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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  June 19, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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at a recently retired marine captain who has been missing since april. on friday, russian state television showed video of two other u.s. military veterans who hadn't been heard from since the previous week. president biden is urging americans to stay out of ukraine. alison barber has the latest. >> at least two missiles were intercepted in the kyiv region last night. one of them, not far from here in bucha. meanwhile, in the united states, the families of three americans missing in ukraine are
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desperate for answers. one of those men, a former marine named grady kerr posh, he has not been heard from by his family since the end of april. we spoke to a representative of the family and they tell us that he had a conversation over the phone with his wife around april 23rd. but after that, he says it was like he vanished. no text messages, no calls, the family says they now believe he is a prisoner of war. can pot is one of three americans reported missing in ukraine, russian state media published a video of allegedly showing to others. alex rookie and andy cohen in captivity. a spokesperson for the state department thousand bc news that they are aware of those photos and videos that are closely monitoring the situation. but it would not comment beyond that. katie. >> our thanks for alison barber. let's go to the covid pandemic and the good news for parents who've been waiting for over two years to get their youngest kids vaccinated. this morning, the wait is
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finally over. the cbc officially endorsing pfizer and moderna shots for children as young as six months old. parents can get those doses for their young children starting this tuesday. every state except florida has placed three orders for the shots which began shipping to distribution centers on friday after the fda's authorization. for now, we're going to turn to the celebration of juneteenth. 157 years ago today, slaves in galveston, texas, learned they were free, two years after the signing of the emancipation proclamation. last year, president biden signed a bill officially recognizing juneteenth as a federal holiday. for more on this historic holiday and the expected celebrations across the nation, we turn to nbc news correspondent shaquille brewster in chicago. >> good morning there. we'll expect to see a barbecue here in chicago on the south side of chicago that'll start later this afternoon. it's one of the many commemorations that we're seeing not only here in chicago
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but across the country. as folks celebrate the second official juneteenth across the country. and you know, later today will have the barbecue but you are seeing parades, you're seeing formal events where you're going to have many -- honor the special day and as you have this official celebration, there is also continuing debate over the commercialization of the day. we know that walmart recently apologized for releasing a juneteenth ice cream flavor. they said it was to honor the day but they took that flavor off the shelves. we know the children's museum in nashville had a juneteenth watermelon salad and that was something that caused a lot of backlash on social media. is this debate that you're hearing over how to honor the day but also acknowledge the nuance of. it and the importance of. it i want you to listen to a conversation we had with the professor about how the country is starting to deal with this day and understand it in on a road but also make sure that they are taking, getting a nod to the history of it. >> i think if more companies
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have more people in the decision-making positions who can inform those conversations, they would think of more nuanced and just better ways of recognizing the holiday. >> if you must profit as a company to do so in a way that is not offensive, that does not perpetuate stereotypes. and that really is thoughtful. >> you hear those professors talking about the nuance of this day butcher -- celebrations again not just here in chicago, i saw one of a bike ride that's also combining the idea of the juneteenth holiday with father's day. getting people out there, having people come together. a similar sentiment to what you've been hearing from those professors is something that you hear from the military community around memorial day. something that you hear from the lgbtq community around this pride month. the idea that yes, they want folks to be able to so break the holiday but also appreciate the nuance that it brings. >> our thanks to shaq brewster
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for that report. back now to the january 6th hearings and tuesday's expected testimony from george -- brad raffensperger. former republican strategist and founder of the lincoln project rick wilson says he thinks that testimony is going to trigger trump like nothing else. and speaking of georgia, what can tuesday's hearing mean for the ongoing investigation to trump in that state? i'm glad to welcome my panel, glenn kirschner is a former federal prosecutor and msnbc legal analyst. he's also the host of the podcast, justice matters. and tara setmayer is a senior adviser of the lincoln project and a former gop communications director. glenn, al-assad, thank you for being here on set. new evidence comes out on tuesday's hearing. is trump in danger? we know about fani willis, fulton county da, she's got a pretty hard-core investigation going. special grand jury. it's handsome very real danger of looking at indictment down in georgia? >> katie, when i hear that recorded phone call with brad
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raffensperger, it reminds me of when i was prosecuting rico cases and some of our evidence included being up on a wire. and so would i would call that is a just press play trial. because then you play for the jury the defendants actually talking dirty on the phone. talking about the crimes they're going to commit, how many kilos of cocaine they want to import. who they want to hurt. where they want to get their guns from. when you listen to that phone call, just find me 11,780 votes, it sounds like mob top. like those votes fell off the back of a truck somewhere. but that is a just press play trial and it's such compelling avoidance. i understand -- wants to make sure she investigates thoroughly. and exhaustively before she brings charges but i find it hard to believe that shull declined to bring charges with that kind of evidence. >> and brad raffensperger is expected to testify on tuesday about that. we have nick akerman later on
