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tv   The Mehdi Hasan Show  MSNBC  June 19, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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was almost assassinated by the mob, i'll speak to former prime say bolivia troy, about accountability for trump. plus, my interview with ukraine's former president petrol mora shank oh, about what is it a take to end -- and what is florida governor ron desantis undermining covid vaccination efforts again. and endangering the lives of young children in the process also is it time for universal health care. good evening, i'm mehdi hassan, what did the president know and what did he know -- that was the seminal question that drove the watergate hearings, amazingly current events make this weekend's anniversary since five corps were caught trying to break into the headquarters at the watergate complex here in washington, d.c.. it makes that question as french and relevant as ever and if the arms of the senator beg
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the question about what nixon knew, was well nixon knew everything today he was implicated in awe, draw parallels between the hearings and the january six public hearings that are now unfolding half a century over so far this look committees presenting compelling evidence that that president donald trump knew he lost the election, and that president trump knew's election fraud, they knew the plot over joe biden's election was illegal among constitutional evidence that trump was cheating around pence letting him down even after he knew he had breached the capitol. and yet, despite all of that trump went ahead with his scheme, his spot, his tweets the whole january 6th attack on democracy anyway, and well richard nixon resigned rather than face impeachment. while nixon left opposite of his own volition, -- trump probably wants to be president again. and turn that up at a right-wing conference the day after the third 16.
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hearing the day after the president, to murdering his vice president. and it seemed to just admit to the whole thing. the pressure campaign on pants, and on attorney general bill barr. have a listen, talk about saying the quiet part out loud. >> mike pence, had a chance to be great. he had a chance to be frankly historic, but just like bill barr in the rest of these week people, mike, and i say it sadly because i like them. but mike did not have the courage, to act. bill barr was -- and you know what, they were please don't impeach me, don't i said please, what's wrong with being impeached, got impeached wants. and my poll numbers went up. >> trump called pence a human conveyor belt. whatever that means. for overseeing the certification and refusing to
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reject electoral votes over trump's false claim of voter fraud. look, there's never been a bigger or more important story in american history than this. other than -- donald trump, but to be clear on this 50th anniversary of the watergate break in. to avoid impeachment over planning a botched to bit burglary. it was a big scandal, the biggest scandal, the biggest crime ever seen or imagined by an american president. and it pales in comparison to watch trump that water gates a walk in the park next to the january 6th attack on american democracy. and the almost a saturated american vice president, at the hands of a mob incited by the american president. so, there's a lot riding on these hearings. this week the committee is set, as it passed, to show how the pressure campaign began at the state level. will remember trump's former phone call to georgia secretary of state, brad raffensperger. when he asked them to find
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11,000 votes. it was only after the campaign and key swing taste like georgia failed, the trump began to pressure the vice president mike pence, it was his final, desperate measure. his last gasp, and when that didn't work, when pence actually decided to do his job and certify the president -- trump publicly attacked his own vice president, and didn't seem to care if that got him killed. trump incited a mob -- pence's execution, and came within 40 feet of finding the vice president at the capitol. 40 feet. it boggles the mind how closely pans managed to escape. so, the doj prosecute trump for any of this, a new poll suggests that nearly 60% americans think he should face prosecution for what one federal judge ruled, it was felony obstruction. this isn't rocket science, this shouldn't be so hard, donald trump according to that judge, david carter, was illegally obstructing congress and
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conspiring to defraud the u.s. government. as well as the judge said, john eastman, there is a reason why we discover this week the 16 committee that the trump legal advisor, eastman, trying to hop on the pardon list, if that still in the works he asked. -- and a meme was born. and the other human being in this scenario, would be denying all that, would be running from the cameras, keeping their head down. but not donald trump, the man that incited a mob to assault congress, to keep himself in power, and failed to do so. now says that if he succeeds in returning to power, he'll pardon the members of that group. i can't make this stuff up. >> most people, should definitely not be treated the way that you've been treated. and if i become president, some day if i decide to do it, i will be looking at them very, very seriously for pardons. very, very seriously. [applause] >> donald trump hadn't even won the white house,
