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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  June 20, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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we'll be back next sunday, because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." two more hearings into the january 6th attack on the capitol are scheduled for this week. the next one is set for tomorrow. we'll tell you what to expect. meanwhile, donald trump continues to defend the actions of his supporters on january 6th. and is again attacking mike pence for refusing to help overturn the election. this, as a new poll finds most americans believe trump should be charged from his role in the attack. and the lead republican negotiator for new gun safety talks in the senate, john cornyn, gets booed at his texas
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state party convention. the line in those negotiations that he says he will not cross. good morning. and welcome to "way too early." i'm jonathan lemire. on this monday, june 20th. we'll start with the news. a new poll finds a majority of americans, nearly six in ten, believe donald trump should be charged for his role in the january 6th attack on the capitol. the abc news ipsos poll conducted this last friday and saturday after the first three hears in the attack, it found 58% of those surveyed believe the former president should be charged. that includes 91% of democrats and 19% of republicans. 60% of americans believe the january 6th investigation has been fair. and then on friday, former
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president trump spoke at length about the public hearings for the first time since they began. addressing a crowd at a faith and freedom coalition rally in nashville, trump continued to parrot many of his lies regarding the events on january 6th including his claim that the rioters were not violent. >> if it were an insurrection that took place at the capitol, you would have known it very soon. they would have, these were strong people, these were great patriots. there were no guns. i heard they didn't have one gun. nobody was killed. except for a wonderful young woman named ashley babbit who was viciously shot and in my opinion, for absolutely no reason. >> trump also unleashed more criticism on his former vice president, mike pence whose refusal to overturn the 2020 election results has become a
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key focus of the january 6th committee. >> mike, and i say it sadly, because i like him, but mike did not have the courage to act. mike was afraid of whatever he was afraid of. but as you heard, a year and a half ago, mike pence had absolutely no choice but to be a human conveyor belt, he's a human conveyor belt, even if the votes were fraudulent, they say he had to send the vote, couldn't do anything, so i said to mike, if you do this, you can be thomas jefferson, and then after it all went down, i looked at him one day and i said mike, hate to say this, but you're no thomas jefferson. >> the next public hearing for the january 6th committee is tomorrow. it will be led by congressman adam schiff. schiff says the panel will lay out the evidence that then president trump was involved in a plot to push slates of fake
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electors to overturn the election. >> do you have evidence that the former president himself was involved? >> yes, we'll show evidence of the president's involvement in this scheme, we'll also again show evidence about what his lawyers came to think about this scheme, and we'll show courageous state officials who stood up and said they wouldn't go along with this plan to either call back into session or decertify the results for joe biden. the system held because a lot of state and local elections officials upheld their oath to the constitution. a lot of them republicans, as well as democrats. we'll show during the hearing what the president's role was, in trying to get states to name alternate slates of electors, how that scheme depended initially on hopes that the legislatures would reconvene and bless it. >> also, tomorrow, georgia
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secretary of state brad raffensperger will testify. trump called him days before the insurrection, and asked him to find the votes he needed to win georgia. let's move now to europe. according to nato, secretary general, the war in ukraine could last years. speaking to a german newspaper yesterday, john stoltenberg says the west should prepare for ukraine, to support ukraine in a lengthy fight against russia. stoltenberg also said the cost of the war is high but the price of letting moscow achieve its military goals is even greater. this, as ukraine awaits a crucial decision this week, whether it will be granted candidate status in its bid to join the european union. as the war enters its fourth month, we're learning more about which nations are significantly helping the war-torn country and which nations are mostly just talking. the united states remains by far the biggest overall contributor, with over $48 billion. that's according to "the wall street journal." per a study by a german research
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institute. in comparison, the eu has only sent around $28 billion. the report finds, quote, it is remarkable that the u.s. alone has committed considerably more than all eu countries combined. in whose immediate neighborhood the war is rage. the study also shows the commitments are distinct, from what actually arrives with the united states still outpacing every other nation. poland second. followed by the united kingdom and canada. according to the report, latvia, with a population of just under 2 million, and a gross domestic product comparable to the state of vermont, apparently has delivered more than germany, france, and italy. joining us now, from central ukraine, nbc news foreign correspondent molly hunter. molly, great to see you again this morning. leaders from the finland and sweden, from finland and sweden will be meeting with turkish officials today, this of course comes as they're being considered to join nato.
