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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  June 17, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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-- hearing. the next one tuesday, 1:00 p.m., and full coverage starting at noon and then tuesday night. and then a prime time recap schedule bringing you highlights of the day's hearing and a recap of what happened. the noise from the rioters became audible. at worst, we recognized they maybe they had gotten into the building. >> then, president trump tweeted, mike pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and our constitution. >> hang mike pence. >> it was escalating and escalating quickly. >> hang mike pence. >> so then that tweet, the mike pence tweet was sent out, i remember us saying that that was the last thing that needed to be tweeted at that moment. the situation was already bad. and so it felt like he was
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pouring gasoline on the fire by tweeting that. >> the secret service couldn't control the situation and do their job to keep him safe. >> at 2:26 p.m., the secret service rushed vice president pence down the stairs. >> approximately 40 feet. that's all there was. 40 feet between the vice president and the mob. make no mistake about the fact that the vice president's life was in danger. the recent court filing by the department of justice explains that a confidential informant from the proud boys told the fbi that the proud boys would have killed mike pence if given the chance. >> that's just some of what we heard from yesterday's hearing into the attack on the capitol. as the committee detailed the close call for vice president pence, good morning and welcome to "way too early." on this friday, june 17th. i'm jonathan lemire. we're glad you're with us. the third day of testimony in the january 6th hearings focused on donald trump's efforts to pressure mike pence into overturning the election.
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the committee presented evidence that several of trump's advisers told him the vice president didn't have that kind of power, and that when pence didn't do what trump wanted, the president incited his mob of supporters against him. the committee also revealed new photos and testimony of a phone call between the president and vice president on the morning of january 6th. lawmakers played a clip detailing what those in the oval office at the time say that they overheard. >> could you hear the vice president or only the president's end. >> only the president's end. at some point it started off, it was a calmer tone, and then became heated. >> the conversation was pretty heated. >> i think until it became somewhat, you know, lighter tone, yob nobody was paying attention to it initially. >> did you hear any part of the phone call, just this end that the president was speaking from? >> i did, yes.
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>> what did you hear? >> i was dropping off a note, my memory, i remember heard the word wimp, he called him a wimp, i don't remember if you will be a wimp, you are a wimp, wimp is the word i remember. >> and something to the effect that if you don't have the courage to make a hard decision. >> worse. >> i don't remember exactly but something like that, yes. like being you're not tough enough to make the call. >> it was a different tone than i heard him take with the vice president before. >> did ms. trump share with you what had happened in the oval office. >> i heard that dad had an upsetting conversation with the vice president. >> did you hear anything during the meeting or you what encountered in the office? >> i don't remember specifically. i mean i think she was uncomfortable over the fact that there was obviously that type of interaction between the two of
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them. >> something to the effect this is, the wording is wrong, i made the wrong decision four or five years ago. >> and the word that she relates to, that the president called the vice president, i apologize for the impolite, but do you remember what she said her father called him? >> the p word. >> former counsel greg jacob that he stepped out of the room to take the call without staff and what was the vice president's demeanor when the call was over, and said it was steely, great. >> and former campaign adviser jason miller, in prerecorded testimony, miller told the committee that the former president was personally responsible for this statement, claiming then vice president pence was in quote total agreement that he had the power to block the certification of the election results.
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>> typically on these, typically on these, i might have a couple of wording suggestions, or maybe i, you know, have a sense or a rough framework or something of that, but i know with specificity on this one that it was me and him on the phone, talking through it, and ultimately the way this came out was the way that he wanted to. >> the claim that pence was in total agreement with trump was rebuked in yesterday's hearing, by both an attorney for the former vice president, as well as the former vp's chief of staff. >> we were shocked and disappointed, because whoever had written and put that statement out, it was categorically untrue. >> i think the record shows that that's incorrect, that we've been through many documents that clarify that this is not where the vice president was.
