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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  June 14, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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all right that is going to it for us, let me remind you that when you're used to seeing, me anymore, i will be back again tomorrow night, it was a, night 9 pm eastern for another special edition of the rachel maddow show, you are just gonna have to stand it. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell, good evening lawrence. >> i'm just going to have to get used to it rachel, this is fun. we have some breaking news, rachel -- court schedules an initial appearance of january 6th case of michigan gop gubernatorial candidate brian kelly. his initial appearance is scheduled for thursday at 1 pm, exactly the same time that the
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january 6th hearing begins. [laughs] so, histories moving fast on the subject. >> and the question remains in michigan politics as to whether being arrested for his purported role in the crimes of january 6th is going to boost him boost his chances in that republican primary, since apparently participating in that particular crime is a badge of honor. i don't know -- it helps you, somehow? >> we will await republican voters judgment on that. i have to agree with you, rachel, about a point you made. about this whole question of, will the january 6th committee send criminal referrals to the justice department? the attorney general said i am watching the hearings i am watching every minute of them. if i don't watch them live i play them back later. and he said, at the same time, what he called the january 6th prosecutors are watching. every sentence has been referred to the justice
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department in realtime. >> i mean honestly, what we could do, just to make sure every tee's crossed in every i's dotted, we could just read the transcript hearings into the fbi tip line every night, just to see if that helps, if that formalizes the process. but the idea that there has to be some sort of written letter that can be raised to the justice department, the idea that a crime might have been discovered i think, is getting way more [inaudible] than they deserve. >> yeah they're getting the message. >> thanks, lawrence. >> thank you, rachel. thank you. the prosecutors are watching. and not just january 6th federal prosecutors. attorney general of new york laetitia james issued the statement after the tuesday hearing of the january six committee. new details reveal tonight related to january 6th are disturbing. it's my duty to investigate allegations of fraud or [inaudible] in new york. this incident is no exception. that refers to multiple elements of fraud that were discussed in yesterday's hearing including perhaps most
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importantly the possible financial fraud of donald trump raising money on the false pretense that the money would be used to legally contest the outcome of the presidential election. >> we will also show that the trump campaign used to these false claims of election fraud to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from supporters who were told their donations were the -- in the courts. but the trump campaign didn't use the money for that. the big lie was also a big rip off. >> my name is amanda wicks, in your investigator with house select committee to investigate the january 6th committee on the united states capitol. between election day and january 6th the trump campaign sent millions of fundraising emails to trump supporters, sometimes as many as 25 a day. the emails claimed that, quote, the left wing mob was undermining the election. and implored supporters to
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quote step up to protect the integrity of the election. and encourage them to, quote, fight back. but as the select committee has demonstrated, the trump campaign knew these claims of voter fraud were false. yet they continue to barrage small dollar donors with emails, encouraging them to donate something called, the official election defense fund. the select committee discovered no such funds existed. >> so, using interstate communication, donald trump raised money, based on a lie for a fund that did not exist. our first guest tonight is harvard law professor laurence tribe, who says the big rip off was itself a prosecutable instance of wire fraud, violating 18 usc 1343. the penalty is up to 20 years in the federal slammer. >> the claims that the election was stolen was so successful, president trump and his allies raise $250 million, nearly $100 million in the first week after
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the election. on november 9th, 2020, president trump created a separate entity called the save america pack. most of the money raised went to this newly-created pack, not to election related litigation. the select committee discovered that the save america pack made millions of dollars of contributions to trump trump organizations, including $1 million to mark meadows charitable foundation, $1 million to the america first policy institute, a conservative organization which employ several trump administration officials, and $204,857 to the trump odell collection, and over $5 million to the [inaudible] strategies inc., the company that ran the january 6th rally on the ellipse. >> all of us today do not want to see our election victory stolen by emboldened radical left democrats, which is what they are doing. >> the evidence developed the select committee highlights how the trump campaign of aggressively pushed false election claims to fund-raise,
