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tv   The Mehdi Hasan Show  MSNBC  May 23, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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tonight on the mehdi hasan show, republicans are doubling down on racist conspiracies in the wake of the buffalo mass shooting but at the same time they're trying to blame democrats for them, too. one of the top democrats that they're blaming, former presidential candidate julian castro joins me live. how to teach kids about racism when republicans are silencing our teachers. i will speak with the national education association.
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and my conversation on the enduring legacy of george carlin. good evening. i'm mehdi hasan. it's been a full week now. since a mass shooter brutally shot and killed ten people at a grocery store in a predominantly black neighborhood of buffalo, new york. seven days since we learned that a quote-unquote manifesto linked to the accused gunman embraces the vial great replacement conspiracy theory, which promotes fears that the people of the west, read, white people, are being replaced by so-called white genocide. a week removed from one of the worst racist massacres in modern american history and how is the republican party responded? well, top republicans have doubled down on their support for the horrific conspiracy theory that was used to justify mass murder. let us count some of the ways, shall we? comments resurfaced after the shooting in which conservative
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congressman matt gaetz expressed his support for replacement theory and gaetz tried to insist he had been speaking in race neutral terms. senator ted cruz claimed the u.s. was a victim of invasion from the south. and compared it to ukraine. how many bombs have dropped on cruz's neighborhood? and elise stefanik, the gop leadership, who came under fire in the wake of the massacre for the past campaign ads that echoed replacement theory. and yet on monday she tweeted that democrats want wide open borders and mass amnesty for illegals allowing them to vote. that is replacement retro. and the border is canada, not mex coax and the piece deresistance is the overseas holiday, european vacation style by the american conservative
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movement which covered in bude heft, hungary. do these people have day jobs? the role of the hapless clark griswold followed by this guy who spent much of his video message at the conference foaming over hungarian prime minister who was recently re-elected, if you can call it that, to a fourth consecutive term. >> we are very close, as you know, to victor, a great leader, and a great gentleman and he had a very big election result that, i was very honored to endorse him, a little unusual endorsement, when we're normally looking at the 50 states and we went a little astray because he is a fantastic man. >> is trump training to take credit for the win? the the greater point, in hungary, great replacement is not the theory, it is the state's governing ideology. they see hungarians in eth know
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terms and believe immigration to europe is an existential threat to his vision of europe and touting this quote-unquote conspiracy theory is working for him and the guru of keeping things white and christian and making hungary great again has conditioned with an authoritarian government on hungary and would-be autocratic friends in america to dot same thing and he told them when he opened cpac, by telling american conservatives, we need to find friends and allies and coordinate the movement of our troops because we have a big challenge ahead of us. that doesn't sound ominous at all. and the path to power is have your own media and i think american conservatives have figured that out and tuck carlson, the cable host has espoused great replacement theory versions more than 400 times since 2016 and addressed the crowd by video message and broadcast his show from budapest
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for an entire week last year. and victor says the far right autocracy in america, tucker carlson should broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week and i wouldn't be surprised if that would one day happens. i really wouldn't. and we weren't surprised this week when additionally to shamefully doubling down on replacement theory tucker carlson turned things up to 11 by first claiming he had no idea what replacement theory was. take a listen. >> you heard a lot about the great replacement theory recently. everywhere in the last two dies and we're not sure exactly what it is. >> but if tucker carlson doesn't know what replacement theory is, how could he try to hang that racist albatross around the neck of joe biden and other prominent democrats. and in tucker's world, that's what he did anyways. >> they bragged about it endlessly. they talk about it on cable news. constantly. and they say, out loud, we are doing this because it helps us to win elections.
