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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  June 1, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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revealing part of the reporting is the rnc michigan officials, that he achieved the goal next winter and more and signed up to people workers. several days ago, he submitted an initial list of more than 850 names to the detroit clerk. needless to say, this is not normal, small d, democratic behavior. if we just let this happen, we may not have a democracy to fight for anymore. if there was ever a time for high voter turnout, it's november, that's a nice read out, all of course a, starts now. turnout, it's november, ,. >>,. . >>,.
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>>. >>. . ,. >>? >> -- >>. >>,. . ,. you new we he who one will one breaking in the last hour the inside the hospital a quarter please a senate onearlier this afternon a man armed with a rifle and to the hospital.
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he started shooting. they have been multiple injuries and three confirmed fatalities. the police have also come from the shooter is dead. this evening, the tulsa police described the scene is catastrophic. he said, officers are going from 44 and room to room to rescue people. they made sure that there were no additional threats. the white house confirm the president biden has been briefed on the situation. they are expecting a brief in the situation. this is a developing story that's often the case in terrible news like this breaks. typically, it is mass shootings nbc news national correspondent once we know the latest. and we may not know that much so far, within the next few minutes we're expecting a briefing for the 40s. and as you said, police so far have confirmed that these three people are dead plus the gunman who is described as a man with a rifle. still unclear whether he took
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his own life and was shot by police. investigators are now going room to room and that part of the hospital. we are told the took place in the not only building. it is in the st. francis hospital and tulsa. the shooting unfolded sometime around 5 pm local time. 6 pm eastern time. i believe the shooter died sometime half hour later or so. we don't have a motive, it's way too early for that. you don't know the identities and what their connection was to the hospital or if they were done for that matter. we are waiting for more information from authorities in an extreme minutes. so far, these three people that plus the gunman. >> also understanding that there are some injuries as well. hopefully, those folks can get treated as well.
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one building is a crime scene. we are hearing multiple injuries at this point in chris who have covered many of these. numbers are hard to come by. the initial shooting happened a few hours ago. we have no idea this gunman described only as a rightful hunter the hospital perhaps a man may have been there earlier. he was connected to a patient there. still a lot of questions unfolding. -- >> it has been eight days and as we have covered, i've got to be on the second reluctant to share some of the most heartbreaking details of if it gets apparent and everything
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about them is excruciating and when i show you these images because arch much to bear and they have to be seen. pair some of the child-sized caskets there being customized for the victims of the shooting and donating from georgia because no one stocks large caskets. which is designed -- softball are dinosaurs. artists hand-painted h1 murky nonstop for days. this atrocity happened because a gunman ruled it, he is responsible morally this 18 year old was able to get
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multiple -- rounds of ammunition. he was able to do that because it or how to regulate this they made it by publican concerns and who fetishes those same offense and for the first hours there is been misinformation, wrong information. it has been hard to access from texas officials. whether it's explicit or implicit with anything to blame it's a police officer. -- it's assembled with easy access
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to guns in policing competence. so we've seen a frantic to see the mueller, chris story but the door that we've heard over and over podcaster ted cruz. >> don't have all of these on lock back doors one door if those federal grants that cycle arrived move 90 children into teacher still alive. >> if the door had been locked both these are pretty questionable. either focusing so much on this. schools are public places people are gonna come out. people came into the building
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and how under the circumstances, the door might be left open never be anachronism estate. made a big event -- before the end of the school year. but then on friday there disastrous they came out to set the record straight about the steele. the director widow the details it can firms multiple calls for the gunman entering the school. >> 11:27, putin over video
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evidence 11.7 exterior door suspected but we love the shoe enter. propped open by teacher. over 28, the suspect vehicle crashed into the mix. it's the future runs and that seemed to germs back to the exit. determines propped open bottom line is recorded about half of it that are probably open it wasn't supposed to be and certainly the teacher prophet open again and that was an access point. >> see we do there, that was not settled out of the head of the safety communications department. squarely pointing a finger and a teacher who left the door open. the teachers a real person.
