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tv   Symone  MSNBC  June 19, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the insurrection has created chaos at the capitol, but they also re-cavity in the city of washington, d.c.. d.c. mayor browser joins me live with her take on the january 6th hearings. plus, i caught up with chloe and holly bailey, and we talked about everything from their biggest inspirations to juneteenth and, you know i had to ask about the queen bee. you do not want to miss this.
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at the juneteenth, y'all, and happy father's day. i'm simone sanders, and i've got something to say. we're looking ahead to the next january 6th hearings and beyond to the former donald trump's potential prosecution. but before we dive in i have a little bit of a disclaimer. i know some of y'all may be frustrated. frustrated at how winding the path to accountability is, and how long it takes to travel it, but even if donald trump is not charged. if he escapes all consequences, these hearings will not have been in vain. this week marks the 50th anniversary of watergate. it seemed like a standard burglary led to the first and only resignation of the u.s. president. richard nixon. but it didn't happen overwrought night, y'all.
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it took years of federal hearings and exhaustive journalism to finally uncover how deep the corruption went. though he resigned, nixon never faced charges. he was actually pardoned by his successor. but thanks to efforts to hold him accountable, history remembers what he did. even half a century later, history remembers. the january 6th committee is pursuing that same fate for donald trump. most recently, they've been focusing on his pressuring vice president mike pence to dismiss certified electoral votes. >> with the president wanted, the vice president to do, was not just wrong. it was illegal and unconstitutional. president trump was told repeatedly that mike pence lacked constitutional and legal authority to do with president trump was demanding he do. >> just like nixon, it is my hope that one day donald trump will be held accountable, but the threat to democracy will in
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fact continue. someone is going to pick up where he left off and a new fight will emerge, but in the sea of disinformation and distractions, facts are weapons. questions are crucial. truth really is power. speaking of truth and asking questions, abc's capitol hill correspondent allie raffa is here with the latest on tuesday's january 6th committee hearing, and what we can expect throughout the week. okay, ali. what do we need to know about all of the hearings this week and how they play into the panels overall investigation? >> january six committee members were really all over the sunday shows this morning. -- what we could expect to see in the panels next two hearings on tuesday and thursday of this week. a committee member saying we should expect to really dig deeper into former president trump's pressure campaign on state officials to help him overturn the election. listen here. >> we will show evidence of the
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presidents involvement in this game. we will also again show evidence about why his own lawyers came to think about this game. we will show courageous officials who stood up and said they wouldn't go along with this plan to either call the -- back into session. or decertify the results for joe biden. >> we know things this weekend that we didn't know last weekend. >> among those expected to testify on tuesday, a georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger and his deputy, jay sterling, those are both conservative republicans which supported trump in the 2020 election and then refused to do his bidding after that now infamous phone call a few days before the attack on the capitol on january 6th, and which former president trump asked raffensperger to find the votes, plus one vote that would get him over the top passed by his vote total in the state of georgia. this was really among the strongest stance we saw from
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republicans against former president trump after the election. of course we learned so much more this past week about former vp mike princess pressure that he faced from the former president. tuesday's hearing is really the next platform the committee has to prove what they say was an intent by the former president and his legal team and allies to overturn the results of the election after he was repeatedly told by those in his inner circle that it was unconstitutional and illegal. the big question when all of these hearings are over is, will they face criminal charges? that's really a question that only attorney general merrick garland can answer, some. >> we know he is watching. abc is -- nbc's allie raffa, thank you for breaking it down. as ali said, these hearings have potential consequences. they've introduced more legal questions in the bar exam. we have a legal panel with us to cut through the noise. glenn kirschner is here. is a former federal prosecutor and msnbc legal analyst. and david coren is also with