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that's not something is said once and it is gloated about again and again and again and we think that is wrong and in case you doubt us, here they are. >> african americans, it's white, it's latino, it's asian, pacific islanders, it is made up of those who are told they are not worthy of being here. it is comprised of those who are documented and undocumented. >> a couple of presidential cycles, you will be on election night, you will be announcing that we're call the 38 electoral votes of texas for the democratic nominee for president. it is changing, it's going to become a purple state and then a blue state because the demographics. >> it's the definition of audacious and shameless, don't blame me tucker carlson says, i'm not responsible for hateful ideology that i promote, it's been the democrat, yeah, yeah, that's it, carlson concludes, it's their fault for being in favor of diversity. look, democrats like stacey
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abrams and hulian castro are in favor of diversity because they're not racist and it is america spoet supposed to be a melting polt and talking about changing american demographics because demographics are change and it is not replacement theerry. astro is saying that the forecast calls for rain and he thinks that is beneficial and carlson is accusing him of affecting the weather. what's frustrating to see some liberal, some centrists buying this carlson bs and playing both sides often replacement. and the political scientist told cnn, the uncomfortable truth is that a less conspiratorial cousin of it, replacement theory, has long been embraced in mainstream public discourse. no. stop. stop. you cannot both sides this. it's not the same thing. to quote the meme of all memes, the og, drill on twitter, the wiseman bowed his head solemnly and spoke. there is actually zero difference between good and bad
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things. you can see the rest. let me spell this out as clearly as i can. liberals welcoming a diverse society and pointing to changing demographics is not the same as the far right as saying a secret jewish is deliberately importing black and brown people into the country to replace white americans. come on, it just isn't. who better to talk about this than former democratic presidential candidate julian castro, and he served as obama's secretary of housing and urban development and a former mayor of san antonio texas. thanks for coming back on the show. tucker carlson says you're just as responsible for placing great replacement theory that is benefitting you and the democratic party. what is your response to that? >> that it's a bunch of bs. and he knows it. they are engaging in the worst projection ever. these guys have been engaging racial priming from mixing
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southern strategy to the attack on immigrants, to tucker carlson making millions and millions of dollars by trying to bribe white voters to see the growth of black and brown communities as a threat to them in the future and to vote for republicans. and it's insulting that even for a couple of reasons, it's insulting to latinos and in my case, because the vast majority of these democrat changes are taking place not because of immigration, but these folks, hispanics, halt knows -- latinos, whatever you want to call the community, they have been there for generations. the grandmother i grew up in san antonio, texas, got to america 100 years ago and you have folks who have been there even longer than that, and that's what's, that's who is growing in texas, and in nevada, and arizona, and all of these swing states, they're going to -- it really sells them short. it says that if, it plays on a
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fear, and assumes that if they're primed for that theer, they're going to be biased and exhibit prejudice when they go vote, and i actually believe and i think a lot of people believe, that there are many, many, probably most white americans who reject this cynical attempt to divide people, and many in texas are actually turning against republicans because of that. i mean trump lost ground with white texans in 2020 versus 2016, and so they can keep doing it, and i think it's going to get worse and worse for them. >> what's interesting, you mentioned the texas voting patterns, we discussed on this show, and you've discussed elsewhere, i know, this idea that a lot of, not a lot, but you know, a significant number, noticeable numbers of latino men in particular in border communities were voting for trump in 2020 so this idea even if you buy into the racist conspiracy that people are being brought in and legalized and naturalized, republicans are bragging they are getting votes
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in both communities, and you can't have it both ways and we're running huge numbers of latino, and it is classic, have your cake and eat, it and as you mentioned, a lot of the communities, with generation, it's not about generations and when tucker carlson talks about legacy americans, white americans and brown and black americans have been here for generations and black americans since the beginning of the country. let me ask you this, three years ago, when a government opened fire in a walmart in el paso, texas, the response from a lost conservatives, magazines like the national review, unquestioning condemnation. this week, in response to a government opening, and the ideology behind it, white supremacy, in response to a gunman opening fire in a buffalo supermarket, a lot of the response on the right, we condemn the violence but the theory behind, it you know, there's some truth to it, we shouldn't condemn the idea that democrats are using this for political purposes. i mean a lot has changed, even between 2018 and 2019 and now.
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>> that is the scariest part, to watch these republican politicians, these conservatives being unwilling to completely disavow white nationalism. basically to treat, it you know, with a wink, and try and reap the political benefit that it might have for them. they are going to a very scary place that has very real consequences, for communities of color out there, whether you talk about el paso, buffalo, recently, atlanta, pittsburgh, this is a dangerous trend for conservatives in this country and everybody else who wants equality in this country, who values diversity, who has respect for anybody, no matter what their background is, needs to stand up and speak out and push back against this immediately. we don't want to go down this path in the united states. >> so you said the magic words. speak out. democrats have been speaking out
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against white supremacy and replacement theory this week. chuck schumer, the senate majority leader wrote a letter to fox, regarding tucker carlson and what hasn't been done, joe biden, kamala harris, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, the senior most elected democrats in america and none called out a single republicans by name and elise stefanik the number three republican in the case, why are they giving them a pass? democrats like ilhan omar made an inappropriate remark about apac and she apologized with anti-semitism and stefanik is doubling down on a massacre theory and i don't hear a single top democrat calling them out by name. why is that?
