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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  June 4, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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very good did all of you from msnbc world headquarters in new york. alex with reports. welcome everyone. major developments in the january 6th investigation, as the first primetime public
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hearing is days away. federal grand jury indicted former trump advisor peter navarro for defying the january six committee. -- he was boarding a flight to nashville. >> they intercepted me getting on the plane, and they put me in handcuffs and brought me here. they put me in like irons. they stick me in a cell. by the, way i was in john hinckley cell. they thought that was an important historical note. >> and new responses today after the doj chose not to charge former trump chief of staff mark meadows, or his deputy scavino. that attorney for meadows told nbc, the results speak for itself. and the attorney for scavino said, we are grateful the doj exercised sound judgment and deciding not to prosecute this case given the substantial flaws in the legal basis of the committee's subpoena and the
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issues of executive privilege presented. now right now in texas, a uvalde rallies being held in san antonio, texas, this for the survive -- texas -- >> this is the same legislative body that two sessions ago decided that 18-year-olds were not responsible enough to buy cigarettes, so they wanted to raise the age to 21. so the same body that believes that they shouldn't be able to buy cigarettes, think that it's okay to purchase an ar-15. so the very least they can do if we're, not gonna do an all out ban, would be to raise the age. but they don't want to do that. >> president biden's plan to visit saudi arabia and israel later this month have an postponed tone till july. -- the white house was planning a
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separate presidential trip to the middle east. the reason for the delay was not clear. -- they learn for the change on friday. in the white house has declined to comment on the record. >> our nbc news correspondents have the latest from across the country this hour. we will start with nbc's gary -- joining us on capitol hill. that major january 6th development gary. the doj not charging meadows and scavino. what's the reasoning behind that decision? >> the u.s. attorney here in washington said quote, based on the individual facts and circumstances of the -- his office would not be initiating prosecution. that means that's almost the only reason doj gave us. but mark meadows representative said he did cooperate with the committee to some extent. -- as long as it didn't touch on anything related to executive privilege.
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that's the topic we've heard throughout the investigation. almost everyone we are talking about was close to donald trump. there are executive issues, executive privilege issues there. as we mentioned the statements we heard the attorney for mark meadows say, the results speak for themselves. those results or a real defeat for the january six committee. the january six committee is really only a strong and powerful and effective as the department of justice less them be. as it relates to who's appearing in front of the committee and compelling those folks to do so. while john hinckley may not have a comment on any of this, peter navarro certainly does. >> but there is essentially acting as a judge, jury, an executioner. their mission, their clear mission, it's to prove donald trump from running for president in 2020, for being elected as president.
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this is terrorism. this is coercion. there is no excuse what they did today. america needs to know this. >> it is gonna be a big week ahead for the january six committee. on thursday night in primetime, we're gonna get our first view of what the committee, knows when they knew it. and perhaps who they heard it from. we're gonna get photos and videos. perhaps even hear from new witnesses. >> there will be a lot to listen to. we'll all be tuning in thursday thing. thank you so much for that. that's going out to delaware, where president biden's -- first, the president delaying his trip to saudi arabia. let's go to nbc's john's letter min. what happened should our josh will do we know? >> well alex on thursday, nbc news, and many other news outlets that reported there would be this highly anticipated trip by president biden not only to israel, but
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to saudi arabia, a country that is central right now to president biden's efforts to try to increase oil production and bring down global gas and oil prices. then, according to a foreign diplomat and two u.s. officials, -- [inaudible] this trip, which was expected this month, to be tucked onto a trip president biden is already scheduled to do to europe, is no longer happening this month. both of those stops will now be part of a separate mid east trip the president will go on in july. officials are not explaining what's the cost for the delay is, but we do know that the announcement of this trip, the revelation the news reports about this trip, have really prompted a lot of scrutiny and some criticism from human rights advocates, given saudi arabia's record on those. issues as well as the killing of a journalist. this is been a country that is critical to so many president biden's foreign policy crisis
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and issues right now. biden yesterday addressing some of that sensitivity in these remarks. >> i have been engaged in trying to work with how we can bring more stability and peace to the middle east. i'm not gonna change my view on human rights. especially as president of the united states, my job is to bring peace if i can. piece if i can. that's reverend tour to try to do. >> a senior administration official is now telling nbc news that is part of the need is trip to the president will do next month, he plans to attend and helps organize a summit of the gulf cooperation council countries. this will be broader than saudi arabia and israel. the president hopes to do a large-scale middle east diplomacy on that trip. >> jobs report much better by bus 70 80,000 jobs, that was good news. how is the biden administration talking about it? >> the biden administration
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eager to highlight that to showcase what they are say our strengths in the economy, that they say make it less likely than some critics are saying that the u.s. will head into a recession. at the same, time president biden is trying to make it clear to americans, that he understands the pain people are facing due to inflation, inflation and rising costs and gas and other consumer goods. the president insisting his administration is doing everything possible to try to get inflation under control. >> thank you so. much i precip that. joining me now is california congressman ted lieu, a democratic members -- also a member of the congressional gun violence prevention task force. and glad to have you. here on the economy sir, let's talk about something i mentioned that last hour. that cast a should in your than california, not your district, but charging nearly $10 a gallon this weekend. nine 60 to be specific.
