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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  May 22, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> i'm craig melvin and i'm natalie morales and this is dateline. >> my mother called and said michelle is dead. how is that possible? >> a young mother found brutally murdered. her little girl left to wonder in her mother's blood. police had a suspect and they say that he had a motive. >> had a relationship. >> ended up having sex. >> could they prove he was the killer? >> it was a circumstantial case, except for that witness, the girl who left those footprints. >> they will never know what
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cassidy saw and what she did not see. >> maybe she could not tell detectives who the killer was, but maybe she did not have to. >> the fact that cassidy was spared, would that mean anything to a jury? >> person who killed the mother cared about cassidy. >> hello and welcome to dateline. michelle young was married to her college sweetheart, four months pregnant with their second child when the unthinkable happened. the young mother was beaten to death in her own bedroom. investigation would quickly bowl a troubled marriage. but her husband was away on business. and unraveling this complicated case would take years. here is keith morrison with silent witness. >> i think i pause for a second and had to take a deep breath. and just the reality of what
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was going on sinking in. >> those who saw the footprints would not forget them. they were tiny and they were bloody. >> i had to get my composure to finish searching this house to make sure there is nobody else in the house. >> it was the third november 2006, early afternoon. scott irving was the wake county sheriff's dispatched to chatted oaks. the outskirts of raleigh north carolina. here because of the 9-1-1 call from this place on birch leaf drive. >> i think my sister is dead. >> tell me what happened ma'am? >> i have no idea, oh my god. >> the caller was meredith fischer, she had just discovered on the floor of the master bedroom the savagely beaten body of her elderly sister, 29 year old michelle young, a woman whose death was about to be famous. >> listen to me mom, i'm going to tell you what to do but you
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need to calm down. there's blood everywhere? >> yes. >> listen to me, ma'am is she breathing? >> i don't think so. >> have you checked? >> michelle? she's cold. >> okay. >> two and a half year old cassidy who had crawled out from underneath the parents bed just feet from where her mother lay. cassidy's voice, chattering to her aunt was caught. >> she's got boos everywhere? >> had cassidy witnessed the murder? awakened, alone, to find this. >> i picture a small child walking around in this blood and tracking it across the hallway into the bathroom. >> by now wake county investigators were on the house and having secured the crime scene, his job was done. but on his way out he saw cassidy again. she was still in her pink pajamas, still in meredith's arms. he asked meredith a question.
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>> i looked over to the child and didn't see any blood and i asked her was did she clean the child? her response was no. i thought a response was odd cause i was expecting her to say yes i did. >> somebody did. >> but who? was it the same person who murdered the little girl's mother. on this november day, all they had was questions. a sergeant with the white county sheriff's office probably knows the case better than anyone. >> i mean this was just a brutal, vicious beating. there was a lot of time and energy invested into this assault. >> why do you say a lot of time and energy? >> i think the medical examiner told us it was over 30 blows with some sort of a blunt object. >> so detectives started investigating and everyone else around her. michelle young was born in raised on long island new york. >> she was smiling all the time. she was the life of the party. >> stay sure grossman knew her
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from childhood. she didn't like being the center of attention, but created a great atmosphere. >> michelle was a cheerleader in high school, a straight a student. jennifer powers felt drawn to her. >> she had this kind of book or inside to her, where she was very studious and goal oriented. she was also just a great person to be around. a fun, happy spirit. somebody who i wanted to spend a lot of time with. >> lots of people did. and when she chose a college far from home, north carolina state, she was soon surrounded again by an admiring group of women. that's friends, buddies. fiona child was her sorority big sister. >> there's this one picture and it just came out beautiful and we like that because we thought we kind of looked like charlie's angels posed without intentionally doing that. >> it was sometime in 2001 when friends started hearing about
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michele's new guy. a fellow student named jason young. heard how he had grown up in the north carolina mountains, i loved to camp, how he was a life of tailgate parties. michelle fell hard and fast. >> they seemed like a good couple. he was different from other men that he she had dated in the past. was not as serious about a career as she was. he was a little bit less sophisticated than michele was, but seemed to be very happy with him. >> michelle and jason married in october of 2003. the day after they wedding a shared a big secret. michelle was pregnant. their daughter cassie was born early the next year. >> i love you mommy. >> i love you to cassidy. >> and when she came along, it was love at first sight. >> michelle was an enthusiastic mother.
