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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  June 3, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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it's been a long news week but we have a special announcement for this sunday. we present "the devil's advocate," a story about a lawyer who represented everyone from manson to saddam hussein. should be pretty interesting. "devil's advocate," a mostly true story sunday at 10:00 p.m. on msnbc and peacock. "the reidout" with joy reid starts now. good evening, everyone. we have a lot to get to on a very nussi friday, including a major development in the january 6th front. a federal grand jury indicted former trump adviser peter navarro who ignored a subpoena from the january 6 committee. navarro hasn't been shy about divulging his role in the january 6th insurrection. he wrote a book and he's now the
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second trump ally indicted on a contempt channel. we begin "the reidout" with a choice, a choice about the continuation of mass murder and school shootings that are plaguing this country because it is a choice, not an inevitability as some might want you to believe. in fact, one of our political parties has gone to great lengths to make you think just that. well, at this point shouldn't the republican party just keep it real and openly admit at long last that they believe that a substantial number of dead church-goers and dead shoppers and dead doctors and, yes, dead chirp, big kids and little ones, is an acceptable trade-off for them to have as many guns as they want whenever they want with as little inconvenience as possible, and no one has said it better than democratic congress montana dare jones who spoke during yesterday's contentious debate over democrats' package of gun safety bills. >> as the youngest member of
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this committee, i need to address my republican colleagues on behalf of the generations of young people whom republicans have condemned to grow up in fear that they will be gunned down at school. since columbine, more than 311,000 children have experienced gun violence at school. there were more school shootings last year than in any year since 1999, the year of columbine, and there have been more than 200 mass shootings this year already. the leading cause of death of american children is now gun violence. behind every one of those statistics is the story of a person, often a child who mattered. to the parents who mourn and the children who fear all you have to offer are more guns an apparently the ridiculous idea of fewer school doors.
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my generation and the generations who have followed know that this epidemic of gun violence is not unstoppable. it's a choice, a choice you can make differently at any time, a choice between your lives and your gun. time and time we have given you a chance to do something, after columbine, after sandy hook, after parkland, and time after time you have chosen you have put your right to kill over our right to live, but your selfishness and your indifference have not killed our hope. you have transformed it. before we believe that you might do what the people overwhelming support and help advance common sense fun violence legislation, now we know it is up to us to save ourselves from you. we did not choose this fight. we had our own dreams for our lives, the same as you did, when you were kids but we can't let you get away with this anymore. enough is enough. enough of you telling us that
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school shootings are a fact of life when every other country like ours has virtually ended it. enough of you blaming mental illness and then defunding mental health care in this country. enough of your thoughts and prayers. enough. enough. >> congress montana dare jones of new york joins me now along with jim guard, a math teacher in coconut creek, florida, and a survivor of the marjory stoneman douglas shooting. that headline, 311,000 young students subjected to gun violence suns columbine is a damning statistic. i want to play you what louie gohmert, we saw the very empty set of seats on the other side because louie gohmert didn't want to listen to you in person.