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us. he's the washington bureau chief for mother jones. welcome, welcome to you both. >> glenn, i want to start with you. because, one of the key challenges for the committee, and frankly for the justice department to pursue a colonel case against trump, would in fact be proving that he knew his claims about the 2020 election were false. we know that donald trump is already laying the groundwork to make it hard to prove intent. he's got this statement that i won't even go into. basically, he blasted the committee and he again repeats election fraud fantasies. can you explain to folks at home why intent is important? and if you think the committee has addressed that? >> intent is clearly important to prove, because you need to prove that somebody not only engaged in a criminal act, but they didn't engage in it mistakenly or by accident. it was a company by corrupt intent. i tell you, --
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know when i ever prosecuted in years announced i engaged in a criminal act and have criminal intent. that's not how this works. there is so much evidence from which a jury could infer, that's how you prove intent, in for donald trump's corrupt intent. i mean just look at -- in public reporting and courtesy of the j 6th public hearings. we know donald trump recruited the insurrectionists. he said stand back and stand by. await further orders. he set the date for the capitol attack. january 6th will be wild. you launched the capitol attack by jimmy ainge up his angry mob and sending them to the capitol. get down here, fight like hell or you won't have a country anymore. stop the certification. he used the word steel. everybody knew, including him, there was no steel, which -- evidence for his corrupt intense. he then sat there for three hours and refused to call off
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his attack and refused to send reinforcements to protect the capital, saying instead, maybe they are right. maybe mike pence should be hanged. this does not involve subtle or nuanced questions of criminal intent. it just does not. donald trump -- needs to be held accountable. >> i think a lot of people out there would agree with you, glenn. david, let me bring you into the conversation. the question of if the former president is held accountable really does arrest with the justice department, but as i said at the top of the show, i think the committee is where it matters, even if donald trump is not indicted. could you talk about the importance behind what we are seeing go down on capitol hill with or without an indictment? >> as a historian and journalist i appreciated your remarks. one thing that needs to happen is the truth needs to be served. there was a mistake made during
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the russia scandal. -- we thought robert would do everything. -- it was moments job, as glen knows, as a special counsel and prosecutor, to find criminal cases. not to give the american public the full story. it was at his job? it was not when he was paid to do. he put out a report that covered a lot, but it was not the full narrative. congress never took up that job. but the j six committee and what they're doing in this instance is that. this is for the public. this is not to decide whether to prosecute trump or not. the other day they could recommend prosecution, but they don't have to do it one way or the other. they are serving the truth, putting out information and merrick garland is watching. that's why we know more now than we did before, and we are seeing the faces. we will see brad raffensperger testify about this amazing event. the president of the united
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states calling up and saying, i need you to find 11,000 more votes. just one more than he needed to win. right? to me, you can infer intent. from that, he wasn't saying please take a look. i think there was a problem here. let's take it to the bottom of this. he was saying finally the exact numbers of votes i need. or you might be in trouble, is when he added. that seems corrupt at its core. otherwise, i do think there was a lot of complexity to bringing a case against donald trump. you have to wonder if the case was -- and he managed to be acquitted, what that would mean for our political discourse. >> i want you all to listen to congressman jamie raskin. in this sound, he's talking about trump's ongoing lack of remorse in the time since the insurrection. take a listen. >> yeah, he essentially said, yes i did it. i would do it again. which is what we've been
