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tv   Symone  MSNBC  June 25, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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i'll be back, when we speak to texas senator wendy davis who famously held a 13-hour filibuster back in 2018. for now, oh see you -- >> greetings everyone, you are walking watching simon. with so much happening this week it's hard to process. america is facing a scary new reality. the supreme court of the united states rolling back women's ability to make decisions about our own bodies. what a post-roe world means right now, and the chilling impact ahead of other civil rights. and president biden signs gun legislation. a by partisan effort, even as another high court decision makes it easier to carry guns in public. let's not forget the jaw
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dropping testimony of officials talking about donald trump's -- will be talking to maxine -- i'm's simon sanders and i have something to say. today millions of american women woke up with fewer freedoms than they had before. in the 30 allison's the supreme court overturned roe v. wade and took away our bodily autonomy, abortions are now banned in nine states with other soon to follow. oh no, at least half the country is expected to ban or severely limit abortion access. i wish i could say something to consult y'all. i wish i could tell you that it's not as bad as you think. but i can only tell you the truth. the truth is, it's about to get worse, way worse.
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if you're watching this from a blue state, i'm doing the show from california today, don't think you're safe, either. not only with these bands strain abortion resources nationwide, but republicans are considering a nationwide abortion ban in the very possible scenario that they retake congress next year. listen to wet nancy pelosi had to say immediately after the ruling came down. >> radical republicans are charging ahead to criminalize health freedom. in the congress, be aware of this. republicans are plotting a nationwide abortion ban. they cannot be allowed to have a majority in the congress, to do that. but that's their goal. >> even if you don't have a uterus, this ruling does affect you, to. supreme court justice clarence thomas wrote, in future cases we should consider all the
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courts substantive -- including lawrence griswold and obergefell. no justice, kavanaugh did say in his opinion that this ruling doesn't jeopardize those cases. but look at his assurances on roe and the importance on precedent -- >> do i have on this day an opinion, a personal opinion of the outcome of roe v. wade? my answer to you is i do not. >> roe v. wade is an important precedent of the supreme court. >> roe is not -- it does not mean the road should be overruled. >> i understand the importance of the precedent set forward in roe v. wade. the supreme court of the united states has held roe v. wade -- a fetus is not a person.
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that's the law of the land. i accept the law of the land. >> yesterday folks, they all put that precedent to the wind and without our bodily autonomy. you think they want due to? you listen to these words from vice president kamala harris about the enormity of this really. >> this is the first time in the history of our nation, that a constitutional right has been taken from the people of america. >> and what is that right? some might ask? it's the right to privacy. >> this news immediately sparked demonstrations across the country. nbc news capitol hill correspondent ali -- is outside the supreme court. people on both sides of the issue are back out there today. what are some of the top
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concerns of the women of spoken with? >> yes, simone, this is day one on a changed america. most of the women out here today say they're [inaudible] hundreds of women and men, gathering around the front steps of the supreme court. there's been a notable shift since yesterday. the women i really processing the news and how their lives are going to change. today they came back here with motivation, saying they're determined, saying they're going to make a change for the better -- women and men, back here today. a married couple said they were so galvanized that they came all the way over here from [inaudible] after learning this news there here for whether to children will have to go through with an
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american with let's writes -- there also worry this will really open the door for more supreme court decisions, to also be overturned, like the rating interracial marriage, gay marriage -- this is a little bit of the reaction that i got. >> i'm looking for representation. when you are not legislating the large-scale beliefs of the people, you're not representing people anymore. it's not democracy anymore. that's what i would like. i want to representation. i want our voices, as the people, to be heard. >> that's on midterm elections? how it could affect the elections in november? >> i'll be there. everyone i know will be there. i'll be driving people there. i hope that it mobilizes people. maybe people who weren't mobilized before. >> that's the sentiment we heard from so many other people out here. people say that we must keep
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bit of point to make it at the top of people's minds heading into november. >> allie raffa, thank you so much. democratic members of calm chris -- >> you ain't seen nothing yet. to hell with the supreme court. we will divide them. >> that is democratic congresswoman maxine waters who joins us right now. welcome congresswoman. we just heard your comments from yesterday. calling to divide the -- defy the supreme court. what does that look like in practice? what can we do? >> first of all, you see the outpouring of so many people, men and women who are outraged by this decision. so we have to stay out there. we are going to organize. we're going to defy the supreme court and that decision. we're going to fight within the
