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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  May 25, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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thank you for telling us a little bit about her, it does help us to hear the story of the people who lost their lives here yesterday. thank, you i'm sorry. >> there are so many people here like you hear, who are leaving, things are coming, they're crying, they're grieving. it won't be enough, but that's what's happening here in new validate, that's it for us, it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> good evening, ali. and i know it's been a difficult hour of reporting for you there on the scene. for you to have spent so many weeks in ukraine so recently, and now to be back in the united states covering the tragedy of death by gunfire again -- >> it is hard, lawrence. thank you for that. we will see you on your show and i will see you tomorrow. >> thank, you ali. this was totally predictable.
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that's what beto overwork said today when he provided the only unpredictable moment in the unfolding story of mass murder at a texas elementary school. the mass murder that occurred yesterday was predictable. we just could not tell you the exact location that it was going to occur or the exact day that it was going to occur. it is now predictable that a virtually identical shooting will occur again in texas and in other states. what has been said in the aftermath has also been totally predictable. but beto o'rourke's crashing of the news conference by greg abbott was not predictable. beto o'rourke went to that news conference in uvalde, texas to listen and then to tell greg abbott and other republican elected officials on the stage, quote, this is on you.
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>> the shooting -- right now when you are doing nothing. >> no! >> this is totally predictable. >> sir, you are out of line! sir, you are out of line! sir, you are out of line. please leave this auditorium. [inaudible] i can't believe you are a sick son of a bleep. -- [inaudible] >> it is on you. >> this is on you until you choose to do something about it. that is what beto overwork said to the governor and to the other elected republicans on the stage while beto o'rourke was being shouted down by the republican mayor of uvalde, don mclaughlin, i sometimes guest
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on tucker carlson's show. beto o'rourke was in new york yesterday and he was booked to appear on this program in this studio with me last night. but as soon as the news broke about the shooting in texas, beto o'rourke rushed to the airport and flew back to texas, suspending campaign events. his opponent, governor greg abbott, did not suspend campaign events after he knew that 19 children and two teachers had been murdered at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas. governor greg abbott held a fund raising party will parents of those dead children were heard screaming at the local civic center when they were told that the dna samples they submitted matched the dna samples of a murder trials. those screams, from those parents who are coming from
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inside the civic center and could be heard by reporters outside the building. those screams were not heard by greg abbott at his fund-raiser that he was enjoying at the same time -- the same time -- those screams were heard. senator raphael cruz has two daughters. one in high school and when in elementary school. but he knows that he does not have to worry about what happens when they go to school. that's because they don't go to a public school in texas. they go to a high priced and private school, where these things did not happen. and america is the country where you can always -- always -- buy your way out of any problem. and senator cruz has bought his way out of worrying about what happens. what happens when his girls go off to school. senator cruz had nothing to say
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today, playing his part as an extra, standing behind governor abbott at the press conference. yesterday, senator cruz explained exactly how to prevent school shootings like this. he said, we know from past experience that the most effective tool for keeping kids safe is arming law enforcement on the campus. that is the cruise solution. cops on campus to shoot and kill any mass murderers who show up at a school. keep that texas solution, that texas republican solution in mind as you listen to republican governor abbott describe what happened. >> the first thing that happened was that the gunman shot his grandmother in the face. she then contacted police. the gunman fled and as he was
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fleeing, he had an accident just outside of the elementary school. and he ran into the school. officers with the consolidated school district approach the gunman and engage with the gunman at that time. the gunman then entered a back door and went on to short hallways. and then into the classroom on the left-hand side. >> do you hear that? officers approached the gunman and engaged with the gun man and after that the gunman entered the back door of the school. those officers had guns, engaged with the gunman means, very likely, that they shot at the gunman. it did not work. according to senator cruz, the whole thing is supposed to be over right there, right at that spot, the officers are supposed to have no problems shooting and killing a moving target of the gunman running into a school. but the cruz plan, the
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republican plan, the republican solution did not work. multiple armed officers could not stop the gunman from entering a school and running down a whole way. >> the gunman entered into the classroom and the classroom was connected, internally, to another classroom. border patrol consolidated independent school district officers and other officers converged on the classroom and a border patrol officer killed the gunman. >> everything that the governor just described there took approximately an hour. we have new reporting at this hour that it was actually for -- four border patrol officers -- who shot at the gunman. and fired at the gunman. it took four of them firing at the gunman. they do not know which one of them fired the bullet that hit
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the gunman. but that is how many it took. four officers, in addition to the two officers who could not stop the gunman from getting into the school. the gunman was barricaded in the classroom where he did all of his killing. he had about an hour to do it. because the cruz plan, the republican plan did not work. the republican plan to protect children and teachers in public schools did not work and it does not work. senator cruz said yesterday that we know that the best tool for keeping kids safe is arming on four spent on the campus. we know from past experience in yesterday's experience that armed law enforcement on the campus does not work. and it did not work. there was armed along enforcement on the campus of marjory stoneman douglas high
