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tv   Velshi  MSNBC  June 25, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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state governments into forced childbirth. you heard that right. here is how justice even buyer races in his dissent, quote, whatever the exact scope of the coming laws, one result of today's decision is certain. the containment of women's rights, and up their status as free and equal citizens. yesterday, the constitution guaranteed that women confronted with an unplanned pregnancy could, within reasonable limits, make her own decision about whether to bear a child, with all the life transforming consequences that that act involves. and in the city of guarding each woman's reproductive freedom, the constitution also protected the ability of women to participate equally in this nation's economic and social life. but no longer. as of today, this court holds a state that can any woman can be forced to give birth, prohibiting even the earliest abortions. a state can force a woman to give birth, and make no mistake
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many states will. at least half a dozen already are, as of yesterday. now the rule has been overturned, 26 states are certainly to ban abortion in the coming days and months according to the institute. it advocates for reproductive rights. they have so-called trigger bans on the books. they are laws designed to automatically ban abortion if roe were to be overturned. officials and seven of those states, missouri, south dakota, louisiana, kentucky, oklahoma, utah, and arkansas, have already activated these bands. chief justice john roberts was the only conservative justice that disagreed with the court's decision. he disagreed. he ruled in favor of upholding mississippi's 50-week abortion ban. roberts did not vote to overturn roe entirely. however, all three justices appointed by the now twice impeached president now voted to overturn. roe nancy pelosi singled him
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out in her remarks yesterday. take a listen. >> how about those justices coming before the senators and saying that they respected the precedent of the court. they respected the right of privacy in the constitution of the united states. did you hear that? were they not telling the truth then? >> joining me now from outside the mississippi abortion clinic at the center of this case is kathy park. kathy, thank you for joining me. what is the atmosphere right now where you are? >> we have been out here for a couple of hours now. the tension, i can tell you, is rising. this is of the last standing abortion clinic in the state of mississippi. we are told that protesters were out as early as 4:00 this morning. we want to tell you the lay of the land right now and show you
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what is happening on the ground. you have protesters on both sides of this issue. they are essentially squaring off. the facility opened in just a few moments ago and folks who oppose abortion rights, they are trying to block the entrance of this facility. we have volunteers who are trying to shield some of the women who are going in and out of the facility today. yesterday, organizers at this clinic held a press conference saying that, because of the trigger law that is in place in the state of mississippi, the volume of calls has gone up significantly. they will remain open over the next ten days. once again, this is a trigger law state in mississippi. essentially what this means that there is a ten-day window where the attorney general will have to certify a decision that came down from the supreme court. based on the tweet from the attorney general yesterday, all sign seem to suggest that this will be official in a matter of days. once that is official, this clinic will ultimately be
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closed. women will have to travel to other states to gain access to abortions legally and safely. some of these estates being illinois. we bring up mexico because a clinic that has been working behind the scenes has opened another clinic in the state where they can help women gain access legally and safely. >> kathy park, thank you for your analysis. joining me now is nancy president and ceo at the center for reproductive rights, the organization that represented the jackson women's health organization at the supreme court. nancy, you were saying that this was going to happen. it happened yesterday. were you surprised at the expediency or did you expected to be cyclical? >> we have been saying, all along, unfortunately, had the consequences to overturn roe v. wade would be swift and devastating. we are seeing this this morning as clinics across the nation are not able to open their
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doors because of trigger laws and concern about criminal prosecution. the court's decision yesterday is just a stunning, stunning takeaway of an individual personal liberty. and something the court has never done before. it is heartbreaking to see the pictures of the jackson health organization. they have been a proudly and dedicating private. -- this is been for over decades. it is incredible work that they do at the jackson's women health organization. >> you joined ali velshi, last december. you said that if roe falls, quote, there is no stopping ground. when are you most concerned about in the next coming months? >> very concerned that we are going to have a vast loss. you showed the map of the south and the midwest. there will be people who have to cross multiple state lines. they will drive hundreds of
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thousands of miles to get abortion care. this is where people have the means to do so. for others, who do not, they are going to be stepping into the clear decision yesterday. they are forced to continue their pregnancies. they'll be forced to bring them to turn. this great concern about what is going to happen is now luckily where people are going to have support with abortion care. the vast majority do. they are going to be working very hard both in taking to the streets to make their voices heard. they are also in sending money and contributions to abortion funds so that they can help people get to other states. corporations are looking at an employee policies to see where we are going to pay for travel for our employees. it is health care. they need to get to other states to get health care. we are going to see an incredible response to this devastating opinion which was just judicial activism.