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louie gohmert did respond. >> to refer by rhetorical supposed questions who are you here for? we must be here for the gunman is an outrage. how dare you. you think we don't have hearts? >> and to be clear he was actually not responding to you, he was responding to eric swalwell, let's just clear up that. how do you respond to those republicans who get all misty and say don't you think we have hearts, too? >> well, the answer is that, no, we don't think that you have hearts because you could do that which is required to stop the massacring of american children, and time after time you refuse to honor your oath and you refuse to do the basic things that are required. i mean, these are -- these are not aggressive actions that we are contemplating in congress. we're talking about universal background cheques, raising the age to purchase semiautomatic
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weapons in the way that you have to be 21 years old to do any number of other things in our society that are far less deadly than owning a firearm, and, of course, we do need to ban assault weapons which we're still whipping votes to do, but this is something that is a uniquely american problem, and i just reject the idea that any of my republican colleagues have any good faith basis whatsoever to continue their obstruction and their opposition to something that is broadly supported by the american people. >> yeah, including by the vast majority of gun owners who also say, yes, this is common sense stuff. you shouldn't be able to go over to a gun show and evade filling out the paperwork and pick up an ar-15 and do what you've got to do. jim guard, thanks for being here. when republicans try to put forward solutions, only have one door to go in and own. no egress. god forbid there's a stampede situation or that the gunman
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comes in that one door, i'm not sure what they do there. lindsey graham, the senator from south carolina, says he wants to recruit thousands and thousands of military veterans and have them guard schools, basically turning our schools into military compounds. that's his solution rather than deal with the fact that in the case of the -- of the shooting that you survived a 19-year-old was able to get an ar-15. your thoughts on that? >> it's the logic to his solution, you know, we're still four years later, and the kids, my own son who went through that as a middle schooler, we're still affected by it. even with the latest shooting, you know, having a hard time sleeping going through that the past week. more guns are not a solution. >> let me ask you about that. thank you for correcting me that your son went through. when your son, when your family sees these shootings after shooting, it's got to be retraumatizing because i think
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you add to that 311,000 students who have experienced gun violence the millions of students who are continuing to be traumatized by it because even if you survive it, then every other mass shooting of kids your age traumatizes you again. >> oh, yes. i mean, these kids are in generation lockdown. i mean, this is all that they go through, and they are just so used to it, and that's one thing you talk about kids who -- who were murdered, kids who were injured and it's the entire all their friends, all their relatives, coaches, what have urge and it's something that will live for you whatever an whatever. >> and your teacher, what about the idea that you should get a gun, that you were a teacher at stoneman douglas douglas, would you have had a pistol to fight
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someone with an ar-15. >> here i am a teacher, finishing year 41. my expertise is not firearms, it's mathematics. >> representative joan, there is this other meme from republicans that laws don't do anything. gohmert would go on to say, well, in states that have really strict gun law, lots of people die living in big cities leading there that guns are trafficked into cities like new york from virginia where gun laws are less strict. australia's gun violence, .19, they passed a gun law in 2019. they had two major mass shootings.
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they haven't hardly any since. norway passed a law in 2018. seemed to work there, ditto the unit kindom. how do you explain that, because they are claiming that gun laws don't work but they seem to work everywhere else. >> they can't explain it. it's without a basis in fact. you can identify any number of mass shootings over the past several decades and draw a direct link between someone not having to go through a background check that would have been a red flag for them or their ability to easily access an assault weapon that would have banned under legislation that we are considering passing through the house, and that will give just the evidence that you need to conclude that strong laws aimed at ending gun violence would actually be effective at accomplishing what the goal is that house democrats are talking about. >> you know, i was 11 years old when columbine happen, and as
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horrified as i was in that moment i never imagined that school shootings would become the norm in this country to the point where so many folks are now numb to that and we've got students doing these exercises alongside their teachers when they should be studying mathematics, and so i -- i'm just so appalled by the behavior of my colleagues here and the entire world needs to see who is responsible because house democrats and senate democrats are standing up and doing right thing here and we know that the right thing is both what democrats and republicans and by the way independent voters support because the polling bears that out. it is the nra with a foothold over the republican party and it's folks like tucker carlson who went on his show last night and attacked me as he loves to do for just stating the facts that we need to abolish the filibuster because we will not find ten republicans of good conscience willing to do anything meaningful in this
