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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  June 16, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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white supremacist -- >> proud boys? stand back and stand by -- >> tonight, the new documents from the proud boys detailing their plan for january 6th. then -- >> we are coming in like white on rice, for pelosi, nadler, schumer -- >> how one of the rioters got a tour of the capitol from a republican congressman the day of the insurrection. >> but no one in that group showed that type of aggression that day. >> committee member adam schiff is here on that, plus the planned hearing tomorrow focusing on vice president mike pence and the real live consequences of the big lie on a local election in new mexico. >> i have huge concerns with these voting machines. i really do. >> when all in starts right now -- good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes. we now have a blueprint for the violent insurrection, from the far-right gang the proud boys, and it uncannily matches up in specific detail with what
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actually transpired on january 6th. today, we got the first look at the document titled, 1776 returns, when the lawyer for the philadelphia president of the proud boys included it in a federal court filing. we heard mention of this document in previous indictments against members of the proud boys, some of whom were charged with seditious conspiracy last week. prosecutors revealed that an individual, whose identity is known to the grand jury, sent this blueprint to proud boys leader enrique tarrio on december 30th, 2020. one way to think about the attempted coup -- and i think the way that the committee is discussing it, and the way we discuss it on this program -- is sort of broadly two different efforts that merged on january 6th. there was trump and his circle of people around him, who were pro-coup, attempting to overthrow the rightfully elected president, joe biden, to keep donald trump in power. they were trying to use every
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government mechanism they had at their disposal they could muster, including the fake electors scheme, pushing the department of justice to announce investigations of claims of fraud, pressuring mike pence not to certify the results on january 6th and on and on and on. that's all the governmental activity they are trying. then on that day, january 6th, that effort merged with the efforts of violent extremist right-wing mobs. those groups, which include the proud boys, have their own plan to use force to topple the government. i mean, topple the incoming government, right? preserve donald trump in power. and while we all solve the same thing, we all know exactly what happened on january 6th, there are some on the right who have tried, disingenuously and preposterously to my mind, to downplay the brutality of january 6th. >> we hated seeing vandalism at the u.s. capitol a year ago, and we said so at the time. but we did not think it was an insurrection because it was not an insurrection.
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it was not even close to an insurrection. not a single person in the crowd that it was found to be carrying a firearm. some insurrection. >> okay, first of all, what is this royal we? is he king lear? second of all, that's not true. multiple people have been charged with allegedly bringing guns onto capitol grounds on january 6th. so, not a single person? that's not true. but as the january 6th committee laid out last week, just to be clear here, the violent extremists and their detailed plans to use force were a key part of the attempted coup. and they were clearly in sync with donald trump, and here's an exhibit that the committee played in its first hearings. >> what do you want to call them? give me a name, give me a name. >> [inaudible] proud boys -- >> proud boys? stand back and stand by -- >> would you say that the [inaudible] increased after the stand back, stand by comment? >> exponentially. i would say tripled, probably, with the potential for a lot more, eventually. >> did you ever sell any stand back and stand by merchandise? >> one of the vendors on my page actually beat me to it.