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tell us more about the meeting, and what should we expect? >> that's exactly right. this is a final push, jonathan, and good morning, nice to be with you, a final push by sweden and finland and other nato countries to really get turkey on board. so as we know sweden and finland jointly submitted their applications to join nato, we heard from stoltenberg over the weekend and said he would host representatives from sweden and finland and turkey today in brussels to really try to address any concerns that turkish officials have raised. look, we know nato operated on a consensus basis, turkey has raised concerns over both of those membership applications, they're hoping to get that done before the summit at the end of the month, the other thing that you mentioned we are watching of course and we heard president zelenskyy talk about this last night, is ukraine is waiting eagerly awaiting, i should say a decision on whether or not they will be granted candidate stat thus week and that decision should come thursday or friday. >> and that comes on the eve of
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two significant summits in europe, leaders of the g-7 including president biden will meet in germany and then on to a nato summit in madrid, spain. molly, there in ukraine, you had a chance to speak to a number of human rights fishls. what are they saying about the latest they found out about the situation in ukraine? >> yes, specifically about the three americans that we have been talking about, alex drueke, andy hnuyn, who went missing ten days ago and grady who hasn't been heard from by his family since april, all u.s. vets who came over here to fight alongside ukrainian troops. we saw a propaganda video which we will not show the audience on friday, with andy and alex, and we have been talking to a human rights adviser about what constitutes a p.o.w., and what are the next steps and what should really happen and she said all three men should be considered p.o.w.s, they were in
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uniform, they were fighting, they were openly fighting for one side, openly distinguishing themselves from civilians. we did ask her though about what should happen next. the number one thing that needs to happen is they need to be granted access. the international red cross needs to be granted access to these p.o.w.s. that is on the detaining party. that is russia's responsibility. we also asked her what her biggest concern right now. is take a listen. >> >> the concern is if they're not treated as prisoners of war, that they will attempt to bring bogus charges against them, and then prosecute them, and give them sentences and potentially the death penalty or life in prison and then use that in negotiation, as leverage, and i think that is a concern if they're not treated as prisoners of war, which they should be. >> now you just heard from the human rights watch, and these prisoners of war, we presume they are prisoners of war, they need to be treated in line with international law and in line with the geneva convention of
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the other thing she is very worry and wants clarity who exactly is holding them and where exactly they are being held, russian backed separatists in the donbas, or will we see them in a court, or moscow actually going to address this and say they are in fact holding them. haven't heard anything from the state department. we will see what happens. >> certainly keeping a careful eye on that. nbc's molly hunter, thank you so much for joining us this morning. there are also growing concerns that russia could significantly exploit divisions across the u.s., during the upcoming midterms. according to a newly declassified report by the department of homeland security, which was obtained by cnn, russia will likely look to depress voting and probably try to undermine the november midterms in revenge for the american-led response to the invasion of ukraine. officials are worried that moscow could stage small hacks of local election authorities, done with the deliberate purpose of being noticed. and use that to seed more conspiracies about the integrity
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of american elections. according to officials, these efforts will be decided to dovetail with the false doubts about the 2020 presidential election, already spread by former president trump, and many of his allies. officials say that although u.s. elections have actually become more secure in recent years, an atmosphere of distrust in the elections coupled with the shear number of local election systems, means there's no way to truly be ready for such a convergence of russian asymmetric warfare techniques. still ahead on "way too early," we'll have new reporting on the police response during the uvalde massacre, including why an officer armed with a rifle says he didn't fire at the gunman before he went into the school. the top republican negotiator for gun legislation gets booed in texas. we'll play that moment for you. those stories and a check of the weather when we come back. a chee weather when we come back.