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moment because they have failed to do that in so many other instances. i'll keep speak truth. you also mention that had in states like new york, for example, which has the iron pipeline where a vast majority of illegally possessed guns are coming from states that are far laxer, far weaker gun laws, that that is largely responsible for the gun violence that we are seeing in the communities that my republican colleagues like to vilify and talk about like chicago and new york city. >> exactly. it's a pipeline that comes from -- from states where it's easy to get a gun. by the way, we have a history, jim guard, of doing something like this. when the assault weapons ban passed in 1994, i believe four republicans voted for it, but it didn't get flust yesterday, that's the bottom line. the assault weapons ban part that have crime bill in 1949, it passed without a filibuster, so there's a history regulating guns. we had firearms regulation for a real long time. new york has just passed a law that would raise the minimum age
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to buy a semiautomatic weapon to 21, bang civilians from buying body armor vests and revise the gun laws. in the parkland shooting, it seems to meet everything that happened to your family and your son's friends and your fellow teachers, somebody who can get a semiautomatic weapon who is under 21, check. these guys go in wearing body armor so even if there is a police officer, there's very little that they can do because they have got on body armor and red flag laws, if someone is concerned about a younger person who by the way just did the drills themselves, they know where the kids are going to hide and are having a psychological issue, you can't even red flag them and stop them from getting a gun. what do you say, jim guard, to those who say laws won't do anything? >> well, they do things. i mean, you just proved it yourself, you know, and one excuse they often use is mental illness. well, you have the rest of the
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planet can't have significantly different mental illness rate than the u.s. and here they are. we're just killing loads of kid, hundreds of kids a yore and, you know, i mean, and adults, et cetera, et cetera, but they have to respect life a whole lot more than they do and a lot more than the millions of, the 30 that they have traded for. >> well, i have to say, i'll say it again, pro-life is not a real thing, it's a made-up thing. if they were pro-life they would want kids to survive the school day without being shot dead in class. congress montana dare jones, thank you for speaking. never stop doing that. jim guard, thank you very much, sir. really appreciate you both. coming up, the government has lots of regulations about things like ladders and lawn mowers and baby crips so why are ar-15 which can blow your face clean off and shatter your bones like jelly so ridiculously easy to buy? plus, if you missed it, one of
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chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets. up with of the major features of the gun debate is americans' easy access to all kind of guns, and nothing exposes the ease with which one can buy a weapon of war more than what happened in tulsa on wednesday when a man who blamed
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his doctor for his ongoing pain purchased an ar-15-style rifle hours before heading to the hospital, opening fire inside and killing his doctor and three other people. according to police the gunman specifically targeted dr. preston phillips, the orthopedic surgeon who had treated him. among his many roles, dr. phillips also served on a board of directors for tulsa's john hope franklin center for reconciliation, a group working to address the area's tumultuous past of racial violence. the rampage that killed phillips can one day after the 101st massacre when a white mob pillaged a neighborhood killinging hundreds of residents. these are weapons of war with designed to kill numbers of people and that's literally their design purpose. it is a easier to purchase an
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ar-15 than it is to buy sudafed or a beer. we regulate swimming pools, food, we regulate ladders because lad remembers dangerous. a primary cause of serious, even fatal injuries for workers, and yet we do nothing about assault weapons, even as the violence continues with separate shootings in the midwest just yesterday and even as families in uvalde bury that's preshd loved ones. joining us from uvalde is -- i can't imagine what it was like being at one of the funerals and if you can give us a sense of how the family is doing and the community is doing. >> the community is crushed. before attending the funeral i went over and actually went to the school and spent some time there and spoke to a lot of local folks and then i spent a lot of time with state senator
4:22 pm
roland gutierrez and i have to say what was so striking is the funeral was in english. 99 people of the pews were latinos, hard working latinos, blue collar workers and they were grieving, and i have to tell you that the hardest part is when at the very end of the service when they brought down the casket of a little girl that was in these bright red and white colors and it hit every one of us. i had a conversation with her teacher and also her aunt, and when you see these individuals who are such a small town, joy, such a small town and you can see our limited resources, the school dilapidated. it's not a fancy neighborhood, the neighborhood is not financing, they are all trying to get by and they are all supporting each other and that's what is striking. they are finding a lot of strength and they are very private and want to make sure
4:23 pm
that we continue remembering them, that their death is not in vain and we respect their privacy at the same time. it was hard, joy, very difficult. >> i'm sure, and the thing is that you do have -- what's shocking and sort of depressing about all of this is that you do have a political party that's decided that this should just be routine, that we should get used to it, think and pray, because they are not changing a damn thing, doesn't matter how many children die or how many caskets have to be lowered into the ground. they don't really care. one article in the "washington post" said there's been over 200 mass shootings so far in 2022, four or more shootings where one person is injured or killed. there's about the not a single week, not one week in 2022, without at least four mass shootings, four per week.