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but i wish i would have made a stand back stand by shirt. >> on december 19th, president trump tweeted about the january 6th rally and told attendees, be there, will be wild. many of the witnesses that we interviewed were inspired by the president's call and came to d. c. for january 6th. but the extremists, they took it a step further. they viewed this tweet as a call to arms. a day later, the department of justice describes how the proud boys created a chat called the ministry of self-defense leadership chat. in this chat, the proud boys established a command leadership structure in anticipation coming back to d. c. on january 6th. the department of justice describes mr. tarrio as coming into possession of the document 1776 returns, and the document [inaudible] key sites around the united states capitol. >> -- it wasn't an insurrection, saying -- just to be clear, the proud boys own model for january 6th was explicitly revolution, which is, of course, the use of force and violence to overthrow a government. and an insurrection --
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well, that's just a revolution that fails. that's why we call it an insurrection. it didn't work, thank god. just look at the language they used, the references that making this document. first of all, it's titled 776 returns -- the year of this country's founding gets thrown around a lot. well, the document references here more than just rhetorical calls for liberty. they are advocating for what the founders did. the founders took up arms and violently overthrew the british government. there's an even more specific reference to revolution. the author of the document titled the first section, intended for internal use only, quote, storm the winter palace. if you don't get that reference, in 1917, vladimir lenin's armed mob of bolsheviks capture the winter palace, they stormed it. that was then the home of the provisional russian government and it was the key moment of the revolution, that ultimately
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led to the creation of the soviet union, lenin coming to power. again, when you go back and read a history of the storming of the winter palace, it was sort of similar -- like, big mobs kind of overran the folks that were in there and took the building. okay? these touchpoints -- the american revolution of 1776 and the russian evolution of 1917 -- those are the examples of the people that wrote this document. in this document, it's evident in the clear plan it lays out. the document states its overall goal is to fill buildings with patriots, communicate our demands, and the authors list their targets, including senate and house office buildings and the supreme court. they lay out their specific manpower needs, saying they must have a, quote, minimum of 50 patriots for each building or it's a no go. the document's overview of january 6th, which they referred to as execution day,
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plans for, quote, produce in the streets, the shooting printed and digital copies of the patriot planned, garnishing sport from those attending the rallies. that's interesting, right? they realize, we need a bunch of people to pull this off, we are not enough. so, that rally they are referencing would be, of course, the stop the steal rally at the ellipse, where donald trump played the role of the recruiter. as said in the [inaudible] -- he's book to the, crowd filed it up, and then told them all [inaudible] the capitol. and filmmaker nick quested testified he was with the proud boys before they walk the streets to the rally. part two, execution -- full and ready to go. the goal is to ensure that there is an entry point for the masses to rush into the building. again, that is exactly what we saw happen on january 6th. when a large crowd had gathered at the capital, a proud boys smashed open a window, allowing the first members of the mob to stream inside. the second section of 70 76 returns is what they call the patriot plan logistics,
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intended for the public. it begins with a motivational statement -- quote, you are the revolution, be a part of history and fight for this country so that our children don't have to. that lays out a timeline that was right in line with the actual events as they happen on january 6th, 1 pm, meet at location one. that is when the first wave of the mob broke through these barriers on the capital capitol grounds. 1:22 pm, are enough people around? more and more rioters were gathering. 1:30 pm -- wait for signal family, the storm building. mob broke in just after 2 pm. we now have a great breadth of knowledge about this plot, it's combination on january 6th and it comes from this document and also video in testimony from january 6th committee. and the reporting. in fact, it now makes sense, the committee led with all the proud boys evidence during this hearing. a lot of what happened up to that day is now established. but to me, one extending question remains. i don't know the answer. i don't know if we will get an answer. but basically, the outstanding question is this -- one of the connections between these two efforts? right?
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we saw them in realtime. the president functions as the recruiter in that day. he invited people to the capitol and he -- >> proud boys with the [inaudible] but are there other connections? the plot coming from the white house and trump and these extremist groups. how much interaction do they have? how close were they? ryan is a justice reporter who's been covering the case closely. he has a new case out about the -- and danya perry is a reporter. they join me now. -- in that public filing? >> yeah, it's interesting because this isn't something that prosecutors put out themselves. it was something it a defense piling filing. the intention of this philadelphia chapter leader of the proud boys that you mention is that he did not have access to the document. take that for what you will. the lawyers representing that he did not have access but sort of put it out there and said that this was the plan, what it was about. it was actually a comparison in this, downplaying the extent of it and suggesting that it's
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kind of like kittens and occupations during the 1960s, and obviously it's not quite the same when you enter a building lawfully as opposed to having inside men break open the door and having people flood in. that's with this document really fills out, this idea of the mob as authentic. this plan is mostly focused on the capitol buildings and it seems like the plan change along some steps of the way. this document was sent in december. and it seems like the plans change at some point along the way. we don't know who enrique tarrio was communicating with on this document. but we do know is, according to the indictment, is he made reference to that storming of the winter palace, as you reference earlier. he made specific reference to that. it's sort of a call back to this document itself, which is pretty damning, because it indicates he had a very close knowledge of this document. this isn't something that he just ignored in his inbox
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somewhere. he knew what the document said. >> yeah, the lawyer saying, 1776 returns is not a plan to attack the and capitol is not even mention the capitol ear. first two occupying congressional occupying buildings, as this is the -- or start a new department. the winter palace, again, that parallel struck me when i was watching it happen. because, again, three years later, quite famously, the new soviet government would stage this as a big spectacle. but the storming of the winter palace, danya, it was the ultimate historical example of a relatively small group of people, essentially using a concerted mob attack to topple a government, through force, focused on one building. it's very revealing to me that that is the touchstone here. >> yeah. that is the element for seditious conspiracy. it's an agreement amongst people -- it could be a small group of people -- and there could be some in the know, less in the know, as is the case here, allegedly. and they agreed to gather to use force to impair, impede, hinder, and delay, obstruct, government. and that is exactly what has
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been alleged here. there is nothing more seditious than attacking the seat of democratic power to avoid a peaceful transition of power. but i go back to your characterization of this document as a blueprint. and putting my prosecutorial hat on -- this really is the holy grail for the government. a charge that judges often gives juries, when instructing them, before they deliberate on a conspiracy charge is, you can use circumstantial evidence because common sense tells you that there is usually not a blueprint or a roadmap to lay out the overt acts and means and methods of the conspiracy. but here, that is what we have. and yes, as alleged by -- or as argued by one of the lawyers in releasing the document -- not every single element played out exactly as it was in this document. but as you said, chris, it's pretty uncanny how so many of the elements matchup. and as a matter of law, it's not required that there is perfect symmetry between the plan and the execution.