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a special committee with a texas legislature will meet again today, in its investigation of the school shooting in uvalde. the hearing comes as we're learning more troubling details about the response by law enforcement at robb elementary school. chief deputy sheriff ricardo rios tells "the new york times" that a city officer armed with a ar-15 rifle had a brief chance to fire at the gunman before he entered the school. but the officer didn't shoot because he was afraid of hitting children who were still outside of the building. as the gnat works through the final hurdles to make compromise gun bill legislation, put together in the wake of that uvalde and buffalo shootings, republicans engaged in negotiations are now feeling the pressure from both supporters and opponents alike. senator mike lee of utah was questioned on fox news about why he is not supporting the bill if
2:16 am
most americans back the measures. >> so fox news polling shows that there is lot of strength behind some of these proposals at this point, some of these proposals, background checks for guns which by and large most of them are background checks before a purchase and 88% moving the legal age for assault rifle purchase 82%. and flagging people 81 and banning assault weapons 63%. there is a lot of weapon for the public sphere for doing this. are you out of step with your constituents? >> first of all, what is important is that we look out for the rights of constituents. constituents are asked poll questions. they're not asked questions about specific language within legislative text. it is the job of the lawmaker to look out for the interest and the rights of the law-abiding citizens they represent. >> that was a whole lot of nothing. on the other side of the debate, congressman dan crenshaw was
2:17 am
confronted at the texas republican convention by angry constituents and he said he would support some form of gun legislation in the wake of the shooting in uvalde. the group called him eye patch mccain. a name coined by a fox news commentator. and senator john cornyn of texas, involved in the gun legislation, was booed at the same texas convention. >> let's take our country back starting with congress in november. thank you, god bless you. and may god continue to bless our great state of texas. >> those are a lot of boos. during cornyn's speech some audience members could be chanting quote, no red flag. and an apparent reference to state laws that allow guns to be confiscated from people considered to be a danger to
2:18 am
themselves, or society. and amid the backlash, cornyn did insist there were certain lines he wouldn't cross. i will not under any circumstance support new restrictions for law-abiding gun owners, that will always be my red line. and despite what some of you may have heard, the framework that we are working on is consistent with that red line. the senate hopes to get a deal reached this week before they head out on their july 4th recess. still ahead in sports, another top finish for one of golf's top young stars. and on the diamond, two very different sundays for red sox and yankee fans. that's next on "way too early." we're clearly different. s (other money manager) different how? you sell high commission investment products, right? (fisher investments) nope. fisher avoids them. (other money manager) well, you must earn commissions on trades. (fisher investments) never at fisher investments. (other money manager) ok, then you probably sneak in some hidden and layered fees. (fisher investments) no. we structure our fees so we do better when clients do better.
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make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. another playoff to decide another u.s. open at the country club, all of them before this have been decided that way, zalatoris for birdie to send it to that playoff.
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>> and matthew fitzpatrick is the champion again at the country club in brookline. >> so, so close. will zalatoris is the runner-up for the third time in the last seven majors, his 15-foot birdie putt to force a playoff, just slid by the left edge of the cup. and it left matt fitzpatrick as your u.s. open champion. fitzpatrick finished one shot ahead and masters champio scheffler, he is just the second man ever to win a u.s. amateur, and u.s. open on the same course. a challenging one indeed. congrats to him. the stanley cup finals resume tonight in tampa florida and the colorado avalanche made a significant statement saturday night with a 7-0 win over the
2:23 am
two-time defending champion. the lightning which climbed out of two ovals to eliminate the new york rangers in the conference finals will need to do that again against colorado here in the finals, tonight at 8:00 p.m. meanwhile, transgender swimmers now are restricted from competing in elite women's competitions. swimming's world governing body announced yesterday it voted to adopt the new policy, which takes effect immediately. and it requires transgender swimmers to have completed their transition by the age of 12, and to remain below a level of circulating testosterone in order to compete in women's events. they are working to establish an open category for swimmer whose gender identity differs from their sex. turning to major league baseball and seattle, a two-ahead two-run homerun to lead los angeles to a 4-1 winner
2:24 am
that capped a dominant weekend against the mariners. trout slugged five homers in five games against seattle. four of them for winner, the best player in baseball. to pittsburgh, suwinski helped his team avoid a three game sweep against the giants with three solo homeruns yesterday including this walkoff shot in the bottom of the ninth. the pirates beat the jants 4-3. to city field in queens and a smashing debut for jera encarnacion, which is a seventh inning grand slam. the marlins beat the nets 6-2. i was at saturday's game with my boy, mets won that one 3-2. up in toronto, another rare loss by a new york team, as the yankee bullpen surrendered a five-run lead against the blue jays yesterday. toronto now the first yankees
