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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  June 4, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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headquarters in new york. welcome to alex witt reports. breaking news, regarding the nationwide baby formula shortage. abbott nutrition, just releasing a statement confirming, they are indeed restarting for miller production today at its plant in sturgis, michigan. the plant has been close since february because of contamination problems. the company says they hope to release -- a hypoallergenic formula, to the public around june 20th. more details as we. hear some other stories. two major developments in the january 6th investigation. overnight, the doj saying it will not file charges against former trump chief of staff mark meadows, nor his deputy for failing to comply -- meadows attorney telling nbc news just moments ago in fact, the results speaks for itself. while -- they were grateful the doj
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exercised sound judgment. meantime, another former trump advisor was arrested yesterday for that very reason. -- navarro is facing two contempt of congress charges for his refusal to cooperate. reacting to his indictment outside the courthouse. >> they are essentially acting judge, jury, an executioner. their mission is to prevent donald john trump from running for president in 2024, being elected president. now all of this just days before the house panel set the holders first travel files primetime hearing. also new today, minute oz win -- david mccormick -- it's now clear to me, that wreak route largely completely, that we have a nominee.
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and today i called minute on us to congratulate him on his victory. and i told him, would i was that you, that i would do my part to try to unite republicans and pennsylvanians behind his candidacy, behind his nomination, for the senate. >> some of these will face lieutenant governor john fetterman in november for the seat which could determine which party controls the senate. plus mixed economic signals. gas prices climbing again. today's national average is rising $4.82, up six cents from just yesterday. coming on hills on the heels of a strong may jobs report the u.s. adding 390,000 jobs to the economy. we have a number of correspondents covering the top stories for you, including the queen's big jubilee celebration.
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we are gonna begin right now with josh lederman in rehoboth beach delaware where the president is spending his vacation. we have to talk about gas prices. they are reaching record highs. but then you also have the new jobs report being stronger than what was expected. what have you heard from the president overall about the economy? >> those gas prices alex. the rnc pointing out that the gas price on average right now is double what it was on the day president biden took office in 2020. now, as far as president boyden's approach to this, he's trying to do something that is very difficult, which is to convince americans that the economy is actually doing better. polls show most americans actually feels like it is right. now the president using those jobs to say the fundamental of the economy are strong. and to play down the prospect of a recession, even at some outside recognizance are saying
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that is now likely, if not inevitable. at the same time the president's cheerleading the economy, he's also trying to do something that might seem contradictory. he's assuring americans that essentially he gets. the white house is not ignorant to the real economic challenges that americans are feeling right now, especially when it comes to gas prices and other goods. here's of the president tried to strike the balance between those two priorities. >> i know that even today's good news, a lot of americans remain anxious. there is no denying the high prices, particularly around gasoline and food, a real problems for people. americans can tackle inflation from a position of strength. it's still a problem. but we can tackle it from a position of strength. >> we also heard one new element to the president's economic message to the nation yesterday alex. it was that as the white house is bracing for the feds to
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likely increase interest rates further, trying to ease off the gas pedal of the economy, to try to keep inflation [inaudible] put everyone on notice that we may not see the kind of blockbuster jobs report that we've seen in recent months happened month after month. some of those numbers may go down. biden trying to get ahead of that before americans start to see their numbers in the future. he's hoping to keep people fairly optimistic about the economy, with those midterm elections just five month away. alex >> that's really is critical. thank you so much josh. happening right now right now a benefit rally to stand for uvalde community leaders getting together in san antonio coming together with support to support robb elementary school who lost 19 children. also memorial services today
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for one victim. and funeral services for two others. liz, this communities trying to balance grief with anger. what are you hearing about all this? >> so many in this community mourning as those funerals continue over the next couple of weeks in a steady stream of people from all over the state coming to pay their respects. those piles of flowers, teddy bears, and crosses for those 21 victims, and still so many questions of how and why this could've happened. if some of those lives could've been saved if the police response happened sooner? a lot of that criticism is directed at peter arradondo, the school district police chief that made that call to wait. the uvalde school board met for the first time since the massacre. they had a closed session to discuss some legal questions involving the shooting. as well as personnel decisions
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but decided to take no action. that comes again as some of these victims families, many people in the community, are making calls for him to quit or be fired. but the school board took no action here. also some questions about the resource officer that was not on the scene. school board is not gonna be the want to react to that. texas rangers are investigated. the doj has a review. open at that school board, there were parents there, emotionally talking about the trauma this whole communities going through, not just the victims families. school members, these children, who are scared to go to school, who are having nightmares about the shooting, and here's what one parent had to say about her son who is set to go to rob next year. >> my son is deathly afraid of school now. his last memory was that he had gone on a second grade field trip to introduce them to rob and the teachers in the school. but he knows right now, is that
