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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  June 4, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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this is the katie phang show live from miami, florida. we have a lot of news to cover. we have questions to answer. let's get started. after announcing one a high-profile indictment this week, we are learning that the doj will not indict a two other white house aides after they were referred for criminal contempt of congress by the january six committee. the panel calling the decision a puzzling and demanding answers. plus, my conversation with a lifelong nra member who voluntarily gave up his ar-15 after the uvalde shooting. his message also to congress. and, proud boys go mainstream.
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a chilling report reveals how far the far-right extremist group infiltrated a gop establishment in florida. what are the broader implications for our democracy? i will discuss this with my panel? this is all coming up and more right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ . a good saturday morning to you. i am katie fang. the mayor garland's department of justice seemingly lending to former white house officials off the hook this is when it comes to the january six investigation. frankly, at the timing cannot be worse. department officials announced late yesterday that no criminal commit contempt of charges will be late for mark meadows or dennis could veto. we are awaiting comment from them. this happened hours after former trump advisor peter
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navarro was arrested and charged for contempt of congress, for denying the committee documents and a deposition. navarro vows to fight the charges. what is the difference here? right now, we do not know. it is not just the media or the public want these answers. it is the january six committee as well. in a joint statement, benny thompson and liz cheney called the doj decision a puzzling. they've made it clear that they expect a explanation. the timing is bizarre. the decision is coming six days before the committees are first public hearing in primetime. the entire swirling controversy about the capitol insurrection and who knew and who did what and when, this is on accountability. it's a justice department will not even hold to former white house officials accountable for refusing a subpoena, what does this say about how it will hold a former president accountable? let's go live to gary, on
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capitol hill. gary, what is the reaction right now to these justice department decisions? >> hey, katie. the january six committee thought that they were having a good day yesterday after the arrest of peter navarro. he has spoken a lot on our air and on others which is not with the january six committee. he was hit with the contempt of congress charge. as you mention, late last night, the declaration of charges for meadows and scavino, two people who were very close to donald trump a -- both on the day of january 6th and leading up to january six. this is a real defeat for the january 6th committee. the january six committee is only as effective as the department of justice. this is as it relates to charges and convincing and compelling them to talk to the committee. as you know very well, katie. subpoenas are legally binding. this is if you get a subpoena, you do have to produce documents. you do have to speak to the
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committee, or he may be hit with a contempt of congress charge as happened in this case. the justice department did not say exactly why they declined to charge mark meadows and dan scavino. there could be a couple of reasons. first, mark meadows was the chief of staff. he was very close to the president. he did provide documents. he said he would sit for an interview if it did not interfere with executive privilege. that is something that we have heard a lot about. it is being tied up in the courts right now. this could be part of the reason why the department of justice did not decide to charge him. peter navarro, for his part, he says it is all political. >> they are essentially acting as a jury judge, jury, and executioner. their mission, is to prevent donald trump from running for president in 2024 and being elected for president. >> this is going to be a very big week for the january six committee. is the first time, on thursday night, that we are going to be
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able to see in a primetime, what's the january six committee knows, when they knew it. or who they heard it from. we are going to be told, that we are going to see videos and pictures that we are never seen before. we are also going to hear from witnesses. this is not going to be a fact gathering event where the committee. itself they pretty much know everything that they are going to hear on thursday night. this is more going to be a presentation to the people of america, katie. >> thanks to gary graham bob live on capitol hill. i also want to know, how can the january six committee breakthrough partisan mindset and get all of the americans on board to watch these hearings with an open mind? i will ask my panel in a few minutes. in uvalde, texas, three more families will lay their till ten year old children to rest today. family and friends will say goodbye to mckenna elrod, rojelio torres, and alicia
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ramirez. it is unbelievably sad and tragic what has happened in uvalde. we are learning also that the desperate 9-1-1 calls from inside the school were not shared with the school campus police chief. liz mclaughlin is live in uvalde with more. liz, what can you tell us about those 9-1-1 calls? >> katie, the desperate pleas for help came in more than an hour before police confronted the gunman. this includes from children. the police chief, the school district police chief, pete arredondo, was the incident commander here. it was a school police district department with only six officers, including himself. he has taken officer -- he has taken school shooter training as close as december. waiting was a mistake according to the public safety department. pete arredondo, according to
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ronald gutierrez, who asked the commission on state emergency communication, if arradondo was getting communications about those calls, and they specifically said no. it is unclear, right now, if arradondo had a police radio on him. some officials are saying that different agencies use a different frequencies, use different radio companies. state senator gutierrez is calling this a human error and a systematic communication a failure. it is unclear. there were so many agencies onsite at the time, including federal agents, a city police who would be getting word on that call if that was orally communicated to the chief, arradondo. so many questions right now. this revelation is unlikely to ease the criticism over the police response here. now, it is raising questions about transparency on this case. we reached out individually to a lot of state agencies here.