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the people who are going to pay most for it are those who are least able to get health care in their communities. >> let's talk about those people. i think, oftentimes, we can do about the resources that are coming. in sometimes, the people who need it the most do not have the access to those resources. can we break it down if we look at who is someone who is poor west to drive 15 hours to the abortion clinic that is now closed. what does this look like for them. >> let's start with the fact that most people who have abortions are already apparent. they are already moms. they need childcare or time off of work. maybe your employer does not give you time off of work to do that. then there is the cost of care itself. again, it is so important the work that abortion funds have been doing for years. people can support them
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antiabortion funds site and they have been doing so for years. you can help support people financially. anyone listening to your show who needs abortion care, they should not give up. they should call their local clinics and find out if they are open. they should call the abortion fund and see if they can get support. it is very important that people do not give up today. they do get the information about what is happening in their state. >> nancy, one of the things remind folks is that it is dynamic, democracy is not static. one thing we hear from the presidency is that one way to change this by codifying abortion care in this country. would you say to people who are waking up this morning hearing news for the first time, we feel completely devastated about how it is going to impact them and their family or familial decisions. what do you say to them right now? >> i say to get involved and take part. 70% of the country support right to an abortion. we just need to make the support visible.
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what they need to do is make sure that everyone in their circle of friends and family and community know that they support abortion rights. they do need to get involved in making sure that their elected officials at their state level, federal level. congress can fix this. they can pass the health protection act. it has passed in the house of 49 votes at the last vote. they need to make sure that their voice is heard and that people know. we also want to know that so many people are going to be fighting and supporting them across the country. states are stepping forward. states like new york, california, illinois, connecticut, they are all passing laws to make sure that people can come to their states and get a safe care there and protect abortion providers in those states. they need to know that they are not alone. that is going to be very important. they are going to have a vibrant vibrant support.
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if we do not have it now we are going to have it going forward. >> thank you the ceo of the reproductive rights. thank you for your leadership. one of the states where abortion will be legal is north dakota. there is only been one clinic, the red river women's clinic. it is run by my next guest. yesterday, as the news of roe being overturned came down, photographers from political were there to overcome the reactions of the staff. here we have dr. terry no or reading the news as it unfolded. here she is speaking with her husband on the phone shortly after wiping away her tears. tammy joins me now. tammy, first of all, good morning. -- >> good morning. >> this cannot be. easy these are the conversations we need to have so that people understand what just happened yesterday. can you break it down for us? why did the supreme court decide? how does this impact the people that you serve in your
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community? >> with the overturning of roe v. wade, north dakota passed a trigger band in 2007 which warrants the attorney general that certifies it to have requirements met. abortion will become legal within a 20 state days. it will disproportionately affect the young people, rural people, black, indigenous, people of color, it is devastating. we shared a picture view calling her husband. you express how you feel. what did he say to you? >> the radical thing is he called me. i had to pick up the phone and make an appointment with a patient. i put her on hold and he called me to say that we planned for this. we have a solution. we are going to make it through
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this. then i took a deep breath and i went back and finish making the appointment with that patient. >> what an incredible partner. we can impact that later. this is what you need in this kind of work. i want to play a clip from when you joined us back in on the show in january. take a listen. >> we've been chipping away at it for a year. state legislators especially in states like ours, where there is only one clinic, they have wanted to win the battle to be the first state to restrict abortion completely. >> if roe does fall, as many expected will, are you confident that you can keep your clinic, the only one opened in the big state of north dakota. do you think you can keep it open? >> now, i am not confident. north dakota is one of 12 states that has a trigger ban in place. if roe falls, within 30 days, abortion becomes illegal in north dakota. we are trying to make plans, a trying to figure out what all of our options are.
