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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  May 28, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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from msnbc world headquarters in new york. welcome everybody to alex witt reports. welcome to breaking news from uvalde, texas. this is what it looks like outside robb elementary school today. 21 crosses, one for each person killed and the deadliest school shooting in a decade. -- also, growing outrage to the police response to the shooting in the heartbreaking details of children calling 9-1-1 begging them to police and the police now. grief stricken parents and state officials are angry over the decision from preventing federal tax to to from taking immediate action. >> you know every officer lines up, stacks, up goes and finds where the grounds are being fired, and keeps shooting until the subject is dead. >> joining us now from uvalde
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is nbc's liz -- also -- and then from houston shaquille brewster. liz, delays by police have grabbed the nations attention. what more are we learning about the timeline today? >> alex, after days of confusion and conflicting reports, we are hearing about a stunning series of failures by law enforcement in response to the shooting, including that the school resource officer, initially believed to be on site, was not there. and actually drove by the gunman. who enter the school at 11:33 am. now more than 100 rounds were fired, and then 30 minutes 19 officers were in the hallway outside the classroom as sporadic gunfire continue. children calling 9-1-1 and pleading for help. it wasn't until 12:50 pm, 77 minutes later, that our border patrol tactical unit breach the door, you can counter skis, and
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confronted and kill that gunman. the texas public service state director, col. steven mccraw, tucked about some of these questions and clarifications. here's what he had to say. >> it was a 40 minute gap. if the 9-1-1 operators were where the children were live in the classroom, why weren't officers notified of thought? if that's the case, why didn't they take action? that's the question. the decision was made that this is a barricaded subject, there was time to retrieve the keys and wait for a tactical team with the equipment to go ahead and breach the door and take on the subject of that point. in hindsight, when i'm sitting, down of course was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision. period. there is no excuse for that. >> some states law enforcement agency, texas rangers, normally investigate after a major incident like this, but now
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with deepening scrutiny-ing that investigation also deepening and widening. the fbi also involved. governor greg abbott saying he is livid, he was misled with the initial reports, and promising a thorough investigation. you can see the scene behind me all day, community members and family coming to pay their respects, bringing flowers, teddy, bears things like, that to this community, as it tries to heal and the family demands accountability. >> absolutely they. do list, thank you so much from eovaldi. of course hundreds have been lining up across the state to donate blood following some urgent request prompted by the shooting. some are reporting more than 2500 donations have come in just this week alone. as we go to msnbc host yasmin vossoughian, also involve all uvalde. i'm curious to learn about the impact on the community there, and as your friend, a mom, being there has to be tough?
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>> tough is putting it easy alex. i've got two babies at home myself, a five and a half and a three and a half at home, i was scared to drop them off at school. i've been thinking about that with every interview i'm doing out here and with every memorial site that i see. the grieving parents. the grieving families. it is unbearable. this one really hits home. i want to step out of the way a moment to show you folks what's been going on here. over the past couple of days, as one always happens with these types of things of course it is awful to say it that way, but it is the reality of what is happening in this country right now when it comes to these mass shootings in schools. there's been a memorial building over the last few days. today it is especially emotional of course being saturday of memorial day weekend, it is especially crowded. there are people visiting from all over the state. from outside the state as well. making their way, mid paying their respects. i'm not sure you can hear in the background, i'll stop
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talking for one moment. maybe we can boost the sound a little bit guys. there is a chorus of people, and they've been doing it all warning. can we hear? not really. okay. you see these guys in blue as well, they are offering a prayer for many of the people visiting as well. you see their hands on many of the individuals. praying for people. these are not individuals have lost someone necessarily. the people that are getting emotional. you have people visiting from san antonio. these are people visiting from houston, from dallas, from outside the state as well. this is hitting across the board. just like you, said it's hitting me, it's hitting you, whether you are a parent or not a parent, these were babies. i think for the last few days, the details that we have learned, and by the way not learn, the details that we were misled to believe as to what happened, the school resource officer was on campus, now we know he was not on campus. the one hour and 20-minute