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telling supporters it would be used to fight voter fraud that signal exist. the emails continued from january 6th, even as president trump spoke on the lips. 30 minutes after the last fund raising email was sent, the capital capitol was breached. [noise] >> usa, usa! >> in yesterday's hearing, trump attorney general william barr said that he told donald trump that his claims of election fraud were completely false and adjust nutty. and donald trump never argued with him about the facts of the election. >> i was demoralized. because i felt, we'll, if he really believes this stuff, he has lost contact with -- he has become detached from reality, if he really believes
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this stuff. on the other hand, when i went into this and we tell him how crazy some of these allegations were, there was never an indication of interest in what the actual facts were. my opinion then in my opinion now is that the election was not stolen. >> professor tribe will tell us in a moment if being detached from reality is a viable criminal defense from donald trump. the washington post is reporting today new details of what was said in the dramatic meeting of the oval office on sunday, january 3rd, during which the then leadership of the justice department along with members of the white house counsel's office threatened to resign as a group, if donald trump installed an obscure justice department republican environmental lawyer as the new acting attorney general. that lawyer, jeffrey clark, was
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in the meeting in the oval office, promising the president that if he became acting attorney general, he would send a letter to elected officials in georgia and other states won by joe biden, telling them the lie, that the justice department had found fraud in the presidential election in that state. and urged the states to illegally submit a slate of trump electors to the electoral college. the best line in the meeting was delivered by acting deputy attorney general richard donahue, who rushed to the meeting dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and crushed jeffrey clark. according to the washington post, donahue told donald trump, quote, he's never been a criminal attorney. he's never conducted a criminal investigation in his life. he's never been in front of a grand jury, muscle much less a trial jury. clark objected -- well, i've done a lot of very complicated appeals incivility geisha, an environmental geisha,
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things like that. clark said, according to the donahue disposition. that's right, you are an environmental lawyer, how about you go back to your office and we will call you when there's an oil spill. at the end of the meeting trump decided not to make jeffrey clark the acting attorney general, saying, i appreciate you being willing to suffer the abuse but the reality is you are not going to get anything done donoghue, these guys are going to quit, everyone else is going to resign. it's going to be a disaster. the bureaucracy will you live. and no matter how much you want to get things done in the next few weeks you won't be able to get it done, and it's not going to be worth the breakage. clark was shot down by other lawyers in the room when he tried to discuss what authority vice president mike pence would have on january 6th, in counting the electoral college votes. but that wasn't the end of that idea. attorney john eastman push the idea in the white house, of having mike pence reject the
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electoral votes from key states won by joe biden. the january 6th committee vice chair, liz cheney, [inaudible] video today, previewing testimony to the committee about john eastman. >> president trump had no factual basis for what he was doing. and he had been told it was illegal. despite this, president trump with [inaudible] a lawyer, john eastman, and others to overturn the outcome of the election on january 6th. to give you a sense of the gravity of these issues, here is a clip of one of president trump's own white house lawyers, eric herschmann, who talks to mr. eastman the day after january 6th. >> it was the day after eastman -- i don't remember what he called me. he either texted me or called me, wanted to talk to me and said he could not reach others.
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and he started to ask me about something dealing with georgia and preserving something, potentially for appeal. and i said to him, are you out of your effing mind? right? i said, i only want to hear two words coming out of your mouth from now on -- orderly transition. and he said, i don't want to hear any other effing words coming out of your mouth, other than orderly transition. repeat those words to me. and after that [inaudible] eventually he said, orderly transition. he said, good, john. now i'm going to give you the best free legal advice you're going to get in your life. get a great effing criminal defense lawyer, you are going to need it. and i hung up on him. >> joining us now is professor laurence tribe, who is taught constitutional law at harvard law school for five decades.