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school in parkland, florida. and that did nothing. that law enforcement officer did nothing to stop 17 people from being murdered at that high school. the american republican elected officials posing in that press conference, those texas republican officials posing there, so that mental health is the problem. that we just have to get mental health under control and then there will be no more she'll scooting's school shootings. that's the republican solutions. and that was completely contradicted on the spot, unwittingly, by governor abbott himself. >> there was no known mental health history of the gunman. >> and governor abbott also said that there was no meaningful forewarning of this crime. and that was what provoked beto
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o'rourke said to governor abbott that this was totally predictable. governor abbott described a series of post on facebook by the gunman. they began 13 minutes before he reached the school. >> the first post was to the point of -- he said, i am going to shoot my grandmother. the second post was, i shot my grandmother. the third post was -- maybe less than 15 minutes before arriving at the school -- was, i am going to shoot an elementary school. >> the 18-year-old murderer used an ar-15, the favorite murder weapon of americas mass murderers. it is the single most important tool in making america's mass murderers the best equipped mass murderers in the world. and today, when that republican press conference in uvalde, texas was over americas mass
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murderers, who are still guaranteed -- guaranteed by those politicians on the stage and by the republican party -- that the republican party will do everything that the republican party can possibly do to continue to make america 's mass murderers the very best equipped mass murderers in the world. all of our mass murderers can have all the ar-15s that they want, as far as the republican party is concerned. as soon as this mass murderer turned 18 -- on the very day he turned 18 -- he illegally legally ran out and bought himself an ar-15. because governor greg abbott wanted him to be able to do that. and after he bought that one, he bought another one. and every elected republican standing on that stage today wanted that 18-year-old to be able to buy as many ar-15s as he wanted to, the day that he became 18.
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he entered the school with seven 30 round magazines, which democrats want to make illegal. their high capacity magazines. democrats want to make those illegal. 210 bullets is what the murderer carried into the school. 210 bullets. and if the supremely brave water patrol officers, who ran toward the sound of his gun, of the murderers gun, did not reach him as soon as they did, that a murderer was capable of killing 210 children in that school because greg abbott and senator cruz and senator cornyn and the rest of the republican party in texas wants everyone to texas to be able to buy high capacity magazines, including whenever they are contemplating shooting their grandmothers in the face and murdering as many kids as possible in an elementary school. the republican party wants them to be able to buy whatever they
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need to do that. and as long as they haven't committed a felony and as long as they do not have documented mental health problems registered with legal authorities. then, texas republicans want everyone, everyone 18 years or older in texas, to be able to attach as many 30 round magazines as they want to their brand-new ar-15s. this is an american way of death supported by an american political party whose values on life and death are not shared by any other political party on the planet. it was not always this way. the rapper who goes by the pseudonym machine gun kelly carries a passport with the name of coal son baker. he took his stage name from machine gun kelly, a famous
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gangster of the 1930s, whose real name was george kelly barnes. when the machine gun and a shot off shotgun became the preferred weapon of gangsters like john bellinger and machine gun kelly, congress, with bipartisan support had no problem effectively outlawing machine guns and sought off shock in the 1924. it seemed like the right thing to do then. congress could think of no reason why gangster should be able to get thompson sub machine guns which were developed for the army as a weapon of war. republicans supported outlawing machine guns and democratic president franklin delano roosevelt signed the bill into law in 1934. which are the nixon was the most right wing republican president of the 20th century when he was elected in 1968. and he elected warren berger as chief justice of the united
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states supreme court and justice burger was a lifelong republican from minnesota who supported dwight eisenhower's campaign. warren served in the -- before he was appointed in a federal appeals court judge in washington d.c. and it was from that position that richard nixon elevated warren burger to be the highest republican appointed justice in the land. and five years after, he retired from the supreme court and lifelong republican warren burger said this in 1991. >> if i were writing the bill of rights now, there would not be any such thing as the second amendment. >> and that says? >> that a well regulated militia being necessary for the defense of the state, it gives peoples rights to bear arms. this has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud -- and i repeat the word fraud -- on the american public, by special interest groups, that i
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have ever seen in my lifetime. let's look at those words. there are only three lines of the amendment. a well regulated militia -- a militia was going to be the state army, if it was going to be well regulated, why shouldn't 16 or 17 or 18 year old persons not also be regulated in the use of arms? why not regulated? >> fraud. the republican party has fully embraced a fraudulent interpretation of the second amendment to mean that the founders of this country intended for every 18 year old in texas and everyone older than that to be able to buy a 24 century version of a machine gun -- an ar-15 -- and nothing can be done to restrict that right in any way. none of the founders believed anything like that. >> evil swept across uvalde yesterday.