2:25 am
opponent to score in double digits this season ending new york's nine-game win streak, with a 10-9 victory. and up in boston, the red sox defeated the cardinals 6-4, winning that series two out of three, and ensuring that yours truly had a happy father's day. time now for the weather and let's go to meteorologist michelle grossman for the forecast. how is it looking? >> good morning, jonathan. so glad you had a great father's day. and the forecast, we're looking at kind of a repeat performance of the last couple of weeks, with a big area of high pressure, that is stubborn bringing in that heat and humidity. once again, we will see triple digits across the country and that's the story as we go throughout most of this week. today, though, the last full day of spring, and we're looking at the potential for 71 records being broke within the jet stream so far to the north just allowing in the heat and humidity. so today, 100 degrees in houston. and going to feel like 105, and feeling like 106 in minneapolis and feeling like 101 in new orleans. and that will continue on the first full day of summer and
2:26 am
atlanta, 96 degrees. and feeling like 95. and 102 in mobile, that will be the heat index, on tuesday. as we go throughout the late week, looking at temperatures sizzling in tallahassee, and look at, that 104 by thursday. and friday, looking at 101. and that will spark some storms in the dakotas and upper midwest. jonathan? >> michelle grossman, thank you so very much. still ahead, on "way too early," we will continue to follow the latest on the investigation into the capitol attack. from the people the committee still wants to speak with, to the battle with the justice department over the testimony of those who have cooperated. we'll be right back. have cooper. we'll be right back. right now, we're all feelin' the squeeze. we're having to get creative. find a new way. but birthdays still happen. fridays still call for s'mores. you have to make magic, and you're figuring out how to do that. what you don't have to figure out is where to shop. because while you're getting creative, walmart is doing what we always do. keeping prices low for you every day.
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welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 a.m. on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. thanks for being with us. the committee investigating the january 6th attack is scheduled to meet tomorrow and thursday. investigators say they're also waiting to hear back from ginni thomas. last week they requested that she come testify after it was revealed she had been in communication with john eastman, the architect of the president's plan to overturn the election. congressman adam schiff was asked about that yesterday. >> well, we want to know what she knows, what her involvement was in this plot to overturn the election. she has said she is willing to come in and testify voluntarily. we're glad to hear that. really anyone with pertinent information we'll want to hear from. and so we have a range of questions to ask her.
2:31 am
obviously, i think the committee will be interested among other things whether this was discussed with justice thomas given that he was ruling on cases impacting whether we would get some of this information. >> ginni thomas the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas. schiff said the panel is seeking testify from several high profile people and said the subpoena for former vice president mike pence is also a possibility. members of the committee meanwhile say they hope to reach swing state voters and moderate republicans with the public hearings but as nbc news reports, they may be having the opposite effect. at least in two nevada counties. reporters speaking to gop voters say they are more angry about the quote washington politicians than they are at the images showing violence with a noose outside the capitol. nbc news talked to more than two dozen voters in washo and clark counties the two most populous in nevada and says the two
2:32 am
january 6th hearings that captivated washington failed to persuade voters but pushing them in the opposite direction. >> it might as well be impeachment number three for donald trump said one reno retiree who had just voted in nevada's republican primaries on tuesday with her husband and the big push to get donald trump off the ballot, several nevada republicans interviewed contend that former attorney general bill barr's testimony was trash and quickly discarded former trump campaign chair bill stepien who continues to advise trump, and with a group of traitorous rhinos attempting to take out trump. joining us now co-founder of punch bowl news, john, only allowed to appear on the show the day after the yankees lose, which frankly hasn't happened very much this year. so let's move on. and talk about the committee and reports like these, the idea that instead of these hearings
2:33 am
reaching moderate republicans, or independents, they may actually be pushing some of these swing state gop members into a hard line camp in support of trump. >> you know, look, i mean i think in nevada, for instance, i think there are already, there are already, the republicans are already a hard line camp. look who they nominated for their secretary of state, and the republican nominee, he's a guy who ran for congress, lost by thousands of votes, claimed it was fraud, sued, and i mean he was a guy, he is the nominee for secretary of state. he was up with of these false electors, that they, that you know, that the trump campaign was trying to get together in 2020, and he's got some q-anon ties, he's still, you know, he wants to get rid of dominion voting machines, 16 and 17 counties in nevada, this is their nominee for secretary of state and he wants to go back to
