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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  June 21, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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of the january six investigation is gonna be tomorrow, tuesday. it starts at 1:00 eastern. we -- available to watch out live, you should know that we are going to have a primetimea primm hearing, we will recap all of the most important stuff on the hearing and what it means tomorrow night, in prime time, starting at 8:00 eastern and that is true both for tomorrow's hearing and for the second hearing this week which happens on thursday. two january 6th hearings t tuesday, 1:00 eastern. thursday, 3:00 eastern. and again, whether or not you can watchd those live, we will have prime time recaps of each of those, 8:00 p.m. eastern, tuesday and thursday nights. now, in terms of what we are expecting tomorrow, this is kinds of the one that i've been waiting for. it's at least the stuff that we have covered most intensively on this show, as these stories, as this part of the plot has
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started to come into focus. the hearing tomorrow is about how trump and his cohorts, co-conspirators, what do you call them, team trump, tried to get individual states to overthrow the election results from thoseti states and these we states that voted for biden, obviously, but where republicans were in chargeob of at least so part of the state government. the idea onat the trump side is that they thought if they could leangh hard enough on republica state level officials, those officials would do what trump wanted, theytr would throw out e real results. so the first witnesses tomorrow, we believe, will be some of the republican officials that trump leaned on to try to get them to throw out the election results from those states. that will include the house speaker, republican house speaker,ho from the state of arizona, his name is rusty bowers, and you will hear from him tomorrow. i have no idea what kind of witness and what he will be
1:02 am you will be able to make up your own mind when you see it live or we recap it overnight but i would say into that expected testimony tomorrow, i think it's worth knowing that rusty bowers, again a witness you will hear fromes live tomorrow, he is in e particular important way, he is everything that bill barr and mike pence and allll of these other supposed heroes of this story are not. however much people like attorney general bill barr or vice president pence, have been lauded, over the course of this investigation, because at the very, very end when it came down to it in the final, final, final accounting, they didn't ultimately go alongco with the last worst thing that trump asked them to do, however much they are being laudedwe for not being as bad as trump, and not being willing to do everything he wanted, one thing that neither of those men did in the moment, not big barr, not vice president pence, not trump
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lawyer, or pence lawyer, trump campaign manager bill stepien, not any of the guys we have heard from thus far, they are now taking their bows now for not putting on a viking hat and smashing windows on january 6th, good for them but one thing that none of them did in the moment was tell us, tell the public what was happening in the white house that they were so disturbed about. of them was willing to sound the alarm in the moment to say hey, the president is trying to get t people to do something illegal here and we are worried it is going to get people killed on january 6th. none of them went to the public with their concerns in realtime. but you know who did do that in realtime, the arizona very conservative republican speaker of the house, rusty bowers who is going to testify tomorrow. again, i have no idea what he will be like as a witness or what he will testify to. but the historical record will show that he actually got this part of it right.
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when almost nobody else did. as he was getting calls from president trump himself, and from rudy giuliani, from all of these other people in the president's orbit, rusty bowers not only didn't go along with theirid demands that he should throw out arizona's election results, he kind of alone among all of these guys, is the one who put out a press release, telling everybody that actually that's whatte they're pressurin him to y do, they were pressuri him tohe overturn the state's election results and that's wrong and he needed everybody to know it t in the moment. look at this document, this is what you show saint peter at the pearly gates. pass up there ll at the end of your life as a public official if your name is rusty bowers. see the date on it? a very important date. december 4, 2020. for immediate release. arizona house speakerdi rusty bowers made the following statement. quote. this week,in rudy giuliani, jen ellis and others representing president donald trump came to arizona with a breath taking request, that the arizona
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legislature overturn the results and deliver the electoral college votes to president trump. the rule of law egforbids us too that. mr. giuliani and ms. ellis made their case here at least twice, on monday at an unofficial public gathering hosted about asmall group of legislators and again on tuesday during a closed doorag meeting at the state capitol with republican leaders from both chamberst of the legislature. both times the trump team made claims that the election was tainted by fraud but presented onlyin theories, not proof. keep in mind what is going on here. this is the one dog that barked. he is alerting the public to the fact that there has been an unofficial gathering between republican legislators and people from the trump campaign, and then following that, a closed door meeting, between republicang, leaders and the ste legislature and people from the trump campaign, and this guy is a republican house speaker who says this might be happening behind closed doors but the public needs to know about this, i'm going public and tell the
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public what is going on and not stand for it and not go along with it. even with such evidence existed thevi arizona legislature simpl couldn't do what is being asked. under arizona law, presidential electorsla must vote for the winners of the popular vote, nothing of p the u.s. decision the supreme court even suggests arizona legislature could retroactively appoint different electors who could cast their ballots for different candidates. the lawre does not authorize th legislature to reverse the results of thegi election. as a conservative republican, i don't like the resultsse of the presidential election, i voted for president trump and worked hard to re-elect him but i cannotle and will not entertain suggest la we violate the law to change the outcome of a certified election. i and my fellow legislators swore an oath to support the u.s. constitution and the laws of the state of arizona. it would violate that oath, the basic principles of government and the rule of flaw we attempt to nullify the people's vote