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states against the laws that are being created, to criminalize those who give abortions. those who have abortions. so, when i say defy them, we're not gonna sit back and just take them and say we can't do anything. we're going to fight, fight, fight. that's what i was talking about yesterday. that's what i will be talking about every day. i will be joining with planned parenthood and all of the women's organizations, all the civil rights organizations. we're going to make sure we do everything we can to undo what the supreme court has done. taken away from us constitutional protection that has been in law for some 50 years. you know, congresswoman, as you say that, you're governor of your home state, gavin newsom, has moved to do essentially what you just talked about. take a listen to something that he said. i want to get your reaction. >> i want to take this moment
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and sign legislation to push back against those republican state legislators and governors that seek to move forward with civil actions against people that wish to travel to the state of california seeking the reproductive rights in the reproductive freedoms. >> now governor newsom also announced a partnership with neighboring states of washington and oregon to provide protections to women who cannot get abortions in their own states. the united states congress as a whole, has not acted on this. the house has acted, the senate has not. how important is it in the absence of action in the senate for governors to step up like this? >> well, what we know about the senate is that we don't have a lot of friends over there. we don't know have a lot who care about this issue. but we have to do is make sure that we focus on the states. the states, down, have been
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given the right to do whatever they want to do to stop, to do away with freedom of choice, and the rights of women to decide what happens to their bodies. and so, governors are's extraordinarily important. legislatures are extraordinarily important. and so we've seen wet nine states have done. we know what others are poised to do. they're poised to criminalize abortions and those who give abortions. but governor newsom was talking about when is the fact it some states want to criminalize people who travel away from their state that does not allow them to have abortions, and go to a state where abortions are allowed. we in california, we're a state that allow abortion to take place, here. we welcome people to come here to get abortions because if they are prohibited in their states, they really do need
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friends. we will give them what they have a right to do and that is to make a decision about their bodies and their health. >> i know mayor garland attorney general of the united states and said that something the justice department is looking into. congresswoman, i have been talking about this notion that democrats -- democratic leader need to go toe to toe with the republican counterparts. i think you need -- you embody that. i want to get your take on the state of the supreme court. today, he restated that president biden does not support expanding the court. do you support expanding the court, and what do you think should happen now when it relates to supreme court reform? >> let me just say that i think that the decision that was made by the supreme court is so dangerous, it is so awful, it will change peoples lives in the most negative way, that we
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must do everything necessary to undo that. and so, i support any and all actions that we can organize, including with the call packing, or expanding the courts. in already to take back from the supreme court whether taking away from us. they're taking away from us the right that we have to make decisions about our lives, and our body, and our health. and so nothing is too extreme to deal with them, to go toe to toe with them, to fight against them. i am not about to be soft on this issue. i encourage people to be very, very tough on this issue. not to give up. to be willing to do whatever is necessary. so, i know it has been said. you never can tell if women, 36 million women hit the street, if we had great influence on these elections, and we determine who gets elected
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based on whether or not they support the women's right to choice, we may change a lot of minds. i'm forever optimistic about the ability to win. we should not stop at anything to get it done. >> before you go congresswoman, i wanna talk to you about january six. what was your reaction to what i thought was very powerful testimony from justice department officials, he said that the former president pressured him to overturn the election? >> well you know, i was not shocked, because don't forget, simon, i want america -- i warned america about this dishonourable man the minute he was sworn in. we watched him in the primary. we watched him grabbing women by their private parts. we watched him lie cheat and, steal. i don't know the particulars about how far he had gone, i'm not surprised to see that he's capable of doing anything. when i say he's dishonourable,
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that does not describe properly how bad he is. don't forget i started at it out saying we should impeach him. by the time we got around to, us we had allowed our representation to say, oh, we're just going to deal with obstruction of justice. but didn't talk about was the election systems that had been hacked into and cooperation with putin and trump, who are basically, you know, good friends, working together. trump wanted to be just like putin, wanted to be a dictator. i'm not shocked. i'm not surprised. i know that he's guilty. trump is guilty of undermine being our democracy. >> congresswoman maxine waters, we're gonna have to leave it there. a truth teller if nothing else. thank you very much. we're going to now talk to two women who know how fast things are changing since roe is overturned yesterday. i've got leaders from planned parenthood and pro-choice america, and they're gonna talk
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about what women are facing across the country. but first my colleague richard louis is here because there's a number of other top news stories. richard, where are you? bring it in. >> you've got it symonre in a very good saturday to. president biden is going to arrive in germany. it's for the second g7 summit to focus on the war in ukraine and economic concerns as it kicks off tomorrow. the first national unity on the mall took place today, multicultural groups organized that. it brought together leaders from asian america, black, latino, and interface communities, and more. that push solidarity, equity, and community safety. and the fda sales have juul e-cigarettes on hold.
