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tv   MSNBC Prime  MSNBC  June 1, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> this is about semiautomatic weapons and military weapons that are killing our children's in schools. >> a plea for meaningful gun reform from 11 films, takes us off the air tonight. on that note, i wish you all a good night and from all of our colleagues across the networks of nbc news, thanks for staying up late with us. i'll see you at the end of tomorrow. us. i'll see our we are following breaking news of yet another mass shooting in this country. is that a hospital conflicts in tulsa. was in the hospital campus about 4:52 central time.
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police arrived at the seed, they arrive to the senate floor where they had gunshots. multiple people at this hour had been shot. we can report that four people have been killed. in addition to those four, people the gavitt himself is also reportedly dead. . they did just identify the suspect, it is red as a black will around the ages of 35 to 40. they say he just before we got to the air here is a part of it we were hearing shots in the building right now we have four civilians and avoid shooter that is dead. officers have not been interviewed but we are certain that is a self inflicted gunshot wound.
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. >> i don't have to remind you that this incident comes just eight days after the horrific mass shooting in eovaldi texas. it killed 19 children as well as two adults. that shooting in texas, that came ten days after another mass shooter killed ten people at a grocery store in buffalo, new york. as a country, we can no longer move on from this topic. this room cannot heal. each week there comes a new horrific event. more lives lost more communities ripped apart and more survivors boarded with unshakable, lifelong trauma. so tonight, we will continue to do but we have that elite aides before. we will continue to follow strive yet another mass shooting in america.
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joining us now scared, keith serving as a chelsea county commissioner. did you sit for joining us on such a difficult night for you. quiver, google code to. we have to live through this tragedy. what can you tell us what you are hearing from people on the ground there and a comedian tells us. >> our law enforcement acted quickly. i think that they got control of the situation as well they could. i am not at the scene. but, what i can say, to you, and to those who are watching, we are a state of compassionate people, and there are a lot of hunters who are thinking, having some long gun, or a weapon that you don't need to be carrying around. we have to, as a nation, address this issue about gun
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control. we need background checks. we can change the h. we need to deal with the mental health crisis, evident, everywhere. let's talk about what weapons should, and should not, to be on our streets. other countries have done this, new zealand, australia, canada, japan, look at their numbers? their numbers tell the story, and it doesn't look like what we are seeing. my heart is broken. this is a community, as our mayor just said, who spoke a minute ago, and was really eloquent. he talked about how our first responders -- this was a doctor's office. so, this individual went in, and they stepped up throughout covid, to keep us all safe. to have this happen, it is just -- it's a healing place. it shouldn't be happening here. it is just, absolutely, heartbreaking.
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i know, people will say, this isn't the time to talk about this, but there is no better time to talk about this. >> i have not had the privilege of making it yet to tulsa. i hope, to one day, but you certainly know that area better than i do. what has been the conversation among your constituents, and among what's happening in buffalo, what is happening in texas. was this something on the forefront of all of your minds? i'm sure it was, on the law enforcement side of things. but, as a county commissioner, what were you hearing in your area, following what we saw over the past two weeks? >> i think, everybody, you can't watch, and see young children's impacted in the school teachers, to not think that this has to stop. but, it's a mixed conversation, as it is, in many places,
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across this country. we do have a lot of people, who are all about first amendment rights, but at some point, i mean, when they wrote these rules, they had guns that you need to take the powder to push down. this was not an automatic weapon. it is not the weapons we have now. this is a conversation that we have to have, and it is a mixed bag here, as it, is in a lot of places. it's me, as an individual county commissioner, not speaking for the other represented by my county. i want to make that clear. >> certainly, i appreciate that. thank you so much, karen keith, tulsa county commissioner, i appreciate your time on yet another tragic night in this country. our hearts go out to you, and
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to everyone in that community. thank you. joining us now, cedric alexander, former county police chief, former member of president obama's task force on 21st century policing. cedric, good to see you again, thank you for making time. it is not even been a week since the shooting in uvalde. almost two and a half weeks since the massacre, here, and buffalo. again, we are talking about yet another mass shooting in this country. this one, at a medical facility, and st. francis, in tulsa. can i just to get your reaction to, yet again, this mass shooting? >> well, you know, first of all, it is hard to react to many of these, now, because they're becoming so frequent. the unfortunate part is, we have to stay very conscious of this, and not get used to the shootings, or just treat them