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he has written extensively about the law, including, american constitutional law, the most frequently cited treatise on the u.s. constitution. professor tribe, it's an honor to have you join us again. i want to begin where we just ended, with eric herschmann's advice to john eastman. how good a criminal defense lawyer do you think john eastman is? >> effing great defense lawyer. even that wouldn't be good enough. because all of this focus on how they really believed their own lie is just completely bogus. detachment from reality, of the kind that attorney general barr seems to have detected on the part of the former president is a disqualification from the presidency. but it is not a defense to a criminal charge. even in those very rare cases where delusion can be used to
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disprove intent, there is a doctrine known as willful ignorance, and we saw barr describing that perfectly when he said that the president -- the then president -- did not seem to care about the facts. every time we have heard in the j 6th committee hearings, that every time trump would say, but what about, this one about that? what about these boxes? they would explain to him, patiently, the people around him, his own team, his own staff -- we've investigated that, mister president, there's nothing, it's all bs, it's all nonsense. but it didn't matter. the other very broad and very fundamental point is that, you have to look at the specific crimes which the president's he said to have been guilty, things like fomenting a violent insurrection, or seditious conspiracy. or pretending that there is
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this nonexistent organization, in order to raise a quarter of a billion dollars, from gullible people. all of these crimes, some federal, some states, some violations of the law of georgia, because they included trying to get raffensperger to manipulate the vote. all of them, however well motivated -- they certainly don't seem to have been well motivated -- they give the president the benefit of the doubt. suppose it wasn't open. suppose he really believed he was emperor nero, george washington reincarnated, or abraham lincoln, and every vote that was not for him was a fraudulent vote and it was in the best interest of the united states -- it wasn't selfish for him to hone hold office. his ends might have been okay, that we doubt it. but the means were criminal. the way these laws are structured, they don't allow self help. for example, the laws against
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corruptly obstructing a congressional proceeding, a crime punishable by 20 years in prison, as i recall -- suppose you think the congressional proceeding is a bad idea. they are going to count votes for somebody that you don't think really one. you go to court. they did that, 60 times, they kept losing. but what you don't do is encourage people to put up a gallows for your own vice president. what you don't do is gleefully watch while there is a violent mob squeezing people, nearly to death, and leading nick sicknick to die, a day later, of a strike. what you don't do is make a phony certificates. what you don't do is say that i'm going to take the law into my own hands. the obsession with whether he was well motivated is beside the point. he probably wasn't what it is
7:16 pm
beside the point. he was using illegal means -- criminal means -- to achieve whatever ends he wanted to achieve. it is the criminal means that i think require him to get and effing good lawyer. >> well let's go to the $250 million raised under false pretenses, demonstrably false pretenses, they weren't used in any way to legally challenge the election. we saw donald trump prosecuted in a civil matter by the new york state attorney general involving trump university. and he settled that fraud for $25 million. do you see this possible 250 million dollar case as a criminal fraud case or as a civil fraud case? and might that be the approach that new york city tierney general is taking? new york city attorney general
7:17 pm
-- but it would be very strange for the united states department of justice, which has usc 1343, making that kind of wire fraud a crime, punishable, also by 20 years in prison. it's very odd for that not to be prosecuted. it's an obvious crime -- i can't imagine the defense. oh, i thought that we had this organization, that did this. we really can't claim that. we can't simply make up an alternative universe, climb into it, and say that i'm comfy there, and therefore that i'm immune to prosecution. that's not the way the law works. it's not the way a legal system could possibly work, if it's going to protect us from this kind of a blatant takeover, the attempted overthrow of government, the first time in 246 years that a sitting president of the united states
7:18 pm
tried to overthrow the united states government. come on, that's not something that you can answer by saying, hey, i didn't know what the hell i was doing, i'm delusional, i'm an egomaniac. yes, we know, mr. former president, you are an egomaniac. that's not a defense in a criminal law courts in this country. harvard law professor, laurence tribe, thank you very much for your guidance once again tonight, we always appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. thank you. coming up, donald trump is already a defendant in civil lawsuits that could bankrupt him again. and those lawsuits are being helped tremendously by the january six committee investigation. congressman eric swalwell has filed one of those lawsuits and along with msnbc's ja'han jones. ja'ha jones.
