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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  June 4, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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every single case hey, everyone once again, i'm and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. yasmin vossoughian. if you are just joining us, welcome. it's good to see you. if you're still with us, thanks for sticking around. we have more on that breaking news. help in the baby formula shortage as a factory at the center of the crisis reopens. the disturbing details continuing to emerge in the uvalde texas school shooting. the latest involving a police chief and the radio he did not have on him. this is happening as crowds are gathering at the san antonio to
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demand action on gun reform. in a moment, i will talk to maria, whose organization, votes for latino, or to organized a rally. major new developments in what maybe the country's most closely watched senate race. on both sides of the ballots, but details of that are coming up. and democracy in danger. a bombshell report, secret tapes that reveal the gop plans that could help them steal the next presidential election. all of, that's plus the trial that may have single-handedly and did the me too movement. the detaining impact of the johnny depp and amber heard trial and they have had on count ability when it comes to domestic abuse. that conversation is ahead. we want to begin this hour with that breaking news. we told you about last hour. one of the largest u.s. factories for baby formula is back up and running. abbott laboratories announcing today it has restarted specialty formula production at its michigan plants, which had been shuttered since february.
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nbc's steve patterson is following the story for us and joining us now. steve, good to see you. talk to. us parents are essentially saying listen, it's up and running, that's fantastic news. when can we get it? >> let's start with the news. the largest in fits formula factory in the country, really, up and running. we've got the announcement this morning. but you have to remember that's the ramp up is going to take some time, right? it is a process from factory back up to hitting store shelves. that will take some time. and remember that this all starts with the specialty formula that they have, so they're going to start with that product first for infants who have food allergies, and then move to the more widespread milk-based products. so, we have a statement about exactly what they're doing. they said, quote, we understand the urgent need for torment formula and our top priority is getting high quality safe formula in the hands of families across america. we will breath production as quickly as we can while meeting all requirements.
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and remember that they have to weigh here to those requirements. they are under the close eye of the fda. remember, the planes shut down in february after the fda inspection found this rare bacteria that led to the recall that helped trigger this incredible shortage that were all in. and we won't probably see much of anything on the shelves from this reopening until at least june 20th. it could be even further beyond that, as production ramps up. in the meanwhile, we are still in this massive shortage. the out of stock rate for the country's, as far as the new numbers we got the end of may, 73%. it is above 90% in something like seven states, including georgia, mississippi, the fattah, rhode island, and right here in california. >> cheese. >> the rate is somewhere around 95%. so, parents, still needing this vital piece of the puzzle to feed their families, are still going to be some trouble for at least the next foreseeable
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weeks. >> yeah, it really dire situation. couldn't come any sooner. hoping it's comes sooner than later. steve patterson, as always, thank you. i want to get some other breaking news. we're following news out of delaware. a small private plane entered the restrictive airspace over delaware, where the president and first lady are spending the weekend. we are told the pilot mistakenly entered that restricted airspace because he was apparently on the wrong radio channel and did not receive updated information that aircraft was immediately escorted out of the area, and the president and first lady were briefly evacuated to a nearby fire station, but have since returned to their home. and the presidents first trip to the middle east since taking office has now been postponed. and ministration officials telling nbc news the presidents trip to saudi arabia and israel that was originally planned for this month will now take place in july. there was no new date finalized, and the reason for the delay was not immediately clear. biden did faced backlash this week for after it was reported
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that he was expected to meet with saudi crown prince, mohammed bin salman, during this visit. no word on whether that meeting is still expected to take place on his visit. we are continuing to learn more about the police response and mass shooting in uvalde,. texas which is also raising more questions. we spoke last hour with state senator roland gutierrez, who told nbc news that chief pete are in donda did not have his police radio with him during the shooting. no, that has not been publicly confirmed. meanwhile, san antonio, vote for latinos are kicking off a rally for a summer of action. nbc's melissa claflin joining us. now ceo and president marissa to barr, who is also msnbc contributor coming to us from san antonio, texas. welcome to you both ladies, thanks for joining us on this. liz, let me to start with you. as we're getting more and more just about that investigation, police and action leading up to the shooting, and the tragedy at robb elementary. what more are we learning this hour?
