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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  June 1, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that does it for us. "the reidout" with joy reid starts now. ♪♪ good evening, everyone. more than a week after the school massacre in uvalde, texas, the community and the nation continue to grieve. just tonight we've learned of another shooting in tulsa, oklahoma at a hospital. authorities say multiple people were shot, and at least three have been killed. the shooter is also dead. we will bring you the latest as soon as we have it. meanwhile in uvalde, memorials and funerals are being held today for seven of the 21 victims, including one of the two fourth grade teachers along with her husband joe who died of a heart attack days later of the investigators say they are still trying to interview uvalde school police chief arredondo, the commander on the zone though he claims he's been in contact with investigators every day, and in washington, meanwhile, lawmakers met to discuss a
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possible way forward on gun safety legislation. the senator leading those talks, chris murphy of connecticut, will join me a little later, but after yet another community has been devastated by yet another mass shoot, we twin "the reidout" tonight with a hard conversation about the gun because we need to understand how we got here, and we can in the avoid talking about the ar-15 and the industry that gives murderers the tools to success. former prosecutor ryan busy explained how the ar-15 conquered the american market. prior to about 2010 or 2012 there was never a gun sold in the united states commercial market that was desert tan color. now a significant percentage of guns are sold in desert tan color. why? iraq and afghanistan? adding about 1999 in the
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columbine shooting, the nra set its political course. we're in the culture war business. then you have these -- you have these wars happening, ar-15s, patriotism, islamophobia all of that in the culture at the same time. busy was speak is specifically about the company that manufactured the weapon used by the murderer in uvalde, daniel defense. it's a company that makes no bones about its place in the culture war leaning hard into right wing christian conservative red meat and hypermilitaristic branding. just days before its ar-15 was used in uvalde, the company tweeted a photo of a young boy holding an assault rifle with a bible proverb. train up a child and the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from t. it's easter advertisement, an assault rifle with a spinal and a cross and the caption he has risen. now, if you're not churchy that refers to jesus, the
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peace-loving jewish guy put to death by the romans and during christmas last year santa claus was depicted wearing a military helmet and smoke agassi gar and enjoying his ar-15-style rifle. imagine him coming done your chimney. their video ads are similarly militaristic featuring kids and adults using their weapons in what look like war games. it's an extreme way of capitalizing on a wholly manufactured sense of apocalyptic fear, deliberately created by people who have a financial and political motive to keep a certain segment of the population, namely white christians in a constant state of panic. the gun industry, aided by the right wing media ecosphere creates this hyperanxiety, elites want to take your gun while immigrants are being brought in to replace you and teachers want to indoctrinate your children. it's just constant baiting, building up this sense of apocalypse and giving the ar-15 mythical status as the weapon of
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choice to fight back, onward christian soldiers. as busy notes the idea of civil war/race war with heavily armed citizen patriots as your warriors is hardly under the surface anymore. i won't go so far as to say they actually want people to die in a race war. it's a political tool for them. they think they can use it to motivate and make people angry and fearful and hateful and then get them all armed up, ka-ching. joining me now is ryan busy, the former firearms executive featured in that "washington post" piece and author of "gun fight, my battle against the industry that radicalized america, and charles blow, "new york times" columnist and msnbc political analyst. thank you for being here. mr. business, i read your -- the interview in the piece on you with kind of horror and also kind of with an a-ha, because it did bring together for me a lot of stories we've been covering thon show, this sort of constant fear of books and history lessons and, you know, books
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that have lbgt characters and immigrants and putting kids in cages, it all kind of comes together around what you put this sense of apocalypse. talk a little bit about how the gun industry and in companies like this particular company that we talked about have marshalled that into money. >> no, you're exactly right. and i lived inside this kitchen where this incredibly incendiary marketing and damaging politics was cooked up. the nra figured out a long time ago especially when barack obama started to lead in the polls in 2007 they could make people be irrational they do gin up fear to a place where they were below boiling. they will vote against their own self-interest and they are very, very volatile and we're living with the consequences now, and there are many ar-15 companies, ar-15 really came into its own at the same time as the symbol of apocalypse and a way for many
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gun companies to make a fortune and people like marty daniel at daniel defense were really on the forefront of using this sort of fear and, you know, just outright christian nationalism to drive both sale of the ar-15 but also further the nra message that keeps normal good people so fearful, and if you doubt this, just wait. these 19 kids, they -- that very killing will be used to spur more fear because the message that will soon come out of the nra it doesn't matter how bad this was, we have to stay stalwart. these people are coming for our freedoms like despite this. that, too, will be converted to fear, and if that sounds an awful lot like donald trump who could convert anything into fear it's exactly like that. the nra perfected this and hand it had to the right. >> just a moment, inside of the back rooms at the nra or in companies like daniel defense, in the c suites, do they understand that they are
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creating a dangerous toxic brew here and not care, or are they sort of in denial? because i controlled daniel defense's instagram feed today and it looked like preparing people for a war, you know, as if this was ukraine being prepared to fight the russians and it looks like war games and they are shooting at human targets and playing war. >> look, this has become a mixture of quarterly capitalism and election quart earl capitalism, right? the nra only cares about wing the next election, that's it. they don't care about the downstream effects. it's very much like pollution, right. they are going to put it in the river and let someone else deal with the downstream effects. well, the downstream effects of there are our kids, right? they are the kids in the school. they are a political system and people marching on the capitol are ar-15 flags and there are men intimidating lawmakers in michigan with loaded ar-15s like these are the downstream effects. we can't run from them anymore.