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as if something will go away. there is something that is going on, and on, in our environment across this country. as it relates to people with guns, and those who may have some of their stuff. it's stuff that we don't know about. this is an issue that is occurring, once a week. insanely for the last couple of weeks, going all the way back to buffalo, is that we are going to see, unfortunately, things that we cannot ignore what we are seeing. we are seeing these shootings that are happening with this weight of frequency. we had a real issue in this country, and i think, it is time for our lawmakers, particularly, at the congressional level, to act quickly in terms of coming to some type of agreement, and how we are going to approach this gun safety issue. notice how i said gun safety, not gun control, gun legislation, but really, at issue. so i think, it could be a whole different framework of how we go with seeing people, or
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someone is going to take control of them. how do we keep these weapon safe? really, it is what is variable right now. >> this is a, perhaps, a difficult question to ask but, when you look at the three most headline making mass shootings. a supermarket, a hospital, a school. they were considered to be soft targets in this country. so, obviously, the conversation by some has been to hardened schools, to harden, perhaps, hospitals. are we, as a society, moving in the direction where we will have to start having metal detectors and every restaurant, pub, hospital, supermarket, school that we go to, just to feel safe? since we can't control, or prevent, these types of shootings? >> first of all, we would need to remember, we are in a democratic society. people move around freely. you cannot stop the harden the target so much, or a target with a shopping center, a more, a church, walking up and down
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fifth avenue. there are targets out there, and it is the institutions that you will not be able to harden. i think, when people make those statements, they are not thinking very deeply, or very intentionally, really, as to how we address this issue. we can no longer think that, somehow, we just harden a target out of school, and somehow, are issues around the violent use of weapons will go away. it is not. we will have to go a lot deeper than that, and think a lot deeper. because, what we have been doing, in the past, clearly, is not working. even the data suggests having more police and school does not change the dynamic of the school shootings. we need to look deeper, and harder, and come up with some
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strong legislation that is going to help us move through this issue. but, these ongoing slick slogans, and innuendos around what, they think, will be hardened targets, we can harden them, but we'll have to go beyond. we're a free society, people will come and go, in and out. so, you can't harden that too much. >> very quickly, the police, just a short while ago, we're making a point to tell us, there was a three minute response time, given the fact that this country has been consumed with the uvalde texas shooting, and the police response in that situation. what do you make of this information, does not get, that we are learning that the response time was three minutes? there's a former police officer, how would you rate that? >> we'll, if they had a three -minute response time, that's a great response. but, in addition, if you go back, and you look at the
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deputy chief there in tulsa, here is what they did, very carefully, and cleverly. here is what we know. they did not give you any more information than what they knew, at that moment. they did not over say, we did this, we did that. here is what we know. we only know this at this point. that was smart of them to do, and as they learned more, they shared more, but, they were doing it in a manner in which they won't have to walk their conversation back, like we saw in uvalde. so, kudos to tulsa, you know where you but they are reporting, how the officers responded, how they know what to do with this point, which is very limited. they made that very clear. i think they should be applauded for that and, clearly, it was lessons learned from uvalde. >> cedric alexander, greatly appreciate your time, thank you for joining us this evening. hopefully, and i hate to say it, we won't be talking to you
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again on another mass shooting in this country. always appreciate your insights. as i mentioned, we will continue to monitor the story as it develops, and we'll bring you the latest throughout the hour, as we get it. up next, president biden set some limits on the kind of military aid the u.s. will send to ukraine, as it continues to try, and fight off russia's invasion. we will get reaction, live from the ukrainian ambassador to the united states. stay with us. the sleep number 360 smart bed senses your movements and automatically adjusts to help keep you both comfortable all night and can help you get almost 30 minutes more restful sleep per night. sleep number takes care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. during our memorial day sale,save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now only $1,999. only for a limited time. to learn more go to like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles.
