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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  May 22, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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cassidy has grown. and her father, her mother, a memory, ever farther away. >> that is all for this edition of dateline, i'm craig melvin, thank you for watching. k you for watching >> i'm craig melvin, i'm not a morality, this is dateline. >> murder is so personal. she knew who was in the room with her, she trusted that person. and the saddest thing is that the last person that you look at in this world is not your loved ones, it's your killer. >> gosh i miss her so much. >> tough, tenacious, as feisty as her name. hard driving defensive tierney shook iitate.
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>> would walk into a courtroom and she would look like she'd on the place. >> loved defending her clients. loved the law. >> stay late at work to read up on a murder case. but the next murder that police wound up investigating was hers. >> she is representing some really hardened criminals. maybe somebody had a beef with her? >> it was personal. >> the clues, a missing gucci wallet, mystery strands of hair. >> >> it's suggested that a female had maybe killed her. and had pulled the hair out. >> who done it? who came up here ended? >> somebody planned this murder. >> somebody wanted her out of the way. >> i told her, i will make this right. i will make this right. for you. ight for you.
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>> hello and welcome to dateline. she was, bold she was brass. nikita tate was a rising star in the louisiana legal community. the star that somebody wanted extinguished. we list of possible suspects was long. couldn't unhappy of client have wanted her to head, where the police need to look somewhere else entirely? here is dennis murphy with shining star. >> cajun country is where the dreadful thing happened. >> baton rouge, louisiana state capital perched on the banks of the mississippi. three blocks off the river, on a chilly thursday night, a criminal defense lawyer was working, drafting for a big murder trial starting on monday when did the killer take her? sometime after 8:00 was the best guess. the news lead next morning's
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early drive. >> i hear on a local news station, they interrupt to say that there is a downtown murder in a law office. >> attorney was in her way to work. which of course alerts me. initially, my gosh, as an attorney. >> the office now strong with the yellow crime scene tape. belonged to an up and comer named chiquita tate. a local woman, just a few years out of law school, but already making a name for herself in competitive arena of litigation and criminal defense. >> she had recently won a half million dollar jury verdict. that is pretty awfully good for somebody out of a short time. >> chicago was one of seven. her father absent, raised by her grandma in the neighborhood of boarded up houses. smart and determined, rose above her impoverished early
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years. once refuse was lit, she became a rocket. >> she was talented, she had overcome so very much in a short time period. she was the star of her family. >> chicago was the first in her family to go to college. then she enrolled and hometown southern law school. got grabbed up by law firm, where she started clerking while studying for the bar. and that is when she met legal assistant lacey. >> she was driven, wanting to get that next today's game is high. sponsored by and aarp, the younger you law school are the more you need was that. aarp by being a lawyer was michelin, motion for that. she life. achieved it. >> she passed the bar on her and by webex prices go first shot,. >> her work made simple. first shot. >> eagerly lapped up the hard well, the cases, the houston gamblers kind that made came out on news. accuse a 3 play, drive they scored killers, drugs, gang a touchdown, the generals bangers. responded. in the 5 play drive, spotlight, happily talking they score to reporters. a touchdown, >> devontae turpin taking it shaquille was enjoying such success, in for
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19 ranks out, she opened her own and 5 minutes into firm in a nice building this game at 7-7. and the complex on the court. i >> joel: was gonna, lacey went with say i feel like i her. went into >> where areas a flashback machine, and i was watching it's ecu did she seek out for herself? >> criminals, wanted to do game in criminals so bad. >> thousand and 16. i didn't baylor tcu, burns watched her game is like inaction, she kate was want to speak her mind and dress how she 70-65. wanted. and >> curt: conservative lady this feels like lawyer one day in stilettos and spiky hair the next. >> would you walk into a courtroom and look like she own the place. >> could hear her come in before you saw her? >> you could. and we always joke, because she would wear foreign seals and you knew she was in the courtroom. >> another, think she was all about family, she had hired her sister to help with the office and they need at knew better than anyone that hard driving tricky that could be one minute, and a gulf coast next. >> she fired me like every week. >> she fired you?
