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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  June 9, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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politicians, some carrying zip ties and carrying gear. to come, a panel with who, what and why the insurrection. we'll present the evidence, the timeline, the money and the people behind the attempt to subvert democracy and keep the elections loser, donald trump in office. we'll have interviews with trump white house aides, campaign officials and members of the trump family. we'll hear from two people who interacted directly with the proud boys on and around the attack, one of them is british filmmaker nick queston, considered a firsthand fact witness because of amount of time he spent with the extremist
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group right before the capitol was breached. >> i am not allowed to say what's going to happen today because everyone is just going to have to watch for themselves. but it's going to happen. something's going to happen. one way or the other. >> the question at hand now is not just what these hearings will deliver but what will the hearings do to stop it from happening again? as we speak, people sympathetic to the big lie are running for or being appointed to positions of power over elections. 2020 was only decided by a few thousand votes in a few key places. the lawful transfer of power survived last time. will it next time? joining me is nbc news capitol hill considered ali vitale and
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joining me is the author and i was intrigued that they'll be airing video from depositions and trump family members. i presume that means jared kushner and ivanka trump. >> it makes it irrefutable to people who may think this is just partisan. they have wide cooperation to people close to the former president. that doesn't mean that republicans aren't going to dismiss this in many ways out of hand. house leader kevin mccarthy today was asked if he thought this was an insurrection and what words he would use to describe this and this is what he said to that question. listen. >> look, what happened january 6th on the capitol was wrong. those who broke into the capitol were wrong and should be dealt with. that's exactly what we have in the process for the police and
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fbi to deal with. the role within congress, we should look at why we were so ill prepared that day and how do we protect it? >> you've heard republicans make this point time and again trying to say this committee is partisan and it illegitimately formed and just because they say it doesn't mean that it's true. i think the thing that i'm watching is what's the consequence of these hearings. you hear members of the committee continuing to tell me legislatively they have fixes to the electoral count act. i asked what happens for americans who wonder what the consequence is for dpt. the committee will continuously tell you that's not what they're here for but they're going to ask that question. >> i ran into lindsey graham and asked him if he'd be watching the hearing tonight. he said, no, he had dinner plans. i asked him if he thinks that the hearings matter, does he care? and he said he did not because
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it's just a political action, just politics at play here. he did make a mention to say he was glad to see the people involved in the insurrection -- he didn't use that word -- that were involved on january 6th were getting arrested. i wonder if there was internal conversation among republicans. it stood out that mccarthy said what happened that day was wrong. i wonder if there was internal conversations among republicans that said you can't write it off entirely because voters will see through it? >> there was some dissension among republicans that i and my colleagues talked to that they should ignore the hearings out of hand because they'd rather focus on things on the inflation and the economy. at the same time these hearings are happening in primetime, maybe not on fox but across the other news stations across the country and the world.
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you have to thread that needle. republicans will try to make it seem like it wasn't trump's fault. >> fox news, for instance won't be playing the hearings on their schedule, it will be on fox business instead, it does perpetuate the silos where you go to get the information you want to hear. the committee i know understands this and will be trying to break through. what can you tell us about what they plan on delivering? >> perhaps the most important thing, katy, that this committee believes will help them break through into the other end of the spectrum, the other echo chamber that continually says donald trump is a savior and a champion of conservatives and people who care about america's traditions, that echo chamber they hope will be broken by two things -- one, using donald
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trump's own words, either the words he said as relayed by his own family members, as we reported in our book, ivanka trump was begging her father to do something, to say something to stop the violence and to basically call off his supporters and tell them to go home. she tried multiple times at the request of mark meadows. and i think you're going to hear where she describes what she tried to get her father to do and his -- to the degree she was willing to discuss it, his reluctance. you're probably also going to hear his own words as relayed through aides who were near mark meadows, people who heard that the president was kind of giddy as he watched his supporters break through those barriers violently and attack police officers. not exactly the gop's platform, let's bash in the heads of cops
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so we can get to where we want. you're also going to see in split screen what president trump's supporters were actually doing after he lit the match. you know, this committee said he's the one who in a multi-step process egged this on and then lit the final match by walking down there and said let's walk down there, let's fight like hell for our country. >> it interesting, there's an article in the "new york times" yesterday talking about jared kushner and it seems like it was another article where jared kushner and ivanka trump thought this was a bad idea and tried to distance themselves from it. i wonder if they're doing the same thing when they place that along all the other material they have to show the public
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which will begin tonight. i do want to play kevin mccarthy new audio given to us by the author of a new book coming out to the "new york times" reporters, "this will not pass." just listen. >> we cannot just sweep this under the rug. we need to know why it happened, who did it and people need to be held accountable for it. the first option is some people have talked about a censure resolution against the president, both republicans and democrats are drafting these and one can be introduced or co-sponsored. another item is a bipartisan commission to investigate the circumstances surrounding the attack. >> bipartisan commission to investigate the circumstances. there is a bipartisan commission happening right now, one he says is not legitimate. i want to ask you about brad
