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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  May 28, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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you >> look caused meantime, a very good made all of you from msnbc world headquarters in new york. welcome everybody to alex witt reports. we begin with the growing outrage and heartbreak in uvalde, texas. here is the dallas morning news, quoting a child's call to 9-1-1, begging them to please send the police now. details of delays and decisions made by police during the shooting now not leaving greece strife and parents and state officials furious as the children recount the ordeal. >> one of the persons in my class said help, the guy overheard, and he came and shot her. and in the cops barged into that classroom, and he said it's time to die. i was hiding hard. i was telling my friends not to
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talk. >> [speaking spanish] >> joining me now is sam brock in uvalde with the latest on the shooting. also -- he's in houston where the show must go on for the nra. first use them, it's very hard to watch, to hear, and process what happened there. then we learned of the injured children calling 9-1-1 for help. didn't get there in time. it all feels impossible and we are not even there. here in the studio. but you there on scene? what are you learning sam? >> well certainly it's gut wrenching alex. you talk to parents here, and they say it feels like the
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floor falls from underneath them every time they hear these press conferences. the changing narratives. also that the help was there on. time there were 90 law enforcement officers inside at 12:03, that's the same time the 9-1-1 calls were coming from the classroom. the incident commander based on the volume of shots, and initially they're 100 shots fired in the first few minutes, and then slowed down, that incident commander made the decision that it went from an active shooter situation to a barricaded shooter situation. that's why large forsman officers were not trying to get through that door for almost an hour. and that decision appears to potentially have been fatal. >> at the center of the second deadliest school shooting in u.s. history, jarring images of children jumping out a classroom windows to save their lives. as outrage mounts on two fronts. >> parents have outright questioning the actions of law
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enforcement. >> from parents being pinned back, and law enforcement waiting to act for more than an hour after an instant commander believing a active shooter situation and transferred to a barricaded subject shooter. >> there is no excuse for that. it is. wrong >> -- there is the brave district school district resource or that engaged. >> where was the resource officer? why was the non? campus >> he was not on campus. >> parents we spoke with dismayed by the slew of mistakes in this response. >> i trust when estimate children to school each day that they're gonna be safe. the school resource officer's gonna be. they're >> here is a look at the timeline that is changed every day this. week at 11:31, the police said the suspect just began shooting outside the school. at 11:33 the shooter entered the school, there is a side door propped open only minutes before. >> they shot more than 100 rounds based on the audio evidence at the time. at least 100.
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rounds >> two minutes after that, three officers followed in the same, entrance that another four but the group of seven was brush back by gunfire, ultimately retreating officials say. then an unsettling split screen at 12:03. 19 officers filled a hallway as a 9-1-1 call comes from inside the classroom, the color whispering there were in room 112. the shooter location maybe not entirely clear. he may have been moving but to class the separated by a bathroom. then at 12:10, color informs emergency dispatch the multiple people are dead. 12:15 customs agents and border officials arrive. they were held back by school district police. then a spate of 9-1-1 call. the 12 to 16, a color reports 8 to 9 students are still alive. at 12:43 and 12:47, pleas for help to send police now. and finally at, 12:50, border patrol agents ignore orders,
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acts as a key from the janitor, and open up the lock door, facing direct fire. the tactical units take a mouth. what's left at the end of this historic deadly ordeal, a city that will never be the same. >> the first thing that came to my mind is why? why would he kill all my friends? my heart is broken into 1 million pieces right now. >> alex, only two months ago, there was an active shooter training drill at him robb elementary school for any kind of situation that may arise. -- the police force in oh uvalde is the why the 9-1-1 calls that were communing in were not properly communicated to the officers on the ground so they understood the continuing threat to students and teachers? >> thank you. sam were gonna try to ask some questions right now of my next guest. we let you know what he says. joining me is dermot --