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>> joining us now, nbc news capitol hill correspondent ali vitale, good morning. thanks for being with us. truly a blockbuster day on the hearings. we knew the focus would be on the former president's efforts to push his vp, some of this, we heard in the reporting at the time, and there were plenty of new revelations including the vice president was just 40 feet away from the mob looking to perhaps lynch him. what were some of the biggest take-aways for you, being, covering this so closely yesterday? >> look, just the way that they were able to bring us into these really key moments, and meetings, you played many of them at the beginning of the show, talking about that phone call between trump and pence, of course that was a critical importance to the committee in trying to showcase just the sustained pressure campaign. but i think the steadfastness of the former vice president's team, in the face of a continued barrage of suggestions of illegal ways to overturn the election results, the committee took painstaking details to try to get into each way that john
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eastman and others would repeatedly try to ask pence and his top aides different ways that he could not certify the electors of these various states, and at each turn, they said no, and again, the way that they were able to bring us in, especially those never before seen pictures of the former vice president, not just 40 feet away at various points from rioters who were threatening to kill him in some cases, but also down in that bunker, i thought specifically looking at a tweet, while he was down in that bunker, from the former president, for those people who were in the room, yesterday, as they may have been zoning out at own point, those were the pictures that brought them right back, laser focused, to what the committee was showing them. it was really a moment when people in the room perked up, jonathan. >> that was what you were speaking of, the vice president telling the secret service no, that he wouldn't be evacuated. he felt like he had to stay at the capitol, and while doing so, looking at a tweet from the former president, praising the courage of those protesting in
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his name. and you mentioned john eastman. we will have more on him later in the show. the lawyer who repeatedly admitted vice president didn't actually have the power to overturn the election, and later suggested he might need a pardon because of that. but i think the center piece also yesterday was this phone call that we talked about, key phone call between trump and pence, and tell us about the testimony of the witnesses who overheard pieces of that call and why it matters so much for the case the committee is trying to build. >> well, look, again, the committee has been used the own voices of the people around the former president and people who were previously allies to him, talk become this phone call, bringing us again into the room so we had a sense of what happened, and i do think it's strike can, you covered this white house, i covered this white house, the fact that trump took that call with people around him and pence took that call with no staff present, it is i think a very telling detail of the way that those two men viewed that phone call, and of
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course, we know the way the former president has tried to pressure people, it sounded very similar in that phone call, of course the stakes had never been higher, but again, telling him he's not tough enough, calling him a wimp, those are the key metrics to trump, strength, winning, those are the things that we have come to associate with him as his top priority. the fact that he would attack his otherwise stalwart vice president, a man who had been loyal to him for four years in the face of a litany of controversies, was really very stunning, i think the fact that ivanka trump would go back to one of her aides and say it was an upsetting phone call with the vice president is a very striking detail but it all speaks to the committee's central focus which is bringing all of this back to former president donald trump, showing that he was at the center of the sustained pressure campaign, and the push to defraud the electorate, after legitimate votes had been count and he had been found the loser. >> former president, another
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phone call and the new book, "the big lie" details the years worth that led to this aftermath, out july 26th. appreciate it, ali. still ahead on "way too early," on the heels of the email to john eastman, they want to speak to ginny thomas, the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas. plus senators are trying to clear one last hurdle when it comes to new gun safety legislation and we will take a look at that last sticking point and the time line for getting something passed in congress. those stories and a check on the weather when we come back.
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the justice department has renewed its request for the january 6th committee to provide transcripts of witness depositions that it says are critical to its investigation into the insurrection. in a letter, three d.o.j.
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attorneys argued the interviews may be relevant to specific prosecutions that have already begun. they say the transcripts could help prosecutors assess the credibility of possible witnesses or subjects of investigation. the d.o.j. previously requested the transcripts in april. committee chairman bennie thompson has said the committee can't quote give them full access at this point. nbc news has reached out to the january 6th committee for comment. ginny thomas, the conservative activist and wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas, told the daily collar in an interview that she would be willing to testify before the january 6th select committee. thomas had quote, said quote i can't wait to clear up misconceptions. i look forward to talking to them. the committee is looking to speak with thomas about emails exchanged with lawyer john eastman. here's committee chair congressman bennie thompson of mississippi responding to the news yesterday. >> well, look, we have sent ms.