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in this case, excuse me, at the show. and what you're seeing right now a muscle of watergate a little bit because of the fact that we had nixon on the tapes and making this is trump on the tapes. tara, i'm not associate. there's been some fairly damning evidence already though and testimony in these public hearings. do you agree that raffensperger's testimony will trigger trump like nothing else? >> i think so. i agree with my colleague, rick wilson, on this. because he's actually on tape and you hear his voice. and you hear that he was defied at that point there, they're telling him no basically. and donald trump doesn't take too kindly to that. he didn't get his way. but there's really no disputing what he said and who he said it to. what he was asking for. he can't be us is way out of that one. although he has tried, as we've seen. i agree with rick in that this is the most difficult for trump and his minions to defend. because he's right there as glenn was talking about, you
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just press play and you hear it all right there. they say the quiet part out loud which they seem to be doing more and more often. which to the horror of those of us who are watching, the details of january six in the lead up to it. as we watch that unfold. a lot of this reporting was very interesting because. at the time contemporaneously but now we're seeing from the jammer six hearing that a lot of that reporting was correct. -- supporters. they have an awfully quiet. no one's really been defending his behavior, his actions or the incredible bombshell testimony coming from trump inner circle folks. people who are on the ground. the legal team in the white house. this testimony has been really, really damning for donald trump and for john eastman and those who are perpetuating this -- but where is republican leadership? they're trying to change the subject, arguing about inflation and gas prices and
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how come the biden ministration can take care of that, who cares about january 6th? you can walk and chew gum at the same time. because they know that they can't defend this and they're looking for an exit ramp, i think, from donald trump. >> glenn, there's been lots of charges, propose floating around. you said he's guilty. donald trump is guilty of treason. some people have suddenly vessel to vertigo, glenn. tell us why it's not. >> i don't think it's hyperbole. and here's why, katy. five quick data points that i think demonstrate donald trump levied war against the united states, that's the very definition of treason. whoever owing allegiance to the united states, levees war against them, the united states, is guilty of treason. he recruited the proud boys and others, stand back and stay why, away before their orders. he set the date for the capitol attack, come to d.c., january six, will be wild. he deployed them, and he gave the order. go to the capitol, fight like hell or you won't have a country anymore, go stop the certification. he used the word steel, which
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is helpful because it helps expose his corrupt intent. he then sat in the white house dining room for three hours, watching the attack of people streaming in, begging him to call off his attack dogs and he wouldn't. and we know they asked him to send reinforcements to the capital to defend the people who were under attack and he refused. mike pence finally had to give the order to send reinforcements an order he made have an authorized to give. and now we know donald trump also sided with the supporters, saying maybe mike pence should be hanged. katie, if what i just described is not levying war against the united states, against the democratic process, what is? >> it's a very compelling argument that you make. tara, very quickly, i apologize, only about 30 seconds left. you are familiar with the gop world. we've now seen republican at republican testify before the subcommittee in america. do you think the people who need to hear are actually listening? >> unfortunately, i don't think
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so. oftentimes, these folks are in their own echo chambers, they're not watching the hearings and we've seen that the people who are not watching the hearings, particularly republicans, they want to blame left-wing activist for january six. we just saw yougov poll come out on that, where are those people, these left wing activists. so i don't know that is getting through to this hard-core folks but it is getting through to i think the american people who have not been paying attention as much are actually paying attention. when you have a conservative judge like judge luttig come out and tell you that our democracy is on that the knife's edge and that donald trump and his allies are a clear and present danger to our democracy, not just because of january six but because they will try to do it again in 2024 but overturn our elections. that is extrajudicial, it's antidemocratic, and it is a warning. he said that he hopes that people are paying attention, because the hours late and god is watching us. and we need to heed his warning and i think that more we talk about this, the more the
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american people understand the gravity and seriousness of what we're basing with our democracy. and hopefully vote the people who are responsible for this out. >> well, if glenn was to prosecute and tara was official figure that out, and frankly, if it is the independence and maybe on the fence about what to do in november, about the right way. maybe the people who are supposed to be listening or listening, tara. our thanks to glen interim for being here. coming up, the far-right has a new target. drag queens. the they are being targeted by extremist groups and events nationwide. and it is all part of the conservative anti lgbtq machine whose influence has exploded over the past couple of months. nbc's ben collins has been investigating it, and he is joining me next. plus, the city of uvalde's police force have been lawyers up. they are fighting over body cam footage of the relevant information from the day of the school shooting. when a trying to hide? i have some thoughts. a little later in the hour. please stay with us. se stay with us.