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that is more than $3 above the state average of 6:30. and california's average, was four 82 a week ago. but your constituents may not be paying $9.60, but they're paying a lot. one of they telling you about this? is there any way these prices can be brought down? >> thank you alex for your question. gas prices are too high. it's hurting families across america, including families in my district. we have inflation worldwide. certainly the united states is not immune from inflation. however we have to take certain steps to reduce gas prices. if you look at these prices, one of the reasons, prosecuting by all companies. last month, the house passed a price gouging bill to the senate. it was democrats voting for, democrat republicans voting against it. if it passes, it will give federal trade commission additional authorities to go
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back after -- engaged in price gouging. -- president biden's -- >> all right. let's talk about the house judiciary committee having voted to advance measures to strengthen gun laws. but this deep partisan divide on this issue. take a look at this. >> you say it's too soon to take action, too soon, my friends, what's the hell are you waiting for? >> this bill is just another democratic attack on the second amendment. it's likely just the start. >> where is their outrage over the slaughter of 19 fourth graders and their two teachers? >> here's a gonna carry every single day to protect myself, my family, my wife, my home. this gun would be banned. >> i hope that gun is not loaded. >> i'm in my house. i could do whatever i want in my house. >> okay. are you surprised the vote passed along party lines, even
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after buffalo, uvalde, tulsa, i mean really? zero republicans on the committee amended their pro gun rights stance? >> i'm not surprised, having dealt with republicans all these years and congress on gun issues. it's very clear to me that they are pattering parroting nra talk. they have no new ideas to reduce the epidemic of gun violence. when democrats, you are see we are putting people in -- we are just passed another major bill to reduce gun while lance, by raising the age of 21 which you can purchase firearms -- we are trying to reduce this epidemic of gun deaths. republicans have no ideas. people can, this november, decide what they want to do in a nationwide election. >> this is one more moment from
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the house debate. -- >> my son jordan was only 17 years old when he was shot by and man with a gun who didn't like the loud music he was playing. the same racially motivated violence that took my son and murder ten black americans in buffalo. it is being replaced with casual callousness and despicable frequency since last week, when 19 children were gunned down at their desks. are we okay with this as a nation? is this the status quo that we all accept? >> i mean, if not the murder of school kids by assault weapons, will any message get across the
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aisle? any republican support religiously shunt goes to the house for vote? >> let me say that my heart goes out to the families who were experiencing unimaginable pain. in uvalde as well as in buffalo and so many other places across america. my heart goes out again goes to congresswoman mcbath and her loss. in terms of the -- week i think there are some areas where we could get bipartisan support, including potentially raising the age to 21 to purchase assault weapons, red flag laws, -- and some self storage provisions. i think we can get some bipartisan compromise in those areas. >> there is a bipartisan group of nine senators, trying to find a way forward on gun
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safety legislation. sending a strong message to republicans during his primetime address to the nation on thursday. let's listen to part of that. >> i support the bipartisan efforts that includes a small groups of democrat and republican senators trying to find a way. my god. the fact that the majority of the senate republicans don't want any of these proposals, even to be debated, or come up for vote i find unconscionable. we can't fail the american people again. >> oh how important is it to keep the pressure on? are republicans just hoping americans will lose focus and move on to the next issues and to that and how committed are democrats to keeping the issue front and center? >> the nra and republicans want you to feel numb. they want to feel powerless. they want you to feel like you can do anything to reduce the