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lawyers watching january six committee's hearings looking for evidence, there is a small army of lawyers who have already made donald trump a defendant in civil lawsuits who are also looking for evidence to use against donald trump in the january six committee hearings. in an article for msnbc, ja'han jones who will be joining our discussion in a moment, says trump may literally have to pay for his election lies. the article reminds us that donald trump is already a defendant in federal court, in
7:24 pm
washington, being sued by members of the capitol police for inciting the violent attack on them. similar lawsuits were filed by members of congress including congressman eric swalwell who will be joining our discussion. ja'han jones reports yet to be named civil suits could be on the horizon if people targeted by trump's election lies look to sue in light of the committee's findings. that could include anyone from the fulton county, georgia, election workers who faced death threats after trump spread lies about criminality in their office, to dominion voting systems, the company that's face baseless allegations of election fraud from trump and his campaign officials. if donald trump loses these lawsuits, he could be subjected to judgments against him for hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, and that could completely wipe him out financially. a federal judge handling these
7:25 pm
cases, meta has said in up -- that donald trump is not immune from these lawsuits. quote, the complaints contain numerous examples of the presidents communications being understood by supporters as direct messages to them and, in the case of the january 6th rally, as a call to action. and joining us now are democratic congressman eric swalwell in california who served as a house impeachment manager in the second impeachment trial of donald trump, he is also suing donald trump for his role in inciting the january 6th attack. and ja'han jones, writer of the readout -- latest trump may literally have to pay for his election lies. congressman swalwell, the evidence since your case was filed, has developed very much in your favor. including much of what we heard in the january six committee from people who actually attack
7:26 pm
the cop capital, saying on video that donald trump sent them there to do that. that is your essence of your lawsuit. >> lawrence, donald trump looks guilty after all of this evidence not more innocent and i enjoyed ja'han jones block piece, and we filed our lawsuit right after the impeachment trial after we had very little evidence because we had no cooperative witnesses. not because of the january six commission, because of the department of justice is hundreds of indictments and what we have learned from those defendants, and because of lawsuits in new york, as well as what's being investigated in georgia, donald trump right now is going into a season of legal recognition, and they are storms that are really bring right now in strengthening that they hit him, both criminally and civilly. i brought my case civilly to do
7:27 pm
mine in small part, to bring accountability to the person who started the insurrection and i hope as far as accountability, it bends with him being held accountable. >> ja'han jones being left out of your introduction is your early days at msnbc weight and sometimes working with us here at the last word, so i want to thank you for helping us out once again tonight, because it wasn't until i read your piece this morning, that the civil suits even occurred to me, i've lost the ability to hold everything in my head at once now. having been very alert to the civil suits in the past, it was so important for you to remind us, that this evidence that is being displayed every day, and every one of these hearings by the january six committee, goes directly to congressman eric swalwell case, and to other similar cases. yes well first of all thank you for having me back lawrence. >> i love working with you for the first time and it's great to reunite. but just let you know i wrote
7:28 pm
that piece from a place of empathy. i truly understand what i believe is a justifiable public obsession with whether trump will face criminal charges for his conduct on and in around january six. what we know is that those criminal charges are not the extent of punishment we can as a public, level against donald trump, as you mentioned there are several civil cases against trump currently. representative swalwell's party to one. we know that the nwa -- is filed a civil suit stemming from january six. as you mentioned earlier, this has the risk bankrupting truck, and they really shut. condition to that, we kind of nodded to the yet to be named lawsuits that i believe should be filed against trump for what i believe is, him terrorizing and him sticking his mob of sickle frantic followers online
7:29 pm
to whether that is ruby freeman, or alan schmidt. philadelphia commissioner, who testified yesterday, about the threats that he received after trump targeted him online. these are people who have just caused to run trump's pockets to use the code -- term, for all of us terrorism that he inflicted upon them. knowing that the lies he was praying around election fraud relies. i think the past two days, of january six hearings, were just essential. the abundance of evidence we have, that trump was a loser, and he knew himself to be adjust those, or as he was telling the world. >> and congressman swalwell, it is the civil cases that -- say at the beginning of his post presidency, that he was gonna be a defendant for the rest of his life. because in these civil cases, if they are successful, donald trump will be in court for the rest of his life, biting the payment of the judgments in various ways as those judgment
7:30 pm