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timeline from when he entered the school to when he was neutralized, those baby sat there, without protection. they, as a parent, where the worriers, they were the ones who are making the phone calls to 9-1-1 and saying help. they were a tonight students alive in class from 112. send help. there are people alive in classroom 111. send help. xavier, a ten-year-old boy, said -- guests would room he was a? 111. would he be alive today have gotten sooner? he had a girlfriend, would she be alive today? i saw the memorial site, xavier and annabelle, their memorials were together, in death they were together. in life they were together as little ten year old kids. i just spoke to a family that visited from the san antonio area. this was the father who served
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in afghanistan and iraq, multiple tourists, until he retired for 20 years later. his wife is still enlisted. the brother 13-year-old son, who is immunocompromised. this is a boy who spent his life in the hospital. he knows what it's like to be in the hospital to feel different. he was so incredibly emotional with me alex, such a strong kit. i asked his father, are you scared for your kid now? going to school, day in and day out? you know what it's like to carry a gun. you know what it's like to be in a war. do you feel that we are and we're now in this country? he said, yeah, i feel like the worst come here. i want you to take a listen for yourself. >> are you scared for your kit? are you worried? >> for sure. what parent isn't worried? i'm you've got to hold him and hug. it shouldn't be a tragedy, to
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say i love you. >> you served overseas, iraq, afghanistan, multiple tours, you know war, you guys both know war. you know engagement. does it feel like a war is happening here? when you see something like this? >> i definitely feel it. as i mentioned, we retired after 20 years in the united states army. some -- of [inaudible] this shouldn't happen in our country. it shouldn't. it hit hard. the community is what is making this sitting more powerful. >> i'll tell you this alex. we heard from the governor yesterday at that press conference. he was pressed once again about changing gun measures in the
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state. -- we know that o'rourke has also been trying to get -- banned in the states. that was part of this campaign platform and running for governor of the state. i asked him, who you just heard from, a guy who's had multiple tours in the middle east, who knows how to fight with an ar, he's given an ar when he's enlisted. shouldn't 18-year-old be able to buy an ar? absolutely not he tells me. what is an air use for anywhere? i know this is texas. i know people like their guns in texas. people of gaza. texas does they know they're coming to the. states this kyle's multiple guns. he goes out the hunts. there he said there is no use for regular layman to have an ar. not at all. if you want to use an air for fun? go join the military. if you want to shouldn't our, go join the military. this community, they're reeling, the state is reeling. across the board, people have said, the police did not respond appropriately and in
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time, and something needs to change. >> that is for damn sure. thank you yasmin. i know we'll see you in another 45 minutes or so as you start your show. appreciate that. let's go right now everyone, one quick shot of the funeral for ruth witfield, she is the oldest victim of the buffalo shooting two weeks ago today. vice kamala harris is paying tribute to her. it is receiving applause. i'm sure what she said was very notable. we are gonna keep on that in knowing you the end of that funeral as a proceeds in the next few minutes. albert einstein, a very famously said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. so after thoughts and prayers, and more thoughts and prayers, and claims that this time is different, what changes possible after eovaldi? i will speak with a member of congress about this next. but first we continue with
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those lost in the win robb elementary school we are thinking. of ten-year-old raphael tourists. his aunt told the l.a. times he was intelligent, hardworking and helpful. the parents of ten-year-old alexei rubio said they were all gonna get ice cream after school on tuesday. that was to celebrate making the honor roll and receiving a good citizen award. and 11-year-old miranda mathis is being described as -- family friend said her brother was her best friend. and he was inside the school when the gunfire began. the school the school when the gunfiref bipolar depren can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk
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community gathering place for festive and is now a memorial gathering for the those killed with 21 crosses. joining us is roland gutierrez. thank you for joining us. you've been the voice of reason,
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compassion, emotion, and strength during his last week. in talking with my colleague, chris jansen, coming out of that law enforcement briefing yesterday, you have a lot to say about the open carry arm in your state. i know it was difficult for you to do so but i want to show some of that interview with my viewers. take a look sir. >> every law enforcement agency in texas back the republicans to not pass open carry last session. they lobbied us to not pass open carry. every damn democrat voted against it. every republican voted for it. nine months ago i was on the floor the texas senate. i said, because of this bill, kids are going to die. i never thought it was going to be in my community. >> here we are 24 hours later. you had a little bit of time to take this all in. what are you feeling? >> it's up and down every day.