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contending all along, that if you allow impunity for attempts at unconstitutional caesars of power, which is with crew is, then you're inviting it again in the future. >> i've been saying all along that donald trump has never done anything in secret. he's been doing this right before our eyes. why, and first to you blend, then you david. why hasn't -- why has it taken so long for us to essentially care about it? >> i think we've cared for very long time. it's taken a long time to get to the point of where we now have public hearings, and we are getting to see and assess the evidence for ourselves with our own eyes. i do think representative raskin is spot on. i think in the recent speech that donald trump gave an tennessee, not only does he not show remorse, but he was mocking mike pence, calling him names like, a conveyor belt and
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a robot. mindlessly certifying the elections results. mind you, in accordance with the law and the constitution, and symone, if the department of justice declines -- donald trump for these crimes, what they are doing is giving permission to whoever the republican nominee is in 2024 to do it all over again, and then some. they would be endorsing this conduct as not criminal. not punishable. i don't think a republican survive another four years of what we've just been through. >> david, your last word? >> i agree. i do think the main problem here is not with the justice department does. it doesn't -- tens of millions of americans by donald trump's con. they're still with them. the j 6th committee is not about changing peoples minds,
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not at least on that side of the aisle. we are such a divided country that even when the president sits back and does nothing while these -- while the capitol is being assaulted. it's happening in front of everybody's eyes. it's still not enough to turn off those tens of millions of trump supporters. we are in a pretty deep hole here in terms of political culture. the g6 committee is scratching at the surface, but there is a long way to go. >> glenn kirschner, david coren, my thanks to you both. coming up, washington d.c. is going -- browser is going to weigh in on the toll of the insurrection in her community. we are going to get into strategies for combatting crime, because policing is just one part of that picture, and we are going to talk about leading in a pandemic. first, my colleague gigi stone weight is here today with the other top stories. >> gigi? >> thanks, simone. here are some of the stories we are watching at this hour. swimming, international
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governing body fema released a policy restricting transgender women from competitions. the new policy says they could only compete if they never went through male puberty or had it suppressed. when physical changes began her before 12 years old. back in february, usa swimming updated its policy for transgender athletes, which included added testosterone test for 36 months before competitions. the family of this u.s. marine veteran, -- breaking his silence about the disappearance in ukraine. a spokesperson for the family tells nbc news they've not been in touch with him since april, but believe he is alive and maybe a prisoner of war. this comes after russian media released video of two other americans who went missing in ukraine and appear to have been captured by russians. an apple worker at a maryland store voted to unionize, becoming the first of the company's u.s.-based stores to do so. roughly two thirds of the employees were in favor of unionizing. organizing efforts are
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table here in the studio. it looks like you understood the assignment today. you're wearing green. let's get right to. it we've often talked about the consequences that the nation has faced and how the nation has suffered due to the insurrection, but there is a community beyond the capitol. i'm wondering if you could talk about the implications of the insurrection of the people of the district. >> first of all, we watched in horror. i had the opportunity to warn our residents to stay away from the capitol during that time, because we knew that the president was unpredictable. he directed a mob of people to go to the capitol building to stop the peaceful transition of power. and we know with that has done to our nation and our democracy. and for us, it impacted a police officer who were called to the capital to support the united states capitol police. we know officers were hurt.
1:20 pm
people died. and they're still suffering from the trauma of that day. we know, two, that offense had to be erected around our capitol building. for somebody like me who grew up in washington, it's used to having free access to the capitol building. the beacon of democracy to the rest of the world -- it hurt our nation and its sense of hope and belief in the democracy. but it also sent a message across the world. >> you've been watching the january 6th hearing. >> i've seen some of them. >> it's my understanding that the committee did not call you to testify. is that correct? >> i've given testimony to the committee. >> you've given testimony? >> interviews. >> interviews. i'm wondering if you could illuminate for the audience some of what you shared with the committee. it strikes me that you are someone who's going toe to toe with donald trump for a number of times.