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>> and one of the things that, again, i have been -- i've been covering this as long and as in-depth as we have. something that was a light bold moment for me, for the first time, in that first presentation, the first day of the committee, is the idea, ryan, that they understood that this plan needed something else, which was the mob. they needed crowds. they needed a certain critical mass of people to pull it off. they couldn't pull it off themselves. even if you got 100 proud boys, you can't storm the with capitol 100 of them. and the notion that, like, in the document, it's explicitly people from the rally, we've got to get people from the rally to the attack. but the person that provided that is down trump, who provided it on national television, by telling the crowd to go to the capitol. >> and one of the things that, again, i have been --
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i've been covering this as long and as in-depth as we have. something that was a light bold moment for me, for the first time, in that first presentation, the first day of the committee, is the idea, ryan, that they understood that this plan needed something else, which was the mob. they needed crowds. they needed a certain critical mass of people to pull it off. they couldn't pull it off themselves. even if you got 100 proud boys, you can't storm the with capitol 100 of them. and the notion that, like, in the document, it's explicitly people from the rally, we've got to get people from the rally to the attack. but the person that provided that is down trump, who provided it on national television, by telling the crowd to go to the capitol. >> and there's a reference to white men in here. that's part of the role. it seems like that wasn't necessarily it, right? donald trump was the hype man. he was the best hype man you can ask for. i think that's the role he
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played here. but as we have said, it's very rare that you get a document. it's very rare that there is a stringer [inaudible] from the wire come to life, in terms of laying out a plan exactly how it is going to take place and it is sort of that idea of him for a penny, in for a pound. when you lay out this plan when you occupy a building like this, there is implicit violence. it's built into this document. this isn't a nonviolent document, even if it doesn't explicitly say, ripped people out of the building and dash officers heads in. that's what's implied here. >> yes, ryan j. reilly, and danya perry, that was great, thank you. appreciate you both. the january six committee is set to hear its third hearing tomorrow. it's going to start at 1 pm eastern. not 10 pm, 1 pm. i'm pretty excited, i'm going to explain why next. plus we have a committee member adam schiff on. -- leading a tour in the capital complex the day before the attack. the video and what we know about a man who is on that tour just ahead.
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photos of former vice president, mike pence, standing in place on january 6th as pro trump rioters stormed the capitol chanting, hang mike pence. you could see his wife, karen, who is with pence that day in the capitol pulling the curtains shut. so that the mob outside cannot spot them. pence is the focus tonight's
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january six committee hearing, will be to live witnesses, both of whom i'm really anxious to hear from. one of them is pence's former counsel a guy named greg jacobs. as the january six assault was underway, jacobson and an all-time legendary email to an lawyer named john eastman, who is of course one of trump's coup plotters. he's been pushed for pence to overturn the election by am sat with the capitol literally under attack this is what greg jacob emailed to cool blotter, john eastman, quote i don't think a single one of those framers would agree with your position either. certainly, judge luttig, has made -- thanks to your bullshit, we're now under siege. the other witness is the man that jacob mentioned in that email former federal judge, michael luttig. for all the retroactive reputation brandishing, that many of the people around trump attempted to do in their depositions. luttig is one person who's fully deserves accolades for standing up when it counted most.