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do i think they know if? yeah. they know it full well. just like the quarterly report at a big corporation. you make the quarter, you worry about the next day the next day, right? you don't worry about the effects until you get there. >> and then people act surprise that had we have people that are, you know -- that culture wars fed into them and they pull off a mass shooting. >> charles, let me bring you in on this. i was in a conversation with my good friend bishop barber who did another ka-ching thing. in 1915, "birth of a nation" still one of the most-watched movies of all time, came on the scene just at the end of the era where reconstruction died and troops were pulled out of south in 1877 and in 1915 a friend of woodrow wilson, the president at the time, translates this sort of -- creates this film, and he screens it in the white house and it becomes a huge film. we're going to play a little clip of it here just to show you what it looks like. it literally made the klan come
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back after it had been squashed after the civil war t.created a rebirth of the klan and, of course, lynchings followed because you had this sort of depiction in the media of apocalyptic fear of this black menace. it's not like this is a new thing. it's happened before. what do you make of the fact that it's happening again? >> well, i mean, i think the other guest is exactly right. the nra has figured out that this works, and there's a blood pact between the republican party, the nra and the gunmakers themselves, and there's a cycle of money and power that is being turned all the time between those three parties, and you see this -- you know, they create minutes of everything. one menace that they have done is that something will be done that, there will be an assault weapons ban, so when you see
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people like barack obama run and win, background cheques go through the roof because people run out to buy guns because they assume that something may than that may one day prohibit them from having them and you see the same thing happen after a mass shooting that gets a lot of national attention. people run out and buy these guns all over again because they assume something might happen that might prohibit them from buying them. in a way donald trump was the worst thing that could have happened for the nra and gunmakers because they didn't have a foil, right? they couldn't say he's going do it so they had to make other enemies. they had to say people coming across the border is the enemy, there's going to be a race war or whatever. they are constantly trying to figure out who is going to be the best foil to gin up the most cells and most anger in the electorate. and as you point out, conservatives in this country have been playing that game forever, but-ins a new iteration
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of it and it is -- >> the thing you can do -- "birth of a nation" was a very interesting way of ginning that up then. you had nixon who said we're going to demonize the hippies and the black and brown people with this war on drugs, but it was great politics to get more people to vote. there's always a purpose for it, you know, either a financial or a political purpose and i guess i'll ask you the same -- to comment, charles, on the same question. the fact that there is no pause or sense of guilt or a sense of, you know, a pause morally in creating rage that then produced violence, does that surprise you, or at this point should we stop being surprised? >> it doesn't surprise me because i think on some level they look at this as collateral damage, right, because 99.9% of these weapons, because there are millions of them out there, are never used in any sort of mass shooting and, in fact, even in
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community violence, the weapon of choice is a handgun, not an ar-15 so the vast, vast majority is not using them any sort of violent way and they probably never will. they look at that and say the vast majority of the weapons is not doing anything, these are the kooks, these are the weird shooters who are doing this and we have to say that's all it takes it. only takes a fraction of a percent when you have millions and millions of these guns to do incredible damage. >> ryan busy, let me ask you this sort of key question, having worked inside the industry and i will note for the audience that the shooter is dead, another mass shooting, came before the program, this one in oklahoma. the shooter is dead. three people have been killed, at least three people. this is at a hospital, ryan. there's no place that we are safe now because as charles just said it only takes one kook