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he is not naming that person but this is a small community. people the town right now who that teacher was. can you imagine being that teacher who has gone to the trauma of a mass murder this will? it is not being blamed by the official national television for essentially having the blood of 19 children on their hands. it wasn't even true. i learned for the teacher told the full story. she did prop up and ordinary food from the car to the classroom. washrooms outside, she saw the gunman crushed a car. saying she ran back inside to get the phone to pour the accident. came back at one of those 9-1-1. the ellzey has the gun, he had a gun so i ran back inside. taking the rock away, poster clothes will tell you that and when he was shooting. thinking the doors off because
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stores i was supposed to lock. another words, she closed the door and had the presence of mind to take the rock in this moment of that. another texas department of public safety has admitted, while we got it wrong. the spokesman confirmed, they did verified clothes that are regarded not like we know that much. now investigators are looking into what it did not walk. i'm sorry guys but that's not a little upset. the slander this teacher who had survived about shooting and did the correct courageously with her words about her. thank you note of the, acted quickly. all the things as far as we can tell, law enforcement largely did not do. there is in front of the camera to make her or him shoulder the blame because of their desperate need to find it into
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that isn't the gun or the cop. mud of reached a point where mournfully should comes, others were angry about what really does seem to be a total failure by law enforcement. there's no other way to characterize it. you can learn new things about explain the response but that may be difficult. the chief of police for the schools as the longer cooperating with investigators. they tell the news that they participated in an initial interview that is not an answer for requests for follow-up more than two days ago. ainsley is a correspondent covering the homeland security in the heart of justice. in the aftermath of the shooting, she dreams we know. all right julia, lots of conflicting points here. i don't know who to trust honestly. at this point, some of the things that point the finger at the local police come from spokespeople who haven't been
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straight with us. what is the status of the corporation of local police investigators? that is a great question chris. may know that local police in the beginning had it control. that was p aired who described. i've heard from federal law enforcement who responded to the scene. cbp as weston forsman to say that it with pierre and making the calls there. now, in terms of who's having these investigations and we now have texas dps. state level where the door was actually closed. that is an investigation on itself, it started in the aftermath of the shooting. i've to say as a reporter, it's strange we didn't get a lot of information.
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typically, all black about the first 12 hours. a camping fielded back to texas who wouldn't take any calls or answered emails. we couldn't figure out any of the basic details from the beginning. the investigation was supposed to be headed up by that. they were the chief intel just a few days ago the justice department did that separate. that is more looking forward to practices it could be avoided, a change in the future. we will still have to look to these officials that we talked about were not changing the story. they've changed on whether the storm police officer when the gunman came. we are now looking to them to be the heads of this investigation they give us answers. it is hard, i think a lot of people actually second investigation should include the talking points given to the media at the beginning. we're not just talking about media for salacious details,
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these are the details that led to the final moments of the children's lives. >> i want to be clear, however people agree with us directly affected and i think we all hold space for that. some of them we want the media to run off and never took anybody. on one hunted percent understand that. but it is also understanding the people want to know what happened. i mean, what happened here? this is been incredibly difficult. there's also federal law enforcement the death and so strange. it is border patrol of whom there are many in that town in that region i commend upgrading the building. there are some federal component, i think she dated offended advancer from the fans at the very least. >> yeah, it's interesting. you know i covered the dhs.
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in this case of going to dhs getting a lot of these answers, my keeps pushing me back to detests to see their run in the investigation. we are able to talk to some more enforcement officials harasser a timeline. technically, they're out of the school 12:15. they were told to wait aside until finally 30 minutes later they decided to go and inform that stack. but finally won in behind the shield and took part of the color the federal law enforcement something with a push on the doors that they don't talk to anyone that's been respected there if the snow doesn't get repeated.