trip away at them. >> lawrence, when it comes to accountability for donald trump, whether it is as a political candidate, a government leader, or a civil little gains, i have found you have to keep this guy on his heels. when he is on his heels, that is when he is held accountable, that is when he is at the weakest. and you see in a number of settlement that he has made, he came into office settling the fraud that he committed that trump university. if you remember. but when he is leaning and, as he did with the obama administration. and declared red lines, and declared during the 2016 russian interference campaign, that the election would be rigged. the obama administration flinched and did not declare what russia was doing. he did the same thing to bob mueller. he leaned in, created artificial by, lines says don't go after my finances, and created an artificial deadline, and they closed the invents investigation. so you have to aggressively pursue justice with donald trump. that is why i called this a
7:31 pm
season of legal reckoning because you are starting to see these different pursuits that are gonna keep him at it, really a legal terrorist on his heels. that's where he belongs. >> congressman eric swalwell, thank you for joining us tonight, and ja'han jones, think you are grabbing my attention to the story, this morning, really appreciate. it thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, the cover-up now has a schedule. six months, that is how long the district attorney in you've all day promised to keep secret everything that happens inside robb elementary school. that means that governor greg abbott can make it all the way to election day, without the failures of the police to be praised becoming public. that is next. that is next fishing helps ease my mind. it's kinda like having liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. woah! look out! [submarine rising out of water] [minions making noise]
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call the barnes firm to find out i could've made. what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ the texas cover-up is now scheduled to last at least six months. all government officials in texas now are relying on district attorney christina mitchell busbee to make it impossible for anyone to obtain any more information about what happened inside robb elementary school in uvalde texas when an 18 year old, who legally purchased his weapon of war, murdered 19 children and two teachers. there is no prosecutable crime for the district attorney to investigate. because the person who committed the crimes of murder
7:37 pm
and attempted murder in that school was killed in the school by the police. so in fact the district attorney has absolutely no investigation to conduct. but she is going to pretend to conduct an investigation for at least six months, she announced today. five months is all governor greg abbott needs to keep the cover-up going until election day. six months from now will be mid december and the district attorney will of course then say that she doesn't want to release any information about the murders of as the christmas holiday approaches, to protect families from that information. so she will delay her release of that information about the case until at least january of next year. the district attorney has no legal power to prevent anyone else from making information public. but the mayor of uvalde is now happily hiding behind the district attorney saying, the eovaldi county district attorney has requested the city
7:38 pm
to not release any city records related to the robb elementary school investigation. notice that the district attorney requested the city to not release the records because the district attorney cannot order the city to not release the records. because she doesn't have that power. the district attorney's announcement today about what's she was doing did not include a single reference to investigating and the crime. the district attorney said, i requested all resources available by state and federal disaster victims services to assist my office in providing needed services for the families and victims of robb elementary school. why didn't the district attorney tell the governor the day after the shooting, to not discuss it publicly? why didn't the district attorney tell the state police officials during the week after the mass murder, to not discuss it publicly? the district attorney stepped in only because every time the police talked about what
7:39 pm
happened in school the story got worse for the police. absolutely nothing, no legal principle of any kind, prevents the chief of the school police force, pete arredondo, from publicly discussing every minute he spent in that school for over an hour not saving lives. an assistant -- on assistant -- and the office of chief our don those criminal defense lawyer issued a statement to the news media today saying -- after conferring with legal counsel our client has considered your offers and has elected not to make any further comment at this time. our next guest texas state senator roland gutierrez is the only state official who has been trying to find the truth and tell the truth about what happened at robb elementary school. he told the senate and that [inaudible] the head of the state police, stephen mccraw told him that as many as 13 state police
7:40 pm
officers were told inside the school during the hour when the police did nothing to save children and teachers who were bleeding on the floors of their classrooms. quote, he told me, there was enough people and equipment to breach the door gutierrez said, even as officers continue to wait for more than an hour and some of the children inside the two locked classrooms called 9-1-1 for help. gutierrez said officers in the hallway at one point had as many as three ballistic shields before finally breaching the door to the classrooms. there was enough material in that room to stop this threat he said. and it didn't happen. -- executive editor of the san antonio express news described the harassment that reporters and uvalde are facing from police. quote, they keep threatening to arrest us, but so far they haven't. it's been really hostile. there is the concern that they are violating our constitutional rights because we have the right to news gather. i believe that this is
7:41 pm