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this might mean having to move across state lines. >> tammy, what does that mean for the people of north dakota if you move across state lines? when access to they have now? how close is the clinic to them now that they no longer can get abortion care in their state? >> we have secured a location in minnesota, which is 5 to 10 minutes away from our current clinic. we are fortunate to be next to this politically protective state so that our goal of keeping abortion access a reality for the people that we have served over two decades will remain the same. >> you also join to rachel maddow 40 years ago on the 40th anniversary of roe. here is what you said back then about being difficult about being a abortion provider in a state hostile to abortion rights. >> when you are the only provider in the state, you
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become a target for both of local people who disagree with the services you offer, and you get put on the national radar. you get put on the national map. people would like to say this state is the first abortion free state. >> what are you saying now that row is being overturned to what you said ten years ago? >> they got their way. unfortunately, i think people were not paying attention. they thought that those of us who are raising the alarm. people thought this would never happen. those narrow few legislators who are pushing their ideology, are probably very proud of themselves today. but they do not realize is the unintended consequences of this ruling is going to be far reaching. it is going to be really devastating to see what
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happens. >> tammy, thank you so much for your bravery and providing health care to women. the red river's clinic director, you will not be opening across state lines, ten minutes away from your clinic, so people can get the care that you deserve. thank you for joining me. still ahead, abortion was not the only thing that the supreme court took an ax to this week. the high court struck down a century old law in new york that put strict limits on carrying guns in public. the implications of this ahead. plus, we talk to a member of congress about how several of her republican colleagues suspiciously saw pardon from the now twice impeached president donald trump days after the january 6th insurrection. right after the break, we have seen a swift in a previous reactions of the public following the row ruling. protesters take to the streets in all over the country in phoenix, washington, and other streets. this is a protest to the ruling.
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americans have been rallying for abortion rights. washington has become the unofficial epicenter of that movement. here, in d.c., there is a big march scheduled for later today. let's head out into the marge which was organized by leaders of the asian american community. richard louis is there at the unity march. he is also the mc of the event. richard, what is behind this march? what can we expect later today? >> rahm good morning to you, we are here at the first ever unity, march which is a civil rights march here with a backdrop of the capital. behind that, what you are
6:19 am
alluding to, is the supreme court and other marches that are happening today relating to the roe decision. what they are trying to underline here is that many communities need to come together. this is why it is the unit in march. it is black, latino, white, asian, lgbtq, a gender equality, disability, and more. only then can we work together. a little later, we will see performers like teacher on, he will be singing, we also have comma, the go go beyond. there are speakers on the podium that we expect to see as part -- we have actually does it star wars series and a model plus lgbtq a plus the speaker's. there's a bunch of folks coming in from all around the country. anthony, what we have here is it is early. anthony drove an overnight with this mural. he is an artist from detroit. he drew this matt merola
6:20 am
ventured chin. jim is the first api civil rights movement. if he was murdered in the streets of detroit. is the 40th anniversary this week of his killing. anthony, you decide to paint this. why? >> mainly because chin -- i've been in this in the discussion of equality. vincent chen cannot be forgotten. >> how long did it take you to paint this? >> it took me about two weeks. >> what do you want to do here? why did you decide to come down? >> i honestly just wanted to represent detroit and the american citizens for justice. >> all right, great! thank you, anthony. this is fried pork. this is not needed only a traditional dish for the asian american community. and it's also traditional for the american and hispanic communities. we expect to have the crowd
6:21 am
here at in two or three hours. the organizers are telling me, those being advanced injustice, they hope that the folks who come and do the march for a mile hope that it activates locally. they want to do something to change the name of this march. they want to come together as one and be unified. >> richard louis, the backdrop right now of what we are hearing in the news, we need a unity rally. it is lovely will be and seeing. my kids would be all over that pork grind. thank you for joining me this morning. >> the [laughs] you bet. >> right after the break, another week of explosive testimony from the january 6th hearings with witnesses laying out how the former presidents own justice department explicitly told him over and over that the election was not a stolen. >> i made it clear that i did not agree with the idea of saying that the election was stolen and putting out this
6:22 am
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here's to real flavors... real meals. real good. all of knorr's high quality pasta and rice sides are now made with no artificial flavors or preservatives. knorr. taste for good. the january six committee wrapped up its fifth hearing this week at its last of the month, my shedding light on how the former president donald trump attempted to coerce the department of justice into validating his lies about the 2020 election so that he can remain in office against the will of the american people who had voted him out. the committee explained how trump tried to blow the doj officials and although that the investigators found zero evidence that they could overturn results. he lost the popular a vote and the electoral vote.
