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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  June 12, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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perfect storm. >> the enunciation in el paso, we met henna, who did not want to show her face. telling us she and her sons fled columbia and were even kidnapped. >> that was nbc's julia ainsley reporting. a new hour of american voices starts now. >> hello, i'm julián castro in for a leishman and as. addressing gun violence. finally. the senate has reached a bipartisan framework, but will it deliver the true reforms most americans want? also tonight, a new state investigation into the police response in the uvalde shooting. texas state senator roland gutierrez will tell us what he thinks about it. plus, 31 members of a white supremacist group found in the back of a u-haul. now arrested for targeting a pride parade in idaho.
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president biden on the world stage. we hear accomplished at the summit of the americas. when john kirby, a member of the presidents national security team joins us live from the white house. let's begin this hour on capitol hill. today's news of a bipartisan deal on gun reform. it's the latest sign that public pressure is working, and this time it's different. the framework reached and enhanced background checks for 18 to 21-year-olds. incentivizes for states to implement red flag laws. new funding for school safety, mental health and tele-health. clarification of who receives f else. and penalties for struck -- here's what's not in the deal. they would not ban semi automatic weapons or high capacity magazines. it would not raise the age to buy assault weapons. it would not apply universal background checks. make no mistake, this would be a historic achievement. a deal is a deal. sometimes politics is the art
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of the possible. president biden released a statement today saying in part, quote, obviously, it does not do everything that i think is needed, but it reflects important steps in the right direction, and would be the most significant density legislation to pass congress and decades. a lot of people have worked hard to get us here. and will continue to work to get this across the finish line. i don't want to take away from that achievement. i do have questions. first, i wonder if this framework meets the expectations of everyday americans. let's not forget why we are doing all of this. it's been less than three weeks since 19 children and two teachers were killed in their school by a teacher -- by a student with an assault rifle. even those who are supporters of gun rights want to see the age limit to buy an ar-15 raised to 21.
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this framework would not do that. no doubt, there is added pressure to do something. we saw that in the streets this weekend. thousands taking part in the march for our lives rallies across the country. president biden applauded that effort. >> keep watching. support. this has to become an election issue. the way people listen. senators, congressman, people are saying, this is going to affect my vote. >> keep marching. it's an important message, because even with a bipartisan framework in place, there is still work to do. now steph hurts will have to write a bill that could actually get to 60 votes in the senate. that is no easy task. ten republican senators have signed on to this framework. but senator majority leader mitch mcconnell is not among them. we know the republicans won't negotiate until public outrage subsides. then often abandon a deal
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before they've done it. on policing, after the protest of 2020, republicans came to the table and said they wanted to negotiate the george floyd act. here is senator tim stop after meeting floyd's family in 2021. >> did you talk to us about your progress? >> we are making it. >> can you actually see that you're going to reach a compromise? >> i think i should only speak about when i'm completely confident of. i'm confident that we are making progress. >> you remember what happened next? talks collapsed. it has not been two years since george floyd's death, with no congressional legislation on police reform. stained story with the voting rights. senator lisa murkowski led negotiations -- even announcing an agreement. >> i strongly support, and i believe that congress should enact a bipartisan
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reauthorization of the voting rights act. >> but murkowski was the only republican to actually vote for the bill. short of the number needed to break a gop filibuster. so maybe, hopefully, this time will be different on guns. we need it to be. but we also need to stay engaged. to stay motivated. even if this framework passes, there would be more we could do to keep our kids and family safe. as the president said, keep marching. take your anger to the polls this november. let your representatives know this is a tough issue for you. joining me now, an msnbc political analyst, former member of the biden transition team and former under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs in the obama administration. also with us, mariana, congressional reporter for the washington post. thank you all for joining us. mariana, i want to start with
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you. how are democrats reacting to this news. are they feeling disappointed or feeling like this is a good first step. what is the reaction been so far? >> they're definitely applauding this as a good first step. you just mentioned the president saying this does not go as far as i wish it would, but this breaks a logjam that we've seen for the last 30 years, that congress has not really been able to address full-scale reform. that in and of itself is a big deal. you also heard that from senator chris murphy who has been the lead democrat negotiating with these ten democrats and ten republicans. you have heard other things, even from speaker nancy pelosi around the house. -- spent the last week voting on a number of different provisions that go as far as many democrats would like to see, including banning assault weapons, but even then, a lot of house members knew that
