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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 24, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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both parties chart a course for the november midterms. plus we have the latest on the ground in pennsylvania. as the republican senate candidates battle for control of the vote count in a raiser tight race that is heading for a recount. and breaking just last hour, nbc news confirms that the fbi has been investigating an apparent plot by an ohio man with a plot he developed to assassinate former president george w. bush. all the details coming pup. welcome to meet the press daily. voters are voting in s.e.c. country. there's the music. it is a special meet the midterms edition of meet the press daily. we have an is s.e.c. slate
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today. primary elections in arkansas, alabama, georgia and texas. they now have two schools headed to that conference. polls will close in less than six hours. it just means more today because georgia has emerged as one of the top battlegrounds in the nation for november and beyond. it's not texas or florida anymore. georgia is now the swing state in the deep south. and the nominee selected today are going to matter a lot going forward. at the top of the ticket former president trump put his name and his money behind former senator david perdue's sputtering ever effort to dethrone brian kemp. they hold kemp responsible for their losses, a position as asinine as it is untrue and made that lie the tent pole of their campaign. trump doubled down on his seemingly doomed endorsement for perdue again today. so if perdue goes down, it would be the third nod from the former
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president to fall short. be careful trying to challenge sitting governors. the winner will take on the soon to be democratic nominee and what may be a rematch of the kemp/abrams race from 2018. both seem to be looking ahead for that showdown already. >> we're in a fight for the soul of our state. that's why this family has been getting up every single day to make sure that stacey abrams is not going to be our above north or the next president. >> he's refused to help georgia to need him most. brian kemp doesn't care, but i care about georgia and i ininvite min to come down here and help me win. >> fascinating to brian kemp trop the p word when saying preventing stacey a brams from becoming governor or president. that's a hint a as how he may try to rally skeptical trump supporters to his side in a general election.
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also today in georgia, we'll see how walker performs in his effort to run away with the senate nomination. we know he's going win. how big will his margin be. will some of of the negative hits start to take a toll. we're also following a member on member democratic primary for a safe seat. and the trump-backed primary had elections officer of georgia. he rebuffed pressure from trump to commit a crime and his allies in the aftermath of the 2020 elections. so we'll see what that goes. out in the s.e.c. west, we're following a pair of primaries. in alabama there's the open primary to replace the retiring senator rick shelby, which will leave the state with a member much more friendly to the right wing fringe perhaps. and in arkansas, there's a big money effort to try to unseat republican senator john bozeman from the right by a former football player from arkansas who played briefly with the patriots. he has gotten quite a bit of of
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financial support. the pressure is happening even as bozeman has the trump endorsement. he could win tonight but be under 50 and then the world will be following that race in arkansas. and the premier runoff in texas. a raid on his house, questions of eligibility, border policy and has been super charged by abortion thanks to the leaked supreme court opinion. so grab a seat, get comfortable. we have a few hours until kickoff. set until for this pregame show. ellison barber is in georgia. garrett haake is in texas. and also with us is mark caputo, he's based in georgia tonight. let's start with ellison. in some ways, this is truly a pregame primary day for what is going to be a massive general
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election fight in november for both the senate seat and the governor's seat. you have been following walker. what are you seeing on the ground today? what's the turnout look like? >> you look at the polls. we're wondering not necessarily will walker win the primary tonight, but how much. speaking with him, he says he's a competitor. he doesn't just want to win, he wants to win big. you look at the most recent poll, he is 58% ahead of his closest competitor. he held a rally in athens last night where he played football and is still very much well known and well loved. and as had he was speaking, he mentioned president biden a number of times criticizing him and his policies on everything from immigration to inflation. one name that was noticeably absent from his speech last night was senator warnock, a candidate he's likely going to be facing once we get through
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election night. he was voting about an hour ago. i had a chance to ask him a few questions. one of them was why the focus on biden and not warnock. listen to what he told me. >> you mentioned president biden quite a few times, but you didn't mention senator warnock. are you running against biden? >> you know who we're running against. i'm going to call them little biden because all the votes just like he voted for biden. i am not afraid to mention it. >> reporter: national republicans have started to try to tie senator warnock with president biden. biden has an approval rating that is declining in this state and has been for awhile. i get the sense that republicans here know that senator warnock is generally well liked as a person in this state. we even see it in the most
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recent ad of the committee where they started off saying he's a good guy, we know he's inspiring. but his policies -- it seems like we're seeing walker take an approach where he's trying to link senator warnock with joe biden. it was something i noticed that the big name that was absent from it his speech was the person he will be competing against. >> terrific reporting. terrific analysis. couldn't agree more on how you played it. there's no doubt walker needs this to be a referendum on biden and not on himself, which is something i know the republican operatives up here fear. let's move over to alabama, where frankly if you're locking for action tonight on what's competitive and truly unknown of what's going to happen, it's all in alabama. i know it's not the headliner because november, it isn't going to be that interesting of a bowl game, but wow. it's pretty interesting.