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, by all accounts jason was a good that. >> he was a great playmaker. he knew how to sit on the floor and play with his daughter. >> the youngest moved into the house on virtually from 2005. both of them worked, he is a salesman, she a financial specialist. in the summer of 2006, michelle got pregnant again. they kept the news to themselves, but it was clear that something good was happening. >> the comment he said to me was that he was excited to have another baby. not implying that she was pregnant, but excited about the prospect of. but just a few months later, michele was that. >> jason was 170 miles away in virginia on a business trip in the night of the murder. heard the news the next afternoon and returned to raleigh. station grossman got word from her mother. >> my mother called and said michelle is dead? >> i said michelle who?
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some celebrity, what are you talking about? what do you mean, how is that possible, what happened? >> the very question wake county investigators were asking themselves. >> as the investigation heats up, a security camera provides a critical clue. it's not way caught, it's what it missed and why. coming up. >> there was a camera there had that had been unplugged. >> who had something to hide? when dateline continues. when dateline continues. ...when it comes to our skin, what if it could feel differently? say hello to opzelura for the treatment of mild to moderate eczema. opzelura is a steroid-free cream proven to help clear skin and significantly reduce itch. do not start opzelura if you have any infection as it may lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection;... ...have tb or have been in close contact with someone with tb; have had hepatitis b or c.
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ugly. when i am november 2006, when her husband was away on business, michelle young was attacked in her own bedroom and brutally beaten to death. her body discovered the next day by her sister meredith. along with her two and a half year old daughter cassidy, who had been left to wonder in her blood. for the investigators who set out to find her killer, no way to get those little footprints out of their minds. sergeant richard, lead investigator. >> those of us who work law enforcement, this is our profession, we are also parents, that certainly strikes a different note with you when you see something like that. >> michele's husband jason, a medical software salesman was 170 miles away on the night of the murder. even so, investigators had to look at him. >> we know he was the last person to talk to michelle that i. and that he was also the reason
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why she was found. he called meredith fischer to go to the house. >> jason young's business trip that night was routine. security tapes show him getting gas 7:30 pm when he left raleigh. two hours later he was seen on tape at a cracker barrel restaurant in greensboro. later he checked into this hamptons in. this is him at the front desk at about 11 pm. and him again at midnight. he also made a phone call around midnight and that was the last that anyone had heard from jason young, until he made another call at 7:40 the next morning. >> a normal person would look at this and say he is 170 miles away, he's got an alibi. that sounds like a great distance. >> 170 miles, you can get between the crime scene and the home tell in about two and a half hours. >> perhaps, but there was curious anomalies at the crime scene. a jewelry box was missing from the drawers. so was that a bungled burglary?
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then there were footprints near the body that seemed to eliminate jason. an obvious print on the pillow, was a size ten, but jason wore size 12. but this was weird, there was another partial footprint. defied easy identification, so they began calling in shoe experts. now they wondered, where their two attackers? investigators discovered early on that michelle's and jason's marriage was strained. in the last weeks of michel's life, things were not good. >> at our friend wedding he was so drunk. what's really out of it. when we got to the wedding, our friends were letting us know that michelle and jason were fighting. and they were referring to it as world war iii. >> jennifer powers told investigators about another fight that october. michelle wanted her mother to stay with him for the holidays and jason, who had a tense
9:15 pm
relationship with his mother-in-law, wanted to limit her stay. said so in an email. along with another nugget. >> he wrote that our marriage has seen better days and i don't see it trending up. and that really struck a chord with me, because i did not know that their marriage had seen better days. >> so of course investigators wanted to interview jason young. maybe he could tell him something. but he refused to talk to them. >> he talked to the lawyer and then under the advice of counsel he declined to speak with us at all. >> didn't ask about her? did nascar's wife died? >> no. >> perhaps investigators thought that business trip deserved a second look. so they went to the hotel, poked around. and discovered some odd activities that night in a stairwell near an exit. >> it was a camera there that had been unplugged. >> really?