2:15 am
thomas a memo, asking her to come and talk to the committee. which you say is okay. listen to me. when you say it, if she responded while the hearing going on, that she wants to come, we look forward to her coming. >> our last guest, ali vitali in the mix, there and ginni thomas' efforts emailing mark meadows about legal challenges to the election results, lobbying members of the arizona legislature to similar ends, have prompted repeated calls for her husband to recuse himself from any election-related case that comes before the court. in a statement, eastman defended his messages with thomas, writing this. i can categorically confirm that at no time did i discuss with mrs. thomas or justice thomas any matters pending or likely to come before the court. we have never engaged in such
2:16 am
discussions, would not engage in such discussions. >> elsewhere here in washington, the four key senate negotiators of a bipartisan gun bill left an hours long meeting yesterday without a final agreement. senators chris murphy of connecticut, john cornyn of texas, kirmz of kyrsten sinema and tom till is, how to close the so-called boyfriend loophole of domestic abusers and democrat senator murphy says it is still ongoing and released a statement that the quote finalized a majority of the provisions but republicans seem less positive. cornyn left the meeting early and told reporters we was frustrated, they know where i stand and so far no agreement. the group would have to finish the bill today in order for the senate to have enough time to vote on it next week. and as we go to break, an update on the war in ukraine. a front page headline in "the
2:17 am
new york times" reads, europe extends keys to invitation, with few arms. the leaders of france, germany, italy and romania, met with president delz in ukraine yesterday. supporting his push for a step towards membership in the european union. they stopped short of promising additional heavy weapons, which ukraine has been calling for to repel russia's invasion which is now concentrated in the eastern donbas region. negotiations that are believed to continue next week, in a pair of european summits. still ahead, the golden state warriors become the first nba team to go from the league's worst record to a championship in a three-year span. we will have highlights from the nba finals as their dynasty continues. a look at the 16 cities across north america selected to host the 2026 world cup. sports is next. "way too early" will be right back. we hit the bike trails every weekend shinges doesn't care. i grow all my own vegetables
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the warriors are ready to celebrate. and that will do it. it's over. the golden state warriors return to a familiar place. they're on top of the nba world. the fourth tight until eight years. the dubs dynasty is still very much alive. the golden state warriors are nba champions once again beating the boston celtics 103-90 in game six last night, for the fourth title in the last eight seasons. the franchise's seventh championship overall and the first since 2018. steph curry now a four-time nba champ, led the warriors with points last night and named his first finals mvp. and impressive, curry, one of the greats of the game, he now won a title before kevin durant and now one after durant and that warriors is set up for more success in the future. as for the celtics, a great run, a fun run, a team we will always
2:22 am
think fondly about but up two games to one and had a lead in the fourth quarter of game four, couldn't hold it, collapsed and never really recovered a tough one for new england sports fans but a great one and hopefully they will be back. meanwhile, the nhl stanley cup final resumes tomorrow night in denver. the two-time defending champion tampa bay lightning will look to get even in game two against the colorado avalanche. world cup soccer could be coming to a city near you in a few years. fifa has revealed the 16 cities that will play host to the first world cup spread across three nations, canada, the u.s. and mexico. the 2026 tournament will be played largely in the united states with 11 american stadiums picked, all from the nfl. atlanta, houston, miami, philadelphia, seattle and kansas city, are all among cities chosen after missing out on hosting the 1994 cup which was here in the u.s. and the boston and new york city areas were picked as well. notably no set was selected here
2:23 am
near the u.s. capitol, and i think you can blame dan snyder for that. now to the so-called toughest test in golf, the opening round of the u.s. open. adam hadwin leads the field after day one at the country club in brookline massachusetts and a club once so exclusive, it turned down tom brady's membership. it's true. and mcilroy did not make a bogey until the final hole. when he missed the green. and flung his club in a brief fit of frustration. meanwhile, phil mickelson, who has been a controversy over his involvement with a saudi-funded rival league that is disrupting the league, celebrated with a four-putt double bogey on the first round 78. the tampa bay raies were looking to avoid a sweep at
2:24 am
yankees stadium, pick things up at the bottom of the ninth. tie game. >> the 2-1. high fly ball. deep right center. there it goes. see ya! ball game. the yankees are in seventh heaven. they have won their seventh in a row. as they sweep the rays, right out of the bronx. >> anthony rizzo, who had an rbi single and tied the game in the sixth ends the contest with that solo homerun that walks off new york with a two-run win, and another homerun that is up out of one park in baseball, that one, the wrigley field in the bronx. and the nation's capital, one young fan got to take home a souvenir after making a spectacular snag on a foul ball in the stands, as the phillies routed the nats yesterday. and that's the highlight that matters. look at that kid. reaching back over his shoulder. making the catch. nats lose 10-10 but look at that