12:22 am
luttig was a star -- for many years, he worked in department of justice, where according to npr he served as the behind the same maestro for the burbs administration during the controversial cleric's time it's confirmation hearing in 1991. he then went on to be named a federal judge, public and president in the short list for supreme court g8. many conservative lawyers throughout the years clerked for a, and he was called a feeder judge, his clerk would go on to the supreme court and on to greatness. and that includes senator ted cruz, and the aforementioned john eastman author of the coup medal, he clerked for luttig, before clarence thomas. according to luttig, a day before the election the vice president outside cancel, as luttig to, probably skate pence could not reject electoral votes. meaning luttig to quote, the constitution does not empower the vice president to alter in any way the votes that have been cast, either of them rejecting certain or otherwise. there's real reason to believe
12:23 am
wet luttig road wet push pants over the top. so, i cannot wait to hear what he has to say tomorrow. george conway's himself a conservative lawyer and former republican, he joins me now. george, let's start with the role that luttig has played in his testimony tomorrow. i find myself watching bill barr, and some of these people and almost giving myself eye strain from how hard i'm rolling my eyes. and now they tell us, luttig is in a different category, he was called upon to do this. what do you anticipate will hear from him? >> well, i agree with you, chris, i really want to hear this testimony. i think it's gonna be a blockbuster moment. these hearings. and the reason is, that mike luttig, was a conservative judicial icon, he was leading the people in the supreme court, he was the judge that really
12:24 am
all young conservative lawyers really looked up to. most of his law clerks went on to clerk for the supreme court as you mention, much of those law clerk to supreme court, clerk for justice scalia, and justice thomas. so luttig was, one of justice calmly as early as law clerks when justice scalia was on the court of appeals. if you took a poll, he was on the shortlist, in the mid 2000s to the supreme court under the second portion administration, frankly, i know some people watching this will turn off the tv. i've been a member -- 37 years. and if you pull members of the federal society in 2005, about who they prefer on the same report it was mike luttig. i think luttig, has very strong feelings, i've heard him express them privately, i've seen it publicly, many a time. and i heard it on podcasts, he feels so strongly, that would
12:25 am
happen on january six was an attempted coup. we came very close to losing democracy, and the rule of law. not only that, he feels that we are still at risk for 2024. >> yeah, your point, there i think in the end so many different things or brought to bear, to save us from the worst possible outcome. i do think this is someone with tremendous gravitas, authority, institutional respect. it being him, not just anyone, it was him, him saying it, him saying it publicly. >> that's why pence went to him. that's why pence went damn. >> right. >> that's why. >> he serves the role as the conscious of democracy, michael luttig, i remember thinking like judge luttig, right-wing judge. he's the guy. >> he believes in the rule of law. and that's the key point. he believes in the rule of law. and he leads and democracy. believes that if you lose an
12:26 am
election, you lose election. you cooperate and do the best thing for the country. he puts his country above politics, he puts his country, the constitution above party. he is a principled man. and a brilliant man. and one of the great judges i think of our generation. >> we'll see him tomorrow in that hearing room. along with greg jacob one of the people who we spent a lot of time thinking is john eastman. who interesting way, federal society member, different parts of the world of conservative legal folks. again, luttig thomas clerk who has its badge in that were armed. we have reporting of today that the house committee investigating the attack has obtained email correspondence between virginia ginni thomas, and john eastman. the email shut thomas's effort to overturn the election meaning ginni thomas, with more expensive than previously known.
12:27 am
this. really starts to feel like a tremendous issue and problem. >> it, it's certainly very discomforting for those of us who watch the supreme court. that the closer that she gets, the most uncomfortable we need to be about justice thomas's participation in anything related to january six. that being said, i like to see the emails to see exactly what she was doing, whether she was really involved in the cog, the nuts and bolts of the coup in the insurrection. or was she in the peanut gallery, lobbying thoughts and emails. i don't know what the facts are. it is very unusual and disturbing. >> yeah, the point about the peanut gallery as well take. and the facts matter here. i think the text of mark meadows felt like something i saw on facebook. the proactive emails, to the legislators felt much more like
12:28 am
here i am taking an active role, were connected to you through your clerking for my husband, et cetera. so, i think we'll see those emails at some point. george conway, thank you for making time tonight. i appreciated. >> thank you. >> tonight, a chilling new video from the january six committee. >> there is no escape pelosi. pull you out by your hairs. how about that pelosi. -- make yourself another appointment. when i get done with you. you're gonna need a sign on top of that bald head. >> of the man you just heard there. was apparently in the capitol complex the day before january six on a tour, let personally by a member of congress. the main member adam schiff, is here to explain the latest revelations, next.