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would not get passed in the senate. all eyes have been on this, and the fact that time has passed, like you mentioned since uvalde, but they've been able to get there on the steele. but also like you said, the devil will be in the details. there is still writing in that legislation. that is where a lot of things need to be negotiated. like funding. how much money is going to go to mental health. how much money is going to go to telehealth. just money whenever you start talking about that, it could always be a sticking point in negotiations moving forward. >> absolutely. on the content of it. counting the votes and so forth. once the details are in place. a lot of questions. rick, the nra responded to the framework agreement today by issuing a statement saying, quote, as is our policy, the nra does not take positions on frameworks. we will make our position known when the full text of the bill is available for review. and they said that they will, quote, continue to oppose any of her twins are gun control policies, initiatives that over
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a constitutional due process protections. your thoughts? >> well, julián, as you said in the beginning, politics is the art of the possible. they've got to compromise. is it incremental? yes. it's incremental. but it's way more than doing nothing. it's way more than anything that's happened in the last 30 years. the nra reads the newspapers, to. they see that ten republicans, by the way, none of whom are running for reelection or none of them are retiring, have signed on to this bipartisan deal. they have to recognize the reality. this is going to pass. yes, it's difficult to write the legislation. they'll be blips and labs that -- seem like it's the railing, but it's going to happen. this is a good thing, because it shows that the -- republicans and democrats can come together in washington to benefit the american people. that is an important thing for our country at this moment. i also want to put in a word for the legislators.
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chris murphy is the mvp of this. he has been absolutely -- ever since newtown, he's been the greatest kind of spokesman for gun reform. he knows this is a big compromise. it's not what he wants to do. it's not, as you say, banning 18 year olds from buying semi automatic weapons. it's not even about banning semi automatic weapons. it's about getting something done. i want to give a shout out to john cornyn, the republican senator from texas. he's been given an a+ rating by the nra. he recognizes that the american people want something done. as you said, they want to execute the laws they should be. republicans and democrats, they're on this continuum between safety and liberty. i mean, john cornyn talks about wanting to give protections of the second amendments and democrats want safety. well, they found some compromise in the middle. that's a good thing for the american public. >> in terms of getting a deal
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done, there is reason for hope, because you have ten democrats and ten republicans. the important number being there the ten republicans who tentatively signed on to this framework. so, mariana, there is also the hope that lawmakers sponsoring this bill of getting 70 to 80 senators on board, do you think that's likely to happen? >> you know, it was always interesting to us reporters when we started thinking, whether they'll be ten republicans. it's a big deal that ten have already signed on. corn and even said at the beginning of needs negotiations that he actually wanted to vote for a bill that had 15 to 20 republicans. that is a heavy lift, to try to convince them. of course, i'm sure tomorrow and senators are back in town, when house numbers are back in town as well, we will be asking them, is this something you can support? i won't be surprised that many
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of them are going to respond and say well, i need to read through the legislative text first. so, even though there are those ten, most of them, i can't -- i don't think will back off from the promise of trying to get things done. they've been in that room negotiating. trying to maybe peel off a couple more as possible. the devil's going to be in the details, and that's really what's going to make people make up their minds and how they're going to vote on this at the end of the day. >> rick, a majority of americans are in favor of gun reform legislation and we've seen poll after poll that shows that, especially recently. do you think this framework meets their expectations for change? >> you know, julián, it's less than most americans would want. i think most americans show that they would want than semiautomatic sales altogether. they want to ban semi automatic sales certainly to people under 21. but it does show the american
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people that there can be a bipartisan infighting foundation for important gun reform legislation. as chris murphy says, this is the beginning, not the end. the fact that you could even get ten republicans and pass this with 60 votes, means that the tide is shifting towards gun reform. in all kinds of things, whether it's civil rights or voting rights, or interracial marriage, or all of these things. game eric. all of these things started with very small majorities, and then became larger majorities. i hope it does become a larger majority and it obstinately fulfills the expectations of the american people. >> indeed. it seems on this issue, especially with guns and bipartisanship, it's -- perhaps even if it's the beginning, they need to exercise that muscle of bipartisanship on gun safety
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legislation. rick, marianna, thank you. ahead, a lot maker -- chances of reform at the state level. and, a new investigation into the police response in uvalde. plus, more than 30 mass members of a white supremacist group arrested. which authorities think they had planned. but first, judy stone woods standing by with other big stories we are watching this hour. gigi? >> thanks. for the second year in a row, vice president kamala harris joining the washington, d.c. pride celebration. her speech touching on the far-right plot foiled on another lgbtq event in idaho. >> one should fear -- when should not fear going to a nightclub for fear that a terrorist might try to take them down. no one should fear going to a pride celebration because of a white supremacist.