bordering on official oppression in stopping us from talking to people. they are also discouraging families from talking to us because they're hustling them along. even families who have agreed to talk to the media they are basically saying, no you shouldn't. you need to move, you need to move along quickly. that's my biggest concern, that they are actually now stopping people who want to talk to us from talking to us. and joining us now is executive editor of the senate tony express news and president of the national association of hispanic journalists. nora lopez, i have to say, i've never seen or heard of anything like this in the aftermath of a case like this. >> i totally agree lawrence. thank you for having me on today. but yes, this is -- i feel like i keep saying these words, unprecedented, unbelievable, unacceptable, honestly. how this has unfolded -- my 30 plus years as a
7:42 pm
journalist here in texas, half of it has been as a police reporter. i've never experienced anything like the stonewalling that we are getting in the aftermath of the shooting. and it seems like every today we learned one other new tidbit that is different or that has changed, or that puts a different light on the situation than what we would have first originally told. so, yes, it's been very frustrating. and very disconcerting. >> so the district attorney has now seized control of information. everyone is hiding behind her. but the interference that you are getting as reporters's more than that. there are people getting in your way just on trying to cover events like funerals. >> yes. although, to be honest, that has stopped i think in large part it stopped because we were being harassed, in particular, by police officers from other jurisdictions, who had come in
7:43 pm
to assist the local pd. because there was a lot of media and it was just a lot of tension. and they were the ones who were being particularly obstructive to us. and covering our sightlines. most of them have already left. and we did get an apology from the uvalde city manager. and things have gotten just a little bit better. but i feel like the damage has been done. and i feel like they have created this chilling effect. and the families are still afraid. they are afraid to speak up and talk to us. and that's a real shame. because our role as the media, is to get at the truth. and to talk to these families, to talk to the survivors to talk to the families who lost loved ones, so that we can begin to understand just the real impact and the unimaginable loss that this incident has caused to this community. >> and some of those families have unique information about what happened inside the school. >> norah lopez, thank you for
7:44 pm
joining us tonight, we are going to stay with the story. we really presha your help. thank you. >> sure thing. >> joining us now is state senator roland gutierrez, representing the 19 district including you've all day. senator, you've been through it every day. he doesn't get better in your attempts to clarify what has happened inside the school. what is the latest you could tell us about what you know in terms of, certainly, with the state police -- the head of the state police told you, about what was going on during that hour? >> lawrence i had been reporting for at least a week now that there was between two and 13 officers, two different people on the tv media. yesterday, one of the print media, -- told a story where he reiterated and talked about that there was between two and 13 officers in that hallway and then the given time they were dps troopers, the guys
7:45 pm
accountable to us. this morning, i wake up to a gps spokesman that said that my report is false and that essentially i'm lying. over the course of the day, they walked that back because there was proof that i did have these conversations. and so they took it all back. but it's very despicable that we are living in a moment now where our head law enforcement agency is calling a sitting senator a liar. and then not even taking his tweet down, by the way, by this person. this person should be fired, quite frankly. but this is the state of affairs in texas. the story is they intend to make it shrouded, they had ten to keep it cloistered for the next six months all for political reasons. the people of uvalde deserve better treatment and i will get the treatments no bad about the consequences are. >> i read all that stuff about the state police officials and you and counting on you. but it was all nonsense. because they gave up in the
7:46 pm
end. and it sounded a lot like they were shifting their story in the first week at each day, although today they were doing it at high speed. the district attorney was saying, absolute total silence for the next six months. and we know she means more than six months. because she even said at least six months, six months would put us right on christmas eve. the district attorney be able to keep everything secret would happen in that school for the next six months? >> it's evident from her statement that she sure is going to try. these families deserve more. they are very angry. they deserve to know the answers as to why there are law enforcement that didn't act appropriately why the state troopers didn't act appropriately. i still don't know what her position is. because she hasn't made any formal statement. i'm not seeking anything around the issues of criminality. i'm not seeking anything about coconspirators though i think
7:47 pm
you and i probably ascertained that there were none. i'm not looking for social media threats or anything like that. i simply want to know where law enforcement was situated at the scene and why they did or did not act. that's all i'm asking. as long as greg abbott and republican da are seeking to keep the secret from us, we will never know the truth and it's a shame, it's a shame we are dealing with that in 2022, in the state of texas. >> it's very clear, the cover-up,, we are going to stay with texas state senator, roland gutierrez, thank you for joining us. >> thank, you lawrence. it is election night in four states. tonight, steve kornacki will join us next with the highlights. highlights meet ron. that man is always on. and he's on it with jardiance for type 2 diabetes. his underhand sky serve? on fire.