2:34 am
hand counting ballots. i mean, you know, like look, you know, that's where your party is heading, this is where it's going to end up. this is the problem for republicans, is that the most, you know, if you continue to push this angle, the most hard line folks are going to win these elections, look at what happened in texas, over the weekend, the texas republican party approved a resolution saying acting president joe biden, they don't even believe he is president of the united states. i mean this is the republican party of texas. almost two years later. so i think this is the danger republicans face. yes, they're angry and they're going to vote and they're probably going to win the house republicans and may do very well nationally but also pushing their party in a direction that ultimately is going to take it, you know, remember, trump lost re-election, he didn't win, and you know, they lost the house when he was there, they lost the senate, trump was not, you know,
2:35 am
he had some successes, but electoralcally probably surprised a lot of folks but led them into minorities. so ultimately, this is kind of a death trap for them, they keep following this angle, continually, you know, and down this cycle and the next cycle. >> and you mentioned they're being pushed to an extremist position and you mentioned texas. let's play a clip, we played a clip a short time ago of senator cornyn being booed by saying he would support some gun safety measure, measures that enjoy broad popular support. give us the latest there on the senate gun negotiations, do we have any sense of a timetable this week? do they still think they are going to get this done? >> i will break some news on that a little bit so i will hold back a little bit, sorry, viewers, but i got to feed the beast, i got to feed my newsletter, yeah, i think they will, i don't think there will be a vote this week, it doesn't
2:36 am
look like there will be a vote this week, but it does look ache a deal is possible. cornyn's quence defense, he has been booed before, he is a pretty conservative guy but in the texas republican party, he's a moderate. and also, you know, some of the other resolutions they adopted were hard line. and cornyn just went, i went and looked and he never lost an election in terms of in nearly 40 years and not up until 2026 so i think cornyn will be okay even if there is a gun deal, but i think there is some momentum now behind this, there had been some problems, but it looks like it is back on track. so we'll report some stuff on that, punch bowl news a.m. that will be out shortly soon, it is a holiday, so we're kind of going a little bit slow today, and a day congress isn't in, and going a little bit slow today, but there should be, there should be a deal this week where
2:37 am
it's not there yet, i don't believe that there will be a vote, because i think it will be too hard to get it done, and leaving thursday for a two-week recess, so and i do want to just note, just quickly, the red sox are 13 1/2 games out of first place here. just wanted to throw that in there. happy father's day. >> looks like our time is up. >> you heard the man. he is teasing news in punch bowl news, that newsletter should be in your in box soon, be sure to watch that. john, thank you, sir. one more story before we head to break, president biden, rode a bike saturday and we will talk to reporters in rehobeth beach delaware, you're seeing it there. tumbled to the ground. the president was find and got up and continued talking to them and onlookers before he pedalled away. president's got caught in the pedal toe cage while he dismounted and he was leaving
2:38 am
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but you'll notice the difference. and now, miracle-ear is offering a 30-day risk-free trial. you can experience better hearing with no obligation. call 1-800-miracle right now and experience a better life. time now for business and with that let's bring in cnbc's julianna tatelbaum who joins us live. good morning. the u.s. stock market is closed today for juneteenth after the major indexes had their heaviest weekly fall since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. do we think we'll see an end to these sharp losses this week? or should investors be bracing themselves further? >> well, it's hard to say, john, but i think many investors will be very pleased to have a break from the turmoil we're seeing in markets. it was an incredibly tough week for u.s. equities, we saw the dow jones fall below the 30,000
2:42 am
mark for the first time since january, 2021. the s&p 500 posted the tenth down week in the last 11. the worst weekly performance since march 2020. and in terms of the scale here, we're talking about 5, 6% pullback for all three of the major indices. now, this week, once traders return to work, tomorrow, folks will turn to the fed chair once again, and he will be speaking in testimony before congress later this week, and he's expected to hold firm on the fed's new plan to be more aggressive when it comes to raising rates, to combat inflation. he also may face some scrutiny from lawmakers over the fed's new unemployment forecast which had risen recently. and just to remember, the big question here, that is overhanging markets, is to what extent the impact, to what extent the federal government will have to raise rights to raise inflation and what impact that will have in turn on growth. >> certainly to watch that this week as markets open tomorrow.