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based oneo unsupported theoriesf fraud. arizona voters choose who win. 40 years ago next month, president ronald reagan remindeds that you while the orderly transfer of authority is aor commonplace occurrence for americans, cequote, in the eyes many in the world, this every four year ceremony we accept as normal is nothing less than a miracle. he concludes, quote, now, americans are being reminded once again never toan take for granted what president reagan correctly skrish described as the continuity which is the bulwar of our government. >> december 4, 2020. morebe than a month before the january 6thnt attack. the republican house speaker in arizona saying i wanted trump to win, i voted for the trump, but soungd the alarm,or telling the public, what the trump campaign was asking for behind closed doors was blatantly illegal. he went to the public.
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he said this is breath taking. that's the word he used. a breath taking request. and the fact that he is asking for it wouldt be the end of peaceful transition of power in our country. rusty bowers was right. and almost no one else in republican politics was willing to tell that truth to the public about it at that point. all these people who were sort of getting it right in retrospect,ti right, he got it right in the moment. and he will be tomorrow's first witness. there will also be two republicanth state officials fr georgia, youia probably know th georgia story better, that's, you know, trump calling up the secretary of state in georgia and demanding, basically in threatening the secretary of state that he needed to throw out just enough biden votes or somehow mysteriousy find just enough trump votes for the secretary of state's office to be able to say oh, actually the result here in georgia has flipped ant secretary of state, his office wouldn't go along with it, and then trump sicced
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his supporters on the georgia officials and then the deputy secretary of state's office, gabriel sterling in front microphone, he gave his own public press conference in december, not only were p the fraud claims against georgia false, he said president trump's attack on the election, and the people who administer is was going to get people killed. gay brel sterling went to the public with that warning. he said that in december 20, 20. just before the january 6th attack. and just as rusty bowers was right in that press release earlier that month, gabriel sterling also was right. and he will be another one of the live witnesses tomorrow. and by that point in tomorrow's hearing, i think the committee will still have its unbroken record of every single witness they've called thus far being a republican and/or a conservative. but there's one other witness they're going to call tomorrow who i think breaks that mold.
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the last witness we're going hear from, from the committee tomorrow, we have no idea what her politics are, or her political affiliation and that's proper back, she's there in a nonpartisan capacity, she is to talk about being an election worker in georgia and a nonpartisan techno cratic ground level election worker and she therefore will be a totally different kind of witness than we'vees seen thus far fra the, from the january 6th hearing. and in terms of why she is there, you may not recognize her face but you will probably remember some of the story of this witness in part because we covered it i on the show last yr quite a bit but also because of the story of the witness, the georgia election worker is, terrifying and strange in a very memorable way. it also has a weird celebrity cameo that you might remember. i will refresh you on this. when trump called georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger and told him he needed told overturn the biden n and when trump's lawyer rudy the republican led legislature in georgia and
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told them they needed to overturn theth election, the claims that would justify those radical steps, all centered on a video clip that trump and company insisted showed the election being stolen right thereec on the tape. they said they had video of electionai workers in atlanta, black i election workers naturally, african american workers, they said the video showed themrs stuffing suitcases full of illicit ballots. and they accused those election workers by name of stealing the election. committing crimes. on that call was georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger, trumpet brought one particular election worker by name, 18 times. he used her name 18 times a professional vote scammer and all of the suitcases and the fraud and trumpes played that supposedlyha incriminating vide
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tape at a massive jumbotron at a rally in georgia and said it showed a crime, but it showed nothing of the sort, it showed fulton county election workers, a woman named shay moss and her mother, a m 62-year-old retiree and grandmother, a long time election worker in fulton count for this election, fulton county looked like it would be short starvedit because of covid so m moss recruited her mom to sign up as a temp worker for election day. that video that trump and company got so fixated on, all that video showed was shay moss and herd mom, two election workers literally just doing jobs on election night, taking ballots out of the secure containers they were transported in and running them through the ballot counting machine like they were supposed to. but trump and giuliani and all trump folks and our friends at fox news kept running this snippet of video over and overet again saying it showed a crime even though it showed normal election workers doing normal stuff the normal way with
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no malfeasance whatsoever. but them fixating on this video, trump not only showing the video, conservative m.i.a. media, showing the video, giuliani, showing the video and trump specifically naming the womentr in the video as the woms who stole the election from him, that has profound consequences. shay moss and her mom, even her teenaged son got inundated with vulgar and racist harassment and death threats. shay moss's mother called 911 multiple times, because people were showing uple at her house, and banging on her door, making threats in person. >>at i've been having tear threats. i've beenar having harassing phe calls and they came out and made a police report yesterday. and last night, about ten minutes after 9:00, somebody was banging on the door and now somebody is banging on the door again. oh, they screaming. they still banging on the door.