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>> i've been disappointed as well and more than one conversation with folks about that. look, collegiality is a very strong sentiment among people in public office when they serve in a body, one of the strongest sentiments, sometimes there is partisanship and sometimes it becomes detrimental to the reality of what we face as a country, and this is one of those times, where they need to call these folks out, for not disavowing white supremacy. if not, we're going to go further and further along this path because it gets normalized. we can't afford that. i don't care if your relationship with one of these folks might be damaged a little bit. and in theory, they might come back at you with something that hurts you politically. you have to speak up. you have to stand up. speak out. or else the nation is going to suffer, our democracy is going to suffer and especially communities of color, vulnerable communities will see more el pasos and pittsburghs and buffalos and we don't want that
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in the future. >> it's bizarre because when it comes calling out republicans and cute-sy names by democrats and polling groups coming up with ultra-maga, and immediately the republican party just borrowed and started selling merchandise. and donald trump likes the idea of being ultra-maga and i'm not sure about that phraseology, and i understand why you can't call, you know, call them what they are, which is authoritarian and some would argue, including myself fascist and why hide behind these words. and a judge on friday, federal judge, trump appointee, louisiana, brought the biden administration's attempt to rescind the title 42 quote-unquote public health measure, the steven miller special, that basically blocks anyone from claiming asylum at the southerner border and you and i have discussed what an
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arbitrary rule it is and the judge can block the u.s. government from deciding immigration policy at the southern border? >> it is maddeningly frustrating. it is also harmful what trump has done to our judiciary, turning it into the most activist judiciary that we probably have ever seen. ironically, as you pointed out, and this is a group that always railed against judicial activism, it's also going to mean that a lot of those families down there, along the border, who have been waiting, just for their opportunity to ask for asylum, they're going to suffer even more. title 42 is a policy that needs to be ended. i'm glad that the biden administration said that they're going to do everything they can to appeal this. and hopefully be able to lift title 42. they waited too long. never should have waited this long. did not have the political courage to do this sooner but we are where we are and they have to continue to use the means
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within the legal system to try to lift. it it's the right thing to do. >> quick last question. 30 seconds left. if you look at the polls, it looks like democrats are heading for a shellacking for the midterms in november and possibly the most consequential midterms in our lives and if you had to give joe biden a piece of advice or chuck schumer or nancy pelosi, to turn things around, what would it be? >> i would say be bold. make the distinction clear. sell what the democrats have done for the american people, which is a lot and also make these division, the difference on this extremism that republicans have raised, from white nationalism, to serving only the rich and powerful, big corporations, make that very clear for the voters. >> i hope they're watching and listening. julian castro, thank you so much for your time tonight. appreciate it. >> thanks. still ahead, the conversations in schools that we must have about race and racism but aren't. plus the supreme court made it easier to bribe politicians this
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the racist killings of trayvon martin and george floyd led to hospital open conversations about race in america. but last week's mass shooting in buffalo that targeted black people hasn't inspired the same
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kind of dialogue and it almost seems like we're going backwards especially in our schools where it is taboo in nanny state republicans. virginia school board considering renaming schools after confederate generals. blacks only, whites only signs posted over water fountains at cincinnati high school. viral photograph shows florida students spelling out the "n" word. tell me how critical race theory is turning youth into liberal drones. we need to speak more than less because the kids are not all right. president of the national education association, becky pringle, thank you for coming on the show tonight. you are a former middle schoolteacher, i believe, in a perfect world, how would you have addressed the buffalo massacre and great replacement theory with your students last monday morning, and how far away are we right now from that perfect world? >> good to be with you. i taught science for over 30
1:24 am
years, and in my classroom, my middle school classroom, i've always had students who were watching the news, who were having conversations at home, who came into school wanting to have that conversation about what was happening in the world. there's no question that kids all ever the country came into the classrooms, after the killing in buffalo and know we lost numbers in that killing in buffalo, and that community, and all of us are still mourning that loss, and seeing how fear and racism and white nationalism fueled all of the hate and anger based on lies and we've been talking about this for the last few years. to actually tell teachers that they cannot have those conversations with their students is not allowing them to allow those students to build their critical thinking skills
1:25 am
and their problem solving ability so they can actually solve these difficult problems. >> you represent millions of teachers across the country. what are you hearing from them as they are being branded as, if they talk about lbgtq issues and accused of in dock nating children if they talk about american history and threatened with job loss or criminal action if they mention race or politics in the classroom? >> you and i have beth seen our teachers and counselors and bus drivers and those across the country over the last years, do incredible work and filling in the social and emotional gaps for our students and going above and beyond and for them to be attacked the way they are being attacked, for them to be challenged on their professional abilities and what they know in their curriculum to do, it is unacceptable. it is unacceptable. but i tell you what.