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former nypd commissioner and al and mess and bc analyst. this timeline that we look at the one sam outline, it begs studying time and time again. 11:33 we have a suspect fired more than 100 rounds inside that classroom. three minutes later officers arrive, a couple suffer grace roots. 15 minutes of sporadic fire. 19 officers arrived in the hallway. then you have the federal border control, patrol tactical unit they don't get there until 12:50. the school door was open, the security guard was not even on campus, to keep anybody who's not supposed to be there out. that is all contrary to what officials initially reported. as you try to get your head around all of this, what is your assessment of what went down and why? >> we'll still many questions. alex when you see these videos, it's heartbreaking to hear the
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stories. i would expect continue details to emerge and facts to change as it goes on. when you think about some of these horrific incidents in the past, they tend to be incidents that happened very quickly. to me, when you look at something that is spanning over an hour, that is an aberration. these are the questions that are gonna have to be nailed down and asked as this official report, whatever this is, don't go second by second when did it start? when did officers arrive? some well was the time period of the individual, the perpetrator, shooting? we know there is a statements of hundreds of rounds being fired, but where was in the building? over what time spent? with of the different officers understand to be the case as they were on the scene? there are more questions as we get into this. i would just say, one of your prior guest mention, and it's the same question of how, the
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communication at an incident like this is critical. as the tons of 9/11 calls are coming in, i would expect an entire section of this action report to be looking into how is the stuff thing at the communication center? how are these calls getting pushed to the police? and then when they get to the police, how are they going? who is in charge of this incidents? in terms of coming up with a cohesive plan? when you look at this terrible terrible incident, then you look at the time that it, last stopping the threat immediately has to be on everyone's minds. >> the part that is haunting. and we get to the communication after this. people need to be reminded, this is what is the part that everyone is jaw-dropping the thinking about. 12:03 you have that beret student who calls 9-1-1 from the classroom. calling again at 12:16. at that point saying, 8 to 9 peers are alive.
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that's the haunting part. then you see this. she calls again at 12:43 and again at 12:46, pleading each time would 9-1-1, send the police right now. that another four minutes before the doors breached with keys the janitor provides and the suspects killed. the 8 to 9 students that were a lie, might some of those kids be alive if they go out and write, away got the injury to the hospital. how is that there was no communication? is it conceivable that the chief of police would not know that 9-1-1 calls were coming in? >> well these are the questions that parents and no parent should ever have to ask. what if? but i would like to see alex, and when i expect to happen as this goes on, is that timeline that you just showed, now you start overlaying additional pieces of information on top of it. so we know the kids were in
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classrooms and one section of the school calling at a particular point in time. but where were the officers says that exact point? overlaid with time and a math. however we can verify it at this point frankly, if they have body camera at this, but gps, data self own data, something, video camera footage within the school. where was the perpetrator has that exact point? we're shots being fired by either the police or by the perpetrator? as you start to overly all of this information on top of each other, no one wants to be patient at this, and that is completely understandable. but the final product hopefully, and i said this the other day, this will take months to have a comprehensive report. we expect that there should be different inefficiencies from what we've learned. >> do you think the police in uvalde are gonna be playing anything but defense on this one? will they be able to justify
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their actions given the amount of time? if you look at the size of the school, and we have maps, and you have children calling saying i'm in room such and such, specifically saying, why did the take the janitor all the time to get the keys? and let me out is this? don't tactical units, sir, don't they have a way to breakthrough a locked were? >> i think that that is exactly the questions they will be asking alex. you hit on it in terms of the local police with this report. the transparency is critical. the trust is critical. and whatever is issued at some point in time will have to be a bipartisan, in terms of local officials, federal officials, perhaps prosecutors or others, coming out with their report that is deeply believable by everyone. -- >> commissioner, let me ask you about the border patrol