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no one should fear loving who they love. our children in texas and florida should not fear who they are. >> in new york city, activists protegee -- protesting against chelsea peers for hosting an event featuring former governor ron desantis, speaking at a conservative jewish conference. he says it will direct every dollar it receives from the conference to groups that protect lgbtq communities. beginning today, international travelers no longer need proof of a negative covid test for boarding flights to the u.s.. this rule is one of the longest running travel restrictions in the pandemic. it was originally put in place by the trump administration in 2021. we will have more american voices coming up right after this break. stay with us. g up right after this break stay with us stay with us liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. woah! look out!
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increase the sound barrier, people were paying attention but americans need to pay further attention because the dangerous still out there. i mean, i just read this morning, in idaho there was an lgbt pride day and a riot planned by domestic violence extremist groups, the same groups that were mobilized for the assault at the capitol. >> a warning from congressman jamie raskin, the threat of the far-right is very real. police in idaho say they arrested 31 white supremacist preparing to attack a pride parade. members of the patriot front, with smoke bombs just after coeur d'alene, the goose founder time miss -- was among. them the southern says of the 2017 unite the right rally in charlottesville, marching alongside the man who drove his car into protesters. according to the january six committee, charlottesville extremism were also part of trump's plan to overturn the
4:20 pm
election, demolished public hearings that to reveal how the big lie mobilized the proud boys, and oath keepers to see the capitol. joining me now, ryan j. reilly, digital justice reporter, jill wine-banks contributor and former watergate prosecutor, she's co-host of the hatch tag sisters in law, and podcast and back with me marianna sotomayor, congressional reporter for the washington post. so, ryan, let me begin with you. you've been following the prosecution of capitol rioters very closely. do you expect the committee, to tie trump directly to the january six extremists? >> yeah. you know, there's gonna be interesting overlaps between some of the legal efforts to overturn the election, and the physical violent efforts to do the same. i think there's gonna be people who are in trump circle who are in communication with some of the extremists who are part of
4:21 pm
the capitol attack. we've seen mitigations of that so far. the head of the oath keepers, is set to have tried to reach dry donald trump on the night of january six. looking more broadly january six cases, so many of these cases, so many of these defendants you can see what exactly, they said why they were doing what they dead. they said, the storm the capital city believe that the election was stolen. it's the inherent danger of the big lie, because if people actually believe the election was stolen, this was to them at least, an outcome that was understandable. they thought this was the crime in the century. you say that case, after case, when we preview last week is that we're gonna see some video from a lot of the defendants who said exactly why they did what they did, they felt they were called from, they thought they were called by the commander-in-chief. the video that sticks out to me, is the individual -- who drove a stun gun into the neck of officer mike during the capitol attack.