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i just got off the phone with one of the fathers of a little girl, and he was just devastated. he told me that i want to make sure that my child death is not in vain. he asked me to make sure that we change the laws in texas. i told him i would try, and i am going to try. i know you are trying. we are just asking for common sense gun solutions. raise the age. how is that you can be 21 to buy a gun but you can buy an ar-15 at 18? >> you needed 21 to have a drink and 18 to buy an ar style rifle. it makes no sense. i know you are trying. you interrupted governor abbott's news conference.
10:19 am
why did you do that? what did you want him to know? >> i was actually across town listening to the news conference. the government office did not invite me to this news conference, even though it is my district. i was listening and thinking, how ridiculous that this man is doing a news conference to let us know what kind of state services are in the area at the time. they were all short term measures. the senate democratic caucus today issued a letter to the governor to call for a special session. i wanted them to know that senate democrats are demanding that we have a special centered on this issue in three or four weeks or so that we can have the kind of gun laws that we need, red flag laws, age limits, waiting times. how is that an 18 year old can go into a store by 1800 rounds of ammunition and to militarized rifles and nobody thinks twice about calling the
10:20 am
authorities. it makes no sense. >> no, it does not make any sense! have you asked any of your republican colleagues in these last four plus days now? are you able to ask anybody if they are willing to talk if they are willing to come to some sort of agreement for change? >> i have gotten a lot of thoughts and prayers from them but we need more than that. i had one of them say, well maybe 21. i said, you think? that is the least you could do. that is the very least you could do. this is enough in this state. it is enough in the united states. these are militarized weapons that begin -- that belong in afghanistan or iraq. i am a hunter. i own weapons. i own guns. i do not own an ar-15. i do not need one to go hunting. i'm asking for common sense gun since. this governor has refused to do
10:21 am
it. he is in the pocket of the nra. >> so, when you think about who would want to have a military style assault weapon, what is the point of them for anything other than killing? hunters do not use them to kill bambi, right? no hunter is going to go out and use a gun like that. what is the point of having them but for to kill? >> these weapons are meant for two things, target practice and killing people. let's be very clear. the federal government needs to create an assault weapons ban. in the alternative, the very least the texas senate can do is have age limits, restrictions on access, waiting periods, red flag laws, and set up your own a texas sized etf where we do extensive background checks. we have the money to do it. we just do not have the
10:22 am
political fortitude in the republican party to do a damn thing on gun laws. >> let me ask you, sir, granted you are not invited to that press conference that they held, did you get any response to your questions or your presence there? did anyone reach out to you after the fact? >> not as of yet. as i said, his yesterday we're talking about existing state health services and other services that the state has to offer. i sent him a letter this morning for a 2 million dollar community health clinic. there is no world mental health clinic. they have one psychologist for 60,000 people. they do therapy through telemedicine. you cannot do to therapy through telemedicine. we need to have -- it is a prom bloom in rural texas. it is a problem in rural america. i was wise enough to put it on our sons that bill where we had to vote on it. we now have a formal suicide
10:23 am
prevention act. this governor needs to go funded properly so that rural areas around the state have access to mental health care. >> especially after what is happened. think about all the people in that town of 16,000 were going to carry around anxiety and fear for so long now. get them the help they need. republicans are constantly talking about wanting to address the mental health issue. address it! fund it! what is happening in houston with the nra holding the convention there? that is four days after the shooting. there goes the convention. last night, a speaker after speaker denounced the massacre. they insisted that any new gun laws are not the answers to prevent a future tragedies. sir, it feels like statistics indicating otherwise, and the feelings of the vast majority of americans are simply being ignored. even right there. it is like the speakers are playing to the crowd in the convention center. they are ignoring the thrones of protesters outside. what is your reaction to the
10:24 am
ten year? >> i think it is the most disgusting thing coming to a community three days after a massacre like this. they should have canceled. they refused. abbott should not have gone. he says i did not go. he sent us a video in support. he talked about mental health, talked about evil. the only evil that we have in texas is that we have a feckless leader. he has refused to do anything on this issue, even a monarch him of good sense. that is the evil in texas. >> he was probably pulling a c y a by not attending the convention. he claimed he was busy doing other things, perhaps. texas state senator gutierrez, thank you for your time and all of your efforts on msnbc. best of luck. let's get more on the nra can prevention in houston. we go back to shaq brewster.