2:43 am
and a lot of headlines on this. the price of bitcoin, the world's most popular cryptocurrency is on edge after dropping below $20,000 for the first time since november 2020. what's the latest? how worried should we be? >> well, this is a big weekend for bitcoin. and not in a good way. if you are a holder. we saw bitcoin actually cross below 18,000 on saturday. and 20,000 was the level we were all watching. so not only did it cross below 20,000, but it briefly crossed below 18,000 and the worry here is that this means that gains have been wiped out for many long-term lowereds of bitcoin. 20,000 was the level that many people were watching and the level which we could see the selling continue and accelerate and it could force liquidation of crypto funds and crypto lenders under serious pressure. so this morning as you said, john, we are seeing some stabilization in bitcoin but people are watching with baited breath to see where the
2:44 am
cryptocurrency goes next. >> cnbc's julianna tatelbaum, thank you so much. we will speak to you again tomorrow. covid vaccines are now cleared for the youngest americans. we'll go through what parents need to know next on "way too early." need to know next on "wa early. beach defense® from neutrogena® the suncare brand used most by dermatologists and their families, neutrogena® for people with skin. neutrogena® before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? (man) [whispering] what's going on? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could save money by doing nothing. just be claim-free on your home insurance for three years.
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2:47 am
it is finally over. some 20 million babies and toddlers in the united states are now eligible to be vaccinated against covid-19. over the weekend, the cdc director signed off on the plan, after an advisory committee voted unanimously in favor of pfizer and moderna's vaccines for children as young as six months. her endorsement means shots can begin immediately. ending the wait on the part of parents and caregivers of children under the age of five. joining us now, physician and fellow at the brookings institution, dr. patel and msnbc contributor, a former obama white house health policy director, and one of our
2:48 am
favorites. dr. patel thanks for joining us. so many parents breathing a sigh of relief over this news. how soon will these vaccines be available? can those shots be placed in the young arms soon? and is there a difference between them? how should parents choose between pfizer and moderna? >> jonathan, there are sites up and running where appointments start, some have started over the weekend. i have heard, around the country. most in general are starting tomorrow. as people are looking, i suspect there will be pockets of the country where it starts later this week. but the goal of the administration was 85% of children will be able to have a vaccine within five miles. that starts this week. in terms of choices, there's ammoniaa and pfizer and i think when you look at the totality of the data which i have, they are roughly equivalent it is a question of do you want two doses to get to vaccination or three and which comfort level do you have with kind of the choices of two versus three. three is not better than two.
2:49 am
it's two with moderna. and three with pfizer. and it's just a matter of honesty, jonathan, what i suspect, pediatrician might have in their office, that might come down to that decision making. but i think that it is if parents are concerned, have a conversation, moderna might be a profile, depending on your summer activities that you want the vaccine sooner after two and a half years of waiting for some sort of solution. >> such good news for so many americans parents. dr. patel let's take a step back and look at the state of the pandemic right now. certainly, deaths nowhere near as high as they were in other parts, during this two and a half years. a lot of people still getting sick. some really if not hospitalized really knocked down for a week of work, by these omicron variants, and give us a sense as to where things stand, and if we're seeing any signs of more worrisome variants on the horizon. >> we are seeing just signs globally, that in general, that the omicron wave, subsequent wave has calmed down.
2:50 am
especially as we look to the u.k. and eu but when i say calm down, it doesn't mean anywhere where near where we should sit on our laurels and seeing surges and pockets of asia, and certainly in the united states, as the northeast and mid atlantic have plateaued and cases are dropping and we're mid-atlantic plateaued and cases are rising. to your point of hospitalizations, we're largely reflecting the fact that we still have a lot of people who are still either unvaccinated or have been so far from their vaccines and have not been boosted that are contributing to hospitalizations. that trend will continue, especially as we deal with future surges. in terms of what's on the horizon, we're trying to trace for what might come this fall. if i said i knew what would happen, i'd be lying. i know we'll see more cases. what variant they may be, will they be related to the omicron variant, will our vaccines will tailored for that variant in the fall are all questions we can answer, hopefully. fda will meet the end of the
2:51 am
month and researchers around the world meeting in the next couple weeks to answer. >> there is a warning of new variants this fall and winter, pushing for more covid funding. dr. patel, thank you for joining us. talk to you soon. up next, the justice department renews its request for january 6th committee witness transcripts. why bennie thompson says the panel isn't yet ready to cooperate. coming up on "morning joe," more on the impact of the select committee hearings so far, and what to expect for the meetings slated this week. plus, republicans facing pushback from both sides of the gun debate. we'll have the very latest in negotiations on a new bill in the senate. also ahead, former homeland security secretary jeh johnson is a guest. "morning joe" a few moments away. topped on tender shaved steak. it's a real slam dunk. right, derek? wrong sport, chuck. just hold the sub, man! subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshi-