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they still banging on the door. lord jesus, where's the police? >> they are on the way, ma'am. >> oh, god. >> lord jesus, where's the police? >> this became their lives. shay moss and her mother, ruby freeman, in the midst of all of thoseds harrowing threats and intimidation, something else happened. that tape, that tape was from december 2020, the following month in january, 2021, actually two days before the january 6th attack,y a woman showed up on e doorstep said she was sent by a hoe profile individual and there to help ms. freeman. now, this woman told ruby freeman shema was in danger, an she toldin her that people were coming to her house, inle 48 hours, and she was going to be locked up. that woman who came to ruby
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freeman's house and made that apparent threat, it turned out, in the end that she at least at some point had been a publicist for the troubled trump supporting hip-hop artist kanye west which is the celebrity thing that got all of the well, this is weird headlines about this incident, you might remember that, what about the kanye west public sift fitting into allka of this, the way tha resolved and ahead of the testimony at the hearing we here at this show later determined that that woman who showed up at ruby freeman was dispatched by a trump campaign operative and that woman came to her mouth and she was so freaked out after a month of threats and harassment and she was willing to talk to the person and only agree to do so a at the local police statio the only place she felt safe meeting this random stranger and met with her at the police station and because ofme the police station, part of the meeting was caught on a police
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body cam which lawyers obtained and this is a part of the meeting that is edited and subtitled by reuters. >> thanksu you. >> no problem. >> hi. >> good evening, how are you? >> thank you so much for agreeing to meet with us. we didn't want to frighten you, but we had to find you within this time frame. >> we would like to let you know first and foremost, we have put in placement a way to move you, to secure you, from what may be authorized over the next 48 hours. we would do it oned your schedu. i cannot say what specifically will take place. i just know that it will disrupt
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your freedom and, the freedom of one or more of your family members. >> we didn't want to frighten you but we had to find you within this time frame, we have put in place a way to move you, to secure you over what may be authorized over the next 48 hours, i can't say specifically what will take place, i just know it will disrupt your freedom and the freedom of one or more members of your family. this is january 4th. the woman says she will put ruby freeman on the phone with somebody quote very high level with the authoritative powers to get you the protection that you need. protection from what? ruby freeman told reuters once this other person, a man got on the phone with her, he and this woman who had come to her house to try to get her to, to try to talk to her about moving her, because something terrible was going to happen to herin within8 hours, the man on the phone and that woman at the police station with her tried to get her to admit to committing election
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fraud. ruby freeman told her the quote, if you don't tell everything, going to jail. now what's important about this, other than the bizarreness of it is, that the quote very high level guy who ruby freeman got put on the phone with, this person who could supposedly get ruby freeman protection from what otherwise would happen to her and she just confessed and she and a family member or more than one would go to jail, it turnedl, out that man worked fo the trump campaign, black voices for trump and he told us that he was the one who sent that woman to ruby freeman's house in january and claimed he was acting as a private citizen when he did that and no longer on the trump payroll and he personally never threatened ms. freeman and received calls offering her immunity if she confessed to election fraud but he wouldn't say who those people are or what authority they would be able to offer her immunity and immunity
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what, what would she be prosecuted for? she did not actually commit election alfraud. >> this all happened on january 4th and they keep giving her the deadline she needs to act or confess and take her away and maybe they can move her and keep her safe. 48 hour deadline. what was h happening 48 hours fg january 4th? why was is so important that they get her to confess to election fraud within 48 hours ofec january 4th? well, 48 hours later of course was january 4th. when trump was, you know, planning to pressure mike pence into stopping the certification of biden's election win. and it would have of course been really handy to have a forced confession, a forced false confession, of election fraud, point to that day as a reason toat throw out the georgia results? or at least to delay certifying them because there was some great new controversy in georgia? what exactly were they threatening ruby with? well, as far as there being some
1:20 am