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armed to the teeth with a civilian version of an m-16 to kill a lot of people in a short period of time, so how do we fight an industry like this that is a hyperminority view and that has a hyperminority of politicians but who are so committed to their goals that they won't change anything? what do we do? >> joy, not very long ago in the industry about 15 years ago the own industry regulations, ruled that i lived under, rules that were imposed by the industry itself would not allow tactical gear to even be shown or displayed or touched in its open trade shows, right? they knew that this was not something that should be proliferated throughout our owe society, that anybody could see that the unhinged proliferation would lead to this sort of stuff. now, we have tulsa. i've done three different book events where they have been interrupted by mass shootings. i wrote a book about the gun industry and just like here tonight we're doing a segment on gun violence, and it's
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interrupted by gun violence. >> yeah. >> so the industry's own predictions have come true. now, what do we do about it? there are millions of reasonable, responsible gun owners who know that this is not right. they know it isn't and they have been too silent and let the nra speak for them and let the nra say it's one big monolith and it is time. it's time for reasonable gun openers to kick the door open and to stand up and tell the republican party that it's time to be decent responsible citizens. that's what has to happen to make a change. >> absolutely. you can't advertise cigarettes on tv anymore, you know. there are things that societies can do when they want less of a thing, and i think we should all be able to agree whatever party you're in that you want less of this things, less of these murders and massacres of these school kids and mass-goers and people shopping. you're not literally safe anywhere including at a hospital. we're going do the breaking news on that. a hospital has been shot up. how much more blood, you know, before people have decided they
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have had enough. ryan bussey, thanks for being here and thanks for the interview that i gave us all in that piece and charles blow, always a pleasure. thank you both. we are keeping an eye on tonight's shooting in tulsa, oklahoma. at least three people have been killed. authorities say the gunman is dead of the we will bring you the latest information as it becomes available and up next, senator chris murphy, the senator who is perhaps our best hope for getting gun safety measures through congress joins me next. plus, the incredible burden of being an lbgtq teacher in a state where teachers see you as a danger to others. that teacher joins me after this. "the reidout" continues after this. r this "the reidout" continues after this fear no food. new poligrip power hold and seal.
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republicans continue to peddle dishonest solutions that deflect from the real issues, guns, and the real solution to gun reform. the latest push, door control. >> one of the things that agreed is don't have all of these unlocked back doors. that one door in to and out of the cool. >> if this school was on lockdown, could the doors have been locked where he could have gotten in? there's billions of dollars sitting out there after covid for schools that we should redirect that money to allow the schools to use that to have one central point of entrance to protect these kids. >> it's the latest form of republican gaslighting, protecting gets from a mass shooter armed like they are
4:21 pm
fighting a war. could it somehow be teachers or a good guy with a gun or a good school with a door and it's not, and here we are debating the absurd theories that have been debunked since columbine. joining me now is senator chris murphy of democrat, and as you're previous guest, thanks for being here, senator, as our previous guest who came from the gun industry at one point noted, literally our previous segment about guns, was interrupted by yet another mass shooting, this time at a hospital in tulsa, oklahoma. you've been keeping count of the numbers that are going on. we can't even get through a ten-minute segment on guns and gun violence without another shooting. i just want to get your thoughts on that. >> since uvalde, you know, we've had somewhere around 20 mass shootings, and now it appears at the hospital. we've had more mass shootings than days in the year.
4:22 pm
they are happening at a pace that we've never ever seen before in this nation's history, and it is not copes dental to a dramatic increase over the course of the last few years in the pace of gun sales which ultimately means a lot of guns end up in the hands of people who shouldn't have them, including people who have criminal records, including people who have serious red flags and so, you know, this was something that i worry the country is becoming used to. i worry that the country is becoming numb to, and i -- i -- i hope that we can get some agreement between republicans and democrats because if we don't this pace will continue to increase and every single day you'll see one or two or three mass shootings, something we never dreamed about ten years ago. >> after columbine. >> and the reason -- we're not number to it, i'm definitely not, and i'm shaken but each and every one, i know from your passion.