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>> well, of course, yasmin, this community is still mourning the funerals for three children happening today. for three victims of that's tragic shooting, and danger anger is continuing to grow over that police response, and the gaps in knowledge over that police response. there was a school board meeting last night. the first one since this massacre to address anything about the massacre. there was the supposed session, and they took no actions on any of those agenda items, including personnel, despite calls for pete air on dondero, the school district police chief, even though there have been calls for him to be fired are held accountable. unfortunately, no action. here, so that's. notable there's been tightlipped from all of the agencies involved. they are all referring to the da. the da has just said no comment, essentially. there is something that's referred to here in texas as
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the dead suspect loophole, which essentially, police don't have to make records public if a person, a suspect, it's not convicted or in this case, was shot dead by police. so, we don't have to hear from. them we've been talking to a lot of folks here at the memorial. you see the flowers and teddy bears rolling behind me. and they're frustrated. they want action from legislators, from policy makers. i spoke with one mom who's really concerned. she drove six hours here today with her family. listen to what she had to say. >> we came to show our support. the key, it's a sad story. we have kids as well. it's a very touching story for parents to lose their kids -- we are even considering maybe home schooling, i mean, anything to protect my child. because apparently, the school districts, the officers, they can't protect them. so, who's gonna protect my child? >> and also the, in support of
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this community, asking for legislative action. all of texas, there has been a rally today in san antonio asking for policymakers to do something, and policy makers are saying, we need to know the full picture of what happened that day. the public and the policy makers may never know, because that dead suspect loophole. because basically, in addition to transparency now, in addition to accountability now, transparency is gets another frustration and concern here. yasmin? >> thank you. i know you have some reporting to do, liz, so i let you go. appreciated. maria, let's talk through some of. this i know that your organization is sponsoring this rally today in san antonio, texas. i just spoke with state senator roland gutierrez who attending this rally, standing with evil day, kicking off the summer of action. talk me through why you decided to move forward with this rally and what you want to achieve. >> yasmin, i was in uvalde
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yesterday, i attended one of the funeral services, and i have to, say as a mother of a daughter who's nine and a fourth grader, it's was something that no parent should ever have to bear witness to. looking at the community that in its pews of the church service, it was 90% -- was not an english, and the leadership of eovaldi does not reflect the community it was serving. we just have the individuals who were leading this -- at the school. it turns out he was just voted in the city council in the dead of night. he went by less than 200 votes. that means that people aren't participating. so our hope is that we know that people are angry, that they're frustrated, and the best thing is to mobilize individuals. today, we had popovich come out of the shadows and said the very clear message, that this is not about being a red state or being a blue state. it's about. participating and the need for every single texan to come out and participate and change the
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trajectory, because the people that are right now in office are clearly not actually doing their job. those are his words. we had beto o'rourke come in, he was on fire, he's running for governor, but there's a response to those individuals today. one of the hardest pieces, yasmin, was seeing so many survivors who came from the pulse nightclub, who came from sandy hook, who came from columbine, to share their stories in solidarity with evil they. today they have been waiting for nearly -- in some cases, for over ten, 15 years, and we've done nothing. so, that was the time for us to say, who is our leadership? and it really does start with. us and one of the things that them beto o'rourke and castro highlighted is it's not that texas is a red state, it's a nonvoting state. so, our hopes to mobilize and to kick off the summer of action with over 1300, 13 organizations on the ground doing the great work. i gotta say, i saw those numbers when i was on the ground in uvalde in how many votes it took for peach are
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until -- it's in a town of 16, 000, 80% of which are latina. that was a stunning and shocking to me. as well i'm wondering if you feel as with you can harness the anger right now in the community of uvalde -- to get people to vote, to get people to the polls. when you talk to every single person in the town, they feel as if the gun laws to change in the state. and at this moment in texas, it doesn't seem like it's gonna happen. what does that do to them? to their psyche? >> i think that again, which you saw in of all day is very real. i was shadowing the senator roland gutierrez yesterday and they were young people, older people, very quietly whispering in his ear saying, give them hell. there's an anger. that is brittle. they're trying to figure out how do you do it.