6:27 am
take a listen. >> the department of justice was fielding a daily request from the president to investigate claims of election fraud. each claim was refuted time and time again. attorney general barr referred to it as whack-a-mole. when each of the presidents efforts failed he resorted to overturn the general and say that the election was corrupt so that he could stay in power. >> first on the role of the former presidents role at doj. he considered promoting him to acting attorney general because he thought that clark would do his bidding, despite being under qualified for the position the committee showed how clark was prepared to send letters to invite those from georgia and other twin states to toss out his victory because of, quote, a significant is concerned that may have impact on the outcome of the election. meanwhile, the committee also
6:28 am
revealed the names of congress who sought part of the pardon from trump to upend the democracy. this includes brooks of alabama, gets of florida, biggs of arizona, scott perry of pennsylvania, and marjorie taylor greene of georgia. they have denied asking for pardons. joining me is stacey plaskett, of the u.s. virgin olive islands. she is a house member of the second impeachment of donald trump. stacy, shedding light that we found that so many of your colleagues have tried to be part of an attempted coup while asking for pardons. how does this sit with you? >> it is confirmation of what's so many of us believed about our colleagues in the house, that they were in fact coconspirators with the president to overturn the
6:29 am
election and that they are a threat to our democracy. the individuals that you are holding up there, there are not unknown to the american people of being on the fringe of not just their own party but of democracy itself in many other things that they espouse. some of them use the great replacement theory. is some a spouse antisemitic, racist rhetoric. dog whistles. it is in the things that they say. like mel brooks, during the rally, inciting people to violence and telling them to go to the capital and to kick it at that time. >> do you expect mccarthy to hold them accountable. >> of course not. he has shown that they that he is reckless himself and unwilling to take the reins of
6:30 am
leadership and to lead individuals. he wants to hide among the masses of those within his party who he believes are going to forgive in leadership, they should be able to have that. he is willing to do whatever. this is like so many of them. i think maria teresa, the thing that we saw from this hearing, is that those were the voices of republicans. those are the voices of republicans who have said enough. the president was wrong. he lied. giuliani himself said that we have our theories with no facts. we are not going to stand for it. so many of my colleagues in congress on the republican side are unwilling to do that because they love power and their positions more than they love our democracy. unfortunately, kevin mccarthy has shown himself to be one of those individuals. >> i think one of the things i am trying to wrap my arms around is that the majority of
6:31 am
americans who are watching and what the consequences are for the individuals who are a part of the attempted coup. >> as we have seen from the investigation of the justice department, it is obvious that they are doing some investigation by the raid on jeffrey clark's home this past week. they are seeking subpoenas from judges to be able to do that. those do not come easily. to have a judge issue a rate on a high elected official of the justice department. there must be probable cause. there is hope that individuals will be brought to justice. individuals must be brought to our justice department. the thing that i am constantly reminded of is that the mayor is the attorney general. the second part of his title is general. he is in charge of the army of
6:32 am
justice. over 2000 attorneys, who are here to uphold his democracy. we are hopeful that this will happen. the impeachment process was a political one. we attempted to bring before the senate the case against donald trump. we did it in a very hurried fashion. we have seen that the skeleton that we put forward has flesh and synergy to it. it is in fact a real thing. >> thank you, representative stacey plaskett, the democrat of the virgin islands. i do believe that we should watch more closely what's happening at doj it is indeed the top cop in town. one step forward and two steps back. president biden just signed into law the first bipartisan gun legislation that we have seen in three decades. this is days after the supreme court made it easier for americans to carry guns outside of the home. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. berty mutual. they customize your car insurance,
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starts, the president has signed into law of the most significant federal gun legislation in decades. in the last hour, he signed the safer communities act. earlier this week, it passed in the house and in the senate with support from both democrats and republicans. take a listen. >> today, we say more than