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tactical team was finally come in and waiting for 30 minutes on scene, enough, we are going in. what kind of latitude with federal agents hat in your work with the nypd? some -- would've federal agency be able to come in and take over for a local police division? >> alex, you have to understand, there are protocols. as you mentioned here earlier, there was in fact a training session. we would take part in training sessions with local authorities. we will take over a mile for a day, until the public and media, don't be, learned we are going through a training exercise. so we would go through it with the fire department, ems, what do we do, how do we get mass casualties? and how do we work with federal partners when they show up? but this is a life we -- there is distinction there. when the shooting is currently going on, the number one thing
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that all law enforcement is trained is to stop that threat. so, while there is collaboration and there's gonna be a chain of command and somebody taking charge and giving orders for the overall seed, that has to be done in the context of what is the situation on the ground right now. no two situations are the same. >> commissioner, in your experience, or given what we know at this point, is there anything that you think could've stopped this or that will stop future scenarios that are like this? >> well i think that that is, today we are talking about schools alex. there is going to be very valid questions about how do we harden and split safety measures in place for schools. but last week it was a supermarket. and it was -- the month before. i think what we have to look at all these things -- we look at the front end of this and who is committing these crimes. as we have to target hearted
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locations, but we cannot target these higher country, we have to take a hard hard look at access to guns, mental illness, criminal intent, it's not always mental illness, and i would call on tech companies here, and i knew that many people said this, when you have so many warning signs, and when this happened on day one i, made statements, you are going to see that there were warning signs coming out. now these warning signs are coming. out how is it that we can move quicker to really, to me it is complete insanity that someone flashing all of these warning signs, can have that access to a gun that is capable of killing people. that is where the focus should be in my view. >> commissioner dermot shea, yes, it is complete insanity. thank you very much for your candor and expertise weighing on all this. thank you sir. some also in texas, --
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east of the, valdivia national rifle convention is under some -- what they called a freedom filled weekend for the entire family. some shush nbc's shaq brewster is there for. us jack, let's remind the deadly school shootings in the nation's the street did not stop something names from appearing there. -- >> we heard a clear signal that the focus should not be on the weapon use but the -- new ted cruz both at this convention an outside talking about having one entrance in, one entrance out. former president trump suggesting that teachers should be armed and talk about hardened targets. he said that schools should be the hardest targets in the united states i. want you to listen to what he heard from those two leaders
9:16 am
just yesterday. ultimately, as we all know,s would stop's armed bad guys's armed good guys. [applause] >> as the age old saying goes, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. you ever heard that? no, you never heard that. [applause] >> president trump started his speech by naming each victim and having a bill toll after each name. talking to event goers and attendees of the convention, there has not been much shift in their perspective. many of them see this as a second amendment issue, a fundamental right, they believe the access to guns is what will keep more people safe. this was a strong contrast of what we saw outside the convention. we are hearing a few protesters
9:17 am
gathered this morning, or in the afternoon, and we saw thousands of them outside the convention calling for specific gun safety measures. they called for an assault weapons ban, expanded background checks, saying these are measures that will prevent future shootings and will make these future shootings, if they happen, a little more -- a little less deadly. compassionate on both sides of the fence, alex, and we are seeing this directly at play when we have the nra convention on the one side and protesters who demand that the convention be postponed or canceled altogether. >> i wonder if either of those guys knew that there were 19 good guys armed with guns inside the hallway before taking out that bad guy. thank you, shaq. he is from houston, for that. coming up next, at the long stalemate over gun at legislation and the bill that we could act on but will it? the words of a former conservative supreme court
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chief justice about the second amendment are now being revisited, and for good reason. you will want to hear what they are calling a fraud. gun rights activists will not like it. as we go to break this hour, we will remember the students killed in the shooting. like this little boy, a garcia, whose father says he was his everything. xavier lopez was given in on a roll certificate in a ceremony attended by his mama. it happened ten minutes before the attack. ten minutes before ten minutes before the here to meet those high standards is the walgreens health and wellness brand. over 2000 high quality products. rigorously tested by us. real world tested by you. and delivered to your door in as little as one hour.