1:21 pm
you were a key player when it came to that day and the insurrection, helping get assistance to the united states. >> absolutely. i think the committee was just seeking to know what happened and with the timelines were. we could tell them about the decision-making at the white house and at the pentagon. and we were certainly able to do that. during that day, i was an our police headquarters with the chief of police. with our agency director and other decision makers. when we realize the united states capitol police would not be able to withhold people who were bent on storming the capitol. so the united states capitol police force is set up to deal with civil disobedience. and what we saw that day was certainly a riot. >> absolutely. i want to turn to talk about what you're doing here in washington, d.c.. he recently announced a black home ownership strikeforce? this is a myth expanding black
1:22 pm
homeownership. how do you think this could be a blueprint for other cities across the country. as we know homeownership is an issue and the people in the district are dealing with this. it's an american issue. >> affordability is the issue. i had a couple of years ago to lead a housing task force for the national -- cities. there were big cities, small towns, all dealing with various aspects of affordability. so if you are in this town, people want to live here. businesses are starting here. that has put a lot of pressure on home costs. we want to make sure that more people of all incomes can afford to live and washington, d.c.. i've invested a lot in building affordable housing. over a billion dollars and seven years. 36,000 units by 2025. unlike most places, we actually have goals for every single neighborhood. we want watching tony -- to be able to experience in every neighborhood. equalizing black home ownership
1:23 pm
is a huge part of that. just over a third of black washingtonians own homes. >> one third. >> one third. over 50% of white washingtonians do. we know that's how black people in d.c. have built their wealth. that's how i bought a house for $125,000.20 years ago. that's allowed me to do so many other things in my life. we want people to be able to start where they are and take advantage of programs. my strikeforce will give me a set of recommendations that helps us equalize those numbers by 2030. >> i want to turn and talk about the pandemic, mayor. there have been more than 150,000 covid cases in the district. that cdc recently announced that they have endorsed shots for children under five years old. i know you have a four-year-old daughter. i'm wondering, do you plan to get your daughter vaccinated? >> she will be vaccinated. she will be vaccinated by her
1:24 pm
pediatrician. we are encouraging everybody to get in touch with their pediatrician. so we're going to have our covid centers. we have covid centers and all districts that we support. at those covid centers, we will also offer covid vaccines for all ages. we want people to get connected now. don't wait. sometimes people say, is it required? we have to have it to go to school? all of these questions. >> the pandemic is not over. >> the pandemic is not over. why would you wait. every day you're protected is more peace of mind. what we know about this virus is the vaccine prevents serious illness. prevents people from going into the hospital. so you don't want to roll the dice with covid. >> not at all, mayor. we have to go, but before we go, i know your father has been influencing your life. it is one thing you want to share about your father on
1:25 pm
father's day? particularly as it relates to your political career? >> he will want a full download of what i've been up to today. i just came from an event in his home region. he wants to know is there? did they vote yet? what's the outcome going to be? to my mom and dad, and they are watching. i assure you. i just want to thank them for believing in me, because it is that love. that's what i wish for every child. to have a family that's going to be there for them, to let them store, let them take risks and be the safety net and always encouraging them. happy father's day. >> thank you so much, muriel browser. stay with us, y'all, because we have an interview with the r&b sister dual, chloe and hallie bailey. don't go anywhere. bailey don't go anywhere. don't go anywhere. ♪♪
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chloe and hallie bailing are
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showing the world that they've grown from girls to women. here's after because they discovered them online at the age of 13 and 11. the two young women are all grown up, and staying true to their sister had, all while experiencing the world in their own lanes as solo artist. i caught up with the sister duo behind the hit song, do it, after the performance at four as something in the water festival being held right here in washington, d.c.. take a listen to our interview. >> greetings, chloe and hallie, so happy you guys are here. people we know y'all as a sister do a. you guys came into the war chloe x halle, the first album together. but you guys have been branching out and doing separate projects, we'll talk -- about in just a second. okay. we'll talk about. it surprise, okay. we're gonna talk about. it how is it performing together, and working on music data but also still trying to retain your individual loudly as artists? >> i am so proud of my sister,