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raffensperger. he won by quite a bit in georgia. what does it say he's willing to come take the stand and what information that he offer that we don't already know? >> i think it could be a very interesting, katy. one because he is himself a republican. i think it kind of debunks this idea that this is all just a democratic hoax and a political ploy. i think that gives him instant credibility the other thing that i think is really important is we all heard that telephone conversation, the recording, where donald trump is urging raffensperger to find him 11,000 votes. what we lack is the context for that conversation. what happened before that call, what happened after that call? we know that mark meadows went down and met with him in person. was it his perception that it was an effort by donald trump to create fraud or to hand him an
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election he had rightfully won? that's a really critical difference between the motive on that phone call and i think brad raffensperger might be able to tell us the motive. >> and a man was arrested running for governor on michigan having to do with charges on january 6th. he was at the capitol. he said he didn't go inside. but they released video that seemed to see him ushering the rioters up the stairs to confront cops. what do you make of this. >> it's very interesting. the timing is interesting. the fbi and department of justice work very hard to avoid charges that could have an influence on a political election. here we are in june so we are many months away from the november election but also the august primary. i would imagine that this is about the deadline they would give themselves to charge somebody who is a candidate on that august primary. typically there's an unwritten
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rule about 60 days before an election and here we are. it shows no one is above the law. just because you're running for office doesn't mean you get to run away with crime. but it also that they needed to file these charges. >> barbara and ali, thank you very much. my next guest was one of several lawmakers up in the house gallery on january 6th when the insurrectionists broke through. he described it in relation to his time in the armed forces and he called his wife and children and told them that he loved them. this is very raw. we're a year and a half away and public perception of the insurrection has changed, some
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people don't think it's so much of a big deal. where is your head at? >> it's still very raw for those of us who lived through it, who experienced it firsthand just across the street from here not to long ago thousands were attacking our democracy. i was an army ranger and i hadn't felt that way since i was fighting in iraq and afghanistan, thinking of whether i was going to leave that chamber. it was literal combat as people were fighting for their lives against those rioters. regardless of the fact that some people are trying to rewrite history and try to say things did not happen, it did happen. that's what the committee hearings about. that's what the select committee is about to tell that story. >> we saw it happen in realtime. we all have a sense of what happened behind the scenes, too, from the information that has been gathered and come out so far. we might find out quite a bit more in these hearings, but a
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-- i read an op-ed this morning that questioned whether it can be successful, saying here's what's happening around the country in state legislatures where people who are sympathetic to the big lie are being appointed or are running for office and then what might happen in our next presidential election, whether we can stop another insurrection, another forceful taking of power and giving it to the loser, are we in that position right now? >> i think that's the key point right now. this is less an exercise of writing history and more an exercise of addressing a slow moving attempted coup against our democracy and a domestic
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extremist movement. that movement is growing. it continues to get more violent and at the same time you do have this effort to replace county clerks, and election officials are not with people who will fulfill their oath regardless of political sper situation or affiliation but people who want to put their thumb on the scale and choose the candidate they want. >> i was having a conversation with your colleague, jim clyburn, and i've had this conversation with him, are we going to lose our democracy? and he said the other day i'm not so sure we are in a position to keep things going. it was the first time i've heard him being pessimistic. how do you feel? >> democracy is not inevitable. a democracy exists not because
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of some document, not because of some institution, not because of some process that is self-pef pech waiting. it exists because people joup hold it. the second people stop believing it and stop fighting for it, it doesn't exist anymore. that's the water shed moment and that's the question before the american people. are you willing to fight for it? are you willing to maintain democracy? are you going to reject the attempt to overturn our democracy that some republicans have been so brazen about. a year and a half ago kevin mack -- mccarthy got up and gave a speech and called me out by name saying i was one of the people that helped to hold the house chamber and keep it from the rioters. fast forward to this year and the republican party puts out a statement calling it legitimate
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political discourse. that's how they're trying to whitewash this. we cannot allow that to happen so we know what we're dealing with and we can stop it. >> congressman, thank you for being here. i know days like this must be pretty hard. >> what's hard is for the officers who didn't make it and their families. join us. and still ahead, the police investigation into the uvalde school shooting. with the testimony taking place behind closed doors, will the public ever know? and donald trump and his two eldest children are now scheduled to testify for new york attorney general la tischia james. what they are doing to try to get out of it. plus more than a dozen pga tour
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the house passed more gown legislation voting through a large package. of the bill goes to the senate and it will stay there because it will be block b republicans.