10:25 am
you have thousands of people taking a stand outside the convention. we can hear them loud and clear. inside you have powerful republicans who support gun rights. what are you hearing about these divisions? >> you are seeing the divisions, and you are hearing the divisions. we are outside the nra convention. this is our the front doors. this is where you have attendees filing in. they are getting booed as they walk out. right across the street, young people calling for more gun safety policies. you see the signs. they call for comments and regulation of gun sales. people calling in saying that guns should not be more important than the lives of students. ant than the lives o students i'm editor down the way. the demands are simple. they want universal background checks, they want stronger red flag laws. they believe that this is something that most americans should believe in and should be willing to pass. i will tell you, at the nra
10:26 am
convention, this is not what we were hearing. this is especially from the speakers yesterday. we heard from senator ted cruz, former president donald trump, with the message that this is not about the guns. they say it is about mental health and school security. that is the message that you're hearing from the attendees who are at this convention. i want to hear from what we heard from them earlier. >> i do not think about the gun. i thought about the monster attacks or the moms and dads who are not going to the home to their children and those children that were going home to them. it did not occurred to me to make a connection between the shooting and the gun. the loss was bigger. >> i fundamentally believe that if the teachers were armed at that uvalde school, then there was a possibility that the teacher could've eliminated that person. >> that concept was something that you heard from the former president yesterday, when he took the stage. the texas governor abbott did
10:27 am
not appear in person yesterday but he did send in a prove recorded video where he said that the hundreds of gun laws on the books did not prevent this shooting. you have people who are here, it is not the thousands, but you have people outside the convention saying that they want common sense simple measures to help combat the gun violence that they are seeing. this is something that you have, with passionate people on both sides of the street. then you have both sides of the aisle when you go to washington. >> 90% of the american population once common sense gun laws. those folks are right in line with the majority of what people are thinking. thank you to shaq, and brewster for that. we are joined by jake auchincloss representative, of structure, infrastructure, committees, and he is also a u.s. marine veteran. congressman, welcome. i'm glad to have you here. i want to talk to you about an emotional video that you tweeted on tuesday night
10:28 am
following the deadly shooting in uvalde. let's take a look. >> i find that i have hate in my heart tonight. i despise the organizations and the politicians who allowed this to happen. this is a policy choice. the senate needs to vote on common sense gun safety legislation tonight. we need to disband the nra and take the fight to the enablers of this daily slaughter. >> is there a way, sir, to disband the nra? if so, how will this change gun politics on capitol hill? >> we must pursue the disbandment of the nra by all means possible. litigation, money, membership, and new york state have performed pursued the defamation of the nra but it
10:29 am
has been stalled. we do have other approaches. we need to go after their funding streams. the nra does not care about a second amendment. they care about money. it cares about funding a profit and the correct love styles of their -- finally, we have to go after the membership. more than 5 million strong in the united states make up a strong primary boss. it is the primary elections. we need to shame those organizations and members. we are talking about an organization that is hosting a party in the backyard of a school shooting, before 19 students and two teachers had even been laid to rest. is this really an organization that people want to be a part of? >> yeah, they talk about being a weekend of see the braiding freedom. what about those who want to go to school and come home safely that day? let's talk about a new article. this is from the washington post. it says that the nra has weakened but gun rights drive the gop more than ever. it is saying that the organization is moving forward