6:37 am
enough. we say more than enough. it is time when it seems impossible to get anything done in washington. we are doing something consequential. we can reach compromise on guns. we should be able to reach it on other fronts as well. there is much more work to do. i will never give up. this is a monumental day. >> the bill includes enhanced background checks for 18 to 21 year old, age to close the so-called boyfriend loophole. increased gun safety for mental health programs and it adds incentives for states to implement red flag laws. just one day before congress passes legislation however. the supreme court expanded gun rights for the nation. they ruled that americans have the right to carry firearms striking down 100 year old
6:38 am
state law. for her part in your governor said that the state plans to respond to the ruling which is reprehensible. joining me now is shannon watts, founder of the mom demand action. they fight for public safety measures that could help protect people from violence. welcome, shannon. we want to get your response. something that the president said when he was addressing the gun legislation that he just signed was recognizing the efforts of families like yours, who had suffered the pain of loss and decided to channel that lost by ensuring that no other family would have to deal with it, sadly. he said that you lead the way. can you speak to that hearing it from the president. i'm not a gun violence survivor but so many of them are part of our organization in part of our
6:39 am
movement. we do this work every day to protect families from injuring senseless preventable loss. this grassroots movement that we have created over the last ten years can finally go toe to toe with the gun lobby in this country. that is what we realized after the mass shooting tragedy. we have to weaken the gun lobby and have to strengthen the vocal minority of americans who support common sense legislation, like we saw passed into law today, this morning. it is a historic moment for our movement. that said, this is one step forward in a long journey that is still ahead of us. we have broken the logjam in congress. we have shown that we can get both parties on the right side of this issue. we need more republicans on this side of the issue. the work continues. we are going to continue to pass policies and laws that protect americans and city councils and state houses all across the country.
6:40 am
i do believe we will pass more legislation at the federal level to save lives. >> to someone who has been seeped in this legislation, what was left out that needs to be addressed when it comes to gun safety in this country. >> we work on laws that are proven by data to save lives all across the country. this is like a background check on ever gone stale, red flag laws, screening domestic abusers. this law will help with all of this. we created six secure storage policies and police can ability on and on. we want to look at the policies that we passed in the states and apply them at a federal level. at this country we are all about do you say the state is with the weakest gun laws. this is why we need federal actions. this is the first step. we do know that this law looks at gun violence holistically. it will save lives. >> you wrote an emotional tweet where i'm going to quote you, you wrote in the nation where
6:41 am
they support unfettered actress but do not support illegal abortion, anyone to a protest rallies to worry about whether they are going to be shot by a mad men with a gun. this is not freedom. people are gathering all over the country and protesting the supreme court decision yesterday. what do you say about this tweet, this juxtaposition where the court claims that when it comes to gun safety, gun permits, it is a federal decision, but when it is abortion care it is regulated to the states. >> within 24 hours they decided that states cannot regulate guns but they could regulate women's bodies. it goes to show that this is a radicalized court. they are unelected justices that are making decisions out of touch with the american public, even the senate, even republicans in the senate. we have to do this work every day. again, the work does not end because president biden sent the bill to sign the bill this
6:42 am
morning. we have to wake up every day and attending gun bill hearings, community, both create relationships with our lawmakers. misty unglamorous heavy lifting that forces change on all issues in this country. i believe that gun safety voters will be the swing voters in the upcoming election. the abortion issue will be a part of that. i know firsthand that there is nothing powerful as the army of angry women. i truly believe that we will make a difference on the ballot box in november. >> thank, you shannon watts, a mom demand action for gun violence member. there is a saying of the woman's wrath. >> thank you. >> right after the break, today is a dark day in america for millions of people. the clouds are already forming for years. a reality check on the post roe era will be coming up next. a will be coming up next