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so, for the past year and a half, there has been this kind of -- questions about a tour, about tours. did republican members give tours as a form of reconnaissance to insurrectionists? it's floated around. one tour in particular has become the object of this. it's a tour given by republican georgia congressman by barry loudermilk of the capitol complex. in response, loudermilk actually filed an ethics complaint against nearly three dozen house democrats, in may 2021, saying, quote, no republican member of congress
12:34 am
led any kind of reconnaissance tours through the capitol, proven by security footage. the claim of a tour and the congressman, it all sat there for about a year. but about a month ago, the january 6th committee sent loudermilk a letter, saying, the select committee's review of evidence directly contradicts that denial. on may 19th, the same day the committee sent that letter, loudermilk released a statement, acknowledging he gave a tour -- okay, interesting -- to, quote, a constituent family with young children. the next day, he released a video saying he took, quote, a family with young children and their guests to lunch in a house building. today, the january 6th committee sent congressman loudermilk another letter asking him to appear before the committee to testify, and included in the letter is this security footage, that appears to show loudermilk hosting a tour in the capitol of 12 to 15 people, where his guests, somewhat weirdly, i would say, appear to be snapping photos of
12:35 am
things like stairwells, security checkpoints. some even took pictures of the capitol tunnel system. according to the committee, one man on that tour, taking pictures, can be heard from behind the camera in this truly chilling video from january 6th. >> here's our fearless leader. >> check out my flag i made, guys. >> there you go. >> a certain process. >> yeah, that's for somebody special, somebody special! [laughs] >> congressman adam schiff is a democrat of california, a member of the january 6th committee, set to hold its third hearing tomorrow. he previously served as the lead impeachment manager for donald trump's first impeachment. good to have you here, congressman. this has been a difficult story to pin down. it's something that i was always very careful about in our reporting. because it seemed to me the accusations being leveled by
12:36 am
democratic members of congress were very serious. we now have some evidence on the record. what do we know -- can you just establish what we know that you have publicly shared? so we can pin this down? >> what we have shared is the footage, just a part of which, you just displayed, other parts of that same person, doing the narration, that same person was apparently on that tour with representative loudermilk. he's talking in a threatening way about what he is going to do to nancy pelosi and jerry he's talking in a threatening way about what he is going to do to nancy pelosi and jerry nadler and a couple of my other colleagues. and what makes it so concerning, in addition to the fact that this is basically threatening the lives and well-being of members of congress, is that you have these denials! these emphatic denials from representative loudermilk, by representative davis as well, saying they looked at the
12:37 am
footage, they went on tours, and of course, now we see that there is a tour that is of the complex here. and what it appears on the film at least, is suspicious activity, taking pictures of stairwells, which are not a tourist attraction. and appearing to take photos of security checkpoints -- at least one checkpoint. and so it's all the more baffling. this is the reason we wanted this representative to come in. we wanted to discuss this with him. and of course, he has refused. >> yeah. it's a very strange situation. the u.s. capitol police chief -- --omas manger, i think is is that how it's pronounced? he wrote a letter to davis, the house administration ranking member, saying, we train our officers on being alert for people conducting surveillance or reconnaissance and we do not
12:38 am
consider any of the activities we observed as suspicious. that's their point on it. again, it's all a little hard to tell, and for the context, i'm just looking at the close circuit security footage. but i want to make sure that the committee has established -- or they believe they have established -- that individual, that we heard, basically, threatening to violently assault members of congress, was on that tour the day before? >> that is our belief, based on the evidence that we've seen. if mr. loudermilk wants to come in and say it is not so and -- the evidence that we have, i think, is pretty clear. we do want to talk with him and make sure there is no confusion here. i think all of us on the subcommittee find that letter from the capitol police to be utterly baffling. and if those images don't appear suspicious or if they did not make the connection that we have, we want to know why. and we hope it's not a lack of diligence on their part.
