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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart Reports  MSNBC  May 23, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. >> good morning. new this hour, president biden said that u.s. would be open to military action if china invades taiwan. during his high profile trip to asia, surprising many of his own advisors. >> you didn't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict uare you willing to get involved to defend taiwan if it comes to
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that? >> yes. it is a commitment we made. >> back here in the u.s., voters head to the polls for election day. critical primary races in georgia. and the high stakes run-offs in texas. >> more shipments of bhaeb form la, after the first flight touched down in indiana yesterday. how soon could parents see it on shelves. >> and a federal judge has stopped the biden administration from lifting the bill. and still many make the journey. >> and a live report. >> we begin this hour with a
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fall-out from president biden's much stunning comments that u.s. would intervene if china invaded taiwan. taiwan thanked the president. the chinese foreign minister took a hard line. saying nobody should under estimate the chin neez people to defend. he made similar comments earlier. >> i don't want a cold war with china. >> you are saying that the united states would come to
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taiwan's aid? >> yes, we have a commitment to do that. >> washington post foreign columnist. david, also contributors. >> what are they now saying? >> well, their main point, jose, there is no change in u.s. policy. the white house quickly, after the president's comments from saying that as the president noted, there is no change in u.s. policy. i will read you more. he reiterated one chipa policy, the commitment to peace and stability, our commitment to provide taiwan with the military means to defend itself. this is want the first time that
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white house has had to come out and clarify the president's statement. that under scores what the president thinks, what he does think, that the u.s. position should be. the administration saying there is no change in policy, he said this while he is in this region. that rachets up, the 10ths. there is a lot of tensions in this building, in this. the president's economic oh, genda is being overshadowed. >> this is not a policy shift. sending u.s. troops into taiwan, if it were to be invaded.
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not part of the 80 of 1979, has sending troops it is not part of it that u.s. would send in troops. they have expected that there would be military commitment. in the aftermath of the ukraine invasion, are worried that the chinese would see our nonintervention in ukraine, an idea that we not not. we -- this looks different, no
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matter what the white house said. >> how do otherinationings see a not clear or clear acted in ukraine? >> the heart of diplomacy, that is what it was all when. our miami will be unclear. you have to guess, we are not going to tell you. this back and forth that happened before with biden. he introduced the am ambig utity that we want. we are not getting into the war, we don't want a war with russia, don't assume that we would stay out of a war in taiwan, it may
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be exactly what biden wants to do. >> because the president is on the trip to asia, what this trip is having hymn on during the tril? >> both tips, he is there, and that the fact that we are talking about any official that you have talked to over the last three this is about accepteding a message like china, how the world would respond. launch what is the most, in the
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last five, six years, the indo-pacific framework. white house officials have been briefing reporters what is expected, it is 13 nations, and. white house officials want negotiates to come in after this. they want to set up, it is not as sweeping as the it pp. had the obama, and the u.s. pulled the u.s. out of. this is the first foray the broader world as well. this message from the positive,
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it was clear cut. a direct question. his answer was yes. then they followed up on it. he said, that is what we have in our agreement. >> talk to me about the major economic agreement, and a dozen pacific nations. >> create an economic security.
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the, this is designed to be a check on china. the real proof is if that go there is no binding pacts, this is something that is 13 countries might discuss how to get to some of the goals, supply train, any, this is a win, they worked hard to get the countries on board.
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they are proud of the number of countries on board. there are at ways to go for actually agreements. >> taiwan isn't included? >> i wondered if the president's comments were sort of, you know, alternative prize for taiwan, left out of the economic agreement. it is really about standards. more than trade agreements, it is significant, one of the 13 countries in this negotiation will be india, an economic power house. there is hope they can get common standards for digital products, building out the future in a way that will enhance american company, and american trade.