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there is still some hope, though, for something to get passed, albeit a more modern set of regulations. on jimmy kimmel last night he explained why he will not -- will not issue an order. >> i don't want to emulate trump's abuse of the constitution and presidential authority. the republicans don't play square. if we do the same thing they do, our democracy will be in jeopardy. >> it was announced that students will not be returning to robb elementary. they will be moving to a nearby school while the future of the robb campus is discussed. joining me is guad venegas and
11:23 am
sahil kapur. it is still new that there is a bipartisan group of senators that are still negotiating this, it's not dead in the water yet. >> this bipartisan group is hoping to have a framework for a deal in the coming days. one of the things that is the holdup is they want everything agreed to before they announce it. they have general agreement on issues like school safety, more money for that, more money for mental health. they agree on the need for more red flag flaws. they're going to structure it as an incentive to states. and keeping out extreme protective orders, keeping guns away from those dangerous to themselves. one specific issue is background
11:24 am
chebs. they are looking at putting juvenile records into the background checks. they've had issues in their younger years and that's not part of the background system. and there is some desire to change the definition of who is, quote unquote, in the business of selling firearms. you have hobbyists not required to do a background check. why are republicans participating this time when they have blocked gun control and gun safety efforts in the past? they're feeling the heat. ion john cornyn is the lead negotiator. listen to what he had to say. >> i do believe there is a sense of urgency not only in congress but in the white house and across the country. we've all heard from our constituents who are in anguish over what has happened in uvalde
11:25 am
and elsewhere. the cry is to do something. >> reporter: what's behind that sense of urgency, katy, a recent poll by a 5-1 margin americans want gun laws to become more strict, not less strict. >> 5 to 1, wow. raising the age limit to buy a semiautomatic weapon, is that on the table? >> no, it's not. four of the five republicans are retiring. other petitions not on the table are a ban on semiautomatic assault weapon, not going to happen, high capacity magazines, not on the table. and even universal background checks not on the table. republicans are walking a really fine line here between pro gun voters and activists.
11:26 am
democrats have decided it better to take a modest win rather than to use the image to try to bludgeon republicans. >> modest is the word for that. guad, there's an investigation into the officer response in uvalde but it's going to be behind closed doors. what can you tell us? >> reporter: katy, so this is a different investigation. let's start by saying that there's three different things going on so that people can keep track. we have the first investigation by texas state authorities. yesterday the department of justice announced a team that will be conducting a review of what happened and now today we have texas state representatives meeting, this is the investigative committee, meeting in austin to interview and hear testimonies from some of the officers, law enforcement, they have details, they understand the circumstances of what happened the day that they waited outside while kids were calling 911. as you mentioned, those
11:27 am
testimonies are in private but the legislators did speak before the testimonies began sharing some information. here's part of that. >> we're in the process of developing a list of actions we can take to strengthen security on all of our campuses. in addition, law enforcement officers have been assigned to each campus during summer school and it is our goal to hire additional officers to be assigned to each campus from the upcoming school year. >> katy, that was sound from the school superintendent who also spoke today in a press conference sharing details for the students that has to do with the school moving forward, robb elementary. at this investigative committee hearing they said as the investigation is conducted, that might take time for texas state investigators to have a final conclusion and inform the public of what they found. but as that goes on, legislators can or there's a possibility
11:28 am
that they will update the public and inform what it is that they found after they end these hearings where they obtain the testimony from the officers. >> thank you very much. and will they or won't they? the trump family agreed to go under oath with new york attorney general leticia james but why that may or may not happen. r may not happen replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go. hey businesses! you all deserve something epic!