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gun epidemic. they are wrong. i want your viewers in a row to watch to understand that you have the power to change public sentiment. there is an election happening in less than six months. you can express your views at the ballot box. you can go help gun safety organizations. you can engage in social media and with your coworkers at work to change hearts and minds. there's a lot of things that individuals can do to try to change their public sentiment that we have in america. with public sentiment, this is changing towards gun violence prevention, we could get legislation passed this year. >> from your lips to congress, let us hope. thank you my friend. this is ted lieu. breaking news we told about a short time ago, abbott nutrition is confirming that it is making baby formula. the plant in michigan says that it has met fta requirements as part of a consent to create. they were closed since february because of contamination
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right now at the benefit rally to stand with uvalde. it is taking place and san antonio as community leaders are trying to come together to show support for the robb elementary school community. we are 90 miles away. more families are saying goodbye to their children's lost in last week's mass shooting. embassies, liz mclaughlin is joining us from uvalde. what are you hearing from folks at this hour? i imagine the anger and the sadness has not dissipated at all. >> absolutely, not. it is not just here in uvalde,
10:21 am
as you mentioned. across the state, people are calling for action. today, three families are burying their loved ones, their children today as the rally continues to go on right now. castro brothers are in attendance as well as send antonio's coach, gregg popovich. here is what he had to say. >> we are all comfortable in our own skin, in our own opportunity, in our own good fortune. we do not think that we are going to get covid. we do not think we are going to be racially profiled. i am white, i've never been racially profiled. we are comfortable because it does not happen to us. i cannot understand why they cannot have enough empathy instead of going to have all day and going to these places and say that we are with you, we are going to do that. they already lied before. we know that they will not do anything. they still say because they
10:22 am
think we are stupid. what can we do about this? you got a vote. >> you can hear a very amped up audience there. he also praised his co-anchors interrupting the conference before to hold avid a accountable. we got years in the crowd. he is tired of thoughts and prayers here. this is what a lot of people are saying. there -- needs to be some sort of action. we are seeing from one victims family, the father victim, and from a teacher here at robb elementary, these start to what could be some lawsuits against daniel defends, a gun based manufacturer of the gun that was used in this terrible shooting. there is an inquiry into their marketing techniques which have been called controversial recently, after the shooting, they made their twitter account private and deleted the recent post of a picture of a toddler
10:23 am
holding a gun with a reference to a bible verse and a prayer hands emoji. there are a lot of questions about how they market guns and who they mark it to. if it is teens and young adults that could be held viable. one of these lawyers in this petition, who is going after, it has successfully sued after sandy hook, the remington company, it was the company used in that shooting, alex. >> listening to gregg popovich, i just became a san antonio superfan. well done, coach. good job for selling it and speaking the truth! it is what it is. thank you so much. let's go now to a stunning strategy conference call that took place one day after the columbine shooting up april 20th 1999. the secret tapes were obtained by npr last november. with -- they are being re-visited after the robb elementary shooting and they featured top leaders of the nra debating how the
10:24 am
organization should respond. nbc news has not independently verified the recordings. we have reached out to the nra for comment today. we are still awaiting a response. joining me right now is tim mack, investigative correspondent with npr who got his hands on those tapes. he wrote the book, misfire, inside the downfall of the nra. tim, welcome back to the broadcast. it is good to see you. this demonstrates the conflict. there was conflict within the nra on how to shape its response to columbine. it appears to have started with some degree of empathy. >> -- over 22 years ago, there was a lot of interest in trying to figure out how we are going to figure out in a way that the nra's public relations strategy is affective. the nra is able to look people in the eye after --
10:25 am
what has happened over the years, the nra has hesitated on a couple of occasions, after columbine, after sandy hook. by in large, it has doubled down on when it decided to -- it is not to apologize and or be as aggressive as it ever was. >> in this call, they also debated whether to call off their gun show sales, part of the annual gathering in denver. denver, ten days after columbine also colorado, of course. they pushed to keep the annual meeting as required by the bylaws. this is when the discussion becomes a shocking. let's listen to leadership, starting with wind left here. here it is everyone. >> the other problem is, the people you are less likely to get into the member meeting. -- >> we made that point earlier. i agree. the fruitcakes are going to