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>> you are her office assistant. >> yeah, and at night she would call me and say, we will talk, and then she would say see me in the morning, i'm like i thought i was fired. >> in fact it was a skirmish with chiquita that sparked a young man named gregg harris, who almost literally bumped into her while they were cruising around town. greg's brother mike said it started when gregg shook it off. >> she's blowing the horn of him and and you know you cut me off. so they pull up to the red light and i heard a few smiles. one from him, one from her. and after that, it's all she wrote. >> greg harris was doing well as a contractor. romance blossomed and shaquille moved into gregg's home. a big step up from the falling down neighborhood of shock and houses where she grew up. they got married in a small wedding with family in 2008. and a year later, chiquita was
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moving into a nice new office, varnishing bookshelves, -- >> did anybody worry about her and her clients? >> there were. but i don't think that it was to the point where either she had to worry or anybody else had to worry. >> on february 19th, 2009, tricky that was working hard, prepping her defense at a double homicide case. >> she told leslie that she had to work late, just a couple of hours. but chiquita never returned home that night. her husband called her office repeatedly, but got no answer. and around long, drove down to the office, troubled he would say, to see his wife summer park where she'd left. it he could not get in the lock building, so he called 9-1-1. >> my wife, she was working late last night, i can't get inside the building, i need a cop over here quick. >> >> suddenly spotted a patrol
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car inflicted down. >> an office worker left the police in the building, while greg called his sister-in-law, sounding frantic. >> the hammer still parked here. they won't let me in the office. >> once upstairs, it took only a glance for the patrol officer to declare chiquita's office a crime scene. a bad one. the shining starlight of chiquita tate had been cruelly extinguished. by whom? and for one reason? >> coming up, the first clues. >> no blood in the, elevator no blood in the lobby. her left hand was open, there was a piece of hair and it. i was like, oh my lord. when shining star continues. ning star continues. eople with eczema said about how their skin feels... ...when it comes to our skin, what if it could feel differently? say hello to opzelura for the treatment of mild
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over the mississippi, a cold february morning. the family and friends of tequila today were converging on the street below her office. >> i had to run in. please grab, me was like mom you can't go and. >> just like they need a, tricky does legal assistant was stopped on the street outside by an officer. >> he saw me coming. so he came towards me and
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grabbed me. pretty much to hold me up, because i was going down. and that is when he told me she was that. >> tricky does loved ones were huddled together when veteran detectives rolled up to the scene. >> the responding officers told you that is the husband over there, but you have not approached him yet. >> he was up to the point where uniform patrol to put him in the back of the humvee. >> we tried to gathers much information as possible. >> detectives began their standard investigative ritual, putting together a timeline of the victims last day. assistant lacey knew some of it. >> how does that fit your recollection? >> pretty regular day. >> tricky to had gone to court. that very day, talked to reporters about her latest
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case. >> the statue is the question i would likely -- >> after a quick chat, headed back to her office where workers were finishing a case. lacey left at her regular time at about 5:30 and remembers being concerned about the smell of varnish. >> i said, keisha do not stay in here too late because the smell was just overpower. she said less, i'm not staying here, late just going to read this. >> but she did stay late. tricky does husband gregg told police that his wife called him around seven or so and asked him to please bring her something to eat. so set out from the home in baker about 25 minutes away. >> said he want to mcdonald's in baker and got hamburger and fries and brought it to chiquita in his office. met him downstairs. at 5:30 in the evening, until 7:30 the next morning, the building is locked. >> of a swipe card, you can't get access. >> told the cops that he
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encountered a number of tenants in the building working late that night. he remembered running downstairs on a small aaron first wife. >> tricky to had a client that was coming over to pick up some money. so he went downstairs to pay this client and pick up some paperwork from this person for chiquita. >> greg said that tricky to had more work to do and yet another client to see. so he said he took off her home. it was sometime around 8:30. what happened next was a bloody mystery. would be up to the detectives and burns to figure out. the attorney hearing the awful's news on her car radio that morning. the one who got such a kick out of chiquita in court, was in fact a legendary baton rouge prosecutor. >> my district attorney was out there. there was so many police officer there. the crime scene man was there. and so i went out into that and immediately said to my boss, i want this. i want this case. >> she insisted as she always
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did. >> when you proceeded into the next room where her body was, i was like, oh my lord. she was butchered. she was butchered. she was laying on the floor. she had little slipper socks on her feet. the way that all of us would be if we stayed after work. not going to keep our heels on. basically had a law book that i think she had been reading. >> we'll be followed by president biden's remarks. >> the floor is yours prime minister. >> thank you. we are immensely pleased by president biden's visit to japan.