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when he goes to another school, he's gonna get shot. >> i just beg you to please consider if there is any possible way for the incoming second graders that were first dalton, as you look at the policeman across the community, know that if there's a way to keep them with their dalton family, that's the only -- >> so many in that community in this community in uvalde wanting to turn anger into action. on wednesday, the committee on oversight and reform will have a hearing that will include testimony from a young girl here who survived the shooting by rubbing her friends blood on her and playing dead. this will be a reflection on gun violence in america and what can be done about it. >> okay. let's thank you for that. joining me right now for this
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conversation is jasmine crockett, texas state representative, civil rights attorney, and she just won the democratic primary she's running to replace congresswoman eddie bernice johnson. congrats on that. let's talk about overall culture. here maintaining golf culture and the ability to purchase any kind of gun it anytime is a top priority in texas. is there any sense that this time things are gonna be different? >> you know alex, i wish things were going to be different. i just don't really have that much faith. the governor has the ability to call a special session. we saw the governor call a special session after a special session as it relates to voter suppression. yet he is still to do so in light of this ridiculous, and irresponsible tragedy. i don't think the governor has the will. i don't think he has the backbone to do what's right in
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the state of texas. most people don't understand that listen, we all agree that some of this needs to change. i just don't think the governor nor the republicans in the state of texas have the desire to do so. >> we all recall uvalde residents booing governor abbott at the robb elementary memorial site when he visited last sunday. so we didn't announce a special session. but he did announce a special legislative committee. he said the state is opening a resource center on monday, providing mental health and other assistance to uvalde residents. is that what they want? or do they also want restrictions on buying assault weapons and raising the age to buy a gun? >> they are coming out right now. they want to say we did something. no, you didn't do anything. this is the same legislative body that two sessions ago decided that 18-year-olds were not responsible enough to buy cigarettes, so they wanted to raise the age to 21.
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so the same body that believes that they shouldn't be able to buy cigarettes, things that it's okay to purchase an ar-15. we know that this weapon was legally purchased by this perpetrator under texas law. so the very least they can do if we, we're not gonna do an all out then, would be to raise the age. but they don't want to do that. that would take a quick special session. we could go in literally for a few, days follow legislation, it would be passed, and we could absolutely get that into effect immediately. but that's not what they want to do. >> this is interesting how the texas department of public safety have now stop taking questions. they refer reporters to the local district attorney. what is the role of the da at this point? you think they're preparing for some sort of a grand jury hearing? >> they absolutely may. what could happen is a lot of people normally look at the da as saying okay, long forsman's
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file charges, another da's going in with an indictment. but actually the da can go in with no arrests, and they cannot stick round jury if they want to make a referral for an indictment. and so they absolutely can go in, they may be able to say, criminal negligent homicide, is that something that is gonna be on the table? under the circumstances, this is kind of a should you have known that people could potentially lose their lives? well, i mean, we have the 9-1-1 calls. we know that these children were calling and calling. so that might be an option they're exploring. but they're probably gonna leave it up to gradually to decide. >> in your position, you're in, attorney that's where you think they're gonna do? >> i think that's a possibility. i think they're absolutely going to at least to a grand jury investigation and that a grand rapids aside. that way it actually takes some of the pressure off of law enforcement, as well as the da. they just present what they have. and let the grand jury, citizens of that area decide. all right texas state
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representative heading for congress jasmine crockett. meanwhile the u.s. has now witnessed 234 mass shootings this year, a stunning 18 occurred over the last seven days. may was the worst month with 65, more than an april which were 78 lives dead in may. and also 266 deaths to june the 4th. -- many is your flooding, like what we're showing you right. there that's miami. drivers are trying to get through the rising waters. the city is now reporting more than nine inches of rain and it is not over yet. more downpours are expected. there's a chance that the system could strengthen a bit later today. let's go to nbc's stephanie stanton who's in the middle of it in miami. stephanie welcome when he is seeing there? >> good afternoon to you. alex we are seeing at the
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moment a pretty heavy downpour. i'm here in downtown miami. northeast of 11 street. you could see this intersection behind me, it is completely flooded out. it was actually worse earlier. it's receding a little bit. there's a flood warning in effect. it was supposed to expire momentarily around noon. but as you can, see some pretty heavy rain still blowing through this area. we talked to the miami fire and rescue a little bit earlier and he said that they received 100 calls, mostly stranded motorists stuck at intersections. take a listen. as of right now we've responded to 125 calls. they've been people trapped in their cars. we are very fortunate to report that we have not had any serious injuries or death. we've had significant damage that has occurred. >> that is the good news.
