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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  May 28, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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i have things there to say as well. you can find new things and exciting stuff that's in the works on instagram, twitter, facebook, and tiktok. politicsnation with rev. al sharpton live in buffalo, new york is next. >> good evening and welcome to politicsnation. we are live from buffalo, new york, where today was the funeral services for 86 year old ruth witfield. and at this funeral, the last of the ten victims killed by an admitted white supremacist, in fact, had written his own 180 pages, and winds to the tops
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supermarket in the middle of the black community here to saturdays ago and killed ten people and wounded others. at the services today, it was highlighted by the vice president of the united states kamala harris, journey to buffalo to attend the services. she said she didn't want to speak, she just wanted to sit in the services. she met with members of the other ten victims families and private and came down to the services. but being the eulogist, i broke pour a protocol and asked her to have some words anyways. because i felt it was important that this nation see and hear from her. i thought it was important since this was clearly a racial shooting, that young black women and men see the first woman vice president, first black woman vice president, speak from the heart. at the funeral of an 86 year
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old black woman, who lived through jim crow, to raise children, one became a fire commissioner here in buffalo. let me share with you some of with the vice president had to say. >> what happened here in buffalo, in texas, in atlanta, in orlando, what happened at the synagogues, and so this is a moment that requires all good people, all god loving people, to stand up and say we will not stand for this, enough is enough. >> and as she spoke, and others spoke, and i gave the eulogy, we also remembered the 19 children, children that were killed in uvalde, texas. since uvalde happens since the
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massacre here in buffalo, in fact before we could even do all the funeral services, i spoke at two funeral services here yesterday, we had seen this massacre in uvalde, texas, and as we look at uvalde and look at buffalo, there is clearly a lot of reason for us to pause and put our heads down and say, what's happening in this nation? but also this week, two years after the murder of george floyd by a minneapolis policeman, we were not able to get federal legislation, but we were able to see the president of the united states, president joe biden, signing an executive order on policing and how we must hold police accountable,
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and at that ceremony, i was able to bring a young girl who joe biden met when he was running for president. i was in the room. she was the daughter of george floyd, gianna. and she told him then, my dad is going to change the world. she was there with her mother and uncles and aunts and the president, i walked up on the stage, president sit in his seat and gave her the pen that he signed this executive order, on the date, two years later of her father's death. if you keep fighting, you can make incremental steps. and an executive order from the president does have one of those steps that we can get towards permanent federal legislation. let me bring on my first guest to talk about all of this, congressman bobby scott, from virginia. democrat from virginia, chair
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of the house education and labor committee. congressman scott, given that we have seen in the last two weeks, these mass, these massive killings, these massacres, one clearly race based, the other's -- whatever it is gonna be the motive to free find a together, because that iselin was killed. at the same time, we see that we were unable to even get a hate crimes bill passed in the u.s. senate. it passed the house with only one republican vote, and went to the senate, where it died. do you see any possibility at all, give me an appraisal, of why is this so difficult, when you have a hate crime clearly written out by the shooter, and we cannot get federal legislation. what's going on in the senate
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and the house? >> well, the republicans in the senate will have to answer for themselves. we have a situation now where things that can be done, to reduce the chance of these kinds of incidences will happen, and yet, we can pass them in the house, they get blocked in the senate by the republican unanimous opposition. the republicans have a party position, and you can see it since sandy hook, that they don't want to do anything about gun safety. they're the leader of their party spoke at the national rifle convention just this week. so that is what we are dealing with. democrats will make it clear, that we want to do something. and the response from the public will have to, be that you are going to have to make this a political issue, if you
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want change, you're gonna have to change, i don't see much change in the position of the ones that are there, but we're gonna have to change the people that are there. when the public makes it clear that they are not gonna tolerate people sitting on the sidelines wanting to do nothing about gun safety, when they make it clear they are not gonna tolerate that anymore, things will change. >> so, you don't have faith that even though we saw senator joe schumer, the majority leader in the senate, has given them ten days to come up with some big. and we saw nine senators meet bipartisan group, we don't have faith that that may lead to something in this moment? when we see two mass killings within two weeks. is this a moment for progress or you don't think? >> reverend, i hope it is, but i was in office when sandy hook happened and we couldn't even,