12:39 am
>> yeah. i think, again, i am straining here to maintain -- i have strained to maintain healthy skepticism throughout this entire trajectory of the story, partly because it is such a -- i mean, the worst version of it, is that a member of congress is essentially colluding with people who were sabotaging the capitol by essentially abusing their role as a member of congress to give special access to people fundamentally attempting reconnaissance. that's the worst possible interpretation of events. the exculpatory version, i guess from the congressman, would be -- hey, i give constituents tours, i don't control what they do the next day. but it does seem he could just explain that under your invitation, right? i mean, he could just testify. >> yes, that's exactly right. we gave him the opportunity, and have given him the opportunity repeatedly. we re-upped the opportunity for [inaudible] to hear what his explanation is. why -- he first not giving the tour, then admitted giving the tour,
12:40 am
denied that it was basically anything other than a family with small children. and what we would like to hear is explanation and why there seems to have been this effort to dissemble about it. >> final question, since i have you here. i'm working on my google calendar for the next few weeks. are these hearings now going to go past next week? can i get some clarity on that? i can't get clarity. i've got three kids, i've got to figure out my schedule here. what's going on? >> you know, i am not at liberty to release information about the committee schedule. we release it as soon as we are required to under the rules. but look, there are more hearings to come. i think that the evidence continues to mount, that donald trump not only lost the election, knew he lost, lied about, it continued to lie about, it raised money off of those lies. and those lies have continued to put our country at great risk. so, a lot more to come from
12:41 am
where you have seen other evidence to date. >> yeah, i'm looking forward to mr. jacob and mr. luttig. congressman schiff, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up, while the attempted coup attempt -- trump failed, the spirit of his lies live on, in some senses. to truly understand the big
12:42 am
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the story of monday's january
12:46 am
6th hearing is more of the people in donald trump's orbit, didn't believe the election was stolen. some called it team normal, they -- steal the election from the ex president thankfully the coup failed with the help of the handful of folks. but the spirit of team who, is still out there. it seemed to move and grow in various ways in body politics. here's the most recent example. last week in mexico, at the primary elections, by all accounts there was reports of fraud or misconduct. the bulk of the race from legislative seats went to -- so, this monday the vote otero county commissioner to certify, just as numerous counties have done throughout the state. the county clerk presented from the primary and found no significant discrepancy, and vote to certify the standard bureaucratic local government.
12:47 am
except the otero commissioners, refused to certify the results not because of the allegations, widespread fraud of the three members of the panel are republicans, are on apparently team coup. at the very least sympathetic to team coups worldview and goals. they say they cannot trust the results of the election, the county used dominion voting machines which the target of baseless, false conspiracies now the subject of multiple lawsuits from trump's coup plotting lawyers in 2020's election. listen to how members of the board characterize their decision. >> were required to follow, on our own, our convictions as voters [inaudible] so, that's what we're doing today. we're not mandating, were mandated by our oath. so, that's what we're gonna discuss today. i hope you can understand our position, whenever we hear that these machines can be manipulated, and helped up to the internet. i >> have huge concerns with
12:48 am
these voting machines. i really do. i don't in my heart believe that they cannot be manipulated. i know there are a lot smarter people out there that me that had a lot more technical writing code, and all this for these machines. but i do not trust these machines. >> i mean, that's a forthright a procession of where we are right now in this country as you can find, i just don't we just these machines. they can't trust the voting machines. donald trump won the county, 60% of vote in 2020 using those machines. here is an interesting footnote, the man of the border connectors you are talking a month ago, his name is couy griffin, you may have heard of them before from one specific reason. >> new images have surfaced appearing to show otero county -- in the january capital insurrection. the feds found the images claiming he was in a restricted area but as griffin toured mitchell knabb, he doesn't believe he did anything. wrong >> okay, the guy in charge of certifying the
12:49 am
election results was at the capitol during the insurrection, and convicted of trespassing as a result. this is been the concern all along, team who will stall sympathetic officials in key positions to name trump or other republican to serve democracy and undermine the will of the people. we should know, new mexico secretary of state, -- is suing to force the commission to certify the results. just this evening, the state supreme court ordered the commissioner to certify the results. what they will do next remains unclear. secretary maggie toulouse oliver in the next hour you will want to miss that. what they will do, next is unclear, i will join my, colleague rachel maddow for a live interview in the next hour. you don't want to miss that. to miss that.
