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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  June 20, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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good to be with you. i'm katy tur. georgia is looming large. tomorrow the january 6th committee will present evidence of former president trump's efforts to pressure battle ground officials across the nation into reversing the 2020 election. you will remember raffensperger after that call from president trump urging him to declare enough votes to declare him the winner. >> i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we
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have because we won the state. >> tomorrow's hearing comes amid new and promising polling for the investigative committee. the marriage of americans now say they believe the former president should be charged with some sort of crime for his role in the insurrection. there is the polling right there. six in ten also say the panel has carried out a fair and impartial investigation so far. and the committee sights are still on two big names, including former vice president mike pence. they say subpoenaing pence is not off the table. and he also has eyes on the wife of justice clarence thomas. >> well, we want to know what she knows, what her involvement was in this plot to overturn the election. she has said that she is willing to come in and testify voluntarily. we're glad to hear that.
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joining me now is capitol hill correspondent ali vitale, want political investigate every reporter and msnbc legal analyst paul butler. everybody welcome. these hearings have been gang buster for the number of people paying attention, just on television, not even counting those online. what's on tap for tomorrow? >> we know they're planning another hearing on the pressure commonwealth pain inside the department of justice. what tomorrow's hearing is going to do led by congressman adam schiff is going to take viewers inside the pressure campaign at the state level, specifically places like georgia, including the secretary of state, brad raffensperger, as well as gabe
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sterling, both testifying in person on capitol hill tomorrow. they're going to delve into the plans in place for potential false slates of electors in these states but also the way the former president himself pressured these legislators and officials to try to overturn the election results. ins case of brad raffensperger, there's that recording where trump says he just wants to find the 11,780 votes he needs, one more than joe biden to actually win in that state. that's what they're going to detail. again, katie, we've seen the ebb and flow of these hearings, using both the witnesses in person, as well as people inside trump's own orbit who talk about what those conversations were at the time. we'll continue to see that as they introduce all of these different ideas and plots while keeping the focus on the former president and what he was doing, thinking and trying to accomplish here. >> what do we expect in terms of audio from this interview of was
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a raffensperger? we've heard it. any indication the committee has more? >> what they believe is in presenting this in a compelling way, using their own people, whether it be trump aides, raffensperger himself, a number of others involved in that episode is better than putting it in their words. what they've done pretty effectively, at least according to my sources in trump world is frustrate the president with the audio and video and convince him some of these people are really working against him and i think are probably driving more people to have confidence in some of their findings by just using, you know, clips of video and audio. you have to imagine tomorrow leading up to the final hearing particularly, which is going to
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focus on the 187 minutes themselves, they'll rely exclusively on video and audio of people involved. >> it's not just georgia. it is also arizona. what should we expect about that state? >> well, for arizona, again, it's all about that pressure campaign and what the committee is doing is bringing republicans in. they kind of passed up the accusations of partisanships saying not only did president trump and his allies pressure him to overturn an election that joe biden won, but also that there were people either in trump's orbit or what the committee says, they can trace it back to trump himself, coming up with these themes that were not legal, such as the alternate slate of electors. we know that in arizona that challenge did move forward all
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the way to january 6th, which is why i think arizona's public officials are being prioritized at this hearing because we know that there was a challenge in both the house and the senate and that debate is what was going on as far as arizona's electors when the capitol was breached. >> tia, ginni thomas played a large role. she e-mailed a lot of lawmakers asking them to get involved. she is so far not on the slate to teach tomorrow. she has said as adam schiff noted in that sound bite that she would be willing to appear voluntarily. do we know anything more than that, that they are considering it? it would seem to me that i wonder if this would be the hearing since they are going to focus on arizona. >> i mean, from what we see and how the committee goes about its work is they start by asking
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people to come in voluntarily and that's usually behind closed doors but as we see, it is videotaped and it's on the record but not necessarily -- the first time the committee has been talking to these individuals has not been in these hearings. it's been in a much more controlled setting and then they decide whether they think that testimony is needed for a public hearing. we did see what miss thomas said but it's the difference between her saying publicly, sure, i wouldn't mind talking to them and her going to the committee and saying, yes, let's set up a date and time and move forward. and that's what we don't know whether that's happened yet. >> that is such a good point. they have not interviewed her behind the scenes yet. paul, the committee now says it's cooperating with the justice department. in the past there had been friction there. what do you have make of the d.o.j. requests for all these interview transcripts. >> this is mainly about timing. what the house panel has said is that it wants to complete its investigation before it releases
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specific reports in transcripts of interviews to the justice department. the justice department doesn't even need a formal referral in order to continue its own investigation of this case. so some of the concerns of the panel members are that they don't want it to look too political and they're concerned that if they do a normal referral to d.o.j., that will make it look like they're going after biden's political opponents as opposed to just trying to assure accountability for the greatest attack on the capitol since the war of 1812. >> does the polling come into play here? we have the new polling that says the majority of americans think should be charged. >> katy, think of two different audiences for these hearings. one is the american people to show them that this wasn't just some theoretical, symbolic attack on democracy. this was a flesh and blood attack on human beings.