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be a sig trying to wire up the world. in chinese terms. it is not the transpacific partnership. that was a better agreement. this is a start. china has had such an impact wiring up the world. we have seen what they have been age to do in cuba. to name a country. thank you very much. tomorrow, voters will head to the polls in five states, set their ballot voters in georgia, decide who the former n fmpt l
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governor's race, from governor kept will hold off perdue, who has the support of trump. whoever wins goes up against abrams. you are following. >> we will look ahead with the event with the former vice president don't. when you look at the enemies, trump tried to cast. you would say that kemp is near or at the top of the list. repeatedly attacked by the president. the candidate running against him is someone that president trump hand picked to run against
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him. in that race, it doesn't appear that is working. the former senate is on his way to a defeat. down 30 points in the polls, and made 2020 the thing they have in common, they are trump supporters. his attack on the governor is not enough to have them switch sides. take a look at what some told me. >> because he wants fair relations, he didn't do anything to help trump. he shouldn't have done anything illegal, legal means to help straighten out the election. >> did you support president
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trump? >> i did. >> does his criticism of the governor -- >> i don't like it at all. >> does it impact your support of him? >> it makes me want to support him more. >> thru heard from two supporters, one in support of governor company, can you hear the first person talk strongly about 2020. it was a focus immediately. kemp supporters point more to his record. they say that is why they are supporting him. 800,000 turned out early to cast a ballot. it will be interesting to see when it comes to early voting. >> stay with us for special coverage of tomorrow's primary.
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that is tonight, 7:00 europe, 4:00 pacific. msnbc. >> we will take a deeper look at why we are seeing a rise in a rise in haitian migrants, making the sometimes deadly journey to the u.s. >> and monkeypox, how worried we should be.
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>> 20 past the hour, may 23rd, scheduled to be the day that biden administration lifted the trump era covid border policy, allowing to expel migrants without having to hear plans for asylum. take a moment to listen to this
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reaction, here is a 10-year-old boy from honduras. this weekend. >> . >> he said, i wish i could go to school. i just want to be happy. one of the largest groups of migrants coming to the u.s. is haitians. they have been fleeing their homeland in record numbers in recent numbers, trying to get to florida through mexico. looking at the largest exodus of haitians in two decades. joining me now, the woman who wrote those articles. thank you for being with us. we are seeing a change in the
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migration and attempts to reach the u.s. >> we are now seeing them try to get to florida or puerto rico. leaving the island, shared with the dominican republic. we have 5,000 hate yaps, returned back to the island. we have 14 hoond to made it, five boats to the florida keys since november. >> and close to puerto rico, they lost their lives, in an attempt to get to the united states? >> right now, today, in haiti, we have kidnapping people are desperate. people are saying, i know one of
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two things will happen, i will die or arrive. then they are willing to take the journey, more than likely they will die at sea. >> such a horrible reality. there is a mirror image, a protest for freedom broke out. the haitian people will lose everything, including their lives. >> we saw what happened in dell rio texas. what is happening to them? >> some are trying to get back to mexico, and brazil, the
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country is unlive ablg. one young man said, we are already dead, just not buried yet. >> what struck you the most any this new way of hattians trying to reach a life. there is no airport. in order to take a boat to risk their lives, it is a push back, you know the country today doesn't offer anything for them. they don't see a future. they don't see tomorrow. that is what is difference, the push factors are so strong, they are willing to get on a boat, they know it is not safe. >> this is an important issue,
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it is an important issue, a crisis. and good morning, talk to us about the crisis, humanitarian crisis that you are seeing where you are? >> jose, behind me, there is hundreds of migrants that recently crossed into mexico , migrants arrive, mislead by social media posts that make them think the border is open to
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all migrants trying to arrive at the u.s./mexican border. some of that just arrived, hoping to find a i place to sleep. the ones i talked to, some type of change at the u.s./mexico border. a woman pulled out her phone and showed me why she thinks things are easier. >> this is a video. she watched a video three hours ago. published on, and it is a video that someone uploaded. saying that crossed the river. this is the kind of stuff, well, if they are crossing, maybe i
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could cross. >> she said she has no idea what the policy is. she knows she wants to arrive at the border. see what is happening, and cross. >> as you can see, they will interpret those images as well. others have crossed, they understand there is headlines with changes, by the time the information is filtered, a woman who told me. they continue to cross the border. >> many of them, right behind you, by the cartel, and muhan
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smugglers s so extreme, violent. thank you very much for being with us this morning. coming up. the first of two shipments of baby formula arrived in the u.s. how long it will take to get into
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vote for democrat tony thurmond. he's making our public schools work for all of us.