4:24 pm
i wonder if you get a sense just from talking to people there if we've reached a tipping point where people have said it's so bad now that i'm going to do something, that i'm going to take action. >> i have to share with you, one of the things that i felt was striking is state senator roland gutierrez, he was very honest with me uncertain large district. i am here now and the amount of people coming up to him saying thank you and give them hell was so many at the service, at the park, at the clinic that we visited, everywhere. everybody is looking for that leadership to step in because they recognize that their grief has to turn and mean something. i often say it's not that texas is a red state, it's a non-voting state. there's 5 million people of color in this state that are eligible to vote and they are sitting it out. we need everybody out. the reason this is such an important moment is i remind
4:25 pm
votes that texas has a minimum of 48 electoral votes, they can change the direction of the country and literally save democracy and people are fed up. but more than anything it was the space that everybody was grieving and recognizing each other and knowing that they needed to recognize each other and support is from all over the country at the elementary school from packages to flowers to signs is showing that there is an incredible solidarity there. >> and texas is disproportionately impacting the country, not just in textbooks but in laws as well and influences the rest of the country because it's so big and populace and i will now note that maria theresa kumar has an event called stand with uvalde june 4th, this week friend, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at travis park in san antonio, texas. beto o'rourke running for congress, representative castro
4:26 pm
and julian castro, both the castro brothers will be there, former hud secretary. thank you so much, mar are a theresa couple apartment. thanks for braving it through the tech issues to be on with us. we appreciate what you do this weekend. thank you, my friend. former trump henchman peter navarro becomes the second insider are indicted for stonewalling the january 6th committee. more on that next. ling the januh committee. more on that next.
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peter naff remember, one of the key authors of the plan to overturn the legitimate results of the 2020 election was arrested today and charged by the department of justice with two counts of cop tempt of congress for his refusal to comply with the january 6th committee. the first count was for failing to appear for a deposition. the second was for failing to produce documents that the committee requested. navarro, who was represented by a public defender, did not enter a plea during a court appearance today. outside the courthouse, the map who seems to love the camera launched into a litany of unhinged claims against the doj and the january 6th committee. that sort of thing with navarro, he loves to talk. he isn't shy about the man that he and fellow indictee steve bannon cooked up which they dubbed the green bay sweep. my colleague ari melber asked him about that last night. >> so you're risking going
4:32 pm
potentially to jail not to talk to them, but you're out here talking in public. you do realize these investigators can hear you when you talk on tv. >> what we're talking about now, ari, is the case law itself and the constitution alt of executive privilege, testimony immunity and a second issue in the case is a separation of powers. >> the plan was to keep trump in office by pressuring vice president mike pence to block the certification of the electoral votes from key swing states. navarro and bannon wanted to force the vice president of the united states to ignore the results of a free and fair election and by default they wanted congress to ignore the will of the people as well because their guy lost by 7 million votes. in refusing to appear before the january 6th committee navarro claimed over and over again he's exempt because of an executive privilege and here's the thing.