9:16 pm
>> yes. was one of the side exits of the hotel. the fire stairs that go down to the first floor. >> was there any other tampering done? >> the door that was adjacent to where this camera was located, that door had also been propped open at night. >> how do you know that? >> the gentleman working as the clerk that i found a rock that had been placed in the door to keep the door from closing. then they plugged the camera back, and so it's now working again. at about 6:35 that morning, suddenly that camera is pointing straight at the ceiling. >> same camera? >> same camera. it's tampered with yet again. >> if that was jason young's work, is it possible he did make the 340 mile round trip? could've killed his wife and cleaned up his daughter all and seven and a half hours without ever being seen? to find, out investigators played a hunch. they visited every gas station along the route, showed jason's
9:17 pm
photo, talked to the night clerks and came across a woman named gracie. in a tiny place called -- she took one look at that photograph and recognized it instantly. he was the foul mouth customer who came storming into the store to complain that the pumps were locked. what time was a? 5:30 am, murder of the murder. >> there was an altercation between the two of them. so you'd have a reason why she would remember him, opposed to any customer who had come to the store. >> if that attendant was right, investigators may have undercut jason's alibi. but still, it was not enough. and so they plotted ahead. painstaking work that took time. and then years after the murder, they finally got a match for that partial footprint. >> the state bureau of investigation and fbi were able to eventually identify that
9:18 pm
shoe as a hush puppy shoe. it was a size 12, which is the same size that he wore. >> throughout the investigation, jason steadfastly remained silent. and rather than face a legal battle where he would be asked some tough questions, he even gave michel's family custody of his daughter. >> everyone we spoke with, everyone talked about how much he loved capacity and what a great dad he was. to just turn over primary custody, that was very surprising. >> investigators had heard enough. they believed they had base, circumstantial, but a case. and three years after michelle young's body was found on the bedroom for, jason young was charged with her murder. investigators and prosecutors knew that very little pointed directly towards tracing young, but so far nothing pointed away. >> coming up, the case against
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jason yang as an alleged killer. and as a cheating husband. >> we had an intimate relationship for the two days that he was there. >> we ended up having sex. >> he never settled down. >> when dateline continues. when dateline continues certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty. that means unlimited peace of mind. mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. translation: the mercedes of your dreams is closer than you think. right now, we're all feelin' the squeeze. we're having to get creative. find a new way. but birthdays still happen. fridays still call for s'mores. you have to make magic, and you're figuring out how to do that. what you don't have to figure out is where to shop. because while you're getting creative, walmart is doing what we always do.
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couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. >> jason went on trial for the whoa. murder of his pregnant rifle michel in the june of 2011. by then he had spent 18 months in a jail cell.
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the guy who had lived for taylor gates, the guy who loved to party, like i was long. becky was the prosecutor who open for the state. >> defendant had a plan, his plan was to murder his wife. his plan was to get away with it. >> with no murder weapon found, prosecutor's case was based on that partial shoe print. knowing that jason once owned a pair of hush puppies that matched the print they were now missing. also told jurors about that visit to the gas station and activity in the hotel. but their case was this, jason young was trying in the most violent possible way to get out of the marriage. >> were you aware of tensions in that marriage? >> yes. i was well aware. >> michele's sister had lived near the couple and for a period was capacities nanny. >> as fights intensified, she took on the role of a marriage counselor to. >> where would you say were the
9:24 pm
main issues? >> michele's main issues were jason being more responsible, understanding her more and his main concern was their lack of sex life. >> prosecutors called friends to the stand to paint a picture of a marriage that was unraveling out loud and in public. >> jason made a very well known that he was upset about the lack of sex in the relationship. >> and at parties, jason's ex rated tricks were famously over the top. >> i never observed it myself, i would just hear about it and he would expose himself and do what he would thought was funny tricks. >> and i was always just rather embarrassed from russia. >> he never settled down, it was as if he was still living the single life and that he had never fallen into the marriage and put all of that meant. >> in october 2006, when
9:25 pm
michele was four months pregnant, jason became deeply involved with another woman. and not just any woman. michelle money was one of michelle young's friends from college, one of those charlie's angels. in an alley october, days before his third wedding anniversary, jason flew to florida. testifying that they both knew it was wrong. >> we basically just hung out at the house and we had an intimate relationship for the two days that he was there. >> jason was crazy about her, his friend josh dalton said. >> basically told me that he thought he was in love with her. >> michele's mother linda fischer testified. in the final weeks of michele's life, could see the toll that the marriage was taking on his daughter. >> had her head on my lap and she was lying out.
