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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  May 23, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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good to be with you. i'm katy tur. operation fly formula is under way. 78,000 pounds of hypo allergenic baby formula has arrived in virginia, enough to feed 9,000 infants and 18,000 toddlers, but just for one week. it is not yet in the hands of parents. nestle is doing what it called quality tests on the imports. that could take days. so those who need it like steven and megan, whose 7-month-old daughter requires a specialized
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diet, are still waiting. >> it is a big panic. because she has that dairy allergy, we can't just supplement with anything. she can't tolerate similac. we only can buy one type or she doesn't sleep and she's in excruciating pain. it's a battle and terrifying knowing you can't find it. i personally think it will be distributed quicker than what we think, i hope. i know several moms and babies who really need it. >> the biden administration says fly formula flights will continue for the next several weeks while u.s. manufacturers catch up with demand. the next round gets to pennsylvania this week. joining me is jolene kent from indianapolis. and the white house health
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policy director. i was speaking to secretary vilsack on this show and i asked him as soon as that formula lands and goes through the process, how long will it be before it gets on shelves. he said just a matter of days. was that not right? >> reporter: well, it depends. part of the batch that landed here in indianapolis was tested in zurich, switzerland, according to nestle. so that small batch will immediately be deployed once they get the results. they said they would get them in one to two days. they're back the timeline for that small bit. the rest of the batch still needs to be tested. it's here in indianapolis. it's being processed and then it will be distributed to the hospitals, the pharmacies and the health care providers across the country. now, the next batch that's coming in is also made by nestle, it's the gerber hypo
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allergenic formula. it will be trucked by fedex express up to pennsylvania to nestle where it will be distributed from there. that is probably going to be another couple of weeks. we're still waiting on an exact timeline on that front. this hypo allergenic formula serves a very specific limited group of babies and kids. the question we're hearing from so many parents is when is other formula coming down the pike for all of the other babies in need, katy. >> it looked like the family i just played a moment ago, it looked like they were on the tarmac, waiting on the tarmac for formula. >> reporter: yeah, there are some families that are going to be able to witness this. we saw some families yesterday on the tarmac looking and seeing this plane come in. but even though the u.s. government has expedited the
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process for processing formula and the safety checks and all of that, it doesn't appear on store shelves. that's what for so many families out there who need it on shelves who are looking for any kind of formula, that's where the challenge is. the defense production act is in motion with two manufacturers receiving approval on applications on expedited ingredients, single-use equipment like flters and stuff. that will allow two big manufacturers to get going. the supply chain experts i talk to say that's great you can get ready to go but the real issue is capacity. you have one company that's already very much working as quickly as they can and abbott is still waiting on the plant to reopen. according to the the fda, the timeline should be within a week. we don't know, though.
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we haven't heard back from abbott when the factory will still be reopened. there's a lot of unanswered questions right now when it comes to getting this formula on to store shelves and getting it into the hand of getting it into the hand of the babies who need it. the hypoallergenic formula, they need it. >> i want to talk about how there are only four major companies that do this in the united states and how abbott corners the market. there's also nestle. i mean, why in the world is the market for baby formula not more diversified and also i think when you consider that who's in charge of this, nestle, they make chocolate bars and a lot of other stuff. chocolate bars is what they're known for and they're also doing baby formula? it seems like we don't have things worked out so well here
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when it comes to how we feed our youngest -- how we feed anybody but how we feed our babies especially. >> yeah, katy, this has been something when i worked on the hill that we tried to fight in terms of having this monopoly by a handful of manufacturers and i think you're alluding to this with the nestle comment, if you look on the back of those boxes, my children used formula, one of the leading ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. it's not just when there are shortages but having alternatives. unfortunately our baby formula is wrapped in to a number of importation laws that prohibit us from making it easy, just like they are on military planes, formula from abroad. you and i probably both know moms who have ordered formulas from abroad and been automobile to give that to our children but that's generally reserved from high-priced product and you're doing something that's not