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when he declared that he can shoot something on fifth avenue a -- he must survive the impeachment, and still could escape prosecution by merrick garland's doj. as this week's forced public hearing on tuesday should remind us, there's always georgia, because in georgia -- fani willis, could bring charges against him for that notorious phone call to raffensperger, a special grand jury has been convened to hear evidence in the case. but for now, as american democracy stands on the cliffs edge, the former and perhaps next president is acting with, what's the word i'm looking for, in unity. he's acting with impunity. >> he's essentially saying yeah, i didn't all do it again. which is what we've been contending all along. that if you allow impunity for attempts unconstitutional seizures of power, which is what a coup is, then you're
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inviting it again in the future. and to be a strong self-sustaining, self respecting democracy, we cannot allow people to decide that they're above the law, that they're more important than our constitutional processes. >> we cannot allow people to decide they are above the law. >> joining me now is olivia troye, former top aide to then vice president, mike pence, he's now a chief strategist for the renewed american movement. olivia, thanks for coming back on the show you of course work for my pants, you are sitting in the hearing room. could you were sitting in the hearing room on thursday, how shocked -- by how close mike pence is -- only 40 feet away from discovery by the mob? >> i was appalled. i could probably see very closely the past year how this vaccination was progressing, hoping that there be
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accountability for these actors, who were in this inner circle who lettuce that violent moment on january six. to hear that, so clearly delineated -- i knew it was close but to see greg jacobs reaction as well. mike pence's general counsel, say that he could hear the mob chanting, he could hear it but he himself did not know how close they came until that moment at the hearing. and to be honest, mehdi, i had to look away the footage. it's just hard to hear regardless of where you are politically. just knowing that the president of the united states, will let this happen, enabled it, and i usually did nothing nothing to stop. it had nothing to prevent it from continuing on. and put its own vice president life at risk. it is the stuff -- this is not something you would expect and what we are the beacon of democracy -- international committee would say about this today. >> olivia, committee member
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jamie raskin called mike pence a hero. betty thompson heat -- for his courage, although to be clear, mike pence was just to have on january the six, whatever he did on january the six, 18 months later he continues stay silent. he doesn't show up to the committee hearings, can we hear from mike pence right now, adam schiff is saying today that there is a chance pence could be subpoenaed to testify? >> yes, i've been calling for mike pence to come forward and speak publicly about this and address it throughout the past. year if it were up to me, had he should've come forward on january 7th, and said this is everything that i happen beforehand, -- we gotta put a stop to this, a stolen election narrative. i do think it's important to hear from mike pence, greg jacob and mark short were on the waiting staff, they've shared a lot of the details, but i think it is a powerful thing to hear from mike pence
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himself. also, because the stolen election narrative continues, it lives on today and that's why this hearing is so important stall. they are candidates, running across the country that are election deniers they're running -- prior to january six the drive to hold office. this fall, and that should be very alarming to all of us. >> i'm glad you mentioned the election across the country, it's very easy to focus about ire and outrage on donald trump. but sadly, the republican party that you remember of, establishment learning is also complicit in all of this. we know about kevin mccarthy's hundred and 18 degrees uterine, from january six which have since been linked and now is loyal to trump and he's against the committee, we had king as a
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-- committee member saying the republican party failed the american people you have senators like bill haggerty, who posted over the weekend about playing golf with trump. at the end of the week, in which we learn new details about trump's role in all of this. this is the 50th anniversary of watergate, olivia, republican senators and congress members of congress right in the other direction of nixon water gate bro, that's a force -- towards trump to make a play golf without, even after they knew about how mike pence was almost killed. >> yeah, i keep hoping the tide will turn, water getting believe the hearing started in the spring of 1973, wasn't until july believe, of 1974 that the republican caucus finally turned against nixon, and so here we are, about a year and a half after january six, is there hope for that, i don't think. so because we're watching -- the texas gop base at the convection this weekend. boo senator cornyn because he