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i think the house panel was trying to drive the public, the court of public opinion to put tresh on merrick garland to bring this case. but the public opinion polls technically shouldn't matter too garland and the attorney general. what should matter, though, is wanting the american people to know that no one is above the law and that the president of the united states must be held accountable if he committed crimes. >> josh, i'm going to direct this next sound bite to you since you know all things trump and are following that orbit so closely. here's what he said about the committee last friday. it seems he was pretty riled up. >> let's be clear, this is not a congressional investigation, this horrible situation that's wasting everyone's time. this is a theatrical production of partisan political fiction that's getting these terrible, terrible ratings and they're going crazy. the sham committee even had to
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postpone a scheduled hearing at the last minute so they could doctor some additional video and probably hire another movie producer. the good news is very few people watched it. >> 20 million people last i heard watched some of the hearings. these are prepared remarks he's intending to say about the committee. >> yeah. i mean, the former president has been quite agrieved watching these hearings in the recent weeks. he is tuning in, he has detailed commentary and he's particularly been watching ivanka trump, jared kushner, bill barr, getting the whole range of figures around him on tape contradicting him, jason miller, his former campaign spokesman repeatedly what the committee is doing is using his people and it's infuriating him.
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you saw the attacks he may have had on mike pence on friday that were pretty aggressive. he's constantly putting out posts as well. this is fully in the front of his concern right now. whether it actually will do any long-term political damage to him, i'll leave that to pundits and experts and others to assess but he certainly views it as a problem. >> we never speculate on that front because you just don't know. adam kinzinger talked about what is has happened to him since he got involved with this committee. he laid out some pretty scary threats. let's listen. >> this threat that came in that was mailed to my house, it threatened to execute me as well as my wife or my 5-month-old child. never had or seen anything like that. there is violence in the future. until we get a grip on telling people the truth, we can't expect any differently. >> what's your reaction to that? >> the congressman is right that
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the big lie authorizes violence. if people think that their votes are not counted, they -- [ inaudible ]. it's very concerning, katy, that gates is apparently standing with them still despite the graphic videos because of the mayhem of january 6th. there's a risk of becoming mainstream political discourse. >> it's hard to hear your audio but there's a risk that violence will start becoming part of mainstream political discourse. this is not something we saw until donald trump started campaigning in 2015 and 2016. thank you all very much. ali vitale who had to leave a little early, thank you as well.
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thousands of airline passengers were stranded. from thursday through sunday, 5,000 flights were cancelled and thousands more delayed. to make matters worse, friday of the busiest flying day of the year so far in 2022. more than 2.4 million people made their way through airport security lines, according to the tsa. airline experts are blaming the disruptions on bad weather and staffing shortages, specifically a pilot shortage.