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anyone who shoots his grandmother in the face has to have the evil in his heart. but it is far more evil for someone to gun down little kids. >> how evil is it to legally enable an 18-year-old to shoot his grandmother in the face? is it evil to enable that 18-year-old to shoot and kill 19 children in their classroom, along with both of their teachers? how evil is it to make sure that america's mass murderers can buy ar-15 assault weapons whenever they want to attach high capacity magazines to them and carry as many extra high capacity magazines as they can with them so that they may kill as many people as possible in the fastest possible time? how evil is that? did evil sweep across the texas
7:18 pm
legislature when they passed those laws? and made sure that an 18-year-old could do all of that yesterday? did evil sweep across greg abbott and as he was signing the law that allowed that 18 year old to do what he did in that school yesterday? the official republican party position tonight is, as it has been for many years, that america's mass murderers must be the best equipped mass murderers in the world and that the rest of us must live with or die with that unchangeable fact. the republican party position is that those kids in texas had to die because the constitution says that they have to die. the republican party is wrong. >> do you want to solution? >> stop selling ar-15s in the
7:19 pm
state of selection texas! you want to solution? pass universal background checks or extreme risk protection. stop shooting before it happens. you want a safe solution? it's a storage laws. those are for solutions that have been brought up. each one has broad bipartisan support right now. we could get that done -- if we had a governor cared more about the people of texas than he does his own political career or his fealty to the and our way. if you need any proof, check the schedule for the nra convention this friday right here in the state of texas. >> that was beto o'rourke noting that the schedule to speak at the national rifle association convention in houston, texas contains donald trump, texas governor greg abbott and texas senator rafael cruz. joining our discussion now is charles -- columnist for the new york times and msnbc political analyst. charles, i just got a look at your next column, which begins
7:20 pm
with, the line, the republican party has turned america into a killing field. please expand on that point. >> well, for decades now, republicans have engaged in a propaganda campaign and maybe they wanted to say -- or some other people want to say -- that they would be held hostage with by the nra. but they are joined at the hip because it's good politics for republicans. they have pushed the proliferation of gun internship in this country while at the same time lowering the threshold for that ownership and reducing the laws that would prohibit people from carrying in certain places and in certain ways. and refusing all the while to limit the sale of certain types of guns that are preferred by killers in this country. and so this is a product of
7:21 pm
republican propaganda. they keep telling america that there is a menace coming for you. that menace is coming in a wave of criminals. and there is a menace coming in a wave of immigrants. that there is a menace coming in the form of a race war or maybe it is race replacements. and possibly, there is a menace coming in the form of the government itself when we can no longer control it. and if you buy into that dogma, then it becomes very logical that you support that position. it becomes very logical that you want to have your open stockade of arms. because it is like being in a floodplain. you want flood interests. the republicans have told you that the flood is coming. this is on their heads, on their shoulders.