2:25 am
celebration with his friends. i love that. missing some front teeth. that's spectacular. we should note, you can catch the series finale between the phillies and nationals this sunday, on peacock. let's turn to the weather and michelle grossman for the weekend forecast. happy friday. how is it looking? >> happy friday. we are looking at some morning thunderstorms this morning in the midwest. and parts of the southeast. and we will see storms as we go throughout this afternoon, and especially in the eastern part of the u.s., and being fueled by the heat across the country here. so this is what radar looks like right now. you can see some heavy rains through parts of the midwest, and some spotty heavy rain in the southeast. and 29 million americans at risk this afternoon, along the eastern coast, and also looking from virginia, to georgia, that's where we're expect can the likeliest spot for severe weather and winds gusting to 60 miles an hour. and also the risk for some hail as well. and that means we may see a thunderstorm or two, in brookline, and massachusetts, we're looking at the u.s. open,
2:26 am
and it will be a hot one today, 88 degrees with the afternoon thunderstorms and some gusty winds and some hail. once the cold front is through, really nice day on saturday, and 66. i would say pretty ideal temperature-wise on sunday for the u.s. open with temperatures in the low to mid 60s. jonathan? >> nice cool pleasant father's day works for me. michelle grossman, thanks so much. enjoy the weekend. still ahead, we will have much, much more from yesterday's january 6th committee hearing, including the new evidence that shows just how close rioters got to then vice president pence as the capitol was breached. we'll be right back. ight back. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... the itching... the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, most people saw 90% clearer skin at 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin even at 5 years. tremfya® is the first medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis...
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hello. everybody here for the interview? okay. what do you drive? i ride a jet bike.
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 a.m. on the east coast. 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. thanks for being here. in another jarring moment during yesterday's january 6th hearing, the committee demonstrated just how close the pro trump mob came to finding mike pence after the capitol had been breached. >> by 2:24 p.m., the secret service had moved vice president pence from the senate chamber to his office across the hall. >> the noise from the rioters became audible. at which point we recognized that maybe they had gotten into the building. >> then president trump tweeted, mike pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and our constitution, giving states a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the
2:31 am
fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. usa demands the truth. >> hang mike pence. >> it was clear it was escalating, and escalating quickly. >> hang mike pence. >> so then that tweet, that mike pence tweet was sent out. i remember us saying that that -- the situation was already bad and it felt like he was pouring gasoline on the fire by tweeting that. >> 30 seconds later, rioters already inside the capitol, opened the east rotunda door, just down the hall and 30 seconds after that, rioters breached the crib, one floor below the vice president. >> the secret service couldn't control the situation and do their job of keeping him safe. >> at 2:25 p.m., the secret service rushed vice president mike pence down the stairs.
2:32 am
>> and they tried to figure out whether they had a clear route to get us to where it was they wanted us to move us to. >> and we moved quickly through the tunnels and hallways to a secure location and upon arriving there was further discussion on whether we were going to leave the capitol complex or stay where we were. >> vice president pence and his team ultimately were led to a secure location. where they stayed for the next four and a half hours. barely missing rioters a few feet away. >> make no mistake about the fact that the vice president's life was in danger. a recent court filing by the department of justice explains that a confidential informant from the proud boys told the fbi that the proud boys would have killed mike pence if given a chance. this witness, whom the affidavit refers to as w-1, stated that other members of the group talked about things they did that day, and they said that
2:33 am
anyone they got their hands on, they would have killed, including nancy pelosi. w-1 further stated that members of the proud boys said that they would have killed mike pence if given a chance. >> joining us now, co-founder of punch bowl news anna palmer. so much to sift through from yesterday's blockbuster hearings but let's stay focused for now the threat of vice president pence, and new information just how close the mob came to endangering the vice president after the president was threatening him. pence is thought of so fondly among most in the gop, what are they saying about what they learned yesterday? >> i think most republicans are not talking about the january 6th hearing, because it is not something that they want to be discussing. they're basically trying to ignore this as much as possible, despite kind of repeated