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from epic trips... to jurassic-themed at-home activities. join over 3 million members and start enjoying rewards like these, and so much more in the xfinity app! and don't miss jurassic world:dominion it has a boring name. in theaters june 10th. but, it is a fascinating piece of equipment. it is called an mrna. short for multiple rocket launcher. as you probably guessed, as the name suggests, it is a type of weaponry that will spit out multiple rockets in a single go. it sounds quite basic, now, but,
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it really did revolutionize warfare when the soviet union first trotted them out during world war ii. the american version, coming off the line in the 80s, much later than the russians. still, it is an important part of the american military arsenal, to today. it is to launchers, holding six rockets each. they can all be fired in under a minute to, and with a three person crew, hitting targets close to 200 miles away, making it a very effective, and efficient, weapon. there is a compact version of the mrna as well, because this machine is smaller, it is lighter, it is much easier to move around on a battlefield and the company that makes it says, it is perfect for, what they call, shoot, and scoot. you can fire, relocate, reload, and fire again. you can do this in just a few minutes. it is easy to see why this kind of rocket launcher is such a high value weapon, on any battlefield. the cabins are armored, so they
9:19 pm
offer some level of protection, for the troops that are inside of them. they have a long range, as i mentioned, so you do not have to engage too closely to the enemy. you don't need to get to the front lines. you can shoot a ton of rockets, in a very short period of time. now, all of that, put together, is why this missile system is very high on ukraine's munitions witch list. ukraine's been begging the united states to send them these advanced weaponry systems, to try and beat back rushes violent march into their country. but, there is a reason that the united states did not send them on day one of this war. multiple rocket launchers, substantially, are more advanced than any weaponry that ukraine currently has. unlike the stingers and javelins, the names we've all become accustomed to, the u. s. has already sent those. the rocket launchers, these am
9:20 pm
our elves, have long ranges. this could give ukraine the ability to, not only, deter russian aggression inside of ukraine, but, gives them the ability to strike inside of russia. now, if ukraine were to use american weaponry, to fire rockets across its border, into russia, it would be a serious escalation with international ramifications. late last night, ukrainian officials announced, russia had taken control over one of the last large cities in the eastern luhansk region. a significant milestone for russia in this war, as they continue to expand the boundaries of their control, inside of ukraine. u.s. military officials, signaling, the next few weeks could be the decisive faze in this war. which is why this could not have come at a better time for ukraine. president biden, announcing, the united states will, now, sending those advanced rocket systems to ukraine.
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the, perhaps as a compromise between ukraine, and russia, they are not sending the souped up versions that i was telling about, that can reach hundreds of miles. instead, they are sending the baby rocket launchers. the shoot and scoots, which only have the ability to reach a few miles into russia, far away from any major civilian centers. even so, by some analysis, this is a potential game-changer for ukraine. these small launchers will more than double the current reach of ukraine's weaponry. ukraine has, reportedly, promised the united states that they will not use these weapons, these new rocket launchers, to strike inside of russia's borders. perhaps even russian troops, that are making their way, or russian supplies that make their way into ukraine. they have promised to not do that. though, predictably, russia says the united states is, quote, deliberately pouring oil on the fire, by sending ukraine these new rocket launchers. president biden, for his part,
9:22 pm
has written an op-ed in the new york times where he made clear, his intentions behind sending those weapons. he writes, in part, so long as the united states, or our allies are not attacked, we will not be directly engaged in this conflict. either by sending american troops to fight in ukraine, or, by attacking russian forces. we are not encouraging ukraine to strike beyond its borders. we do not wish to prolong the war, just to inflict pain on russia. we know how russia feels about this. we now have heard, directly from president biden, but, here is an important question. what does ukraine think of this? joining us now, ukrainian invested into the united states, oksana. ambassador, thank you so much for making time tonight. i really appreciate your time. i'd like to begin by getting your reaction to, president biden's announcement that the united states will be sending days advanced rocket systems to ukraine in the coming days. how has your government received the news, and, more
9:23 pm