4:23 pm
you know who i worry is numb to it, your colleagues. this is what mitch mcconnell says every single time there is one of these massacres. >> we will lift the victims and their families and the entire community in prayer. [ gunshot ] >> moy colleagues from florida will carry on the prayers from the whole senate for victims and their families for the community of parkland. [ gunshot [. >> psalm 34, that the lord is another to the broken hearted. [ gunshot ] >> and i shoulder to say it, you know, joe manchin this time came out after -- after -- and said i've never been in this frame of mind. i can't get my grandchildren out of my mind. this time around it feels very different. that's literally almost ver batum what he said in 2018 after parkland, so the -- the people who don't want to do gun reform have a script, senator, and i -- you know, forgive me if i am not
4:24 pm
hopeful that after these shootings happen and they just say the same script and then add to it harden the doors and make one way in and one way out which is actually unsafe, i don't have a lot of hope. why should i have hope that you guys will be able to get something done? >> well, i mean, first of all, you know, joe manchin is frankly in our caucus, the author of the background bill compromise that failed to win all of the democratic senators support but why is this time different? well, i do think there is a different kind ref action to the cataclysm of uvalde and there are republicans emotionally moved by what happened and we've had ten years to build up an anti-gun violence movement in this country that's strong that now has frankly more members and more money and more resources than the gun lobby has so we're
4:25 pm
in a fair fight when it comes to elections. that matters when we're trying to get republicans to the table. maybe we won't succeed but i've never seen more republicans at the table willing to talk about changes in our gun laws than i do today. i was in an hour long conversation today. hour long conversation yesterday with the republican, side conversations every morning and every evening. there's something different happening right now, and i hope that ends up in a peeves legislation before the senate. >> and we need a piece of legislation obviously to get 60 votes because of manchin and sinema. they won't allow any reforms to the filibuster so you need 60 votes. tell me why your mind as you're talking to these republicans, and listen, they have children and grandchildren, too. they have human beings. you can not be moved by the death of these little kids and their teachers. what do you think is realistic to get through the senate and get 60 votes or that would avoid a filibuster? >> you know, we need to get 60 votes. we probably frankly need to get more than 60 votes in order to
4:26 pm
get this passed and to get republicans comfortable with the product. i don't think we have to get it all done at once. i mean, i think what we're trying to do here is prove to republicans that if they vote for measures that tighten up the nation's gun laws, the political sky does not fall. in fact, they are going to get a lot more supporters than they will people attacking them back home. we have to prove that to republicans, and so what are we talking about in this legislation? we're talking about red flag laws, we're talking about strengthening our background system and we're talking about innocent you haves for the safe storage of firearms. we are talking about mental health money as well, but we're talking about a comprehensive package that will allow republicans to take that step forward and learn that in fact there's political gain to be had in attaching yourself to the 90% of your constituents who want to us do something about gun
4:27 pm
violence. >> the challenge though is there is that mitch mcconnell has already come out and thrown two false flags at gun reform and said what he thinks is real gun reform is to do something about mental health. this is somebody who opposes obamacare and wants it repealed and to do something -- i don't know -- did he mention -- he mentioned hardening schools, the same thing. doors and mental health. they are not going to legislate on anything that has to do with actual firearms. that's a problem. >> well, let's see, because i would argue that tightening the nation's background check laws and passing red flag laws fits the test that mitch mcconnell put before us because when you tighten our nation's background check laws system you are making sure that both criminals and people with significant histories of mental illness don't get guns. red flag laws are used to stop people whose brains are breaking in some way, shape or form from
4:28 pm
holding on to the weapons that they are potentially going to use to hurt themselves or others. i'll never believe that this isn't a mental health problem. we don't have any more mental illness than any other country in the world. we have all the gun violence so it's something that makes us different so i think we may be able to find something that gets senator mcconnell's support. >> do you -- do you think that there should be, you know, the age to buy beer is 21. should there be a minimum age of 21 to buy a rifle because ar-15s are a rifle, a long gun, they are classified like a rifle. you used to be able to buy one in walmart until they themselves stopped selling them that way. you buy them easier than you can get a glock. do you think that that should change? >> i do think that that should change, and i think there's a couple of things at play other. one, you do have to look at the profile of these mass shooters,
4:29 pm
right. they are frighteningly similar from shooting to shooting and they tend to be in that 18-21 range and by a strange feature of american gun law, if you're 18 years old you can't buy a handgun because for a long time we thought that the handgun was the most dangerous weapon that you can own but you can buy an ar-15. we now know that ar-15s are in fact more dangerous given the pace of mass shootings so it's just an update to buy the law enforcement can't buy a hand gun if you're 18 but you can buy a gun that can people much faster than a hand gun. i don't know if there's 60 votes in the senate to get that done but there are a lot of republicans that we need to do something of the profile of shooter, the 18 and 21-year-old male who tends to do this over and over again. >> if anyone can do it, the one person who i actually believe can get it done is you. senator chris mur anything,
4:30 pm
really appreciate your time this evening. we wish you god speed and hope that you're successful in getting something done here. it's critical for all our families. as i mentioned earlier, we're keeping an eye on another mass shooting in tulsa, oklahoma. we'll take a look at it on the other side of the break. we'll take a look at it on the other side of the break. to support a strong immune system your body needs a routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc* season after season. ace your immune support with centrum. now with a new look!