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he's feeling it. yep, them too. it's an invigorating rush... ...zapping millions of germs in seconds. for that one-of-a-kind whoa... ...which leaves you feeling... ahhhhhhh listerine. feel the whoa! the house committee investigating the capitol riots says it's cooperating with the request by the justice department to share transcripts of their witness interviews. on wednesday, the doj sent the committee a two-page letter expressing real frustration over the panel's refusal to grant access to its trove of witness
2:55 am
interviews, renewing a request for speedy access. department officials say those documents would aid the prosecution of people who breached the capitol, including leaders of the proud boys. congressman bennie thompson, who co-chairs the committee, said they're cooperating, just not right now. >> you're not going to turn over the transcripts by the end of the week? >> no. >> what's your reaction when they said -- >> look, look, that does not mean we're not going to cooperate. we got the letter yesterday. we've interviewed over 1,000 witnesses. we've had a number of information. that means we'd have to stop what we are doing to then work with the department of justice. we will eventually cooperate with them. we have five more hearings to work through. we have a lot of other things to do. >> so you won't share it with them before the hearings are over? you won't share transcripts before the end of the hearings? >> no. >> i think we're done,
2:56 am
everybody. >> joining us now, nbc news justice reporter ryan riley. good morning. thanks for being me. given what we heard from the doj and their frustration with the committee, how imperative do you think these materials could be to the doj's own investigations? >> it will impact not only cases that haven't come yet, but it'll also impact trials that are happening right now. i think that's something that has definitely a huge potential impact. because if you have someone on trial, it's not fair to have this discovery sort of floating out there. that's something that could lead to j th challenges down the lin someone says, look, here's additional evidence that was not provided to me during my trial. they could appeal their conviction eventually down the line. so i think they could not only spur new cases but it could result in some of these other cases being challenged as the justice department works through hundreds of cases in the works right now that are yet to come.
2:57 am
>> ryan, it also raises questions as to why the doj is to dependent on what the committee has found, considering their investigative powers are a lot broader. >> they are. but, i mean, remember, doj has to keep all their investigations sort of tethered to some criminal activity. so what the committee can do that the justice department can't is have a wide, you know, investigation generally into january 6th. there has to be some sort of criminal element there for doj to launch an investigation, for them to go down the line with this. so there is a little bit more leeway that the committee has, which allows them to pry open, perhaps endorse the doj can't find necessarily a criminal element to off the bat. so there is a little more freedom the committee has, i think, versus doj. like you mentioned, there is a ton of powers that doj has that the committee doesn't. >> we have two hearings coming this week.
2:58 am
give us a preview of the topics of each. >> the one i think i'm most interested in, probably also from my beat, is the thursday hearing focused on the doj and the effort to use doj as a tool during the 2020 election. i think we'll hear from former doj officials and hear a lot about jeffrey clark, who is going to be this major figure, i think, going forward, that will sort of become a household name after this week. focused on -- you know, he was basically trying to overturn the election from within doj. he was perhaps someone going to take over the justice department. he had this effect from all the officials that said they would quit if that went forward. they would not take part in this effort by trump to use the doj and the fbi as political power to overturn the 2020 election. >> nbc's ryan riley, appreciate it. we'll talk to you as the hearings continue. thanks for being with us. thanks to all of you for getting up "way too early" on this monday morning with us. "morning joe" starts right now.
2:59 am
good morning and welcome to "morning joe." it is monday, june 20th. donald trump continues to defend the actions of his supporters on january 6th, even as a new poll finds most americans believe he should be charged for his role in the attack. plus, setting the stage for tomorrow's hearing. we expect to hear testimony from the georgia official who resisted trump's push to, quote, find the votes that would put him over the top. were also following the latest in the debate over new gun safety legislation. the lead republican negotiator in those talks, senator john cornyn of texas, was booed by his state party for considering even the most modest changes to gun laws. >> i've got to say, mika, considering this convention, the bizarre things that this convention passed at the end, it
3:00 am
reminds me of what my mother said and what she'd say to senator cornyn this morning. judge yourself by your enemies. >> yeah. >> if you look at the extremes there, look at some of the horrible things that republicans are saying about uvalde right now. the fact that they're getting in the way of a guy who is actually trying to make their lives safer, their schools safer, their churches safer, their country concerts that they go to safer, their shopping malls safer, their grocery stores safer. the fact that supporting public safety becomes a political liability in the political party, well, that just suggests that political party is moving further and further away from mainstream and much, much


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