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necessarily overseen by the fda, which brings up a safety issue. finally, i think we really do have to ask the fda, hard questions have been asked, even harder questions need to be asked about why can't we continue to spur production for local manufacturers? fine, we want to limit imports but why are small manufacturers literally being crushed out of the market so there's essentially this monopoly? unfortunately it's not going to help parents lined up on the tarmac today but this is our new normal, katy. we've got to figure out these answers or we are doomed to repeat this. i'm stunned it's taken this long. glad the white house made this action. stunned that it took this long when you look back and look at some of the issue at the abbott plant brought up by their own employees in the last month. >> i'm so glad you mentioned high fructose corn syrup. one mom had a preemie and she
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was very worried she can't easily import formula from other companies because it's prohibitively expensive and it makes you nervous because it is not fda approved. there are a couple other formula products but they're much harder to get if you do not have the money for them. i asked secretary vilsack, and he didn't have an answer for it. this abbott facility went down in february. in february! >> that's right. >> with didn't anybody see this coming knowing they had so much of a share of the market? >> katie, i think there were many of us who when we saw that happening and the initial report of that bacteria with the unfortunate link to deaths, many of us said on the back side, what's going on here, is there something we really should be worried about in terms of supply? at that time there was really very little concern because we had, quote unquote, enough supply even with the other manufacturers as well abbott
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reassuring us that we had enough of the specialized formula that abbott makes. there's too much of a black box. we don't know what happened and why did the fda not step in earlier or why did we not start to push manufacture of those specialized formulas into other products? i think we're going to have unfortunately kind of a post postmortems and how can we bring sunlight so parents can understand. i'm stunned even and decade was working on this that we're still talking about corn syrup for our toddlers and infants. that boggles my mind. >> and to make the formulas that do not have that in them affordable for everybody, not just those who are willing and
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able to pay a little bit more. doctor, thank you. and jolene kent, thank you as well. and in georgia, tomorrow is primary day and voters will decide who they want come the fall. nearly 800,000 early votes have been cast, more than three times the number in 2018 and even higher than 2020, a presidential election year. on the ballot, on the gop side, former president donald trump's primary challenge to governor brian kemp and secretary of state brad raffensperger.
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ellison, first off to you, give us the state of play in georgia right now. >> reporter: it's fascinating to watch this senate race in particular. on the democratic side you really don't have a viable primary challenger. the incumbent is expected to kind of ease away with this. because of this, we really haven't seen him on the campaign trail too much. he and his team said he's been focused on governing, not on the campaign. when you look on the polls and what's happening on the republican side from a campaign standpoint, that approach makes a lot of sense. you have herschel walker on the republican side very much leading the field. his closest competitor gary black is a whopping 58 points behind him in the latest poll in this state. so he's kind of been able to sit back and sort of watch republicans go after each other. gary black in particular has been a very strong, vocal critic
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of herschel walker, pointing to past accusations of domestic abuse. and you have a situation where you have two ultima thely what's -- ultimately recognizable names heading into the election that could very well determine control of the united states senate. both of those people, senator walker, a football legend. people love him here. i was not alive when he played football but i grew up knowing his name. wornock, they say we
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know he's inspiring. this is a fascinating race that is going to get even more interesting as we make it past tuesday. the issues i keep hearing people talk about, the most in this state, women's health issues, abortion rights and also the economy. >> that is so interesting that they're framing their attack ads by saying first we know he's inspiring. good catch with that. elise, you talked to a number of voters in part of your focus group and part of the conversation focused on herschel walker. tell me what they told you. >> it was fascinating because the group of republican voters we spoke with and the group of democratic voters both had the same question about herschel walker, what's his mental fitness? is he up to task? is he mentally sound enough to serve as senator. let's watch what they had to say in this focus group last week in
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atlanta. >> if herschel walker is going up against rafael warnock, how are you going to vote? >> that's tough. he came out saying playing russian roulette, knowingly putting a gun to his head because of his mental stability. that's tough to swallow. that's a tricky one. it really is. >> i have no problem with him. just about any conservative is better than just about any communist democrat. >> herschel walker is up against raphael warnock. would anybody consider voting for walker? >> what, the famous football player? >> reporter: what do you know about him? >> i know nothing about him.