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when republicans were in control, we couldn't even get a hearing on gun safety. we know the kinds of bills that need to be taken. up the one that is more frequently mention is the red flag laws, the background checks, doing something about assault weapons, if nothing more increasing than just increasing the h. you gotta be 26 to -- a car, how can you be 18 from assault weapon? [inaudible] >> there are the things that like the size of the magazines, most of the intervention in these mass shootings takes place when the shooter is fumbling with the magazine, changing magazines. if you have a 50 round magazine or 100 around that dizzying,
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which we have seen 70s, you can do a lot more damage that if it's an eight or ten magazine, round magazine. we know it needs to be done. we'll make proposals to give everyone an opportunity to be on the record as to what they're gonna do. >> now you mentioned that we need to vote about it and clearly we are in the midterm election, primaries are already occurring, one that we did vote for was president joe biden and vice president kamala harris. this week, the president did sign an executive order on police accountability. i was president and other civil rights leaders than many other families of police victims, including the family of george floyd, which on that day was the second anniversary of his murder. how do you read the impact of that bill that dealt with everything from a registry, where police would now be known if they were found to have gone
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over the line, or broke the law, or done, or had reports that they had done some inappropriate behavior in terms of unnecessary force, had under body cameras, in the had in their chokehold as well as a suppression, which is what's george floyd died from, a lot in there that was meaty, but it's an executive order, it's not law. it's policy as long as this president just sitting there. what impact do you think the executive order will have? >> it will be policy as long as he's an office, but also had provisions for de-escalation an implicit bias, the kinds of things that were in the legislation we were considering. it covered a lot of ground. regrettably, it only covers
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federal agencies, but it sets a framework for others around the country to notice one important issues need to be addressed. one thing that people don't mention every often, that most of the things people are considering our local issues. you can get rid of chokeholds just by having the merits of the chief of police, chokeholds no child calls. if he keeps doing, it just fire him. a lot of these things could be solved on the local basis of the voters will push on their local elected officials to make sure the police are doing the right thing. sometimes, police carry on like they are not subject to political influence. we need to make sure that local citizens press their local elected officials to get some of these implemented on a local basis. a lot of things, like giving military equipment to
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localities. if a locality needs tanks and that kind of things, call up the national guard. you don't need to local police in a small town the, with tanks and bazookas and that kind of thing. >> that was in there as well. we have seen that happen in the past, military equipment with local police. let me bring up another subject while i have. you win or you've been working with speaker nancy pelosi around the crisis in baby formula, trying to shore up the production of baby formula. tell us what you are predicting and tell us how it disproportionately affects black and people of color as well as poor people in this country in a disproportionate way? >> half the people oh using baby formula error on the wicked program. -- we were able to give through
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legislation, we were able to actually make it bipartisan. we introduced it and it was signed by the president the same week, to get flexibility in the wicked program. right now under the whip program, if you have a weak voucher to give baby formula, it is brand specific. it will say which brand you have to. by that is because, in negotiating with the various manufacturers, the fact that we can limit the wicked voucher, means that you are much more likely to give us a real good price. that doesn't work very well when you go to the store and you don't have that product on the shelf. so va flexibility, in terms of emergency, that your wicked voucher will be good for whatever is on the shelf. that will make impossible for a lot of people, who are unable to use the wicked vouchers, to use the wicked vouchers. that was bipartisan inside by the president.
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another, bill regrettably not bipartisan, -- provided significant funding so we could do things like we saw in the clip you just showed, we could go in other countries and buy formula and bring it back. that, there is a lot of expenses involved with the. we need the funding to make sure that's possible. we're also gonna ask the secretary of health and human services to see if there is any way to stockpile formula so that if there is ever an emergency like, this were one manufacturer stops providing, in this case one factory start producing, that there will be maybe a 30-day supply, which we have the time to get together and try to solve the problem. right now, the problem just arrived. there was no formula on the shelves. all of a sudden, we had a crisis. looking forward, we're trying to solve the problem in the future.