threat to ruby freeman that wouldha materialize 48 hours fr 4th, it did actually materialize according to a lawsuit ms. freeman filed against a right wing website thatng promoted false stories about her, 48 hours after that visit, while pro trump roitsers were storming the capitol in washington, a pro trump crowd actuallyin stormed her house. surrounded ruby freeman's house, outside atlanta, shouting at her through ag bull horn. fortunately nobody was hurt. shefo had already fled her home for her safety following the fbi's advice to do so. and of course, ruby freeman, this 62-year-old election worker, grandmother from atlanta, did not confess tork se invented charge of election fraud, right, despite this implied threat, thissp dangled promise where people connected to theed trump campaign, that i would relieve the pressure on her and only then could they keep her safe, the harassment and the threats turned ruby freeman's life upside down,
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turned her daughter shay moss's life upside down. it has been a total nightmare for them and they did nothing wrong. but it also still coming full circle. since then, the january 4th investigation has revealed not only that the claims about fraud and fulton county were false but that trump was told in detail by the number two official at the u.s.mb justice department that e whole attack on that mother and daughter in atlanta, the whole suitcases full of ballots claimed, all of these supposed fraud o claims about fulton county, georgia, were nonsense and we know that because we have tape from richard donahue, the number twoe, official at the justice department, after big barr left. he had tape of his deposition to the january 6th investigation. >> and i said something to the effect of sir, we've done dozens ofve investigation, hundreds of interviews, the major allegations are not supported by the evidence, we looked in georgia, pennsylvania, michigan, nevada, and we're doing our job,
1:22 am
much of the info you're getting is false. and i said okay, well, with regard to georgia, we looked at the tape, we interviewed the witnesses, and there is no t suitcase. the president kept fixating on this suitcase that supposedly had fraudulent ballots and that the suitcases were rolled out from underse the table. and i said no, sir, there is no suitcase. you can watch that video over and yoover. there isid no suitcase. there is a wheeled bin where they carry the ballots, and that is just how they move ballots around that facility. there's nothing suspicious about that at all. i told him that there was no multiplet scheming of the ballots, and the allegation that they're taking one ballot and scanning it through,ne three or four or five times, to rack up votes presumably for vice president biden, i found that the video did not support that. flat out that much of the information that he's getting is false and/or just not supported by the evidence. we look at the allegations, and
1:23 am
they don't pan out. >> the number two official at the justice department told president trump personally and in detail this suitcase thing, this fantasy about some nefarious thing in fulton county, rigeorgia, that you hav ascribed to these women who you have named, who you have sicked your supporters on, where they have been driven into hiding at the advice of the i fbi, this thing that you've been saying is not nothing thatg you're saying abt that is true. >> ruby freeman and her daughter shay moss did nothing wrong. but here's one last thing. i think this is also important heading into this part of the investigation that we're going to see tomorrow. you know, there's been all of this talk, i have participated in some of this talk, there has been a lot of discussion and commentary and speculation about what thecu intersection is betwn thishe january 4th investigatio and we're seeing these hearings from and prosecution, the possible criminal prosecution of the people who tried to pull off the scheme. that whole question looms large
1:24 am
over all of these hearings, over everything the january 4th investigators have been revealing about their findings at these hearings. what we will see tomorrow at tomorrow's hearing, this is the part where that is norr longer hypothetical discussion, because this georgia stuff, the threats to the election g worker, and t threats to state officials that they needed to make fake fraud claims and they needed to change the electionai results, that is already definitely under criminal investigation. you do not have to speculate about what might happen if any prosecutor decided to look into that. statelo prosecutors in georgia have impaneled are grand jury that is working right now on possible charges under georgia state lawle and the matter is reportedly under criminaler investigation by federal justice department prosecutors as well. who reportedly have been interviewing georgia officials. the pressure on state elections officials and election workers also the forged fake slates of trump electors that they
1:25 am
arranged from georgia and six otherra states, those are partsf the trump plot we already know are actively under criminal investigation by both federal an state prosecutors working with federal and state grand juries. that whole question about whether or not thatat january 4 investigation will look at crimes that prosecutors are interested in, what we are getting into, in tomorrow's hearing is the part where that is alreadyor happening and what that means for the next hearing that we will have tomorrow, we don't yet know, and it will be new and the member of the leading investigation leading the investigation tomorrow will be live here in just a moment. stay with us. will be live here in just a moment. stay with us
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it is just an occasion which we will learn more about in our next hearing, was that a group of trump supporters in arizona and other swing states decided to proclaim themselves the true electors for the state. creating two sets of elector, the official electors selected by the state, and a group of fake electors. >> congresswoman liz cheney, vice chair of the january 6th investigation, talking at the last hearing, previewing some of what we are going to expect next, what we're going to expect tomorrow. in the lead-up to january 6th as we have covered extensively on the show, trump pressured republican officials in multiple states to throw out election results in their state. but we also know there was another part of it, the trump campaign organized an effort to have seven states that trump lost, nevertheless, submit fake