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stands on gun safety, after a mass shooting, they're upset with him for that, are you kidding me. and your downing dan crenshaw, get attacked by pride boy members i believe, where does the violence and, and then you have donald trump, doubling down on statements were jar encouraging that type of behavior. so, haggerty hanging out with them, aren't you ashamed, aren't you ashamed behind me out with somebody who basically did everything but pretty much stage a coup, against our country, so i think the question is will the tide turn against republicans, so far i don't see that happening? >> last quick question, donald trump was leading in a poll for the presidential election in 24 -- the same time we're learning about his efforts to overturn the election, the -- he could be the next president of the united states. >> he could be. and, look shortly before the
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2020 election, i came forward and i said we will no longer be america if we had four more years of trump. when i fail to really process than, was the fact that trump-ism as a movement had taken hold across the country. and that trump was unwavering league and i remain the leader of the republican party. and that going forever would be a tacit scenario, where he could very well be the nominee, the republican nominee in 2020. for i think that's where it's gonna take all of us, to take a stand against this. >> olivia troye, as ever thank you for your time, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> on tuesday, join us on the msnbc hub on peacock for the next january the 6th hearing, special coverage kicks up with me at 12 pm eastern, continues with katie tour, andrea mitchell, -- 3 pm eastern followed by the hearing alive in full strength in the january six committing tuesday on peacock. still ahead, my conversation
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with the former president of ukraine, petro poroshenko, don't miss. that but first, juicy stone woods here with the headlines. hello. gio >> hello mehdi, here's the top stories we're watching from msnbc headquarters. police are searching for the suspect responsible for a deadly drive-by shooting at a family barbecue in san antonio, texas. authorities say the gunman fired off 20 to 30 rounds, as they drove past, killing at least two people, five people were also wounded. it's still unclear if the shooting was targeted. french president emmanuel macron, -- lost its majority in parliament following a runoff vote on saturday. far right and left wing parties made big games however -- still expected to get the most seats. and white house national security jake sullivan tested positive for covid-19 saturday. the security council says that sullivan's not showing any symptoms, and has not been in close contact with president
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upheaval here in the u.s., a brutal war still raging in ukraine. today marks day 116 of the war that nato secretary general jens dolton says could continue on for years. russia has shifted its focus to ukraine in the eastern donbas reasoned with a grinding offensive of severodonetsk. it's the final remaining pocket of the luhansk region, and still in ukrainian government hands. a top ukrainian official said this year -- week that this -- 200 to 500 ukrainians killed on average every day. the ukrainian president, volodymyr zelenskyy has refused to back down. on saturday he made a rare visit outside of kyiv, meeting with soldiers in the country's southern mykolaiv region. he spent father's day honoring
5:20 pm
the thousands of ukrainian fathers fighting for their country, saying in an instagram post, thank you, our heroes. meanwhile, ukraine is moving one step closer towards joining the european union. on friday, the blocks executive arm granted ukraine candidates status to join the union. also, this week, western leaders showed renewed support with uk prime minister, boris johnson, meeting president zelenskyy in kyiv on wednesday. that meeting was followed by visits from leaders of germany, france, italy and romania on thursday. speaking of leaders, president biden this week announced an additional one billion dollars in security assistance to support ukraine and the fight. will that be enough? as light amir putin doubles down, not just on his schultz old years fighting in ukraine, but on his wider battle against the west. he cut off france entirely on friday from the crude oil. -- seeming to confirm that they
5:21 pm
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welcome back. we are days away from the -- since the legal russian invasion of ukraine began. earlier, i spoke to the former president of ukraine, petro poroshenko, about the ongoing conflict and prospects for a cease-fire. have a listen. >> petro poroshenko, thank you for joining me on the show today. you've got ukrainian deaths and military deaths up from 100 a day to anywhere between 200 and 500 a day, which is a huge number, obviously. president zelenskyy says there has to be a diplomatic end to this conflict.