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friday, it was both historic and unprecedented. it takes away a right that women have had for 50 years. it was met with anger and celebration. >> it feels like a betrayal. it feels like the country
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doesn't love me and appreciate my body as a woman. >> the floodgates of the killing of innocent human right life is over. >> joining me now is the president of pro-choice america, and the senior vice president of policy organizing and campaigns for planned parenthood. i want to start with you, when we're talking about is a woman's ability to make a decision about her own body. that ability is now nonexistent and almost half of the states in america. i would call this judicial extremism. how are you approaching combatting thi extremism that we're seeing? >> thanks for having me. one of the things we're doing and i'm so glad to have my colleague jacqueline here, is we're collaborating aggressively across organizations. particularly in the electoral space. as far as i'm concerned, the
1:21 pm
midterms started yesterday. i just left a reality with josh shakira. we're making sure we're doing everything we can to educate the american people about the unprecedented actions the court took and the consequences for this election. we know that this issue is incredibly motivating for our base. we have an opportunity to drive turnout and really, in the course of that, save democracy. i'm not being hyperbolic. everything is on the line. it starts here with abortion. but what's next? >> i think you're right. jacqueline, i want to bring you in here, because when the decision came, since the decisions came down, i know that folks at planned parenthood clinics have been scrambling. what are you hearing from women at these clinics? >> yeah, i just want to start by saying this is no short of devastating. this is one opinion that's going to have an immeasurable impact and an unprecedented
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step by the court turning back the clock not just 50 years but hundred 50 years if you read some of the things in that opinion. we know we've seen just, a little over the last 24 hours, patients have had to be called and told that their appointment would no longer be in place. we've seen the story after story coming out of people who are devastated. i'm just really furious on behalf of all of those patients, right now, who are having to make difficult decisions. who have made -- already took time of work. they already got their appointment, they had made their choice, and the supreme court took that away from them. so i agree with my colleague, many, people are not gonna go quiet. they're going to turn that devastation into fury. people are ready to get out there and make their voices heard. that's exactly why we saw 500 events, with thousands upon
1:23 pm
thousands of people taking to the streets, yesterday. when this opinion came down, they're out in the streets today -- we are going to continue seat to see this momentum take us through the november. >> i want to talk about this, because the republican organization has been organizing around row since row was established. we all know here that we cannot organize the anti abortion movement overnight. what is the strategy going forward. i'll give you the last word on this? >> the strategy going forward is just to make sure we're driving this story. making sure that this doesn't leave the headlines. the extreme overreach by this incredibly extremist court has done a lot of work for us but it will be up to us as advocates in organizers to keep the momentum going. we cannot let the story leave the headlines. we have to continue to fuel the
1:24 pm
outrage. luckily, that shouldn't be too hard because of the devastation being brought by extreme republican governors, who frankly, can't help themselves with ridiculous extreme, and really cruel bans their initiating. we are expecting to see, with addition to the 13 states with sugar bands, to file even more crazy bills. our -- organize, and get the vote turned. it mini thank you for being here, i will see you soon. >> the state of new york is dealing with the fallout from two supreme court decisions this week. taking rights away for women, while expanding rights for gun owners. we're going to talk to gregory meats of new york about what needs to happen next.
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you see, son, with a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember. welcome back, the country is still reeling from the supreme
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court overturning roe v. wade. some states had to jump into action, just trying to make sure women's ability to make decisions about her own body would be protected. by their own boundaries. new york is one of the states. here's wet states attorney general told msnbc right after the decision was handed down. this is letitia james. >> this is a state that respects the right of women to choose. we've been organizing medical professionals. we've been organizing the 20 largest law firms, not only new york state, but across this nation, to respond to this decision. we are ready. >> i'm joined now by representative from the great state of new york, congressman gregory meeks, congressman thank you so much for joining us. is new york prepared for an influx of women from other states seeking the health care they need.