1:31 am
slates of electors, who would vote as if trump had won there, even though trump had lost. the january 6th investigators have said that trump's own lawyers knew the fake elector plan was illegal, even while they were pushing it, they say they got evidence of that in writing, i'm expecting we will see the evidence of that tomorrow, but the january 6th investigation isn't the only body that's investigating the whole fake electors scheme. the department of justice, the u.s. department of justice and the district attorney's office in fulton county, georgia, they are both investigating the fake election, excuse me, the fake electors scheme, along with the pressure on georgia state officials to overthrow election results in that state. the attorney general in michigan said she will criminally investigate the fake electors scheme in michigan if federal prosecutors don't move forward with their investigation of it. but here's a legal question for us nonlawyers looking at this. tomorrow, when the january 6th investigation lays out their
1:32 am
case in public, about the fake electors and about the pressure on those state officials, does, do we have to worry about how that might impact those existing criminal investigations? this isn't a sort of hypothetical overlap about prosecutors who might be interested. what we're going to talk about tomorrow from the january 4th -- this hearing from the january 6th investigation, that there are active criminal investigations under way right now. does the committee have to worry about that, or how will that affect what they're able to present? joining us now is the former u.s. attorney for the eastern district of michigan, barbara mcquade. great to see you. thank you for being here. >> thank you, rachel. great to see you. >> is this the right question to ask, is this a relevant consideration for the committee tomorrow? >> absolutely. i think the committee has decided they're going to do their thing. they don't know what the justice department is or isn't doing and they see their mission more broadly appropriately as exposing a whole story of what happened here on january 4th. although you will notice that
1:33 am
they do convene and cite the statutory language of criminal statutes of liz cheney in particular, who often framed the sessions in terms of federal statutes like corrupting and obstructing an official, so they are throwing a frenzy of hints to the justice department. but the justice department has a very different job. that is to see if they can find violations and very specific statutes that are on the bobs. it isn't enough to say that what trump did was something that was profoundly undemocratic, which it most certainly one, but fits the element was offenses and that's the job that is different, and i think when you have a federal investigation going on that is very public, it can cloud, or tend to undermine your own investigation. >> well, that's, i think, that specific thing that i found myself worrying about, or wondering about at least, when it came to for example, the investigation into georgia officials being pressured by the president, to pressure an election official, to mal-administer an election is of
1:34 am
course both a crime under state law and under federal law. we know that brad raffensperger spent hours with the fulton county grand jury that is investigating that as a potential crime. we know just a few days ago, just last week, sterling will testify tomorrow, he also spoke with a grand jury that is investigating this in fulton county. now, they're going to give live testimony to the january 6th investigation, if you're the prosecutors in fulton county, does that worry you? is there anything about their public live testimony on the same topic that could screw up what you're doing in criminal court? >> it does worry me. it could cause problems, because one thing is, one thing that prosecutors benefit from is the element of surprise. grand jury investigations are conducted secretly. and there's a reason they're conducted secretly. one of those reasons is because you don't want to compromise your evidence by telling the whole world what it is, it allows other witnesses down the road to get their stories straight, to line up their stories consistent with what the other person said, but not admitting too much, and it can
1:35 am
also tip people off, this is what they're looking into, i better destroy those documents i have, or it could even invite witness tampering, somebody who didn't previously know about rusty bowers, or some of these other people, might be inclined to do what they did to the georgia election workers and show up at their door and offer them protection. >> barbara mcquade, former u.s. attorney, that gives us a lot, it gives aus whole new level of things to worry about. thanks, appreciate it. >> thank you. so as we've seen in the last couple of hearings, individual members of the committee have led their questioning, their questioning kind of led us through the evidence. zoe lofgren did that at one hear and pete augilar do that at another hearing, congressman from california, we will see that role tomorrow, played by congressman adam schiff the chairman of the intelligence committee, and obviously somebody who is no stranger to very, very high stakes, high pressure congressional investigations, congressman schiff will lead proceedings
1:36 am