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jim ainsley, thank you very much. >> we continue to watch from official tells. we bring them to you -- it's in the initial moments it's a conspiracy theory. it is going to come crashing down. >> if i was a democrat senate republican that everybody would be in jail a long time ago. >> the air likely not going to president. it's overturn the 2020 election. let's take a closer look at what it says next. s take a closer look a
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marshall is a shocking ruling from the judge in a civil case between john eastman, the committee and the january six committee. you should read the committee from getting a hands on his emails. it was a lawyer and said it was privileged. based on the evidence, the court finds it is more likely than not that president trump and dr. eastman dishonestly inspired to construct the joint session of congress. meeting that it was possibly criminal in part of the crime fraud exception.
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one of the documents as a memo from rudy giuliani and his fortitude eastman. go subject to this o the court orders it to be disclosed. now, the crime products option is exactly the sounds like. his move and used to commit a crime. and i think to the, really we have this document. this smoking gun has been yet another mueller. it is overturn the 2020 election. starting at least at a player to halt the victory of january six. this memo now raises a whole new set of questions. the scheme laid out in structural fashion that it essentially look like this. this is providing an offer despite being a role. but act as the president senate, regardless of whether it was republican. george conway's a former
5:24 pm
republican back in march and responded to the release of this new memo. human opinion piece in the washington post that trump probably committed a. crime the department justice can't ignore that and he joins me now. we have a big reveal of what this memo was and it is quite granular in how they envisioned this coup being pulled off. 40 impressions of it? >> the judge is absolutely right to order a release. claude completely overturn the election. it had the electoral -- it is vice president. there's even a sentence or a phrase in the memo that says, any of the outcome sketched above seems preferable to allow
5:25 pm
the counts act to operate by its terms. they're basically saying do anything but allow the law to operate -- so, this is absolutely an attempt to undermine and instruct official proceedings alone. it was an attempt to defraud the united states. false pretenses interfering with the lawful function of government. this is important to remember. it's part of a multifaceted conspiracy minister the people that, make until all the january six. to get them to go up on the hill. so we are creating a pretense that there's some kind of context here. finally we get the vice president to violate the law and a stop about.
5:26 pm
claude we basically have him count the electoral votes. they were all certified in the various states. >> it was re-reading the memoir, simon's first published. we might see when you're debugging the program or troubleshooting something in your house that's not working. we are doing stratified that five or six and have to work to get a new one isolate each one inseam which iraq. this is like the opposite of it. where the different places where we could petri -- >> it would make this light turn on and we could go through whichever one of these we do. >> right and you know there's so many metaphors we could use. throwing everything to the vaulting six, this was a multi faceted conspiracy to do
5:27 pm
whatever it takes to stop the carrier electoral votes on january six that's not a crime the nothing's under the statue. >> that's an interesting question because you this question of obviously, and intuitive level in the basic intuitive level. it's obviously antidemocratic. it's obviously lawless and offensive stoppers after the self government. rather technical cam is a more specific. one obviously, the judge ruled on this one says we have the memo that this probable crime was committed. now, reading the memo what is your feeling about that? >> anne i mean it becomes more probable with each piece of evidence. and but i hope the january six committee will do, i expect they will do this is even if it has nothing else they will go through all of these strands explained how and various corrupt and deceitful ways that
5:28 pm
people can conspired attempt led by trump to construct this proceeding it stop a lawful functional government. under section three 71, people went to jail 100 years ago for lying to people about whether they had to sign up for selective service in world war i. just so much more significant. especially democracy in the united states, it's crazy that it could be. is there sufficient evidence of criminal intent? >> there certainly enough evidence assad ruled causing this member to come out. the question is will the
5:29 pm