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>> we'll thank you for being with us tonight congressman bobby scott, chair of the education and labor committee. as we deal with a lot of issues here in the country, we are still watching what's going on in ukraine, let me go live to cal perry in kyiv you paint what can you tell us today is happening in ukraine? >> for a lot of the last few months we've talked about how the ukrainian military has stood against russian forces putting them back in some places. certainly in the northern part of the country. in the kharkiv area, we've seen the push them back. but in the eastern part of the country, we've seen russian forces making slow and methodical gains. it's something that ukrainian officials are saying they're mainly concerned about. of course -- it is the taking of some of these villages. there are two major cities in the eastern part of the country
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that are under constant attacks. russian forces attacking from three different directions. showing up and down the lives, their heavy civilian casualties in that area. it is all the more reason that ukrainian officials are asking for more of those long range rockets from the united states. all this follows was really the fall of the southern city, port city of mariupol where again, heavy casualties on both sides. ukrainian president saying up to 50 or 100 ukrainian soldiers could be dying every day on the eastern front. it's raising fresh questions about how and when the war will end. >> all right, thank you cal perry from kyiv, ukraine. let us find out what other top news stories have happened today. let me go to my friend richard louis with today's top news stories. >> a very good saturday to, you some of the stories we're watching for you. it's a tough holiday weekend for flights. more than 1000 were canceled saturday morning, that's after
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more were carried friday. delta airlines says the bad weather is at fault. >> missouri is saying a police shooting seriously injured one woman. they spotted one man in a vehicle allegedly involved in the carjacking last night. when they approached the man, he ran, but they shot the woman, she is expected to survive. and the world's oldest person turned 113 years old, friday. guinness world records gave that distinction to this man of venezuela. he enjoyed human health perhaps because of the liquor he drank each day. his cup runneth over. he has 12 great, great grandchildren. 18 great grandchildren. and 41 grandchildren. more politics nation, with reverend al sharpton right
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back with politicsnation. as i said about buffalo new york, today where we had the funeral for whitfield who is an 86-year-old woman who was killed along with other in this race massacre. for you that could not watch it let me play some of the eulogy that i gave at midfield's funeral. >> we went from the back of the best to the front of the white house. ruth did not die in vain, because in her name, we're gonna put on the armor of righteousness. we're gonna build a new
2:23 pm
buffalo. in the name of these ten, we want economic development right here in buffalo. let the blood that was built be the water to cede a new buffalo. man can come -- is because he did his work, he did his research he figured out buffalo had a large concentration of blacks. and then he said, wait a minute they've only got one black supermarket in the black community. so i wait till saturday afternoon, because a lot of them will be shopping. he figured out the demographics
2:24 pm
of exclusion. he got that down. i told the governor and others about keeping the -- if you can build a new stadium, you can build a new supermarket. and it's not either or, it's both and. we must fight. to make a new buffalo. so when they know that they shoot us whether we are black or latino, or jewish, or asian, or lgbtq, or disabled, that you're gonna make us come together. because we are the ones that put on the breastplate, and the helmet of righteousness. and you can't fight us when we
2:25 pm
stand up. because the got i serve has more power than you've got. >> as we were giving the eulogy, i was glad the governor was there who did help to drive to bring a stadium that is an engine here. and she's pledged to help with the economic building with the black community in buffalo. in fact she's already been probably the first government to sign executive orders around guns, and i was still with, her and i was glad she's still with the family today. we'll be right back. bob hello everyone, this evening on american voices, more questions than answers about the police response. how this close knit community moves forward. we'll talk to the families who've been touched by gun violence. could this moment bring change? that and much more when i see
2:26 pm
you for american voices right here at 68 eastern, on msnbc. hey i'm ayman whitehead deem, tonight on ayman, white house senator sheldon whitehouse joins us on the fight to pass meaningful gun legislation after a spate of shootings in our country. watch that tonight 8 pm on msnbc.
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let's bring my political panel. we have joe watkins, republican strategist and former white house aide to president george h. w. bush. and our pot cast host daniel moody. let me start with you joe, this tuesday passed, there were primaries in several states, but all eyes were on georgia,
2:31 pm
where president trump lost two very important races. the republican nomination for governor, where the incumbent, brian kemp, refused to bow to his wishes about the 2020 elections and finding votes, and the actual secretary of state raffensperger, both who had challenges and president trump supported their challengers in both cases as sort of his political revenge. he lost both races. though we did see the reelection of congresswoman, the renomination of congresswoman marjorie taylor greene, a big trump respect order supporter and far right winger. how do you read the results in georgia? what does it mean? doesn't mean that donald trump is losing his grip on a lot of
2:32 pm