7:22 pm
america has so many guns. we account for 5% of the population in 2018. we accounted for 45% of all guns owned by private citizens around the world. the republican plan worked. but the outcome of that republican plan is that this carnage exists alongside people who are responsible gun owners. you cannot detach those two things. if you pump this many guns into the population, a criminal will get those guns as well as law-abiding citizens. and it does not take many. we keep saying, well, maybe they are mentally ill. no society on the planet has ever written itself of mental illness. and nor have they rid themselves of cancer.
7:23 pm
but all of them do not have this problem. they do not have our guns and they do not have a republican party. charles blow, thank you very much for joining us tonight, and participating in this conversation. there's much more to be said on, it we know we'll have you back to speak on it, thanks very much. and coming up, former army ranger now congressman jason crow will join our discussion, next. will join our discussion, or... his nose. next
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one of the classrooms. and i was telling her -- that she's okay because her classroom had a lot of friends who died. >> it was very scary and at first we did not know it was happening. and everyone started panicking. it was just very stressful. >> joining us now is democratic congressman jason crow, a member of the house armed services committee. he served as an army ranger in combat. congressman crow, that was auraleigha santos telling jose de's today what her experience was of this as a survivor. and i know that in combat it is a completely different age group and you are 20 years older than these kids, who were experiencing this yesterday.
7:29 pm
but from your experience, as someone who survived combat and had death around him, what are these kids going to be experiencing in the months and years to come? >> well, it is horrific. it is just hard to think that we are going through this again. we keep on doing this, over and over again. we can change this. we know that we can change this. we have policies that can help prevent young girls like that having to go through things like that. that girl is roughly the age of my daughter. and of so many other daughters around this country. it just has to stop. the trauma of gunfire, the trauma of events like that will be with you for the rest of your life. combat veterans know that. i represent a community that has more mass shootings than any other community in the
7:30 pm
nation. the columbine school shooting, the aurora school shooting. other shooting, they all happened in my district. people tell me, when balloons pop at a pep rally, soon jump out of their seats. they are scared. this is the america that [inaudible] >> there is a pew poll showing that 81% support background checks, 63% support banning assault style weapons and 64% support banning high capacity ammunition magazines. congressman crow, when you see this killer going into the school with, i believe, seven 30 round magazines and 210 bullet capacities going into a school with those children -- i have never heard of
7:31 pm
republican justify why you need a magazine of that size. but they just will not entertain discussion about this. >> well, they can't logically. it can't rationally. i have had a relationship with firearms my entire life. i started hunting when i was 12 years old. i am a gun owner now. and when i first owned a gun, -- local ymca and i took a safety course. i learned that they are serious and i have a serious, somber relationship with firearms. then i went into the military and laid over 100 combat missions in afghanistan. when these republicans say that the gun doesn't matter, the type does not matter, it is just not true. let's do a thought experiment. what do you think the same politicians and same elected officials would say we said we would arm our infantry men and infantry women with your hunting rifles? with muskets? what do you think that they would say? they would say that we are out
7:32 pm
of our minds. that's what they would say. because they know that the type of weapon, the type of tool matters. and that they are used to inflict mass casualties. they do not belong on our streets. they know they cannot make that argument. but we know better. we know that when we passed the assault weapons ban, that was in place for decades, that use of firearms went down 30%. the policy matters. the weapons used to inflict the shootings matters. -- >> congressman crow, do you have discussions about this with your children and children that you know? >> i do. when i first ran for office in 2017, earlier on the campaign trail, my young daughter, then younger than four years old at the time, she came to me after school and said, daddy, i had to have a bad guy drill today.
7:33 pm
i had to hide in a closet in case a bad guy came for me. that's not common in this country. but that is not okay. we have created this trauma for children. we did not go up that way, lawrence. it's only the people watching right now, they didn't grow up that way. [inaudible] but we are forcing children to grow up that way now. we need to change this because this is not the type of world that we need to be raising our children in. there are comments and policies that we can pass that will change things. >> representative crow, the republican solution espoused by ted bruise cruises that an armed police officer off to do it at every school. and then we saw it yesterday, that obviously did not do it. it took a total of six officers firing. and a group of four officers showing up, eventually, firing at this guy after he had an
7:34 pm
hour at the school. >> i can tell you that i know my way around firearms. i have had a relationship with him for decades. and i am very good, actually, with firearms. and i would not to want to be a police officer with a pistol against someone with a high capacity magazine, like these murderers have. that's not a situation i would want to be in. the answer is that there are more guns, in their eyes. but there is no policy or evidence that [inaudible] they just want to sell more guns. because they are both by the manufacturers and gun lobby. but we know that they are wrong. >> congressman jason crow, thank you for joining our discussion tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, we will be joined by a texas state senator who is at the civic center last night when parents he represents got the most painful news they could ever hear. and they let out the screams
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yesterday were fourth grade teachers eva mireles and irma garcia. the names of 16 of the 19 children who were murdered have now been made public.