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>> the united states is the only allow that shares universal democracy, rights and rule of law. and it goes without saying that the japan u.s. alliance is the linchpin of japan's diplomatic and security policy. and the contacts more important than ever in respect of two points. for one, we are currently faced with a crisis of international order, which is russian aggression against ukraine. to defend resolutely, international order, based on the rule of law.
10:18 pm
unity amongst allies. and like-minded countries. required utmost now, than any other. and the challenge of ensuring peace, prosperity of the indo-pacific region. the most important strategic issue for the international community. in japan, in the united states. fought to take on leadership role. and in this sense, we highly value the visit by president biden to japan. as it powerfully demonstrates united states engagement. in this part of the region. and together with president biden, we will make tomorrow
10:19 pm
quite the summit. a short success. based on this common awareness. useful discussion took place on matters of international community. first, on russia's agree just aggression, unilateral attempt to change the status quo by force. it is totally unacceptable. a list of locations. will be affirmed to respond resolutely with the international community. including the g7. also, confirmation was made to support fully the government and people of ukraine. and we also discussed the impact of the ukraine situation that it could give on the
10:20 pm
indo-pacific. for china, we concur to monitor closely activities of chinese navy and joint military exercise of china and russia. and strongly oppose the attempt to change the status quo by forced. in the east china sea and south china sea and united states, too closely cooperate on responding to china related issue, including human rights. also we have that our two countries basic position on taiwan remains to be unchanged. . and underscored taiwan straits. which is an indispensable
10:21 pm
evident for peace and prosperity of the international community. and called for peaceful resolution for the issue. the dprk. sharing the serious concern over nuclear and missile issues. including the launch of icbm class ballistic missiles. japan and the united states. japan and u.s. are okay to cooperate more closely. toward immediate resolution of the issue, i reiterated my request for understanding and cooperation. president biden extended his strong support. after this, president biden will be meeting with family members of the abductees. at a time when regional security environment is becoming more severe, president
10:22 pm
biden we reaffirmed need to quickly reinforce the deterrents and response capability of japan u.s. alliances. i stated my determination to fundamentally reinforce japan's defense capabilities and secure substantial increase of its defense budget, needed to be affected. president biden, strongly suggest supported by determination. we also conclude to expand and deepen security and defense cooperation between japan and the united states. further, president biden reiterated his commitment to japan's defense. and to make sure that the deterrence will remain unwavering.
10:23 pm
we concur to keeping close touch, including on the ministerial level. between our two countries. in addition, to alleviate the impact on local communities and others. we also concur to steadfastly implement u.s. forces in japan alignment. including construction, replacing facilities. and situations around nuclear weapons getting severe, we also conclude the realistic and effective efforts on nuclear disarmament and work towards the world without nuclear weapons. >> and engagement in the indo-pacific by the united states.