1:31 pm
i like learning to be proud of myself and i'm proud of what we're doing together and separately. and i think it's gonna make our third album that much more special. because it's like we're building are dual fan base, we're also building our own, and when you come together, you know what i think does it so well, i love these ladies. i think serena and venus, i think city girls. >> yes. >> they're so great together they also have their own thing going on at the same time. but you never lose sight who they are as a group. i think that's just really cool. >> i'm happy we're doing that. >> yeah, you together is just amazing but also, separate okay -- very excited about the live action little mermaid. cannot wait to see. it more in 2020? three >> yes ma'am. >> melissa mccarthy said that your voice and performance made the costars cry, full-blown tears. i know the folks are in for a treat. what are you most excited about
1:32 pm
the world seeing from this project, you've been working on it for a while? >> yeah, i think i'm mostly excited for people actually finally see it. because i finished it last july. so, -- >> july 2020? one >> yeah, i finished it last july and i came home and i've been filming this other movie, the color purple, i'm so excited. i'm working behind closed doors, but i can't wait for people to finally see it. >> and, y'all shot at? europe >> yeah. >> are you a sliver, where you already a sliver? >> yeah, being chloe grew up in the water, we used to play mermaids every other little girl. so, it's cool. >> it's a full circle moment. >> yeah. >> okay, chloe, let's talk about you, i want to talk about the new music. surprise dropped yesterday. the video is steamy, honey, i saw it. and i turned it back up. >> you know, i think it's interesting that you all came
1:33 pm
in as young women, little girls some would say, and -- you are like, honey were grown ladies. so, look at the same at the growth you've been seeing amongst yourselves that artists and as young women? >> i think we're not afraid to be ourselves anymore. i think we are embracing all the challenges that come with roe, and i think that's what's happening right now. >> i'm so excited you guys were at the vice president's house, that's how we first met, on zoom. i remember when she signed the juneteenth bell, she's the president of the senate, she ceremoniously signed it in her office, and i just thought about the fact that those enslaved people, you guys are all from texas, who found out that they were free, that moment brought it directly to the moment of the first black woman vice president in the united states. it's powerful. >> it is powerful. >> it is so powerful.
1:34 pm
how was it sitting with her on the lawn and in the house -- everybody before it was an older white man. >> -- i was getting emotional watching her speak and see the environment, the people that gravitate towards our, and what's she brought to the white house with her. it was us, it was our family, it was a reflection of me and my sister, i was literally tearing up seeing that. i was like wow, we've come so far as a people, look at us no matter what obstacle, we always overcome. we always say, no, we're gonna keep pushing to matter what brings us down. i think that's what's so special about her as a figure, as somebody to look up to, you are gravitated towards her story because she's inspiring, she shows that she did it, we can do it too. i was overwhelmed -- this is amazing. [laughs] >> it's amazing, it's a great feeling. my final question for y'all,
1:35 pm
i'd like to if you can divulge some secrets to me about renaissance, i don't think he will, but if you like to. >> [inaudible] >> that's fine. >> we don't want to. die >> which box that you order? >> i got number four. do i need to come back and get number three? >> i don't know. >> you got number three, did you get box? three >> i don't know. >> what box did y'all order? >> which. box >> chloe and hallie, thank you so much you guys just killed it on the stage, i appreciate you guys coming on the show. >> next up treasury secretary -- says bringing down inflation while maintaining a strong labor market, it will take quote, skill and lock. more of what she said, and the political implications of this after the break.
1:36 pm
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to give into donald trump's election lies, is the focus of tuesday's january six committee hearings. specifically, folks are keying in on georgia secretary of
1:40 pm
state, brad raffensperger. and specifically, the call we know then president trump made to him urging him to quote, find some votes that would make trump when the state of georgia. -- one of the witnesses appearing on the committee on tuesday. and the committee is also expected to address donald trump's alleged involvement in creating bogus slates of electors to overturn the 2020 election. thankfully, that the scheme that failed. without our political -- path are elena beverley is the former national deputy director of african american outreach are present obama, and the host of our mayers podcast. hugo lowell is a congressional reporter of the guardian, and sure michael singleton is a contributor to the boston globe, and the host of a show right here on msnbc's peacock, screen. jerry folks, let's get in the -- these hearings are led into the