1:30 pm
how can that wright be maintained? without a national law? >> thank you, that decision was absolutely devastating. new york is ready. >> congressman i think you are on mute! >> i am off mute. >> i'm told that i'm on. you i missed that, i'm sorry. can new york really protect these women? >> yes, new york is ready. attorney general is on the case. our governors are on the case. the mayor of the city of new york. we've been prepared, once we saw with that draft was like. we didn't take anything for granted we, know that we have a responsibility, in states like new york, connecticut, new jersey. we're going to have to make sure that women have the freedom to chiefs and then
1:31 pm
continue to fight, on the other hand, so this is not the end. this takes us back, longer than 50 years. this takes us back, 100 years ago. it makes us look foolish in the world. i chair of the house former affairs committee. when you listen to some of my colleagues from around the world, they're looking at us like -- how can the united states lead? we are taking steps back. we are now in the same position of nicaragua and al salvador, as opposed to taking a step forward. this decision, we've got to get to the polls. that's how it will make a difference. new york is ready to bring people -- to give them the right to take care of their bodies. >> let's talk guns, sir. president biden did sign gun legislation into law, today. i think this first step is
1:32 pm
monumental. but it is not bold. it is a real move in the right direction. it comes right after the supreme court expanded gun rights in new york, and snatched right away from women as we just discussed. i want to play this video, sir, yesterday members of congress men were on the steps singing god bless america. this was after the gun liu. i think -- people are wondering is the united states congress ready for this fight? it is congress poised? why do you say to people who say they are critical of what you did on the steps yesterday? >> i know the house of representatives is ready. we voted and passed everything that we said we would do. and we send it over the senate, and that's where it dies. so there's no question in my mind about the house of representatives, if you look at
1:33 pm
the bill that we passed, because the bill that we passed to deal with guns was much more focused, and banned the stocks, and banned assault weapons, ex sandra. we are ready in the house. we have a problem with the senate, with a 50 50 split. and a filibuster of 60 votes. so that something that we have to rectify. as well as, we need the american people to be ready. i remember in 2016, i was telling folks, at that time, we all have to get solidly behind hillary clinton to make a difference. four years of donald trump, and former years of giving mcconnell the majority has crippled us. look at the supreme court justices that we put on the court. none of them would be there if hillary was there in 2016. there ifwe have to vote our wayf this, also. mcconnell, because of his
1:34 pm
majority, blocking the obama choices to the supreme court. then allowing -- they could put somebody else in. americans have to get our way out of it by voting them out. >> congressman gregory meeks with a forceful defense of the united states house of representatives, the work that's been done, and a color to your senate colleagues and the american people. thank you for being with me, today. thank you for your time. all right, y'all. thank you, thank you. we're taking a deeper dive into the january 6th hearings. we're gonna. do a little talk about the department of justice officials. who described going toe-to-toe with a former president to protect democracy. we're also gonna talk a little bit about, rosa stay with us. and in it. mostly.
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quite the week. the house committee investigating the attack on the capitol laid out how then president donald trump strong-arm the justice department to try to get them to overturn the 2020 election. we also learned about republican lawmakers who sought pardons from the former president. and of course, there is the landmark supreme court ruling on abortion. let's bring in our panel. joining me now is dahlia, she's the editor and correspondent for charles is also with us. he's a former new york prosecutor. and reena is with us, a former republican strategist, and founder -- of delia i want to start with you. let's talk about the courts decision on roe. what was your reaction? >> i'm still reeling, it's been
1:39 pm
a day and a bit. i feel like i'm still got punched. i would just say we knew this was coming, when the supreme court allowed the texas eight-week ban to go into effect in september. we knew it was coming when we heard oral arguments in december. and then we knew it was coming when we saw the leak. and nevertheless, it came. it's shocking. my top thought about it is that, you've said this before, their estates rushing to enact a trigger law. making sure that women for appointments for that day couldn't have them. making sure that women who showed up at ers may not get treated. and all of that cruelty and dismay and chaos that's happening right now, that's happening all across the country, totally invisible to samuel alito in his majority opinion. not one lick of interest for
1:40 pm
the suffering that's being unleashed on women, effectively, today. >> a key part of the republican playbook was to overturn roe. now that they have been successful, that is going to lead in some states, women will be jailed, doctors could be jailed or women could be fined thousands of dollars. what happens next, here? >> so symone, for years political strategists like myself have said that all politics is local. now is the time to get energized, to be angry. if you believe that american women should be full and equal citizens in this democracy, then you are somebody that could be antiabortion for yourself -- but poet pro-choice for other women, i'm a lifelong republican, i've always thought the republican were home for freedom.