11:18 am
some airlines are preemptively cancelling thousands of flights in july and august. joining me now from newark international airport is nbc news correspondent emily ikeda. it was not fun, i speak from experience. >> reporter: you can tell on the ground here that frustrations are beginning to mount, especially those who traveled on memorial day weekend. we saw several thousand flight cancellations across the u.s. this juneteenth and father's day holidays and saw similar numbers over memorial day weekend. unfortunately airline experts don't believe these disruptions will significantly ease any time soon. remember thousands of employees left the industry throughout the pandemic when we saw initially that really lull in traffic. i want you to listen to some travelers and the impact on
11:19 am
people when they can't get to where they're going for in some cases things they had planned for months. take a listen. >> look at the line. welcome to 2022, i guess. >> my sister's getting married and the reception was tomorrow but we're not going to make it. >> i get here to the airport just for our flight to be delayed, delayed, delayed add about 11:30 last night the flight was cancelled. >> and you really feel for those passengers. so many of us have been in their shoes. people are shelling out a lot of bucks to pay for these trips. the average cost of a round trip ticket in the u.s. for the month of june is nearly $400. you're not going to find relief if you choose to go on the roadway with such high exorbitant gas prices. >> you can pay a thousand dollars for a coach ticket.
11:20 am
i had the airport trifecta, the hat trick. i had a cancelled flight, a delayed flight and an emergency landing. we were told if you get off this flight, you're not going anywhere for three days, everything is booked for three days after that. so it was not fun. i do feel for those passengers, especially when you're trying to get to something important, like your sister's wedding. emily, thank you so much. meanwhile, the average price for gas is still pretty bad. today is $4.98. with no relief in sight, many americans are hoping the government can do something to bring down those prices. president biden was asked by reporters about the gas tax. >> yes, i'm considering it. >> reporter: how soon can we expect a decision? >> i hope to have a decision based on the data i'm looking
11:21 am
for by the end of the week. >> joining me is ben white, a cnbc contributor. a federal tax holiday, what would that do is this. >> it would essentially taking 18 cents a gallon that people pay and take it off the price. so we'd go from $5 gas to $4.80, $4.82 a little bit. we can talk about the problems with it. it's often dismissed as a dumb idea that doesn't raise that much money -- or doesn't save people that much money and costs us a lot in terms of infrastructure funding. that tax is supposed to fund infrastructure. we already don't properly fund the highway trust fund. it would give people a little bit of short-term relief. >> is there another option here? the president said gas companies shouldn't be making record profits. it's not fair.
11:22 am
i was talking to stephanie ruhle who said, yeah, they shouldn't but they will, there's no real incentive for them not to. is there a way to get ahold on that? >> not really. i think that's showmanship to the progressives in the democratic party who want to blame everything on corporate america. corporations are built to make profits and make profits as much as they can when they can. it doesn't amount to price gouging if you're just charging will the market will bear in terms of trying to meet your costs, it's just how we've got the system structured. i don't see a quick or easy way for punishing corporations for doing what they're built to do. it's the bully pulpit and consumption who are saying he's also beating on the big, greedy oil companies. >> i wonder if it's in their interest long term. people have ordered electric cars or hybrid cars and they
11:23 am
don't want to be at the whims of the oil companies. it's a six-month way to get the car but it's better in the long term. >> that's true. that's another reason people don't support any federal gas tax holidays to relieve pump prices because it is an incentive to move electric and long term to shift our cars mostly to an electric grid and get away from fossil fuels. if that means people have to experience the pain at the pump, so be it. i've had those conversations with lots of people and myself, very incentivized to not see $100 pop up on the machine every time we get gas. that is a long-term argument for not doing this. >> what about the economy in general? the white house has been pushing back on this inevitability from economists who say there's going to be a recession, that's just
11:24 am
where we are going. janet yellen said the economy is slowing but a reception is not inevitable. >> it's not inevitable immediately but we have a ripe environment for it, really hive inflation, the fed raising interest rates, retail spending starting to dip a little bit that was really holding up the economy for quite a long time. that's not happening now. so i see the seeds of recession planted potentially for 2023, i think we'll get through the rest of this year without having one. we generally have them. we're due for one, the conditions are ripe for one. the question for me is how long and how bad? this doesn't have to be very long or very bad. >> is it going to be like what we saw in 2008 and 2009? >> there's no reason to think so. we don't have a financial crisis. the banks are not failing, consumers are in better position, corporate balance
11:25 am