justice department believe it has enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt? they are working on it, as illustrated the other day. so, these are interesting times. >> eastman gotta or navarro? >> sorry, tomorrow. there. right >> unified, i just wanted to make sure there was like huge dues they were breaking huge news in our program. >> appear to borrow did get that subpoena. there is a grand jury that did look. thank you so much, appreciate it. >> coming up, we overturn votes
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from the reporting in the wake of january six is that donald trump's attempted coup very well could've worked. if you individuals had been one of the schemes post headlamp or
5:35 pm
the tendon that it was immense pressure on elected officials but the front runner skill for trump. thankfully it didn't work. now, republicans are doing everything we can to make it works next time. next guest, public -- strategy to target an overcome votes and democratic precincts. remarkable new piece in the way that people are plotting to attest the upcoming elections. heidi, great to have you on. so, tell me a little bit about what this effort is, who's coordinating it and at what level they're looking to do it. >> our chris, experts to talk to all agree this is really unprecedented attempt here by political party to recruit folks, many of whom are election deniers to become
5:36 pm
actual workers. workers in the architecture of the election administration system. workers would be train beforehand and workshop sponsored by the rnc and voting processes. the workers will be equipped with new tools for instance it is a hot word more they will be in touch with party attorneys will help them determine whether they have a legal challenge. as well as a website chris that is being developed. they contacted and you may be familiar if you ever used on that software really live chat with retailers. that's what they're planning to use to connect these individuals with party attorneys. it doesn't stop there. the much broader network. the talk of recruiting district
5:37 pm
attorneys. i was in michigan chris in the poll watchers were kicked out provide leading protocols. they said they saw bullied more enforcement to come out. this time, there is in michigan there over 2050 audits done by local clerks, as well as a senate gop report that found no evidence of widespread. from the bottom line here is a lot of concern that the and effect of this would be simply to create a lot of chaos and democratic precincts. those are the precincts i saw them take. it's detroit pontiac south
5:38 pm
field. those also happen to be heavily minority districts. but we are talking here is a lot of gop trump supporters i think there was fraud in these minority districts to actually challenge votes in voters. this gives us a window in the breadth of the strategy that frankly steve bannon has been talking about for quite some time over on his podcast. he calls it the precinct strategy. it's placing a lot of these individuals in the positions of authority within the election system. in 2020, with a lot of poll challengers they said hey, you've gotta outside. i >> just want to be clear about this, i think the insidious this year is rhonda
5:39 pm
mcdaniel about his response. he was like, well poll watchers are literally how this works. my understanding, is there to cut the people to precinct right? folks entered minister to get that are not part of them get your ballot. . this and then you usually have one wrap each of each party or campaign. the depends on the rules of different places and those people are there to kind of partisan capacity. writer studies that former, group the, coffee the donuts of people are doing that stuff that administrative capacity to use them as late undercover inside saboteurs of the blowing the whistle out people. >> it is a big distinction and i'm glad you are making it because in her statement she really blurred we're talking about here. we are talking about the paid
5:40 pm
dog partisan officials who are there to administer the election. if you look at some of the quotes for instance, you heard the elected integrity for michigan talk about how ideally many of these people are not coworkers but they're actually inspectors. even if they're not inspectors they want to do all sorts of things such as debated demos was tabulated results, make the clerk show them that the voting machines that are connected to the internet for instance, all of these conspiracy theories that we heard from 2020, the end impact is created a lot of chaos democratic precinct. we heard trump recently say to himself to the new york times that he was way his endorsements for state legislative candidates for individuals who would want to play a greater role.
5:41 pm
they want to show how this bubbles up if you kick up enough dust there's a possibility to say that these precincts cannot certify their legislators. it's another potential way to disenfranchise and cause chaos it was pointing out by election clark who treated my story today and mentioned that if you occupy these camps you're de facto to have to wait really long lines at some of these challenges. >> there's gotta be clear about what's been changing with the takeaway is. that's great reporting harvey appreciate thank you >> president biden so that ukraine is the focus -- favorable traded russia.