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no serious injuries reported so far. hurricane season began june 1st. this system was supposed to be a named storm. the first named storm of the season, alex. it has remained on organized, disorganized. it has not risen to the level of a named storm. in downtown miami we are seeing a lot of flooding, a street flooding. officials are advising folks to stay out of intersections. also, the national weather service is predicting an active hurricane season than usual. they are predicting a 14 to 21 named storms with the possibility of three definitive five major hurricanes. that is a scene in downtown miami, alex. at this point, the storm alex, has not been officially named. the weather service says that they expected to say this will happen when it moves across the landed back out into the atlantic. >> i was hoping you would not
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make a connection for anyone to hurricane alex. it is all about me. thank you so much. we will talk to you again. look at the waters behind. you stay safe if you are driving through that. meantime, this, our overseas, the queen is sidelined for this year's cheaply event. the real question is how our meghan and harry being received by the royals and the public? we will have these answers for you next. or you next
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>> a grand opening there to know today three of celebrations underway throughout the uk commemorating queen elizabeth's seven decades on the throne. much of the platinum jubilee has gone without the guest of honor, after the 96-year-old chose to skip festivities due to feeling discomfort, including the event that just wrapped up, the horse race, one of the queen's favorite events. joining me with the pomp and
9:21 am
ceremony is nbc's, and msnbc sky news presenter wilfred frost. he is with me in the studio. stephanie, we are going long distance to you. let's talk about the celebrations. let's talk about what they are like in london and the general reaction to her absence absence at the day's events. >> it is festive in from buckingham palace. they are calling it party at the palace. it feels like that. for 85% of the british public, this is the only monarch they have ever known. they are coming out to celebrate her, honor her, even if they do not support the monarchy necessarily, they support the woman. they support the party, that is for sure. we are seeing tens and thousands of people show up here. it is going to be a concert tonight with a duran duran, queen, diana ross. the one disappointment for people is that they will not see the queen today. they did not see her yesterday as well.
9:22 am
they will see prince william, prince charles, and the family has stepped up in her place. this is giving the queen and the country a glimpse of what it will be like when prince charles's king. in a buildup to all of this, it really did not seem like she was going to make many appearances. the palace is saying that she has had a growing discomfort and mobility issues. when they made the announcement about the service at thanksgiving that she was not going to attend, it did not take a lot of people by surprise. there is a certain hope that she will make an appearance on the balcony for tomorrow, that is the day of the parade, alex. >> we certainly hope so. there is a party for the palace, that is going on behind you big-time. i hope you join for a bit, my friend. thank you, stephen, for that. >> now in studio is sky news presenter william frost. i am so glad to welcome you back across the pond. it is nice to have you in your
9:23 am
cbc anchor position. the reality of the queen's advanced age, wilfred, how is this becoming apparent to people and what is the approach to that? >> i think it is. stephanie is right, we never expected her to go to all of the weekend's events, but two things that she missed was missing the queen's speech a month ago and the service yesterday. she starts the legislative process. that was important. she missed it. she's the head of the church, she missed the service yesterday. i do not think there is anything new. i don't think she is an illness but the ages taking a toll. she's missing things that she otherwise would've wanted to go to. she had to pull out of the last minute. i think it is said that we are moving into a new era where it takes a toll and it is not getting any better. it will not bounce back. this is a concern. >> when you think about st. paul's and the service that she missed yesterday, look at all the stairs going up, look at the length of st. paul. she would have to get up there to try to.