sheets are better than they were. we don't have a dotcom or housing bubble other than inflation is way too high, wages aren't keeping up with inflation and we've got gas prices fighting this high. that would tilt us toward recession but there's no reason why we should all freak out. >> thank you for being with us. we're following breaking news out of new york city. a taxi jumped a manhattan sidewalk hitting pedestrians before crashing into a building. according to our partner at wnbc, three people were critically injured. this is one of the scariest things for anybody who lives in new york, considering how fast people go down these roads close to the sidewalk. it happened a short time ago in the flat iron district. police say the driver remained at the scene. it's not immediately clear how quite this happened. there's a median buffer between
11:26 am
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>> two americans held by russian
11:31 am
forces in ukraine, this is the first time that the kremlin has commented on their case, which emerged last week. take a listen. >> russian television has broadcast interviews with two americans captured in ukraine. where are they? who is holding them and what happens next? >> well, so, they are soldiers of fortune and they were involved in illegal activities in the territory of ukraine. they were involved in our military behind the line and they should be held responsible for those crimes that they have committed. those crimes have to be investigated. >> by russian authorities or
11:32 am
donetsk authorities? >> are they prisoners are war? >> i wouldn't start explaining the political side of their capture. the only thing is clear. so they have committed crimes. >> what are the crimes they've committed? as you know, under the geneva convention, fighting in a conflict is not something that is -- you can be tried for. so what would are the crimes we're talking about? >> they are not the ukrainian army. they are not the subject of the geneva convention. they are not -- >> you don't know that, do you? >> they are not members of the ukrainian army. >> you believe they weren't enlisted in the ukrainian army. >> it will be investigated in due course. but geneva conventions cannot be applied for soldiers.
11:33 am
>> two americans held here, brittney griner, the wnba star was arrested at the airport here in russia, accused of carrying a vape pen, hashish oil. i asked the kremlin about her case. she's now been held for several months and is facing potentially a prosecution. take a listen. >> she was coming to take part in sport in russia, effectively trying to build bridges through sport. it's a terrible message, isn't it, that she should be arrested and held and face potentially a -- >> it's also a terrible message to bring some forbidden essences and materials to this country while trying to build some bridges. they are prosecuted by russian laws. russian is not a single country in the world. they have quite a strict laws in that sense.
11:34 am
and there's a number of countries where you cannot enter with any drugs, actually. it is prosecuted by law. so we can do nothing about that. >> the president presidential envoy for hostage affairs is now leading the u.s. effort to secure brittney griner's release. so the u.s. government is now approaching this as a hostage situation. >> i would strongly disagree with that. we cannot call her a hostage. i cannot call her hostage. she violated russian law. and now she's being prosecuted. it's not about being a hostage. >> reporter: katy, we did cover many subject, we'll roll this out over many hours, nightly news and the "today" show tomorrow. one of the questions i asked him was about nato leaders saying
11:35 am
the west should prepare itself for a long conflict in ukraine. perhaps the one thing russia and they agree on because he said that he effectively agrees he said, in his words, this will be a long crisis. >> compelling interview, compelling reporting. keir, thank you very much. we also have some developing news out of israel this hour. prime minister naftali bennett is moving to set yet another nationwide election in that country. it is the fifth in three years. this is happening after a couple of lawmakers in the already fragile coalition in parliament defected. the enough election could send benjamin netanyahu back to the prime's office. the elections are set to be held in the fall. and still ahead, texas republicans just approved a party platform that calls homosexuality an abnormal lifestyle choice. that's a quote. abnormal lifestyle choice. but first, little kids are now
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starting wednesday little kids and babies will now be able to get a covid shot. pfizer endorsed the moderna shot for kids under 5. and dr. ja, a frequent guest on this network told parents on this network on "today" this morning. >> these vaccines are exceedingly safe. these the biggest message, these vaccines have been been given to millions and millions of kids, very, very safe. >> joining us from a facility at the cleveland clinic is nbc's jesse kerr. jesse, glass to see you masked in there. what are you doing? how are you prepping? >> they're expecting to have
11:41 am
doses for these young are children here hoping to have shots in arms for wednesday. they have opened up the online system for appointments here. they're not seeing the kind of demand or expecting that we have seen in other phases. this is kind of a walk down memory lane. this is the freezer farm here ter cleveland clinic. it's got the security cage here in is a reminder that for so long, getting shots here, keeping them safe and making sure they were ready to go in arms was such a logistical lift. these have been able to help people in all kind of age groups for years plus, we're expecting this freezer to have room for the shots for children under 5 years old endorsed by the cdc. about 40% of parents are going to take a wait and see approach.
