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tv   The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  June 10, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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good evening once again. i'm ste ny rooul. tonight the january 6th committee had the first of the public hears and abundantly clear, our democracy remains in danger. we will speak with committee member jamie ras kin, with never before seen before from trump's inner circle including attorney
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general bill barr and former president trump's daughter ivanka trump and disturbing footage of the violent attack that took place on the capitol, the committee made out exactly how the hearings will show that this was a culmination of an ateamed coup and they say the former president was at the absolute epicenter of it all. here is some of what we saw. >> donald trump, the president of the united states, spurred a mob of domestic enemies of the constitution, to march down the capitol and subvert american democracy. >> i made it cleardy not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out this stuff which i told the president was bullshit. >> i respected attorney general barr so i accepted what he said and was saying. >> president trump assembled a mob, assembled a mob and lit the flame of this attack. >> president trump is wrong. i had no right to overturn the
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election. >> pat cipollone threatened to resign. >> i kind of took it up to whining to be honest with you. >> for everyone who didn't understand how violent that event was, i saw it, i documented it, and i experienced it. >> hold the line, hold the line. all pd step back to the upper deck. >> i saw friends with blood all over their faces. i was slipping in people's blood. >> these were peaceful people. these were great people. the crowd was unbelievable. and the love in the air, i never have seen anything like it. >> tonight, i say this to my republican colleagues. you are defending the indefensible. there will come a day when donald trump is gone. but your dishonor will remain. >> and that was just a bit of what we saw. with that, let's get smart wer
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the help of our lead-off panel this evening. jackie, congressional investigations reporter, for the "washington post," and the msnbc contributor, she was in the room during tonight's hearing. and i want to bring in former missouri senator and msnbc political analyst claire mccaskill. and former acting solicitor general during the obama administration who has argued dozens of cases before the supreme court. night one is done. it was brutal and damning for anyone associated with the insurrection, with trying to overturn the election, or even push the big lie. do you think the committee did their job? >> i think the committee did a great job tonight. i thought liz cheney was particularly strong. she laid out the case, i think neil will back me up here, it was an elegant and thorough opening statement. the jury, which is the american public, heard very clearly what donald trump did in terms of the big lie and what was really
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compelling about it, stephanie, is for the first time, we saw bill barr say that trump's big lie was bullshit, and i'm quoting here, and anyone get mad at me, i'm quoting the tape, we heard his daughter saying my dad is a liar, that's what she essentially said, she believed bill barr, and so when you have that on tape, that really sets the table that what this man did around the election was try to lie to the american people to hold on to power, and there's nothing more unamerican than than. >> among many other reasons, is that why fox news didn't air it tonight? is that why republicans don't want us to watch? how do they push the big lie tomorrow after america just saw bill barr say it was bullshit. >> i think they didn't want to show it because it is, first of all, very implicating, i mean they talked about sean hannity's texts, we know that other hosts were texting, saying, have him
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do something, and they know that trump did nothing. trump was sitting in that dining room watching those television screens with the violence unfolding. >> smiling. >> smiling, thinking it was perfect. with no attempt made to stop the violence or the mayhem that was going on. >> and what did his first-born daughter say. i believe bill barr. jackie, you have been covering this from the start, you were in the room tonight, tell us what it was like especially when the video was playing. >> yes, stephanie, it was a heavy night all around. lots of new information came at people in the audience that left tears flowing and mouths open, at some points. i think the less, during the moments where lawmakers weren't talking i think were the most powerful moments ultimately. when we heard directly from people like caroline edwards who described in really shocking and