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they're at least four people dead with a gun and still has not been identified but they believed to be between 45 years old. they're still investigating a motive they were asked whether that gunman had been targeting anybody specifically no motive has been established. now, officers were not hurt. in terms of injuries chris, there's no specific number but replace folks person that i spoke with said their least had people injured. they've non-life-threatening injuries. suspect according to police said there is a pistol in the guard, both weapons were used at the seed. it was a quick response according to police and they
5:48 pm
said they got the call and within three minutes it took the stairwell to the second tour and died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. now the tulsa shooting and say francis hospital in tulsa had occurred at this building in tulsa. a short time ago four people were dead plus the gunman who is now dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. chris? >> thank you so much for that update, i appreciate it >> and also oklahoma into texas last week. we'll be right back. >> and >> and also oklahoma ! flonase all goo. week ♪ sweet ♪
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as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. >> as a russian invasion of yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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ukraine continues into its fourth month, there's a fork in the road in front of ukraine in the countries and support it. allies are wondering when except welcomes. and while the initial phase of the invasion was clearly disastrous for russia, anne the fighting has now shifted towards the eastern regions of ukraine. possession more favorable terrain. they are defending it yes is that he admits rockets distance, just part of the military package. as of today president joe biden
5:54 pm
split this op-ed in the new york times by what the u.s. will have a lot to when it comes to the beta of ukraine the more. there everyone knows electrically gauge in this conflict, either by sending troops to fight ukraine or attacking russian forces. we are not encouraging your neighbor lead district beyond its borders. we do not want to prolong the war just to inflict pain on russia. at the same time it appears a fracture has been a unified front and europe touches that want to do more to help ukraine. it's really kicked the russians out and other countries that want to pressure ukraine to the negotiating table there's undergo shading settlement. a lot of that has to do with where those countries in europe are getting their energy. opinion writer for the new york times magazine has written extensively about climate change, energy politics in the latest piece for the times where he now has a newsletter.
5:55 pm
how putin is put's energy cards. he joins me, it's good to have you here. >> thanks for having, it's good to be here. >> energy is little over us in the beginning and germany being number one example is surprising solidarity that appeared in the wake of that. the fractures lays out, one of the factors? one of the factors? >> i think there are places embargo and russian oil. i think either the continent as a whole is, at least for the moment is putting all together trying to fight that into french in this war. we don't know exactly how long that will last. there is a great divergence between countries debated liquid natural gas this year. those that are going to be really suffering fresher cuts
5:56 pm
off their they kind of got to poland, belarus and on the netherlands. i think the threat denmark. the threat becomes a continent wide position. they will be providing gas to any captured europe. it will mean a lot of economic pain, countries will have a much harder time dealing with that and keeping a united front that others. where do we see this. it's now higher in new york than it is here it's more energy prices for hours. and obviously, especially here in the u.s. that energy price inflation generally is not just the u.s. voters. basically, no one likes it. but across europe we talk about ag prices that are depending on which measure you use. they're considerably higher than anywhere else the u.s.. we are working for baseline
5:57 pm
when you talk about gas. it's already a much closer pressure point. people buy a large can afford to spend that money. david of much less money for other things that's much wiser poverty and it seems relatively likely to put out on this. they haven't actually seen anything like this in the duration. the other bigger question it's a trajectory and particularly what it means for the kite because do you double down the
5:58 pm
line in the wake of this destruction. go get as much sheep as you can get. >> the problem is when we talk about disruptions you just can't build infrastructure and that amount of time. the options are really limited here. if we are really dealing with a huge fall of all of the russian gas, 40% their dollar climate reasons, but with that reads for the next two or three years
5:59 pm
it's because of the clavicle impossible to reach. >> explain that more. >> we cut the carbon emissions to half that if it is a start declining your missions -- this edition, which is a metaphor that we use as a nothing illustrates more how much you don't have -- without input and robert. and yet, the build out to take time, the commitments take time. it has some if you had brought
6:00 pm
it out in a more faster energy transition we wouldn't have that. -- >> best of the plan to trace 20 years, it was like a bust type is. now thank you very much. that is all in on this wednesday night, we are starting now but even came in. >> good evening, chris thank you so much. they ex to a home for joining us is. our we are following breaking news of yet another mass shooting in this country. is that a hospital conflicts in tulsa. was in the hospital campus about 4:52 central time. police arrived at the seed, they arrive to the senate floor where th