9:26 pm
and i was stroking her hair. and she was empty. >> what did she tell you? >> things weren't we are working out with jason. >> two days before she was murder, michelle phoned her sister married to report yet another blow up with jason. >> she was just, i had it. she said that more than one time, i just can't do this anymore. >> jason was telling one of his close friends the same thing. and prosecutors said that just days before michele was murdered, he indulged in one last transgression. a casual hook up with an old friend named caroline. in his own living room. michelle was away at the time. >> cassidy was put down to bed and i had a couple drinks, we
9:27 pm
were talking. and we ended up having sex. >> but divorce was apparently not an option for jason. >> he made a statement i want on that he was afraid if he'd ever gotten avoid divorce that michele take cassidy. >> the knee indicate to you about ever seen cassidy? >> correct. >> still, one big question remained. was a good time guy like jason young even capable of murder? genevieve was engaged to jason in 1999 before he had met michelle and took the stand to testify about fight they had had over jason's excessive drinking. >> he became agitated. said something to the effect of, if i'm going to make such a terrible husband, then give me my ring back.
9:28 pm
>> did you give it to the defendant? >> no. he began trying to pull the ring off and it would not come off. >> he was strongly from one end of the bed to the other and pinning my arms behind me. >> prosecutors had hoped to convince that it had added up to a motive for murder. >> how would the defense counterattack? with a witness who could refute every charge. >> coming up, jason yang finally breaks his silence as he takes the stand to testify. >> did you kill your wife michelle? >> no sir. >> were you there when it happened? >> no sir. >> when dateline continues. teline continues der budget too! and i get seven days to love it or my money back... i love it! i thought online meant no one to help me, but susan from carvana had all the answers. she didn't try to upsell me. not once, because they're not salespeople!
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weapons tests. mr. biden is now in japan where he is set to launch a new indo-pacific trade pact. he's been sway from speaking at a joint press conference with drummond's prime minister. could watch it right here live on msnbc. now back to dateline. w back to dateline >> welcome back to dateline, i'm craig melvin. jason young was on trial for the murder of his wife since michelle. prosecutors argued that the software salesman killed his wife to get out of unhappy marriage. to bolster their case. called two of jason's lovers to the stand. of the extramarital of the fares. but the defensive star witness of their own. after five long years, jason young was about to break his silence. here again is keith morrison with silent witness.
9:33 pm
>> but the prosecution did not tell you. >> there's an art to the business of criminal defense and it would take a true artist to repaint the prosecutions dark portrait of jason young. so good defensive tierney do? to begin with, as he told the jury, he agreed with the prosecution. jason young was not a good husband. >> he acted at times like an immature jerk. but that does not make him a killer. >> that jewelry box in the bedroom, there is dna on it. the suspicious activity at the hotel? there was a fingerprint on that camera. and it was not jason young's. and it was not any forensic evidence that tied jason to the crime scene. no blood in his car, not a scratch on him. >> ladies and gentlemen, jason young did not murder his wife.