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there has been no comment. they are all referring to the da who is staying quiet on this. there is really a question of transparency, not only for the public, but for the victims families, katie. >> liz, a lot of unanswered questions. we also know that the students and staff are not going to return to class after the summer is over. can you share with us what's the plans are for the future of the school? >> that is right. the superintendent said this week that students and staff will not be walking through those elementary school doors behind me at robin elementary. there is discussion. senator gutierrez and president biden have been talking about tearing down the school so that no one has to walk on this campus again. in the meantime, this fall, the superintendent says that it is looking to other school campuses in the area to serve the students while plans are underway to tear down the
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school and build a new one. federal money could be available to help do that, katie. >> thank you to legs mclaughlin in uvalde, texas. now we will turn to ukraine where 101 days ago, russian president, a vladimir putin, launched his war against the sovereign nation. russian and ukrainian forces are now locked in a fierce and bat bloody battle for the control of the east. president of volodymyr zelenskyy promised yesterday quote, a victory will be ours while a technology the kremlin forces control 20% of ukrainian territory. for the latest on the ground, we are joined by and pc news correspondent alison barber who is live in kyiv. russia has advantages at this a face of the war that they did not before. the forces are concentrated. how does this affect the ability to seize and hold on to the territory that they gained? the hey, katie. russia has not had a tactical success. they had this 100 days ago.
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these tanks, artillery, a munition, all of it here is a reminder of that. it has essentially become a local attraction where people come to take photos, and children climb in and i played atop these tanks. there is a new report from uk intelligence talking about russia's tactical success in the donbas area. they have been able to generate and maintain movement over ukrainian troops. on other fronts, they have not had the same successes. the defense minister here in ukraine recently talked about how they are seeing in the south of the country, they are seeing russia takes a more defensive posture and building up what they described a layered defends. the defense minister says that this is because russia wants to move the war into a protracted phase. what does this mean in normal people terms? a lengthy, bloody, at war. you look over here and you see some of the ramifications of that. children prepare for a worst case scenarios in the square
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here. they are being taught how to put out fires in the event of an explosion. this is something that has been set up by the state department and the minister of internal affairs to make sure that children are prepared for what is going on right now, even though most of the fighting is concentrated in the east. there's also a possibility that they could be in a very long war. every single tent has different things, different skills that they are trying to show children. i spoke to a young girl, 19 years old, who fled from kharkiv. she talked about how she never thought that she would be needing to learn cpr like people are back here. this is not just on adult but on children as well. she never thought that her and other people would need services to try to process the trauma that they have been through. coloring is a helpful way for young people to internalize and deal with the trauma that they have experienced. over here, they are teaching children as well as their parents and how to look out for minds. they are showing what cluster
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munitions are. it is different things that could be left on the ground. back over here,, i kid a friendly description of steps to do, is steps to take, if you see what looks like a mine or an explosive device on the ground. there is who to call, how not to touch it, and how to get away to safety. this is an ongoing war, obviously. we talk about how the fighting has shifted and there is normalcy in kyiv. you look around, that this is a normal saturday. we want to learn how to a mine is and what to do to avoid it. >> thank you, alison barber, in kyiv. those poor children are having their childhood a stolen from them because of the horrors of war. unbelievable. coming up, will next week's primetime public hearing be as powerful as the january six committee is hoping that it will be? how trump and his allies are planning to counter what could be the summer's biggest blockbuster. coming up later, public scuffles, restraining orders,
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and brutal fighting, the republican party in florida's most populous county is in turmoil. this is as the crowd infiltrates the rank. how the far-right group is putting democracy in danger. this is next. first, let's go to dara brown with other top stories that you might have missed. >> thank you, acadia. big news in the senate primary. dave mccormack it conceding to celebrity mehmet oz, even as the recount is underway. the two have been awaiting the results that was to calls to calm. mccormack told supporters last night, he cannot make up the deficit in the recount. for good news of those impacted by the baby shortage formula. the largest manufacturer baby formula is scheduled to restart production today, after a february recall halted operations. the company says, it will take up to eight weeks before new products are in stores. take a look at this video from miami. cars are nearly submerged in water after a night of heavy rain and flooding in south
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the doj says that it will not invite former trump chief of staff mark meadows and citino for following to comply with the subpoena. the panel learning about this decision hours after the peter navarro indictment. what explains the disparate outcomes between meadows scavino, and navarro, for the same offense? could meadows and scavino be a cooperating with the doj? either way, the committee says that meadows and scavino unquestionably have knowledge