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>> he doesn't go to debates. >> i haven't heard him advocating any positions of policy. >> a lot of opinions about him, strong opinions about him on both sides. >> that's why this race is going to be a compelling race, an entertaining race. not to turn politics into a game but it's going to be quite a show. herschel walker is such a penalty. personality. the domestic violence accusations against him are quite horrible. >> and this could be determinative. it's races that republicans and democrats are both watching. let's talk about turnout. we've seen a ton of voters come out in early voting. there was a lot of worry about
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georgia with the new voting laws. what can you tell us about who's showing up? >> i think there a couple of things. it has been an extraordinary turnout, over 845,000 voters who have turned out to vote. we look at black voters. women have been 65% of that number. men have been 38, 39%, but i think that young voters are simply not inspired, particularly young black voters, less than 2.6% of black voters between the ages of 18 and 24 and 3.9% between the ages of 25 and 34 coming out. i think where the democrats are going to have to inspire going into this election cycle after the primary is going to have to be young voters. we're going to have to have a message that delivers to young voters. we have to shift the narrative that black voters are coming out that the voter suppression
11:17 am
wasn't effective. that means there's a lot of resources to make sure we're getting people out to vote. we find on the ground talking to voters there's a lot of anxiety about voters. we see even mail-in level is down. the voter suppression is having an impact on certain voters in this state. >> what do you think is the number one issue for democrats? are they being inspired to get out there because of the imminent overturning, probable overturning of roe v. wade? >> you know, i think that is going to have a different kind of way of mobilizing young voters. i think there's a lot of concern around roe v. wade but i think are really concerned. folks are concerned the same thing we were concerned for when we talked to them in the 2020 election. they want criminal justice reform and they want economic justice as well. there's a lot of economic anxiety with black voters. there's a lot of concern around
11:18 am
having criminal justice reform and a lot of concern around voting rights. we see some of the same areas that people voted for. they want a message that those things are going to be delivered. >> do they feel like they are? how do they feel about joe biden? do they feel inspired to get out there for this mid term? >> i think you have mixed reviews. let me say this. i don't think this election is just going to be about joe biden. it doesn't matter how many commercials the republicans try to create. we see the racist tropes the republicans have been using. you see such a high number of voters over the age of 65 participating in this election cycle. i think as a matter of not just an issue of there is some concern around the democrats and the democrats' ability to deliver for young voters and i also think there is a glaring concern around how the republicans have literally tried to dismantle and marginalize
11:19 am
black voters. >> natasha, thank you so much and elise, thank you very much. >> pennsylvania senator fetterman is out of the hospital. he celebrated his win while we covering from a stroke and insertion of a pacemaker. he said "i am going to take time to rest and get 100% so i can go full speed soon and flip this seat blue." and title 42, what that means at the border. and later what the president said about china and taiwan that has the white house and the state department trying to
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title 42 was set to expire today, but a federal judge intervened. the pandemic era policy put in place during the trump administration allowed border patrol to turn around hundreds of thousands of migrants under the pretense of stopping the spread of covid. the biden administration wants to end the policy. if it does, as many as 18,000 migrants could arrive every day. right now, that number is 8,000. jacob, i want to begin with you. title 42, the judge intervened. give me the status of all this.
11:25 am
>> well, basically they say the u.s. government violated the administrative procedures act in order to put this law, rule, policy into place. so now what is going to happen? ultimately are they going to be able to put in a fair, safe, humane orderly asylum process immigration system they say they've wanted to do all along? they say they're going to need potentially billions of dollars -- >> 2 billion? >> 2 billion. they have a long way to go until they fulfill their campaign promises of doing so. >> so you're out there. what are migrants hearing as they're trying to cross the border? what are they hearing about title 42 and hearing about getting into the united states to claim asylum? >> reporter: well, they're reading posts on facebook and
11:26 am
tick tock -- most of them, i would say 99% of migrants i spoke to over the weekend tell me that whatever it is that changed at the border -- in in a every day they see 700 to 800 to 1,200 migrants arrive at an office here where they seek status. this is where they come and try to do the proper paperwork they are do every single day. it's very difficult for them to inform them properly when most of them don't understand the headlines and they think that whatever it is that's happening in the u.s.-mexico border is going to get easier for them. i spoke to an aid worker who tried to explain to me what this is causing. this is part of my conversation.