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i have to share with you the fastest way through the voting booth. we register close to 200,000 in texas last time, 83,000 voted. -- texas couldn't be more important. it has 48 electoral votes. it could -- make a talk about the state of the country. it's not just what we're seeing right now at gun legislation. it's also people fed up with this idea that women cannot get an abortion unless you have the means to get out of the state. it's not just about betting books. it's not just of a discreet sing assist a voting booth. it's also these microaggressions and people are saying enough. today in the valley i have to share with you, people from all ages and generations were coming. i had a gun owner, a gun dealer, i've been a guilty he said i've been a gun dealer for close to 12 years and i've had enough. because all people need to do is fill out of form and hand
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out a gun. a gun that i wouldn't even. use >> wow. that's shocking. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you yasmin. >> coming up later on this hour, why are so many mass shootings committed by angry young men? we're gonna take a look at how age and toxic masculinity play a part in the shooting epidemic and country. first the backlash to the me too movement is here. johnny depp's legal victory over x white amber heard. my next guest says it's only the beginning. ly the beginning. a bio-active mineral action that nourishes and strengthens teeth. patients should act now to prevent sensitivity in the future. the new sensodyne nourish will help patients invest in healthier teeth. right now, we're all feelin' the squeeze. we're having to get creative. find a new way. but birthdays still happen. fridays still call for s'mores. you have to make magic, and you're figuring out how to do that. what you don't have to figure out is where to shop. because while you're getting creative,
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decisive legal victory against his ex wife amber heard this week, winning more than $10 million in damages over an article she wrote in the washington post about her experience with domestic violence. on the other side, heard was awarded $2 million and damages in her counterclaim. the widely celebrated versus verdict also has many victims advocates fierce full but this is just the beginning of the end of the me too movement. our next guest says -- responsible not only for the re-responsible for the enthusiastic public reaction to jeff's victory, but also the demands of the raviv a. writing this, our legal system seems to be on the brink of recognizing neither women's right to controller bodies nor women's right to speak about the violence that has been done to their bodies. -- thanks for joining us on.
12:18 pm
this let's pick up on the quote that i just read. i want to understand why you feel as if, the decision in this case, between heard and depp, made you feel as if this is the beginning of the end of the me too movement. >> thanks so much for having me. i think one thing it is important to note is that it is a civil defamation suit. essentially, in her original article for the washington post, amber heard never mention johnny depp's name. she mentioned that he was a public figure that was associated with domestic violence, which is true. that was the statement that the jury found was defamatory. that's essentially saying, if i was a victim of abuse but does not name their abuser, they could be sued as a liar. -- making it impossible for victims of, gendered, domestic sexual violence to talk about their experiences. >> there was a lot of social
12:19 pm
media attention on this trial. there were a lot of folks weighing in on this decision as well. -- celebrating the victory that he deserves. some could argue that this case, this decision, it's particular to johnny depp and amber heard. and by making it about the me too movement, it is a disservice to the me too movement. because these two are major celebrities after all, with a lot of attention on them. >> absolutely. i think it is worth remembering that that is how the me too movement first entered this major public sphere, after -- in 2000 for the me too movement really kicked off with this series a very high profile actresses making up litigations against her v. weinstein. it became a major social movement because of a came a
12:20 pm
major celebrity movement. that's what we're seeing playing out here too. the idea and fears that we're concerned about these figures, we play out -- and it gets translated to the rest of us are able to think about sexual assault and domestic violence. the metoo no, no,. what please, keep going the me too . >> the me too movement began in the celebrity realm, and that's where we're starting to see the end of it. >> i want to read some numbers for you, because the hashtag, i stand with amber heard getting 8.2 million views, that hashtag, justice for johnny depp getting 15 billion views. incredibly lopsided, right? i wonder how it is that's the social media in general, right, and the campaign in favor of johnny depp was so effective, and the vitriol and the anger towards amber heard and the suggestion that she was lying
12:21 pm