2:34 am
questions from reporters on capitol hill. they are engaging. they aren't engaging. they're not a part of the committee. and another reflection that they're moving toward the midterms and looking forward where democrats are trying to look back. >> an na, i think we've had some trouble with your connection there. i will try to get you back. let's see if we can switch gears and talk about the gun negotiations that we've spoken about earlier in the show. there we are. and that there seems to be some sort of snag, and frustration from texas senator cornyn in particular. what is the likelihood that they can get a deal done before the senate goes home for the july 4th break? >> they were looking at the topic together, and the senators not able to come together, before they left to go home, senator cornyn going back to texas, and they have a republican convention in texas this weekend, so it is going to
2:35 am
be very interesting to see what comes out of that, but the real big issue here still remains that boyfriend loophole and they are trying to figure out a way forward, but right now, that is not, there was a lot less optimism as people left the capitol, staff are continuing to work on drafting words of the agreement, but so far, we are, it is unclear if they're going to be able to make that self-imposed july 4th deadline. >> and there's already of course frustration from so many that the progress in this gun bill is incremental, and something better than nothing. but even this falses apart, it will -- falls apart, it will be tough for many people to take. anna palmer, punch bowl news, your newsletter comes out in about a half hour's time, we will be watching for that. thanks for being here. we will speak to you again sood. still ahead, the fed's short rally after the rate hike is short lived. more on wall street following yesterday's big sell-off. "way too early" will be right back. back
2:36 am
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. time for business and let's bring in cnbc's julianna tatelbaum live from london. a lot of pessimism around the economy yesterday and we heard from president biden and the first sit-down print interview of the term and spoke to my friend at the associated press and he said a recession is quote not inevitable. but we're seeing some worry some signs including u.s. stocks falling sharply yesterday selling the dow below the key 30,000 level for the first time since the beginning of last year. give us your assessment as to whether wall street can find its footing today and the overall optimism or lack there of on the street right now. >> well, it was fascinating to see yesterday, the dramatic turn in sentiment from wednesday, and the immediate aftermath of the fed rate decision, we saw equity markets rise, and end the day higher, but yesterday was a completely different story.
2:40 am
and i think perhaps why the president focused so much on recession risk, was that he is trying to ease concern about a potential recession stateside. there is a fine balance, clearly between the federal reserve raising interest rates and the impact this will have on economic growth but there is a need to get a handle on inflation. so u.s. futures are pointing to a modest rebound today, but it would take a lot to turn things around for the week. ultimately the major indices are significantly down on the week, just to give you a sense, the nasdaq is off 6%, and the dow jones off 4.7% week to date and yesterday, all sectors were negative, led to the down side, by energy, and consumer staples a little more resilient but even that sector ended lower. >> another indicator, new residential construction, and the number of permits issued for building homes, both fell last month. is that a sign that the hot housing market is beginning to cool off? >> well, i think this was part of the reason we saw that pullback in markets yesterday.
2:41 am
weak housing data. the data do suggest that the housing market is cooling. u.s. home building fell to a 13-month low in may. permits tumbled. and due to a combination of factors really. inflation. persistence of supply chain issues. and the uncertain economic outlook. meanwhile, on the rate side of things, we've seen another step higher in mortgage rates. the popular 30-year fixed mortgage jumped by the biggest margin this week, since 1987, to 5.78%, and that is up from 5.23% the week before, and to the highest level since 2008. so rates are huizing. making it -- are rising, making it less affordable for first time home buyers to get into the market. yes, this data shows that the housing market is showing some signs of cooling. >> one more, rev lon filed yesterday for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it grapples with supply chain issues, how much help do you think the company needs to stay
2:42 am
afloat? >> rev lon has a pretty serious debt load to address. the company thinks they need about $575 million no debtor in possession financing from its existing lender base, just to get on with day to day operations. you mentioned supply chain issues. this is a big part of the problem at revlon. the company says that it's currently unable to fulfill about one-third of customer orders in a timely fashion. and that's down to the company's inability to source enough raw materials. and to give you a sense of the magnitude of the problem, reservelon says that shipping components from china to the u.s., takes revlon eight to 12 weeks and costs four times 2019 prices. so some pretty serious supply chain issues. revlon is the first consumer-facing company of its kind to file for bankruptcy at this point in the economic cycle. >> live from london, cnbc's julianna tatelbaum, have a great weekend. thanks for being with us today. still ahead, we're going to go back to january 6th hearings, and talk about the legal significance of john eastman