10:24 pm
and especially in the economic order, it is becoming ever more important. japan welcomes, the launch of the indo-pacific economic framework outlined by president biden. and will participate in cooperate in this initiative. having said so, japan hopes to see the united states return to the tpp for the strategic perspective. and in order to expand cooperation, we agree to hold the ministerial level, japan u.s. consultative committee. the so-called two-plus-two coming july. further, we concurred on cooperation on economic security. including the development of advanced semiconductors and specific cooperation regarding
10:25 pm
-- with russia's aggression of ukraine, severely damaging the situation over energy and food, we confirmed that we shall respond through coordination and g7, like-minded nations, as well as with international organizations. through such cooperation, japan and the united states hope to engage in initiatives to realize a sustainable and inclusive environment. regarding the new form, which i am proposing. president biden reconfirmed his strong support. by cooperating with president biden, who is promoting policies that focus on the middle class. we hope to create a global
10:26 pm
trend of comic epidemic policies among major countries. we also exchanged views on global health, research, climate change, production and promotion of human rights and democracy, and other global challenges, and agree that our two countries should lead efforts of the international community in such areas. further, i express the necessity to reform and strengthen the united nations, including the security council, which bears unimportant responsibility for the peace and security of the international community. and gained president biden support. the president stated that the united states will support japan becoming a permanent member of a re-formed security
10:27 pm
council. the pacific ocean, does not separate japan and united states. rather a, it unites us. those are the words delivered by president kennedy to prime minister al-qaeda, which resonate with amplified weight in today's contents. i conveyed the importance of human resources development, and free and open exchange in the pacific. and president biden concord. japan will hold the presidency of the g7 next year. as the world faces an unprecedented challenge caused by russia's invasion of ukraine, and a heightened risk of use of weapons of mass destruction, at next year's g7 summit, i hope
10:28 pm
we can demonstrate the will of the g7 to resolutely reject aggression by force during nuclear weapons and attempts to overturn the international order with us -- that will make its mark in history. as the prime minister of japan, the only country to have ever suffered atomic bombings, i believe there is no other venue best fitting as hiroshima to demonstrate our commitment to peace. i hope that we can vow to the world that mankind will never cause the catastrophe brought about by nuclear weapons, that president biden and other leaders of the g seven will together confirming from the peace memorial, our solidarity to defend peace, global order and --
10:29 pm
. i explain such plans the president and we reaffirmed that next year's g7 summit will be held in hiroshima. and that we should work together for its success. today, as an outcome of our meeting, we decided to issue a joint statement. this statement is the joint strategy of japan and the united states as we keep in mind the current situation in ukraine. and the strategic importance of the indo-pacific and aim to uphold and develop a free and open international order. under the current situation of international affairs, which made me described as the end of the post cold war era, the true
10:30 pm
value of the alliance is being tested more stringently than ever before, in order to realize a free and open pacific, and to establish a free and open rule based international order, japan and the united states will engage in utmost efforts with your reserves will resolve in our -- with president biden. thank you, joe. thank you very much. i now would like to give the floor to president biden of the united states of america. >> i'm going to start. thank you for that warm welcome you've given me here in japan. friesen, is the alliance between japan and united states has grown stronger, deeper, and more capable as we work together to take on the challenges just as important as the opportunities of a rapidly changing world. a great example of this, we
10:31 pm
viewed japan's lunar rover just coming out here, after launch. a symbol of how our space cooperation is taking off, looking towards the moon and towards mars. i'm excited. excited of the work we will do together. and the gateways station around the moon. and look forward to the first japanese astronaut joining us on the mission to the lunar surface under. the artemis program. and tomorrow we're going to meet with our fellow partners, australian in india, for our fourth leader summit. and our second time meeting together in person. the cloth is showing the world that cooperation among democracies can get big things done and i'm grateful for your. leadership thankful thank you for bringing us all together again, to keep driving our progress as we advance a positive vision for the future of the indo-pacific region. today we made several commitments to further increase our bilateral cooperation.