4:19 am
about the overturning of the 2020 election. and the insurrection. this comes a days before the panel is set to hold their first hearing. joining me is hugo lowe and msnbc legal analyst and former attorney, barbara mcquade. >> barbara, i will start with you. the letter from the district attorney, mathew grace, advised the committee that the doj conducted a thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances around the allegations from meadows and scavino. barbara, in the end, no prosecutions. why did the doj declined to indict? . >> it is mysterious. it does affect the circumstances this is typically how they announced declarations the jim comey way in terms of blasting and a lot of detail. a lot of things could be going on here. one is, and i know it is not
4:20 am
satisfying, it undermines congress has power to subpoena witnesses, but they looked at two sets of defendants, and targets, differently when it came to executive privilege. we had bannon and navarro with laughable privilege claims. bannon is not even in the executive branch. navarro blabbed about it in his a book and media interviews. meadows and scavino, as chief of staff and deputy chief of staff, we're in the circle. they relied on the claims. even if they were ultimately wrong, as they appear to have been in this case, they have to show that a contempt charge was done willfully. you have to know that it was illegal. there is an argument to be made that what they did was plausible and they did not know that it was illegal. i know that there was another difference where meadows attempted to comply with the subpoena. he did comply with documents. there were 4000 documents.
4:21 am
to prove to this case beyond a reasonable doubt, when he did do some production, when there is a claim of executive privilege, i think it could be a harder case under those facts and state circumstances. there could be strategic regions. maybe they are cooperating. maybe they planned it to charge them in a bigger case for a conspiracy to defraud the united states. i did not know all the version reasons. we are hopeful that we will learn more later. >> you go, you've been on this since day one. you are good to -- go to follow for the january 6th. we have long awaited public hearings on the six committee. >> how are they going to get opinions from the americans have already made up their mind? -- >> i think the committee is all going to use the unseen evidence that they have and it's evidence files. we have seen this in court
4:22 am
filings that the january six committee has basically accused the former president and his inner circle of violating federal rules, like defrauding the united states and -- they want to present a case like a prosecutor might to the american people. they want to say this is how we reached this conclusion. the committee has a trove of evidence. they have from militia groups who have turned over signal chats, they have all of the documents, a records, communications from mark meadows, the content of which a framed of this investigation. when you present all of this to the american people in a really focused a setting where questioning is being led by committee counsel, members are not ground standing, witnesses have been carefully selected to give, or show, the story of january 6th, it is going to
4:23 am
make for compelling viewing. four witnesses, we have had people that have been announced. people like mark shaw, gregg jenkins, within pence's inner circle. i have also -- i'm also breaking news that the documentary filmmakers, who are following the militia groups around on january 6th, also have been called. >> this is really interesting use. barb, back in april, congresswoman liz cheney suggested that the january six committee has enough evidence for a criminal referral for former president donald trump. let's take a listen. >> what president trump was doing, what a number of people around him were doing, they knew it was unlawful. they did it anyway. what we have seen is a massive and well organized, well-planned effort that used multiple tools to try to
4:24 am
overturn an election. >> with this latest setback with the 16 committee, can we expect a criminal referral for donald trump. and will the justice department even prosecute him? >> these are good questions, katie. we do not know all of the reasons for these declarations of meadows and scavino. i think it does tend to reaffirm the very cautious -- he is very methodical, and perhaps slow brought. i do not know if we know all these reasons and if we should assume that we will not charge the bigger case. but i will be looking for when these theories begin, it's not just the mob and the attack on the insurrection, but pence's guys, i will call them, his aides, and his attorney, who was advising mike pence about the illegality of what trump was urging him to do, i think
4:25 am
that hearing from the justice department officials about the pressure that he was exerting to get them to say fraudulently that there was irregularities in the election. these are the kinds of things that if you can prove trump's intent, that he knew that this was a lie and that he was pushing it anyway, that is what it takes to prove a criminal case. if we see evidence of that, i think it will be very difficult for the justice department to ignore and not follow through with charges. >> never enough time to be with you guys. to go low, and barbara mcquade, thank you for being. here we are to watch everything that is transpiring leading up to the public hearing. i thank you for being here. don't forget to join us on msnbc this thursday for special coverage of the january 6th hearings. coverage will be led by rachel maddow, joy, reid and rachel wallace. they have been joined by expert insight and analysis. watch the january 6th hearings, the house investigates, as it
4:26 am
begins thursday at 7 pm eastern on msnbc. he describes himself as a developed and are a republican. after the uvalde shooting, he had a change of heart. the man's decision to give up his gun might leave you with more hope this morning. this is next. as we go to break, check this out. landmarks across the country lit up in orange for gun violence awareness day, as americans a real from a string of mass shootings in uvalde, buffalo, and tulsa. elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember.