and fabricating that chain of events, was also so effective. >> yeah, there are quite a few factors at play here that we could get into. first of, all it's important to remember that johnny depp is just exponentially more famous than ever heard was. he is a three-time oscar nominee and at two time -- he has been beloved since he was 21 jump street in the 80s. he is a household name. amber heard has not ever been in anything like that. that means there are a lot of people who are already on his side, and emotionally invested in him. there's also some evidence that johnny depp as occasionally used bots to inflate support for him online, and sort of -- i would not want to suggest that every johnny depp supporter is a bot, but that does seem to be a way that we've seen his attempt to make
12:22 pm
it appear that the public opinion is more united on his side than it perhaps might be. also worth noting that a number of conservative outlets have found that this story is extremely good for their brand. we've seen things like the daily wire getting millions of dollars into videos and articles that are heavily biased against amber heard. it's a narrative that is essentially very good for business. but i think what's most important here and what is really worth digging into its that we live in a culture that is profoundly biased against women who come forward and say that they have been hurt by very powerful men. and when that man is as beloved and powerful as johnny depp, we've seen that play out in action. >> constant grady, thank you for weighing. in appreciates. it's >> thanks so much for having. me after the break, despite an ongoing recounts, the choices in pennsylvania's closely watched senate race now seem clear. have a mash-up between celebrity physician doctor oz and lieutenant government john
12:23 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪♪ all, right after a weeks long
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recount, they've mccormack has formally concede this doctor mehmet oz, the pennsylvania republican senate primary. the recount was narrow but decisive, but cleared the way for the trump backed celebrity doctor to face john fetterman in the pennsylvania general election. one of the most significant races of this cycle. with me now to talk about this, danielle, hosts the democracy-ish podcast. and enes and bc political analysts -- good to see you this afternoon. david, let me start with you on this. one so, if that's a decisive victory now and for doctor oz, what do you make of it, considering, of course, you've got the endorsement from the former president? by the way, he skated. by we're not talking about a blowout victory here. >> -- that's right, yes. men kind of a wild. race a celebrity doctor from new jersey beats a hedge fund
12:28 pm
manager from connecticut for the republican nomination for the state of pennsylvania. to take on the pennsylvania -- >> when you put it that way -- >> yeah, that's right. john fetterman on the democratic side has this kind of populists every man image that i think will create a bit of a national identity for this race. going forward, i think what you see is fetterman will suggest that doctor oz is a carpetbagger who doesn't represent pennsylvania values, and doctor oz will focus almost exclusively on, not on fetterman, but on joe biden. he will run this race as a proxy on joe biden's favorable unfavorable to racing in the state of pennsylvania. >> it's fascinating because danielle, as we think about john fetterman, he rose to fame because the state of pennsylvania, as they challenge the results of the state of pennsylvania for the 2020 election, the trump campaign challenge the results of the presidential election in the state of pennsylvania, and you have john fetterman on tv over and over again saying, the results were legitimate and joe biden, in fact, won the state to pennsylvania. if you think about that, right,
12:29 pm
and that will be facing off in this general election against a trump backed candidate, that's being doctor oz. what do you make of that picture? >> if that's the picture of america right now, that there are, there's no distance between the trumpers and the republican party. and regular, rational republicans, as the president said earlier this week. i think the reality here is that democrats need to do the job of telling the story about who this republican party is. what they are about, which is that they are four guns, they don't want gun control. they are for lies, they are for suppressing peoples votes. they are for denying women and people with uterus is the right to bodily autonomy. and so if you are not painting that picture, you're the one who's going to lose. it's not just about donald trump tipping its hand and having one of the many people that he's endorsed win this
12:30 pm
primary, it's about what democrats would sorry they are telling about who this republican party is. this is gonna be really complicated race? right think about pennsylvania politics. it's a really tough state. 2016 going to donald trump. 2020 going to joe biden. if you're looking at the campaign strategy for both fetterman and oz, if you're a -- anybody that has close proximity to donald trump we're gonna highlight. a doctor oz being one of them. but how far do you go? looking -- >> and a lot of big trump supporters. between the top three candidates, in the republican's senate primary, this was a donald trump primary. in the center part of the state. all those things that daniel. stone democrats should lay on the identity of the republicans. -- they support guns. they support donald. trump they thanked the election