9:34 pm
he did not murder their unborn son. and this case has not been solved. >> who better to make that argument then jason young himself. so far remember, he had never said a word to anyone. about that november night. an almost five year silence. >> always a big decision for defense attorneys to call their clients. >> beth is a former prosecutor and legal analyst. and this was a case that begged for jason want to testify. >> after all this time? >> right. and if he's truly innocent, get on the stand and tell the story. >> we call jason young. >> with his mother sitting in the front row, jason young prepared to do just that. defensive tierney hit it hard off the top. >> did you kill your wife michelle? >> no sir. >> were you there when it happened? >> no sir. >> but what about jason's hush puppies that match the partial shoe print. he no longer owned them he
9:35 pm
said. >> were those issues you had on? >> no sir. >> they were already. as for the night of the murder, after he checked into the hotel, jason testified that he had left his room twice. the first time to get a power court first lap top. >> i was going over the sales call i had for the next day. >> the second trip was to smoke a cigar. >> i had to go outside to smoke a cigar. i also wanted to look at some sports schedules in some standings and so i wanted to see if i could pick up the usa today as well. and that newspaper run is why he seen at the front desk at midnight. >> you smoked a cigar, went back upstairs and went to sleep. did you leave that room until the next morning? >> no sir. >> next morning, after the sales call, jason testified that he had left some ebay printouts sitting on the
9:36 pm
computer pretoria home. they show persist, thinking of buying one for myself as a belated anniversary present. >> i realized didn't bring those papers. i wanted to surprise michelle. a surprise to michelle means so much more than anything. >> around noon, he called his sister-in-law meredith to ask if she would go to the house and get those ebay papers. >> left meredith a voice mail. then he headed to his mother's place in the mountains nearby. and learn michelle had been murdered. >> i just fell. i broke on the inside and i just didn't believe. it and family members drove him back to raleigh.
9:37 pm
during the drive he said his friends had called. >> ryan in georgia said that the investigators were asking and they were asking ugly questions, pointing their fingers at me. saying you don't talk to anybody, you need to get a lawyer. and the explanation for his long silence. >> the lawyer after talking with him, and advised me to not go and talk to the police. . >> did you take that advice? >> yes started. >> to tell you not to talk to anybody about it? >> that's exactly what he said. don't talk to anybody about anything. >> the defense also address the motives that the prosecutors had laid out. that she some wanted to escape a marriage, keep cassidy and spend time with his new love. >> did you have any designs in your mind of leaving michelle young for michelle mind? -- >> no sir.
9:38 pm
>> i think we both knew it was wrong. i don't think either one dreamed that it would ever be found out. >> as for that violent episode with his ex fiancée, jason had an explanation for. >> did you throw around on the bed like she said? >> no sir, when i did was wrong, i pinch down and i took the ring. >> what was your level of intoxication that night? >> i was very intoxicated. but i don't feel like that is an excuse for what i did. >> they question him about the most important moment in his life. >> did you want to stay married to michelle? >> yes i did. i want to have another baby and i wanted a family to grow. >> he also explained why he gave up custody of his daughter without a fight. >> were you able to afford a lawyer? >> no sir.
9:39 pm
due to the media and the internet websites, the job i had, i had lost. >> the testimony lasted three hours. >> jason young was a very good witness. he understood what he had to do when he was on the stand. >> he did not come office contrived or phony? >> he had put this together very carefully in order to account for all of the evidence that they had? >> he had access to police reports, all the discovery, he knew the states vulnerabilities. and so he could arguably tailor his testimony to fit with an innocent explanation. >> how did jason young do? 12 jurors were about to decide. >> coming up. when you are working on your marriage, when you are having sex with caroline sour be in your home. >> when dateline continues.