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president biden is not calling for lawmakers to reinstate a ban on ar-15s and other assault weapons. one man is not waiting to take action. days after uvalde, richard small, a self-described devout and are a republican saw a photo of one of the young victims who he said looked identical to his grandson. it, quote, stirred something in him. he took his own ar-15 and turned it into his local police department. i had the opportunity to interview richard a small for our peacock's show. i asked him what he would say to both democratic and republicans to convince them to work together. >> if you have the chance to sit down with members of both sides of the aisle, republicans and democrats, what would you say? what words would you used to try to convince them to meet in the middle somehow? you talk about how important it is to have that meeting of the minds, to make a difference,
4:32 am
what would you tell them to convince them that something needs to be done about ar-15s, for example? >> i would say, and i'm understanding that they are learning politicians and they have the gift of gab and words, and they stand for their size of what they believe in, but to me, the drawing of the whole thing is that we have people who are dying. they are not republicans, per se, they are not democrats. in this case, they are innocent children who did not even declare a political party of any sort. yet, we stand our ground speaking on both sides. they are both defensive. this stuff is happening. i remember the other day, i told people this is going to happen again. it will happen again and then it did in oklahoma. what a sorrowful prediction on my part to say that and then it
4:33 am
follows through. it's a problem that we have. i hope that there is going to be a rejuvenation of movement. not a political, per se. the moral -- the majority will persuade these guys to come together. we have to come together and start talking about this thing. in this thing is continuing. it is our responsibility as leaders of the country to come up with a solution, whatever that may be, without a bickering and keeping in mind what we are trying to do. we are trying to tailor these massacres that seem to be progressing more and more. >> you stated that your ar-15, the one that you turned in voluntarily, it had a label along the back of it that said
4:34 am
quote, law enforcement use only. let's turn back the hands of time, richard. why did you decide to purchase a firearm like an ar-15 in the first place? >> going back and reflecting on that, which i have, i remember when the rifle became legal. i'm not a gun advocate, per se. i want to state that. you could buy one of these. i served in the military, i worked with an m 16 81, semi an automatic rifle could do it. i was like, wow, this is unbelievable! i can purchase something similar along the lines. i did by one. i bought it at a gun show. i have always been conscientious. i have gun saves. i lock my weapons. they are always locked unless i am a practicing or shooting.
4:35 am
i use it probably two or three times in the course of the time that i bought it. when i purchased it, yes, i saw it on the side. that sign rings a curiosity. for law enforcement only. here we are, able to buy this as a private citizen. i bought it a to use to have fun with it. it was not for defense. a normal pistol is sufficient enough for protection. you do not have to go overboard and buy these weapons. that was not the purpose of her body. i did not buy it for protection. i bought it -- >> richard, i wish i had more time. there's so much more i want to ask you. you said something that i thought was noteworthy. this is a people movement. this is not an issue about gun
4:36 am
ownership, it is about people coming together in order to save lives. from us, we thank you, for your voluntary act of turning in your ar-15 to make sure that the rest of us can stay safe. richard small, thank you for being here. >> it was one's jeff bushes stronghold, but now, the gop's biggest county has been infiltrated by a far-right extremist group. our senior -- we are here on set. we are talking about proud boys going mainstream. going mainstream raordinary landscapes into the heart of iconic cities is a journey for the curious traveler, one that many have yet to discover. exploring with viking brings you closer to the world, to the history, the culture, the flavors,
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national attention in their role for the january six riots. committee members a spill themselves storming the capitol and have been battling federal charges in court. since the insurrection, the far-right extremist group has shifted its strategy by infiltrating the republican party at local levels across the united states. nowhere is that more apparent than in my backyard with the miami day county gio de. this was once synonymous with established leaders like former president candidate jeff bush. there were times where at least half a dozen current and former proud boys have secured seats on the miami-dade republican
4:41 am
committee. -- this includes during the capitol attack. community leaders are okay with this? the current county chairman rationalized saying yes, we have fringe elements. yes, we have different points of view in our party. this is how we are. my job, as republican chairman, is to protect everyone's first amendment right. this part kills me. however wrongly may be. very people that allegedly were involved in the attempt to overthrow a democratic process, are now officially involved the republican party. on this weekend, on msnbc, we are highlighting examples of how democracy is in danger in this country. joining me in studio, having to swim here in our tropical storm, msnbc national political reporter, mark caputo. and msnbc political analyst and former florida congressman, carlos cabell oh. mark, i will start with you. we know extremists have been getting involved in local politics everywhere, especially in our own backyard.