10:26 am
show up. >> if you go down the exhibit hall, it is not going to leave anything for the media except for the members meeting. you are going to have the wackos, with all kinds of crazy resolutions, with all kinds of dressing like a bunch of hillbillies and idiots and it's gonna be the worst thing you can imagine. >> wow, that's repertory. is this how the nra leadership sees its members? >> the nra has always had this element of the organization that has had very radical views. the r and r a also realizes that it needs them when they have political resolutions and legislative's. the nra realizes that the power comes from mobilizing its members and including its most radical members. the thing is that the nra is
10:27 am
such a black box for so many years. what they hear in these tapes, you get put inside of the room. you get put inside of these a strategy and leadership as sessions. you hear what they are actually thinking. this is honest talk, no pr. >> the nra has not gotten back to us yet. here is what a spokesperson told you when you asked to comment on the tapes. this is the quote. >> it is disappointing that anyone would promote an editorial legend against the nra by using shadowy sources and mystery tapes in order to conjure up the tragic events of over 20 years ago. tim, while the admissions on these tapes are stunning, you have been able to fact check it all. have you revealed how you obtained the tape? >> i have not. as you know, when you do investigative reporting, you have to be extremely thorough. you want to check your sourcing. you want to make sure that the
10:28 am
people who identified to periods places are the people who are actually on those tapes. we have been reporting the story for a very long time -- [inaudible] we are confident in its authenticity. there's been no suggestion that the tapes are not authentic. they call them shadowy tapes and i call them real tapes. >> tim mack, unfortunately, we have to call this short because we are having a problem with our signal to you. i know this is an ongoing conversation we will have to have again. thank you so much. the tropical storm pummeling parts of the southern u.s. this weekend with strong winds and torrential rain and the trouble spots to watch as the system is moving on through. h.
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♪♪ whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ breaking news out of south florida. a tropical system is dumping
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heavy rain and creating major flooding. from -- miami has already responded to dozens of reports to drivers stuck in their cars. it's not over yet. more rain is expected throughout the day. there's a chance a's decision could strike over the next several hours. nbc news meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking us for us. -- ladies thank you for joining us. stephanie with you first. which you are seeing there this hour. have conditions changed? that feels like it's not coming down as hard as it was last hour. >> yes. indeed. good afternoon to alex. we are getting a break in the rain at this point. but that tropical storm warnings still remains in effect for parts of south florida. let me show you this intersection behind me. downtown miami. -- this intersection is pretty flooded out. we've seen several cars coming and going through this intersection. downtown miami is still a mess. the cleanup process continues.
10:34 am
several cars that ended up in the floodwaters. according to miami firefighters and, rescues they've had more than 100 calls since early this morning. nearly a foot of rain falling. they've had a lot of rescues of peoples whose vehicles were trapped in the streets. >> as of now, we have responded to about 125 calls. several of those calls have been with people trapped in their cars. we are very fortunate to risk report that we have not had any serious injuries or any deaths. but we've had significant damage that has occurred. >> and that is the good news, no fatalities reported so far from the storm. officials urging motorists to use common sense. do not go into those intersections if they're flooded. your car can stall. possibly be even swept away. also, a risk of downed power lines and electrocution.
10:35 am
it's best to avoid these areas if at all possible. it turns of the storm, at this, point it has not yet risen to the level of a named storm. and as we, know that name will be alex at some point. officials say the storm will strengthen as it moves offshore into the atlantic. at that point it could be named. the national weather service predicting a very active hurricane season. between 14 and 21 named storms, with the possibility of 3 to 6 major hurricanes alex. >> bubba everybody. thank you for that stephanie stanton. here's michelle grossman. some places will see a foot of rain? >> that's a lot of rain. hi there. alex we are seeing this in a really short amount of time. -- florida has 70 soil. that is able to absorb the water. 12 inches in a short amount of time is rough no matter what. -- we are seeing intersections was flooding rains.