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>> new warnings about the nations power supply. a report predicting a large swath of the country could see rolling blackouts as the weather discuss hotter. now, some state officials are preparing for, quote, the worst-case scenario. here is nbc news correspondent morgan chesky. >> this, morning the nation's power grid is facing questions. and a serious tax. blazing heat, with more right behind, it pushing demand like never before. >> the worst that we are seeing across the system is higher than we have seen before. >> this map showing the risk for blackouts covering nearly two thirds of the entire country. with the highest potential running from minnesota to louisiana. the warning comes as more cities in the southwest are already on track to see their warmest june on record. some providers are double checking transmission lines, making sure the equipment can handle the demands. plus, mother nature.
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>> i would say that this year alone we have experienced three times the number of minor storms that we experienced in 2021. so, climate change is real. we are feeling it. and we are seeing the impacts of severe weather swings. taylor olivier is the ceo of pepco. >> which serves the mid-atlantic region. she says the power company is set for a summer surge by updating its infrastructure. >> we want people when they turn on their light switch, the lights to come on. >> in indiana, severe storms are creating the summer nightmare. power edges as temperatures are pushed through guidance. >> no way of keeping cool. no way. no way. >> it is just too hot. >> front-runner sponsors are feeling the heat too. with calls for a heat stroke and exhaustion coming in before summer has even officially started. >> when you saw the number he calls triple this year compared to last, waucousta your head? >> just put a weight on all the systems. fire department, police, all these companies were never hard time keeping up.
4:23 am
>> outside, austin concerns about electricity. bringing bill casserole to serious flashbacks. >> we don't have the power is going to say stay on. >> he will come quadruplets just days before the 2021 freeze knocked out power to millions. even worse, the ice left the new parents stranded at home, unable to see their newborns all in neonatal care. he says his family plans to buy a generator, but worries about others who don't have the means. >> a family with a newborn baby, just came home from the hospital, and now they don't have air conditioning. i efforts that lost elderly family members in the last freeze, and i don't want to see that we are going to lose power again. >> our thanks to morgan chesky. coming, up high court controversy. new reporting on ginni thomas's efforts to overturn the 2020 election is prompting some to call for clarence thomas's resignation. but no money. i want to know, why aren't debs screaming it from the rooftops. i will talk that, one
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shocking revelations surrounding ginni thomas's involvement in trying to overturn the 2020 election. but when the january six committee learned about her correspond with trump lawyer john eastman, the lawyer who devise the plot to stop joe biden certification, the committee called on jenny to testify. note, called. i did not say subpoenas. so we do not know when or if that will happen. i personally don't you think she is going to show up. even though she claims that she cannot wait to clear up misconceptions. but when i want to know is this. where is the outrage from democrats? if the wife of a liberal supreme court justice was actively involved in a bid to overturn the election to have a democratic president, do you think republicans would be so quiet? one washington post columnist said, democrats should not just say something. they should scream something, adding that congressional
4:29 am
leaders should begin investigations as eugenie thomas isn't activities and i know they intend to speak to her husband justice clarence thomas as well. because you know what? that is at least that republicans would be doing. joining me now is congressman steve cohen of nbc. he sits on the house judiciary committee. congressman, always love spending time with you. my first question to you this morning. why aren't we seeing a stronger posture from democrats, especially with everything that we know so far about ginni thomas's involvement in efforts to overturn the 2020 election results? >> i think that democrats have been somewhat reserved because a lot of the things the democrats have to come from the top. and generally the top is to avoid controversy if they can, stay on the subject. in this case it is donald trump and his actions on january 6th. but these other people as well, not just donald trump. it is the entire insurrection team, proud boys, oath keepers,