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graphic detail about watching her colleague capitol police officer brian sicknick in his final moments who later passed the next day, in what was perhaps the most chilling moment throughout the entire hearing, her voice was quivering at times and walked the audience watching him turn as pale as a sheet of paper and that was blacked out in a concussion, woke up being out of consciousness and ran over to the west capitol from the bike racks and shortly thereafter, she was tear-gassed, she described losing her vision and continued to describe a war scene and walked the audience through a steady voice, and people around here bleeding, throwing up and slipping in people's blood is what she told the crowd this evening. it was moments like that, that
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were really gripping, seeing that footage firsthand, the hearing was overall very visual, heavy, and i think that that was, you know, i think that if the committee is able to break through to portions of the american electorate, that maybe aren't paying attention, it is those kinds of things that the video montage of the most violent episodes of the insurrection and the really chilling and just sad testimony from people like caroline edwards that are going, to that is ultimately going to break through. >> caroline edwards, a police officer, not a politician. from a legal perspective, what was your take-away. what happens next? >> well, i mean i think first of all, just for bill barr he impacted as attorney general and for those who have doubts about the hearings, the question, what would happen if the committee didn't have this hearing tonight, if congress never got a chance to speak for itself, and the hearings are about, as you
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say, legal issues and the perpetrators but they're also a chance for congress to draw a line in the sand and announce that violence against our democracy will never, never be met with silence. now, legally, you know, a crime requires two things, it requires criminal intent and requires a criminal act and for criminal intent the mens rea was established today i think with respect to donald trump and powerful ways. donald trump was told repeatedly, he lost the election. he was told by his data people. he was told it by bill barr. the vaunted attorney general. and most devastatingly his own daughter thought so and agreed with bill barr and called it bullshit and if bill barr knows about anything, he knows about bullshit and with respect to the criminal act, it was so powerful, when liz cheney went through this and said donald trump never called anyone. he sat by, while the capitol was
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under attack. didn't call the military. didn't call the national guard. didn't call the justice department. didn't call homeland security. instead, it took to pence and others to do that. and so look, i think liz chinay in particular tonight was -- liz cheney in particular tonight was beyond outstanding, i think i'm a pretty good lawyer but she rivals anything i've seen in any courtroom anywhere and to cross party lines and to do that, i got to say, if this country is going to make it through, and get and transcend this ridiculous partisanship, it is acts like that. and i'm saying this about someone who used to call me, called the number of the justice department al qaeda and all sorts of nonsense and nonsense in the past but tonight, it was exactly right on. >> did the american people realize that, about liz cheney, because liz cheney has been painted as this anti-trump politician, she's a true conservative republican.
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we're talking about dig cheney's daughter. and before the insurrection, she voted with donald trump over 90% of the time. and so besides laying out a really good case tonight, did she lay out a case that reminded america that this is about democracy, not politics. >> i think she is the one who has constantly pointed out this is about the constitution, that she is not going against donald trump, she is not going in favor of the democrats, she is there for the constitution. and i thought she did an elegant job of doing that tonight. and i think people do need to realize, this is an act of political courage for her, because she is not from a state that she can get by if some democrats vote for her, she's in a state where 70% of the people in her state are republicans. there's no way there's enough democrats, if every single democrat shut up and voted for her, i don't think there would be enough to get her over the top if in fact trump's pick in wyoming ends up having the kind of vote totals it looks like she has right now.
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so the point is, history is going to be kind to liz cheney. history is going to be cruel to other republicans. >> will history, will republicans be kind to liz cheney? we're not about to see republicans stand up and say hey, we just watched the first hearing, trump's a bad guy, we're with liz, however, are you going to see the national gop maybe start to dial back, they have been pushing hard against liz cheney for the last year 1/2. >> no way, especially with what she said last night. she is the one who called out republicans and trump will be gone and dishonor will stay. she is going for it and i don't think the other republicans will bring her back in the fold. she's out there by herself. >> she's not out there by herself. >> she's out there with the constitution. >> she's out there with the constitution. the constitution has stood a lot longer than the rest of us. neil, watching this footage, how can you say this is anything but domestic terrorism?