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because while you're getting creative, walmart is doing what we always do. keeping prices low for you every day. so you can save money and live better. ♪ committee on january 6th is unlike any other committee in american history. in fact, it is the most political and lease legitimate committee in american history. it has used congressional subpoenas to attack republicans, violate due process and infringe on the political speech of private citizens. >> in remarks earlier this afternoon, house republican leader kevin mccarthy accused the january 6th committee of choosing partisan politics over
11:33 am
the, quote, real issues impacting americans. it was a far cry from the mccarthy who demanded accountability after the days after the insurrection in audio we heard a little bit earlier. joining me is washington correspondent and moderator of "washington week," and to be fair i think democrats are focusing on kitchen table issues that kevin mccarthy was talking about. this is something altogether separate in addition to that. i want to play video from one of the victims of the january 6th insurrection. here is how who responded to that charge. >> these people are still
11:34 am
conspiring. they talk about it all the time. they're getting -- even the ones we've arrested in jail are talking amongst themselves, becoming further radicalized, concerned about inflation, gas prices, that's reasonable to be concerned about because it impacts you today, i get that. but this is going -- has the potential to impact you in a much more severe way down the line. so it's important that we look it in the face now and address it now before it happens again and potentially happens with a worse outcome. >> you're saying take care of it now because it will be worse later if you ignore it. how is the committee going to walk that tightrope? >> it is a core question before this committee, how do you make this hearing matter? how do you make americans who are distracted and are really just trying to survive and thrive in america, how do you focus them on democracy? lawmakers say they think these hearings will change history, they set a really high bar for themselves.
11:35 am
what lawmakers want to do is say they're going to have new materials, new evidence, playing really, really important testimony and they're going to be brings witnesses forward. they're really trying to break through to americans. i was walking around d.c. today and i asked a voter are you going to be watching the hearings, what are you going to be looking out for? the person said "what hearings?" and i asked what they would be talking about and they said gas prices. people are not focused on this. democrats are saying this is really about american democracy almost being brought to its knees. it's not the future of american democracy, you see so many republican election deniers now winning elections. they think this will be a committee hearing will happen, it will be talked about for a while and come the mid-term
11:36 am
elections people will forget about it. >> it's kind of like talking about climate change, it feels so far away, so distant from us. everything has been fine up until now. this is the same, democracy has been fine until now, it's hard to focus on it. that's what it feels like. i want to ask you about liz cheney. she's been ostracized from the republican party, facing a primary in wisconsin. what does being a part of this committee mean for her? she's voted very conservatively. she's got an extremely conservative -- >> quickly, you have your wrong w state. it wyoming. it's true liz cheney has been one of the most conservative republicans and then she voted to impeach trump and she wasn't quiet about calling him out for lying about the elections and she then graciously, willingly
11:37 am
accepted a top role on the january 6th committee. back home in wyoming where it's a very republican state and it speaks to what yamiche is talking about, she's perceived by those republican voters as paying more attention to what's important in washington than what's important to them there. i'm not saying that. be clear, i'm not saying that's not what's important but this is what polls are saying. hageman is now ahead by 28 points, a 20-point increase. liz cheney only is drawing about 26% of the electorate there, 28% or so and that's problematic for her and most republicans that you talk to there who understand how elections work in wyoming think that the race is kind of baked. >> that is really difficult
11:38 am
polling. and we'll see if this holds. that is quite a large gap between liz cheney and her opponent, harriet hageman. and donald trump and his two oldest children are now scheduled to testify next month as part of the new york attorney general's investigation into the family's business practices. the former president, donald trump jr. and ivanka trump will testify beginning july 15th. according to a court order, they will have a week to complete their depositions and will testify separately. they are still trying to avoid having to do so at all by seeking a stay from the court of appeals. letitia james' alle gagss say they deflighted and deflighted financial documents as necessary. the former president has called the a.g.'s investigation a, quote, witch hunt. coming up, we'll go live to los
11:39 am
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11:44 am
biden expressed his economic optimism in remarks to ceos at the ninth summit of the americas in los angeles. he'll address the dozens of other world leaders today. that event is off to a, quote, rocky start. a number of other latin american leaders, including the president of mexico, sent proxies to the event instead. and it could put a damper on cooperation on climate change and immigration. joining me is jose diaz balart. talk to me about what it means and why mexico decided to stay on the sidelines. >> that's a great question, katy. good afternoon. the presidents mexico has decided if cuba wasn't invited to the summit of the americas, it based on democratic countries