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and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40 when combined with diet and exercise. plenity is not a drug - it's made from naturally derived building blocks and helps you feel fuller and eat less. it is a prescription only treatment and is not for pregnant women or people allergic to its ingredients. talk to your doctor or visit to learn more. now the roe v. wade has been overturned, abortion care across the country has already become difficult if not impossible for millions of people to have access. even before the supreme court issued its ruling yesterday, abortion was effectively outlined in two states. abortion bans passed in oklahoma and south dakota, forced clinics in those states to stop providing abortion care weeks ago. the ground is now shifting all
6:47 am
over the country. arkansas, missouri, louisiana, kentucky, and utah, have already effected it there trigger laws to aboard ban abortion immediately. it happened yesterday. six other states have trivialize that will take it to effect in the coming days including texas, where a total ban prevents pregnant people from getting abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. this is before many even know that they are pregnant. more states are likely to ban abortion in the coming days in the south. more than 200 abortion clinics will be forced to close their doors immediately. that is 25% of all clinics currently operational. we are now in the post roe era. in the coming days, more states will announce abortion bans and restrictions a result that will lead many people to travel many miles for abortions or force to
6:48 am
carry pregnancy to term. after the break, we will talk more about the post-roe landscape in america with the ceo of planned parenthood of carolina and robbyn marty, operations director of the west alabama center. we'll be right back. ht back. beach defense® from neutrogena® the suncare brand used most by dermatologists and their families, neutrogena® for people with skin.
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so you can be ready for what's next. get a great offer on internet and security, now with more speed and more bandwidth. plus, find out how to get up to a here with me now is sara stance, $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. the longtime president and ceo of planned parenthood for the north central states. robbyn marty is also here, the
6:52 am
operations record for the west alabama wins at center and the author of a row versus wayne and the handbook for post roe era. thank you for joining us. i appreciate. it is sara, it has been a long time. i know that we have had several conversations where you have been a tight-knit for protecting women's health. can you talk about the states that are currently impacted and your decision as you are transitioning out of planned parenthood? >> i'm sitting here in minnesota today, where abortion is safe and legal. we are preparing to welcome people from the states all around us. continues to minnesota's north dakota and south dakota and wisconsin. the all three of which are now unable to offer abortion care to people in their states. in iowa and nebraska, abortion remains a safe and legal. i want to emphasize that. the map looks terrible. there are still states where
6:53 am
abortion is safe and legal. we are absolutely dedicated to making sure that our doors stay open as long as they possibly can. in a new op-ed published in the new york times yesterday you wrote, quote, with almost half a century of a fortune rights dissolving into thin air, it is understandable that you want to make a grand gesture in response. instead, i recommend assessing your resources, a tapping into the work that is already been done in your community. how can abortion rights supporters use their time wharf actively right now, robin? >> the most important thing that people can do right now is to literally take a breath. there are so many different groups, abortion funds, tactical support groups, local organizations that provide emergency contraception, that provide pregnancy test, that can already exist in the network that you can tap into. right now, every single
6:54 am
organization that is already doing the work is inundated with people who are trying to figure out where they go for an abortion next. down here in alabama, we already stopped providing abortion. the irony of the dobbs decision is the fact that there are eight states right now that are no longer providing abortion. mississippi is not one of them. mississippi is still having abortions for another week or two. in the south, we are in the process of trying to take all of the patients who were scheduled for next week and try to figure out when the next clinic is to send them to. every person should go and find a protest this weekend. i promise there is someone already doing a protest nearby. find them. go protest. next week, a contact a funded by email, do not call them. asked them what you can do to help. >> what to do to help. sarah, one of the questions i have for you is that as people are trying to figure out the access of care that they have, can you talk about what other alternatives to physical