4:42 am
what's the import of what is going on in miami dave county and why this has broader implications across the country? >> it is a petri dish for a broader political trend. -- what you saw in 2020 in miami-dade, you saw a huge gain of republicans for donald trump in a democratic party. it has been produced by republicans on the ground. the proud boys are pretty good at representing that. >> this is a fringe group. it is not an established gop group. how are they taking a stronghold position in something like -- >> there is an energy in the republican party that the proud boys exemplify. in 2018, nancy pelosi was here campaigning for congresswoman don it's a and when.
4:43 am
the republicans in miami-dade organized a protest. there are a bunch of proud boys there that banged on the dorrance round of the building. -- it is not as if this happened overnight. if you go back in time and you look at the history of miami-dade police perks, we had officers to six. it was called a terrorist group. they are anti-castro groups but they did a lot of bad stuff. these people are the grandkids of those. folks it's not like a sprung up out of nowhere. >> along that point, the idea that this has been incubating for a while, republicans do not want to call this out. even judge bush does not want to call it out. he was asked by the parties evolving identity. i'm out of party politics and i cannot comment on what's going on now, he said in a quote. he had a message for jeb bush, this is fernand amandi. >> speak up and don't be a coward.
4:44 am
he lives in miami-dade county. in the article, he got involved with partisan politics anymore unless it is calling santas one of the greatest leaders. >> please clap. >> congressman, do republicans actually see a utility to something like the proud boys even if they are extremists storming the capitol. >> katie, this is the issue. we are witnessing the legacy of donald trump. he told republicans, hey, brought in the coalition. anyone who is with me or with us a should be welcomed in and forget about the details or the radicals. forget about whether they are pushing conspiracy theories. if they are for me, they are good. you hear this in former senator rene garcia and now chairman of the gop. he says, we have different points of view. when you see centuries, of five years ago, ten years ago, they would've said people are crazy. they do not represent us.
4:45 am
we do not want to be associated with them. after trump, republicans have this high tolerance for people who are just radicalized, and in some cases, a races. this is what we are seeing here. this has to end. this has to be returning to the party that bob joel mentioned in his convention, if you are racist, look for the exits and step out. we do not want your votes. right now, republicans are not saying that. >> traditionally, the democratic party was part of this column sapped -- >> do you think they could take a page out of this playbook with the idea that maybe we do not need to have so much infighting in the democratic party and we will take anyone and anyone who will be able to vote for a democrat at the ballot box? >> when it comes to issues like immigration, abortion, you can walk on different points of views. when it comes to fundamental issues like racism, or whether or not we should be an inclusive country with someone who treats everyone with respect and dignity regardless
4:46 am
of what they look like and what their identity is, that is what we drought the line. i don't think the tent can include people who are against the founding principles of this country. >> spoken as an old school republican, that's what i would say. the former supreme court just says that desantis's district map, which was found to diminish the african americans ability, it diminishes african americans abilities to elected their representatives of chose choice. they have a justice that are appointed by a committee. they have members appointed by the governor. are we at the state's? as sort of got to that point, mark, that we are desantis ten, as someone called the. >> if you would've seen the budget a signing ceremony, which was the day before yesterday, he assembled the lead tours of the legislator together around. then he vetoed 3.3 billion
4:47 am
dollars of spending. he was a familiar gated. anything he wants, he gantz. it is a republican legislator, he can't veto their maps and then drag him back into aspen pass it. it was a tactical maneuver on his part. it got so late in the game that they said that they do not have time to do this to qualify. these could still be overturned by the courts in the future. right now, is what's stands to remove a minority access seed in florida. it also changed a florida seat -- it has largely democratic african american voters and it takes them from that district and stuff them in a different one. so far there is no guardrail to stop the. >> congressman, i've left than a minute. i want to do this. i want to switch to gun legislation. what a former representative decided to show up all of his firearms during a congressional
4:48 am
hearing this last week. i want to play a short clip for that for you. i want to get your reactions on the other side. >> in front of me, i have a six -- it comes with a 21 magazine. this gun would be banned. this is a six hour 3:20. it takes a 3:20 magazine. here is a 12 round magazine that would be banned. it does not fit. it would be banned. >> what is this, congressman? this was during a hearing over gun violence after 19 children were brutally murdered. what is this? >> this is the one issue that i could see blunting some of the momentum and the strength that republicans have going into these midterms because the suburban areas where they got crushed in 2018 are making a comeback. now, this issue, they want to see a solution and they cannot relate to what happened in that clip. i think there is peril for republicans as we approach the midterms.