11:27 am
>> yeah. >> yeah. >> so you think giving them the right information, what's happening at the border, will make someone maybe rethink the trip and stay behind? >> absolutely. we've had many folks that have decided, for example, to stay in mexico and accept refugee status here. >> katy, if you want to know what is it that they see that leads them to believe a -- the border has opened, the woman didn't know the person in the video can easily be expelled out of the country, even flown back to her country. this is the information that aid workers are trying to deliver to the migrants so they understand what is waiting for them as they move to the u.s. mexico border. >> guad, thank you very much. you're having some issues with
11:28 am
your signal there. we appreciate that report. jacob, you wanted follow up. >> it's life or death, not just on the mexico border but where guad right now. this was part of biden policy to get away from cruelty of the separation policy. if you talk to migrants, whether it was haitians waiting to get into this country, whether it's haitians in haiti, whether it ukrainians trying to cross the southwest border. the situation is not one of open borders. it's the exact opposite, people trying to risk their lives to get into a country where asylum is legal, there is no viable system. >> we did see ukrainians cross the border relatively easily compared to latin american migrants. they're both fleeing war, both fleeing danger and violent
11:29 am
situations and in many ways both running for their lives. why was it so easy for the ukrainians to cross when so many migrants from the south of us are still waiting in those camps? >> people critical of the biden administration will tell up because they're white, they're not black and brown skinned and saying there is structural racism imbed within our immigration system. it's hard to blame people when you seem people who have been turned around waiting a year or two years who are haitian or cameroonian and up see people show up and get in. it raises a lot of questions about what exactly title 42 is and the critics will tell you it's certainly not based on science and based on covid-19 but for now the courts are
11:30 am
saying otherwise. they're saying the administrative procedures act wasn't followed and for now will remain in place. >> thank you very much. and thank you, guad, coming up and the don boss, what is happening to those who didn't flee? who didn't flee doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs, or if you plan to, or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ♪ talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save. finding the perfect designer isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found her. she's in austin between a dog named klaus and her favorite shade of green. it's actually salem clover. and you can find her right now on
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president biden said the u.s. military would defend taiwan if china invades. >> reporter: you didn't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict militarily for obvious reasons. are you willing to get involved militarily to defined taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> reporter: you are? >> it's a commitment we made. >> a white house official appeared to walk back that stance saying the administration's policy had not changed and that it is committed to providing taiwan with the military means to defend itself. but china was not happy with president biden's comments. a a foreign military spokesman warned the u.s. against supporting taiwan's independence. joining me from tokyo is white house correspondent mike memoli. i guess the question is what
11:35 am
does "militarily" mean? it seemed like in the news conference it meant boots on the ground but the white house is saying, no, it just means arms. explain to me. >> reporter: katy, you're asking the exact question i tried to follow up and ask president biden yesterday afternoon. the white house is walking back and articulating the existing policy. also the terms of the thai want relations act that, legislation biden supported as a senator he supported. this is different than other occasions when biden has made a similar point. the question you heard posed to him directly was comparing what we're seeing right now with thai
11:36 am
taiwan and china that we're also seeing -- he indicated he would be willing to go further with taiwan. it's important to note what the president also said yesterday, which is he doesn't think china is going to do this, move by force to try to seize taiwan. in part he said that because of the way the democrat being -- democratic alliances have responded to russia. china is watching what we've done to russia with ukraine and he knows there's a lesson not to act in a similar way in taiwan. >> you're in asia right now. there's also talk of lifting the tariffs on china. what can you tell us about those conversations? >> reporter: it was interesting. the president was asked yesterday at that news conference also about whether his administration would move to lift those tariffs that were
11:37 am
