a set of the january six committee asked to speak to him. later on this hour. fueling hate we're going to take a look at tucker carlson's toxic contribution to the races great replacement theory that helped in


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