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i mean, you. january 6th hearings resume tomorrow after congresswoman zoe lofgren led the hearing that revealed former president trump knew his election fraud claims were false and aguilar, and then congressman adam schiff will lead the next hearing and we're
1:41 am
told it is focused on the pressure on individual states to throw out election results and as well as the plot to send forged sets of fake trump electors to the electoral college. on the eve of the hearing, congressman schiff has made news, they will show evidence of trump's personal involvement and will say tomorrow's hearings will reveal new details about the white house chief of staff mark meadows and his role in the plots in georgia. and congressman schiff said there remains a possibility that vice president mike pence could still be subpoenaed to testify. joining us is congressman adam schiff of california, chairman of the house intelligence committee, sir, i know this is cramming night, and thank you for making time for being here. i really appreciate it. >> you bet. >> first, let me ask you for an on air fact check. am i correct in telling our audience tonight, that the focus tomorrow will largely be the
1:42 am
pressure on individual states to overthrow they're election result, including that bizarre set of forgery, the fake trump electors? >> yes, that's exactly right, and i think you set up the quence in the right order, we heard about the pressure campaign in our last hearing directly, that the vice president put his life in jeopardy, was premised on the completely unconstitutional theory and argument, and now, you will hear about the pressure campaign directed at state legislators, at state elections officials and local elections workers putting their lives very much at risk and this was really unprecedented in u.s. history, this broad effort to overturn the presidential election, and you will see just what the weight of the presidency brought down on these officials. >> you told the l.a. times a little bit more about what to expect in terms of tomorrow, and
1:43 am
i was struck by the idea of trump's individual involvement in the fake elector plot. i think as those of us, as members of the public, members of the media, watching these hearing, one of things that has been hard to discern is low much the president was initiating some of these ideas, how much the president was simply receptive to any idea that might allow him to hold on to power, how much the president was being critical at all in terms of what he was being told. was the fake elector plot something that the president took an active role in? or was it carried out on his behalf by others, he knew about it but didn't necessarily advance it himself? >> well, tomorrow will be showing some of the evidence of the president's role in this whole scheme of pressuring state legislators to overturn the election. now, this scheme was illegitimate from the beginning. donald trump lost these states. the whole effort to pressure these state legislatures and
1:44 am
legislators was premised on a big lie about massive fraud that didn't exist, trying to get these legislators to go into session or decertify the win for joe biden and certify electors for him, or send these fake electors to washington, all of that was illegitimate, and we'll explore the role that was played by the president, by his campaign, by lawyers, and present some of the evidence that we've accumulated that explains how that plot to pressure these legislative officials took place and what it did to turn their lives up side down. >> you're a former federal prosecutor yourself. because we're now venturing into the part of the commit's investigation, part of your findings, that is definitely territory that we know is also the subject of criminal investigation, both at the state level at least in georgia, and at the federal level, with the
1:45 am
deputy attorney general, saying publicly, that some of these matters are under federal investigation by justice department prosecutors, are you taking steps, do you need to take steps, to make sure that both investigations, yourself on the committee and those happening in terms of the criminal law, are insulates from one another, and that neither investigation does any harm to the other? >> we are very conscious of the fact that there may be other criminal investigations going on. there are other investigations going on. we want to make sure, yes, that we are very careful that what we do doesn't interfere what they're doing. and also where they need v-a need for information, we can help to provide. it we have an obligation in congress, as barbara mcquade was pointing out independent of the justice department ort prosecutors and that is to protect our democracy and our institutions. we couldn't very well simply year and a half and not
1:46 am
investigate an attack on the legislative branch. so the work we're doing is very important. we hope it will be of great value to the american people. and we're doing everything we can to make sure that we are complimentary to the efforts of justice department, other prosecutorial agencies, and not in conflict. >> one last question for you, sir, i know you're not going to talk about individual negotiations around individual witness testimony, but should the public expect that it is a real possibility that vice president pence may end up in that witness chair, that of course would be sort of a qualitatively different moment in terms of public account ability here is, that a live possibility? >> i don't know how it would, how to gauge the likelihood. he is someone that we have expressed interest and wanted to talk to. there are others, some very high profile, some not so high profile, that we continued to have an interest in, whether we'll be able to get them before the committee, at this point, i can't say.