imposed in the trump administration. the president simply reiterating this is something his administration is continuing to study and he keeps pointing out every time he's been asked this question that they are not his tariffs but they were the former president, donald trump's tariffs that he imposed. there's been some debate within the administration about the right path forward here, a concern politically that lifting tariffs on china would be potentially a gift to china that would play poorly for the president here. there's an argument this those very tariffs that president trump imposed to support american farmers in particular have actually only made it worse for them. so this is certainly a political question as much as a policy question. but the president here meeting with other democracies to try to do a number of things on the economic front, on the military front to continue to put pressure on china to act as a check to them in the region and that will continue tuesday when he meets with the leaders of the quad, india, japan, the u.s. and australia, including the new australian prime minister to continue to work on that
11:38 am
alliance moving forward. >> conservative government ousted in australia. mem, thanks so much for being with us. sound like you need to give your voice a break. hot water and honey is my recommendation. good, look at that. thanks so much. it is day 89 of russia's war on ukraine. here's what we know now. the pentagon is in early discussions about whether to send american forces to guard the newly opened u.s. embassy in ukraine. they say it's part of the normal planning before sending diplomatic personnel back to kyiv. and volodymyr zelenskyy told those gathered that this is decided whether brute force will rule the world. he said his countries may be losing up to 100 soldiers a day in the battle for control of
11:39 am
eastern ukraine, russia's enough target. alice crawford has more from the donbas where he interviewed ukrainians who chose not to flee the fighting. >> reporter: this is what is lef mila tells us about her apartment complex. they speak of death and loss, how they're lucky not to have suffered more. her daughter was killed in mariupol two months ago. she couldn't even bury her herself. >> how old was she? >> just 28 and about to be married. o be married.
11:40 am
>> reporter: they have been pummelled by bomb. look at the state of that kitchen. this is someone's home remember, or it was someone's home. and as the town was showered by air strikes over a number of days, this is the devastation that it caused. imagine the terror as this was all going on. >> many of the residents are now underground, sheltering in an old soviet-built bunker from russian attackers they once saw as family. they're not sure how long they'll be here. >> hi. >> hi. >> reporter: but they've prepared for the long haul. deana is still holding on to her dreams of being a singer and cheers up the adults whilst the bombs are falling in a way only the innocent can manage. ♪ ♪
11:41 am
>> reporter: it's a tiktok tune she's learned and it's in russian, but it does the trick, taking their minds off the destruction and war, which is raging above their heads. the russians are advancing slowly, but they are advancing here in the donbas. e donbas >> reporter: others have come down to the shelter now. there have been three explosions whilst we've been speaking to the group already below. they have their battered homes just about but they're fearful about how much longer as the russian army marches closer. >> our thanks to alex crawford for that reporting. and more cases of monkeypox.
11:42 am
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a new report finds leaders of the second largest christian denomination in america not only routinely silenced survivors of sexual abuse but shielded the predators. the investigation was seven months long, independent and damning for the southern baptist convention. 288 pages that detailed decades of cover-ups within the ranks. quote, survivors and others who reported abuse were ignored, disbelieved or met with constant refrain that the sbc could take
11:47 am
no action, even though molesters were part of the ministry. 14 million members nationwide, how did this report come to be and what happens now? >> well, these allegations have been out there, katy, since 2018. it really did take an independent firm to do a deep dive and investigation with unprecedented access to be looking at confidential emails to finally get to the truth, which is where we are now and the truth is to suggest at the highest levels there were people systematically covering up these allegations, tearing down victims and protecting abusers. they were doing everything they could to carefully guard and shield these lawsuits and the information that was in them, the settlements and also the allegations that were coming forth. their primary interest to this
11:48 am
report, according to this report, was to minimize liability for the church and to try and cover this up as best they could. now, they said this was a small group of high-level church leaders that were on this executive committee and were not necessarily telling the rest of the committee what they were doing. so they are sort of saying there was a core group of people responsible, it wasn't everybody in leadership that was aware of what was going on, but there was obviously a very deliberate effort to silence these victims and, as you said, allow the abusers to continue to be part of this church community unbeknownst to all of the other people, the millions of members that belong. >> 14 million. so the people who are been accused, are they now going to be fired? are they going to be pushed out of the church? and then what happens to the victims? especially the ones that were told over and over again that, you know, that they didn't
11:49 am