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typically a gathering place for festival cajuns, but today, it is a memorial with 21 crosses for each of the victims on tuesday's unthinkable attack. we need to talk about the ripple effects, and sandy hook, robb elementary, and parkland, with victims who have families who love them and mourn.
9:23 am
for all of the victims, there are mourners who didn't even know them. this week, my colleague interviewed a houston woman who felt compelled to visit the memorial. she lost her brother to gun violence in 2019. >> did you find it important to be here? >> oh, yeah. i know what it feels like. when i lost my brother, it was the end of the world for me. that's how it was. i had to come and talk to, and let them know that we are here, no matter what. i did not know a single one of them. i know what it feels like. i want them to feel that support. that's what i needed. that's how i get by every day. >> how do you heal from something like that? >> you never do. you never do. you feel that pain every day. you will never get that person back, no matter what. i know what it feels like. their lives changed so crazy just like mine the. it is all because of the guns.
9:24 am
>> what do you want to tell the families that are going through what you started going through but still go through today? >> it is not easy. it is hard, every single day. you just know that there is nothing you can do. you have to stay strong. you have to. it is the only way to make it through. >> you will never get that person back. 19 children, to teachers, and a gunman, carrying more than 1600 rounds with 16 magazines. president biden, went to meet with the families of those killed tomorrow. matters to deal with gun violence is happening now. they assemble a group of bipartisan lawmakers with a goal to create a senate consideration bills after memorial day recess. in the house, more than 134 house democrats sent a letter,
9:25 am
led by my next guest, urging leadership to bring any gun violence prevention legislation already approved by the judiciary committee to the house floor immediately for a vote. joining me now is, rhode island congressman david cicilline and judiciary -- he's also a member of the gun violence prevention task force. it is a lot of effort you put into this thing, congressman. i know you are leading the charge in so many ways. look at after the mass shooting in buffalo, this month. the renewed calls that you made for your legislation around an active shooter alert, after the mass shooting in uvalde, add all this together, does anything feel different on capitol hill? will these tragedies remain on answered from a legislative perspective? >> that depends, alex, on our republican colleagues in the senate. guns have become the leading cause of death for american kids. this is something that no one
9:26 am
should tolerate. it is seen in the most recent heartbreaking shooting. our prayers go out to all do those who are affected. there have been over 200 mass shootings alone. 27 school shootings. we have a gun violence epidemic in this country. in my view, and the view of many colleagues, we continue to pass common sense gun safety measures. send them over to the senate. let the senate be held accountable for what they do or don't do, specifically senate republicans. we passed a bill to strengthen criminal background checks and close the charleston loophole to make sure that criminals that they just people did not get guns. they are still sitting in the senate because republicans refused to send it to the presidents desk. they are obstructing them. i hope the recent events will cause them to realize and recognize that they have a responsibility to keep their constituents safe. to america's children safe. no one should be afraid to go to school. we will lot of bills that can make a real difference. it is time for our republican colleagues to work in partnership with democrats to
9:27 am
pass and get to the presidents desk common sense proposals. >> here is what is stopping them as we look at the top ten senators who have taken the most money from the nra over their careers. i want to make note, mitt romney, he has taken the most money overall. however, since his 2018 campaign and again coming into 2024, his reelection campaign, he is not taking a dime from the nra. he professes to have an independent view for all of this. that should be noted for mitt romney. those are astronomical numbers. is the money why it is so hard to break through the gun lobby and find bipartisan support in the upper chamber? that is where most of the efforts have been logjammed. all of these reports, it suggests that the and a power is waning. who is left to lobby guns? >> there is no question about gun lobbying spending a lot of
9:28 am
money to help elect people who are going to oppose and the common sense gun safety proposals. they have been successful. we need our republican colleagues to stand up against the gun lobby and work for people who elected them. it is shocking to me with the level of gun violence we have in this country, that we cannot get the republicans in the senate to take up a universal, criminal, background checks strengthening checks that will be supported by 90% of the american people. red flag laws are supported by 84% of the american people. these are very common sense measures that will make a big difference and reduce the gun laws in this country. the republican party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the nra. they are doing their bidding. we need them to understand that they represent their constituents and they have a responsibility to address the issue of gun violence. we have dozens of bills in the house, hopefully we will send morrow over to the senate, that will make a difference. we need republicans to support
9:29 am
these measures and begin to stand at the tide of gun violence in this country. >> here's why many of your colleagues do. they appointed to the second amendment as their argument. they argue against any gun regulations based on how this is interpreted. however, let's play what's lifelong republican warren burger, former supreme court chief justice, a conservative, set five years after he retired in 1991. let's take a listen to this. >> if i were writing the bill of rights now, there would not be any such thing as the second amendment. >> which says? >> a well regulated militia being necessary for the defense of the state and peoples rights to bear arms. this has been the subject of one of the biggest pieces of fraud. i repeat the word fraud, on the american public. especially if this moves. i have ever seen in my lifetime. look at these words. there's only three lines.