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>> on alert for more cases of monkeypox. president biden downplayed his quote, it is something everybody should be concerned about. >> in tokyo this morning. >> there doesn't seem to be a need of extra effort beyond what is going on. i don't think it rises to the level of the kind of concern of covid-19. >> joining us now, an expert on
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monkeypox, studying it in the congo for 20 years. >> thanks for having me, it is a viral zooinosis. it is a virerous that normally lives in an animal. when a person is infected, and able to translate it to other people. >> the name monkeypox, because it is primarily monkeys. >> it was discovered in monkeys in the late 50s, in a colony in
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mark. it is a cousin of small pox, which we eradicated in 1980. when we eradicated smallpox, we stopped vaccinating. now, other diseases, similar to it, like monkeypox, that is why we are seeing spread when it gets introduced into a population. >> do you get coverage if you get smallpox vaccinated? >> yes, in fact, some of the early work that we did in drc showed that people who were vaccinated against smallpox, many, many decades ago, still
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had protection against it it doesn't mean, if you had a vaccine, when you were a child, it doesn't mean you have full protection, it would likely protection you from hospital situations, deaths are not associated with this particular strain, how do we get it and see that we have got it? >> monkeypox is spread from person to person, through close contact. you have to be in close contact. respiratory drop lets, through
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legions, there is a rash. the legions are infectious. it is possible to get it, contact with bodily fluids, bedding, objects it can survive outside of the body for a long period of time. objects are a potential risk. >> it seems there is all kinds of ways to get it. it is respiratory, and legions, some way to protect yourself? >> this is not air -- this has
7:37 am
been associated with events that may have seeded other cases. the cases we are seeing around the globe. that is something you may want to watch, make sure that you don't end up feeling sick. what we know, this is something we need to be watching it, people with a suspicious rash, contact their health provider. isolate from other people. this is not something we will seed wide spread disease. >> i am fascinating.
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if you see someplace with legions, it is easy to say, maybe i shouldn't be rubbing skin with them. all the people who get monkey pox like that or is it invisible? >> we do need to do more tests to under if the transmission is possible. what we know about monkey mox. the reason we see something. it doesn't normally do.
7:39 am
has the virus changed? has it gotten into a population, that is susceptible. it is not cause for concern for the general public, we just need to understand the situation. >> thank you for understanding the situation. the international shipments came in. hospitals say, children are hospitalized due to a lack of formula. >> we are seeing so many telling
7:40 am
us, i that are causing upset tum y. the formula that arrived will sustain 9,000 babies and 8,000 toddlers for a week. >> as the nation grapples with wide spread formula shortages, relief is on the horizon. the first aircraft touching down on suspected, more than 70,000 pounds of infant and junior formulas, unloaded after.
7:41 am
>> the pressure cargo is destined for kids with cow's milk allergies. >> nestle said it will be sent in a matter of day, the rest of the shipment, the next two weeks. >> our understanding is, a matter of weeks, not mr.s. >> an apology, we are sorry.