4:30 am
republican congressman or whoever. to get to the bottom of it. antigen e-commerce is just a part of it. i think he might be getting off the main path and on a roberts trail. but i think that ginni thomas has gotten herself into it, and i think it is clear what clarence thomas making the only vote on the supreme court not to say that trump had to turn over his records. it shows that he thinks exactly like johnny thomas, or he is -- but it is impossible to really believe that they do not talk about these issues. when you get into it, there are some people involved with their testimony. i think she will testify. i think she is like a model flight. she likes being in the arena. and this is close as she gets to the arena. is to testify. and that is good that she will testify. she did contact meadows and contacted eastman, and the
4:31 am
legislature, and clarence thomas should refuse himself of everything to do with these cases, there is no question about it. but he is not done anything in the area of ethical conduct, and the supreme court justices are to themselves, they do what they want. they roll in their own houses. so we propose some changes, but the supreme court can take them up or not and i won't necessarily reprimand it. he knows everybody in the building, and says hello, will fine, make him the concierge. >> congressman, there is that saying, that dog dealing hunts exactly what you just said. this idea that clarence thomas and ginni thomas, we know her conversations and justice thomas does not know it is going on. there are three democratic lawmakers with calls to resign. alexandra acosta cortez of new york, and betty mccallum of minnesota. why aren't more calling for this. it is about a smoking gun as you get, and frankly what you see in this particular shoe?
4:32 am
i call on clarence thomas to be center sometime ago, which i think is something -- it didn't garner any jerome's from the rest of the caucus or leadership. but i think this may be more of an melbourne show response but it's a slight on the family stone. it's a family affair. and there's no question that they are in this together, that their whole lives are intertwined and they're intertwined in all the politics on the policies. and they have gone, clarence thomas is allowed to breach would've it an ethical barrier. so i'd be fine if he resigned, that be great. he's not going to resign. that's just not going to happen. >> so i went to the supreme court yesterday, congressman, or at least let me be clear, i try to go to the supreme court yesterday. high fences and a huge police presence at the supreme court of the united states. they -- scotus is a villain itself of the help of the police but the justices can improperly police
4:33 am
themselves when it comes to making sure that the integrity of the institution remains pristine. you just mentioned a couple of minutes ago about ethical rule changes. do you think it is time to have some kind of reforms to the institute for the supreme court of the united states? >> the house judiciary committee -- passed reforms, congress person scans bill and we've passed that. it might have passed the entire house. but the supreme court, john roberts, i have respects to john roberts to slow to bring the angle considerations that every other corporate labor's under. and that all political bodies, there should be certain ethical guidelines that are required for justices to follow. they are the only folks don't who don't have a way checking balance on them and their own check and balance on that, that's just wrong. it's kind of like this whole thing we're looking at on january six, trump be tried or not. responsible for his actions. nobody should be without
4:34 am
oversight and a third-party check and balance in our system. should trump be responsible? trump is the most open in a tory's political criminal in the history of this country. he makes richard nixon look like a third grade student who stole some shock. >> congressman steve cohen, i always know that when i asked distance in time with you, you are going to deliver, thank you so much for being with us this morning, we appreciate it. >> you're welcome, nice to be with you. >> listen, we also want to know what do you think. do you think supreme court justice clarence thomas should resign following his wife ginni thomas's efforts to overturn the 2020 election? go to our twitter poll and vote. we'll show you the results at the end of our show today. and a quick programming note, if you miss there's a hearing you have a chance to wash it today. we're re-airing it on 1 pm eastern right here on msnbc. and don't forget to join us for a special coverage of the next january 6th hearing led by katie tour, andrew michelin
4:35 am
hallie jackson, tuesday at noon on msnbc. we will be right back.