7:40 pm
uziyah garcia, eight years old. javier lopez -- years old. annabell guadalupe rodriguez, ten years old. jose flores, ten years old. eliahana cruz torres, ten years old. eliahana garcia, ten years old. rojelio torres, ten years old. -- jacqueline cazares, ten years old. jailah nicole silguero, ten years old. jayce carmelo luevanos, ten years old. tess marie mata, ten years old. makenna lee elrod, ten years old. alexandria aniyah "lexi" rubio, ten years old. joining us now from uvalde,
7:41 pm
texas is nbc news national correspondent gabe gutierrez. what are you learning, gabe, a bout this at this hour tonight? >> it was heartbreaking to hear you name those children just now, lawrence. and it was heartbreaking to see what went on today behind me as vigils wrapped up for the victims here. members of the community -- hundreds, if not more -- came to pay their respects. and lawrence, you just mentioned all those people who died. it was young children, 19 of them, and two teachers. that is really what many people here want to focus on. they don't want to focus on the gunman, as we see those pictures. you mentioned those two teachers, irma garcia and eva mireles, they have been frequent co-teachers for the past five years. and the garcia was a veteran teacher here. she had been working as a teacher for the past 23 years. her coworker --
7:42 pm
many called eva mireles a hero, citing law enforcement, who said that she had actually shielded her students from the attackers. what's really struck me, lawrence, is that one of those young children that you mentioned, amerie jo garza, she was captured here in this photo showing off her on a roll certificate. and that picture was taken just hours before she was killed. a relative of hers, her grandmother, said that she called 9-1-1. she called 9-1-1 to try to help her classmates. just think about that -- ten years old and trying to make that phone call. just a short time ago, i was reading one of my colleagues posting a report. i invite viewers to read it. mike spoke with a teacher who did not want to give her name. but she described this harrowing scene, the longest 35 minutes of her life and it
7:43 pm
struck me -- one of the many things within their support -- she said that the students there had been practicing these types of drills for years. one of your previous guest had mentioned that, sadly, for many students across the country, this has become all too common. the shock is still sinking in right now for this community here in uvalde. lawrence? >> thank you, for your reporting, my friend gabe gutierrez. i know how painful and difficult it is to be there and doing that. i know how that is for you. thank you very much. we really preach your contribution tonight. and joining us now is texas state senator roland gutierrez, he represents texas's 19th district, which includes uvalde. thank you, senator, for joining us tonight. one republican that they call a solution for this for problem
7:44 pm
is to have teachers like eva mireles, who has now been shot to death, and irma garcia, who has now been shot to death, to have teachers like them armed with handguns, presumably, in their classroom. and ready to fire at an intruder like this, an intruder who had already engaged in gunfire with police officers and had gotten past them. republican seem to believe that if these teachers just had guns in their classroom they could have stopped them. >> lawrence, thank you first of all. this has been a very difficult and challenging time. it is a preposterous solution and we have been hearing these types of solutions year after year, session after session, tragedy after tragedy. when we offer common sense gun solutions, like red flag laws and waiting periods and age
7:45 pm
restrictions, we do not get to have those discussions. that's because the republicans who control congress in austin do not want to even have that discussion. they would rather have more of what we heard today. saying that this is mental illness -- and that this is evil. we'll, if it is mental illness -- and it certainly is -- well, solve that. and have you seen greg abbott solve the mental illness funding issue in texas? he has not. and he has yet to even have a single, solid solution that makes sense common sense gun control. >> senator, you are at the civic center last night. the process they are ways for parents to submit a dna sample, like saliva or something like that, which would then be brought into a place where it would be matched with or not matched with dna samples of dead children. and as the parents got the word,
7:46 pm
people in the news media we're hearing their screams outside of the building. what did you experience as that was going on last night? >> lawrence, i was inside the building. and it was difficult as -- you know, folks did not want to talk to their senator or representative or anyone. they were huddled in prayer, they were quiet, and they were calm. they were following the instructions given to them. and the juxtaposition of when they got the news, it was just sheer devastation. and as a parent, you feel it and you know it. i could not live without my children. i took my kids today yesterday morning to school. and i could not imagine what it would mean to not be able to pick them up or ever see them
7:47 pm
again. >> as we go forward, what are you expecting in this community? and what do you think you will be able to encourage the community to hope for? i don't think you can make legislative promises to them in a government controlled by republicans. >> it is sad, lawrence, that we have a protocol that we saw in sutherland springs two years ago. we still have bereavement counselors in sutherland springs. this issue is going to be haunting uvalde for months and years to come. it is my job to make sure that we have the needs that all the state agencies can fulfill and provide for those needs. and make sure that we have adequate health care and mental health care. understand that this is a rural state. there is not a psychiatrist in the city. there is not a psychologist. there are few counselors.