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if this isn't domestic terrorism, i have no idea what is. >> i completely agree, steph, i don't think there is a question about this, i think if you are trying to defend these folks you are having a really hard time, i think one of the things that i like about what the committee did though, they took the easy case that domestic terrorism stuff, they didn't dwell on it, they showed us all of the things, and even folks like us, who watched this stuff a lot, need to be reminded of just how horrific it was. but then they linked it to a larger story a larger story about donald trump, in particular, and that weaving they did of first person testimony and the tiktok, along with trump's statements, i thought, was particularly brilliant. just the other thing i want to say about history and the conversation you were having a moment ago, i don't think it is liz cheney and history, and memory is not an automatic process, we remember because people like liz cheney fight to preserve the truth for the
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history books. no matter what the personal cost. is and i'm, so you know, we can't follow, we have to follow her lead, we can't rely on somebody sitting in a library one day to uncover the truth. so what this committee was doing, what she is doing, is bringing that out for the history books. not for her. but for all of us and our children. >> jackie, it wasn't dangerous what they did, it was wildly stupid. when you watch those insurrections, they were doing so themselves, i think if i robbed a bank, i would be sneaking in with a bag over my head and jumping into a get away car. did they believe that donald trump was going to save them? it's amazing. it is like some of that footage we watched was theres? >> i think they did believe and that's why many of them have gone to prison over the former president's orders. you heard in that last montage that the committee showed, to conclude the hearing, insurrectionists in their own words saying that they thought
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that president trump arrested them, should go to the capitol, to committee these crimes, and they were just following through his orders. but one of the lines that stood out to me most textually throughout the hearing is nick said, the documentary film maker, who was imbedded with enrique tarrio the leader of the proud boys and with far right extremists on the date of january 6th and after he had this violent and bloody day im bedded with them, and documenting what they were doing, he said that they went and got some tacos, post-insurrection. and to me, that really drove home this idea that the insurrection was just happening in plain sight. these people were not worried about, with the exception of enrique tarrio who at that point in time was already a target for law enforcement, they were proudly posting on the internet,
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and making very clear what they had been doing. and it wasn't until really in the aftermath did some have the realization what what they had done was wrong and some still continue to deny what they did was wrong, but just on the topic of liz cheney, the other line that really stuck with me as well during this hearing was when she said there will come a point when donald trump is gone, and your dishonor will remain. to me, that's the top three of the lines that i think we heard this evening. >> let's talk about that point when donald trump, do you think a criminal case against trump was laid out? >> i do. i absolutely do. as i say, it requires those two things, criminal intent, and a bad criminal act. and both of those i think were at least if not met tonight, enough evidence to really say to the justice department, you have to open an investigation. if you don't have one already. against donald trump. we know there's an investigation
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generally about january 6th. and we know the attorney general has said to follow the evidence wherever it leads, charge anyone, no matter what their position or responsibility had been, but i think now, the evidence is really, they have laid out in a really careful way what that case against trump looks like, if building on, with the decision by a federal judge, a few months ago, in california, judge carter, who wrote a lengthy opinion, saying, after reviewing the evidence, that congress put before him, he said it is more likely than not that donald trump committed serious felonies on january 6th, and my fervent hope is if this were anyone else, there would be an obvious criminal investigation going on right now at the justice dep, and just because you have a president who doesn't, a former president who didn't make you above the law, and we're not going to prosecute for something, investigate or prosecute for something like this, what are we ever going to prosecute for? what is there that's more
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important than this? >> claire, i'm not sure which network he was watching but i'm 100% sure mitch mcconnell was tuned in. what do you think? he is not a friend of donald trump. >> he can't stand donald trump. hates him. he is worried about the candidates and making it harder to take the power and what he is thinking, i hope gas prices stay high. that's what he was thinking because he wants to distract the american public from the reality of what we saw tonight. and how complicit they all are in allowing trump to remain in this lock-grip position of power within their party and i think he's hoping that the high gas prices and the inflationary pressures in our economy will be enough to make people forget and change out -- >> it's politics. >> and do you think it's successful? i know we're out of time but i have to ask, take me to missouri. take me to missouri. that's your state tonight.