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june is pride month. it's meant to be a time of celebration for the lgbtq plus manatee and its allies. but it seems conservative extremists are using this month to threaten and terrorize the community instead. one of the primary targets, drag queens story hours. which, by the way, have been
4:39 am
house select committee libraries since 2015. extremist groups across the country are targeting these events, hurling homophobic slurs in front of preschoolers and other children. here, the proud boys have invaded a story hour and it's now being investigated as a hate crime. these people say they are quote protecting children and it's become a main republican talking point with many gop lawmakers using baseless tropes that children are being groomed or recruited by gay and trans people. >> no teacher should ever be allowed to teach transgender to our children without parental consent. >> this year alone, over 320 anti-lgbt -- bills filed across the united states, some of which target transgender children and their parents. look, it's 2022. but the climate for the lgbtq+ community seems more volatile and intolerance than ever. ben collins, a senior reporter
4:40 am
at msnbc news current disinformation extremism says it's all part of an anti-trans machine. he joins me now, van, good morning, thank you so much for being here. you have been investigating what the -- what's or who is feeling this machine as you've described it? >> yeah, katie, it's a bunch of social media influencers on the far-right who have banded together, realizing that they think at least they have a winning political issue on the right. a lot of people who push the critical race theory panic last year in school saying that children are being indoctrinated was the language. to learn critical race theory and all of these things that aren't really taught to people and elementary schools have realized that sort of nasty muddy moved on to this idea that kids are being groomed to be gay or transgender and public schools by things like disney movies. or things, of course, like drag
4:41 am
queens story our. that's not what's happening, obviously, but they think they have a winning issue here. so what they'll do is they'll push it up through pipelines and things like lips of tiktok account on the right that gets pushed to fox news, that gets pushed to people like donald trump and rhonda scent is on the right. the main stream right has -- some of these things. not all the way on some of the far-right thing, some of the militias that are going into these dry clean story our citron disrupt the homophobic slurs. but there's a mainstream version of this, there's a militia version of this and they are trying to build a broad coalition between those two things. >> so, then, you talk about social media influencers. maybe even the media, maybe tv. but it's not just limited, right, because we know republican lawmakers and state levels have been targeting the community. most recently, they've lashed onto the drag queen issue like you talked about because the crtc think iran esteem as you say. but gop lawmakers in florida,
4:42 am
texas, arizona, they're proposing bands on directions for kids which let's be honest, that's just absurd and stupid. let's talk about the how that extremist machine that you've been investigating has now had really intimate ties into the political sphere. >> yeah, yesterday in that same speech don ideology is child abuse. it's a very dangerous thing because once you start investigating that sort of thing as a criminal thought, right? then it becomes a much more dangerous thing in there's a lot more in line with fascism than anything else probably that you could think of. he was not, by the way, don trump was not this explicitly anti lgbtq when he was president or when he ran for president. this is a large to the right by people on the right. that's what you're seeing recently is these far-right spaces realizing they can get people riled up. are driving this political moment and by the way, if you try to push back against this,
4:43 am
states under california scott weiner, he try to push back against this. he joked on twitter in response to one of these bills that he would make drag queens story our part of the curriculum in california, which is a joke very clearly. and he couldn't even return to his home last weekend because bomb sniffing dog had to case his house first because he received a credible threat. so that's where this is that now. we're at a very dangerous precipice and it's the middle of pride month. >> so, ben, other than you doing the really hard work of investigating, exposing what's going on, tell us what's being done to actually stop the harassment and the hatred. >> well unfortunately, not a ton. the good news is when white nationalists use the same tactics each time, for example, luring themselves into a u-haul to go to a specific event, -- that's would have been last week. caroline, idaho, where 31 witnesses for caught out of upright event. you can see them right there,
4:44 am
there were unmasked, they were part of a group called patriot front. the proud boys to, pretty easily identifiable, adam often was there as well, particularly militant white nationalist group. so at the militia level, there is some work being done here to try to counteract this. but on an individual level, it's really hard to stop. this is a thing that is catching fire on the right right now. and it's in part because they're trying to counter program and counteract pride. on an individual level, it's really hard to stop it. >> our thanks to you, ben collins, please uneasiness post and let us know how things are going, we appreciate your investigation. >> thank you. >> so the infamous watergate hearings went down a 50 years ago. how does nixon's undermining of our democracy than compared to trump's role in the january six insurrection now? a former watergate prosecutor is here to discuss after the break. but as we go to break, on this father's day, we want to celebrate all of the supportive and loving father figures and a
4:45 am
special shout out to the dads of our katie fang show team. this is for you.