1:26 am
even though we might have thought it might mite have a -- it might have a chilling effect, i will tell you i've been all over the country and just flew back from north carolina and one of our teachers there, supporting, working together, to ensure that our students had access though that curriculum and they were basing the curriculum on the 1619 project. i just left north carolina, where there were teachers who were teaching our nea leaders for just schools curriculum, where educators and the community were being taught about race and deal with their own bias and so they could work and learn together. >> those are good examples, you're pointing to people who are not, you know, being rolled over, or intimidated but there review course examples of the opposite. nbc news reported last week, that there are teachers in austin, texas, and other such places who say they wanted to talk about buffalo but were
1:27 am
scared about losing their jobs. you are also getting reports of teachers and educators that they want to quit. is this affecting people's employment prospects, their morale, their faith in the system, these laws that have been passed in republican-controlled states? >> absolutely. and that's why we have put on our website, and we have been training our teachers to know their rights, so they know how they can stand up and how we will defend them, as they teach the truth, the full and complete history of this country, so we are standing behind them and defending them, so they can do that, and so we can do away with this chilling effect, because with the reality, our students are asking for the opportunity to have these conversations, and i am seeing educators all over this country standing up and doing just that. >> it seems a lot of americans believe racism will simply die out with the older more bigoted
1:28 am
generations in this country, and yet, the buffalo shooting suspect was just 18 years old. >> there's no question that the disinformation, the lies that have been spread, has had this effect on young people, in a way that it stokes that fear, and encourages them, really. the violent racist act, we have to absolutely speak up and stand up for what we know is true, and what the promise of this country is. you know, i talk a lot about the poetry of our constitution. we the people. all of the people to pursue happiness and to be truly free and we are working in our schools every single day, to ensure that not just our black and brown and indigenous and students know about the history of our country but the white students as well, they are
1:29 am
asking for learning, so they can be the leaders of a just society. >> becky pringle from the national education association, we'll have to leave it there. thank you for your time. >> thank you. coming up, how many common sense popular legislative bills can house republicans blindly oppose before democrats speak up and campaign loudly against that obstructionism? but first, we have the headlines. cori, hello. >> good evening. stories at this hour, a search is under way for the suspect who fatally shot a man in a new york city subway car. police say he shot the victim in the torso unprovoked and fled once the train reached the station. it comes weeks after ten people were wounded at a shooting at a subway train in brooklyn. 75,000 pounds of baby formula has arrived in the u.s., to address the national shortage. flown in on a military plane from germany to indiana. the white house says another shipment of formula is expected to arrive in pennsylvania in the coming days.