the primary voters in the republican party, having two very two very significant defeats in georgia last tuesday? >> those are a big defeats. the voters from georgia spoke loud and clear. one of my white classmates from georgia, who has been a supporter of trump, semi mail this morning. he said, in response to what happened, he said, trump needs to look forward and not backwards. he's tired of hearing about 2020. i think that that's way lot of white republicans in georgia felt, which is why they did not vote for the candidate that president trump wanted them to vote for. it was a loud message from georgia republicans, white winds primarily, saying that they did not agree with president trump on this. and they voted for the candidates he told him not to vote for. >> let me go to you danielle on something that caught my eye this week. we remember, on january 6th,
2:33 pm
they were outside saying, hang pence, hang pence. the new york times came out this week with a report that said that there were those that said to the committee, to the january six committee, that donald trump inside was saying that pence should be hanged. now, when you look at this, how does this statement, by then president trump, if he set, it how does this, does this reach the bar of criminal intent if he was saying this and actually part of this whole hang mike pence because he would not bow kowtow to trump not wanting him to certify a credible election of the american people? >> rat, the bar so low right now, with regard to donald trump and the criminal activity,
2:34 pm
the reality here, is that there is more than enough evidence that it's been presented, even outside of these outrageous comments that donald trump would make. here's the thing we have to understand. he was the president of the united states. his followers, as he liked to color, his fans, he take his words to mean them. if donald trump is saying, yeah he should be hanged. or we are gonna follow up with mike pence. that's why they were chanting with the rich hunting. it is because he put a target on his own vice presidents back to his people and said, if we don't get him to overturn this election, it's going to be mike pence's fault. and that is how they reacted. they reacted with pure violence. >> nguyen let me go to you joe, we've seen the massacres and texas and here in buffalo, we're -- just finishing the last of the funerals. we have seen the republicans in
2:35 pm
government talking about anything other than guns as an excuse for what has happened, for example, ted cruz, said that the problem wasn't too many guns, the problem was it was too many doors in the school. in uvalde. are we gonna be able to see any significant legislation, when you have republican leadership that is saying, that would what's caused this massacre, 19 kids in school, three teachers, ten likes here in buffalo, and they are saying any and everything other than, we need to deal with gun legislation, where you have 18-year-olds that can even buy a beer in texas, but they can buy an assault rifle, they can buy an ar-15? >> reverend, you're right, they need to be talking to democrats about how we have sensible gun
2:36 pm
legislation. the full menu of options should be on the table. 80% of americans want stricter background checks. they want to make sure that our kids are safe. and it doesn't matter whether your democrat or republican, but if you're republican, you should be in lockstep with democrats that's how we fix this problem, how we keep our kids safe, make sure we have another buffalo, make sure we have and we don't have another, buffalo we don't have another uvalde, texas. -- talking about the shooting strategy in pittsburgh. these things need to stop. there is no good reason why we can't have stricter gun, laws of laws that protect our children, people of, color american from gun violence. >> danielle, talking about gun laws and not being able to get that, through one thing we have seen as laws that impede voting rights. we have nine new laws in six states that makes it more difficult for people to vote
2:37 pm
and clearly i agree with congressman scott he was on this program earlier, we need to come out and vote for people that will deal with gun legislation and deal with other legislation. but how concerned are you, about the fact that we now officially in six states, have new laws that impact people's ability to easily vote? >> here's what we see the republicans are doing reverent. we have bands on books, we have bans on abortion, we have bans on voting, we have pants on everything except what is taking peoples lives. the fact is, everyone keeps saying, what's gonna stop gun violence? we need to put people in power that are gonna change the laws and actually represent. us and they turn around and they restrict the are biloxi to do just that. we are being held hostage by the republican party and by the nra in this country. they are doing everything that
2:38 pm
they can to rollback every bit of protection that we have. is this what's freedom looks like? we can send our kids to school. we can't go to the grocery store. we tackle to the movie theater. we can be an exist as americans in this country without fear and anxiety. they should not be the way and voting is our only access point in order to change it. and they're trying to restrict out as well. this president needs to do something with regards to executive orders to create these guardrails and guard rails for the american people to be able to access our voice. >> all right. i'm gonna have to leave it there. thank you danielle moody and joe watkins. coming up next, a living icon. before there was a ben crump for a johnny cochrane, there was a man called fred gray, who was the eternity, attorney, and still is in, the civil rights
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ask your doctor about eliquis. now we have with us, and i'm excited to have legendary civil rights attorney fred gray, and the journalist, civil rights attorney as well as the former colleague of mine here at msnbc, dan abrams. they coauthored a very
2:43 pm
important piece that i was totally enthralled reading called alabama versus king, it talks about a very much overlooked part of the early career of martha luten luther king junior, when he was faced with some real legal challenges, and they tried to wipe him in the movement out. thank you for being on with. us before i go into the, book let me ask you attorney gray, when you look at the challenges around voting rights today, and other issues related to civil rights, like policing, as one that is done this for six decades or more, how do you view the challenges that we are facing today through the lens of one who helped shape the original voting rights movement in the six states, as well as some of the other issues that we are facing in the year of 22?