12:31 pm
was stolen. they support election more restrictive election laws. it is a two edged sword in this race, which is why john fetterman has a little bit of an opportunity here to demonstrate that he represents pennsylvania values. and doctor, us for new jersey, endorsed by donald trump, simply does not. >> so there's one kind of outlier here danielle. and that is fetterman. that all came to ahead during the primary cycle. i want to read for you a quote from federal minister acing his strokes, like so many others and so many men in particular, i avoided going to the doctor, even though i knew i didn't feel well, as a result i almost died and i want to encourage others to not make the same mistake. i know there was some frustration among the democratic party saying that he wasn't being transparent about how the situation. was and now we find that he almost died from that instance. do you think something like this will hurt him in the long run, despite the fact that his
12:32 pm
physicians are saying that is fine to go forward with his campaign? >> no, i don't think that it will hurt. him i think this is an opportunity for him, like he did in that letter, to really signal to people that you can't take your health for granted. he had medication that he was supposed to be taking since 2017 and didn't. so, what is doctors come out and said is that, providing he's exercising, eating healthy and taking its medication, he'll be completely fine. what i think is needed though is a creative way for him to be able to start campaigning that isn't about him going from town to town in pennsylvania and instead figuring out were virtual ways to get back in the game and begin to paint the republican party, with the identity of who they are. >> get his face out there like doctor oz is gonna be doing obviously. no better people to talk about democracy and danger then david and danielle, so they're sticking around for.
12:33 pm
us thank you. guys not touch in just a moment. coming up everybody, we have a lot more. had the president had a response for the world's richest man about the economy. -- healthy gain of 390,000 jobs in may. the president was asked about elon musk's memo to employees that he was planning to cut 10% of his workforce because of a super bad feeling about his economy. elon last said he had a super bad feeling. -- ending by wishing musk lots of luck on his trip to them. all right, a look at a texas family-owned business, who created custom caskets for the victims of the uvalde school shooting. plus shouting into the void. americans speaking out about guns are still pleading for systemic change. we'll be right back. ight back. you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn
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killed in the uvalde school shooting are being held as that town mourns the loss of 21 lives taken too soon. i had a chance to speak with the local texas artist to his building custom made caskets for the victim of the robb elementary school shooting. he spoke to me how he helps them -- >> when families walk in there just to pit out of plain box, it is very sad, and it is really to that, and that is the final thing that they're gonna see. so able to represent these children in the way that they are were, it means everything to me. that is why i do this. it's heartbreaking to know that these families are going through this. we just try to make it easier. >> i love your sentiment. i can tell your heart and all of this. and in this mission. if you could say anything to the folks that are watching
12:38 pm
about the number of times you had to do something like this and provide the specialist caskets for these families and for young children, what would you say? >> it's the hardest thing that i have to do. i have kids. my heart goes out to him. if you've ever been to a service with one of my caskets there, you'll understand and feel the passion and purpose of why we do this. it's not about just painting the caskets. it's so much more. we've become part of the families on the love that we share, from here on out, is going to be permanent. for me, it's why i'm here. it's my purpose in life. >> still gets me. as we talk about these funerals and these memorials for the children that were killed by gun violence, something today showed --
12:39 pm
rode over a year ago for kosovo is still true. quote this, i'm so tired of shouting into the void about americas young men and their guns. she goes on to write this, even as investigations continue and the shooter's motives are publicly debated, we cannot deny that systemic issues like racism, misogyny, and toxic next humidity all work to radicalize young men to carry out massive acts of violence and that politicians had a blind eye to these factors in order to preserve the american gun culture they so cherish. she's joining me now. it's good to see you in studio. so glad to see you back here and safe. >> you wrote this over a year ago. i literally feel that you could be writing it today. it applies to what took place in uvalde, it applies to what took place in tulsa, oklahoma, and buffalo, new york, we could go on and on and on. >> absolutely.