9:30 am
a well rated militia. if the militia, which is going to be the state army, was going to be well regulated, why shouldn't 16, 17, 18, or any other age person be regulated in the municipal arms. >> that revered conservative said that this is a fraud. how has this gotten lost? would your gop colleagues want to hear that? >> the reality is, the supreme court is already acknowledging that it is perfectly permissible to impose restrictions on the second amendment. it is not an absolute amendment. the first amendment we have heard that you cannot shout fire in a crowded theater. it is not absolute. the government has the right to set the recent limitations. you cannot bring certain weapons in certain areas. this notion that you can't impose any limitations is not true legally, and not true in terms of the provisions of the
9:31 am
second amendment. we have already done so. the court has acknowledged the right to do so. we need to ban assault weapons. we need to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people who are suffering with mental illness for a danger to themselves or others. we need to get high capacity magazines. we need to pass the active shooter alert. there are a number of things that we can do to reduce gun violence in this country. we need our republican colleagues to understand that the american people are demanding this. we owe it to the recent victims. how many stories, how many reports do we need of children being slaughtered in school before our republican colleagues are going to act. i'm hoping that this time it will be different. we are working hard to get bills marked up to the justice sherie committee. i hope we will send a number of bills to the senate for action. , i think so many americans are hoping exactly that, so you stay on it. i know you will. thank you so much for staying with us. in just a moment, it is being called an assault on the rule of law. the republican leader of the house is the alleged
9:32 am
perpetrator. and we remember to heroes from the texas school shooting. even was a school educator for 17 years. her last act was trying to protect your students from the gunman. irma garcia was doing the same thing. how her husband died after while preparing her funeral. funeral.
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of the jury after six weeks of testimony. the jury is also deciding on 100 million dollar countersuit filed by her. -- davey formulas now at 70% out of stock in u.s. stores. -- get formula back on store shelves. let's go now to the very day list on day 95 in ukraine, and a new 80 minute three-way call today between french president macron, german chancellor scholz, and russian president putin. it came hours that russian claimed a tester fired a -- missile in the arctic ocean, saying it hit its target 125 miles away, and not so subtle suggestion that it could potentially threaten russia's neighbors. let's go with and the cdc's -- joining us now from kyiv. what we are learning about this a minute call. is there any sign of hope for negotiations to end this war?
9:36 am
>> hey alex. that is certainly was the key topic of this phone conversation. the german chancellor and french president pressuring russian president vladimir putin to engage in direct and serious negotiations with the ukrainian president. they also brought up the ongoing blockade of the black sea, currently some 20 million tons of grain are stuck in ukraine. due to that blockade. president putin, according to the european readout of the call, signal that he was willing or wanting, ready to unblock at least the blockade as a pertains to that grain export, emphasizing the help in the process of the united nations, which would be good news of course for world foot prices. grains in particular have risen over the past few months, due to the crisis that is engulfing
9:37 am
this country. another key topic of that phone conversation was the 2500 ukrainian fire fighters currently held as prisoners of war. they were taken out of that steel plant in the surrender of mariupol. the french president and german chancellor is threatening, vladimir putin to release those captured fighters. -- the city of severodonetsk four days now has been under bombardment. we were speaking to -- he got on as road bike and literally biked out of the city, the only road that was available to him and missed intense shelling. take a listen to what he had to say. >> you're on a bicycle. how did you manage to escape?