10:30 am
in losses and has been fighting for the last four years. it reflects what you are telling me. it is taking a toll on the standing and budget on washington. what power does the nra still have over law makers and how does it sway influence over some citizens. >> money and primaries. they have gop politicians bought and paid for. they wields a vocal minority. this is in vocal primary elections uvalde that gop elections. -- as you said, alex, majority of republicans, democrats, and gun owners, we know what congress needs to do. it needs to go back to work. they are having burials in texas and members of congress are in our districts. we need to get back this week. we need to vote on a red flag law. we need to vote on a safe storage law. the senate needs to vote on background checks and a federal assault weapons ban needs to be put on the floor this week and show who stands for student
10:31 am
safety and who is for the nra. congressman, you signed a letter calling on house leader to take that immediate action to combat gun violence. there is a bipartisan -- working right now trying to find a common ground on a bill that would address guns. what measures do you hope congress will pass in the wake of this tragedy? the operative word is pass? what do you think can get done? >> i'm not hopeful that anything can get, to be candid. that is why i'm so furious. and that is why i'm directing my ire at the nra. as long as that extremist organization has a drip grip on the gop threw money through its primary elections, i don't think they will do the right thing. -- it's ammunition regulation, its assault weapon ban, its background checks. we say plight and states like massachusetts, we know, this empirically. republicans want to say this is
10:32 am
a mental health problem. mental health problems exist or world over. united states is unique in that 300,000 students since columbine have experienced gun violence. -- 19 good guys with a gun stood outside a classroom -- >> there is that argument. when you say republicans lack the courage to get something done. i'm curious to know why. are there powerful positions in congress? is that were important to them than implementing a common sense solution? are they intimidated? or do they not care or not even see this as a problem? i don't know which of these prospects is worse. what is it? >> i think some of them are generally extremists on this issue. but i think the majority of, them including senator ted cruz, are actually just scare.
10:33 am
they are absolutely terrified of the nra. they are terrified of the money that can be wielded against. and the membership that could be mobilized for primary challenge. it's the same theories on january six 2021, most of those politicians knew that the election was free and fair, but they were afraid. i tell you fear is a poison in national politics. it inhibited the elected representatives of the american people to save lives. >> -- thank you sir for your time in your efforts. meantime, the effort to forgive student debt takes a small step forward. the impact of that small step is next. in memory of the texas school shooting, we pay tribute to jalen nicholson aguero, her mother said her ten-year-old daughter loves to dance and create videos of tiktok. see what she was also the cousin of jay's, he two were
10:34 am
ten, there were 21 of two pairs of cousins that were killed. and this student was beaming with pride after getting your on a roll certificate. her dream was to become a marine biologist. r dream was to become r dream was to become marine that helps everyone come to the table and do more incredible things. ♪ ♪ wayfair has everything i need sometimes, i'm a homebody. can never have too many pillows! sometimes, i'm all business. a serious chair for a serious business woman! i'm always a mom- that is why you are smart and chose the durable fabric. perfect. i'm not a chef- and, don't mind if i do. but thanks to wayfair, i do love my kitchen. yes! ♪ wayfair you got just what i need. ♪ now other top stories. after years on the battlefield migraine attacks followed me home.