5:26 pm
president biden recently said the same. what does that diplomatic and or solution look like in your view, petro poroshenko? how much compromise on the ukrainian -- involved? >> you're absolutely right. you cannot find any mention in the world once -- we hate the idea of losing the lives of ukrainian heroes every day. i have experience. for five years of presidency, we were in constant dialogue pretending -- i just want to remind you. when i was elected president, the whole donbas was occupied. me, as a supreme commander in chief, deliberated from the russian troops -- mariupol, severodonetsk, lysychansk and all these towns which we have today.
5:27 pm
i want to assure you that in 2022, we will have the same result since 2014. what is that diplomatic solution? we have three positions. first, it should be the cease-fire. together with the cease-fire, it should be second with the russian troops, and third -- releasing hostages and humanitarian corridor. the territory of ukraine cannot be subject of compromise. this is ukrainian soil. our ukrainian soldiers gave their lives. >> i understand the point you are making. it's a principle position. russia should not be allowed to take territory from ukraine. it is an illegal invasion and occupation, and we agree on that. but realistically, you are the former president of ukraine, you accept that ukraine is never going to get crimea back. it's never going to get parts of donbas back.
5:28 pm
isn't that the real world? >> sure months ago, some skeptics said that we never can develop here. we can never receive -- he's a little more optimistic, because ukraine surprised the world within the first three days. we are the second biggest army in the world. i am proud that me as a supreme commander in chief created this armed forces based -- we surprised the world with our unity. we, together with you, surprised the world with the unity against the poutine coalition. putin is paying a high price. with that situation, we need three things. first, weapons, and ukraine doesn't need any nato soldiers,
5:29 pm
but we need weapons to have an effective operation with our armed forces. number two, this is the and submission -- and the total russian [inaudible] 80% of russian experts using commercial -- number three, this is the program [inaudible] we are quite optimistic that we will have success. [inaudible] that would be the way to a dramatic solution. >> president zelenskyy is seen as a hero in much of ukraine, and much of the western world today. you and he have not have the best relationship in the past. he beat you soundly in the 2020 election. his government has since accused you of treason. something i know you deny. you are of course, when you are running against him and even after he took office, you suggested zelenskyy was soft and weak on russia.
5:30 pm
do you still think that and what do you make of president zelenskyy's leadership of ukraine over the course of this conflict? >> definitely the world's separated. before and after 21st of february. if before the main topic was -- many many other things and we do not have any other priorities like to -- stop poutine. and then we can discuss the internal political question. me, as a fifth president of ukraine and leader of ukraine and as a leader of the second biggest russian and the parliament, now can stay. we don't have any more. we have soldiers and both me and presidents lynskey are soldiers shoulder to shoulder and we need to protect the
5:31 pm
country. definitely, we have some so-called useful idiots who want to attack our units, but we will not allow them to implement the scenario. >> petro poroshenko, you know that russia and vladimir putin want the world to believe that ukraine, your countries filled with nazis. that's what they say. of course, it's nonsense. they ridiculously accused the jewish president of your country of being a nazi. nonsense. yet, at the same time you and your critics would say -- the notorious new ukrainian nationalists, the antisemite and a collaborated with nazi germany. on this network you called molotov cocktails, and there is smoothies. you've been accused of handing out military vehicles called bandera mobiles. would you say to those who say it's morally wrong and a pr gift to russia? >> i have a personal experience
5:32 pm
to have negotiation with putin within five years. i have two recommendations. , condition number one. , don't believe putin. , because this is the concept of lie. this is the russian propaganda as the element of the hybrid -- second position, don't be afraid of putin. putin will go as far as we together we let him to go. help help us to us to save you. save you. help us to save the world help us to save the world, because putin has not a war against ukraine. he has a war against the whole world. from the very beginning, -- they would demilitarize ukraine. >> petro poroshenko, i agree with you i agree, that vladimir putin vladimir putin's pushing is pushing propaganda propaganda. i agree that he is trying to agreed to he's trying to smear smear the ukrainian the ukrainian people. when i am people, all i'm asking is, asking is for was it
5:33 pm