matter essentially? >> yeah, it really is tragic. and the president of the sbc has come out and said that he is grieving over these allegations and really feels for the survivors and hopes that this is the start of meaningful change. in the report they detail the fact that hundreds of these abusers have actually faced criminal charges. some of them have resigned, some have left on their own accord and some have been forced out. but in terms of what is next, this is a huge, massive undertaking of legal responsibility. and there have been a lot of settlements already made and nondisclosures signed. so what does that do for healing the trauma of these victims who have been disbelieved and led to believe that perhaps even they did something wrong. some victims were told in their report they were told to pray about what happened and think about their responsibility, telling someone who was abused to think about their responsibility in the event and
11:50 am
to pray about it was all they were, you know, given in terms of sympathy from the church. >> it's manipulative. >> yes, for sure. and there is a reckoning that's going to be happening. thesbc is said to happen in anaheim june 14th. and the president says look, i hope we can have an open dialogue. i hope we can really dig into this and sort of try and find some meaningful reforms to move forward. >> and reestablish trust. big thing. katie beck, thank you very much. >> right. coming up next, another nyc subway shooting and another strap hanger dead. what the nypd is saying about this ran tom attack and the suspect who is still on the run. suspect who is still on the run. no way! [phone ringing] hm. no way! no way! priceline. every trip is a big deal.
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health officials are investigating another potential case of monkeypox. the focus is on a south florida patient who had traveled overseas. that person is now in isolation. no other cases in florida have yet been identified. in recent weeks, health officials confirmed a case in massachusetts, another potential case in new york city and an outbreak across europe. and the gunman who shot and killed a stranger on a new york city subway train is still on the run. the nypd released these surveillance images of the man they shot the man on a q-train on sunday in the late morning, in what appears to be a random act of violence. it's been just one month since ten people were shot on a subway train in brooklyn. our correspondent has more.
11:55 am
>> reporter: that brazen shooting marking the fourth transit homicide so far this year. the suspect, who is described as a dark-skinned, heavy set male with a beard, remains on the run this morning. terror on the train. another track in new york city subway systems, sending a wave of fear over riders this morning. >> the most efficient way to go somewhere. but you know what? it is what it is, you have to take your chances. >> reporter: in broad daylight, police say a 48-year-old rider was gunned down as the q-train crossed the manhattan bridge sunday, in an unprovoked shot to the chest. >> the suspect was walking back and forth in the same train car, and without provocation, pulled out a gun and fired it at the victim at close range. what we have gotten from the witnesses, there is no prior contact between the victim and the suspect. >> reporter: dimitri was on board and called 911. >> everybody reacted and started disbursing to the very ends of the car.
11:56 am
everyone huddled. >> reporter: this morning, the family telling nbc news, danielle inrhee kay was the son of immigrants, who enjoyed the limp new york culture. his death comes several months after a 40-year-old woman was shoved in front of the subway and six weeks since ten people were shot on another train in brooklyn, where the subway security camera system failed, complicating the search for the shooter. this time, police say the surveillance cameras were working. >> investigators were in possession of and currently reviewing the mta security video obtained from the station. >> reporter: murders in major cities have increased 44% since 2019. this morning, there's growing pressure on the mayor of new york to fulfill his promise of curbing gun violence. >> this is not what we need, at a time when we are trying to recover. >> reporter: in an interview with "the new york post," the family says the city is not
11:57 am
safe, and his brother-in-law called on the mayor to do his job. on sunday, the mayor said in response that the city was increasing the presence of police officers in the system. back to you. >> emily, thank you. and that is going to do it for me today. hallie jackson picks up our coverage next. picks up our picks up our coverage next. a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly duce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal; cancers, including lymphoma and skin cancer; death, heart attack, stroke, and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred. people 50 and older with at least one heart disease
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we're coming on the air with those last few hours of campaigning ahead of another round of key primaries, with mike pence going down to georgia before it looks like former president trump's pick will go down in georgia. that's because governor brian kemp, if polls hold, seems likely to cruise to the nomination for governor over senator perdue. and you have republicans already hitting the democrat, they're all but certain to face in the stall. what stacey abrams is staying


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