4:33 pm
he ain't got it. >> navarro then appears to fall back on the vague assertion that the executive privilege belongs to former president trump which is not only dubious but entirely irrelevant because our committee has not been given any attempted invocation of executive privilege from donald trump. >> navarro and bannon are just two of the four individuals that the house committee referred to the department of justice which leaves us with this question. what about former trump chief of staff mark meadow and former aide dan scavino. before i get to peter navarro, can you answer a question for me, it seems like mark meadow and scavino were actually closer to trump in their jobs, white house aides and closer to trump okay the day of the insurrection. do you -- can you explain to us why navarro who is trade
4:34 pm
secretary and others that ban no and scavino are not being arrested and indicted. >> we don't know. the way that the department of justice is going about investigating these men or pursuing these contempt of congress referrals is seems like navarro is more in the scavino mold. they kind of held comparable positions. mark meadows then chief of staff to then president trump. ch mark meadows is a bug criminal fish. he's up one of the higher rungs of the political heard. it could be that they are working out cooperation with meadows. we won't know until we know. >> so there's all this stuff with navarro. let's go back to him. he came out of the courtroom and
4:35 pm
gave sort of a grandiose presentation to reporters, claimed that the january 6th committee is angsting as judge, jury and executioner saying the constitution was violated and it's unconstitutional. this guy sued, filed an 8-page complaint listing the u.s. attorney involved for d.c., the select commit, nancy pelosi and others and claiming that he can act under executive privilege that trump wasn't claimed just because trump was -- >> please unpack this for us. it's a nonsensical word salad that peter navarro offers often. the judge in a different case said you don't know what you're talking about and gave him until july 17th.
4:36 pm
he doesn't have a claim for a lot of reasons. one, joe biden is the holder of the privilege at the moment and he's waived it. he's chosen not to invoke it. two, he was not really a member of the executive branch at the time. there are a number of ways you can defeat peter navarro's claim of executive privilege and at the end of the day donald trump has never exserted it. peter navarro has nothing but world salad. i'm pleased that he's going to be standing in court and 12 will make this decision rather than all of us having to figure out what to do with peter navarro. does surprise you that he had a public defend are for this case? >> it doesn't surprise mow that the court insisted for a public defender standing in on his indictment. he may continue to represent himself.
4:37 pm
has a constitutional right, an absolute constitutional right under the sixth amendment both to have counsel represent him and to waive that right to counsel and represent himself. he will have a fool for a client, but good news is he can't make an ineffective counsel claim in chance of conviction if he chooses to represent himself. >> let's go to this other stuff because you had a proud boy that pleaded guilty admitted that he nearly reached senator schumer during the capitol siege. there was considerable violence at play that we all say live on television on january 6th but there's also new reporting from maggie haberman at the "new york times" before january 6th an aide to vice president pence was warned and warned of a security warning to vice president pence. the day before a mob of trump trump supporters stormed the capital on january 6th, vice president mike pence's chief of staff called mr. pence's lead
4:38 pm
secret service that there would be a security risk to him because of it. people were chanting hang mike pence and what does it is do to all of these defendants and does it creep closer to the white house to know that people knew that mike pence's life was likely in danger. >> yeah, it does absolutely creep closer to the white house and makes its way directly into the oval office. all of these insurrectionists who are being tried and convicted. they can claim i was only following my president's orders but that's not a legal defense. it may be relevant to their sentence in the event of conviction, but it is not a defense, but when we hear reporting, joy, like donald trump saying things like perhaps mike pence should be hanged, and that was report by one of mark meadow' own aides, related that information, that really does
4:39 pm
sound like donald trump leveling war against the united states, if you owe an allegiance to the united states like the president does and levy war against the united states then you've committed the crime of treason and donald trump launched the attack by telling people that the folks in the capitol stole their vote, go down there and fight like hell or you won't have a country anymore and then he refused to put a stop to the violence and now we know on top of it he said maybe mike pence should be hanged. that will support a treason charge. >> two people said it knowing that there were people like the proud boys and 3% who were willing to do it. and now how members of that extremist group are now infiltrating florida politics. we'll be right back. w infiltrating florida politics. we'll be right back.
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caplyta can help you let in the lyte. ask your doctor about caplyta, from intra-cellular therapies. the justice department has vooeroed in on the far right extremist group the proud boys participation in the insurrection. today a member who stormed the capital pled guilty for obstructing an official proceeding. joshua prewitt admitted in court documents he nearly contacted senator chuck schumer. prewitt appeared in videos with proud boys most prominent member who is in jail awaiting trial. a federal judge cited the threat of dangerousness he posed.