9:38 am
>> i did not know the road was under constant shelling. [interpreter] the bridge between severodonetsk and luhansk was damaged. as was still possible to cross. it i crossed over in the lead of the same data bridges destroyed. [end of translation] you >> ukrainian fischel's warning that given the intense russian assault, they may have to retreat from that key city, of where setback for ukrainian forces as the russians are making, in the words of u.s. officials, incremental gains. speaking to a senior ukrainian official, who is very critical of the weapons being supply from the united states to ukraine, saying that more needs to be done to help the ukrainian effort. they are currently outmanned and outgunned in the donbas. alex. >> okay, earn mclaughlin in kyiv. thank you so much for the update from there. when not again turns to never
9:39 am
again, and then it happens again and never again is meaningless. the cycle repeats and nothing changes. my next guest survived that cycle. i will ask or whether anything will be different this time. but going to break, fourth grader had just gotten in on a road certificate in the ceremony that morning. the government shot her as she was dialing 9-1-1. her father was a first responder at the scene, who treating a lot younger lure revealed what happened to his daughter. ten-year-old this ten-year-old student -- was a very happy, smart little boy, who loved his parents and loved and lieutenant to love in life and have fun. and lieutenant to love i and lieutenant to love i life and♪ ♪ and a whole lot of cheese ♪ ♪ and the mirror from your van is halfway down the street ♪ ♪ well, you can say that -- ♪ wait, what? i said, "someone just clipped very van."
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9:42 am
robb elementary school it. -- federal but sponsors teams were instructed by local law enforcement to wait and not go after the suspect. -- were instructed to help children out of windows. those workers are now under an intense scrutiny. but you use shooting has reignited pleas for congress to -- activist kaufman called out legislators for not doing enough to prevent more shootings like the one she survived in parkland, florida. >> shame on the people who watch my friends who and classmates die and continue not to act. shame on the lawmakers who promised to protect us and now have tighter connections to the gun lobby than ever before. shame on them. they are not representing what their constituents believe. >> she's a volunteer leader
9:43 am
demanding action, and -- survivor of the parkland high school shooting. when something like this happens, it's gotta take you back to your own traumatic experience. what did you think? how did you feel? when you heard about the elementary school students and teachers killed at the school? >> i was devastated. honestly, i was not too surprise after parkland, when our federal law makers decided not to act. this continue to happen. if they don't act this time, the next time a school shooting happens, no one should be surprised. it is already too late to act, but i am hoping this time it will be different. i know i said that after parkland. how can you look at this shooting and still put politics over children's lives? >> i don't know the answer to that one. that's for sure. i know you and your classmates, you were in high school, when the parkland shooting happened. students at that age, a little bit more life experience, some more outlook a mature outlook on life than younger kids.