2:43 am
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another revelation from yesterday's hearings, the january 6th committee displayed evidence that trump ally, lawyer john east machb, acknowledged there was no legal basis for his theory to overturn the election. eastman had argued that then vice president pence had the power to throw out the electors from disputed states and declare trump the winner under the provision of the 12th amendment. the committee revealed a part of the draft letter intended for trump from eastman from october 2020, one month before the election, in which he acknowledged that argument actually had no legal standing. we also learned yesterday that john eastman sought a presidential pardon in the aftermath of january 6th. >> dr. eastman emailed rudy giuliani, and requested that he be included on a list of
2:47 am
potential recipients of a presidential pardon. dr. eastman's email stated, quote, i've decided that i should be on the pardon list, if that is still in the works. dr. eastman did not receive his presidential pardon. >> i've decided i should still be on the pardon list, if that's still in the works. congressman agulair went on to play a video of the deposition before the house select committee where he invoked the fifth amendment at least 100 times during questioning. joining us now, associate professor of political science at fordham university, a friend of the show, christina grere, let's start with eastman and then a broader idea. how significant is it though, do you think, that this lawyer, who is at the forefront of these various schemes to overturn the election, that he himself asked for a pardon after the riots happened. >> jonathan, you know, its just lets us, it just lets us know
2:48 am
the extent to which all of the people around the former president, how much they knew they were doing to help disintegrate the american constitution and how they were working against american democracy. they all knew what they were doing. they knew that the president, the former president was requesting from them things that they should not be doing. requesting that they refused to uphold the law. refused to look at facts. and to go along with his whims. as they did that, one by one, over time, they realized what they were doing. we can't, you know, look at them and say, oh, they were innocent, they didn't know. they absolutely did know. this is why we see so many individuals who surrounded the former president asking for provisions after the fact, because they know that this president crossed the line of legality and asked them to do so as well. and demanded of them actually. >> it is such a key point. it is not just that they knew in the aftermath of january 6th
2:49 am
that they had done something wrong. so many of them, including eastman, it was clear they knew before january 6th that they were doing something wrong, that they actually had no legal standing, that they knew these claims of election fraud were bogus. and yet, they went along with it anyway. just how striking has that been for you watching these hearings play out. >> jonathan, you know, i can't thank you enough for keeping this in the forefront. as someone who teaches internal politics every semester, and trying to encourage young people to get involved in politics, in various ways, to see what happened in november, where joe biden won our democratic election, in a fair manner, in a just manner, it took a few days for us to certify the election, but that sometimes is what happens in a democracy, and then to see a sitting president refuse to have a peaceful transfer of power, something we have never seen before in our young democracy. so many of the theories that i talked about, about politics
2:50 am
over the years, about what could have happen in such a democracy, we actually saw happen in realtime under the presidency of donald trump, which is absolutely frightening for the future of this nation, when it's not just the former president and his bad behavior, but so many individuals in his party, and in individuals in his party and his orbit who aided and abetted this behavior and refuse to look at the real facts, which is joe biden won the election. donald trump did not. it is for him to go back to florida and live out his life, and he actually refused. when we read the transcripts about january 6th, we see how, as your former guest said, you know, put gasoline on that fire, it is absolutely frightening to think it's not just an individual who did that, it's the former president of the united states of america. >> when you speak to your young students here, we saw how close we came this past january 6th, 2021, of this democracy being damaged. but the threat is not over,
2:51 am
right? a lot of -- trump and his allies are still around, working to game the system for the next time. they might try it again. maybe it is for subtly but maybe more effectively, to overturn the election results. what warnings do you teach? >> well, you know, we know that so many of the folks who refused to believe in the election have run for office and have won offices across the country. they will be in charge of certifying the elections in 2024. what i'm trying to do is encourage students to not just run for local offices in their various states but to pay attention, to read the paper, to know what is going on in our nation. i think some of this damage, as you said, john, has been done. i'm worried about our election security in 2022. i'm absolutely frightened about it in 2024. i don't know if the democrats fundamentally understand just how much of a threat this is. i don't know if they're really actually putting the pieces together to link what we saw in buffalo and uvalde and the pulse nightclub shooting, you know,