10:36 am
you have to wonder why these cars are even going through this areas. this has been an advertised storm with heavy rainfall. that's for saying. even when the rain does, stop we are gonna see -- the flooding concern just continue. we've seen up to a foot of rain in some. spots hollywood over nine inches of rain, naples over seven, inches west palm beach's nearly six inches of rain. this is where we're looking at. where you see the darker colors, the yellow, the reds, the oranges, that's forcing the heavy stuff falling. most of that is following in south southeastern florida. we see the spin back where we are seeing the tropical colors. the flooding threat is not over. it won't be over until this evening. this is what we are looking at in terms of a flash flood. watch that screen. we get out on a couple more inches. here we also have tropical alerts where you see the orange. the east coast of florida and parts of the bahamas. that's because winds are still gusting to 40 miles per.
10:37 am
our you only 39 mile per hour winds for it to be a tropical storm. the thing is with this, one we haven't seen that close circulation. we do expect that to happen. alex will share the name with the storm. we expect that to happen in the afternoon to evening hours. here is the track of the tropical storm later on sunday. that will be well over the waters of the atlantic. there's still a chance to share a name with the storm. >> hopefully it won't do too much damage. so that's good. thank you so much michelle. meanwhile these other top stories. officials in wisconsin are investigating the murder of a retired judge, it would maybe a targeted attack. judge -- john was killed in his home on friday by yet a name suspect. the fischel say the suspect had a hit list of targets related to the judicial system, including the wisconsin governor. that suspect is in custody. --
10:38 am
mccormack concedes two men at office, that's after he called for a recount -- he will now face democratic nominee john fetterman in november. the average gas price rose to $4.82 nationwide. -- gas consumption is not an all-time high, the average price could rise over to over $5 per gallon at the end of this. months the war of ukraine. new today. what fighting intensified in eastern ukraine as the conflict reaches 101st day. president let zelenskyy says the country's using 50 to 100 service members daily as a fight to defend their home. -- also acknowledging kremlin forces control 20% of ukraine territory. but still says quote, victory will be ours. joining me is peter bergen, the author of the cost of chaos.
10:39 am
so glad to have you here. getting your assessment of where this war is my first question and what you see the endgame. who's gonna blink first? is there any possible solution to this conference involves ukraine accepting some form of conceding online? >> alex. thanks for having me on. there's an academic literature about why people make peace. there's usually because there's a mutually hurting stills may, that is mutually recognized, that they're not getting anywhere. i think we are very long way for that. president zelenskyy has already said he is absolutely no intention of entering into peace negotiations with 20% of the country being held by the russians. putin is not stopping down. stella famously said quantity has its own quality. at the end of the, day the russians can put a lot more
10:40 am
people in the field. they're using artillery fire to destroy ukrainian cities, as they did in chechnya. they won in chechnya. but they destroyed the capital city of chechnya. -- enough ghana stan, they didn't blink. it but it's a -- it's a nine years for the russians to leave afghanistan. is it is easy to start a war but it is not easy to ended. we've seen this from our own wars, that getting it is easy part, and-ing it is pretty hard. if i was a betting man i would say that this will go on for a very long time. years and years and years and years. it will be a bloody stalemate. at the end of the day, we can't really predict who's really going to blink. >> if there's ever a reason to
10:41 am
believe you are absolutely spot. on i certainly hope you are. that set. we are now learning that gop calls for donald trump to stop the january 6th attack on the capitol reeve and greater than we first knew about. the washington purse is not counting more than 20 prominent republicans who pleaded with trump and former white house chief of staff mark meadows to do more that day. -- including text messages from marjorie taylor greene, including chip roy as well. how damaging is this? as trump keeps teasing a possible 2024 white house run? will this all affects his ability to months a successful run? >> i doubt it. the reason why i think the book is being reassured in an updated form, is if you look at -- 54% of vote for trump, 21 for the governor desantis of
10:42 am