7:48 pm
over the next weeks and months we will make sure those things are happening. we are talking to the biden administration, making sure that the federal government is doing their part. they have been very helpful. we are going to make sure that people get the resources that they need going forward. i will, again, file gun legislation that is about common sense gun solutions, like congressman crow. i am a hunter and i own guns. i don't own an ar-15 and have never had a desire to shoot one. we have to take militarized weaponry out of the hands of young men. and that is just final. that has to happen. and for this governor and his republican colleagues to say anything else is simply preposterous. enough is enough. how many more of our children need to die? >> texas state senator roland gutierrez, thank you very much for joining us tonight. i am very sorry for the loss that your community has suffered.
7:49 pm
and for what you have to bear in the suffering. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank, you sir. appreciate you. >> coming up, our next guest, shannon watts, never stops working to reduce gun violence in america. she will join us next. she will join us next. oral treatments can be taken at home and must be taken within 5 days from when symptoms first appear. if you have symptoms of covid-19, even if they're mild don't wait, get tested quickly. if you test positive and are at high risk for severe disease, act fast ask if an oral treatment is right for you. covid-19 moves fast and now you can too. wayfair has everything i need covid-19 moves fast to make my home totally me. sometimes, i'm a homebody. can never have too many pillows! sometimes, i'm all business. a serious chair for a serious business woman!
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violence and mass murders only when the latest sickening event captures the news cycle.
7:54 pm
our next guest focuses on this issue every day. joining us now is shannon watts, founder of moms demand action, a group advocating for gun safety. and i wanted to give you an open mic at what is the end of two days, now shannon, of coverage and discussion, to make the points you would like to make at this point in the discussion. that's given what republicans have said today and other development developments over the past two days. >> it's obviously just such a devastating 24 hours it's been. as you read the names of the children and educators i lost my composure again. i am just shocked that we are in this place again. but i should not be. because just ten days ago we had a mass shooting of black americans by whites a president supremacist in buffalo. and a shooting targeting asian
7:55 pm
people inside the church. it goes on and on. it must stop. i want to be clear that the senate needs to do their jobs. and we need to told them accountable. but as you said, lawrence, this work does not end when their clock runs out. the clock is running right now for republicans. they are trying to kick the can down the road and talk about any other issue except with the real issue is. and that is easy access to guns. we decide when the clock runs out. it does not run out tomorrow or next week. it goes all the way through november. we have to hold every lawmaker at the state and federal level accountable when they allow people to be slaughtered by people who have easy access to guns and should not. this teen should never have had access to a weapon of war. i would just ask everyone watching to text the word act to 644-33 them and join us if
7:56 pm
you are part of the country that has not been impacted by gun violence yet, then thank. and but i am afraid that it is coming to your community. we need every voice and every vote. >> i wish we had more time, shannon watts. thank you very much for joining us tonight. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we will be right back. it. >> thank you >> thank you >> ace your immune support with centrum. now with a new look!
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8:00 pm
he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets. the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. good evening once again, i'm stephanie ruhle, it's notice guys, you know exactly what we're here to talk about tonight, and it has been nearly 31 hours since this moment on the senate floor, that caught all of our attention. >> i'm here on this floor to bag, to literally get