1:41 pm
no longer. there are over 55 million american women, and we're no longer first class citizens. we're second-class citizens because of this really. conservatives have known this forever. of worked on the hill for two social conservatives in the house of representatives. i've written speeches for the march for life rallies. i've seen how they organize. but i was not in the minority, simone. there are plenty of staffers like me, working for republicans who had that very same view that, look, it's okay for other people to get abortions. we may not personally believe in it, but it was about freedom. republicans never won the government in their backyard, their bedroom, or their bank account. what's this about? this is about people legislating their holy book. it's about women having unsafe abortions. women will die, it's not alarmist to say that. women going to get safe abortions --
1:42 pm
that was something that we could live with because those women have to answer to their god, or they may not believe in god. and guess what? that's not the states problem. it became the state's problem in this country, and it's wrong. good conservatives know that. >> you know, charles, it strikes me that the backdrop for the supreme court decision, after roe, miranda rates came down this week, snatching rights away from women were expanding rights for gun ownership. the backdrop of all of this is the january 6th hearings. it boils down to a comprehensive threat to our democracy. i want you to listen to part of the testimony from thursday's january 6th hearing. >> you also noted that mr. rosen said to mr. trump, quote, doj won't snapped its fingers and change the outcome of the election. how did the president respond to that, sir? he responded very quickly >> he said, essentially, that's not what i'm asking you to do. i'm just asking you to do to say it was corrupt and leave
1:43 pm
the rest to me and the republican congress. >> say it was corrupt, and leave the rest to me and a republican congressman. charles, how critical was this moment in the testimony -- how critical was this? >> simone, it was quite significant because [inaudible] when people viewed the legal field were viewed as arbiters of truth. we're viewed as people who are supposed to play on the field of right. when you look to the doj, when you look to the attorney general to validate something you know is not true, when you're attempting to do is lean into a lie and use the cloak of justice, that cloak that i just described, never write, or a truth to paint this lie to the american public. but they were going to do, but they were looking to have happened was to use the doj and the attorney generals office as, essentially, sales people to sell america on this lie of voter fraud in the 2020
1:44 pm
election. ally they knew was not true. ally they knew was rooted in baseless allegations. but they wanted to rely on the doj. the appearance of propriety, as a means to validate this lie. that makes the plot that more insidious. >> i cannot agree with you, more. delia, the january 6th hearings are now on a break until mid july. what are you going to look for in the next set of hearings? understanding that the investigation is still very active? >> i think in that, in some sense, is a key point. one of the reasons that we've got a little bit of a break is that, evidently, new evidence is coming in all the time. we've now got a filmmaker who has turned over documentary evidence -- interviews that he was holding with the trump family and we're contemporaneous with some of these events that i think is going to be pretty damning. i think, there's been a real clear mark in progression.
1:45 pm
i think it starts with, you know, the president knew he had lost the election. that was the first hearing. then it was the president knew that he was not going to get mike pence to flip. so he brought out a crowd to terrorize him. and then we ended up with the president trying to lean on, as charles just said, his own justice department, to hold up and bolster a lie that he knew was false. and next place we're going to go, it's ugly, is the white percentage this, the oath keepers, the white supremacists that showed up to try to terrify the country. delia, charles, arena, thank you so much for joining. us up next is my congress nation with an entrepreneur lori hardy, she's talking about her career, and she's giving her reaction to the standing supreme court decision. everyone should be using their platform to speak up and speak
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out. you are watching symone on msnbc. vice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership. breaking news from munich.
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we are seeing president biden arrived for his first trip to germany as president. first lady doctor joe joe biden is also traveling with them. he will participate in his second g7 summit, with the war in ukraine in economic issues at the forefront. we will bring you news as it
1:50 pm
happens. all right, now the b.e.t. awards are tomorrow night and they are happening injuring unprecedented times. the honors the awards on our black concurrent talent. fashion industry are also on display as people walk the red carpet. and people who create those looks are also recognize. the products in the people who benefit from the talents. i sat down with two important women in the world of beauty who also have something to say about rights in america, model actress an entrepreneur lori harvey, one of the cofounders of the black beauty roster. we had a wide racing conversation. i had to ask first about the tumultuous times we're living in. the pressing issues facing our country today and what they thought about it. >> people throw round the churn influencer. but lori, i think you are a
1:51 pm
true influencer. people care about what you say, which you, where what you think. you are moving in creating trends. i'm thinking wondering how you are thinking about using your influence? something about the black people at the tops grocery store in buffalo, who just going to the store on saturday afternoon, and redundant for being black. i'm thinking about the kids in uvalde and their teachers lost their lives in the classroom the day before school was going to and for the summer. and now the women's decision about making decisions about her own body gone with the supreme court decision. >> i think it's definitely important, if i can be honest, let me first say i haven't found the words to even speak on anything because before i can address one thing, that we're dealing with another thing. i think we are regressing as a country. our priorities are out of whack.