florida, and -- he's not even close at the likelihood of winning the nomination. obviously things could change in the next few years. but he could win the general election if he wins nomination. president biden went on to 39% a week ago. -- but the point is that president joe biden, the problems for him or inflation, that's not going anywhere anytime soon. the problem is crime, that's not going away anytime soon. and he doesn't seem to be, his for some reason is what he's doing is not really resonating with the american people. the white house, has a very common dodge, saying it's a messaging problem. but i think it goes deeper. anyway, trump is clearly the front runner for the potential republican nomination. race he's positioned him self pretty well for 2024. >> here's something people need
10:43 am
to think about. it's relative to your book, which is called, the cost of chaos. how much the trump years in office cost the united states, harm the united states? in terms of not only americans but the world? >> well, oh -- has a pretty good answer to the. who is a corner coronavirus coordinator for trump. she testified that, the trump administration policies ended up killing 30 to 40% more americans than was necessary. 400,000 americans died during the trump presidency. if you do rough math. that's about 130,000 people who did not need to die. the first responsibility of the commander-in-chief is to protect his own citizens. on that level, he failed. he fails for variety of reasons. trump is a guy who's never did his homework. he didn't trust experts. he always went with his gut. maybe that works within a manhattan realest a -- but it doesn't work it public
10:44 am
health crisis. -- up in many other ways, not denigrating mask-wearing, having big events of the white house where people were not wearing masks, talking about -- all those things. it wasn't to success. >> peter, let me quickly go through something. the updated parts of your book. in which you wrote in part, it was clear from the first that trump's inclinations were radically more blunt force that his predecessors. when briefed by the pentagon on iran and the strait of hormuz, he explained, the next time iran sends its boats into the straight, blow them out of the water. we are told that the capital of south korea, seoul, was so close to the north korean border that millions of people would die in the first hour of any all out war, trump had a bold response, they have to move. the officials in the oval
10:45 am
office weren't sure he was joking. he raised his voice, they have to move. very quickly, it became clear to a number of people at the highest levels of government that the greatest mission was to protect america from donald trump. we've seen folks publicly backing him up. we've seen -- you have a secretary defensive the chief of staff, how many more are they're? >> let's add to. that there's jim addisu, after the june 1st -- were trump held up a bible, up he kept quiet about trump, even on his book tour. he said this is the first president in my like time who seeks to divide, us not unitas. -- this was an inflection moment for the u.s. military, who, the active duty chief salsa released river strongly worded statements about defending the constitution, that's the oath we swore. you have the admiral --
10:46 am
come out and condemn trump. you had -- you had uniform military turning against him at that point. and then the january 6th insurrection, you have the same response. but the june 1st was a key inflection point. >> you're right. that seems to be a turning point indeed. peter bergen. thank you so much for joining us. it is a thanksgiving for the queen. 70 years is a historic big deal. we'll take you across the pond next. the pond next you see, son, with a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie?
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10:49 am
commemoration of the 70 years as monarch as we give you that circular area outside of buckingham palace. today celebrations are capping off with a platinum party at buckingham palace, a concert featuring the biggest names in music. one would be disappointing for many for the 96-year-old queen decided to skip appearances because of minor health issues. this included the horse race, a favorite of hers. let's go to stephanie gosk outside of buckingham palace. she is at the party. the mood has been jovial and we are glad to see you be part of it, my friend. when it comes to the queen missing events, how much are people saying that she is 96 but we love her regardless? >> a lot of people are saying that. to be honest, a lot of people expected her to sit out the vast majority of events over the four days. they were thrilled to see her three times on thursday. the palace quickly saying that she felt discomfort that day.
10:50 am
in the event that has taken place since then are very grueling for anybody of any age. going to the service at st. paul's has a lot of stairs to climb and there is a long walk down the aisle to where she would have been seeding. you had the epsom derby which is the horse race. although she loved to be there in the past, and she is only missed a three in her entire rain, she even had a thoroughbreds in the race. she has a great look for horses. this is an incredibly longer. . there was hope that she would show up in the concert tonight but if not, her son charles and grandson william will be making comments. over the last few days, she has been used to seeing charles in the row, a snapshot of what it might look like when he is king of this country. >> that is absolutely true, steph, we know this will soon.