11:42 am
okay, parents are a little bit nervous as we show in that graphic right there. when you're talking to doctors, what are they saying to convince some parents who say, listen, i might just wait a few months? >> yes. there are people who are ready to rush out there with their kids. some parents told us even before the sign-off came they were ready to get an appointment. there are other parents who are waiting. a message from doctors is first off, natural immunity. if your kid had covid in recent months, that's not enough they say. you want the immunity from the vaccine as well. also, while severe disease for children is rare, there are kids who have unfortunately died from covid-19. here's what some parents have shared with us about what they're thinking. >> if they would have given us vaccines to do on tv today, we would have done them. we're really excited to get them vaccinated. >> for now we're sitting and waiting to see if there might be something more long term as post
11:43 am
to a frequency of getting vaccines. >> reporter: even parents telling us they're not getting their kids vaccinated they're being very cautious. >> i understand where that father is coming from, three doses a few weeks apart, it's a lot. not to say that you shouldn't go do it. thank you so much. i appreciate it. and 10 million people are under a heat alert today as dangerously high temperatures stretch across the midwest with temperatures reach being the 90s and the cost of fuel rising, lower income families are getting hit hard they spent 8.6% of their budget on energy, three times as much as a family with higher income. steve patterson, it does not look that wet out there, steve. it's dry. tell me about the drought. >> the drought has led to what you're seeing in front of me and
11:44 am
really all around me, which is nothing, a whole lot of nothing, a crisis of nothing for california farmers. i don't have to tell you how important this region is, the central valley to the rest of the country. the agriculture industry here is the largest in the country, $50 billion of annual revenue, it employs 400,000 people and right now because water is so scarce, a lot of farmers have to work with nothing. they're leaving their fields fallow. this field is part of 395,000 acres of what we call fallow fields, unplanted fields across the board. that's larger than the city of los angeles. this water crisis has been going on for a long time and it has reached the farm in a really long way. it means less work for farm workers. a lot of latino farm workers, low-income people, families
11:45 am
having to leave the region and find other work and it will mean eventually it will hit all of us in the grocery store on top of gas prices, on top of interest rates and inflation, this is something that will affect all of us. but right now it's affecting gary bean, i'm standing on his farm, he's got 1,200 acres, 600 acres or more are left fallow. i asked him what's that like to have half of your income come in half? here's what he said. so when you see this ground and you think about all the opportunities you could have but instead nothing is growing, what's the emotion? is it heart breaking for you? >> like i just told you, i have four grandchildren, three of them in college. i tried to steer them away from the farm. when i grew up, i wanted to be a farmer my entire life. that was it. i grew up on a farm. they have two. but i want them to have other
11:46 am
alternatives. it's a pretty stressful life to not know what you're going to have water wise until march, april, may and you have to make those planting decisions in october, november, december. i feel like i'm spinning my wheels. >> reporter: so the drought goes on. we're in about the third year of this, maybe the driest year on record. and right now 6 million californians are under some sort of drought restriction. they're trying to cut back on the amount of water. farmers are now having to drill down for any ground water that's below the surface. that's incredibly expensive, which again means a lower yield on crops that they expect will impact us at the grocery store. >> i have a follow-up question for you. i just was in los angeles over the weekend. i wonder about the haves and the have-notes here.