importantly, how do you see these weapons helping ukrainian soldiers for months into this war? >> thank you for having me. good evening to everyone. first of all, we are thrilled. these weapons have been much awaited by our brave defenders. and this new package, that president biden announced today, not only are we receiving more artillery, or other, important equipment, that we haven't received already, for a while, but also, we are getting this new capability, that we really need for this difficult battle in the east, and south, that we have now. when, on the one hand, on the one side, we see russian invaders, war criminals, with all of the firepower, firing, and destroying, literally, making our cities and villages through the rubble. on the other side, not only are her defenders there, it is our citizens. it is our peaceful villages. so, we need all the weapons,
9:24 pm
and the equipment, that we can get an order to stop them, and in order to get them out from our country. so, the high marks that we announced today, it is exactly what we need for this phase of the battle. >> is it enough? the short question is, is it enough? the new york times, reporting today, that some ukrainian military units are complaining about a lack of ammunition. so, my question is, are the weapons the u.s. ending, enough to satisfy the current needs of your military? if not, do you expect other countries to follow america's lead, and step up? for example, germany, or other european countries? >> first of all, russia is much bigger than us. we are in the fight against a brutal, autocratic, regime. a large country, with no
9:25 pm
respect for international law, with no respect for any red lines. still, even though they are not motivated, even though they are fighting for the wrong cause, it is an invasion, but, there is still so many more of them. so, we need all of the support we can get in this. we are motivated, we are not ready to surrender, we will not surrender, as we have shown, we are able to win, and we have already won a few difficult battles. they came at a very high price, and we are very helpful, the u.s., who provided all of these systems, weapons, and sanctions. weapons especially. but also, for morale, and support. what has happened already, twice, where the u.s. has read a discussion, and cooperation, more than 40 countries, out of which, 20, already, have given us support, in addition to the support that the u.s. is providing. we, of course, would love for the war to be won by us, and for peace to return as quick as
9:26 pm
possible, but, we don't know how much it will take. we need all of the support, regardless of how much it will take. it's not just about ukraine, it is a fight for democracy. it is a fight for a rule of law, which has been breached. the international rule of law, which was violated by russia. >> as you can imagine, the kremlin is arguing, this u.s. decision to supply ukraine, for this new, more powerful weapons, quote, poorest fuel on the fire. what do you say, in response to that charge, by the kremlin? >> we have heard so many lives from these war criminals. they do not deserve to be called anything else. they have attacked our country eight years ago, they plan to do it for the previous 30 years, and, again, have waged a full fledged war on ukraine, almost 100 days ago. they have destroyed residential areas, destroyed hospitals, destroyed schools, destroyed
9:27 pm
our museums, kill, rape, and torture children, men, and women. i don't think, in this situation, it really matters what they think about it. they need to get out, they need to stop the aggression, 144 countries in the un condemn this. the international court warned, 16th of march, that they need to stop, and they need to get out. so, whatever fuel they are talking about, they need to stop the war crimes that they are committing and ukraine. they need to stop the aggression. >> madam ambassador, can i ask you, as i'm sure you are fully aware. secretary of state, tony blinken, said that the u.s. received assurances, from your government, that ukraine will not use these new mid range mean nations, that the uss providing, to hit targets inside of russia. can you confirm, that is the case?
9:28 pm
you will not hit targets inside of russia with these american provided weapons? does that also include crimea, which is ukrainian territory, occupied by russia? will you attack russian troops in crimea? >> well, first of all, since the war has started to, and since russia waged war on us, occupied crimea, donetsk, and you luhansk, in 2014, and 15, we have always had legal rights to retake it by military force, and never did. we have always chosen the diplomatic solution, and have tried to restore territorial integrity, and sovereignty, through diplomatic means. during the last 100 days, regardless of how brutal it was, ukraine has been, strictly, doing everything according to international law. we are defending our territory, we never planned to attack russia, and we still do not plan to attack russia. we need all equipment, regardless of range, in order to get russians out of our territory, and undeterred to defend our country. yes, crimea, donetsk, and luhansk, are all ukraine.
9:29 pm
>> ukrainian ambassador to the united states, oksana markarova, i appreciate your time, thank you so much madam ambassador. >> thank you very much. >> up next, a stunning report on the republican plane to challenge the results of future elections in this country. that is straight ahead, stay with us. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ it's spring! claritin provides non-drowsy symptom relief from over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens, day after day. feel the clarity— and make today the most wonderful time of the year. live claritin clear. this is koli. my foster fail (laughs). when i first started fostering koli i had been giving him kibble. it never looked or felt like real food.