2:44 pm
>> reverend sharpton, thank you for inviting me on. i think we are faced today with problems as great as, if not greater than those we faced when i started practicing law 67 years ago. those basic problems are the same problems we had when we were brought here slates. and that is a problem of racism. and the problem of inequality. because only black folks are brought a slave and owned by white people, and we have never had a quality. we have been chipping away, case by case, decision by decision, demonstration by demonstration, but the nation has never really faced up to the issue of destroying racism and doing away with inequality.
2:45 pm
those faces are still currently facing us today. one of the issues that is very much of real concern is the women right to choose. in the supreme court, as you know, is getting ready to announce a ruling, probably next month, that could alter roe v. wade. many of us see that as against roe v. wade, or it would bring is back to where the states will decide, state by state for a women's right to choose. is that a threat to civil rights? is this a civil rights issue that can lead into states rights and other issues, and a safe rights are something that you were on the frontlines fighting for? >> i have not been involved in the abortion case. i think the ray of a woman to
2:46 pm
choose is a very important right. it is a right that they have, and we males may not understand it quite. that right and the old business of guns and violence, they are all silver rights issues. they are more difficult now because people used to tell you that they will in effect for segregation, because it was the law. even without the law, there is still the effect of doing the same thing. the result is that african americans now are as great as they were then. >> dan abrams, this book, i could not put it down, alabama versus king, because many people that were not of that
2:47 pm
generation, and those of us that were younger, those younger than me, had no idea how the state of alabama came down on martin luther king. we line a zoom with holidays in all kinds of things now. tell us why the book is important? would you outlined that they released tried to stop dr. king before the montgomery boycott became the template that it became? >> this starts with rosa parks arrest, freddy gray will tell you it starts before that. for the purpose of summarizing the book, rosa parks is arrested. her lawyer is on the show with us, fred gray, surely after, there is a boycott. 40,000 african americans in montgomery boycott the buses. nobody expected that it would work as effectively as it did.
2:48 pm
they were putting the buses out a business. they realize that we have to do something else. they then used criminal law to try to prosecute dr. king and 88 other people. this was the singular case that put more in luther king on the map. the man that i am joined by on the show, and he is my coauthor, which i am honored, was one of two people who selected dr. king to be the spokesperson for the montgomery boycott. it was only because of that choice that dr. king ended up being prosecuted. it is only because of that choice that dr. king became a national figure because the national media covered the trial. somehow, it has been forgotten in history. we have uncovered the transcript of it. obviously, having fred gray, who was martin luther king's lawyer at the age of 25, has
2:49 pm
allowed us to bring the story to life in a way that has never been done before. >> attorney gray, we are almost out of time, but as then laid out, this important book, they tried to criminalize the movement and even accused doctor king of stealing money from the movement. you had to deal with that trial, which they always smear people that go out front. utah in this story now with dan is very instructive for anyone that wants to study american history. >> i think it is very instructive, one, to know the history and realized that we had the same problems that we have now that we had done. it is even more difficult, and it is just like well congressman john lewis told me about a month before his death, where he called me and wanted
2:50 pm
to talk -- i asked him, congressman, what do you want me to do? he says, keep pushing, don't give up, keep the record straight. what he said to me was to keep pushing, keep going, set the record straight, and what this book seeks to do is for us to keep pushing, they keep going and set the record straight. we need to do in a nonviolent matter. we need to do it until -- >> attorney fred gray and abrams, honored to have both of you tonight. some we will be right back. tonight. tonight. some
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why i continue my activism as president of -- when i see 90 year old attorney fred gray, who was literally the attorney that protected dr. king and rosa parks, to keep fighting and keep going. and then i think about as i did
2:56 pm
the eulogy yesterday for one of the victims of the race massacre here in buffalo, and then today, for the funeral of mr. whitfield. i think of how many funerals we will have to attend, how many eulogies that i will have to do and others will do. then i know, every once in a while, if you keep fighting, you can win. that is why the vice president of the united states walked in, and i looked at her as a black woman sitting in that c, and the about how black women like my mother could not even vote until they were in their late 30s in the deep south. we can win. kamala harris is an example of that. when i look at the executive order signed by president joe biden this week in the lighthouse, as the families of
2:57 pm
george floyd and breonna taylor, and jacob blake and others were sitting there, i know you can keep fighting and win a few battles. if we keep fighting and winning these battles, we can win the war against racism, against gun allowances that has, in many ways, destroyed the basic fabric of our social order. we must, as fred gray said, keep fighting. stay tuned to msnbc. american voices with alicia menendez is live from texas at the top of the hour. from xates at the top of the hour.
2:58 pm
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