4:22 pm
he laid out, thought he was gonna be the hero that day, he was gonna save democracy, and during the tearful interview the fbi expressed regret because he thought he was gonna be the hero. >> mariana, the first hearing touched on this edition charges for some of these militias. how will the cut -- evidence? >> well, i wouldn't be surprised if they're gonna do that in the next couple weeks, even the hearing tomorrow we may be able to expect just a number of different things that even the justice department has been able to come up with. one of the things that i think this committee's just trying to improve, is how much trump knew about the election lie and why he kept pushing, it who do the tele-to keep pushing it and one of the witnesses tomorrow actually is the former caught payment manager, bill stephen,
4:23 pm
and he's likely to come forward and talk about the trump campaign can continue to for example sent emails, with the election law to try to get more money. where was that money going. to that was another element here, that the committee has tried to look at, it's following the money trail. other witnesses that were part of the hearing from are actually people who worked in different states, they took up got fired a step down, or try to even tell the trump campaign, could be flipped votes here in georgia, pennsylvania. so, the one thing that the committee's gonna do, they understand that even after these hearings, we will have several more months to continue investigating, at the end of the day to your question, this is likely to be referred to as the justice department in some way. the committee itself will likely be disbanded, if republicans take over the house majority, and minority leader
4:24 pm
kevin mccarthy as a set, it's likely what's gonna happen. even if they are not able to finish, and track every single detail, they hope to pass it on to the justice department in some way. >> that's a great segue into my next question which is for joe, a federal judge is ruled the trump likely committed felony obstruction in a case related to january six. but the committee puts him at the center of a seven-part conspiracy. what could that mean in legal terms? >> i think that that is the most important point that we're hearing. it's not the violence, the violence is terrible, but it's only one element of the overall conspiracy to undermine our entire democracy. and that's what really matters. i had to smile and mariana mentioned they follow the money, it's the 50th anniversary of watergate, and that was the mantra there. you asked about how they can use the justice evidence, and
4:25 pm
what's already put into an indictment. >> presumably congress -- reenact using other than what's an indictment, because the justice department evidence got through grand jury and that means the secret until it's presented at a trial. but there is a lot of evidence, of multiple crimes that range from judicious conspiracy, without even showing a link to trump for the violence you have an obstruction of congress, you have a conspiracy to defraud, you have conspiracy in georgia to interfere with the election with a state violation. so, there's a lot of crimes that could come out, and congress only asked to show what it needs to do, the pass legislation that will help protect our democracy, and prevent any further additions to what's already happened or
4:26 pm
occurrence of any. that it's up to the department of justice, to take care of the crimes that have been committed. which we're seeing in person, the watergate hearings led to americans very much almost unanimously supporting the prosecution of the president and his top aides. they supported the legislation as a result of it. i'm hoping that that's gonna be the same thing that will happen, without any delay after these hearings and. >> and jill, committee member adam kinzinger says trump knew he was pushing election lies. take a listen. >> he was told repeatedly, by people that he trusted, respected people like, folks around him that the election wasn't stolen. there is no corroborating proof of any type of stealing, any type of corruption that would change the outcome. >> and so, i think it's pretty obvious he knew but he didn't
4:27 pm
want to lose. >> so, jill, how do you prove trump's intent in this situation or do you even have to? >> you don't have to. i mean, the jury could be instructed in a proper case, the willful ignorance we are being told over and over again that you can't pretend that it's not true, you can't choose not to believe that. you need to have some evidence that would actually -- when you're being told. the jury will be instructed to that. so, you don't have to prove actual malice, you need to prove that it was right there in front of you. you show all the people who've told him, i thought his daughters deposition clip, was extremely powerful because what she said is, i respected attorney general barr, i believe to have. i know it's talking about, it which is really saying is, i don't respect my father because i didn't believe him, i believed when the attorney general said there was no
4:28 pm
election fraud. that there was no election fraud. and it was thrown out in 60 cases. the ninjas in arizona found more votes for biden than they had before they did there -- so, truth is there was no fraud and donald trump knew it. if he didn't know it, then he's dangerously delusional, and either way, either he's lying or he is an idiot, and neither one is qualified to be president. and our roadmap given to the house judiciary committee during watergate, we included a whole segment on lies that richard nixon had told. and i think, those are important for voting, not necessarily they want to under-vote for somebody that indomitable for perjury, but there's still awful. there's still something that americans should take into account in deciding who they would vote for for president. >> yeah, that lets that you did for trump might be quite a bit longer. these hearings are gonna be
4:29 pm
immensely consequential it seems like. it could be for our democracy. ryan, jill, mariana thank you so much. in the morning be sure to join msnbc for the second public hearing of the january six committee, special coverage starts at 6 am eastern with morning joe, and leads all the way to live hearing at 10 am eastern. we also have post sharing analysis with msnbc's andrea mitchell, katie tyrion, and ali jackson. don't miss a. coming up next, the summit of the americas and the presidents plan for migrants at the southern border. we'll talk about that and more when john kirby, a member the president's national security team is with us next live from the white house. the white house. i rode horses... i really do take care of myself. i try to stay in shape. that's really important, especially as you age. i noticed after kids that my body totally changed. i started noticing a little pudge. so i took action! coolsculpting targets, freezes and eliminates treated fat for good.