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get epic protection for your dominion reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything. >> it was riveting. almost five years of silence about his wife's murder. broken here in this courtroom. >> i loved cassidy. and i love michelle. >> prosecutor becky hope began pulling up our a story that she had just turned from the first time. >> were you working on your
9:44 pm
marriage when you are having sex with caroline sour be in your home less than two weeks before your wife was murdered? >> no ma'am, that was not the way to work on the marriage. i was detrimental. >> were you working on your marriage when you called michelle money? >> michelle and i confided a lot in each other and we talked about my issues with my wife and she talked about her issues with her husband. >> was the answer yes when you had an affair with michelle money the -- >> no, of-ing the sexual intercourse and intimacy was very detrimental to that. >> it lasted a full hour, and the next day went to the jury. >> it soon became clear that jurors were having trouble. >> indicating we have not yet reached a unanimous. decision >> fears were split 66 and sent them back to make it unanimous. >> hours later, they were back
9:45 pm
and courtroom three c was still. >> appears there is a deadlock. >> eight jurors voted for acquittal, for voted guilty. and the judge considered a mistrial. >> with serious consideration given to dropping the case? >> i think there was serious consideration to what they can do. >> prosecutors decided they would try again. but this time with the one thing they did not have the first time. jason's own story. >> the second trial began in february of 2012. this time howard cummings let led the prosecution. hoping to use jason's own words to convict him. but first, prosecutors called that night clerk on the gas station, gracie, who had remembered jason complaining about the locked pumps. >> when he came in to pay, he
9:46 pm
started coughing and raising -- >> wartime did this happen? >> five, 5:30 in the morning. a time when jason said he was at the hotel. then prosecutors had new witnesses and testimony. wanted jurors to hear about cassidy, whose bloodied footprints made her a silent witness to murder. >> when i got to cassidy i said what are you doing? >> daycare workers took the stand. she told jurors that she had watched costly play alone, days after her mother was murdered. >> she had the chair and the doll together and the mommy doll in the other hand. and just hit them. >> as unsettling as it was, the prosecutors wanted jurors to know that the killer had left a silent witness behind. a witness that he would never harm. the fact that capacity was spared, did that mean anything
9:47 pm
to you? would that mean anything to a jury? >> certainly it meant that the person who killed the mother, we felt cared about cassidy. >> fiona childs took the stand. prosecutors pressed her about a life insurance policy that jason had arranged. >> it did raise a red flag. that she brought up specifically her life insurance. she brought it up several times. 1 million dollars was too much and did they really need? that >> after michel died, fiona found out the true amount of the policy was actually $4 million. >> i was just like in total shock. >> that is incredibly excessive. and prosecutors also told the jury about civil lawsuits against jason, popeye michele's mother and sister. >> one was a wrongful death case filed in 2008, a year before he was charged with murder. the defenses objection, corker testified about that lawsuit.
9:48 pm
>> there is an alleged paragraph, paragraph six reading verbatim from the record, in the early morning hours of november 3rd 2006, jason young brutally murdered michelle young at their residents. >> freeman went on to testify that jason never responded to the allegations and that led to a default judgment against him. and that judgment said that jason killed his wife. >> the judgment does not mean that the facts alleged in this complaint are true. it does not mean that he is guilty and the judge at the criminal trial told the jury that and his instructions. however, when you hear the statement jason young brutally murdered his wife, that does not mean he's guilty folks. and you know? ? >> the prosecutor made sure that the jury heard just who signed that ruling. >> a reading from this judgment signed by judge stevens. >> judge stevens, the very
9:49 pm