12:40 pm
i wrote it a year ago and i re-read it this morning and it hits differently, and as a mother of two sons as well, now that we're learning even more about the shooter, there was analysis of mass shootings from 2014, 2000, 19 60% of those were carried out with people at his histories of domestic violence. -- he was online saying he wanted to kidnap young, women raped young women, and nobody said, anything because oh that's just what things people say online, how people speak on the internet. imagine what would change if we took violence against women in personal violence seriously in this country. but we don't. so here we are. >> i want to read another part of your piece, talking about gun ownership and how it's an identity for people. you write this, now half of all of gun owners say gun ownership is an important part of their own identity, and guns are often made synonymous with their --
12:41 pm
firearms are de facto status system symbols, something to pry from once cold dead hands. i have to say spoke to a lot of folks on the ground in uvalde. i asked them, what is it about guns? what is it about ar specifically? guns, full stop, a ours, full stop. so often i hear, power. it makes you feel powerful when your firing a gun. when it came to a ours, a lot of them told me, there's really no use for aar's, and these are legal gun owners. this is texas. they like their guns. but there was something about the word power that really struck me that i think speaks to what you are getting out here in your piece. >> absolutely. i just think it goes back to how we speak to even young people, young men in particular. i'm a mother of two. -- our initial reaction, is no don't cry, you're fine. we tell young men and
12:42 pm
particularly the only feeling they can feel and express out weirdly's, anger power, dominance. one thing that gives me hope as we move forward is that it is a gun culture town, i know what that's. like i was born and raised in anchorage, alaska. -- but there is still a need on a desire from people i spoke to to have change. yes, we can support the second amendment. we can still have some of our roots of a small town that include gun ownership. but there are different ways to go about it. the ar-15 being one of them. so yes, that can exist but i'm hearing now on the ground that they want to to be different this time. >> i was talking about this to the stanford educated psychotherapist about young man, and why so often is young and that carries out these types of attacks. she said to me, because oftentimes, young men do not have impulse control. i see my five-year-old. i've two boys as well. my five-year-old gets frustrated and he writes all
12:43 pm
over his paper because he's frustrated. he doesn't understand how -- he has this impulse control. young men have impulse control, and they don't develop their's frontal lobe -- so if we're talking about the age of obtaining an assault reich rifle, the the frontal lobe is an even developed till the 25 years old. >> again, it just goes back to the conversations i had on the ground, with the parents, it really is about not taking anything away. how can we re-frame this conversation as not a for or against gun ownership, but the ways in which we deal with, what is toughness? what is masculinity? how did guns play a role in that? how do we protect our young people from themselves than others? if my son were to hit my youngest with the stick, i would blame my son but i would also take away the stick. there are things we can.
12:44 pm
do >> a good point. it's very much an american problem. danielle -- thank you so much. good to see once again. oh coming, up democracy in danger. we take a look at the wide array of threats to american elections, beginning with deliver deliberately efforts by republicans to thwart the 2024 president race before it even starts. and then devil's advocate. >> money isn't a factor for giovanni. i suspect no amount of it would never been enough. but it wasn't the soul driving factor. >> devils advocate, the mostly true story of geovanis destefano, is the original series on sky, following the famed attorneys journey to disgraced con. watch episodes one and two of
12:45 pm
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12:49 pm
republican party that could throw the presidential election in 2024 into chaos. it is fueled by former president trump's big lie. -- provide an inside look at a multi pronged strategy to target and potentially overturn votes in democratic precincts. the plan, as outlined by republican national committee staffer in michigan, included utilizing rules designed to provide political balance among poll workers to install party trained volunteers prepared to challenge voters that democratic majority polling places, developing a website to connect those workers to local lawyers and establishing a network of party friendly district journeys who could intervene to block vote counts at certain precincts. here's a clip of an rnc official in michigan making its pitch to potential recruits in october of 2021. >> that is what we are here tonight for, is to show the program that we are creating to
12:50 pm
create that safety net on the polls before election day, after election day to make sure that fraud does not happen again. i understand that you were are upset with the 2020 results, but we cannot just look at 2020 results or else the exact same thing will happen in 2022. we need volunteers on the ground on election day ahead of election day working so that the fraud does not happen again. >> i want to bring in danielle moody and david jolly, to talk more about. this welcome back i. danielle, let me go to you on the. severe looking at the state of michigan specifically at the areas of detroit, south field, cognac, these are all democratic strongholds. i guess i cannot help but ask, is the democratic party in the state of michigan are they prepared for an all slot like we are hearing they're gonna get? >> no. they are not prepared. this is the problem. yasmin that we keep seeing. republicans are organizing in plain sight. they have been telling us for