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give dad a gift worth sharing, at what do you think healthier looks like? cvs can help you support your nutrition, sleep, immune system, energy ...even skin. so healthier can look a lot cvs. healthier happens together. >> it is election night with primaries in maine south carolina, north dakota, and nevada. let's go right to msnbc national political correspondent, steve kornacki, at the big board. steve, what can you tell us? >> well lawrence, a republican incumbent member of congress tom rice is on the brink of losing his seat right now. you can see he is getting blown out in the seventh district of south carolina, and the republican primary. this is a state legislator russell fry who is leading him. significance of this race, donald trump is backing fry why? rice was one of those very few
7:53 pm
house republicans to vote to impeach donald trump. this was the first time republican house member who voted to impeach trump, was facing republican primary voters, with, against the candidate backed by trump. here is the result here. fry is going out bryce. there are very few votes in this district. the only question he is here, 50% role, you gotta get over 50% to avoid a runoff. we are just making sure there are no extra votes here that can bring this number down, but by is going out, rice and rice looks very much like he is gonna lose his job, tonight, in this primary. the at the chance of trump strength in south carolina. first district, mace republican opposed by katie harrington, trump challenger. you see close to 80% of the votes in may's is leading here by eight points. she just got a very big boost of few minutes ago. buford county a big part of this district. we were waiting on results from there. we don't have all of them, but mace is leading in before county. that is significant.
7:54 pm
her one other development tonight about texas tonight, i just want to mention is because this is a landmark potential victory for republicans in south texas. heavily hispanic south texas, the real grand valley, special election for the house going on tonight. you can see the republican candidate here meyer flores, is leading right now with 51%. this is a district that is more than 80% hispanic, they voted for obama, hillary clinton, by more than 20 points, we talked about this region of texas heavily hispanic. shifting towards the republican party. we are seeing another chapter next to it with him tonight. big implications and taxes going forward. and nationally to potentially. >> steve kornacki, thank you very much. tonight's last word is next. d is next. u're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start—with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months.
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7:58 pm
gathered for gun safety and made march for our lives events and washington d.c..
7:59 pm
i was at that about covering that event. and then dozens of cities across the country, including boston texas, among those, who join the march for our lives, in austin, was a family of jackie. and annabelle rodriguez. nine and ten year old cousins who were among the 19 children and two teachers murdered. at robb elementary school, in uvalde, texas. here is some of what jackie cazarez older sister, jasmine, set on saturday. >> good evening, i usually run into my sister in the restroom. we usually bump into each other brushing our teeth. but, i woke up a little late that day, so i didn't see, her never got to say good morning. and i think it's going to haunt me for the rest of my life. i'm doing this for you sister. if you can see me. i'm doing this for you. you will be remembered. i promise you.
8:00 pm
[applause] >> jasmine cazares gets tonight's last word. the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. e starts n ow >> tonight, new details on the pressure campaign to overturn the 2020 election, as a possible future criminal case against the former guy comes into view. then, another big primary night. the trump endorsement once again put to the test, as more than 100 republican primary winners embrace the big lie. is this the future of the gop? plus, the fleecing of america. outrage over out of control covid relief spending, this stunning amount of money that may have been awarded to fraudsters, as the 11th hour gets underway on this tuesday night -- >> good evening, once again, i'm stephanie ruhle, live from washington, d.c.. tonight, the january 6th committee made up for delaying its originally scheduled hearing