helpful for someone someone like yourself to be to be evoking invoking stephen -- bandera, who was bandera, and nancy collaborator in world war ii. a nazi collaborator? >> please, don't stay on the real of putin. stefan bandera was never a nazi collaborator. you have old information. in the first two weeks, he said that we ukrainians our allies. and he said the whole western world, including you are nazis. this is very easy to incorporate and understand. now, all western world who is fighting against dictatorship, the aggression of russia, is with a putin crazy mind, it's they are nazis. please, don't even distribute this position, because this is -- >> petro poroshenko, i agree. look. look. i agree with you. vladimir putin is pushing propaganda. , but --
5:34 pm
many jewish groups you know do believe stephen bandera was a nazi collaborator. but we will leave that argument for another day. petro poroshenko, former president of ukraine. do stay safe. president of ukraine do stay safe i could've waited to tell my doctor my heart was racing just making spaghetti... but i didn't wait. i could've delayed telling my doctor i was short of breath just reading a book... but i didn't wait. they told their doctors. and found out they had... atrial fibrillation. a condition which makes it about five times more likely to have a stroke. if you have one or more of these symptoms irregular heartbeat, heart racing, chest pain,
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authorized covid vaccines for children under five. meaning shots for tots can began immediately, at least 49 of our 50 states. one state did in order any covid vaccines for kids ahead of time, that state is florida. surprise. gop governor ron desantis said this week, he's affirmatively against the covid vaccine for young kids. he said kids are quote, the people that have zero risk of getting anything. not to be outdone on senator tankers of texas also said this week that the virus poses minimal risk for children. neither desantis nor cruz or doctors of course, to not scientist, not epidemiologist, or virology.
5:39 pm
as and what they're saying is an outrageous and dangerous as it is flatly untrue. i for one frankly tired of this ridiculous argument that because kids are much more like -- to die from covid, that means they're not at risk at all. no, that's a dumb comparison, on that basis kids aren't at any risk for cancer either, because they're less likely to die from cancer than the elderly. are no, the only comparison we should be making is how deadly covid is to children, compared to other illnesses or things that kill kids. and covid, is that one of the top ten causes of death for children and young people in america. in terms of respiratory infectious diseases, it's the number one cause of death for american kids. look, we're not supposed to be okay or dismissive of kids dying from any illness. and yet, nearly 1500 american children have died from covid. an estimated half 1 million children may have long covid. i would ask desantis and cruised to leave the medicine to the doctors, and stick to the politics but instead
5:40 pm
politics it's driving they're ridiculous and ignorant interventions in the debate over vaccines. still, the rest of us should stick to getting our medical advice from medical experts. experts like doctor mark cline, professor of pediatrics and a physician in chief at the children's hospital of new orleans, doctor cline joins me now, you have treated far too many children for covid in the icu. how do you feel when you hear non-doctors minimize the covid threat to children? >> mattie, it breaks my heart. it's absurdly, and demonstrably false to say that babies and toddlers are not severely affected by covid. we've seen thousands of children hospitalized across the united states. we've seen nearly 500 deaths among children under five years of age alone. and so, to say that kids don't get sick from covid, they're not at any risk whatsoever, as a governor and senator are sad,
5:41 pm
perpetuates a myth and is a denial of the lived experiences of thousands of families, virtually every health care professional in a major children's hospital in the u.s.. >> that math was bad enough in 2020, when we were new to all this, og covid if we want to call it that. then came delta, then came omicron, the omicron tournaments been far worse for children than even delta. five times as many children were hospitalized at the peak of omicron, as the peak of delta, which suggests with omicron still spreading, that the risk to kids it is growing, not falling. and that this decision by the cdc the fda to approve the vaccines under pfizer, or will literally save lives. >> that's. right young children are being hospitalized at a rate comparable to middle aged adults at this point. omicron has really heavily impacted young children in particular. and here we have experts by the fda, this easy, who've unanimously recommended that
5:42 pm
these two vaccines, one made by moderna, the other by pfizer, to be authorized and recommended for children under five years of age. we have politicians who think they know better. i agree with what you said in the opening, let's leave those kinds of recommendations to the experts, to people who spent their entire career studying infectious diseases, and epidemiology. >> on saturday, doctor cline, you tweeted this quote, many politicians have gone from simply neglecting children to actively and intentionally undermining their health and safety. think covid vaccination, gun violence, and transsexual adolescents, -- governor greg abbott. these are people who claim to care about kids. they call themselves pro-life, the reaction to the pandemic was to obsess over the harm that the kids by school closures. when it comes to actually protecting children, with vaccines, they're undermining the messaging.