2:52 am
many years ago, to what happened on january 6th. they are all interconnected. dylan ruth is interconnected. charlottesville is interconnected. this is a web of who we are in the nation, and we need a larger map of what's going on to figure out our future. >> powerful insights there from christina greer. thank you so much for being with us, and we hope you'll come back soon. up next on "way too early," frustration among conservatives over the way republican senator john cornyn is handling the bipartisan gun negotiations. coming up on "morning joe," more from the third public hearing before the january 6th committee, and the revealing testimony about donald trump's push for his vice president to overturn the election results. "morning joe" just a few moments away. weekends are still all about grilling. and walmart always keeps prices low on our fresh ingredients. so you can save money and live better. ♪
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2:56 am
republican gun backlash. so it looked too easy. it looked too smooth, this announcement last weekend of a framework for actual action on guns for the first time in decades. you'd look at polls. american people want that. and you came out, and there was an announcement. there were ten republican senators who were for this gun action which would allow it to pass. but you knew it wasn't going to be that smooth. sure enough, tuesday at the private lunch of senate republicans, a bunch of key senators went after senator john cornyn, saying they're very concerned about him caving on what they consider second amendment issues. why this matters, jonathan, of course, john cornyn, republican of texas, wants to succeed mitch mcconnell as the senate republican leader. suddenly, his second
2:57 am
constituency, that lunchroom, the people around the tables. pull back the camera, go behind the scenes, jonathan. my conversations indicate that there's 13 or 14 republicans that they're optimistic about voting for this bill. that would mean a vote of 63 or 64 in favor. here's the twist, jonathan, if there are some wobblers, if a couple people pull back, no republican wants to be vote number 60. so the predictions i'm hearing are it will not pass with 60 votes. it'll be 63, 64, or nothing. >> with that reporting as context, what's the likelihood this does get done? we heard from the democratic lead negotiator, senator murphy, acknowledging that a snag had been hit, but he believed it'd happen. perhaps not in time for the july 4th recess, but he thought, which had been the target and there is fear momentum would fade if it's not done by then,
2:58 am
but he thinks it can get done. what are democrats thinking about this? >> they're optimistic it'll come together. mitch mcconnell, the senate republican leader, of course, as always, hasn't shown all his cards, but he's given senator cornyn the space to do this. everything that he said has been supportive. senator cornyn, on the other hand, is working to mend his fences, as my grandma would say, with other republicans. he's showing how tough he is being in the negotiations. we saw on your air him coming out and saying it was time to fish or cut bait, i'm tired of talking. on the show, you talked about the rebranding of red flag laws, which is a red flag and red line for conservatives. that's now being referred to as crisis intervention. >> mike, one more quick one for you. axios has new reporting about how catholic organizations, anti-abortion centers, and other
2:59 am
conservative groups are calling on the department of justice to investigate a rise in violence. tell us more about this. >> yeah, anti-abortion groups, catholic groups very concerned about attacks on pregnancy centers, on catholic churches. they're toting them up, have a dashboard. jonathan, our reporting shows that this is a top concern of national security officials in the white house. they're looking into this. axios earlier reported a department of homeland security memo warning about concerns about attacks that could follow if roe v. wade is struck down. it is the focus of law enforcement, a concern of national security as they look ahead to this opinion that everybody expects is coming. jonathan, i know you get these texts, too. every time the supreme court meet, our sources say it could be today. somebody showed me a text the other day. roe decision coming within 10
3:00 am
minutes. that's been washington all summer. >> yeah, certainly, we know, the world watching for the supreme court decision, expected soon, likely within the next two weeks. the exact date not yet known. mike allen, thank you for the reporting. >> happy father's day, jonathan. >> appreciate that, sir. happy father's day to all of you out there this weekend. thanks for getting up with us "way too early" today, friday, as well as all week long. "morning joe" starts right now. what was vice president pence's reaction when you showed him the email where dr. eastman, after the attack on the capitol, still asked that the vice president delay certification and send it back to the states? >> he said that's rubber room stuff. >> i'm sorry. he said it's rubber room stuff? >> yes, congressman. >> what did you interpret that to mean? >> that that was certifiably crazy. >> certifiably


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