10:51 am
not soon, we hope. this could be the future the way the monarchy goes. stephanie gosk, it is good to see you. have fun. i hope i don't to tell you that, but have fun. >> i am. >> good for you. i recommend the podcast, auburn to rule when travis king, it is with cures simmons. you can see the first two episodes. search it on apple podcast or you can open the camera on your phone, pointed at the q r code you see on the screen. if you expect the drama and gravity of the 16 riot to come to life in the public hearing on thursday, you are probably right. we will talk about this next. this next uncomfortable period pains. and disruptive muscle aches. you can count on fast, effective relief with motrin. if you wake up thinking about the market and want to make the right moves fast... get decision tech from fidelity.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (mom allen) verizon just gave us all a brand new iphone 13. (dad allen) we've been customers for years. (dad brown) we got iphone 13s, too. switched two minutes ago, literally right before this. (vo) iphone 13 on us. on any unlimited plan. for every customer. with plans starting at just $35. all on the network more people rely on. new today, the justice department says that it will not charge former trump chief of staff mark meadows and scavino for firing -- from the january 6th committee. this comes as former white
10:54 am
house adviser, peter navarro, failed to come to court after being indicted of contempt of congress for his refusal to cooperate with the very same investigation. joining me now is hugo, low congressional reporter for the guardian. good to see you again. first, this decision by the doj to not charge meadows and scavino, what is behind that and how big of a blow is that to the house committee? >> i think that you can see it is a big blow based on the committee's response. they immediately said that they lead last night going back to the justice department and asking him about details about why they declined to prosecute the referrals that the house made for meadows and scavino. talking to my sources over at the justice department, it sounds like the reasoning may have been a twofold. one, meadows and scavino provided more cooperation than navarro who were hold in contempt. they also seem to make a legitimate claim of executive
10:55 am
privilege since they were closer to the oval office and in more proximity to trump. >> navarro, of being indicted, what is the isn't because of that? >> i think that it means that the justice department has a very strong case against him. it was only a matter of weeks since the justice department had gotten the rip furrow from the house representatives recommended by the committee to prosecute navarro. they moved fast on that. the more interesting thing though is what came out in similar time which was the grand jury subpoena. it mentioned president trump by name. we have to wait and see whether the grand jury subpoena will indicate if there is an ongoing investigation into trump. >> that will be something to stay in tune for. let's look at what we need to stay in tune forms for this thursday at 8 pm eastern time. the january six committee will hold the first of several public hearings. what are you hearing about what the hearings will look like, who we will hear from, and if we will hear anything you? >> alex, this is the day we
10:56 am
have been waiting for for months and months. this is the culmination of the investigation. it's going to be two primetime that are going to be a 10 am. the first at prime time is going to lay out the roadmap for the remainder of the hearing and the inaugural one. they're also going to stray dive straight into new unseen evidence. they want to use the previous unseen evidence to shock the american public into seeing why the committee believes that he committed crimes during the 2020 election which includes defrauding the united states and -- the unseen evidence is going to be very explosive. we've only seen a sliver of evidence. this is like court filings, when the committee was trying to gather evidence from elsewhere, email records. but we have not seen is the vast majority of what the committee has on its files. i think this is going to be a really big moment when it is finally unveiled. >> we have been waiting a long time. we know want to tune in and to watch on thursday night. thank you so much, if you go
10:57 am
low. i'm sure we will talk on the other side of this and get a break down. in the meantime, that is going to do it for my addition of alex witt reports. i will see you tomorrow at noon eastern. my friend yasmin continues the coverage in just a moment. n just a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪♪ right now, we're all feelin' the squeeze. but walmart's got your back with thousands of rollbacks
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i'm yasmin vossoughian. we've got a lot to cover right now. stick with me through these next two hours. help may soon be on the way to parents desperate for baby formula. a key plan reopening just today. three trump continents all defied subpoenas from the january six committee. so why is the doj only charging one of. them we are also watching south florida, as a tropical system brings potentially delicate deadly flooding there. plus -- new revelations that resee -- then a shocking new


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