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president biden is permanently banned from russia. he was added to the updated black list released by russia's foreign affairs ministry on saturday. nearly a thousand prominent americans are on that list. former president donald trump is not. more on the mehdi hasan show after the break. eak. it's still the eat fresh® refresh, and now subway® is refreshing their classics, like the sweet onion teriyaki sauce, topped on tender shaved steak. it's a real slam dunk. right, derek? wrong sport, chuck. just hold the sub, man! subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshi-
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over the past 16 months since joe biden entered the white house and democrats took control of both chambers of congress, republicans in the house of representatives have opposed dozens and dozens of common sense and often very popular democratic policy bills. let me mention just some of them. give me 60 seconds. start the clock. house republicans voted against a bill to give money to the fda to help tackle the baby formula shortage, against a bill to increase resources against domestic terrorism and against price gouging by all companies, and increase funding to poverty and against a bill to provide billions of relief to
1:36 am
restaurants and small businesses hit hard by the pandemic and marijuana and against a bill for veterans exposed to burns. and exposed the child credit credits and universal pre-k and hearing aids and the voting rights act of 1965 and reauthorize the violence against women act and new background checks for private gun sales and against a bill for $1400 checks to ordinary americans and based on discrimination an gender discrimination, and each and every one of the hugely popular bills so maybe house democrats on cable should be pointing all of this out. still ahead, the enduring legacy of the great george carlin, i talked about the new hbo documentary on the legendary
1:37 am
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today's endless multimillionaire superstars who dominate on television, none of them can claim that one of their bits sparked a legal fight that went all of the way to the supreme court. that honor goes to the late great george carlin whose famous seven dirty words routinely led the high supreme court to affirm the government's power to censor indecent material on public airways. he inspired a generation of comedians with the social commentary including stephen colbert, and john stewart and executive produced a two-part documentary paying tribute to him and it is called george carlin's american dream, and premiered on hbo this weekend and here is part one of my
1:42 am
conversation with the director and producer. >> john, thank you so much for joining me. the documentary is glorious. invaluable. i hope everyone watches it. and i know you were a fan of george carlen, you watched a lot of his stuff growing up when you were an up and coming standup. i don't think you met him in person, but what made you want to make this hbo documentary about him? what did george carlin mean to you? >> i started listening to his records when i was ten years old and back then, his records, he broke down curse words which you love when you're a little kid, somebody telling you that it's okay to say things, he certainly was very anti-authority, he used to say, you know, to parents, never teach their kids to challenge authority, because they are authority. and i think the way he looked at the world, kind of inserted the software in my mind that lot of comedians minds about how to write jokes and how to break
1:43 am
things down. >> and the documentary, the movie is a real deep dive into george carlin, the people will find out a lot of things about him that they did not know before. what did you learn about them that you didn't know before that really surprised you while making it? >> it was interesting about him, he talked a lot about the big issues, but he wasn't someone who talked about his personal life, and he never talked about being a parent or a husband, and he didn't get into great detail about all of his struggles with addiction and cocaine, and it was really interesting to learn about everything that he tried to avoid talking about. which is a very long marriage with his wife brenda, but you know, he was on the road, and she got left alone and that led her not being able to pursue her career, and became an alcoholic and a cocaine addict and harrowing child rearing for his daughter and they worked it out and got sober and kind of a tough but beautiful story.
1:44 am
>> his image on stage changed over the course of his life, over the course of his career, from clean shaven and suits earlier on to the pony tail and beard that we kind of remember him as. let's have a listen to a part of the film about that. >> george carlin, a transformation. >> sign his name? >> george carlin was clean shaven, that's what he did in showbiz time and he transformed into who he actually was. >> the person offstage is the person you are onstage. how did that apply to comedians today, especially in this age of social media, with celebrities having these heavily curated online images? >> well, i think that it takes a long time to figure out who they are and some do their best work in their mid-30s and their 40s, and it's hard to get
1:45 am
comfortable, and figure out how to translate that on to the stage, and the thing that was incredible about george carlin was he had five different phases of his career. he was in the comedy team. and then he was solo. kind of soft. and corny in a way. and then he turned into the hippy comedian. and then he got soft again. and then he became a really dark political thinker at the end of his life. >> yes, he did. and what's interesting is there are so many, there are so many clips that are still shared today, and he was a very political comedian, wasn't he, and political in a way that defied, you know, conventional party political labels and a there is a great bit in the film where he talks about how he hates the orthodoxy of the left and of the right, even in today, he identified quite a bit of a lefty, and he was very anti-establishment, which was ahead of his time, given the politics we now endure, anti-establishment politics on the left and right and there is