9:24 am
see anyone at 96 would not be able to. >> it is no surprise. >> the fact that she mentioned the ceremony where prince charles stood in for her at the opening of parliament, which means he is next up. how is the public viewing prince charles in the role of king? >> i think that there is a big gap between the opinion polls. a lot of people here appointed that. it is fair. if we talk about the domestic opinion, i am a buyer of the fact that once he is king, the gap between the opinion polls will close significantly. it won't be 100 percent, but it will definitely jump a bit. it will close the back gap by half. people underestimate the significance of what he is stepping in. for it is god save the king and that will have an effect on the nation. internationally it is a hard act to follow. domestically, i think people will respect him. >> do you think he will ever match the upper queens approval riding up 81%. the disapproval is only a 12.
9:25 am
this is a difficult thing to match. >> i do not think anyone will ever match that. what is so remarkable about that 80 plus opinion poll is that she is getting it at a time when a lot of the things that she represents, inheritance, are less acceptable today than at any point in her reign. her opinion polls are at a peak. it is the extraordinary way that people think that she has carried out her duty in this novel way. she described herself as the peoples servant. it is not a royal family way to describe yourself. again, everything she is done for 70 years displays that. that is why the people respect her. this is despite the fact that she has inherited everything and it is not acceptable in any walk of life. >> we spoke briefly in the commercial break while you are getting settled and talked about how great will and kate are doing in their roles and building up to that. juxtapose that with the mixed reception for harry and meghan. they have not been without their controversy. they have those that love them
9:26 am
and those that feel differently about them. let's talk about the reception that they got. >> i think it is quite well compared to how it could've been. there were boos when they left the surface, but there were cheers when they arrived. who are saying that they are sitting a long way from will and kate at the service but they were there at all. >> they are not working royals. >> they are not working royals so they will not be right there next to charles and to william. i think that this could in fact be a turning point. they could be a moment to buy their stock, if you will, for a cnbc at reference. this is from a low level. relationships with the family got bad and respect for them across the country is not particularly high. this could be a turning point. i think this has gone relatively well. we will see where it goes from here. i think that the queen will be saying to harry, william, and charles, get along with. this draw things jawline on things and bring drop -- children bring things together.
9:27 am
you have birthday parties. you have lilibeth who they are meeting for the first time. hopefully the family aspect can help things improve for wood is a sad situation. >> we are so glad to have your perspective on this. >> thank you for having me. >> i also recommend for all of you the new podcast that is called born to roll, when charles is king. it is called -- it is from keir simmons. here are the first two episodes. you can search it on apple podcast. you can open your camera on your phone and pointed at the qr could on your screen. it will take you right where you need to be. you are going to hear a lot about democracy and danger these days. it might not immediately strike you as something to worry about because it does not feel obvious. something came to light this week that is both alarming, clear, and a potential threat to the next election. one place at risk is michigan with the secretary of state jocelyn who joins me to talk about this next. about this next. sensodyne nourish has a bio-active mineral action that nourishes and strengthens teeth.
