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tv   MSNBC Reports  MSNBC  July 4, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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by joe reynolds. and he said, when you are some small person with your back against the wall, a natural disaster, political prisoner or pandemic, you don't say, maybe india will help us, or maybe china. you say, maybe america will help. we don't always live up to that, but we should. i loved that answer, because again, through all of our flaws, through all of our problems, this republic has said and freed more people than any country in history. and so, on this fourth of july weekend, i ask you, john, why are you proud to be an american? >> i'm proud to be a an american for the same reason i'm proud to be a human being. i know that i am capable of great evil and great shadow and great darkness, but i also know that there are days and moments
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when there's life and light and love. and that if we can just get to the light and life and love, 51% of the time, then we are having a good day. and we are having a good era. don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. and i think that america is a marvelous example of a human community that gets so much wrong but which knows intuitively that if you do the right thing, everybody benefits. and we have to see each other as neighbors and not as enemies. >> do not despair, do not give up, in the words of churchill, never, never, never give up. try john meacham, as always, thank you for being with us. i hope you and your family are having a great fourth of july
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weekend. >> that was joe's conversation with john meacham ahead of this july 4th holiday. erin o'hearn picks up the coverage right now. good money. >> morning, john. don't go far. no holiday starting yet. good morning to you at home and welcome to msnbc's live coverage on this monday, july 4th. we begin with the latest from the january 6 investigation into the attacks on the capital. the hearings are on pause until later this month, but the committee is not letting up. as members fanned out across the sunday shows this holiday weekend. from talk of new evidence to possible new witnesses, we are covering new angles is money. first, the possibility that former president donald trump could be referred to the justice department for criminal prosecution. here's an interview with the vice chair of the committee, congresswoman liz cheney.
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>> the committee will or will not make a criminal and of referral? >> they will make a decision at the committee about it. >> so it's possible there would be a criminal referral. saying that he should be prosecuted and this is the evidence. >> the justice department doesn't have to wait for the committee. there could be more than one terminal referral. i have greater concern about what it would mean if people weren't held accountable for what happened here. i think it's a much graver constitutional threat if a president can engage in these kinds of activities and the majority of the presidents party looks away or we as a country decide we are not actually going to take our constitutional obligation seriously. i that is a much, much more serious threat. >> at least one of the messages about possible witness intimidation presented in last week's hearing was received by former white house aide cassidy
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hutchinson. >> this is a call received by one of our witnesses. "a person let me know you have your deposition tomorrow. he wants me to let you know he's thinking about you. he knows you are loyal and you are going to do the right thing when you go in for deposition." >> a source familiar with hutchinson's deposition says the individual referenced as a person in the message is former chief of staff, mark meadows. the committee declined to comment. a spokesperson for meadows released a statement claiming "no one from meadows's campaign, himself or otherwise has ever attempted to intimidate or shape miss hutchinson's testimony to the committee." they are weighing in on what will be presented on upcoming hearings. >> you have any evidence other than cassidy hutchinson's testimony to corroborate what
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happened? >> the committee has significant evidence about a whole range of issues including the presidents intense anger. >> anger not being allowed to go to the capital. >> yes, exactly. at that moment. but let me just leave it there. i think you will continue to see in coming days and weeks, additional detail about the presidents activities and behavior on that day. >> i don't want to get too far ahead, but the very next hearing will be focused on the efforts to assemble that mob on the mall. he was participating, who is financing it, how it was organized, including the participation of these white nationalist groups like the proud boys and 3% years. >> editing maybe this piece of a story that i knew was important, but now that you guys, i do see this place in
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here. >> will be here from witnesses that you did not know about with stories you deny here because of the hearings so far? >> yes. yes. there will be way more information and stay tuned. >> it seems more and more likely that former white house counsel pat so baloney will appear before the committee. he will probably agree to a transcribed interview that is limited to specific topics to avoid any privilege issues. cipollone has become a key figure in his investigation as cassidy hutchinson pointed to him as a key figure. >> he clearly has information's about concerns about criminal violations, concerned about the president going to the capital that day, concerns about the chief of staff having blood on his hands if they don't do more