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it has been nearly 100 days since russia began its invasion of ukraine, and while ukranians have courageously defended their homeland russian forces are fortifying their position and gaining some ground in ukraine's eastern donbas ronelon. ukranian president volodymyr zelenskyy says his country is lose 60 to 100 soldiers every day and need more help. today president biden announced a new $700 million weapons package for ukraine writing in the "new york times," president biden said that his administration will provide ukraine with more advanced longer range rocket systems and munitions so that ukraine can fight on the battlefield and be in the strongest possible position at the negotiating table. that is not sitting well in moscow, and officials there are accusing biden of adding fuel to the fire. the kremlin is also declining to answer what their response would be if ukraine fired those rockets into russian territory. that's something that secretary
4:36 pm
of state tony blinken claims ukraine will not do. >> the ukranians have given us assurance that they will not use systems on targets in russian territory. there's a strong trust bond between ukraine and the united states as well as with our allies and partners. >> with me now is tom nichols, contributing writer for "the atlantic." thanks for being here. i'll note for the audience. it's ironic that we're still following the tulsa latest shooting so we have violence at home and violence abroad, but ukraine is still under, know, very heavy bombardment from russia. what do you make of the fact that we are sending them more aids, $700 million more, put a list of what we're sending. it feels like it's enough and not enough. >> well, the problem is that the russians can simply keep pounding away at the ukranians because they don't care about human life. they are willing to just grind
4:37 pm
away for small territorial gains day by day by day hoping that ukraine, the smaller power will become exhausted and that everyone in the west will become bored and eventually just kind of forget about this conflict. the russians are willing to play this long game and wait it out, and that's -- it's -- that's a hard thing for the ukranians to deal with which is why zelenskyy wants to be able, to you know, shoot back in these artillery duels and inflict casualties on the russians as well, but you're right. it's -- it's -- it seems like a lot, but it's not enough because, you know, the ukranians are going up against a really large power with a lot of destructive capacity and led by a president -- led by a dictator who doesn't really much care about human life, either of his own soldiers or the people that
4:38 pm
he's attacking. >> so what would hatch if the artillery that we're providing to ukraine if we were to shoot a missile that lands in russia. what do you think would happen? >> you know, it's hard to say and i can see, you know, why no one really wants to speculate about that, because i think it would depend on what the ukranians thought they were doing, what the russians thought they were doing, was it an accident and what was it targeted at, was it targeted at all? you know, i think the russians make a -- a big deal about the sanctity of their own territory. of course, they don't really think very much about the sanctity of anyone else's territory, by -- i don't think there's much point in the ukranians doing that. i think, you know, secretary blinken made a point about a bond of trust and also from a military point of view, from a strategic point of view it just doesn't make much sense, especially if you're trying to dislodge people that are attacking you so i -- i think
4:39 pm
it's just too hard to know what would happen given so many ways that that scenario could play out. >> and the russians want us to think that nukes could happen. they use their possession of nuclear weapons as a threat. you have a pea out now talking about the fact that we really don't have a strategy to deal with nuclear armed powers. there's them and also china. what do we do when -- when countries that are rogue nations like russia can also not even low key threaten us with nuclear war or threaten the world with nuclear war? >> you're absolutely right. the russians want us to believe, the world to believe that everything runs the risk of nuclear -- of a nuclear reaction, and the problem is we haven't really thought much about this. we've had this -- as i said in the piece, we've had this 30-year holiday from thinking about nuclear weapons and thinking about nuclear war, and i think the few fallacies that we could fall into is to believe
4:40 pm
the russians when they say that everything causes a nuclear war, but also then to fall into this -- to many so of the thinking i think you saw in the early days when people were calling for no-fly zones saying that nothing could cause a nuclear conflict. there is inherently a danger here with a large nuclear armed power attacking its neighbor and that neighbor being helped and supplied by countries in the west. that is not a risk-free situation. the russians want you to believe it's a lot riskier than it look and poem here at home need to understand it's not zero risk either, and we need to think about that. >> yet another thing we need to worry and think about. tom, thank you very much. very much appreciate you. cheers. let me bring in nbc correspondent gabe gutierrez for information on the shooting in tulsa.