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patients should act now to prevent sensitivity in the future. the new sensodyne nourish will help patients invest in healthier teeth. now to today's other top
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stories. the man who stabbed three people in a california hospital last night is in police custody. the victims, a doctor and two nurses, were trauma transferred to a trauma center and are in stable condition. the suspect appears to be treated for self inflicted wounds. the country's largest factory that makes baby formula will read you in production today. abbott's plan was low since february due to contamination problems. -- the latest news showing 73% of products are out of stock nationwide, and 90% out in some states. world number one in women's tennis iga swiatek of poland of ill defended her french open title, defeating american coco gauff in straight sets today. cocoa will have another chance to win -- that's tomorrow. new this weekend, look at
9:33 am
democracy in danger. a alarming report on the republican strategy to contest elections at local polling stations -- leaked tapes refuelling effort by gop operatives to install and train workers in democratic polling places to look out for fraud and put them in direct contact with attorneys who are prepared to sue. here's the tape from the rnc's integrity director in michigan speaking last october. >> truly, it's going to be an army right? for gonna try to recruit lawyers. we're gonna have more lawyers than we've ever recruited, because let's be honest -- we're gonna have lawyers that work early to build relationships with different judges, so that when that happens, we're gonna have lawyers that have relationships with police chiefs in the different areas, with the police there are sensors in the divine areas. so when that happens those
9:34 am
pre-existing relationships are already established so they can't lie. >> according to politico, -- submitted an initial list of 850 suggested poll workers to the detroit clerk in the last several days. the detroit colonel were would be required to choose workers from that list -- joining me now is jocelyn benson, michigan's oh secretary of state, and admirable and somewhat enviable job these days. i think we might have lost the connection. we did lose her. you know what, guys will take a quick fake. we'll take reconnected a movie back with jocelyn benson. ith jocelyn benson uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote
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joining me right now is jocelyn benson, michigan's secretary of state. thank you for being there. just a reminder. we're talking about an effort by gop operatives who are trying to install and train poll workers and democratically dominated communities. it's not unusual for parties to train workers and poll watchers. what stands out to you about the reporting in politico? are you concerned that their efforts could ultimately even intentionally disrupt the upcoming election? >> yes. that's exactly. it you're, right there is absolutely nothing wrong. it's actually a good thing when
9:39 am
political parties and others recruit election workers and make sure they're ready to go and are fully staffed for election day. what's the learning here, is that these individuals are being rude uprooted and then fed lies and misinformation about our elections. in some ways, prepare to interfere, intervene with the election process, or even intimidate voters, which is far beyond what's appropriate for someone working at election. the bottom line for us is that our local clerks ultimately choose who to hire. we've got plenty already in place. i'm optimistic that will be working to ensure our stuff from people on both sides of the aisle who will -- combined with the law, and anyone who does staff that are polson's does not stick with the confines of the law will be immediately removed. >> i want to clarify difference between a poll worker and a poll watcher. what is the difference? is it at all appropriate or
9:40 am
legal for a poll worker in michigan to be in direct contact with the party hotline if they see a problem? i'm curious about the protocol we. >> it's exactly. right there is the distinction. the poll worker works for the local clerk. if there is an issue, that arises in anyway, they contact the local clerk and work it out with them. but local clerks run our elections and they answer to the and pull workers answer to them. if some of the poll watcher, they can of serve the process. they cannot talk to voters. but they can talk to poll workers. observers may be coming in who are appointed by parties and they may be able to, if they choose to, interfere with the process. when we are doing to prepare for all of these contingencies, is have train poll workers in place, clerks are ready with rapid response claims the funny thing gets out of hand. we're partnering with local law
9:41 am
enforcement and the attorney generals office to interfere with anyone who interferes with the law -- that includes poll watchers as well, who again, are allowed to observe the process but not allowed to interfere with it. >> this is what is according to the political report. the gop is looking to find a network of local da's that are sympathetic to their cause to then intervene and local election disputes. does it seem like republicans are trying to stack the deck ahead of the elections? is that normal for any party? >> yes. this is very jarring. this report is very alarming. you have just the threat of potential individuals, looking just as we did in 2020, accusing every, used using every potential lever to interfere with the process. our job, as a selection will officials this to protect against any potential vulnerabilities and interferences. we see this as an extension of our election security and
9:42 am