1:46 am
a clin that always goes viral and it is "you ain't in it," and from the life ain't worth losing special. >> the table is tilted. the game is rigged. no one seems to notice. nobody seems to care. >> the table is tilted. the game is rigged. just he was so ahead of his time, wasn't he? that was two years before the changes and ten years before the rise of trump. >> he was always warning people about the dangers of dark money, of financial forces controlling the government, and controlling the media, and controlling thought, and he really felt like they wanted us to fight with each other, so they could steal the money while nobody was paying attention. and he felt like it was very important for people to be critical thinkers, and to question everything, he certainly was liberal, he was for gun control, and a woman's right to choose and gay rights and civil rights and very suspicious of military spending, but at the same time, he really
1:47 am
did feel like a lot of the levers were being controlled by people who didn't have our best interests at heart. >> yeah, i mean that's why so many people, a whole new generation of people keep identifying with limb, because what he says is still so important. >> and what would george carlin make of the current political moment and on the verge of the supreme court overturning roe v. wade? >> he was concerned about people losing their rights, there's a quote from him, where he says that, you know, i rights aren't rights if someone can take them away. they're privileges. that's all we ever had in this country. a bill of temporary privileges and if you read the news, you know the list gets shorter and shorter. and that's something that he wrote in 2006. and i think we're seeing that right now. >> that was the first part of my discussion with judd apatow, and tune in to the peacock show tomorrow for the second half of the interview and you can watch
1:48 am
george carlin's american dream now on hbo and hbo max. still ahead how ted cruz and the supreme court just teamed it up to make it easier, to i don't know how to describe, it allegedly bribe members of congress. stay tuned. of congress stay tuned it's still the eat fresh refresh, and subway's refreshing their app. so you can customize your favorite footlong, set a pickup time, and jump the line! oh, here she goes! ugh, i thought she was actually gonna jump. just use this code and order on the subway app!
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we've been talking a lot about the supreme court lately, but here's one case that may have flown under your radar. on monday, the court issued an opinion in a case federal elections commissions, ted cruz, for senate, yes, that ted cruz, back in 2018, ted cruz ran what was at the time the most expensive senate race in u.s. history, against democratic challenger beto o'rourke, and
1:53 am
one day before that election, cruz personally loaned his campaign $260,000. what an oddly specific number to lend. especially one day before an election. well, back in 2002, there was a law which prohibited campaigns from repaying more than $250,000 of personal loans using funds raised after an election. the law influences the special, limits the influence the special interest groups can have on candidates after they won, and that wouldn't apply to cruz's personal loan and from donations before the election, as long as they do so within a 20-day window. following cruz's victory in 2018, he let that 20-day deadline lapse, intentionally laying the ground work for this legal challenge. which brings us to monday. when the conservative court cited with ted cruz, knocking down the $250,000 cap. and the ruling came as no surprise to anyone who follows this court.
1:54 am
recently stripped away major campaign finance provisions and most of those 2010 citizens united decision and like in that case, there are fears that monday's decision could have dire consequences like opening the flood gates to bravery, by allowing high dollar donors to funnel money directly into candidates' personal bank accounts. justice kagan wrote in her dissent, it takes no political genius to see the heightened risk of corruption and kagan warned in striking down the law today the court green lights all of the sordid bargains congress thought right to stop. ted cruz serves in congress. in the senate. where he has the power to help change laws he doesn't agree with. but instead of sponsoring a bill, he took a shortcut through the right wing supreme court. and this might be the first time you're hearing about this case, so i have to ask, why aren't the democrats, especially ones in texas, blasting the airways about this decision. ted cruz just made it easier for special interests in america to essentially bribe politicians
1:55 am
directly. here's my message to democrats. don't underestimate the role of corruption in our politics. remember the candidacies of donald trump and bernie sanders back in 2016, although in trump's case, it was totally hypocritical. both of them made huge inroads with the voters using an anti-corruption and anti-establishment message. in general, the american people are rightly fed up with political and moral and financial corruption. in washington, d.c. so there's an open goal here, democrats. don't miss. coming up, at the top of the hour, former trump dhs official miles taylor, joins amin about his discussion to quit the gop and what finally got him to the breaking point. that's next right here on msnbc. that's next right here on msnbc. it's still the eat fresh® refresh, and now subway® is refreshing their classics, like the sweet onion teriyaki sauce, topped on tender shaved steak. it's a real slam dunk. right, derek? wrong sport, chuck. just hold the sub, man! subway keeps refreshing and refreshing
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thank you for watching. we'll be right back here next sunday, at 8:00 p.m. eastern.
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