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>> this day always finds a way to bring us back. and now you're lock at a three-way primary here. if nobody the gets to 50% tonight, this will also go to a runoff. and when you look at these three individuals. month brook mo brooks, we just spoke with him. the reason why he's turning heads here is two months ago, he lost donald trump's endorsement when he plummeted in polling. well, look where he's at now. he's got a really good shot to be in the runoff here to most likely take on brit. i want to hear his response when i asked about donald trump's influence today. >> has donald trump's influence wane in the republican party? >> not at all. no one has 100% influence.
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there are varying degrees of influence in different parts of the country. the state of abbi way of example. senate races he's endorsed and not done well. we tend to be a pretty independent group in the state of alabama. >> this is a situation here where we're likely expecting the head to a run off. i want to note here. talking about the changing landscape of republican senators in the u.s. congress. richard shelby was one of those republican senator who is did not object to the 2020 election results. a as of last night, he tells me that she would have done just that. so that means the most likely unless there's a crazy upset, the next u.s. senator from alabama is going to be a trump ally and questioning of whether they would certify the rults. >> a bit of late breaking news. mike durant has said, i don't want to say he's conceding, but
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if he doesn't get in the runoff, he would endorse brooks, which tells you how things have broken in this primary. is that right? pz. >> right. there's millions of dollars sfent to take down mo brooks and durant. that's why you have seen durant's numbers plummet. there's the mcconnell aligned forces trying to prop up and that's what grew the ire and led him to tell us last night that he would back mo brooks i asked brooks that question here just in the last hour. he told me that he believes it could be a brooks/durant. so he would not endorse durant. >> so did not reciprocate just yet. we didn't even get to the governor's race. >> we'll be here tomorrow. >> there's a reason you're there today. thank you.