9:44 am
the parkland students left everybody struggling to understand it all. some of these young kids, nine, ten year old kids begin to make sense of what happened to their friends? >> i don't know. i'm still trying to make sense of what happened to my friends. i know it's it's going to be difficult for these kids. i hope that, when they see other survivors speak, that they have hope that it will get better. i also want american people to understand that it is not just the new cycle that the students are gonna be upset or when they have to go to their friends funerals, is gonna be the rest of their lives. if we have more of these shootings, especially everyday gun, violence we have a generation who's traumatized by gun violence and traumatized by what is happening to them it is just exacerbating a mental health keisher. if republicans want to talk about mental, health and let's talk about these before it gets worse and worse. amen to that. it is feeding into the stress and anxiety that people are
9:45 am
feeding which gets into various levels of mental health issues. let's talk about what you are doing right now. you are an intern for senator chris murphy of connecticut. he is singing you praises on twitter after your passions speech at the moms demand rally in d.c. on thursday. senator murphy himself is a hugely vocal advocate for gun legislations in sandy hook which happened in connecticut. how do you want congress to tackle gun violence? >> i am so honored that senator murphy is continuing to lead the fight for gun violence prevention. i hope that republican lawmakers will listen to us. more than 80% of americans support background checks. more than 80% support red flag laws. mom both laws can be passed if republican support them. i hope republicans think to themselves that if this happened in their community, would they regret that they would continue to put nra money and power over their own children's lives? i want them to empathize with the people of move all day and
9:46 am
think to themselves, how can i make a difference? yes the school safety helps, yes helping with mental health, does help. but we do have a gun problem. the situations are not mutually exclusive. we need to focus on how we can prevent and reduce gun violence and gun reform. >> sarah kaufman, your family must be super proud of you. i'm delighted to speak with you. i know that there are great things in your future. keep on keeping on. we look for to talking to you again. thank you. >> thank you. >> she is hopelessly pro devoted to trump and it helped her on tuesday. the devotion did not help everyone. the future of trumpism in just a moment. first, again, remembering those lost in the elementary school shooting like alithia ramirez. she was a ten year old with big dreams. she loved to draw and wanted to be an artist. annabella guadeloupe rodriguez was a third grader described as a quiet girl. she was the cousin of another victim girl jackie cazares who was recently had her few first
9:47 am
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uvalde today, in buffalo, kamala harris is attending the funeral of 86-year-old ruth witfield the oldest victim in the top of the shooting. they talked with local leaders before the service which is ongoing. let's go to the latest now in the midterm elections and this week's georgia primary. they are taking a blow to file donald trump and his big lie. he was dismissed up and down the ballot as secretary of state -- to the top targets who helped to overturn the 2020 election, decisively won the republican nominations. joining me now, adrian rod, former senior aide to the biden harris campaign and michael,
9:50 am
host to the screen share show on peacock. i'm glad you are. here ladies first, adrian. we have jonathan allen who was calling the night the lights went out in georgia, for team trump. trump was trying to install loyalists in these posts, but instead, the candidates that he backed lost big time. what do you make of it all? >> obviously, jonathan is right. what is trump's influence going forward? i think the jury is out in terms of what his influence is. he did not have a good night in georgia. he did have a good night in texas. there is a number of primaries coming up. the jury is still out. the jury is still not out on maga influence in the republican primary. the question becomes, of course, is trump the face of maga? does this take on the form of someone else? is it is ron desantis going forward? is it another republican was outside influence? this is the question. it is not necessarily trump's
9:51 am
influence but maga's influence and maga's home on the party and how it is alive and well. >> she michael, i will ask the same question. the same time, taylor greene won the primary by a significant margin. >> she's actually very popular in her congression. it will surprise a lot of people. you have to realize that she is a congresswoman that represents a typical district. >> let me ask you something on that, why do people support her? she stuffs on no committees. wouldn't she bring to the constituents that they could say that she works for them. she is a loud mouth. she gets out there and uses a blow horn and yells, screams, a post. she makes scenes. what is she actually delivering to her constituents? >> alex, i think this is something -- i was at an event in texas with a lot of conservative a people of few days ago.