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(music throughout) in virginia, and the bastion of
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fairfax county, one of the officials trying to overturn the 2020 election, helped organized groups that train 4500 for poll watchers and, election workers. organizing 18 local task forces. although their stated goal was to ferret out supposed fraud in the virginia, gubernatorial election, the county registrar, at the time, said the operation ate up county worker time with dozens of information requests, as well as formal interrogations. everything they saw, they didn't understand, was flawed in their minds. it was, always, accusatory. that county registrar, resigned in march. in part, because how difficult those people had made. they are now holding up that official in fairfax county virginia, as the national model
9:35 pm
for how republicans should handle elections here. it seems the, republican national committee has a very similar idea. this year, at its multi million dollar investment, including hiring 18 state election integrity directors, and 19 state election integrity lawyers. the party, so far, has recorded more than 5000 poll watchers, and nearly 12,000 poll workers. it is handled audio, and documents, were meetings from republican party operatives involved in this rnc effort outlined their plan. the idea is to use rules, designed to provide political balance among poll workers, to install party trained volunteers, prepared to challenge voters at democratic majority polling places. then, to backup those party trained poll workers with a, quote, army of lawyer lawyers who, are party friendly, and district lawyers, ready to help their groups take their challenges to court. in a powerpoint, presented at these meetings by the rnc election integrity director, the volunteers are instructed on how to challenge a voter.
9:36 pm
particularly, a voter citizenship, their age, their residency, even their registration. a few days ago, that same rnc election integrity director submitted initial list of more than 815 names republican poll workers to the detroit clerk. the chair of the rnc, disputing all of this, all of this reporting out of politico, today. saying, it shows extreme bias, and that politico is distorting the facts. but, how will this, actually, impact michigan this november? how will it impact other states where this could be taking place as well? joining us now, joscelyn vincent, democratic secretary of state for the great state of michigan, secretary benson, it's great to see you again, thank you so much for making time for us this evening. you have faced an avalanche of voter fraud conspiracy theories in michigan, after, and during the, 2020 election. what is your reaction to this
9:37 pm
new reporting, that republicans are starting earlier, this time, training teams of volunteers, and poll workers, looking before, and during the election voting process. how will that impact your line of work? >> think you for having me, and for covering this very important story. to be clear, it is important. it is not a bad thing, in and of itself, to be recruiting election workers, and poll workers. we know many organizations do it. what is problematic here, as these individuals are being fed misinformation, and being prepared to interfere with the elections processes themselves, as this story out of virginia illustrates. from our standpoint, however, we have been working with clerks, and at meetings next week with clerks, on this issue to, essentially, protect the integrity of the process from any interference. also recognizing, our expectation is that anyone working as an election worker, poll worker, in any election, regardless of political affiliation, follows the law, and they will be removed if they don't.
9:38 pm
>> what makes this plan feel like an escalation from previous plans? to me, i guess, the supposed election integrity groups, and rnc, are not just straining poll watchers, which as you say, are supposed to be political will that carry out their work, but, actual poll workers. what kind of power stew poll workers hold, that poll watchers wouldn't? what is the distinction between those two? a worker, i don't watch her? >> it's an important distinction. poll workers are implied employed by the election officials locate. they're selected, and appointed, and answered, to their employers, the local clerks. in that regard, they must follow procedures, they're responsible for checking in voters, giving identification, making a ballot, essentially, making sure that things are going smoothly. the other things we have our law, and ensuring the
9:39 pm
transparency, and the opportunity for poll challengers to be appointed, by political parties, and which people can come, and observe the process. those individuals are empowered to talk to election workers, and, potentially, challenge the eligibility of citizens to vote. that is where our concerns are. we've talked to clerks, and they are getting a significant uptick in applications, in, and of itself. this is where there is nefarious intent involved. we have concerns, when, and if, individuals with nefarious intent, are not hired to the election workers, or are removed for violations of the law. it is possible that others, who are poll challengers are there, and interfere with the process as well. we had ice on all of this, and our standpoint for michigan, our procedure will be, just as it was in 2020, to have a plan for rapid response, if, and when, there is any interference, escalation of intimidation, or threats against voters, or poll workers, on election day, or before.