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to stop the violent attack on the capital. hard to imagine someone more at the center of things. >> as promised, we bring back in the--. nbc news reporter, mara barrett. it is the fourth of july in 2022. but we are still talking about president trump. how frustrating do you think this is for biden and the administration? >> for a long time, this white house wanted nothing to do with its predecessor. in fact, president biden wouldn't even say donald trump's name most of the time. but they now recognize that they need to engage in this fight because of the stakes being laid out by the committee. just how close trump and his allies came to actually disrupting and potentially overturn the election. as bad as things were on january 6, it was almost far worse. white house aides have told us that when the committee wraps up, which is in a few weeks, we
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should hear from president biden in a far more forceful way. you must be careful, he doesn't want to be seen as putting his finger on the scale he doesn't want to be seen as influencing the department of justice even though democrats are deeply frustrated how slow attorney general merrick garland has been on this. but we will hear from biden at some point on this, how he should not be able to hold office again. but the real audience more than biden is the main justice. what will attorney general merrick garland do, that there almost trying to nudge them to bring some kind of criminal charges against trump, accommodated matter against a former president, and now one who is sending signals he's going to run for office again. >> before the explosive testimony, there were a lot of reports that a lot of people started tuning out from the
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hearings. a lot of other things going on in the world that a lot of people are focused on. do you think some of the reason why the biden administration now really needs to hone in on what the committee is doing of the witnesses they are bringing in, sort of emphasize the importance of january 6? >> joe biden ran for office saying that he needed to restore the soul of america, that he painted donald trump as an existential threat to the nation's democracy. and i was well before january 6. so that threat has only grown according to the president and his closest advisers. you're right, there's a lot going on right now. i was at overseas with the president last week and we were stuck that with a few exceptions, even though that was by any measure, successful, very little broke through back here in the united states. some of that is because of the momentous supreme court decision, most notably the one that overturned roe v wade, and
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the everyday challenges of inflation and the rising prices. republicans and democrats think that, more than anything, is what the midterms are going to be won or lost on. just because there are so many challenges facing this administration, some of it is frankly out of his control. it makes political sense to focus on january 6 even more than politics, he paints this as a threat to democracy. >> i want to bring in amara because he brought up a couple of good points in that, the american people are dealing with so much. we had the supreme court with that overruling of roe v wade. there's also the january 6 committee. and there's inflation. everybody is dealing with these prices at the pump whether they go to the grocery store. so a lot is happening right now, and there's also a few months before midterms. so what is the administration's biggest focus at the moment in order to prepare for this
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election? >> there's a lot to juggle, clearly. we don't expect to hear from president biden directly about the january 6th hearings until they wrap up as jonathan noted, probably making that a campaign issue, it's easy to look and see what the white houses focus is. he said to head to cleveland later this week to talk about his economic agenda. and while the white house has said its primary focus is to tackle inflation and radon gas prices, there emphasizing there's only so much they can do well highlighting that inflation is a global issue. we have seen president biden over the weekend tweeting at oil executives, asking them to bring prices down because americans are paying such high premiums at the park. we have also seen his suggestion for the federal gas tax to be limited. but that's something that congress has to do. and on the abortion-rights side, that something is also kind of punting to congress. we saw him call that decision by the supreme court a terrible
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and extreme, and even though he said that he would support carving out the filibusters of the congress could push through to codify roe v wade into federal law, we don't see a path for that right now. in terms of for what we are looking at right now, in terms of messaging that the white house is focusing on, president biden is saying that we need to elect two more democrats, in order to codify roe v wade. that is something you're going to hear the white house and the president talking about but it's going to be more of a campaign issue over the next few months. >> we don't want to forget that today is the fourth of july, independence day. what exactly does the president have on tap for this holiday? >> the president spent the week in a cap david. he is excited to return here today and has to barbecue for military families. this evening he is expected to give remarks here tonight and then to wrap up the holiday, he and the first lady will watch the fireworks over the national mall. >> okay. sounds fun.