4:45 pm
tarrio is known as a political entity in florida long before he was the head of latinos for trump, sitting behind the former president at speeches and later visiting the white house. he led a mob-style attack on speaker nancy pelosi in a protest organized by the miami day republican party. the miami-dade republican chair had to apologize at the time but fast forward four years, a chilling "new york times" report detailed how that chapter has essentially been taken over by the group, infiltrating the formally norm core miami-dade political home of jeb bush. joining susan msnbc political pollster and dean obeidallah. let's start with the enrique tarrio take. those who had seen him operating the way he was operating within the miami-dade republican party always thought, wow, this seems
4:46 pm
dangerous. how did the proud boys basically do a hostile takeover of the miami-dade republican party, and what does it mean? >> well, joy, i just want to emphasize your point. enrique tarrio is in a federal prison for committing conspiracy to overthrow the united states government, as head of the proud boys at the national level, not an insignificant charge and the other thing that needs to be made clear. it's not like the tea party, an ideological group. this is a domestic terrorist organization that uses violence and intimidation as its means so when you think about the fact that enrique tarrio, of course, from miami and what we're now discovering that miami is the mecca for maga, it should be no surprise that there has been an overt effort to little by little takeover the largest county in the state which, of course, is miami-dade county, and that's exactly what the proud boys have done. they have in essence taken up the leadership positions and start to have a controlling
4:47 pm
interest so that now the miami-dade represent can party is the miami-dade republican party overseen by the proud boys and incredibly, joy, no one in miami politics at the republican level has resigned is. no one has called this out. they have accepted it as such because maga is the normal for the republican party in miami and in florida. >> it's wild. let me read a little bit of the "new york times" piece and it says at least half a dozen current and former proud boys have secured seats in the miami-dade republican committee their ranks include adherence that face criminal charges for participating in the criminal attack. one has been chornlgd with obstructing congress, gabrielle garcia has been charged with interfering with law enforcement officers. dean, can you imagine any democratic political organization surviving two days in the news cycle after recruiting and being taken over
4:48 pm
by a group associated with a terrorist attack on the united states. >> i would hope not, and just to remind people, if they didn't know it. in florida, in that count, there are mostly americans who want to get involved in politics and republicans ago years ago said they are involved in terrorism because they are muslim and now the proud boys are literally designated a terrorist group by the government of canada, literally and they are accepting them. joy, no one should be surprised. look at recent polls. nearly 60% of republicans view january 6th not an act of domestic terrorism, but an act of patriotism. that's literally in a cbs poll. donald trump said stand back and stand by and now they are welcomed into the gop and the gop is a fascist movement. it's gone from a political party to one with a military wing and if they win another election they will do another january 6. if they didn't want them there, they would be gone.
4:49 pm
we have to assume they want them there or they would denounce them. >> i remember when the majority of muslim americans and arab americans, whether muslim or not in florida voted republican. this is the era of jeb bush, a republican cohort, and then after 9/11 there was a demonization that drove that group into the democratic party for protection, but now what you're seeing it kind of doesn't matter where people vote because ron desantis is creating essentially a republican super state where it doesn't matter how you vote, where it's controlled completely by republicans. we now have the florida supreme court backing down and saying that his congressional map that deletes black representation in the same part of florida, in central florida where they are also attacking disney and putting $2 billion on their books to pay for, they are now going to lose political representation. is there any way out when the republican party has a
4:50 pm
stranglehold? he's gone after everyone. he's gone after the tampa bay rays for daring to go against him on guns, for speaking out against him. the man is on a tear. he's gone after the special olympics. is there any way to stop against anyone who opposes him. >> joy, you asked the most important question. because for 246 years in this country, the answer to this question -- is there any way to stop this? -- that would be yes. you can stop it at the ballot box, this november. i am not so sure that, even if the will of voters call to end this madness in florida, that that would come to pass. because florida, i don't think, is a democracy anymore. i think florida is truly an authoritarian state modeled after hungary. orban, the conservative political action committee -- because in ron desantis they're trying to establish that type
4:51 pm
of authoritarian leader, who will eventually run for president of the united states. >> absolutely. and dean, there is a model for that. it's called texas, which is also not a small democratic state. it is very hard to vote. it is very hard to dislodge this minority rule leadership. it almost doesn't matter what the people there want. florida is the same thing. the republican party is trying to roll that out nationwide. >> we are going to be seeing refugees from florida seeking freedom coming to new york. you are welcome here, we would like to have you. look, they are making a stand. >> yeah. >> it's going to be the worst disney ride ever. he has been banning books, fanning black history, banning saying the word gay, banning hormone therapy for transgender teens. that's just cruelty. parents have to agree to it. studies have shown that teens who are transgender, who get this therapy, are 40% less likely to commit suicide.