7:42 am
>> her son has a cow's milk allergy. >> if the government was aware of this, we should have been more proactive. and in getting more been it got to this point? >> i don't think the u.s. government dropped the ball. >> thank you. up next, we are live in ukraine, with how russian troops. [suitcase closing] [gusts of wind]
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trial. according to ukraine officials there, are growing concerns, that a after next hour, we will hear from the defense secretary, and hearing the latest on the war. what is the latest today? >> reporter: well, we are learning more about a missile strike that took place in the region last week. according to president volodymyr zelenskyy, a military base and training camp. president volodymyr zelenskyy, if it is military perm, it would
7:48 am
be the single greatest strike so far in this war. the violence is raging in the east, while military analysts were claiming that ukraine has successfully pushed russia out. the officials saying this morning, that russians are setting up checkpoints there, and over the weekend, there was they said 10 fires were started in a span of 48 hours, describing for me what they have been through. how their role changed due to the war. >> our work is the same, but more complicated. we continue to fight fires, now,
7:49 am
they are constant shelling. when we are going to the fires, it is scary. once we are on the are you optimistic for the future of this city? >> yes, we believe that we will definitely win. >> that sense of optimism that he was expressing there echoed throughout the country. despite the fact that this war has no signs of stopping. >> still ahead, the latest, and the last remaining antiabortion house democrat. will his stance cause him to be ousted by a progressive after nine terms in office?
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(whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. with voters getting ready to cast their primary ballot in five states tomorrow, one race in texas is set to be a major test for one of the more conservative democrats in congress. congressman henry cuellar, who represents a border district, is facing a primary runoff against jessica cisneros, a 28-year-old progressive immigration lawyer. she's challenging henry cuellar on border policy and abortion. joining us now is victoria soto, from the university of arkansas. victoria, always a pleasure to see you. let's start with border policy. cisneros says henry cuellar is
7:54 am
playing into right wing talking points. how does this issue play in that district? >> well, it is complicated. we know that in public opinion polling, latinos are a little bit more open in terms of immigration policy when we're looking at folks on the board e, it gets tricky, because we're looking at the folks who are most impacted by the brunt of an immigration system and a system that continues to be broken. the other weese is a lot of the folk living on the border are employed by border patrol, so it's not as clear cut as the general theoretical question of, do you support immigration reform? it gets complicated. >> henry cuellar has been fighting for immigration reform
7:55 am
and willing to cross the party line to reach some proposal. but on the border policy, they are two different things. yet it's interesting, victoria, because texas has been -- there are people, depending on where you live, have a different perspective on this. >> yeah, because, you know, it's become such a nationalized issue, immigration. but at the end of the day, we have people in idaho or people, you know, in new york talking about the southern border, but it's the folks who are living on the border that feel that, that feel the repercussions of people coming over, trying to provide for them, trying to provide for their needs, not having assistance by the federal government, having the state government in the case of texas politicize the issue. you can see where people living on the border tart to get really frustrated, and they want to see something done. and before moving in terms of a
7:56 am
policy, they want to see resources put there first. so i think that's the complicating factor when we look at the people who are on the border day in and day out. >> henry cuellar says he opposes abortion except in the case of rape, incest or the life of the mother. how does this play? >> it's complicated. the issue of abortion in democratic politics is clear cut. when we look at this region, the dynamics are, again, very complex. there's a reason that henry cuellar, the only pro life democrat, has been able to get re-elected time after time. because we see a little bit more social conservatism in this area of south texas. this is also the reason why we have seen republicans make some gains in this area. it is complicated. >> victoria franchesco soto,
7:57 am
thank you for making the complicated less complicated for us. that wraps up the hour for me. i'll be back in a moment. more news, including a life briefing from defense secretary lloyd austin on ukraine. lloyd austin on ukraine. to design solutions to help you manage payroll, benefits, and hr today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪
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she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. good morning. great to be with you. i'm jose diaz-balart, kicking off another hour. it's 11:00 a.m. eastern. we're staying on top of a number of stories for you this morning. in about 30 minutes, defense secretary lloyd austin and mark milley will hold a briefing on the war in ukraine. they just met virtually with over 40 countries and talking about how much the aid is helping ukraine. >> the ukrainian armed forces are using systems both old and new. they have stalled russia's offensive in the east and co


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