11:45 am
and institutions in uk will the. take a look at the number of countries that are sending representatives to the summit of americas, including presidents as far down as chile. and very concrete things are coming out of this conference, katy. the biden administration will be announcing the los angeles declaration on immigration, support for countries impacted by refugees and migration. $300 million in regional security assistance, $1 billion to private enterprise money sent. and the president of mexico says it's not enough. bob menendez is said to be the person who threatened cuba being removed from the invited guest
11:46 am
list. listen to what senator bob menendez said this morning. >> i think that he basically tried to blackmail president biden. instead of coming to the summit and strengthening relations with the united states after four years of donald trump he chose to stay away and side with dictators and despots. the first summit was in 1994, president clinton held that one. i had the opportunity then to speak with one of the stars of that conference about what she had asked the presidents to do. >> reporter: the conversation of the night is what one floridian, known as the queen of latin music, what she said to the 42nd president. quick exclusive with you. >> in english? >> reporter: let's try in
11:47 am
english. >> remember my english is not very good. >> reporter: it's very good. in your song you said what? >> i said be our president. don't help castro anymore because we want castro leave cuba and we want cuba. >> 28 years ago to that first conference where cuba was not invited. katy, i don't know about you but when i see what 28-year-old videotape i think i was sporting the quality hair-do that night. >> high husband will like that you said that. i thought you looked very handsome, my friend. and the charm that you exude in that interview is just who you are. you're a charming, wonderful, loving man and a decent reporter, might i say. thank you very much. >> and coming up next, how saudi arabia is dividing the world of professional golf. essional golf.
11:48 am
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11:52 am
join. they were asked to explain their involvement given saudi arabia's human rights abuses. >> i don't, i don't condone human rights violations at all. nobody here does. throughout the world and i'm certainly aware what has happened and i think it's terrible. >> is there any way you wouldn't play on a moral basis if the money was right. >> i don't want to answer that question. >> if there's a pay increase, you know, then at my age, it would be stupid not to take it. >> wow. just as the events began, the pga tour indefinitely suspended all 17 golfers who defected. joining me now is reporter for
11:53 am
nbc sports, jimmy roberts. he's covered golf for well over 30 years. this is a really interesting story because at the heart of it is just how much money do you need in order to not care about some pretty terrible stuff. >> yeah, that's certainly one way to look at it. i would imagine that first of all, this is not unprecedented. i've been hearing this discussion about this new golf tour and the objections and human rights abuses. it makes me think back 40 years to when an event was held in south africa called the million dollar challenge. at that point, south africa had been condemned by the united nations, actually 20 years before for its human rights abuses, yet they staged a golf tournament and some of the biggest names in golf went and there was a little bit of an uproar at the time, but jack
11:54 am
nicklaus, lee trevino, jack floyd, they went and survived it. i'm not sure that this is something new, but in this day andage, you know, the news zych cycle and hyper skrut scrutinization -- >> i think greg norman when asked about it, he said we all make mistakes. let me ask you about the suspensions. the pga tour was clear about not wanting these players to go over. are these indefinite suspensions? is there room for them to come back? >> not sure. you know, not sure. i think the pga tour is fighting for its business model and they're going to do whatever is necessary to protect their product. pga tour has done great good for a long, long time. raised billions of dollars of charity. a lot of money in the pockets of
11:55 am
a lot of professional golfers and i think that they're, they perceive this as a significant threat and they're going to do whatever is necessary. >> are they going to up the purse? because liv offering a $25 million purse. 4 million for the winner. last place getting 120,000. are there some tournaments here that you don't get anything if you're a last place finisher. are we going to see them dole out more cash to these players? >> listen, for a long, long time, the pga tour has been steadfast about not offering appearance money. just guaranteed money for anybody who shows up. there are other tours in the world that do. the pga tour has long considered itself a meritocracy. if you play well, you'll be handsomely compensated. i think this will force them to ask some questions. i'm not really sure what they'll do, but you know, wouldn't surprise me if some things
11:56 am
change. >> it is a really interesting story and my apologies for the ambulance behind me. it will pass in a second. there it goes. >> just as long as you're not going to bring up any 28-year-old video of me. that's okay. >> no, i will not. i promise. wouldn't imagine you did anything terrible 28 years ago. thank you so much. you can hear all the updates from your favorite hosts with tune in. scan the qr code. get to your screen fast. scan it right now. it's not even on the screen. before we go, quick programming note. more special coverage of the first january 6th hearing tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern, i will be joined by andrea mitchell and hallie jackson. we're going to do it together. at 3:00, hallie jackson will pick up our coverage, next. cksol pick up our coverage, next moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill,
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