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challenge we all share. the responsibility of the impacts of all of our nation. >> the president for the past week meeting with more than 20 leaders in los angeles at the summit of america's. one key issue? immigration. -- aimed at unity and cooperation. >> this is just the start. much more work remains to state the obvious. every country needs to work to maintain a humane, orderly immigration process. to invest and securing the border. screen and registering migrants who enter the country. and repatriating those who do not qualify to remain. and all they can choose all see the potential for -- declaration. >> >> with me now is john kirby, and his sikh or nato for strategic affairs and former pentagon press secretary. thank you so much for joining
4:35 pm
us. i want to talk to you about the significance about the los angeles declaration immigration whatever the hopes for this approach to migration? >> i think with this declaration is different and new. it signs of these countries up to a truly regional approach. it's not a bilateral issue between the states or mexico or any other individual nation. -- you're taking a holistic approach. about taking an economic development to reduce some of the causes of migration, causes that forced people to leave. working on better issues on criminal justice. cracking down on human traffickers. and taking a multilateral approach and that's what makes this declaration so different. they see that if there is a team approach to it, they can have drastically different results.
4:36 pm
>> the president, from when he was vice president has been focused on the root causes of migration. that is something that vice president has been focused on. -- mexico's president refused to attend because of the leaders of cuba, nicaragua and venezuela were not invited. he said at this point what is the communication between the united states and mexico leadership like and how do you plan to work together on migration? >> i think our relationship and partnership on mexico remains so vibrant and strong. mexico is represented at some of the americas -- they said to the foreign minister that the president respects the president of mexico, and the reasons for not going, but they did send their foreign minister and they were very active throughout the entire three days of discussions. again, we expect that partnership will continue to be strong. as a matter of fact the
4:37 pm
president will be come into the white house here in early july. >> according to internal documents obtained by nbc news, the department of homeland security is planning to use federal funds to bust migrants to shelters and cities that are far from the border beginning with los angeles and later, albuquerque, dallas, houston. how is the administration ensuring that those cities are prepared to provide shelter and safety? >> i will be working closely with municipalities across the countries. immigration reform is important, but he also believes that there is a shared responsibility across the region, and that's what's some of the americas was about. of course we would work with state and local authorities as we could try to deal with the issue that we have right now. >> before i let you go, i want to switch to gun violence for a moment. today we saw major bipartisan framework deal on gun reform. that's something that the
4:38 pm
president has been pushing for. what is the reaction from the white house on this particular framework? >> i think he saw the president spoke to this a little bit earlier today. he welcomes the proposal. he would like to see it on his desk as soon as possible. he has been very honest. it does not have all the initiatives that he would like to see as a nation address with respect to firearms safety in this country. he does think that it's an important step in the right direction. he's looking forward to have it on his death so he'd get signed into law. >> sir admiral, john kirby. thank you. coming up next, we go to texas where there is a new state investigation in the police response to uvalde. a state center -- senator joins me after the break. first, here's a look at what else is ahead tonight on msnbc. >> hey there, i'm ayman mohyeldin. tonight on ayman, a special american radical themed hour. all be joined by dan goldman, the formerly counsel for the trump impeachment inquiry.