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take you very much. thank you both for your reporting and happy fourth. turning now to the war in ukraine, after weeks of intense finding, the last ukrainian stronghold in the eastern region has fallen to the russians, signaling a significant win for moscow. meanwhile, attacks were also reported inside russia yesterday. russian officials say three ukrainian missiles hit the city of belgrade near the ukraine party border killing four people and injuring four others. joining us live from ukraine, matt bradley. matt, good morning. what can you tell us about russia gaining ground? >> reporter: after months of what looked like fits and starts in their group brutally brutal battles, the that take makes up the done best region. >> reporter: the russians had been frustrated time and time again, especially in their efforts to take this city.
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they were pushed back by the ukrainians, not so long after their pushback from the capital of kyiv. but just in the last day, we have seen some remarkable gains by the russians in the eastern part of the country. they took the eastern city, and that , that was a larger city, essentially, that was left in that region. that essentially puts them in, right within striking distance of taking the entire eastern province. vladimir putin has made it his dated gold to try to expand those self declared people's republics which he recognized as independent republic shortly before the fighting began. he's made it his goal to "liberate" them. that's what he said today and congratulations to his soldiers, for liberating them. it looks like he is already imparting a western park, and he again hit kharkiv.
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it has already been be destroyed. he had a secondary school. there weren't any casualties, but it still goes to show that vladimir putin and his military are still pummeling civilian targets as they have time and time again. but i want to tell you, i also spoke with american volunteers who are here and for them, this is a very important day for americans, and the concept of america, for these people who are here fighting, they saw that the ukrainians have a common cause with america's independence day. so i spoke with them about why they are here, why they see the ukrainian fight as their own fight. today russia claiming control of almost an entire--.
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ukraine is pushing back, once again taking the fight to russian soil. moscow says ukrainian missiles killed three people yesterday in belgrade, a russian city near the border. it comes as americans are still part of that desperate push for ukrainian independence on their own independence day, despite the risks seen as americans have been captured. american volunteers from detroit say they are fighting for independence, even here. >> you want to make sure that this country is going to be able to have, very soon, their own independence day and their own celebration to end this war. >> reporter: evelyn was living in poland and doing taxes. a member of the lgbt community wearing and outfit evelyn never expected. she still plans to celebrate. >> i have a box of kraft macaroni and cheese and going to make and share with the americans. >> they know the risks are real but -- has been held as a prisoner of war.
5:17 am
she's hoping the u.s. can negotiate his release. >> do you still feel like this date is important for him and important for you? >> alex is the most loyal, patriotic american you would ever meet. and the fourth of july is a special day for him. he went over there to try to stop this from spreading to america. because he felt like he was protecting americans by going over there to get it stopped in ukraine. >> reporter: americans answering a faraway call to fight for freedom. so aaron, as you can see, a lot of american volunteers, even though they are fighting and dying, some of them under a foreign flag, they really do recognize the fourth of july.