12:50 am
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12:53 am
powering possibilities.™
12:54 am
very scary anti-gay, anti-trans obsession on the right across the country right now. it's an obsession that certainly violent --, that some on the right are taking their cues from. saturday, in california, a gang of proud boys interrupted the san lorenzo public library's drag queen story time event for children family -- homophobic and transphobic slurs. one more shirt that reads, kill your local pedophile, with an ak-47. on the same day, a group of 31 people affiliated with a white nationalist group, patriot front, -- in a pride parade. -- an event in coeur d'alene, idaho, they had masks, -- and a smoke grenade -- they were planning to start a riot at that pride event. -- covering this rise of anti-gay, anti-trans attacks is parker molloy, editor at large for media matters and she joins me now.
12:55 am
parker, it's good to have you on. i know you did a lot of media monitoring -- and it's just really striking to me that -- you want to tell us what you see, how intensely the focus in just the last month on, particularly drag queens, trans folks, gay folks. >> yeah, thanks for having me, chris. yeah, so just in the past month there has been a severe escalation as to what's happening. if you think back just a few months ago, we were having all of these conversations about trans girls in sports. everyone was just very, very concerned about fairness in sports. that was the big talking point. then it shifted, shifted over to this focus, on what gets taught in schools, don't say gay stuff, and that itself wasn't -- critical race theory, moral panic, and now it's just gotten to this point where you have an increasing number of people on the right, coming out and just outright saying that lgbtq people are a threat to be around children. and that's an old talking point,
12:56 am
it's being brought up again for the first time. i think it's just getting more and more overt. you have multiple lawmakers now talking about making it illegal to bring your child to drag event, which is just so bizarre, and ordinarily would seem like such a fringe idea. but this is being talked about by the likes of ron desantis, who very well may run for president in a few years. that's scary. this is an idea that has become so mainstream on the right. and it's a scary time. >> yeah, the idea that introducing your child to any example of deviation from gender norms, is child abuse. per se, right? that that itself -- and that's an extreme disgusting, and frankly kind of violent idea --
12:57 am
because it embeds the notion of child abuse. this is desantis, when asked about reporters on whether he would support for a proposal that played, and pose a -- that would punish parent to take their kids to dragged events. the owner said he has to staff to look into the idea, we have child protective statues on the books, we have laws against child endangerment. endangerment, that's erratic. being used by the governor of florida? >> yeah, well in this rhetoric is dangerous. when you present the existence of lgbtq people as a threat to children, it's a threat to the country itself, that's how it's being framed a lot. that's putting lives in danger out there. the right-wing media, largely dictates these sorts of conversations. and that's what i think a lot of people who aren't -- fox news, the daily wire, as all those right-wing sites, maybe this is that what normal news outlets will cover these stories as new developments
12:58 am
come up. on the right, it'll be day in and day out of them showing stories, talking about the deviance or trying to groom your children into being lgbtq. and they dictate these conversations entirely. when i sat down to -- the one thing that kept going through my mind, was we need allies, that's part of the issue. we need people willing to stand up to help us right now. and i ordinarily, only write occasionally about this topic on my newsletter. i like to focus on media generally. i think as long as is a focus, we need to put more of my own attention in there because i feel a lot of this is flying under the radar. you have these groups coming out to these events, ready to fight basically because they're told that drag shows equal --
12:59 am
shows, which those are obviously two very different things. and obviously a drag show in the middle of the park, is different than a drag show in a club at night. but they want you to believe these are the same. >> yeah, and i agree. the obsessive focus right now on the right right is really unnerving. and the through -- thank you so much for coming. i appreciate. it >> thanks, chris. >> that's all ahead on this wednesday night, the rachel maddow show starts right now. good evening chris, thank you my friend. thanks to at-home for joining us this hour. let's get to it. tonight there is a lot! to get into. tomorrow, the january six investigation is going to hurt its third public hearing. it starts at 1 pm eastern. we'll be doing a primetime recap of that here on msnbc, tomorrow, night starting at 8 pm eastern. but, tomorrow's hearing, whether you watch it live or reach up at night or both, you should know that it's going to focus on the effort to pressure
1:00 am
mike pence. pressure him into the idea that he personally should refused to count the electoral votes and he should thereby have thrown out the results of the presidential election on january 6th at the u.s. capitol. that, i mean,. that, i mean,.