5:43 pm
how harmful is their rhetoric, are these comments that they're making to the health of american children? >> it's awful. it's undermining everything we're trying to do to mitigate the risk of this virus for children. . to reduce or eliminate preventable that. these are the cornerstones of pediatric practice. and the practice of public health. and we're working against our political leaders, who seem to be -- political constituencies, rather than concerning themselves with the health and lives of children in their communities. and so, i find it disgusting, one of the things about this is if either governor desantis or senator cruz had taken even five minutes to place a call to one of the children's hospitals, in their state, and talk to a pediatric infectious disease, our critical care specialties
5:44 pm
they'd find out, that in fact the virus is impacting children in a significant way, causing deaths, they obviously haven't done that. >> such an important point that they refused to actually speak with experts. in fact, this war on experts and scientists has reached a point, i wonder, quick last question, what do you make of the fact that -- demonization of doctor, scientists, epidemiologist during the pandemic. you have fox and others on the right gleefully locking doctor anthony fancy, after he tested positive for the virus this week. >> well, i think we're gonna see the impact of -- to come. already, the anti-vaccine movement has been empowered by the governor the, senator and others. we're seeing opposition to retain vaccinations, and i think this is gonna have an impact for decades. >> doctor mark kline, will have
5:45 pm
to leave it there, thank you so much for coming on to the show tonight. i appreciate. it >> thank, you mehdi. >> next, the best way the u.s. can prepare for the next pandemic is to do something -- every western country in fact guarantees, except us. stick around for that. stick around for that. . ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace. (emu squawks) (the crowd gasps) no, kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
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minions let's do this thing. so you can save money mini boss! mini boss! please stop calling me that. mini boss. mini boss. mini boss! uhh. mini boss! yoo-hoo, mini boss! the coronavirus pandemic's taking devastate that's been told united states affected 86 million americans, and claim more than 1 million lives. there are a number of reasons as to why our countries handle the pandemic so much worse than most other western countries, including poor presidential leadership during the trump era, and the anti-vaccine republican governments, ali of information from the likes of fox and facebook. we also need to talk about the elephant in the room, universal health care, or are lack of universal health care. compared to other large high income countries, the u.s. had the highest death rate per
5:50 pm
capita from the virus. and it's also the only one among such countries without universal health care. the result of that, a new study released this week found that if we had a single universal health care in the senate, everybody had free universal health care like they do in every other western country, we could've saved more than 100 billion dollars, and more importantly, we could've saved more than 330,000 american lives, 300,000. how can that be? well, here in america lot of people's health insurance is tied to their employment, with the pandemic up millions lost their jobs, and their insurance. that didn't happen in other countries, as for those americans that still have health insurance through an employer, the fear of bruising that inference during a pandemic, might cause them to still go to work even when they didn't feel well. these factors both delayed diagnosis and exasperated transmission of the virus, but in addition to preventing illness and death universal health care system could also have cut out costs. the u.s. spent almost twice as
5:51 pm
much on health care per capita as other wealthy countries. but spend that money really inefficiently, we see that debate that u.s. could actually say more than 400 billion dollars with a single page universal plan during a non-pandemic year. the lead author of this new study, professor at yale, told the guardian quo, universal single payer health care is fiscally responsible and morally imperative for the u.s.. in fact, our countries fragmented and privatized health care system is also impacting our vaccination effort. right now, the united states has one of the lowest covid vaccination rates among western countries. that's not just because the vaccines operate -- on the right. one in four americans don't have a primary care doctor. and yet, the personal relationship between doctors and patients, has proved vital in fighting vaccination hesitancy in other countries. the data suggests, there's a 50/50 chance for another covid like pandemic. or even one that's more deadly over the next 25 years. so, in the coming weeks biden