11:47 am
i know there are limits to water your lawn if you're in california, los angeles in particular but you drive through some of the money neighborhoods and there are vast, vast green lawns. what's going on there? are some people skirting the rules? >> almost assuredly, katy. i can't speak to every individual. there are limits in cities like los angeles. so they try to have you water your lawn maybe once a day or so. obviously people are skirting that. they have these very nice man cured manicured lawns. and there are sustainable lawns. people are coming and trying to restructure the way lawns work, have deserts plants and rocks instead of your traditional lawn. that doesn't account for all the business parks and all of that green space has to be watered
11:48 am
and is being watered and that's water we can all use. it is personal accountability. it's taking less showers, using less water to brush your teeth and being responsible on what you use on your lawn. >> growing up in l.a., you have to turn the water off when you brush your teeth. houses with odd number addresses can water mondays and fridays while houses with even numbered addresses can water thursday and sunday. so just two times a week. no watering between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. regardless of what watering dave you are on. you got to do it in the morning or at night. steve patterson, thank you very much. coming up next, how americans are commemorating the effective end to slavery in the united states, now an official federal holiday. icial federal holiday. subway® is refreshing their catering. we're talking platters fit for any event, like throwing yourself an over-the-top party. who would do such a thing? yeah, i wonder.
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11:53 am
less time for things to go sideways. senator john cornyn, one of the key negotiators on the bipartisan gun safety package, was heckled on friday. the audience at the texas gop convention booed him as he explained what the bill could include. you hear it right there. tomorrow, it will be four weeks since the massacre in uvalde, texas. joining me from dallas is correspondent morgan chesky. there's the gun issue, and there's this new platform that the gop is adopting there. explain it all to me. >> reporter: pretty interesting. this was the first in-person meeting for the texas gop since 2018. of course, past meetings canceled due to the pandemic. there were about 9,000 delegates invited here, about 5,000 showed up. but it was stunning to see senator john cornyn, elected sense 2002, representing the state of texas, be heckled by that crowd. and he wasn't allow.
11:54 am
congressman crenshaw also heckled, the crowd making it clear that the one problem they had with cornyn was that he did reach across the aisle to create this framework with this gun legislation that is about 98% done, saying that any work with democrats whatsoever on guns was an absolute problem. and then they talked about this party platform that they're voting on for the first time in several years. it's viewed more as a mission statement than legislatively binding per se, but the delegates able to vote on these planks of the platform. some shocking to see by some. we have a list of some of those that is drawing significant scrutiny here. there were dozens upon dozens of these planks. there were some i would like to share, one that texas students would learn about the humanity of the preborn child and taught
11:55 am
that personhood begins at fertilization. and remove the legislator's power to regulate the wearing of arms. that would essentially keep the texas legislature from enacting any gun laws. they want to treat homosexuality as an abnormal lifestyle choice, and declare all businesses and jobs as essential and a fundamental right. that in response to the pandemic policies that curtailed ours or in some cases shut down businesses that were deemed non-essential in 2020 and portions of 2021. i think that one quote in particular that stood out over the weekend was that of commissioner sid miller here in texas, say thing is no long ear fight between republicans and democrats but between patriots and traitors. >> wow, wow, wow, abnormal lifestyle choice. thank you very much.
11:56 am
today is juneteenth commemorating the day the last enslaved people were freed a full two years after the emancipation proclamation. joining us now from chicago is nbc's shaquille brewster. this is the second year that this is a federal holiday. how are folks celebrating it and commemorating it? >> reporter: well, here at the field museum, they're offering free admission and having seminars and speeches about african americans and the history that african americans had to face in this country. these commemorations you're seeing not just in chicago but across the country, through the weekend, have really brought a lot of attention to juneteenth. you're seeing it in polling, now 60% of americans saying they're familiar with what juneteenth is all about. when you talk to folks, i went to a barbecue that was being held on the south side of chicago. thousands of people there. when you talk to folks, they're happy more people know about it,
11:57 am
and listen to some of my conversations. >> to be honest, i didn't know anything about it, you know what i mean? so i'm still learning about my particular culture. >> hopefully, you know, we'll be able to have more conversations and more open and honest dialogue about, you know, race and all of that stuff that people are uncomfortable with and stuff like that. >> i love that last girl you spoke with, shaq. she said some uncomfortable conversations that we have to talk about. i'm a big believer in talking about things, even when they are uncomfortable. especially when they're uncomfortable. shaq, thank you very much. coming up next, the far right party makes big gains in france. what it means for the future of the west. of the west ghing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,... ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day,... ♪
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