4:41 pm
what do we know about that other than the shooter is dead? >> reporter: a lot of moving developments. just within the last few minutes three people are dead plus the gunman so a total of four people dead, including the gunman. he is -- has not -- he or she has not been identified yet, and we're still trying to find out more information, but police say the gunman -- that police opened fire on the second floor, so there was some activity here on the second floor. investigators and police response teams are now going room to room carrying out a search of this hospital. again, that hospital is st. francis hospital in tulsa, oklahoma. the shooting broke out sometime around 5:00 p.m. local time, and, again, we're just starting to get that information that at least three people are dead plus the gunman described only as a person with a rifle. again, it's not clear how the gunman died exactly and a motive
4:42 pm
has not been identified. we're hearing more and more about these incidents over the last several days coming fresh on the heels of the uvalde massacre, but this time a shooting at a hospital with at least three victims. the gunman is also dead according to police, the information just start toddrickle out now. joy? >> and very quickly before i let you go, gabe. do we have any sense or is there any reporting on the victims whether we're talking hospital staff or whether we're talking about people who are in the hospital and for some other reason? do we have anymore information on who at least generally -- general information on who these victims were in. >> at this pain not yet. we don't have ages of the deceased. we don't know, you know, what their relation may or may not have been to the gunman so all that information, as you know, joy, comes out in the next -- in the coming minutes and hours. right now all we know though is that at least three people are dead, and that's the latest according to police, plus the gunman no. idea on a motive, you know, the
4:43 pm
gunman may have been there for a while or if he stormed into the hospital, again, st. francis hospital in tulita. we're still gating to get the details from tulsa. >> thanks, gabe. up next, the florida teachers trapped right in the middle of the don't say gay mess. one of those teachers joins me next. we're back in a minute. s joins e next we're back in a minute (man) [whispering] what's going on? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could save money by doing nothing. just be claim-free on your home insurance for three years.
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it is pretty clear that american schools have become a dangerous place for our children, and lately it feels like politicians are choosing to focus on all the wrong things. just take a look at florida where politicians will not pass laws to protect your kid from the very real threat of school shootings, but they will ban books, ban you from saying gay and punish disney for criticizing republican republicans for targeting lbgtq kids. unfortunately, teachers are caught in the middle of all of this. they are expected to create a space for kids to blossom and grow and politicians say they keep silent about our history of racism and be quiet about lbgtq salaries and on a measly salary that bays less than $50,000 a year. nick let solomon is one of them. she left her job after the florida legislature passed the
4:49 pm
don't say gay law. solomon, a lesbian, told nbc news that even after surviving the pandemic, this law, the don't say gay law, was the straw that broke camel's back. nicolet solomon a former miami fourth today and today is the first day of pride month so happy pride. thanks for being here. as i'm reading that, i'm catching my throat a little bit because fourth grade teachers are very much on our mind right now. we had two fourth grade teachers get slaughtered in uvalde, texas, your job is not only teaching children but your job is one of risk in a classroom at american schools. describe the risks for not a whole lot of money. you were driven out of teaching.