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welcome back. and then relenting thirst for power, that was at the heart of both rather gate and the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. former presidents richard nixon and donald trump tried and failed to subvert democracy, and the will of the american people. the 50th anniversary of the watergate break and just happens to come as the january six committee presents its findings on trump's involvement in the insurrection. but unlike watergate, which is set in motion the political demise of richard nixon, the january 6th attack has not vanquish trump from political life, at least not yet. trump continues to headline large rallies across mcentee, it is propped up by a slew of sikh offense in congress. in the summer of 1973, the watergate hearings transfixed americans as they collectively learned of works nixon's law wrongdoings. and ultimately, they shot him. is america now just two divided for the january 6th hearings to have a similar impact? i have the perfect person to ask this question.
4:49 am
joining me now is former federal prosecutor nick akerman. nick was also a member of the watergate prosecution team. nick, good morning. it is an honor to have you with us today. as the truth about the scope of nixon's misconduct emerges, he lost the support of even his further script offenders in congress. yet today there is still a disturbingly large number of elected republicans who supported donald trump. how can you explain that happening? >> i think it is explainable by the fact that our politics are so divided at this point. even back in the watergate days, the watergate senate committee, there were republicans defenders that were under that committee. defenders of nixon. and it was not until the tapes came out that people really change their minds. and that republicans change their minds, and ultimately forced nixon to resign. we are in a totally different situation right now. the january six committee is
4:50 am
basically presenting its evidence which the covered over the past year. the select committee was not so clear, it was really more of an ongoing investigation of the publication as it was happening. at the same time, we have the appointment of our trouble cox, who is the watergate special prosecutor. the key there was that there was accountability in the -- all of nixon's aides were indicted and convicted. the only person who did not go to person was richard nixon because he was later pardoned by president forwards. so the real question today is whether trump is going to be held accountable. will you be guided for federal crimes, and will he be indicted in georgia for interfering with the election in that state? those are the two areas of prosecution that we really need to be focused on. and where the actions are going to take place. now --
4:51 am
>> i just want to interrupt. you mentioned that you guys had tapes in the nixon watergate situation. we have a tape, though. we have that tape donald trump pressuring brad raffensperger. in your opinion, you don't think that is going to be enough? >> i think that is enough. if you are asking which of the cases right now, which one is going to send donald trump to prison, that is the case. there is a really neat three year felony in georgia, that donald trump has violated. prosecutors love tape recorded evidence. because you cannot cross-examined it. what is significant though, with those cases, is that when you put in the context of all of the evidence that's the january six committee has uncovered. when you put that together, donald trump has zero defense in georgia. if i had to put my money on one prosecution that is going to go forward here, that will send donald trump to jail, it is georgia. no question about it. the only defense that he has got here is trying to somehow
4:52 am
pick up on some ambiguity in the tape, that he did not really mean what he said. but once you look at what he said, trying to get brad raffensperger to come up with extra votes to make him a winner in georgia, and put in the context about the january six committee has found, i think they have gotten a case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> nick ackerman, i always wish i have more time with you. we would love to have you back and we thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> as we head to break i do want to quickly show you the results from this morning's twitter poll. the question, do you think supreme court justice clarence thomas should resign following ginni thomas's efforts to overturn the 2020 election, almost 97% of you said yes. only 3% said no. if you want to be in the know for a next poll, be sure to follow us on twitter at the katie phang show and stay connected to us on instagram, facebook, and even tiktok. up, next uvalde city officials are trying to prevent the release of records relating to last week's mass shooting.