6:55 am
abortions we have? apportions contained in the clinic are on medication abortion. the fda has now lifted the restrictions so that we are able to mail abortion medication in some states. it is not possible in all states. in our region, it is only possible in minnesota. it means that we will be able to create physical capacity in our clinics where we will be be able to provide procedural abortions. i certainly appreciate everything that we are emphasizing to take action this weekend. and i think people can do is to work for abortion clinics. we are very short staff right now. we are seeing so many patients coming from additional states
6:56 am
and we need to hire more and more staff. i want to talk about the in addition of seeing you patients because they are crossing state lines. we are starting to see more people outside and the clinics in bolden, perhaps because of what the supreme court did yesterday. can you talk about safety issues and people can take precautions? >> the best thing to do is, obviously, if you're going to a clinic, as a patient or as a worker, volunteer, and this is a clinic that is still doing legal abortions that are open. be aware of your surroundings. be aware if there are protesters there. be aware of the fact that if you are going to a clinic and you are not invited, if you are not invited by staff, if you are not invited by esquire groups that were already working with the clinic, you are the same as any protester who was outside of a clinic.
6:57 am
any person who's outside of a clinic who is not directly invited to be there by the clinic is somebody who is going to be a barrier to someone who is trying to access the clinic. be aware. if you want to protest and do want to do the sort of events, even if there are protesters who are protesting abortion as head of a clinic, please take it somewhere else unless the clinic invited you to come. clinics are trying as hard as possible to get as many people through safely. this is a very scary time for patients who are coming into clinics. even though abortion is illegal, we have seen in the past that in states where abortion bans have passed, this might not be in effect yet. we still think that people might. they are in fact coming to an eclectic what they think is an illegal abortion being wrong about the long. they are coming because they are desperate. they are doing whatever they can to make it easy as possible
6:58 am
for them. >> that is great counsel. sarah, you are stepping down after 20 years of planned parenthood in the central states. what does this moment mean to you that after 20 years of fighting and advocating on behalf of women's health, that the supreme court ruled down. how are you feeling right now? >> reiterates, a thank you for that question. it is a very difficult time for our country. our movement has been devastated emotionally and psychologically. on one hand. on the other hand, it is a time for us to galvanize and to really exercise the muscle that we have been building all of these years. i am very proud even though today we are sitting in a post roe america. i am very proud of the muscles we have built over the years. i am completely convinced that we are going to overcome this moment, be able to move into a different future. it is not going to be easy. there is going to be a lot of work ahead of us. i have a great deal of faith in
6:59 am
the young people who are coming onto the scene today and who are picking up the mantle and leading us forward. >> sara stays, robin, thank you for your advocacy, leadership. my daughter and son are grateful for your courage. may others follow. that does it for me. thank you. ali velshi will be back next week. i will be here tomorrow from eight to 10 am filling in. do not go anywhere. the cross connection with tiffany cross begins right now. thank you for joining. thank you for joining. do i have this day, an opinion, a personal opinion, on the outcome of roe v. wade? my answer to you is i do not.
7:00 am
>> roe v. wade is unimpressed important precedent of these supreme court. >> roe was not a super president. calls for the overruling have never seized. it does not mean roe should be overruled. >> i understand the importance of the precedents set forth in roe v. wade. >> the supreme court of the 90s has held that roe v. wade that a fetus is not a person. it is the law of the land. i accept the law of the lands. >> good morning everyone. welcome to gilead. oh, i mean the cross connection. i am tiffany cross. today, for the first time in 49 years, american women are waking up with less rights than we had yesterday. that is because the supreme court struck down roe v. wade. people across the country have taken to the streets to protest the move. the majority of americans did not want at the court to overturn roe v. wade. a majority of americans. four men, who will never bear


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