judge sitting before them in this trial. >> the jury hearing is just something that is going to carry a lot of weight. >> this is the complaint that was filed in december, seeking custody of capacity. >> prosecutors also called the attorney of all the in that custody case over daughter cassidy. and those same allegations were you mentioned how deandre repeated yet again. johnson has >> the jury really taken over for the heard several generals, he's standing times through sideline with our guy devin these two civil complaints that gardner. jason young >> you're brutally murdered absolutely right, his coach said that he is extremely michelle fischer young. diligent. what's the >> the law we need to be headline act came when so diligent, and prosecutors have so much success in the played jason middle of the season? young's entire >> i think just testimony from the having the coaching staff, trusting me, first trial. and we trusting the coaching and began to rip it staff. apart. >> was a thing you're looking for it to do most prosecutors try to in this game, to show that jason's call make sure to meredith to pick up you come out, get those ebay a victory, and be as efficient printouts was as you were last week. >> merely a ploy to get her just manage the, to discover the team put points on the body and find cassidy board,. why else would be and keep them moving. print in ebay >> it's that auction ad in the bill on the simple, joel. printer and then >> joel: keep
9:50 pm
the hit the road where he chains moving. could not bid this game, as difficult during the actual as we make it out to be as a quarterback, auction? even though it's 80, they call the sergeant to degrees probably the stand. >> feels more like that auction was going 1-20, devon at 8:00 pm i'm sure we'll talk about at eastern standard time. this point on the field. over, >> what day was that? under 39 at >> that was the half. on new jersey, minus november 2nd, 7 in this 2006. one for those of you that >> just hours are before the murder. now prosecutors partaking if you will. tried to prove jason i will say, lied about his reasons the simplicity of it from for leaving the hotel room. a quarterback perspective. >> in his move the chains, put the original testimony, ball on the end zone. that's told the court he all you have to do. left the first time to get >> as long as you do a power court for his that, un. laptop as long as your defense. >> why was it doesn't allow more, that's that one crouch. you wanted to look on your laptop? >> i was going over the sales call that i had the next day. new jersey, won the >> toss, they elected to special agent mike smith defer. took the stand to say that that, ball will go young did not into the end zone, use his laptop and so we will get for work a first look at the houston gamblers that night quarterback, clayton. thorsen. just an internet site dedicated to sport. >> jason said he wanted >> joel: a second time to smoke i question a cigar. but that right hand, prosecutors kurt, he got a big contended cut on that that jason was right-hand. a fierce anti even though smoker. the weather that he's got the night was freezing, 7
9:51 pm
touchdowns, wendy. he's thrown >> tell me whether or not there is any 6 interceptions, and last substantial outerwear that the week there was defendant either had in a big difference in the way he was throwing the ball his luggage or was wearing before. >> no sir. he got that hand hit on the helmet a suit jacket let's see how. >> healthy is here, that was the only outerwear i early in this ball game. was aware of. >> jason told not to testify >> curt: this time. the first play from scrimmage, defense falls back. starting from the arguing that the 28-yard line. gas attendant memory cannot be trusted thorson to a childhood, that brain injury. >> i've had memory pass thrown up problems,. because i've been a lot through it's going to be knocked out of myself and my bounds, right kids and my ex-husband. away. >> joel: >> this team has been defense also argued so good early in the case games, the leading scorer really was not solved. team in first halves. and there was no physical the offensive line, evidence to prove that by the, way they've done jason was the killer. a good job, >> there was not one scratch on mr. only 4 sacks along all season yang. long. would've never had time we talked about to make that trip and mark thompson, commit murder. that he already. did not have the i say zebra, mindset of a killer. another guy on the and that outside, they have been cigar, showing targeting more that jason young and more, he's owned become a real a humidor and once made a purchase playmaker for this houston team at a cigar store. . >> >> you one thing houston has have ample been able to do, they've been evidence before that jason is not able to come
9:52 pm
out of the gates strong each every week. they've led guilty. and time for another jury to consider whether every game at halftime. jason you would he picks up go to jail or a couple of yards, he walk out of court keeps going. a free man. first down and more isaiah zuber >> coming up scoops down the, the sideline, there is verdict. take a flag on the play. to. a good >> player there on 2nd and long. we the jury find the defendant jason young to be that's is the penalty, is as james carter makes. >> when dateline continues. the call for the first time. it'll be a gain of 38 if it stands, and they are saying it is a first down. looks like it picked up the flag. >> it did, the back official dropped out of his belt, he just picked it up. >> so the 38-yard run in the stands, and it's a first down for houston. >> curt: in jersey territory, all kinds of time for thorson, wide open, down the sideline touchdown. right out of the gate.