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now let's go to south texas. that's where we find our correspondent georgia ret haake. this is probably the biggest democratic race. i might argue the runoff for attorney general in texas. both on the republican side and the democratic side could be fascinating down the road. but why you're there is this house race. what are you learning? we're trying to find a pro life democrat still survive in democratic primary elections. >> this ra race has something for everybody. it has this idea of an abortion question, which is really energized the challengers's followers. just from being down here, i don't get the sense on the ground that it's the issue going into the polling booth that's on the minds of voters. and it wasn't exactly the run away issue. listen to what she told me when i talked about the issue set
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that's going to decide this race. >> i think the issues are the same. health care includes abortion care. we have been running on good-paying jobs here in the district, investment in infrastructure here. but i do think that the sense of urgency has escalated in many ways and i think there's something in the last few weeks, they have escalated so much. talking about there to voters, they want to know what are y you going to do to mauk sure i have a good-paying job to provide for my family. that's the number one concern. and how are you going it ensure i'm healthy enough to provide for my family. >> reporter: health care, health care, health care. it's bchb the been the key issue in so many races. down here we have the specter of the looming fbi investigation that he was involved in. his attorney say he's not a
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target of it, but the fbi has not said that. they raided his home and his office. that has come up with voters that i have talked to and the question of how long might be too lounge for a member of congress. he's been here 15 years. he's really associated lo ray do. they like he's on the appropriations committee. he's sending home money. but also perhaps time for a change. his campaign is not holding an event tonight. i don't know how to read into this, but it's noteworthy we're not seeing him try to close this thing out. >> just in your experience in texas, runoff turn youths. we know they are lower than primary turnouts. how much lower? >> reporter: substantially
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lower. it's even more now because you have a new district here. the redistricting plays into this as well. there's a significant additional amount of the san antonio suburbs that will be seeing both names on ballot for the first time. they haven't had a runoff in modern memory. they are not done with this primary. it's a challenge for both of these candidates. >> that's why you would assume those with the deepest support not necessarily the broadest might have the advantage today in all these runoffs in texas. garrett haake on the ground for us, thank you. let's bring in mark caputo. let's go big picture. you spend a lot of time covering the where the republican party's relationship is with donald trump on a given day. we already know this is at best a mixed bag set of results tonight for the former president. and at worst, a really sort of punch in the gut. he could have one guy he did endorse lose badly.
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the second in the state could lose that race. and then without his help. are the trump folks braced for this bad night? >> reporter: sure. they are not going to droib it as a bad night. with donald trump when he loses, he said he won. when he wins, he said he won. so in this case, perdue, who is more than likely going to lose is going to lose big and you're not going to really hear trump talk about that much. tonight is going to be a walker night. he recruited him to run for the senate site seethe and how he won big. there are the down ballot races. the more interesting one is the secretary of state one. perhaps the more spresing one would be that one because it looks like brad is going to do well. if you would have asked us in 2021 how the former or current secretary of state would do, we would have told you he's about to be the former secretary of state.
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now in this race against jody hice, he's doing well. some republican insiders say it wouldn't surprise if he he f he sneaked out a win. that's probably less likely, but we're going to keep an eye on it. >> mark, you have been reporting there's on one hand they have been disappointed in perdue's campaign. the former president never takes any of the blame when this looks like an unwinnable race. and it became more unwinnable as perdue executed his campaign. but what does this mean going forward? are they going to limit their endorsements? are they going to stay out of the runoffs? are they going to pull back as they go there the june primaries or not? >> you may as well ask me to predict the weather a few weeks from now. donald trump is his own weather system. he's going to do what he wants to do. if trump wants to get involved, he will. if he doesn't, he won't. if he wants to endorse someone,
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he's going to do that too. i don't see the pace of these things slowing down relative to the amount of elections we have left. he has the arizona senate primary left. all bets are he's probably going to endorse masters. we're going to have to stay tuned and watch. but i can't say in this race trump did endorse perdue. he did devote a lot of time and money and has expressed to a lot of people he's not been happy with the effort or lack thereof. perdue called during a press conference and wanted us to correct a story. it was accurate so we're not going to do that. from the folks we talked to, what with know about trump, he likes a winner and doesn't like a loser. right now it looks like perdue is going to be a loser and lose big to kemp. >> for those keeping score, it is interesting today that the
10:19 am
superpac came out with a poll conducted by the president's former president's pollster, which showed masters taking the lead. i wonder if there's a little dot connecting this maybe happening sooner rather than later. mark caputo, thank you. an important programming note. kristen welker and i will be hosting another election night special. we cover the results all night long in all the states that are holding major primaries tonight. you can catch that special tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. up next, more election analysis ask we dig into what tonight's potential winners could mean for each party's performance in november and beyond. and later we have new details from an accidentally unsealed court document that alleges a plot to try to assassinate former president bush. the safety was never threatened. we'll have the very latest ahead from our own pete williams.