10:32 pm
and to work together to ensure the free and open pacific for all the people in the region -- and resilience in the partnership which we announced last year. we're in a situation now where we've invested our cooperation, we're spreading innovation, while delivering concrete progress for our people. promoting a secure 5g network and proving internet connectivity for our partners in the region. are critical infrastructure and strengthening supply chain resilience, particularly on semiconductors, batteries, and critical minerals. responding to covid-19, and building greater health security and health system is also part of the future. and helping the world prepare for the next pandemic, with our new cdc regional office right here in japan. cooperating on clean energy and
10:33 pm
decarbonization to tackle the climate crisis. and after this, the united states and japan together with 11 other nations will be launching the indo-pacific economic framework. this framework is a commitment to working with our close friends and partners in the region on challenges that matter most to ensure economic competitiveness in the 21st century. by improving security and trust in the digital economy. protecting workers, strengthening the supply chain, and tackling corruption that robs nations of their abilities to serve citizens. you know, the two largest democracies, the two largest economies in the democratic world, united states and japan are demonstrating the strength of democracies and action. our cooperation, has been particularly vital in organizing the global response to hold putin responsible for his brutal war in ukraine, his
10:34 pm
attack on the norms and principles that are foundational of our international order. mister prime minister, you've been outstanding. you've been an outstanding partner throughout this crisis. and our unity in the g7 to impose economic cost on russia, and support the people of ukraine, is sending a strong message about our willingness to defend a rule based international order. i'm looking forward to continuing our discussions at the upcoming g7. summit in germany and returning to japan next year in 2023 for the g7 summit. . and i welcome the prime minister's announcement of the summit will take place in the small town of hiroshima. , today we also discuss ways to continue our strength and security cooperation. the united states is fully committed to japan's defense and we. welcome the opportunity to work more closely together in an increasingly challenging security environment. i applaud prime minister kishida determination to
10:35 pm
strengthen japanese defensive capabilities as well a strong japan and a strong u.s. japan alliance is a force for good in the region. i support the peace says ability that is going to continue, and i hope it will increase across the taiwan streets. promote freedom and navigation in the east and south china sea 's. and to deter the democratic people's republic of korea. so thank you again, mister prime minister, for your partnership and your friendship. the alliance between our two countries is stronger than it's ever been. and it's as important as it's ever been. i'm looking forward to exploring even more ways our relationship will help. move us towards a future that will benefit all people. so thank you very much, mister president, and i really truly appreciate your hospitality. >> [interpreter] thank you very much. we will now accept questions from the press.
10:36 pm
first japanese journalist to be followed by u.s. journalist, that will be the order of the questions. those of you that have questions, please raise your hands. for japanese journalist, i will appoint the journalist and u.s. journalist will be appointed by president biden. please come to your closest microphone, identify yourself and your identification, and please be brief and clear in your questions. due to infection prevention, please keep your facial masks when you deliver your question. now japanese journalists, are there any questions? the front row, yamamoto son? >> [interpreter] ,, prime minister, president,
10:37 pm
biden thank you very much. first the prime minister. with the recent aggression in ukraine, prime minister, you've been saying the security of europe and security of pacific are inseparable. in today's meeting, did you talk about response to china? how did you analyze the current status of the cross strait relations? did the japanese side or u.s. side explain how u.s. would respond in times of contingency. what would -- contingency prostrate. or enemy base strike capability. what did you explain in that context, prime minister. [end of translation] >> [interpreter] thank you for your question, first of all at today's summit meeting, as we go on taiwan strait issue that you asked, we confirmed that basic stances of two countries of taiwan needs
10:38 pm