9:53 pm
3 plays, a 48-yard touchdown, and houston is on the board. >> joel: the corner on that side, number 20, 6-1 meal falls down. he just kind of stumbles right, the air they get knocked up, it becomes an easy touchdown for writing. just a straight go route, they're trying to get that we'll. you can tell that thorson wanted to get the ball down the field, and he can pumped a couple of times, and then he saw neil hit the turf. he hit rooting for an easy touchdown. heartbreaking game last week in the week before. >> curt: nick vogel makes it a 7-0 lead, you mentioned, it houston lost on the like week of the game 2 weeks in a row. they score here early. they score here early. shortness of breath,
9:54 pm
and a tingling in the extremities. serious thrills... may occur. the all-electric amg eqs. ♪ ♪ ♪ sweet ♪ ♪ emotion ♪ ♪ sweet emotion ♪ ♪♪ ♪ i pulled into town in a police car ♪ ♪♪ ♪your daddy said i took it just a little too far♪ >> more than five years, now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
michelle young's family and friends had been waiting for answers. who killed pretty, pregnant michelle. many thought they knew. >> it was him. i didn't know all the evidence. i didn't know half of the things i know now. but i felt that way. >> one jury failed to decide. >> now attorneys were making their final arguments to second jury. >> be mad at him. hate him if you want to. but when you look at the physical evidence in this case, it does not match up. does not match up to jason having killed his wife and unborn son. >> 30 blows, that's not from a stranger. that is a mad, domestic abuse are. >> soon that jury was behind closed doors in the wake county superior court. after today's, they were back with a verdict. >> we the jury by unanimous verdict on the defendant jason young to be guilty of first
9:57 pm
degree murder. >> guilty, first degree murder. jason young did not flinch. behind him his mother was equally stoic. on the other side of the court, michelle young's bereaved mother and sister wept. fiona at home got the news for my friend. >> said he's guilty. i was like, what? what? >> jason young received a life sentence. chose not to address the court, even as the bailiffs led him away, remained expressionless. the prosecutors were, they told us relieved. >> it was very emotional. have family members there who had been working with for five and a half years. and they finally have justice. >> we've been telling for years, just trust. trust that it will be a right result. >> but was it?
9:58 pm
>> here and a half ticked by. and then this. >> attorneys for jason young demanding a new trial, saying the trial that led to his conviction had significant errors. >> december 2013. jason young's new attorney launched -- >> who was the killer? is jason young the person responsible for miss young's death? and it seems fundamentally unfair. >> what was fundamentally unfair? >> remember during the trial, the attorney pointed out that the prosecution introduced testimony about those civil cases against jason brought by michele's family. they accused jason of murder. >> jason young brutally murdered michelle young. >> the defendant brutally murdered michelle fischer young. >> way out of bounds said the attorney. the jury should not have been allowed to hear about any of that. outside the court, michelle's sister meredith predicted that the appeal would be thrown out. >> the jury came to the right
9:59 pm
verdict and we are confident it would stay. >> but she was wrong. >> a raleigh man is getting a third trial in the death of his pregnant wife. >> in april 2014, the judges ruled unanimously that testimony about those civil cases prejudiced the jury. and he took particular exception to the fact that the prosecutor was allowed to tell the jury that it was their trial judge who signed the civil judgment against jason. which said that he had killed his wife. in fact, said the appeals court, introducing evidence about the civil cases was a violation of north carolina law. >> that law says that you cannot use a civil complaint, a civil allegation has proof in a criminal case. but a year later the state supreme court reversed the appeals court decision and in 2017, yet another attempt by jason young to get a third trial. this time on grounds that his defense team was ineffective, was also denied. >> i love you mommy. >> i love you to cassidy. >> the children know little of the arcane world.
10:00 pm
cassidy has grown. and her father, her mother, a memory, ever farther away. >> that is all for this edition of dateline, i'm craig melvin, thank you for watching. k you for watching >> i'm craig melvin, i'm not a morality, this is dateline. >> murder is so personal. she knew who was in the room with her, she trusted that person. and the saddest thing is that the last person that you look at in this world is not your loved ones, it's your killer. >> gosh i miss her so much. >> tough, tenacious, as feisty as her name. hard driving defensive tierney shook iitate


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