1:41 pm
january six committee, but january 2nd and the focus obviously is the sex, but the second is actually probably just as important as january six. because that's when donald trump place that call to secretary of state brad raffensperger. and he also recorded it which is key. here is what former white house special counsel norm eisen, had to say about the upcoming testimony. take a listen to this. >> i think we're gonna meet raffensperger, he could well be av john d. of these tiktok era watergate hearings. >> now it's important to note that john d., richard nixon's and nixon's attorney who turned on him during watergate. and nixon ended up resigning. now all that being said, sure michael would you agree that raffensperger could be the john dean of january six? >> now, not in this political climate, symone, you will get participation like you did at that time which eventually
1:42 pm
cave. we've elections only months away, republicans are likely gonna regain control of the house, and i can guarantee you this will be shut down, unless the justice department decides to form some kind of -- former president. i don't think much is gonna happen, and if the former president decides to run, as you stated on my show on screen share, they may decide not to involve themselves, they may not want to be perceived as being overtly political. >> we will all be watching on tuesday. i know we're gonna continue to talk about it, right now i want to switch gears because -- you can look at your phony more without seeing a headline, a tweet, a push notification about the economy. and this morning, treasury secretary janet yellen, had this to say, i want people to listen up to this. >> clearly, inflation is unacceptably high, it's president biden's top priority, and -- powell has said that his goal is to bring inflation while maintaining a strong labor
1:43 pm
market. that's gonna take skill and luck, but i believe it's possible, i don't think a recession is inevitable. >> i want to talk about the politics of this. secretary yellen, is pretty confidently saying that we're not on the brink of a recession. now i'd like to remind folks, before she in the administration, i worked, there said that inflation was transient. and we do all know how that ended. so, hugo, is this a risk that the administration is taking here, or are they bullish because the administration and secretary yellen knows something that we don't know? >> i think it's exactly that. i think what's clear though, is that people are thinking about inflation, they're thinking about cassava gazprom, -- administration priority it's difficult to say right, whether the treasured moments are gonna impact inflation going into the
1:44 pm
midterms, a significant lag, [inaudible] treasury department taking stab sand -- who are affecting, i think there is any lag we need to account, for but the administration can be pretty bullish. i don't think when i get to the point where we're gonna get to this russian, i think it's a key question on the politics of. it already to be into a recession by the time, it doesn't look that way at the moment, but i think the treasury needs to keep tabs on what the future is. >> separate from inflation, you just mentioned it, we're talking about how high prices are. i think it's important to note that, without lower oil prices, nothing's changing at the store. when i learned this i was like when? the reason is because petroleum is everywhere. if you really think about it, it is an most manufactured goods. it used to make those goods or it is key to getting those goods to where they need to go.
1:45 pm
look at these record-breaking profits by oil companies. these are just the first quarter of this year. mobile, 5.5 billion. you've got shell, 9.13 billion with a b. price gouging. >> that's why you have democrats saying this inflation is really corporate america getting over on the american consumer. we are all feeling the burn of consumer price increases. we are all feeling it at the pump. we are all feeling it when it comes to groceries. you and i, we are from omaha and michigan. we know voters and middle america and all across this country, frankly, are going to be -- the pocketbook when it comes to midterms. what you're hearing right now is the administration actually trying to say that they understand it is affecting voters, what's affecting everyday consumer and that
1:46 pm
biden is doing his best to try to lower inflation. we'll try to see the administration carry this message over and over. and it's going to saudi arabia trying to loosen up the petroleum, trying to make sure gas comes down. this is going to be -- the economies going to be the messaging going forward from now into the midterms. >> that's what people are feeling. the president has a role to play here, but so does congress. elaine upped everly, hugo law, and michael singleton, thank you so much for having this economic conversation. still ahead, tell me why. why is there not any word on efforts -- what's going on? it seems like many people are loving to hate drake's new album. i might be in that category. i will chat with my culture critics next. y. i will chat with my cultur critics next critics next ♪ and party every day. ♪ ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ applebee's late night.