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welcome back to our midterm primary day coverage. it's s.e.c. touz. we checked in with reporters on the ground for races in georgia, texas, and alabama. now we're going to take a deeper dive into those races. joining me is jessica taylor. and our georgia gout rue a political reporter at the atlanta journal constitution. so let me start with georgia, greg. since we have an idea, abrams/kemp, i want to jump on a comment kemp said last night. which he talked about governor
10:24 am
and president. it looks to me, you tell me, it looks like the kemp world knows it's got to get over what grumpy trump supporters there are and the threat of abrams is what brian kemp wants to use. i assume that wasn't an accident what we heard from him last night. >> your right. that wasn't an accident at all. there's been a core central theme to brian kemp's campaign. he and only he can beat stacey abrams because he's the only republican who has beat stacey abrams. david perdue reminds folks couldn't even between john ossoff. that's his argument. her hoping hatred for stacey abrams will overcome any maga backlash that brian kemp could face. it's a big bet, but it's one that republicans have seen for years.
10:25 am
they would be railing against these. they hope will motivate a unity sort of faction alliance against stacey abrams in the general. >> so what is the abrams plan to sort of denationalize things? i do think it is deadly for a gubernatorial challenger to get caught looking national. so what is her way of going local? >> she was asked about whether or not she would welcome joe biden into georgia to campaign. she said of course, i would because he's delivered billions of dollars in funding for georgia. but she's going to focus on georgia issues. she's going to focus on the high rate of incarceration. gun measures that roll back gun restrictions. localized issues without trying to play nationally because she knows that brian kemp every time she talks nationally, she just
10:26 am
wants to use georgia as a steppingstone to the white house. that's another attack line used against her for years here. >> jessica taylor, i want to move to the senate race and sort of mitch mcconnell's role. i want to group both senate races and the primaries tonight. what's interesting is trump and walker and getting on the same page in georgia and they weren't nine months ago. mcconnell tried to get anybody but herk the and he failed. it does look like walker is use ing the mcconnell talking points, which is don't trash warnock. just run against biden. >> that clip you showed earlier, it sounds like he's running against biden ask instead of warnock. i think clearly there's baggage that walker has. and his republican primary opponents have tried to exploit that, but they haven't had any money to do so. democrats are not going to suffer from that problem. so this is one of of most
10:27 am
expensive races there. we'll whether it brings him down. he's a star in georgia. he's football legend. hoiz man trophy winner. the last time they won the national championship. that still matters. just the environment. warnock is trying to run separating himself from biden and some of their policies too. >> i think bt a the four nominees. both national figures now. you have abrams. brian kemp is the least national. i want to move here because mcconnell seems to be engaged in a primary that's more concerned about a vote for senate majority leader than it is about a republican is going to be united states senator from alabama in this seat. two of them could end up being votes for somebody not named mcconnell. one katie brit would be. is that what make this is interesting to follow? >> it's what type of republicans are going to be elected.