to be unchanged. and underscore the importance of peace and stability of taiwan strait, which is an indefensible -- for peace and prosperity of the international community. and called on peaceful resolution of cross street issues. in the region, security related environment is getting severe unilateral attempt to stop change the status quo by force, like russia's aggression against ukraine this time, should never be tolerated. in indo-pacific in east asia. based on the shared awareness i have said that -- fundamentally, it enforces japan's defensive capabilities
10:39 pm
and the state's determination to defend with military force japan's defensive capabilities and includes -- be effective. and president biden strongly supported by determinations. and also for myself, i have said that includes a -- heavy strike capability not exclude any of them and this is what i said. indo-pacific region, as well as to ensure the peace and stability of international community the alliance will remain in close coordination between japan and united states. thank you >> thank you very
10:40 pm
much. >> i have a question for prime minister kishida as well. mister president, i want to ask you about your the economy. during your trip to asia you've promoted the investments by samsung, hyundai. but back home in the united states, americans are dealing with record high inflation, the fed has raised interest rates to try and address those issues. and they're also just enormously high gas prices. given the cross currents of the economy right now the, war in ukraine, the china lockdowns that we've seen, should americans be prepared for a recession? in your view is a recession in the united states inevitable >> no. >> why not? >> look, you're talking about the significant progress we've made and making sure we don't have supply chain backups, about the 8000 jobs that hyundai is going to be bringing
10:41 pm
to georgia. 3000 jobs, in texas with samsung, 17 billion dollar investment, toyota 1700 jobs in north carolina on battery technology. the situation where we're at where we've created over 8 million new jobs. where unemployment is down to 3.6%, so on and so forth, as if there is a problem. i imagine where we'd be with putin's attacks and the war in ukraine if we had not made that enormous progress. our gdp is going to grow faster than china for the first time in four years. does that mean we don't have problems, we do. we have problems that the rest the world has. but that's inconsequential to the rest of the world, because of an internal growth and strength. here's the situation. when it comes to the gas prices, we're going through an incredible transition.
10:42 pm
that is taking place, that god willing, when it's over, will be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels, when this is over. you see what europe is doing relative the importation of russian gas -- anyway, i won't go through it all. and what i've been able to do to keep it from getting worse is bad. because the price of gas at the pump is something that i told you say before came out of a great discussion at my kitchen table when i was growing up. it's affecting a lot of families. but we have released over 250,000 million barrels of oil, i should say, most in the rest of the world convinced to get involved. it's help us not get not enough. we also find ourself in a situation where we have food shortages. food shortages because of ukraine. they are over, there are literally millions of bushels of oil, i mean grain, being held up in ukraine that would
10:43 pm
fundamentally positively affect the market in terms of bringing down food prices across the board. so we're finding ourselves in a position where we're working very hard with american farmers, american manufacturers, and bring more fertilizers for a whole range of things this is gonna take my time. but in the meantime it seems to be the best thing i can do to try and get. including trying to get the middle eastern countries to move along that route. there is a second wave, and i know you don't talk about, if people don't want to talk about it. but there's a second way to impact inflation in terms of peoples daily cost. if you're able to have childcare, at 17%, at 7% of your income, if you're able to
10:44 pm
be in a position where we're able to provide for tax cut for middle people, and working class people, and etc. all those things would be very helpful. but we have a 50/50 senate, which means we have 50 presidents. and i'm having a little trouble getting some of these things passed. but we're not gonna give up, we're gonna keep pushing. >> follow up on one point, secretary yellen said recently that some of the tariffs on chinese imports impose more harm on consumers and businesses and are very strategic. do you share that view, and are you considering, taking down some of those tariffs? >> i'm talking with the secretary when we get home. i am considering it. we did not impose any of those tariffs. they are imposed by the last administration. and are under consideration. thank you. >> prime minister kishida if, i may sir, we're going to be hearing more about this indo-pacific economic forum