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former president donald trump that is two oldest shouldering are compelled to testify under oath in a new york investigation of their business practices. -- the white house now pushing back on a report that president biden is planning to cancel $10,000 in student debt per borrower, saying no decisions have been made. activists say the president needs to raise that to 50,000 a person to make a debt in the country's trillion dollar student loan balance. nearly 40 million people are traveling this holiday weekend, according to aaa. this comes as gas prices soar to an average of $4 over $4 per
10:37 am
gallon. -- just a few moments ago, vice president kamala harris speaking briefly for the oldest victim of the buffalo shooting. here's with the vice president had to say. >> i cannot even begin to express our collective pain as a nation for what you are feeling at such an extreme way. to not only lose someone that you love, but through an act of extreme violence and hate, and i do believe that our nation right now is experiencing endemic pain. and as we know, and what's -- teaches us, when we talk about strength, the strength of personality, the strength of spirit, the strength of faith, i think we all know that a true measure of strength is not based on who you beat down,
10:38 am
it's based on who you lift up. we will not allow small people to create fear in our communities that we will not be afraid to stand up for what is right, to speak truth, even when it may be difficult to hear and speak. you -- what happened here in buffalo, in texas, in atlanta, in orlando, what happened at the synagogue, and so this is a moment that requires all good people, all god loving people, to stand up and say we will not stand for this. enough is enough. we will come together, based on what we all know we have in common, and we will not let those people who are motivated by hate separate us or make us feel fear. >> that funeral is for ruth
10:39 am
witfield, who was 86 years old. today and you've all, the texas, 19 parents are living their continued nightmare. picking up their children's caskets. planning their funerals. after they were murdered in the robb elementary school shooting. my guest knows that pain all too. well joining me is nickel -- her six-year-old son was killed in the -- she is the co-founder of the violence prevention group sandy hook promise. when you get introduced by anchors like me, you are constantly defined by this. you carry it every day. what is that like for you? >> you know, this is a choice that i made, to lean into this, to step into this arena dual lie could to honor dylan's legacy and create change for everyone else to ensure that these acts didn't happen again.
10:40 am
i haven't succeeded in that mission. yet i've succeeded in some places. we have stopped several school shootings and many other acts of violence, but the violence continues. as long as the violence continues, i will be one of the people fighting against that every single day until we see solutions. >> as you know the parents of these 19 little kids, they're facing a -- in their lives that will never be the same. it is a unique fraternity that is tragically grown since sandy hook in 2012. -- >> based on my own experience, this is one of the darkest times, because no one really knows how to prepare for a funeral for your own child. it is just not something you ever think about as a parent. i know for me, i was leaning very heavily on friends who would be able to contact, churches contact funeral homes, contact flores, handle all the flood of people trying to contact myself and my husband,
10:41 am
so that we could just focus on ourselves and our family. without the support of others, i do not know how we would've gotten through its first week. >> there were some shocking reports, i know you've heard from the parents or outside the school while that shooting was happening. i want to read one quote. it's from the wall street journal, the experience of one mother, miss gomez said she was numerous parents who began encouraging, first politely, and then with more urgency, police and other law enforcement enter the school. after a few minutes, she said, federal marshals approached her and put her in handcuffs telling her she was being arrested for intervening in an active investigation. once freed from her caucus, this gomez major distance from the crowds, jumps to a school fence, and wrapped run inside to grab her school children. she sprinted out of the school with them. a senior for the u.s. marshal service, nichols adamantly denied put any parents and hung
10:42 am
cloths. but what goes through your mind when you hear? that this mother did what any parent would do, put herself between the gunman her children. >> i completely understand her motivations and that sense of urgency. what happened that sandy hook, the tragedy that took the life of my son, was over in less than five minutes. by the time we all got, there it was done. but even, then we were trying to get as close to the school as possible. if there was a way i would've gone, there i would have broken through, window and ran in there myself. because you just want to get your kid no matter. what's the fact that they had to wait outside while this was still an active shooting, that is a terror that i don't think anyone can truly comprehend unless you are there. i believe that mother, in these moments, these are times that you, there are times that you experienced things differently, but she knows her truth and she's picking her truth. i listen to her.