10:28 am
mcconnell could be majority leader again, but he's got an unruly caucus. that could. in missouri. so he can have some problems there. but brit, this is what opponents attacked her for, he's a washington insider. she served as shelby's chief of staff. >> mcconnell knows her. and very much sources i have talked to believe especially with the party that's lacking for women superstar, they believe a really great woman there in the senate for them as well. >> let's go back to georgia today. massive turnout. a lot of republicans at least in social media are wanting democrats to eat crow over the new election law. play truth detecter here. >> it's a little more nuanced that, especially because georgia's voter overhaul deals
10:29 am
with mail-in ballots and not in-person votes. that's where you're seeing the surge. we won't know for at least a week, maybe longer after we get the final details of mail-in ballots about how much the changes actually affected likely democratic and republican voters, but we have seen a surge in early in-person voting. that could be because we're seeing migration away from republicans voting by mail towards voting in person. and also one other reason is because there's marquee matchups a at the top of the gop ticket in a way there isn't for the democrats. >> what other primaies are you watching tonight? secretary of state, i count that as one of the headliners. what else are you watching? >> i'm watching to see how the trump endorsed candidates for these down races that we're never going to mention. like attorney general. i'm watching how they fair. because the former president put
10:30 am
his name and brand behind them as well. we'll see how they go up against incumbents. >> my race of the day is in arkansas. it's one of those john bozeman, republican senator. we all thought he was potentially vulnerable to a primary challenge from the right. and this jake has got a ton of outside money. mostly from a funder. although i don't think the club is involved here. the chances that bozeman is beginning to be leading vote getter. chances he's held under 50. >> maybe 30%. i still think he ends up 55 or so perhaps. he's had to work for this. their ads show they are taking it seriously. he's run as with sarah huckabee
10:31 am
sanders. >> if he gets drawn into a runoff, it might be hard to find a path to victory. >> the generational differences, he's in his early 30s. they both play for university of arkansas football. we have some s.e.c. football players out there too. >> i should give due where it's due. the first reference to s. tuesday was from jessica taylor. jessica, thank you both. we'll see you both a lot going forward. for all your primary updates, stay tuned to our meet the press election special tonight. we're leaving no election unturned. arkansas, texas, until the end. the runoffs and the republican runoffs matter in texas. all of it streaming tonight. what we know about an fbi investigation into an alleged plot by a man to attempt an assassination against former president bush.
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bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. report fever, confusion, stiff or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be life threatening or permanent. these aren't all the serious side effects. now i'm back where i belong. ask your doctor if latuda is right for you. pay as little as zero dollars for your first prescription. welcome back. we have been following breaking news. dramatic court documents were accidentally unsealed. it involved an fbi investigation into an apparent plot to assassinate george w. bush. here's pete williams. he joins me now. pete, again, let's just start with the details. how did we learn this and how serious was and is the threat?
10:36 am
>> we learned about it because forbes website published a an excerpt from a search warrant affidavit that was mistakenly unsealed and then immediately sealed earlier today. it first disclosed the evidence of this education. how much of a threat to the president, i say the answer is zero, but the fbi was all over this man, who is appearing in federal court in just a few minutes in columbus, ohio, where he lives. he's from iraq. he entered the united states according to court documents in september 2020. whalgs apparent from reading the court documents we have seen so far is that the fbi's initial interest in him was as somebody who was trying to smuggle people into the u.s. illegally. not necessarily terrorists, just people he wanted to try to get into the u.s. from iraq and at one point talked to confidential informants, there were two of
10:37 am
them active in had this case, he said he would charge as much as $40,000 to get iraqis who were not otherwise eligible to come into the u.s. into the u.s. illegally. as time went by, this man start ed to brag to the fbi undercovers that he had isis connections. he was from the same clan as the isis leader. that he was involved in transporting explosives into vehicles in iraq. he says they were used to kill american soldiers there by blowing up those vehicles. and then earlier this year, he started talking about wanting to bring in as many as six people from iraq who he said were in a cell of isis that translates a as the thunder, who wanted to assassinate the former president. at one point, he flew down to dallas. i think the fbi actually paid for that trip. he didn't know it.
10:38 am
the confidential informant picked him up and drove to the former president's residence where this man according to the court documents made videos with his cell phone. and that's about as far as it fwoez. so i think it's important to point out that obviously what the fbi says is that he was quite serious about this plot. but then he never had means to carry it out. he never had weapons himself. there's no indication that the people he was trying to smuggle into the u.s. ever got here. now you can ask what would have happened if the fbi hadn't stopped him. would he be able to do these things. that's always an unanswerable question. but the fbi believes that he had pretty strong intent here. so he's going to appear in federal court and face federal charges this afternoon and then at that point, i would think more court documents will be unsealed. but he is in custody now and will be appearing in court shortly. >> this seems to follow a pattern where we have done a bunch of these where somebody the fbi has under surveillance
10:39 am
for quite some time and they watch them as they commit more and more crimes for potentially some larger conspiracy. maybe it's a terrorist attack. do we have an idea of how long the fbi was essentially surveilling/working with this person? >> yes, it all began in april of 2021. he gets here in september of 2020 and then starting in april of 2021 is when he began meeting with the fbi undercover. it's been months they have been keeping aen eye on him. they have been recording meetings with these confidential informants. so i think it's important to say there was never any actual danger that anything was going to happen to the former president, but it does say a lot about what this man was thinking. >> also an interesting way we deal with international terrorism threats these days versus the conversation we have been having domestically. pete williams, thank you.