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not people who are hard red or hard blue, take me to your average family in missouri. are they watching? >> first of all, -- no, most of them aren't because my state has become very, very trumped. it is very, he is a very popular guy in missouri. and the vast majority of republicans call themselves trump republicans in missouri. so most of them were not watching. and most of them would tell you with a straight face that the election was stolen and donald trump won it. >> well, then i'm glad you spend a whole lot of time here in new york city, claire mccaskill, thank you all very much. coming up jamie ras kin here to share his thoughts on tonight's hearing. his take away on what they accomplish and what is yet to be done. the 11th hour just getting under way on this very important thursday night. way on this veryt thursday night
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there's a reason why people serving in our government take
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an oath to the constitution. as our founding fathers recognized, democracy is fragile. people in positions of public trust are duty-bound to defend it. to step forward when action is required. in our country, we don't swear an oath to an individual or a political party. we take our oath to defend the united states constitution. and that oath must mean something. tonight, i say this to my republican colleagues. you are defending the indefensible. there will come a day when donald trump is gone. that your dishonor will remain. >> a very powerful message from the january 6th committee vice chair liz cheney and another member joins us now maryland congressman jamie raskin, also the lead impeachment manager in trump's second impeachment trial. and thanks for joining us tonight, i know it has been a busy one but it is done, i'm
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quite sure your democratic colleagues have called you saying it was a great night but what i really want to know, has any republican called you tonight? >> i do not appear to have any texts or, emails from republican colleagues, other than liz and adam, i think. >> i want you to think back in time, when you decided to become a lawmaker, did you ever think that there would come a day that there would be a violent attack by americans on our capitol and the president of the united states would do absolutely nothing to stop it? because that's what you laid out for us tonight. >> the whole thing is surreal, if you can re-wind the days before trump was elected, in 2016. because none of us ever expected a violent assault on congress in order to seize the presidency, and steal a presidential
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election. but that's what we all live through so it was kind of traumatizing to be thrust back into that immediate period. but i think that the country come to its senses when people remember how utterly strange this is. can you imagine any president of the united states, from the very beginning, you know, washington and adams and jefferson and madison and monroe and john quincy adams, all the way up through barack obama, you know, the bushes and clintons, you can imagine any president who would watch what we put on the hearing tonight, and react with anything other than absolute horror and shock? and yet, we've got a former president who not only his base, his whole political ideology around a lie, based his whole political ideology around a lie, a big lie, that he is the president and won the election
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and it has been stolen from him, but continues to propound that, and prop gan dize his followers with lies and so they're in absolute denial of all of the facts and the realities that we just made available for the entire american public to see. >> in get, given that, frustrating over and over, what's the program like, will it captivate an audience, will it keep our attention, you just laid it for the american people, isn't it incumbent upon us to care about democracy, this isn't the finale of the sopranos you're putting on here. >> well, hey, i so appreciate that question, after so many media people, you know, want to know, how exciting and how compelling and how news breaking and all of the bombshells and all of that stuff and i appreciate what you're saying because the reality of the situation is just clear, we had a president of the united states who tried to overthrow the
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presidential election, that you lost in, that he lost in, and he tried seven different things that we're going to lay out in minute detail for people, but it ended up with a violent mob insurrection attack on the capitol itself. and an attempt to coerce the vice president of the united states to step outside of his constitutional role, to nullify electoral college votes that had been sent in by tens of millions of americans. so it was a total assault on our constitutional order, and people are asking for more excitement, and you know, what do you have next time? so in any event, we are going to lay out, with just documentary specificity in this country all of these efforts to set aside the constitutional order, overthrow the presidential election, and seize the presidency. and we're going to show what the
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inevitable result of that kind of auto cratic and authoritarian attitude is which is violence and we have to ask ourselves as a country is, this what we want in the 21st century to be like. do we want coups and insurrections? do we want civil war? do we want blood shed in the state capital, school board meetings and so on, and people understand the way that donald trump used these domestic violence extremist groups and they have used him, too and grown in power and they could only gain 500 people in the unite the right rally in charlottesville and now the vanguard storm trooper in the march of tens of thousands of people that turned into a mobbed insurrection that nearly toppled the government of the united states and overthrew an election, that is a pretty heady experience for these people. but we've got to make sure that's the end of it, and that we're not going to dissolve into
1:29 am
violent clans all over america. that can't be the future of the greatest multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious constitutional democrat cracy that ever existed. we've got to keep growing as a democracy, so we've got to fortify, our institutions. >> but sir, this isn't a trial. what can we do? what everyone saw tonight is as awful as you could possibly imagine, what can the committee recommend, because that's what you can do, what can the committee recommend that would prevent another january 6th? >> we're going to have the very broad series of recommendations, we haven't settled all of them yet, but some of the prominent things that are being discussed are amendments to the electoral counteract, to make sure that nobody can nullify the popular vote of the people in the states, within the electoral college system.