5:18 am
it's the independence day that they hope ukraine will someday enjoy. but it's not just americans in ukraine were so many, we heard from president vladimir zelinski, he congratulated the u.s. on and entered its independence day, and he thanked them for the billions and billions of dollars of weaponry and other material that the u.s. and other countries have been sending to the front lines, not far from where i'm standing right now. but one man who didn't feel like he could congratulate the u.s. is vladimir putin. the commentary would hardly be appropriate to congratulate president biden on the fourth of july. that's normally how things go with diplomacy for a national day. a foreign head of state would congratulate and form away. it doesn't look like vladimir putin is in the mood to do that this year. and of course, dimitri pascal said that this is directly due to america's unfriendly policies. >> no surprises there. just a reminder on this july 4th that we should never take freedom for granted after seeing some of those images on the ground in ukraine. matt bradley, thank you so much for that report. some developments to tell
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you about after the supreme court's ruling overturning roe v wade. democratic is a country are trying different methods to keep this issue it in the minds of voters. it overturned decades of president despite the majority of americans supporting access. this response to the supreme court varies widely depending on where you look. how's democratic leaders are discussing ways to force republicans into uncomfortable positions on abortion. plotting potential votes designed to expose gop opposition was so popular protections, and underscore their own commitment to them, according to aides with knowledge of the plan. the white house, president biden first encouraged outraged americans to express themselves at the ballot box, and then days later, shifted to a more aggressive posture, urging a change to the senate filibuster to enable democrats to codify
5:20 am
abortion rights. and across the country, liberal governors on the west coast banded together to create a multistate haven aimed at protecting out-of-state abortion seekers from legal consequences. tv ads about abortion aimed at helping democratic candidates are hitting the airwaves in battleground states from new hampshire to florida. meanwhile, the head of the supreme court security has asked the governors and state officials of maryland to virginia to enforce laws that prohibit ticketing outside private homes. the supreme court marshall wrote the letter in response to growing picketing outside the justices homes following several decisions. in one letter, the marshal wrote to the maryland governor, larry hogan, that the laws in his state inhibit assembling "with another in a manner that disrupts a person's right to the tranquility and a person's home." initially, hogan's office said the maryland attorneys general office was in the
5:21 am
constitutionality of the anti- picketing laws and noted that the justice department has declined to enforce federal laws that would stop the demonstrations. later adding, "in light of the continued's continued refusal to continue to act, they attracted the police to further review options that respect the first amendment and the constitution." still ahead. how long to get from new york to orlando? three or four hours? nope. for some travelers, that's 45 hours. just one of the nightmare scenario is playing out a pack airports coast to coast. we'll go live to los angeles next on morning joe. stay with us, we will be right back. right back.
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airlines have delayed nearly 15,000 flights so far
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over the holiday weekend and canceled more than 1500 others. that is according to new data obtained by the flight tracking website, flight aware. it comes amid a new single day travel record since the start of the pandemic. close to 2 1/2 million people traveled through u.s. airport on friday at the start of the july 4th weekend. we have the latest on the holiday travel mess that is disrupting airports from coast to coast. joining us now from lax, nbc's george. it's nice to see that the pre- pandemic travel levels are up, but the headache that goes with it is not nice to see. >> reporter: good morning and happy fourth to you. it certainly has been a rough couple of days for holiday travel. as you mentioned, we are back to pre-pandemic levels in passenger still getting caught up in these rampant delays and cancellations in airports and airlines, there just trying to keep up with that travel demand. this morning, the holiday travel nightmares continue.
5:27 am
>> just so frustrated. >> there have been more than 16,000 delays in 1500 cancellations across the nation's airports this friday. >> i don't know who to be upset up. >> reporter: running into missed connections, fueling delays, and having to wait for pilots. airports with the highest rates of delays and cancellations, chicago o'hare, and jfk in new york. when unattended bag causing evacuation leading to these massive crowds that type it all comes as passenger levels hit a new post pandemic hi friday, as airlines struggle to keep up with that demand amid the nationwide pilot shortage. storms also want to punch for many weekend travelers hoping to take off on time. and as we head into the peak summer travel, the tsa says expect a high volume to continue to labor day.
5:28 am
>> first couple weeks in august are going to be very busy. once you get into the middle part of august, and then pass labor day, things get a little bit more calm. >> reporter: meanwhile, for the roughly 42 million americans driving this weekend, the pain at the pump continues. the national average, $4.81 a gallon. even higher in los angeles, costing one driver $120 to fill up. >> that's more than i have spent in gas ever to fill up a tank. shocking. >> may be driving with a been a good thing for pete to judge who actually had a flight canceled over the weekend. he tweeted this out to pasture saying that they had a flight canceled. they are entitled to a cash refund. if your airline offers you mild, you are often able to negotiate that. >> up next, >> we have to talk about how police attack sometimes.