10:40 am
up next, one week later, we may finally be inching closer to figuring out who has the true upper hand in the neck ask neck pennsylvania senate race. today marks the final day for counties to turn in ballots to the states. we're live in philly with more. are there more ballots to be counted? we're going to try to answer that question, after the break. you're watching "mtp daily." er k you're watching "mtp daily." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. as we turn our attention to today's primary, there's unfinished business from last week's primaries. specifically the republicans that are in pennsylvania. david mccormick filed a lawsuit to get the ballots counted. mccormick trails oz by a thousand vote, but it's close enough to trigger the automatic recount. the secretary of state has until thursday to make that determination. but today is the deadline for counties to send the results of their counts to the secretary of
10:44 am
state. it all sets up for a legal fight in one of the most clothesly watched senate race in the country as republicans like to maintain a seat. dasha burns joins me now from philadelphia. so dasha, i know this is difficult to ascertain. do we have a feeling that the vote count, how many votes do we expect counted today before the deadline? and then whatever we see today, the only other new additional votes are those votes under dispute with the courts. is that it? >> reporter: chuck, we have got a bit of a confusing mess on our hands here. this is one of the most high stakes races in the midterms and it's stuck in a fight over paperwork right now essentially. i'm going to ask you and our viewers to bear with me because we have two separate but related things happening right now.
10:45 am
on the one hand, we are definitely heading towards a recount. we know this is likely going to happen. today is the deadline for unofficial results from the counties. that doesn't necessarily mean there are no the more votes to be counted. there are probably some provisional ballots left. some challenge ballots that won't make it into today's count. but what we're going to get today, these results essentially trigger the automatic recount process. the secretary of state can look and say, okay, it's under a thousand votes. that falls within the .5% difference that triggers the automatic recount. on the oh hand, we have the lawsuit filed by the mccormick campaign to get those undated mail-in ballots counted. this lawsuit, chuck, is based in a court ruling issued on friday that has nothing to do with this election on its face. it's about an election from last fall. november 2021, a county judge's race. the court ruled that mail-in ballots that don't have a date
10:46 am
written on them by the voter, that they should be counted. the mccormick campaign is arguing that that should apply to this race as well. the oz team does not agree with this. in fact, they say mccormick is taking from the democracies playbook here. also of note, the pennsylvania republican party siding with oz. the rnc national convention also siding with oz on this. and the secretary of state has issued guidance just this morning telling counties to stet those ballot ace side, segregate them for now until we have some sort of result from the legal battle. counties could still have their own votes and make their own decision on how to deal with this. voters trying to make sense of what's going on are probably losing their minds just like i am right now. >> you did a terrific job. it sounds like this. without the extra ballots, mccormick probably comes up
10:47 am
short. is that the bottom line? >> reporter: the bottom line is any recount that has happened in the history of pennsylvania, there's been six automatic recounts. three of them have been declined by the losing candidate, which by the way, mccormick could do if trailing. those three that have happened, none of them have changed the results. if this comes down to maybe 200 ballots or so difference, maybe we could see a recount and have an impact here. if it's closer to 1,000 and all likelihood from the experts i have been talking to comes away with it for oz. >> we don't know whether the next kind of recount might be something the campaign would have to pay for. that dould drag it out further. let's see what we learned tonight. dasha, the never-ending senate primary still too close call.