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janssen can help you explore cost support options. a monster was attacking but the team remained calm. because with miro, they could problem solve together, and find the answer that was right under their nose. or... his nose. i have culture critics with me. joining me here at the table, nina brown, host of the radio show. also joining us today. let's get right into it. let's talk about britney reiner who is still being held in russia. brittani reiner is a wnba legend. she has been there since february! the media was saying the
1:51 pm
government was going to have a hearing around july 2nd. they claimed she had marijuana cartridges in her luggage. and i have legal experts saying when hearing. insider talked to lawyers predicting her hearing will never happened. my question to each of you is, why isn't this a bigger deal? why are we not hearing more about britney griner? >> judith, first you. >> one thing i always think about when it comes to brittney griner's -- detained in sweden. some would say a sovereign key stardom is bigger than britney griner, but it felt like everyone was rallying behind him to get out. putting the pressure on swedish officials, and even trump stepped into say hey, release a sad rocky. he's got a huge influence over the community. now, i don't feel britney griner is getting the same love. but i see boy joints junior is defending her and he says he has connections to the russian government. he could maybe try to get her out. but it does feel as if a black
1:52 pm
women, sometimes, like she's not getting the same love. it's not about fame. it's about the fact that she did something that's not a serious as what they're saying it is. but the trial, carrying large amounts of drugs. >> it was -- nina, do you agree at this point, do you agree with judith on this one? >> absolutely. the crimes -- it does not fit the punishment i don't. like judith was saying, everyone rallied around a$ap rocky. i'm so concerned about brittany's mental health and just like after all of this time, how is she? there is not enough attention being drawn on her whole being as a person. it's not cool. >> it's not cool at all. we are going to continue to talk about britney griner here on this show. i want to switch gears now, because i want to talk about drake and his surprise new album drop. it was in the middle of the night. i was asleep, kyle. i said jury got a new album? you have some people saying the title is a little too accurate,
1:53 pm
if you know what i mean? honestly, never mind. the social media was less than impressed. some folks called it lazy. they called it pop, not hip-hop. the album is actually in the dance category. i want to know, what did people think they were going to get? this is graham, the grassy? >> drink is the g.o.a.t.. he drops the main thing albums. but one thing we have to understand is drake has always been a genre chameleon. he is not just hip-hop and r&b. he does pop. he does reggae. he does afrobeats. he does it all. now when he got into the house dance kind of genre, i think the same impact this will have on fans as the same impact -- when he did that feature with breonna. when people first heard it, they were like, we did this? they listen to it over and over again, and they loved it. >> i don't know, nina. i listened to some of the album. we -- the only one that was hitting
1:54 pm
me was that last song. i'm sorry. i've had friends of mine saying, this album was not for hip-hop fans. it was for people who wanted to vacation in greece and all over europe. what's say you? >> i'm with you, simone. drake, if you needed to go through a hard break or hide another child in the world, do whatever you have to do to bring hip-hop drake back. i'm not feeling it, with that exception one pops long. i'm with you. >> well, we are going to have to leave it there again, drake. we are happy. you can come to culture corner anytime you want. we're happy to get another hip-hop album. honey, give us another certified loverboy mix or something. thank you all both very much for joining me today. all right, we're going to be right back with today's some moment. to all of the fathers and father figures out there, stay with us. father figures out there, stay with us. with us. what happens when performance...
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simona say happy father's day. to all of the great man for filling the duty of being a that, whether you are a bonus data, grandpa or a father, like figure, to someone close to you, happy father's day to you all. today is also a day to remember the fathers who are not physically with, us but are forever present in our hearts. just like my dad. i want to honor him. daniel east sanders and reflect on all the great times we shared. my father was always down for my crazy ideas and my crazy hair. this photo was in 2014. i also want to shout out my brothers today as well. of course, a very special father's day shout out to my fiancée, sean. thank you for all you do for all of us. all right. thanks for watching simone on this sunday. make sure the dad in your life gets the big piece of chicken today. i'm simone sanders. you can catch me here on msnbc every saturday and sunday at 4 pm eastern. anytime over on peacock where i
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have new episodes on the msnbc hub every monday and tuesday. also, hit me up on social media, y'all. you can find highlights and news about exciting things in the works for the show on instagram, twitter and tiktok. right now, i would like to hand things over to my good friend reverend sharp. reverend, i'm very much so looking forward to senior story today. so looking forward to senior stor today. thank you as always come out, happy father's day to sean, from reverend. all good evening, welcome to politics nation. on this father's day and this juneteenth weekend, tonight's lead freedoms struggle. ♪ ♪ ♪


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