integrity work. that's why we are working with the states chief law enforcement officer, and the head of the michigan state police, to ensure we have that covered throughout our state. be prepared to rapidly respond to anyone, even someone it just shows up to the polls, not appointed or train, within a intend to interfere with the process. we'll be ready. we're gonna minimize the impact of anyone trying to unduly overturn our elections. and protect voters access to the vote. >> and frankly, harass voters, because that's really is often in the past. i expect it will again. let's talk about what happened last. time michigan supreme court denying appeals -- they were disqualified from the ballot after failing to submit enough signatures. michigan's elections bureau said that many signatures were forged. explain the problem here. what exactly went down? >> the bottom line is candidate
9:43 am
seeking to run for governor did not submit enough valid signatures to make it on to the ballot. it's the job of the professionals at the bureau of elections, which is within my department, to ensure that anyone wants to be on the ballot follows the rules in place by the law. if there is in addition to the lack of ballots signature, evidence of fraud, submitting fraudulent signatures, we can and we will and we have refer that matter to the cherney general for full investigation and consequences. we have already referred the allegedly fraudulent signature gathering to the attorney general for further investigation. i have full confidence that she will overturn every stone and follow every fact to ensure accountability for everyone. -- >> i want to ask you about the conversation you had in an interview with nbc news last month. when you you are told you
9:44 am
report having been told that former president donald trump suggested in a white house meeting that you should be arrested for treason and executed for not overturning the 2020 election results. stump trump spokes vin taylor budowich said, i have it on good authority that secretary benson knowingly lied throughout the interview on nbc news. i want to give you a response to respond to that. how are you feeling about your safety? we all know what's happened with governor whitmer and the attempts to do pretty harmful things to her. >> this phone call i received and many others are really in evidence of the kind of aura of threats and harassment, that all election officials, have been injuring and dealing with for the last several years. i'm concerned that is going to escalate we already see it escalating, we see more and more political candidates continue to lie about the results of the past elections,
9:45 am
in an effort to gain access to control and oversee future elections. that is enabling a lot of supporters to further express threats and violent rhetoric as we get closer and closer to november, i fully anticipate that is gonna increase. it is unfortunate. it is made me more determined to do my job, which is all of us trying to do in 2020, and we did it successfully. it's my commitment to do it again so regardless of who wins an election, i stand by those results, the will of the voters, and fight and work to protect them regardless of who threatens me or anyone else. who threatenwe should all appreciatr courage to do this. thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. thank you. let's go now to the 101st day on the war in ukraine as new images from the department of defense show u.s. marines and airmen sending things to ukraine. brigitte brink was on the
9:46 am
ground near kyiv today. she said her visit was intended shores support for war crimes investigations against the russians. some new reaction to remarks from emanuel michael, french president, who says that we should not humiliate putin over the historic mistake of invading ukraine. let's go to alison barber who is joining us from kyiv. alison, this cannot be going over well with ukrainian officials in this moment. >> yeah, it is not. the minister of foreign affairs say that any country talking about needing to avoid a humiliating russia's only humiliating their own nation. russia's who made the aiding itself in this world. this is the only way that this ends in some sort of peace or where lives are saw safe is if russia is put in its place. here in kyiv, there is no active fighting. reminders of the war are all
9:47 am
around us. these are burned out tanks, munitions, they're all of a hydrangea battle of kyiv. russia failed. here they did not achieve a lot of their strategic missions, the ones that they had 101 days ago. these leftover military vehicles are reminders of that. it has become this makeshift area where people who lived here come to take photos and children play on top of the tanks. you can see them crawling up over there. this is across the other side of the square, earlier today, was full of tense bustling with people, children, coming to learn how to put out fires and how to keep an eye out for minds. it is to make sure that they do not step on something that might explode. at times it seemed like they were having fun with a festival atmosphere. at the same time, they all knew how necessary the training was. let's listen. >> i have a house in the kharkiv region.
9:48 am
i think this information will be helpful. i hope that it finishes as soon. it's terrifying me. yes, i just do not want to go home. >> when you talk to your friends like catherine, what do you tell them what it was like in kyiv when you heard the explosions and all of that. how do you tell them? >> i did not tell them like that. they would be super scared that i am living in kyiv. that could be very bad. >> the ukrainian president says that russia controls 20% of ukrainian territory. they vowed to take all of that back. most of the fighting we are seeing is in the east. ukrainian officials have said that in on other fronts, russia is trying to create a layer of defenses that they can move the war into a contracted phase, alex. >> alison, thank you so much for that report from kyiv.