9:52 am
they asked me generally about politics and her name came up. despite she's on a committee, she's two of these people were from georgia but not in her district they thought that it was not fair that she was not on a committee. she was being targeted by democrat the mainstream media. despite her not being on the committee, the fact that she is so vocal about certain issues that are important to them, that is enough for republicans, genuinely speaking, to support her. i'm going to imagine that this is likely the same mindset of people in her district. really quick, i want to say something that adrian mentioned that pertains to trump and the jury being out on whether or not his endorsements six hold significant water. i think for the most part they do. i do, however, i think that people in certain cities and certain districts might have a deeper tide infinity to canvas they have known a long time over the president. it doesn't mean that they do not like trump, or they have
9:53 am
diminish their trust in what he has to say, it simply means that they know camp. camp has been around georgia politics. i want to georgia for a long long time. i would not necessarily say that it was a negative for trump, more so the people in georgia want to stick with the guy that they have seen in the politics for 20 years now. >> think that since you did a circle back to trump, there's reporting from the washington post i want to go over. trump's recalibrating standing on the gop after these primary setback that we have seen. this is not just in georgia but in other states as well. there's one source that is telling this to the post. i think there is a really real and growing sense, albeit in hushed tones, private conversations, and rarely publicly but more publicly now than ever before. this is of people saying maybe not that he is a paper tiger but that his piper -- power is greatly diminished. privately, no one around trump, and i when i say no one, i mean no one, other than the handful of people who would not have any professional existence without him wants him to run
9:54 am
again. that is the quote. is that what you are hearing? >> absolutely! two weeks ago, how he had lunch with friends. i worked for us high-ranking members, i cannot say who. everyone at the table, even my friends who like trump said, i do not want him to run again. we need to move on. we do not want the craziness. the party needs to go in a different direction. he does not help help us in our outreach efforts. we want to move beyond the perception of the party. while many people will not say it publicly, i gotta tell you, alex, some people are hoping that these endorsements continue. we alluded to this. they have more endorsements that fail so that people can start publicly saying, it is time to look elsewhere. trump doesn't have it anymore. >> adrian, let me ask you about pennsylvania. the counties there are officially preparing for a recount in the republican senate race between mehmet oz
9:55 am
and david mccormack. the recount is going to drag out the official results until june 8th. these couple of weeks, does this committee -- does is get the democrat republican candidate -- he is a familiar face, not the two guys that we are seeing over there. john feather in, that's why i'm talking about. does this give him a leg up? >> yeah, absolutely, alex. these two candidates in the republican primary are going to be waiting to see what happens. they cannot campaign because they are waiting to see who the nominee is going to be. meanwhile, john can traverse the state, meet with voters, talked as many people as he can. john father man is someone who does appeal to some of those swing voters, the white working class voters, the suburban voters, who crossed the -- who carried the democrats across the line in 20. 18 those are the ones who got biden elected in 2020. he has brought appeal. he is going to have a leg up. he is going to be able to go ahead around the state and talk
9:56 am
to voters while these two candidates and their teams wait with bated breath to see who the nominee is going to be. >> let me talk about name recognition and how it is going to play out for warnock versus a walker in georgia. and we have months to go. who's going to win? and who do you think, sure michael? >> alex, it is still a ways away. i think it is going to be a close race. i think with stacey abrams at the top of the ticket, campaigning along with warnock, they are essentially supporting each other in this race. i give them the edge. herschel walker has so many issues, so many problems. obviously, domestic violence being one of them that he has talked openly about. i think he's going to have a tough time. that is where my money is on. >> and quickly over to you shermichael, what do you think? >> the way things are looking alex, it is expected that republicans are treated well in the like house and likely to do well in the senate. i think herschel walker will likely win. again, i love warden, not
9:57 am
because of the politics. he has -- we are extremely proud of him. looking at the politics, it's sort of seems like it is benefit republicans at the current moment. >> we will have to have a conversation many times. good to see you both. enjoy your holiday weekend. a heartbroken texas lawmaker makes an emotional plea in response to the school shooting. he confronts the governor. we are going to talk with him. as we continue to remember those lost in the school shooting we remember eliana torres. her aunt says that her she was nervous and excited about the last softball game of the season. it is a game she would never play. and elie garcia was nine years old. she was the second oldest of five girls in her family. she was looking forward to her tenth birthday. she would have turned ten one week from today. today.can be taken at home
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