1:30 am
there are those of us who have believed that the electoral college system itself is a danger, and certainly a threat to democratic values, and that, i don't know whether we will be able to get unanimity in the committee around that, but i think everyone should agree that we need to agree to defend the right to vote at every level and defend our elections against proliferating efforts at subverting election integrity taking place by a lot of states around the union and we got to work on that and there are things that we can do, obviously, to physically fortify the capitol, so that, you know, certainly the windows should be shatter-proof, so extremists don't think that we're a soft target, in that way, and you know, there will be a whole series of things that we can do, and i think we will take effective action here, but ultimately, democracy is in the hands of the people all over america, and we've got fortify
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democratic values in every state of the union. >> i know i'm out of time but then i have to ask, you can make recommendations, you know who can go further, the department of justice, you went to harvard law, merrick garland was watching tonight. did you lay out enough that the department of justice will simply have to act now? >> well, we're furnishing greater and greater specificity. in fact, we're detailed to the kinds of things that judge carter in california said months ago now, justified the belief that donald trump likely had committed federal offenses. and he laid them out, you know, donald trump was likely involved in the experience to interfere with the federal proceeding, a conspiracy to defraud the people of america, of our election, look, i think that the most effective thing that we did this evening was to demonstrate beyond any doubt in anybody's mind that all of this was basis
1:32 am
based on donald trump's determination to keep the presidency, based on a big lie, because the claims of electoral fraud and corruption, irregularity were all thrown out by more than 60 federal and state court including eight judges donald trump nominated himself and they were rejected by every federal department that donald trump went to. and yet, his hell-bent determination on staying in office is what made this whole sequence of horrific events unfold. >> congressman, thank you for joining me tonight. i know it has been a very long day. congressman jamie raskin from the state of maryland, thank you. coming up, we'll have more of what we heard from the former president's inner circle, right there on the screen right now, you're looking at the first daughter, and senior adviser, ivanka trump, and you know who she believed? bill barr, not her father. and why all of this matters when the "the 11th hour" continues. sn the "the 11th hour" continues.
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we told the president in no uncertain terms that i did not see evidence of fraud. and that would have affected the outcome of the election. and frankly, a year and a half later i haven't seen anything to change my mind on that. >> what was your perspective about the election and when attorney general barr made that
1:38 am
statement. >> it affected my perspective. i respected attorney general barr so i accepted what he was saying. >> some of the most powerful elements of tonight's committee presentation come from those very people. the former president's most loyal allies including the attorney general and his daughter. with us tonight, msnbc political contributor matthew dowd, former george w. bush strategist and founder of "country over party" and former republican congressman carlos cavello a member of the republican conference for the first two years of the trump presidency. matt, what does this do to the power and brand of trump moving forward, pushing the big lie, looking to run again, when we have all of this footage of the inner circle saying he was full of it. >> i think america has become bigger than donald trump and i
1:39 am
think obviously people need to be held accountable and that's a step in that, and in order to get there, you have to have truth and accountability and then you can get to a point where we all want where the country can reconcile and we can get past this, you know, nonmilitarized civil war that we're in right now at this point, so what happened at the capitol in my view is as bad as anything in our country has had since the civil war, since the opening shot was civil war. i think this virus, or this cancer has festered in the republican party, so now, that if donald trump went away, it's still a problem, because there's still a majority of the republican party that believes in the big lie, that pushes us more towards autocracy each day, that doesn't seem to have an allegiance to the constitution, in the course of this, and so yes, we absolutely need to do this, for pos parrot, we absolutely do need -- pos tear ty, we absolutely do need to keep our eye on the ball in threats to our dem cres, including this one and our
1:40 am