4:52 pm
he doesn't care, he knows that. it's cruel. let's pray on those who are vulnerable instead of helping them. and the base, they say -- they laugh -- they don't care about that right. they don't care about people in need. i am worried. i look at florida and ron desantis being groomed to be the next grand wizard of the gop on a national level. we should all be alarmed why what he is trying to do nationally and in florida. >> 100%. >> -- >> yes, very quickly, go ahead. >> you mentioned jeb bush -- jeb bush, if you are watching, speak up and don't be a coward. he lives in miami-dade county. in that article he said he is not involved in politics anymore, unless it's calling rhonda scent is one of the hundred greatest leaders. step up, don't be a coward, jeb. call out this madness. >> jeb represents what is wrong with this party. they are too afraid to say anything because they think there may be a side benefit at the end, in a fascist takeover. sorry to say it, but i think
4:53 pm
that's true. when we come back -- i will say, before we leave the segment, 390,000 jobs created in may. that could win the week. but we will find out who we think when the week. it could have easily been anita baker's and need onstage shout out to a rapper for her ownership of her master recording. stick around and find out more. ound and find out more my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal,
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we have made it to friday! and you know what that means? it is time to play -- who won the week? back with me are fernand amandi and dean obeidallah, we thank all, and jesus, i like to be a cue manacled. but i will start with fernand, tell me who won the week? >> joy, there has been such tragedy out of texas recently. a feel-good texas story. but 14-year-old hurry knee when the national stella spelling bee with one of the most incredible spell of i have ever seen, joy. >> we have a clip of this i am told, so let's play it. >> -- -- more hand -- m o o r h e n. >> i love spelling bees! she is amazing. i love that, love it, love it,
4:59 pm
love it. she is amazing, you go. love that so much. okay, the, and you have big shoes to fill, my friend. who won the week? >> does this have to be a competition, joy? can we just be friends? >> you are right, it's all even, it's all even. it's all fun. >> moses in graham, a very amazing actress on this new series, obi-wan kenobi. she's a black woman playing a fictitious character. it triggered the right and they were spewing hateful garbage. she went on instagram and said, some people think i will grin and bear it but i am not built like that. that's right, he is from baltimore. she is like, bigot please, come on. her and her even mcgregor, he stepped up and said if you are a bigot, don't like star wars. so, i like it very much. >> amen, love her, love her, love her and love star wars. i am a star trek rather than star wars fan -- but i love star wars to. my winner of the week's coco
5:00 pm
gauff, the newest tennis phenomenon. she won her semifinal and signed the camera piece and end gun violence, said she was influenced by the great naomi osaka and colin kaepernick. tomorrow is your first ever grand slam final match. she is amazing. she is my who won the week. i want to thank dean obeidallah and fernand amandi, and that is tonight reidout, and all in with chris hayes starts right now. >> tonight on all in -- the january 6th bombshell. >> were you worried about him during that siege? were you worried about his safety -- >> no, i thought he was well protected. i thought he was in good shape. >> new reporting from the new york times, one day before january 6th. the vice presidents chief of staff warned security details that the president was going to publicly turn against mike pence and put his personal security at risk. >> i hope mike is going to do the right thing. i hope so. i hope so. >> tonit,


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