4:53 am
one of the authorities in uvalde trying to hide, and could those records help prevent another shooting? my thoughts after the break. after the break. despite treatment it disrupts my skin with itch. it disrupts my skin with rash. but now, i can disrupt eczema with rinvoq. rinvoq is not a steroid, topical, or injection. it's one pill, once a day, that's effective without topical steroids. many taking rinvoq saw clear or almost-clear skin while some saw up to 100% clear skin. plus, they felt fast itch relief some as early as 1 week. that's rinvoq relief. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal, cancers including lymphoma and skin cancer, death, heart attack, stroke, and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred. people 50 and older with at least one heart disease risk factor have higher risks. don't take if allergic to rinvoq, as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. disrupt the itch and rash of eczema.
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this is xfinity rewards. our way of showing our appreciation. with rewards of all shapes and sizes. [ cheers ] are we actually going? yes!! and once in a lifetime moments. two tickets to nascar! yes! find rewards like these and so many more in the xfinity app. spare a thought on this father's day for a certain group of fathers. a group of more than a dozen dads in uvalde, texas, who will never again hear their child say happy father's day. because of a man and his assault rifle. the fathers and the mothers of these victims deserve so much
4:57 am
right now. they deserve a nations greed sorrow. they deserve elected leaders who will take us through stand, and say enough is enough. and more than, that they deserve answers, real hard answers, about what happened on the whole day at robb elementary school. and what could've been done differently to save their children. but there are some people who apparently don't want those children to have those answers. some of those people are uvalde police and the city officials. the city and police department have reportedly hired a private law firm to fight in court. so that they will not have to release body camera footage another records related to the shooting. that is according to vice news, which obtained a letter from city officials sent to the texas attorney general. nbc news has not independently reviewed the letter, but when vice news ask uvalde police and city officials for comment, they did not even respond. just let that sink in for a moment. the people sworn to protect and serve into govern a city are spending public money to stop
4:58 am
victims and their loved ones from getting answers. they claimed they should not have to release body camera footage from the incident, because it would be considered confidential by law. the letter also admits that some of the records being requested should include highly embarrassing information. other reasons that they provide include ongoing investigations into the police response, as well as pending lawsuits. i think calls for answers, the city of uvalde and its police department are only making the questions even more urgent to be answered. one of the biggest questions, why didn't the police go into the classroom sooner? how many fathers would still have their children to celebrate today? and we continue to learn more. within the last couple of days, near times reported that a police officer who arrived on the scene had a chance to shoot the gunman before he entered the school. but he declined to take the shot, varying he would hit children playing outside. that is according to a senior
4:59 am
sheriff's deputy. it has not even been a month since the massacre in uvalde. we cannot let this awful tragedy fadeaway as just a part of a past news cycle. the answer to these questions belong to the public and we must demand accountability. as you begin your father's day, think of the fathers and the mothers of these 19 children, and two teachers. think about the answers that they deserve, and the possibility that they would never get the. thanks for watching. i'll be back next weekend. you can also catch an opposite could even show on the msnbc hub on peacock, there is a ten fridays. velshi comes up next. today on velshi, a new star witness is about to take the stand. what to expect from the january 6th select committees next public hearings, including testimony from amended on trump personally assigned to find him thousands more votes than he actually earned.
5:00 am
plus, the threat to democracy is not over. how the next coup could be unfolding in front of our eyes right now. and why dozens of requests for information on the police response to the massacre at robb elementary in uvalde, texas, have gone completely unanswered. then, what you need to know about reparations this juneteenth in a story of one woman who actually made reparations a reality. good morning. good morning, it's sunday, june 19th and happy father's day to all who celebrate. enjoy your afternoon nap, all you dads. i'm sam stein filling in for ali velshi. the january six committee has another busy week ahead, with two more public hearings scheduled for tuesday and thursday. in its first few hearings, the panel has focused on the trump team's election from conspiracy theory and the subsequent effort to pressure mike pence editors fitting. this week, investi w


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