ongoing threats to our democracy, but the problem is much deeper now than donald trump, it has festered in a major political party and that's troublesome for our country. >> not long ago, both of you were proud members of that party. carlos, take me to those who know better. we see in that new video staff members, staff members on kevin mccarthy's team, running for their lives. and now the guy who they work for is trying to discredit the whole thing. >> we heard kevin mccarthy's own words immediately after the -- >> you know these people. what are they saying behind closed doors. they're in a bar right now watching this. what are they saying? are they going to work tomorrow, saying okay, we're done. >> anyone who talks to most republicans in private, they all agree that this was a big lie, they agree with ivanka trump. or anyone who has any doubt, i think tonight, the fact that the president's daughter does not believe him i mean that should
1:41 am
answer any question, or any doubt that anyone has, and these house republicans almost all of them, i'm not going to say all of them, there may be a handful of true believers there but almost all of them know that this is a massive lie. they know it led to this horrible insurrection, this mob that attacked the capitol, they're just trying to survive, they put their political survival above the truth. but to differ with matt a little bit, i do think the tide is turning. we didn't get to talk about it much because of uvalde, understandably but what happened in georgia is a big deal, the truth won over trump's lie in georgia. we saw that in california in tuesday's primary. the tide is turning and the truth is gaining ground. >> if the tide is turning, rafrz won, brian kemp won and who is standing up with them, mike pence, will he testify before
1:42 am
the committee, unlikely. >> i don't know if he will testify before the committee, but he has spoken before the american people, he has told the american people that donald trump lied. he is lined up with liz cheney, with adam kinzinger, with mitch mcconneller to a lesser degree, mcconnell has also said, by the way mcconnell has not dismissed this country, mcconnell has said that his work is important and he was looking forward to it. >> mr. dowd, i looked at video saying hang mike pence with wooden nooses framed hanging, and does d-mike pence say this is wrong, i don't think i've heard it. >> i criticize mike pence how much he has acquiesced to donald trump the last five or six years and i think in this instance, he did stand strong, you have to give him credit, he stood strong as the committee laid out, he stood strong under immense pressure from the president of the united states and a number of other republicans that mike pence wants to be friends with,
1:43 am
if he has any political future, mike pence in that moment, you can criticize him for a lot of other things, he stood strong in the midst of that. i do think, and listen, i'm with carlos, i look for any ray of light that there's rationality in the republican party and that it will return to a rational political party that actually believes in true conservative principles and the constitution, and i look for any ray, and i think georgia is a rark the problem is there is a lot more rays of darkness. my mean what happened in, basically, a big lie supporter is the nominee of the republicans in pennsylvania. jd vance is the nominee, a big lie supporter, the nominee for u.s. senate in ohio. so look what is going on in michigan. we have a secretary of state candidate who is a nut, the republicans can't seem to get out of fraud for governor, the attorney general candidate pushed the big lie, donald trump endorsed him, in all of this, so yes, let's look for the rays of light. the problem is that the republican leaders in congress are more concerned as carlos
1:44 am
said about their political future and leaders are supposed to lead people, they're not just supposed to follow the worst instincts of people, and today, the worst instincts of people are being reflected by the leadership in the republican party, not all, but by the leadership of the republican party, and that is a problem. they're not telling the truth to their voters, overwhelmingly, they're not telling the truth to their voters. >> well, mike pence did certify the election, brian kemp stood against trump, brad raffensperger stood against trump and joe biden. >> liz cheney. >> both of these guests are staying with us. we'll take a quick break. uests staying with us. we'll take a quick break
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back with us, matthew dowd, carlos curbelo, before i cut you off before the break, you had a shout-out to liz cheney, pretty far behind in the polls of wyoming, what she has done for the american people tonight is, that going to help or hurt her? >> well, i mean i think liz cheney's goal is public service. i worked with liz cheney in 2000 and 2004, and i've had criticisms of liz cheney, relating to the iraq war and a number of other things i've had of her, but i think she much more worried, i mean much more concerned about how, what happens with our democracy and our constitution than her political life. i don't, i mean she is behind, as far as i can tell, she is behind, i don't dismiss the odds of her winning in that, i think
1:50 am
her appeal to principled conservatism is still boding well, but as i said earlier, she knows she is putting her political life on the line in doing this on behalf of the constitution of the united states of america, and our democracy. and she's willing to lose her office because that's not the most important thing she holds dear. what she holds dear is our country. >> she would rather stand for the constitution than wyoming. carlos, when you watch tonight, it is unclear if it helped the committee or if it helped democrats but it definitively did not help donald trump. if you're in florida tonight, that's your home state, if you're ron desantis, are you watching this and seeing the lane get even clearer or wider for you to take on trump in 2024? >> tonight was -- >> as democrats, laid out a whole lot of attack ads tonight. >> tonight was definitely a great night for any rival of donald trump within the republican party. they won't criticize him publicly, they don't want to be