9:40 pm
our plan is to, similarly, complete, and escalate our work, to be prepared for anything on election, and rapidly respond, to address it to make sure that no eligible voter, no matter who they are, or who they vote for, is blocked for voting. >> can i zero in on this in a moment? the ability to challenge a voter from the challengers, and the challenges of the meetings are, the rnc, michigan election integrity director can help is, that it sounds like part of this plan is for poll workers, and the watchers to, basically, challenged ballots by, literally, standing up and, then i would like to challenge this voter. they are saying it's part of the process, but are you concerned that this is just overwhelming the entire process? the overwhelming at, they clock it up, they delay at, they undermine the veracity of the vote? they make people lose confidence in the process? >> yes. absolutely.
9:41 pm
clearly, that is part of the goal. creating chaos, and confusion, for even just the threat of interference, that causes people to be reticent to vote, or perhaps, natural to vote at all, for fear that something may happen if they do. under a lot, there are specific ways, and reasons, in which some can be challenged. keeping an eye on, again, the abuse of that important transparency mechanism, is something we will do throughout election day. it is important to recognize, in michigan, voters have the right to vote absentee, prior to election day, to return their ballots to the mail, at a drop box, at the local clerks office, and we already see more and more voters doing that in 2020, and in subsequent elections. so, one option for voters to think about, if they are, in any way, concerned about things that their hearing could happen at the polls, it's for them to promote prior to election day, absentee. that's that, we'll be ready on election day, as well, to have eyes, and ears, on the ground. essentially, if we see any
9:42 pm
abuse, interference, or intimidation of voters to, swiftly, in partnership with local law enforcement, and others, address it, and ensure it does not interfere with our elections process. >> jocelyn benson, democratic secretary of state for the state of michigan, madam secretary, thank you, as always, it's a great pleasure. thank you for your time. still today, we have a preview of the arguments that some prominent democrats will be making, as voters head to the ballot box. by the looks of it, they are not mincing their words. is this a sign of what to expect as we head into the midterm election? stay with us. long. psst! psst! flonase all good.
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purse? lipstick, an iphone, or, maybe, a little smith and wesson 38? >> i am going to washington to stop the pelosi agenda. >> silence, or sometimes, getting a bad rap. >> did we mention, he owns a gun range? >> time to bring out the big guns. >> in 2022, i will blow away the democratic socialist agenda. >> that is how republicans were running for office, and the lead up to the uvalde massacre. filling there as with as many guns, and gunshots, as possible.
9:48 pm
according to the new york times, guns were featured in over 100 republican ads this cycle. there has been over 100 ads, just like that. the election is, still, five months away. today, we have some of the first general election ads from democrats in this upcoming cycle. some democrats, appearing ready to make republicans pay a political price for their controversial stance on things like guns, and abortion. take a look at this new ad from democratic candidate for georgia governor, stacey abrams. >> four years, brian kemp is taken georgia backwards. he put us backwards on guns, said law enforcement, and made it easier for criminals to carry guns in public. he wrote back women's rights, vowing to make abortion a crime with ten years in prison. just one we need to move forward, brian kemp keeps taking us back. >> it is rare to see democrats in swing states, actively, putting guns, and abortion, at the center of their campaigns. but, this, as you well know, is not going to be your typical
9:49 pm
election cycle. today, we have another bold ad from democratic kentucky sanded a, charles booker. i must warn you, there is some disturbing imagery in this at. the ad opens with a trigger warning, not because anybody in the ad will start pulling the trigger. watch this. >> the pain of our past persist to this day. in kentucky, like many states throughout the south, lynching was a tool of terror. it was used to kill hopes for freedom. it was used to kill my ancestors. now, in a historic victory for our commonwealth, i have become the first black kentucky into received the democratic nomination for u.s. senate. my opponent, the very person
9:50 pm
who compared expanded health care to slavery. the person who said he would have opposed the civil rights act. the person who single-handedly in the anti-lynching act for federal law. the choice could not be more clear. do we move forward together, or, do we let politicians, like rand paul, forever hold us back, and drive us apart. in november, we will choose he lying. we will choose kentucky. . >> we should note, well so rand paul did block that anti-lynching bill, he did support a narrower version of the bill, this year. joining us now to tell us what this means for the democratic pollster, msnbc contributor, cornell belcher. mr. belcher, it is great to have you on, good to see you again. let me start by asking about that stacey abrams had, that i just played.