10:48 am
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she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. welcome back. it's now been three months since russia began its brutal invasion of ukraine. russian forces continue their offensive in the east. they're intensifying their efforts to encircle two key regions. president zelenskyy warned of difficult weeks ahead and said,
10:52 am
quote, no one destroyed donbas in the way the russian troops are doing now. meanwhile, the unicef report estimates 15.7 million people in ukraine are in need of the systems, including 3 million children. this morning while meeting with leaders in australia and japan, president biden called it a global issue and accused russia of trying to extinguish ukraine's culture. joining me now on the phone from lviv is a news commissioner. he and his wife founded you the crane children action program, providing educational support to children impacted by the war. you may recognize him from our non-stop covid-19 coverage when it comes to children and the impact of that virus. you have been in lviv. you were there doing work with the polish government, dr. redliner, put into place what you have seen and underscore the impacts. >> hi, chuck. first of all, it should be the
10:53 am
brutality of this invasion by putin of ukraine. it been unbelievable. everything else is secondary. but we do have a major unprecedented at least since world war ii humanitarian crisis having to deal with people displaced from their homes, ukraine with 42 million has somewhere between 14 and 16 million of the population moved out of eastern ukraine into western ukraine or they moved out of the country entirely. but in either case, we have many, be people with no real place to go or necessarily know where to call home permanently. and i'll tell you this, this is a situation where children are having a very, very serious future ahead of them. many of those children have been profoundly traumatized. they're getting up, woken up in the middle of the night with missile explosions on their
10:54 am
apartment buildings or in their communities and their parents are getting them out as fast as they can. not every child survives. those that do are ending up in poland, where we were last month or somewhere in the western part of ukraine without their materials, without their school connections, without their social connection and it's really, i am really worried about where this is going as far as the children are concerned. you know, you think about how many people are displaced. it's the equivalent of 110 million americans, leaving the country or leaving their communities, because that's roughly the percentage that has been displaced by this war. so we got rough roads ahead, chuck. >> right. >> this is why we really want to focus on how these kids will get home. >> i am curious. you seen -- you said you were in poland, can they handle all this incoming? and what more help can they need to handle it?
10:55 am
>> yeah. some close to 4 million are refugees and the city of warsaw, the population increased from refugees between 15 and 20%. their school systems are overwhelmed. they don't have enough polish i mean ukraine-speaking therapists for the children. people have been traumatize and there is a lot that can be done. one is beefing up the ability of children to learn remotely and are not necessarily in classrooms. they only have about 20,000. of the 150,000 children who got to poland, who are actually in classrooms. so where are the rest of them going to school? and where are they getting services? that's a big challenge. that's the foundation that we set up and this is what we will be focused on. i think a lot more can be done. i tell you the one thing i heard from everybody in ukraine, including kids, was a fear of the world forgetting about them. the world would forget about them if we didn't keep up this
10:56 am
pressure. we can't forget about these children and families. it's just a horror story. >> look, i know what a passion when you think about kids and whether it's on health outcomes in this country or what you started up in ukraine. i know this has always been a goal and a focus for your work. dr. redliner, i appreciate you sharing a few minutes with us. i hope folks have a minute to check out the foundation you helped co--found. thank you, don't forgive to tune into tonight's meet the press election special. it starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern, streaming on us news now. streaming wherever you want. we'll be right back, more coverage with katy tur after the break. e coverage with katy tur after the break. get decision tech from fidelity. [ cellphone vibrates ] you'll get proactive alerts for market events before they happen... and insights on every buy and sell decision.
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it's good to be with you. i'm katy tur. voters are casting ballots in arkansas, minnesota and georgia, hence the music you hear. which is where we begin today, in georgia. which flipped blue in 2020. it is a big test down there of two political ties. number one, donald trump's ability to play king-maker within the republican party and, two, whether republican voters believe donald trump's big lie that he won the election in 2020. incumbent governor brian kemp


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