1:52 pm
we are policing women's bodies before we are getting gun control. >> talk about, where is the plate? >> our priorities are out of walk as a country. it's heartbreaking. it's unfortunate. i'm still trying to find the words to even see begin speaking about what's happening. it's very trying times. it's unfortunate. it really is. >> i think we all just have to stay vigilant and pay attention. talk to me about why this event was important to do this weekend in your work with black beauty roster? >> in black beauty roster, we are all about celebrating advocating black professionals. -- but on the b.e.t. awards weekend, we really wanted to come out and celebrate our black beauty professionals. >> lori, you are an entrepreneur, a beauty, mogul a model, and you started your own
1:53 pm
skin care company, skin by l h. talk to me about your own struggle that brought you to this point of creating with the girls are saying, it's a self care, skin care routine that you're bringing to the streets. we were all talking off camera about just the needs of, i like to call it culturally competent makeup, i have horror stories i could share about sitting on a chair, and oh, she's gonna be me down today, i'm gonna look like a million bucks, and then i had to go to the, bathroom and get the makeup products are brought with me into touch, up because the makeup artist provide for me did not know how to color match me. >> unfortunately that's every black girl story. -- let me go in the bathroom and touch it up. i've got to have my --
1:54 pm
my ex control. let me go to the bathroom, and i think they're definitely starting to try to be more diverse on shoots and sets especially for women of color on their. i still see all my, girls and their close, friends posting onset. girl, had to go to the bathroom. >> b.b. are leading the way. i think it's fabulous to two black women to come together and said this is what we're going to do. lori, what are you up to the summer? lori harvey, you are on the tip of everyone's tongue. and i just want to know, how are you doing? >> i'm. good i'm. good i'm busy. working and building up business. i'm working on to businesses that are coming really soon. i'm excited for everything coming. next >> lori, simon, thank you so much, excited about this event. all right, you can see more of that interview with lori harvey
1:55 pm
and one of the cofounders of black beauty roster mondays on peacock. i had something to say about this dark and difficult time wherein and how to move forward when we come back. when we meco back. when you really philosophize about it, there's only one thing you don't have enough of. time is the only truly scarce commodity. when you come to that realization, i think it's very important that you spend your time wisely. and what better way of spending time than traveling, continuing to educate ourselves and broaden our minds? (woman vo) viking. exploring the world in comfort. fishing helps ease my mind. it's kinda like having liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. woah! look out! [submarine rising out of water] [minions making noise]
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you're an owner. that means that your priorities are ours too. our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future for the ones you love. that's the value of ownership. we're living in tumultuous
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times. if you thought yesterday was rough, it is only going to get rougher. when the supreme court released its decision to strip away a
1:59 pm
woman's ability to make decisions about her own body, several states followed suit, one after the other. women in much of the country could face fines or even jail time for seeking the care they need. and louisiana doctors may have to decide whether being sentenced up to ten years in prison or honoring their oath. women who still choose to get it abortion will not have access to do it safely. i know many of you are wondering what can we do? some people are going to tell you the answers to vote. some people are going to tell you the answer is to organize. some people are going to say the answer is to tear it all down and start over. i'm here to tell you there's no one size fits all solution, here. i'm here to tell you that it's going to take time. i'm here to tell you that you cannot just organize over 60 years of work of the republican party apparatus overnight. i'm here to tell you that people are gonna have to get innovative and creative. i'm here to tell you it may be some time for some real court
2:00 pm
reform on the supreme court. clarence thomas has already made his plans clear. the right to marry who you love, access to contraception, the right to privacy -- read the concurrent opinion y'all, it is what he said. after the decision came down. let me say this. vice president harris said the great aspiration of our nation has been to expand freedom. but the expansion of freedom clearly is not inevitable. it is clearly not something that just happens. not unless we defend our most fundamental principles. we have to defend our most fundamental principles, y'all. it's necessary if we want to move forward. thank you for watching, this edition of symone on saturday. i'll be back tomorrow. i'm symone sanders and right now oh hand things over to my good friend reverend sharpton. >> thank you symone, and good evening, and


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