12:51 pm
the last couple of years, what they plan to do with our elections. they have been running people at state and local level. so that they can control the outcome of elections. when you listen to the rnc, person, say oh we don't want the same outcome as 2020. what's? you mean a free and fair election? you mean the fact that the american people chose the democratic party because republicans offered nothing except taking away peoples rights? so my question for democrats as, when are we going to put in the same amount of effort that the republican party does to create fraud in our election system to scare people away from the polls, when are we going to organize in a way they are in our to save our democracy? >> david jolly, i want to reach for you from one -- chair of the rnc indefensible warrior hearing. specifically she's dresses michigan. in states like michigan, poll watchers are part of the law in
12:52 pm
legal process in place to ensure transparency and secure election integrity. it is literally how elections are run. in fact, that is completely misunderstood by political. but in fact, david, julie were not talking about poll watchers. we know about poll watchers. we're talking about pearl workers. poll workers have a lot more influence than poll watchers. >> that's exactly right. political, actually made that exact point. they asked the rnc -- we are talking about poll workers. what's your response? they dodged on that. the reason that's important is that you have poll workers, are intended to administer the election. not only now they have a bias going into that, but they're also distracted from their primary job of administration, because they're wired, they're being told by the party, to look at for these items of fraud and get ready to get on the phone. it's also very telling that they are targeting largely communities of color and
12:53 pm
performing districts. there's two things going on here. first there is voter suppression. no question. they're trying to suppress the vote in democratic districts, precincts, communities of color of color in particular, to reflect the lessons the republicans of learn from the last cycle. if you can create enough chaos to prevent certification by state election administrators, secretary of state, then you get to move the election into the hands of the politicians, and then in that case, republicans would win, should republicans control the levers that decide elections in that state. >> the age old voter suppression. i've been talking about this and dealing with this for a very long time. danielle, and then you talk about the lawyers involved. each party always has a team of lawyers willing ready and able to act. we're talking about activating -- that's different. activating da's. >> yes. everything that the republican party is doing is targeted and
12:54 pm
making sure the people of color, young people, do not vote. and if you vote, then your vote can be challenged or thrown out. they are talking, and again are organizing in ways that democrats are not organizing. we are still believing that there are good republicans out there who are about democracy and free and fair elections. they're telling you, they are installing, trump people, they are installing people to make sure that if it comes down to the wire, right, that that they have their hand on the scale. that is going to disrupt our entire democracy. so it isn't hyperbolic to say that everything is that risk in this midterm election. i want democrats to act with a sense of urgency, instead of thinking that they still have friends across the aisle. >> it's interesting. david. democrats need to act with urgency, as daniel is saying, when it comes to make sure that election fraud does not happen. that this does not hurt the
12:55 pm
election process. there's no voter suppression. but they also need to walk and chew gum. talking about issues like women's, writes roe v wade, gun control measures, leading with some of these issues, it's a heck of a lot to take get ahead of the midterm elections, especially when all of it is relying on the fact that democrats may take control in congress. >> i think danielle is exactly right. the organizing to protect democracy may not be an issue upon which candidates in the democratic party runs in november. it is a calling and organizing by the national party by state and local parties. the issues that will decide this election will be mainstream in issues, the economy, guns and others. >> all right. danielle and david. thank you guys both. great to be with you. we'll be right back. l be right back.
12:56 pm
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tennis player beat off coco gauff in the french women's title, today. it marks the winners second grand slam title -- will be looking forward to get some rest after their victory. they both deserve. it spanish tennis star, rafael nadal is now one win away from the french open title, after advancing.
1:00 pm
his opponent was face to withdraw due to an ankle injury. he'll face -- thereafter up for me, i'm yasmin, simone sanders picks things up, right now. >> greetings you're walking simon. peter navarro was just indicted, this is just as the january six hearings are about to start. plus democrats from the white house to the capitol, they're pushing, they're pleading, and they're promising to do something to protect us from mass shootings. but will republicans continue to block progress? and i sat down with linda thomas-greenfield, america's ambassador to the united nations, and we talked about the war in ukraine, the un's role at this critical moment and of course -- diplomacy. i'm symone saunders, and i have something to say


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