5:29 am
not all the time, not all police, but they do attack. in this case, it was an attack on my client. that was an attack. >> that was bobby to cello on msnbc earlier this morning. he is the attorney for the family of jaelyn walker who was killed in a hail of bullets last week. minutes after police in ohio said he --. breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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makes it easy for you to get a complete view of your business. so you can sit back and... ...relax. anger is mounting in akron, ohio after police released new body cam video of the moments eight officers fatally opened fire on one man. investigators say that man, 25- year-old jaelyn walker was shot by police more than 60 times. this morning, his family and his city are demanding answers. joining us now live from akron, ohio, maggie vespa. maggie, good morning. can you give us the latest on what's happening on the ground there? >> reporter: you can hear their
5:34 am
construction equipment off- camera here. we have cruise apparently putting up concrete barriers here in downtown akron overnight after we saw protests overnight outside city hall just behind the camera here in front of the police department just down the street. fourth of july celebrations remaining canceled here in akron because the tension is just so high. people demand justice for jaelyn walker. authorities tried to said new light on his final violent moments that they sent a warning that the video you are about to see may be disturbing. overnight, outrage in ohio as protests continued with what appeared to be teargas into the crowd according to wky see. and the community in pain after watching the moment eight akron officers fired an estimated 80 rounds. harrowing body cam video shedding new light on to what led up to the broader bullets that killed 25-year-old, jaylen walker. >> the video you are about to watch is heartbreaking it's very tough to take in.
5:35 am
>> reporter: the approximately seven minute video released sunday by the city alongside a second narrated clip begins with a high-speed chase. police saying officers had tried to pull walker over for an unspecified traffic violation, but he fled. seconds later, an officer reports sounds of gunshots from walker's car. police saying you can see the flash from the gun in the security video. the video then shows walker running from his car, wearing a ski mask. police say officers tried to chase him, but missed. authorities adding officer said they thought walker was turning toward them, reaching for a gun. that's when they say eight open fire. >> the report indicates over 60 wounds to walker's body. >> reporter: the vatican now showing walker was unarmed when he shot was shot.
5:36 am
they found a gun in his car, along with a wedding ring. his family revealing sunday walker had recently lost his fiancie. the family's attorney demanding more transparency. >> the public today only saw one video. the public didn't see an officer dropping is clip as it was empty of bulk bullets and unloading. >> reporter: akron police are spotting they are confident the videos they provided are in accordance to what's required and in compliance of the city's ordinance. >> this video change your interpretation of what happened, what you thought about the shooting at all? >> know. i just felt like, as a mother, that could have been my child. >> reporter: those eight still unnamed police officers have been placed on leave. that standard according to akron police, in a case like this. at the same time, the state is taking over the independent investigation into the shooting. you can hear the street noise around us, downtown akron remaining incredibly tense. a city on edge.