4:50 pm
>> yeah. there were a lot of reasons, and like i said, it was the straw that broke the camel's back with the climate in florida. it was just -- it was just too much and with the don't say gay bill i knew that it was only going say gay bill, i knew, it would only get worse. it was already bad, and i just didn't see it getting better. >> had you stayed, were you afraid, that if you, for instance, my youngest son, when he moved to new york had a picture, and they told me, we got to meet my teachers husband, and his teacher was a man. he brought his picture of him, his husband, and his child to school. if you had done that, do you think you would have been sued, or fired? >> that was the fear. i wouldn't have done that, because i already was quite scared. i never came out to my students, they found out on their own.
4:51 pm
their fourth grade, they're ten years old, they have access to the internet, and they found my wedding video on google. not even my social media. so, they found it, came to me, and asked me. i wasn't going to lie to them, of course. i told them, yes, that is my wife. the children accepted me, the parents accepted me, i was quite grateful for that. but, if i came out, and said that i was, i would be very scared of being sued, or fired, or even them just finding on their own. would i be sued or fired, even though i didn't say anything? >> it is a frightening thing to have to talk about in the 21st century. that you would be afraid of talking about your family, and your life, for fear of being fired, or for breaking the law. but, also, i raised my kids in florida. the schools have always been challenged. florida ranks quite low, in
4:52 pm
terms of reading scores, and now it is lower. after the pandemic, reading scores are lower. we're about a quarter of the children on grade level, third and fourth graders. do you think that florida is spending too much time, focusing on social issues, book banning, and not enough time teaching children to read? >> 100%. that is one of the biggest issues. we are only focusing on the social issues, and making it political, when it shouldn't be political. this is about teaching kids to read, and having them be able to read what they want to read. focusing on book bans, because it doesn't align with one person's views, and religions, it just doesn't make sense. we are losing. we are dropping in our reading scores. it is scary to raise a child in florida. >> absolutely. have you ever had a child tell you that a book damage them, or scare them? and look at that grade level?
4:53 pm
>> not anything lgbtq related. it's funny, in the textbooks, actually, there are stories that shouldn't be there, there are more damaging than any of the lgbt books that i've seen, where they make fun of a name, or it's like a cinderella story twist, where they behead the princesses. so, that shouldn't be in the curriculum. but, anyone having to dads disband? it just doesn't make sense to me. >> it doesn't make sense to anyone sensible. nicolette, thank you for teaching as long as you did, and wishing you all the best. thank you, don't go anywhere. up next, i will fill you in on the republican plan to use an army of poll watching vigilantes to protect american elections from widespread voter fraud, that only exists in their imagination. stay with us. imagination. imagination. stay with ♪ ♪
4:54 pm
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of all of you vigilantes out there that want to camp out at these drop boxes. we put the word out today, if you are going to come, and the immune will, and stuff ballot boxes this time, you will get caught. so, don't try it. we will be there, we will have hidden trail cameras, we will have people parked there watching you, it will follow you to your car, get your license plate, it will happen. don't try it. >> that's an arizona state senator, suggesting that people stop, and harassed people who vote by dropbox. well this example may be extreme, and illegal, it is, unfortunately, only one piece of a terrifying, and much more sophisticated network of republicans, intent on using voter fraud to the steele as many elections as they can. they banned this fever dream, ever since the insurrection failed to overturn the election, and to flood the election precincts. now, in a stunning piece of
4:59 pm
reporting, politico has uncovered tapes of republican operatives strategizing into democratic precincts. here is the rnc director from michigan, and a poll worker training session for republican activists, last october. >> truly, it is going to be armed. we are going to try to recruit lawyers, we're gonna have more lawyers and there've been or could because, let's be honest, that's where it's going to be fought, right? >> an army. so it's totally democratic, right? it's loads of the laughable claim that the rnc wants to make it easier to vote, and harder to cheat. as well as detailed instructions on a voter, and when asked about the strategy, and initially said recruits are not being trained to challenge voters. politico, also obtaining tapes of the legal counsel of an election group, who helped attempt to overturn the election, meeting with activists from multiple states, discussing plans for identifying friendly district attorneys, and realtime
5:00 pm
interventions, and the most revealing part of the reporting is the rnc michigan officials, that he achieved the goal next winter and more and signed up to people workers. several days ago, he submitted an initial list of more than 850 names to the detroit clerk. needless to say, this is not normal, small d, democratic behavior. if we just let this happen, we may not have a democracy to fight for anymore. if there was ever a time for high voter turnout, it's november, that's a nice read out, all of course a, starts now. turnout, it's november, ,. >>,. . >>,.


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