4:39 pm
and nbc news senior reporter, and collins. we'll take a look at radicalization of the trump mob and how they're being held to account by our justice system. that is tonight nine eastern right here on msnbc. nine eastern right here on msnbc. (man) [whispering] what's going on? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could save money by doing nothing. just be claim-free on your home insurance for three years. (man) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (dad) bravo! (mom) that's our son! (burke) we should. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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we can serve loans in as fast as 12 minutes. that would be a big help! huge! jumbo! ginormous! woo! -woo! finding ways to make your business boom. that's what u.s. bank is for. we'll get there together. the state houses conducting an investigation into the police response to the uvalde school shooting. the texas tribune reports, it is being held behind closed doors. officials are refusing to reveal witnesses, testimony and goals. the chair the investigation committee has only said that they are looking for, quote, answers and solutions to prevent future mass shootings. meanwhile, texans are reaching and reacting to news today, where the senate reached a framework on you gun safety built. it would be the most significant action on guns and calm grace and 30 years.
4:43 pm
already, some are concerned it's not enough. >> they can always say all these things, but if it passes, that's different. i'm glad that if they're coming together for a consensus to do something, then, yeah. we'd love to see it. >> 18-year-old should not be able to find that kind of gun. you know, like he said, to be able to drink as 21, but at 18 you can buy such a powerful weapon? >> i still believe that those that want the guns, they've gotta find a way. i just pray that we are able to come up with solutions. i know it's not gonna be an absolute fix for it. but -- hold them back from stopping. maybe if they find something on the internet, that they investigate right away. >> joining me now, texas state senator, roland gutierrez. senator gutierrez, thank you so
4:44 pm
much for joining me. i know that in the three weeks since the school shooting in uvalde, you have spent a lot of time there in the community. when you talk to folks there in texas, particularly in the area that you represent, which includes uvalde, what do they want to see from lawmakers right now? >> well, thank you for having me. first of all, they want to see transparency, not committee hearings as two would have been behind closed doors. secondly, they want to see resound-ing lee and age limit to 21. we all appreciate the legislation that's being talked about and washington. my hope is that deal actually come to fruition. the devil is in the details. it remains to be seen whether -- abbott will even avail himself of those red flag -- a lot of questions remain unanswered. >> this announcement was just
4:45 pm
made today by the potential bipartisan agreement. so far from what you've heard, do you think that the senate framework goes far enough? >> we are so desperate. julián, we are so desperate to get something. i think as a nation, as a state, we want to see significant change. it's something for sure. we've got a long way to go. we've got 80% of republicans who want to see a change from 18 to 21. 80% of republican voters. so, it's my hope that we keep going in the texas house to find solutions. and demand that greg abbott have a special session on solutions in texas. >> after santa fe happened and after texas, el paso in 2019. governor abbott and lieutenant governor patrick, different points expressed and an openness to change in gun laws
4:46 pm
and also red flag laws. then they backed off from that. do you think that this time it's different? do you see hope in texas for something to change at the state level? >> julián, you and i have lived here. this is our home. you have seen the reticence from those two gentlemen that you just mentioned. at the end of the day, i'm still not very certain or positive that anything that we do at the federal level is going to resonate some change or create change in texas. the red flag proposals are red flag incentive grants, which means states and state governors have to make themselves or avail themselves to them. the question for greg abbott is what is he going to do? the country is speaking. john cornyn is part of this group. which is greg abbott going to do? clearly, that answer remains to
4:47 pm
be solved. we've got a long way to go here. and we also need to look at the real crux of this problem. raising the age limit to 21 is about money to the nra and gun companies. greg abbott is squarely in the pocket of these companies. i just don't see a whole lot of change coming from them anytime soon. >> i want to talk to you about the state house investigation and the police response to the shooting in uvalde. we're a republican lawmaker is leading the probe alongside a conservative former judge and also a former prosecutor who is a democrat. what's your thoughts on the three-person committee so far? where there are the people you hope to see included? you are not included. the person who represents el paso in the state senate and santa fe in the state senate were not included. what are your thoughts on that? >> i think it was a slap in the face to the people of el paso, of southern springs.