10:45 pm
today. what message do you hope that it sends to china in the global market. and you see this as a potential precursor to some kind of trade pact, given the political situation in the united states dealing with tpp? >> [interpreter] think you for the ipad. your question. united, the indo-pacific region is making its economic interest known and highly interested. and various posts have shown by the united states is something we value in japan. regarding the tpp, we are generally hoping for return of the united states but even with the tpp it's him poured in that
10:46 pm
we proceed with discussions. and that attitude of the united states is wholeheartedly welcomed by the japanese government. and we would like to support the u.s. and issued it. china, right now, in the indo-pacific region is demonstrating significant economic presence. that's true but look into the substance of their presence. are they abiding by international rules? what about development finance. are they caring about sustainable initiatives? they have to do that because they are a major power. they have significant responsibility, even in the economic field. they have to live up to that responsibility. so, japan will cooperate with united states and vis-à-vis china. persuade them to live up to
10:47 pm
their responsibilities to abide by international rules. and we think such attitude is very important thank you,. so once again we have a question from the japanese reporter, please raise your hand. >> but [interpreter] newspaper. prime minister kishida, president biden, nice to meet you. i have a question, once again, about i path. did you say i path is different from the tpp and whether it's a will i've have been affective framework what is the role that the prime minister will be
10:48 pm
paying, prime minister kishida. also, there is expectations express for the united states to combat it tpp what was the response that you received? >> first of all, on ipef, under the leadership of president biden, shortly after this first conference. there will be official launch of ipef that's the plan. such ceremony is slated to take place. i said this before, but, this is a demonstration of the positive commitment of the united states to the indo-pacific. japan welcomes such steps and we are in full support. and through i path, it's important to realize realized
10:49 pm
sustainable and inclusive economic growth. in your question, you asked about the concern of some countries who may think there is very little merit or advantage to them. but, we're going to discuss various -- not only the united states, but also -- countries, in order to jointly deliver concrete results. so, this is a venue to engage in positive discussions of cooperation. and through such initiatives, we want to deliver concrete and specific results. and that will serve as specific and actual advantage or merit for those countries. you asked the question on tpp.
10:50 pm
from the strategic perspective of u.s. engagement in the international order of the indo-pacific, we want the united states to be engaged in the economic perspective as well. opposition remains unchanged. we think it's desirable for the united states to return to tpp. . so, japan hopes to see the u.s. come back to the tv. i will not make any further detailed comments because it pertains to diplomatic exchanges. finally, i invite questions from the u.s. press. >> we can see who is next. [noise] [laughs]
10:51 pm
>> tight quarters, thank you so much. i have a question for the prime minister, but first to you, mister president. we're already dealing with one global pandemic, and you said yesterday, monkeypox is something everyone should be concerned about. there are a few concern cases in the u.s.. and some countries are imposing 21 day quarantines for people who are infected or even in some cases just exposed. should americans expect something similar? >> no, i don't think so. look we've had this monkeypox in larger numbers in the past. number two, we have vaccines that take care of it. number three, there is thus far doesn't seem to be a need for any kind of extra effort beyond what's going on. and so, i just don't think it rises to the level of the kind of concern that existed with covid-19 and a smallpox vaccine
10:52 pm
network for. it so, i think people should be a careful. >> do you think that the u.s. has enough smallpox vaccine stockpile? >> i think we do have enough to deal with the likelihood of the problem. >> and mr. prime minister, can you tell us how japan would respond if china were to invade or take over taiwan? and i do hope that the u.s. would respond if that were to happen? and mister president, if you could tell us, how the u.s. is prepared to respond, i would appreciate it. >> [interpreter] thank you. on taiwan, in the senate meeting, it was brought up in our discussions. the situation in the taiwan straits.