10:43 am
>> i have to tell, you just listening to, you in reading the words of that mother, my palms are sweating, my stomach hurts just thinking about it. i've got to. kids i would do the same thing. i want to ask you about a real positive way, that some of your efforts have resulted in the prevention, in your mind of a school shooting. sandy hook promise, the efforts there, what has worked? >> it is a lot of, it is a very complex solution. we teach kids and the youth around them, how do you recognize the signs of someone in crisis? there is almost always signs. there is almost always warning signs, threats that are made, and how do you take immediate actions? take those threats seriously. get immediate action. it is all about upstream violence. focus on what you do before someone picks up a weapon to hurt someone else or hurt themselves. even when there's an over threat. those are the times for intervention. we focus a lot on policy as well. and that combination of those
10:44 am
two things, that's what works. we are creating better school communities. we are creating up standards for the next generations. we have stopped nine credible plan school shooting plots, just in the last few years. but it is not enough. we need to keep expanding and scaling. we need to get these lessons out to everyone. we all need to lean and be part of the solution. >> a mental all. that can i just, say i admire you so much. thank you for talking with me. i'm sure all my viewers feel the same. way best of. less >> open defiance on capitol hill, a showdown over january six could be looming. some developments on. that as we continue to remember those pressures kids lost at the shooting at robb elementary school. we honor ten year old tests motto, she like tiktok, dense video and getting your hair curled. and mckenna l rob was a ten year old described by herrera as someone who smile would light up the, room a smile forever gone.
10:45 am
room a smile forever gone
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10:47 am
you action today during the house minority leader kevin mccarthy and this january six committee. this is after mccarthy sent an 11-page letter indicating that he will likely defy the subpoena to appear before the committee. let's go to roth who is joining us from capitol hill. what are you hearing from committee members on this? >> i think the fact that mccarthy sent this letter says that the subpoena as it stands is not enough room to comply which is not surprising. we have heard from him and the four other gop congressman that were subpoenaed. this is just that they will not comply either. they slammed the committee and its work. the big question now is whether the committee will push forward. will they check this off the box as we tried, and failed, or will they push this for the? are they mauled over four months of subpoenas to see lawmakers. in this 11-page layer letter to
10:48 am
the committee says that it's a subpoena stands as is, the house minority leader will not comply. they are listing several demands in order for them to even considers complying to the subpoena. the lawyer is saying what topics, what documents will members use in the deposition. who will be lawmakers and cancel be if they decide to go forward. also setting questioning time limits for each side of unsettled demands. this is all coming after mccarthy and jim jordan, one of the other congressman that was subpoenaed by the committee, wrote in op-ed in the wall street journal. it slammed the committee again saying that it is exercising the dangerous abuse of power. they call it a political stunt. it will change the stunt house forever if they were to participated in it. they say that their refusal to cooperate is a continued assault on the rule of law. it says a dangerous new
10:49 am
precedent that could hurt the houses pressed ability to -- a response to how members time to proceed on this in the next few days. the question now is, what is the committee do? they could refer this to the house ethics committee. it will likely be lost in the shuffle. they are up against a tight timeline before those midterm elections, alex. >> hallie, thank you so much. the washington post says that more than 300,000 u.s. students have experienced gun violence since columbine. how the world views this unique american experience is next. among those lost in the texas school shooting 11 year old leyla salazar. she loved to swim and dance. the cousin of nevaeh bravo remembers a ten year old as someone who put a smile on everyone's face. a smile on a smile on everyone's and do more incredib.
10:50 am
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every major newspaper across the country today. the briefing on the school massacre. the houston chronicle has a wrong decision, police for rescue a 9-1-1 calls went nowhere as police failed to act. the atlantic journal has this quote from stephen mcgraw, the director of the texas department. it was the wrong decision. period. in chicago, the headline is, kids called 9-1-1 while cops waited. in las vegas, police delay tragic. joining me now is correspondent from bbc to studios an msnbc contributor. welcome. it is good to see you. as we talk about the u.s. leading the world in mass shootings. the chart we are going to show is between 1998 and 2019, that the u.s. experienced 101 public shootings. four or more people were killed. we do not have the graphic right now but i know the stats.