5:37 am
>> thank you for that report. let's bring in charles coleman. that video, as the mayor said, is heartbreaking. it's difficult to watch. unfortunately, it's not the first time we've seen a video like that which is determined disturbing in itself. how exactly is that by the camera but it's going to play and the investigation? >> it's going to be significant. it's going to be a big deal in terms of how this investigation unfolds. because as the lawyer for his family says, we are going to learn about how many officers actually did reload after they emptied their clip, how many officers continued to shoot as he was fleeing away from you, and that we also going to learn a lot from the medical report because is going to tell us about the exit wounds and how he was shot in the back versus where different bullets may have come in and out of his
5:38 am
person after he was shot. because it does appear that he was shot in the back several times as he was attempting to flee. so that's going to play heavily into how this investigation ultimately plays out. >> in addition to the body cam video, we saw a photo of a weapon in the front seat. obviously that wasn't, as far as we know, that wasn't on him at the time. but how does that photo play into the investigation, and sort of the justification of the chase or what occurred after he started running away? >> speaking as a former prosecutor and now is a civil rights attorney, i'm going to say that it doesn't and i'm going to say that it doesn't because you are talking about information that those officers could not have known when they are pursuing them. not just that, but your tech about someone, one person, eight officers. one person, eight officers. you have a situation in buffalo, new york, you have one guy who went into a convenience
5:39 am
store, went inta supermarke is armed teeth, shoots 10 people, we know that he is armed with a machine gun, and yet police are still able to apprehend him without a scratch. the situations may not be directly analogous, but when you're talking about a handgun in the car that officers weren't even aware of, there's no excuse as to why this individual could not have been apprehended without killing him. >> before the shooting in akron, they said that they were attempting to stop him for a minor traffic violation. there's been calls that fully armed officers should rethink that in regards to traffic stops. because the situation has played out before. what are your thoughts on that, and reallyi guess there's no one answer to this. but what are some things that we can start to look at to reassess how law enforcement handles these situations to prevent something like this from happening again?
5:40 am
>> this is acculturation, not a training issue. law enforcement already receives copious amounts of training. this is about law enforcement culture. until we are willing to address our toxic relationship with violence and are unreconciled issues with race, we are unfortunately going to see too many more of these incidents happen. we were talking about is the need to address culture within law enforcement in america through accountability. that's where this starts and stops. where officers continued to be held accountable in the same way they are regardless of who the person is, regardless of their ethnicity, background, walk of life, wherever they come from. that's when you're going to start to see a change. it's not a training question, it's not a policy question, it's a question of account ability and culture. >> i want you to stick around because we have a new report that i would like you to comment on. this is from the national fraternal order of police and it says-- on police officers is up. 178 officers were shot in the
5:41 am
line of duty with 33 dying in those attacks. that's a 19% increase from this time last year. the report also counts 35 ambushed style attacks which resulted in 57 officers shot, 12 of whom were killed. now earlier this year, the fbi director noted that 73 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty last year. the highest number since the 9/11 attacks. i know it's a story of apples and oranges, but when you look at the totality of all these things going on in your talking about these cultural problems versus training problems, what are your comments on this new data? >> this is very simple. at a certain point, there's only so much peace it's going to be had. unfortunately, when you don't understand the notion of protest, when you don't understand the notion of asking nicely, unfortunately there are people who are going to decide that this is the way to respond.
5:42 am
and so, what you are seeing, that report that you just described, that's the result of years and years and years of pleading for being able to approach law enforcement and engage law enforcement with basic standards of dignity and humanity. and there's only so many times that you are going to be able to violate people's civil rights, their human rights, their dignity, their humanity, before they respond in a different manner than they already have. >> mutual engagement and respect for each other before the tragedy occurs. thank you very much and happy fourth to you. up next, millions, including i'm sure many of you watching right now, prepared to head to the beach to spend our holiday. but shark patrols are in place and they are up in the east coast after a recent series of sightings and attacks. this is not something i like to report. nbc's kerry sanders joints is next with what you need to know before you step into the water on this july 4th. this july 4t