5:52 pm
ministration officials are expected to release a new defense strategy against the next pandemic. this new study makes clear, that the adoption of universal health care should be fundamentally to any plan for pandemic preparedness. so, it's time to start treating health care or single pair, our medicare, as some fringe left-wing issue, some political hobby hole for bernie sanders and -- it's a public health issue. it's a policy big push by some of the top scientific researchers in america. and frankly, it's a no-brainer. if the united states wants to be ready up for the pandemic, we need to make sure everybody in america has health care. no ifs, bots, no exceptions. coming up at the top of the hour, with a minimally dina, special american radical themed our, looking ahead to the next january six committee hearing. he'll be joined by congressman raja cristobal or the, of the house intelligence committee. that's at 9 pm eastern, on msnbc, i'll be back in a moment with a man. omen with a man with a man you're pretty particular about keeping a healthy body.
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we'll be right back here next sunday you cannot find the show on msnbc on peacock and stream it anytime you episodes of the man he has found joe on peacock will post every weekend -- now hand over to my friend a minimal again. amen, first off happy father's day.
5:57 pm
secondly, -- >> happy father's day to you. to >> secondly, i've been thinking this weekend about that fati mean which as i don't think the upwardly my face, seeing -- that because i've been watching the latest antics from the texas state gop convention in houston. or right-wing -- was confronted by even more protesters, using tucker carlson's nickname for. am i'm patch mccain, right-wing senator ted cruz was heckled, but even right -- called crews a globalist. also if a term of tucker carlson in the far-right. this is the same texas gop convention where they adopted as their platform, came, in the position of the -- illegitimate, and homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle job. i will point we say a man, it's not a normal political party, full of a lot of angry radicalized far-right man. >> yeah, i was gonna say this may be the moment, find a penny
5:58 pm
for every time the journal or post our conservator ransom how, it's tacking itself i would literally retire tomorrow. i wouldn't have to hang out with you on a sunday night. not that i don't know, but right in front of us is again is a concrete example of the right, eating the right. it's surreal, think for a moment in your listing how just consider this for a moment, one hand you need to be to view people like that crenshaw, ted cruz, to be republicans -- who is their motto republican, marjorie taylor greene, so let me play for humanity, the sound of the gop crowd reacting to john cornyn, who got up to speed. this is how they treated him for humor-ing the idea of negotiating with democrats about gun safety. watch. >> -- our great state of texas
5:59 pm
[applause] >> look the, senators literally being booed by the republican gop. putting aside all that chaos though, it's worth letting us know that the formal platform as you imagine, mehdi, voted on by this convention and in addition to that homophobic language, new platform calls for a full repeal of the 1965 voting rights act. and they actually demand the referendum on whether texas should secede from the u.s. or not. so, i'll leave you with that that my. friend every electoral public and should come out and condemn this evening. >> and every reporter should ask a republican on capitol hill, do they agree with the texas gop state platform? >> you know that's not gonna happen. >> goodnight. >> goodnight, many, enjoy the rest of your father's day. good evening to you and welcome
6:00 pm
to a special american radical addition of a man, how trump's pressure campaign on -- i like the threats of violence, and we're gonna explore with a member of congress how it's been the day before the attack plus the justice department makes an explicit link between domestic terror attacks. and access to guns. then, far-right extremist targeting the lgbtq community during pride month, where did this hate come from? i'm ayman mohyeldin, let's get started. >> tonight, we continue our look at extremism and radicalization through the lens of american radical, we began with a preview of the january six committee, we will take big to the afternoon, will focus on donald trump's attack the pressure officials to throw out joe biden's victory in casing states, one of the most brazen examples of that pressure


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