10:53 am
the next is france with eight. what do you make of the difference? how do you make sense of it? >> there are so many of those deaths and every time there is an awful shooting in that country i come across anyone. i saw there was 288 shootings in school over a ten-year period of four u.s.. next highest one was in mexico with eight. 200 and 8 to 8. you read those newspaper headlines. when something like this happens in the u.s., it makes headlines across the world as well. there was an editorial, for example, in a french newspaper talking about the tyrants of the minority in the united states. things cannot get done even though the majority of the population wanted to be done. it is something that everybody talks about, in reference to the u.s.. it is one thing that people cannot understand about this country.
10:54 am
there are so many of these mass shootings and so little political will to do anything about it. i think that is what really marks the u.s. apart from other countries where there have been incidents like this. in those countries they took action. they stopped the shootings. in america, there are more and more of shootings and nothing gets done. >> we have to wonder why this happens. let's pull up the chart now that we have. it britain, australia, canada, new zealand, norway, they all have gun culture. you can barely see them on the graphic. they all have tightened gun laws after their mass shootings. there they are, at the bottom. why have other countries been so much more successful in changing gun laws and the united states cannot get it done? >> it is pretty simple, they changed the laws. in the uk, after 1987, there was a massive shooting after a semi automatic rapinoe's used. they banned semi ottawa other
10:55 am
weapons. the country banned most handguns. the uk now has almost the lowest rate of any industrialized western country in terms of gun related deaths in the world. in australia, they had a mass shooting in 96. they had a mandatory buyback. the number of mass shootings in the country felt dramatically. there has been one in the last 26 years. you could do it. these laws, when they were enacted in other countries, by conservative governments, by the way. there was a conservative government in the uk. it was a conservative government in the australian country. the loss had an effect. it is not how other countries have done it, the question is why the united states has not. >> let's play, after the shooting, whatever cruz had to say when speaking with our colleague from sky news. they asked if this is the moment to reform gun laws. here it is. >> so why does this only happen
10:56 am
in your country? i think that's why many people around the world cannot fathom? why only in america? why is this american exceptionalism so awful? >> i am sorry that american exceptionalism is awful. >> i think this aspect of it. >> that is your political agenda. >> senator, it is not. i just want to understand why you do not think guns are the problem. >> why is this an american problem? >> it is just an american problem, sir. >> why is america the only country that thinks this is mass shootings -- >> you cannot answer that. >> why is it that people come from all over the world to come to america? it is the freest, a prosperous, a safe fist -- >> and maybe the freest but -- >> he said that america is the safest country in the world. why can't he answer the question, katty kay? >> it is an inexplicable question for people to answer.
10:57 am
two things can be true at once. people could want to come to the united states. there could be many great things about american exceptionalism. america's leading expert in the war in ukraine, but he can still have this glaring problem which the country fails to address. >> katty kay, that you so much for the chat. it is always good to see you. for all of you, this is going to do it on this edition of alex witt reports. i'm going to see you tomorrow at noon eastern. vesuviana continues our coverage of the uvalde mass shooting in texas. of the uvalde mas shooting in texas. you know that show i was telling you about? yeah i was so close to the stage when i saw her and she... she pulled me in. wasn't expecting that. literally the greatest thing i've ever seen... scene... it was such a scene, but i looked pretty hot... so hot. i mean the look on his face... face it!
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vossoughian, coming to life from uvalde, texas. this is a community in mourning. this is a community boiling with rage. a day after they learned after they learn the extent that they learned with that those that were paid to protect them, did not do their job. when they needed the most. when their children, their babies, their future, needed the most. the stunning admission, coming at a news conference have only confirmed both parents have been saving saying for days. that police of the shooting waited to go in full force to stop this gun for over an hour


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