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on this fourth of july holiday, millions of americans across the country will be hitting the beach. but after recent series of shark attacks and sightings, lifeguards and first responders are on alert. kerry sanders has more from florida. >> reporter: a 28-year-old man is now recovering after a shark encounter on sunday afternoon. it was just north of here in new summer in the beach. the authorities say, the lifeguards say that it appears the man was surfing, fell off his board, and that's when the shark attacked, hitting his left foot. he is now in recovery and this all comes after another shark attack off new york. as crowds flocked to the shore for the fourth, two popular long island beaches closed for swimming over the weekend after a lifeguard was written by the
5:48 am
shark. oddly, the attack happened as the lifeguard was pretending to be a swimmer in distress for a training exercise. >> he was bitten in the chest. he had his hand down to fight off the shark, and suffered an injury on his hand. and that's when he became an actual victim. >> reporter: the incident follows up by two days before on a swimmer in nearby jones beach. the county stepping up patrols and flying choppers and drones to watch out for sharks. still, officials say beachgoers should not be overly afraid. >> the marine biologists tell us that it is a very low probability that you will get attacked by a shark. statistically, in every other way. but that doesn't mean you should take it lightly. >> reporter: shark encounters have recently closed beaches on both coasts from cape cod where a police helicopter captured
5:49 am
this large great white shark, to northern california, to the florida keys, where each recorded nonfatal attacks recently. this 16-year-old is recovering this morning after being attacked by a nine foot suspected whole shark. >> honestly, it feels like a weird dream because of grown up watching shark movies like jaws and all that stuff and i never expected it to happen to me. >> reporter: edison had been hunting for scallops and shallow water of keaton beach. >> i didn't feel it. the only thing that hurt was my hand. >> reporter: her brother saved her life, applying a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. doctor say her right leg needs to be amputated above the knee. addison says it's not going to keep her out of the water and she says the traumatic experience has not made her hate sharks. >> yeah, it attack me, but i still think it's cool.
5:50 am
>> reporter: a remarkably strong addison they're talking about getting back in the water. if you are going to go to a firework show and you are in a coastal community, they are very popular and feed. so you want to keep that in mind if you're killing time and waiting in the water. the best advice is to swim in groups and, erin, if you're wearing jewelry, it could flash under water and to a shark it may appear to be the scales of a bait fish which is what they're after. happy fourth. >> yeah. happy fourth. good advice. and there is also always the pool. kerry sanders, thank you. well still ahead, is a third time the charm. there is talk about impeaching donald trump again. that idea is not getting my traction on capitol hill but the committing investigating the attack on the capitol has other cards to play and we'll talk about those, what they are
5:51 am
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>> no to a kmup knit mourning after a driver died while
5:55 am
performing a stunt during an airshow. prescilla thps hos the details. >> overnight honoring chris darnell who died during a fiery stunt in battle creek, michigan, over the weekend. >> oh, no. >> watching first in amazement. then horror as darnell's fuel truck emerged from behind a ball of fire and flipped several times before erupting in flames. >> at what point did you realize something had gone terribly wrong. >> when he was rolling anz pieces of truck were flying all over. >> the audience stunned. >> a lot of feel dpasped. some people started praying. >> the truck raetzing more than 300 miles per hour had a tire blow out the family said. they say that caused the car to skid. and the gas tanks to burst. it ignited the blaze. >> we watched him perform over
5:56 am
and over and over. his whole family. and never seen anything out here like that. just don't expect that. >> darnell's two daughters were at the show when the fatal accident happened. he had been driving the flaming trucks for decades. and celebrated his 40th birthday just last month. we're so sad, darnell's father shared in a facebook post. he was so well loved by everyone who knew him. chris so loved the airshow business. he was living the dream. >> great guy. really good showman. loved what he did. absolutely. this was -- he was living the dream is what his dad said. >> a dream fueled by fire, overwhelming by the flames. >> and our thanks to nbc's priscilla thompson for that report. still ahead. >> much more surrounding the january 6 investigation. we'll explain what has democrats divided and a major public
5:57 am
figure in uvalde, texas, finally resigns a month and a half after the shooting at robb elementary school that killed 19 students and two teachers. plus if you thought presidential twitter feuds when end when president trump was kicked off the platform, you would be wrong. we'll tell but the back and forth between the white house and billionaire jeff bezos. we're back in just a moment. we're back in just a moment. ♪♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... the burning, itching. the pain. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, most people saw
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