10:53 pm
the fundamental position of japan and united states was reaffirmed, there is no change. and the -- we asserted the importance of peace and stability of the taiwan straits, which is fundamental to international order. and peaceful resolution of the straits issue should be pursued. we return from that position. now, in asia, we are against any -- attempt to change status quo by force, in asia. also, because a such position regarding the situation in ukraine, we think that unilateral attempt to change the status quo is impermissible. that's why we cooperating with the international coalition, and decided to participate in these strong sanctions and provided humanitarian assistance. and in asia as well, peace and stability must be upheld and
10:54 pm
defended. and in order to defend's peace and stability, in asia, we would drastically upgrade and strengthen our defensive capability and united states is the only ally for japan. and japan u.s. alliance is not very, very important. we have to strengthen this alliance to defend peace and stability of the region. that's our belief. and in so doing, extend i had deterrence and response by the united states must be available. we have full confidence in responsibility of the united states, including extended deterrence and strengthening of japan u.s. alliance is very important. and we truly hope that as many members of the general public will have even deeper confidence on this alliance so that intern will lead to regional peace and stability and i look forward to cooperating with president
10:55 pm
biden to that end. >> our policy towards taiwan has not changed at all. we remain committed to supporting the peace and stability, across the taiwan straits. and ensuring that there's no unilateral change that status quo. i would add that one of the reasons that it's so important that putin pay a dear price for his barbarism in ukraine. the idea that on your station today and every other station in america there showing bombings of schools. know military purposes schools hospitals, daycare centers, all the things, museums blowing up all the museums i believe what putin is trying to do is eliminate the identity of ukraine. the identity, he can't occupy it. but he can try and destroy its
10:56 pm
identity and the reason i bother to mention that is because he has to pay and russia has to pay a long-term price for that in terms of the sanctions that have been imposed the reason that i say this it's not just about ukraine. if in fact, after all he's done, there is a reproach moment between china, obviously, between the ukrainians and russia and these sanctions are not continued to be sustained in many ways what's signal is that santa? china about the cost of intent. attempting to take taiwan by. force they're already flirting with danger right now by flying so close and all that maneuver there undertaking. but the united states is committed. we made a commitment. we support the one china policy. we -- all that we've done in the past. but that does not mean that china has the ability, the jurisdiction to go in and use
10:57 pm
force to take over taiwan. so we stand firmly with japan. and with other nations not to let that happen. and my expectation is it will not happen. it will not be attempted. and my expectation is a lot of it depends on just how strong the world makes clear, that that kind of action is going to result in long term this affirmation by the community. >> very quickly, you don't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict militarily for obvious reasons. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> that's the commitment we made. that's the commitment we made. we are not -- look, here's the situation. we believe in the one china policy. we signed on to it. and all the tendon agreements made from there. and the idea that it can be
10:58 pm
taken by force, taken by force, is just not appropriate, to dislocate the entire regent and would be another action similar to what happened in ukraine. and, so it's a burden that is even stronger. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> thank you mister president. this will be the end of the joint press conference between kishida and president biden. the prime minister and president will lead the -- first. >> that has been our press conference with president biden and with the prime minister of japan, kishida. discussing what they have been talking about, what they've been in meetings talking about what's going on in the region. joining me now is nbc news white house correspondent carroll legan. she has been traveling with the president in tokyo. and carol, how critical is this
10:59 pm
trip for u.s. relations in the region? >> well it's quite critical, particularly that it comes in a moment as both the president and the prime minister noted is a very significant one in terms of security in the indo-pacific. as well as with the conflict in ukraine. there are a couple headlines out of this news conference, will walk you through some of them. taiwan, that was a question that came at the end. president biden saying that the u.s. is committed to getting militarily involved if china were to move on taiwan. now, he did say that he doesn't expect that china would do that. but he drew the link, pretty directly, the most directly we've heard from him from punishment on russia's faking facing to china. taking notice to that on taiwan. so if russia doesn't pay a significant price. if russia and ukraine comes to
11:00 pm
the agreement and détente, what message would that send to taiwan. so the president making the case that russia needs to pay a long-term price in order to send a message to the world, particularly china. that any such behavior, in terms of moving on a sovereign country, would not be tolerated. so that was pretty significant from the president. he was also asked about the u.s. economy, and he said something very interesting. he said this is going to be a long haul. it's going to take some time. when he was asked whether or not the u.s. economy could slip into recession, if that was inevitable, he said it wasn't inevitable. but he did not say that it was not going to. happened so, obviously. that is something that the administration is very concerned about. in terms of the relationship between the u.s. and japan, this is something that both leaders highlighted. they said they're working to get stronger both in terms of economic ties, as well security ties. one of the things that the president and


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