4:49 am
>> we are out of time. it is never enough time. mark caputo, carlos cabrera, thank you for coming in the middle of a tropical storm. >> our pleasure. >> we are safe here. >> as the list of school shootings grows and reproductive rights are rolled back, some are saying that it is time for angry moms to step up as a new political power. i am a mom, i am angry. i have thoughts coming up next. hts coming up next (vo) when it comes to safety, who has more iihs top safety pick plus awards— the highest level of safety you can earn? subaru. when it comes to longevity, who has the highest percentage of its vehicles still on the road after ten years? subaru. and when it comes to brand loyalty, who does jd power rank number one in the automotive industry for three consecutive years? subaru. it's easy to love a car you can trust. it's easy to love a subaru.
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booking.yeah if you have ever watched nature documentary, you know to never mess with a mom bear who is protecting her cubs. this is true for our human moms to. you may have heard, we have a lot on our plates right now. mass shootings in elementary schools, a nationwide shortage of baby formula, and on attack on our right to choose. this leads me to cornell belcher. on meet the press on sunday, he proposed that democrats make the 22 elections about the angry mom, focusing on issues like gun violence and abortion. if you ask one republican congressman, moms might be part of the problem there. alabama's moe brooks went on to say that single parent households are the root causes of mass shooting problems. before that, brooks released this statement saying quote,
4:54 am
what happens in texas is horrible reflects poorly on liberal policies that encourages out of wedlock childbirth, a divorce, a single parent households, and a moral values that undermine respect for life. >> respect for life. let's keep that in mind as we hear from another republican congressman about gun violence. here is missouri's a, billy long, on the radio show, a wake of columbia. >> when i was growing up in springfield, you had one or two murders a year. now we have two, three, for a week in springfield, missouri. something has happened to our society. i go back to abortion. when we thought it was okay to murder kids and their mothers wombs. life has no value in a lot of these folks. >> some republicans are right to blame single parents and abortion for the spike in gun violence. congressman long talks about how society has changed since when he grew up. here is one big change, the etf says that between 2020 and 2000,
4:55 am
at the number of guns made in united states as triple. in the years since columbine, more than 111,000 kids have been exposed to gun violence at school. since 2013, we've had over 3000 mass shootings including more than 233 this year alone. neither of those men can tell you what it is like to be a mother, but i can. what i can tell you is watching the funerals for 19 children in uvalde, texas, is breaking my heart 19 to front times. watching this, and then avoiding the gun part of gun violence, is not respecting life. i am sick and tired of of noxious lee loud minorities made up of men, in this country, asserting its control over my body. for failing my child and all of my children by refusing to be honest about what is truly the root of the gun violence
4:56 am
problem. simply put, i am sick and tired of being sick and tired. i want my daughter to grow up in a world that is not just a brig lip service to the idea of being better. i want my daughter to live in a world where we are better. i am willing to bet that i am not the only mom out there feels this way. i am angry and i am a mom. this might be the answer to a mid term success strategy for democrats in 2022. a programming note for you now, tomorrow, msnbc presents a devils advocate, the mostly true story of destefano. it is a three part a sky original series of following the famed attorney's journey to disgraced conman. they watch the lead rise to a lawyer saying the who's who of the criminal world from charles manson to saddam hussein, and the efficacy investigation that revealed the true identity that he hid behind schemes, and lies. episode two of devil's advocate
4:57 am
's at 8 pm eastern tomorrow on msnbc and streaming on peacock. be sure to join us at anytime on facebook, a twitter, instagram, and tiktok. velshi is up next. s up next. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. i love all types of dancing... salsa, and even belly dancing! i am a triathlete.
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reporting on the events of january 5th paint a picture of a white house that was very much aware of donald trump's potential to unleash violence on his own vice


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