4:48 pm
actually, they've got a representative in the people of santa fe. this -- i hate to say it, but it was almost a slap in a face to the latinos in the state. but even beyond race or ethnicity, these are the communities in the center having to deal on the front line. i just got back from another viewing, another rosary where i prayed with another one of my families. it's heart-wrenching to see that day in and day out. the tragedy that is happening. these folks want answers, and they want answers to be out in the light of day, not hidden behind closed doors. >> you say that, and i think a lot of people agree. they don't want these things to be hidden behind closed doors. yet, this is a secret investigation so far. what do you make of that? why? and which is there to be done about it, if anything? >> again, julián, you and i
4:49 pm
have lived in this state all our lives. we have in front of us probably the most infamous they in texas's law enforcement history. and it will remain shrouded as long as greg abbott -- let's be clear, his district attorney says we are going to take over this investigation. all i was asking for was the seminal question. which gps officer, which sheriff officers, which police and so forth, who or which one of those entities were in that hallway and why did they not going? we are going to find that there were 40 or 30 dps onsite. why did they not going? you see a lot of finger pointing. to hide this behind a criminal investigation. to hide this behind closed doors. the legislative committee hearings, it's a travesty and disgusting to the people in texas. texans deserve better than what
4:50 pm
is happening here. it begins and ends with greg abbott. >> in terms of the investigation itself, which challenges do you think that they're going to face if they go through and do a legitimate thorough investigation? are there information challenges, coronation challenges? what do you think are the obstacles are going to face to get the bottom of what happened? >> well, you now have these two competing narratives with the dps saying it's on arredondo, and arradondo saying i wasn't the incident commander. some of the things that dps have put out on their own suggesting that arredondo did not have a radio at the time. for whatever reason, right or wrong, how does he then become the incident commander if he has no way to be able to communicate that he is the incident commander? so there's a lot of questions that remain to be answered by the law enforcement units that are accountable to us.
4:51 pm
my biggest concern in all of this has been, obviously for the families, but this governor has spent four billion dollars in this boarded region to shanghai immigrant silver to texas, to give a traffic tickets. and when he came to doing something that we needed to do and get done immediately, i will own law enforcement said there's failure at every level. if there's failure at every level, and just pull the band-aid off and tell us would happen so that it never happens again. >> so many folks who are waiting to get to the truth in uvalde, texas and our country. thank you for being with us. texas state senator, roland gutierrez. at the top of the hour, don't miss that many hassan show on the january 6th committee public hearings. what to expect tomorrow. that's ahead of at 8 pm eastern
4:52 pm
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here was a hugely colorful character with a sense of evil. also, there are victims. the likes of you and me. 25 more charges, and these were charges beyond impersonating -- this was stealing from his clients. it was the whole aspect of his character i didn't really know anything about. but knowing his background, i thought he must have laid some loopholes somewhere. that in some way he could go back and get out of it. >> do you vanity stefano is 57 years of age. he was born in italy. 1st of july 1959. >> -- [inaudible] the defendants to come and sit
4:57 pm
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i have today. i'm julián castro filling in
5:00 pm
for alicia melendez. alicia will be back next weekend for american voices. right now it's time for the mehdi hassan. joe hey, julián, i'll see you tomorrow morning on peacock. we'll be previewing the 16 live hearing. we'll have much to discuss. that and >> absolutely, looking forward to a. >> have a great rest of your night. tonight on that mehdi hasan show. -- with democracy itself at stake, are democrats admitting the messaging war, all ask planes keeping democrat congressman -- and a bipartisan group of senators will announce it could be the first consensual gun control package and decades. but is it all talk and no real action, we'll discuss. and how to fight the right wing propaganda machine, also getting advice from former obama congress boy, author dan fiver.


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