9:49 am
we appreciate it. do the right thing, a buffalo area republican really tried but what happened to him might explain why 18 year olds can up by a salt rifles. there is a strategy by some republicans to try to win the midterms. new indicators suggest that it could end very badly for them in november. in november. whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ bogey's on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty. liberty.♪ you're pretty particular about keeping a healthy body. what goes on it. usually. and in it. mostly. here to meet those high standards
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new indicator of what issues mattered most to voters. a new study from axios shows wood topics are driving searches in some areas, like an ohio. people into congressional districts there are asking google about gas prices with more urgency than americans anywhere else. abortion is a dominant surgeon diva reds walls of oklahoma and swing districts in florida and nevada. in oregon's first district, which includes parts of portland, they have searched
9:52 am
the war on ukraine than any other area. joining me now is the former aide in the george w. bush white house and msnbc analyst and kurt barr tele-adviser to the dnc. welcome to you both, my friends. we will go to you first, elise. what do you make of those findings? >> it reflects what you hear when you talk to voters. they are concerned about popular issues first and foremost like inflation, the economy, and you look at how it allows you an interesting way to micro-targeting issues with some specificity. i cannot talk today. this is in a regions where abortion laws are tightening up and you see voters searching for knowledge about those laws. it reflects what you hear when you are out talking to voters. >> yeah. axios writes that the big picture is top searches in a
9:53 am
regional congressional district. they are in line with national trends. jobs and taxes lined in the top two of the vast majority of the time. the biggest issues for the majority of people do not seem to be the adversarial cultural war stuff but the nuts and bolts of stuff. that is according to a scientist. kurt, elise hit spot on with that comment. does this line up with what you are hearing from voters through your work with the dccc? >> yeah, i think it is no surprise to anybody that anytime working families are experiencing more pain in the wallet, it is going to resonate more than any other issue that is going to be pulled upon. when you go to the gas station, there are prices where the gas is getting to $8 a gallon. this will have a major consequence. so much of the public policy that is based in washington's opaque. they're in the details. they are trapped in washington lingo. the stuff really cut through all of that and reach voters in a direct and personal way. the challenge for democrats
9:54 am
looking ahead to the midterms is talking about what their solutions are and being candid about the fact that there are some things with limitations to the power. there are limitations to what you can do. a lot of the problems and challenges we are facing in america are existing throughout the entire global community. inflation is a problem everywhere. supply chain issues are a problem everywhere. it is not unique to the united states. i'm going to be very candid, it is an uphill hill climb when we come with climate. >> you mentioned gas prices. if you are in mendocino, the chevron station, it is a $9.60 a gallon. jaw-dropping numbers there. they believe it is the highest in the country. let's go back to elise and the issue of abortion. when you look at deeper red states, or swath of a deep red state, even some swing districts in talking both florida and nevada, this poll she found that this is the dominant issue. it is the issue of abortion. will this hurt republicans in
9:55 am
november? >> i was surprised that -- i wasn't that surprised as much as tempted interest. you look at how the supreme court ruled over roe v. wade, and maybe it could be a seismic shift in american politics by the end the month. it is the only cultural issue that broke through, district by district level. it is noteworthy. there is actually an issue with a voters. i do not know, necessarily, if the voters were single issued voters. we did focus groups for morning joe. in georgia, it was surprising the middle ground between democrats and republicans on this issue. they do not want extremism on either side. they are not for unlimited abortion but they are not in four total restrictions, even if they are pro-life.
9:56 am
the discourse is out of touch with where voters are. >> your work with the dccc, is this something that they are going to look at? i guess a lot of the question would have to be asked who is searching these cultural issues. let's talk specifically about abortion. are they searching because they are pro the controlled of abortion or are they people looking for information if they need to have one and what is going to happen to them? how much is the dccc looking at that at its potential effect for november? >> it will be a keystone issue for the dccc and the democrats running in many places and the frontline districts that we have as battleground in 2022. anytime you are seeing a rhetoric from extreme republicans talking about restricting what you can do to your body, restricting where you can have access to contraception, forced pregnancy. putting bounties on women if whether they're going to have abortions and putting doctors in a position where they have
9:57 am
to breach doctor patient confidentiality where they could be held accountable and jailed for recommending a course of health action, all of this is alarming. it is unprecedented and it hits. we are talking about issues that hit people personally. you want to talk about things that go beyond what you are paying at the pump or in the wallet. when you talk about what you can do to your body. when we talk about the decisions that you can make for your health care, children, and family. discuss through. so does the tragedy of having to bury your own children and not being able to recognize their remedies because they have been destroyed by assault weapons. they are putting on the table a cognitive issues where they are overwhelming against a public opinion. their issues that hit more towards home than inflation and the economy. >> i cannot even think about things that families are dealing with regarding bearing their children. kurt and lisa, thank you for all of that. for all of you, if you missed some of the gun debate on capitol hill this week, you missed a lot. so many key moments, passionate,
9:58 am
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