1:47 am
but we are continuing to encourage frankly anyone with relevant information to come forward, we've been the beneficiary of a great many tips from the american people, and we continue to urge people to follow their courageous example of other witnesses, and you see appearing before the congress and you will see tomorrow. >> vice president pence, calm the tip line. congressman adam schiff, democrat of california, member of the january 6th investigation, chair of the intelligence committee, sir, good luck tomorrow, we will all be watching. thank you. >> thank you. again, tomorrow's hearing at 1:00 p.m. eastern live, and we will recapping it live tomorrow in prime time starting at 8:00 prm eastern. we'll be right back. stay with us. prm eastern. we'll be right back. stay with us
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1:52 am
my vote tonight is going to be no. and my vote to remain a no isn't based on any evidence, it's not based on any facts, it's only based on my gut and my gut feeling and my own intuition, and that's all i need to base my vote on the elections right there. >> it isn't based on any evidence. it is not based on any facts. who needs them? >> that was new mexico this past friday. county commissioners met to certify the results of recent elections, elections in which there were no complaints about fraud or irregularities at all. as we reported on the show last week, republicans in the county
1:53 am
was threatening they would not certify the election results because something, something, donald trump, voting machines, bamboo fibers, rudy giuliani, something, something, not basis based on facts, just bad feelings. on friday, the state supreme court in new mexico ordered the county to drop the nonsense and certify the election. they did. two to one vote. the one no vote was that disembodies voice you heard at that meeting on friday, saying he was still voting no, but not because of any facts. the reason he is a disembodies vote, he had to thrown in from dc and in dc because he was sentenced by a federal judge for his part in the january 6th attack. that's how it worked out in etero county. court ordered begrudging agreement. look what happened in two other cun ka uns in new mexico, as others, other counties voted to
1:54 am
certify their own primary elections. >> this is our state. this is our county. this is important for us. . you need to hear us and you may not push us out of the meeting. we need to be heard. >> i'm going to, the reason is, if you would like to leave sir, this is your only warning. >> i'm calling the vote. commissioner? >> yes. >> commissioner? >> yes. >> cowards and traitors. cowards. traitors. >> cowards. >> you have been like otero county. >> you should have been like otero county. >> no complaints of fraud or
1:55 am
irregularities, don't certify election results any more. what happened in otero county was the first overt act we have seen, taken by a republican-dominated elections body, to nullify election results just on the basis of fact free trumpian extremism. just as a matter of trumpian principle. that happened in otero county last week. seeing other counties facing the same pressure, it is a clear and dark side of where things are headed. this is not the same as angry conservatives showing up to complain at a local school board meeting or committee, this is don't certify election results anymore. this is an organized anti-small democratic movement pushing to nullify all election results and it is spreading, it has started. watch this space. g, it has star. watch this space because my eyes don't shy from the light. my head doesn't pound. and my stomach isn't nauseous. it's time for migraine prevention delivered differently, through an iv infusion.
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recap of tomorrow's hearing at 8:00 p.m. eastern. you should also know that we're then going to have a special edition of this show wednesday night, right here live at 9:00 p.m. eat your wheaties. big week ahead. that does it for now. i will see you tomorrow 8:00 p.m. eastern. "way too early" with jonathan lemire is up next. the january 6th committee, set to hold its fourth public hearing early this afternoon. this one, focused on donald trump's efforts to pressure state officials into changing election results. we'll tell you what else to expect. plus, troubling new revelations into the school massacre at uvalde, texas. new reports find police had enough fire power and equipment to take down the gunman sooner. so why didn't they? and the latest on the economic front. the measure that the president is considering to offer a bit of relief at the pump.