1:51 am
associated with the committee because they don't like the way nancy pelosi put it together, but tonight was embarrassing for donald trump, to have his daughter on national television, calling him a liar, essentially, siding with bill barr, who said what trump was repeating was bs, i mean for ron desantis, this is a wonderful night. this weakens trump. it diminishes him. so desantis rode the trump wave, he's gotten off now, probably at the right time. >> matthew, do you think enough american people care about this? >> well, i think that's up to us, in part, that's up to the candidates running, to make the argument about what this election is about, i think. i actually think that the direction of this committee was less about 150 million voters or 110 million voters, it was more about how all of us, what level of importance we put on certain
1:52 am
issues. and i get inflation is troublesome and i get that the price of gasoline is not going in the right direction, but if you look at the hierarchy of issues, our democracy should be above those. >> okay, i -- >> that's the argument they're making. >> i didn't ask should. when you walk into a bar in texas tomorrow night and the guy sitting next to you, is he talking about the hearing or the gas prices? >> he will talk about the tex rangers or the houston astros in all likelihood, that's what he is going to be talking about, or hoping the dallas cowboys could somehow pull out a season next season, despite all the efforts. that's what they're going to be talking about. but i think it is up to us, and i think it is up to leaders of both political parties as we stand on principle to make an argument over the next 152 days about what this is about. >> well, if they like the cowboys, what do you call the cowboys's america's team, might want to call -- >> i'm not a cowboys fan. i don't care about america's
1:53 am
team. >> matthew and carlos, thank you very much for joining us tonight. i appreciate you being here. coming up, a very timely reminder of what tonight is truly all about. politics, protecting and preserving our democracy. when "the 11th hour" continues. s
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hey, everybody. so i have news, we are going to prove that we had more votes than were reported. >> the last thing before we go tonight, rigged, rinse, repeat. georgia governor gubernatorial candidate, kandiss taylor, she ran on jesus, guns and babies platform. and she lost her primary. 16 days ago. and when i say she lost, she
1:58 am
lost big time. she had 3.4% of the vote. way behind david perdue and way way way behind the incumbent brian kemp. yet, being the trump loyalist that she is, she knew exactly what to do next. she is now refusing to concede, claiming the election was rigged, the campaign spokesperson told the daily beast, quote, we have a last data team working on the 2022 primary election fraud. more will be forth coming. end quote. yeah. here's the thing. she's got a plan to prove that she actually received more votes than the election officials say a big plan. watch this. >> so e.p. voted for me, cast a vote early, he cast a vote on election day, or voted by absentee, i'm going to knee your affidavit, when it is notarized, with your signature, and it's you stating and atesting to the fact that you voted for me, in the republican primary, in 2022,
1:59 am
and that is going to stand up legally. so that actually, they're trying to make me look stupid and it is going to come back to bite them because we're going to have way more than that in affidavits to show that we have more votes than not. >> no, it is not. it is nonsense. it is silly. it is not a foolproof plan. you are going to forget her name tomorrow. i'm going to forget her name in ten minutes. here is why it matters. because in all seriousness while this woman is going to go away, the theatrics she is performing right now, they will not. and that is exactly why these january 6th hearings are so very important to our country. if there are no meaningful consequences for all of the gaslighting, the false claims, for the blatant attempt to overturn elections, even more politicians are going to try to follow donald trump's dangerous plan in the future, and democracy as we know it is on the line. and on that really important and
2:00 am
really serious note, that everyone must care about, i wish you all a very good and very safe night. thank you so much for being here. from all of our colleagues across the networks of nbc news, i thank you for staying up late and i will see all of you at the end of tomorrow. what i saw was just a war scene. it was something like i had seen out of movies. there were officers on the ground, you know, they were bleeding, they were throwing up, they were, you know, they had, i mean i saw friends with blood all over their faces, i was slipping in people's blood. it was carnage. it was chaos. never in my widest dreams did i think that, wildest dreams did i think that as a police officer,


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