9:51 pm
is it smart for democrats to center issues like gun control, and abortion rights, in a swing state like georgia, front and center of their campaign? >> absolutely, it is. democrats need to change the fundamental dynamic of the mid term. they are not going to do that unless they get jarring, and throw a lowball. i have to say, watching those republican ads, those ads, when you watch those republican ads, and do you think about what the typical voter is, a mom with kids, it's jarring. it's disconnecting. if you watch those ads you think, well, let's mix the politics of big lies, grievance, division, and replacement theory, with white nationalism, and a culture that glorifies, and normalize, weapons of death. what could possibly go wrong in this country? it is very jarring.
9:52 pm
so, i think, democrats need to make them pay for being so far outside of the mainstream on these issues. >> let's talk about kentucky for a moment, with an ad we saw from charles booker. a powerful and. even if you don't live in kentucky. i was removed by the imagery, and hearing the narration. who is kentucky senate candidate, charles booker, trying to appeal to in the ad about lynching? is it different than, let's say, other ended its candidates in the past, a mcgrath, and others, who try to go up against mitch mcconnell? >> i would decouple the two and the ad is being put front and center with issues of gun reform and is a way that will put them in the offensive. understanding kentucky different is different than georgia. it is not about a ground state. no one is calling kentucky a 50/50 toss-up. a voter campaign. i actually think it is very
9:53 pm
smart, to get attention, and they have to raise money. watching that had, hey, i'm going to go to their ad, to their online, and maybe donate money. it's very smart, but they also have to throw the long ball in a way that stacey does not. >> well the fact that republicans have been jockeying, and you saw in those ads, that we played their, jockeying through the primaries to see more gun than their opponents. could that come back and hurt them in november, given that the trauma in this country is going with right now, or going through right now, after all of these mass shootings? >> that is 1 million dollar question. it's whether or not democrats will make them pay a price for it. i think stacey abrams has
9:54 pm
opened up and said is going to take a spike to them and they will pay a price for it. a lot of these congressional races are going to hinge on what suburban women do. when you think about moms, those suburban moms, who are, literally, praying, and hoping, no one shows up at their school, their kids school, with automatic weapons today, you have to think, they are miss aligned, and, frankly, a moral to those moms, who will decide this election. >> let me ask you, finally, poll, after poll, shows that the voter number one issue, is still, the economy. i'm curious to get your thoughts. i'm someone who feels that this mid term, in the 2024 presidential race, are existential races for the future of our democracy. it is the future of our democracy at stake here. should democrats be going out there, with a unified message about the economy to try and change the narrative about the inflation that republicans are joining up, or, should they be talking about the fact that we could very well have a republican party that never has another election after these midterms, based on what we are
9:55 pm
hearing today, trying to rig the election, and suppress voting rights, and all of the other things that are a threat to our democracy? >> i will say it like this. if this is a referendum on joe biden, and the key issue democrats will get their tails kicked it's politics one-on-one that defines the debate if this election is about women's right to do what happens with our body, and our ability to pass common sense gun reforms, helping keep our kids safe, and helping stop our streets from being a war zone, i think that democrats have a chance to change history. they need to take that chance. i take that look at george bush,
9:56 pm
who changed the dynamic of his race. going into his mid term. the economy was tanking at that time, and instead of talking just about the economy, do you know what george bush talked about, he talked about national security. he talked about an issue where they had the advantage. he defined the debate, set that mid term, and they changed history. >> it is one of the critiques of people have of democrats, that they are not just waking up to this in the moment, and taking this threat to our country. and, on so many levels, the health of the communities, the lives of women, the lives of the democracy, much more seriously. democratic pollster, an msnbc contributor, greatly appreciated, always good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles.
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on our streets. that does it for me tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. now it's time for some special programming on -- filled report with paulo ramos. starts right now. >> hi everyone, i'm paola ramos. with all eyes on washington, and the question of who hold power in america, the upcoming midterm elections will come down to key votes in key battleground states. right, now latinos are the largest minority voting bloc and one of the most misunderstood communities in the country. yes, the majority vote democrat. but in 2020, there was an enormous shift to the republican party. the future of our democracy in the ballots, i wanted to find out what's fueling that rightward shift in latino communities across the. country so we'll have a conversation about all these things straight ahead. but first, this field report from florida. >> thank you. as you can igi


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