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tv   Stories We Tell The Fertility Secret  MSNBC  July 4, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ jamie raskin: he was, he was something, my son. ♪ herb: did you think about taking some time off? jamie raskin: umm, you know tommy left us a note, and the note said, "please forgive me. my illness won today. "look after each other, the animals, and the global poor for me, all my love, tommy."
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umm, so, he didn't have anything in there about take some time off. (laughs) and, uh... ♪ crowd: usa! usa! usa! usa! jamie raskin: why is america such an extraordinary country? we are not unified by virtue of being one ethnicity, or one ideology, or one religion. we're unified by one constitution and one rule of law, and then the values under our constitution. it is an aspiration. it's a challenge to us.
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the constitution shouldn't be some kind of fetish document. it should be the living commitment that we all have to make democracy work in service of the common good. that is the constitution that comes out of the civil war and reconstruction. that is the constitution that we've been fighting for since then. and we've got to keep fighting for it. crowd: trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! (crowd applauding) chief justice roberts: please raise your right hand and repeat after me, i, donald john trump, do solemnly swear. president trump: i, donald john trump, do solemnly swear. man: who is free? crowd: no one is free. man: who is free? crowd: no one is free.
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president trump: to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. so help me, god. chief justice roberts: congratulations, mr. president. man: yeah! ♪ (protesters chattering) ♪ (bomb exploding) (bomb exploding) man: fuck you, man. woman: why don't you stop. president trump: mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities. rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape. and the crime, and the gangs, and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. this american carnage stops right here and stops right now.
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(audience applauding) jamie raskin: when donald trump talked about american carnage in his first inaugural address, it was a pivotal moment because american carnage, of course, was not a description of anything, it was really a promise on his part. when i saw the violence on january 6, i thought about the american carnage speech. he had foreshadowed the whole thing. american carnage was not what he was running against, it's what he was running for. ♪ (audience applauding) ♪ (audience applauding) reporter: we can now officially project that the democrats will take control of the house. reporter: now, for the first time, donald trump will have an effective opposition party
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that will be able to thwart his agenda. crowd: jamie! jamie! jamie! jamie! jamie! jamie raskin: thank you! crowd: jamie! jamie! jamie raskin: all right. our next speakers are very special people, if you guys would listen up for a second. just pay attention for one second. i'm bringing on two of my three kids, who are gonna introduce me so i can make my speech. please welcome tommy raskin and tabitha raskin tonight. come on up! tommy raskin: good evening, everybody. (audience cheering) i'm tommy raskin. tabitha raskin: i'm tabitha raskin. (audience cheering) so, if the best representative is the one who works the hardest and who is the most committed, then your representative, my dad, is the best. (audience applauding) ♪
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tommy raskin: my father first ran for office when i was 10. and since that time, i've kept an informal tally of all the questions that i've gotten on the campaign trail. and the one i get the most is, do you think your dad is gonna win? i suppose my familial hubris is showing, because i never doubt that he's gonna win. it's not because of his irrepressible, unrivalled wit, charm, and humor, though there is that. it's not because of his smashing good looks, though he has that to recommend him as well. it's because he has deep and abiding moral convictions and he is fighting the trump administration every step along the way, ensuring that our democratic values remain safe. (audience applauding) jamie raskin: thank you, tommy. thank you. (audience cheering) ♪
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all right. (audience cheering) (audience cheering and whistling) thank you 8th congressional district! thank you for the honor of allowing me to represent you for another term. i will give it my all. i will give it my all. (audience cheering) it was an amazing feeling to be in the majority. we were gonna have the chance to investigate a lot of the corruption and misfeasance of the trump administration. but, of course, right when we got into the majority and the new term started, donald trump shut the government down. (air whooshing) tabitha raskin: take the tie off. let's see what it looks like without the tie. hannah raskin: that's better. tabitha raskin: much better. so, stand up. let's see. come on, man, we're trying to help you out! okay. all right. that's doable. here. back up, back up, back up. hannah?
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hannah raskin: it's better. tabitha raskin: dad, that's good. that's fine. jamie raskin: what's wrong with the tie? tabitha raskin: you're too fancy on the top and too casual on the bottom. jamie raskin: and now, i feel like i'm just too casual. tabitha raskin: no, no, no. no, dad, it's a food drive, right? jamie raskin: right, right. tabitha raskin: so then, you should be casual. ♪ reporter: this is the third government shutdown on president trump's watch as lawmakers failed to reach an agreement over border wall funding the president is demanding. reporter: roughly 800,000 federal employees will not be getting paid during the shutdown. more than half of them will still have to report to work, the rest are being furloughed. that means they won't go to work, but they also won't get paid. jamie raskin: hello, jamie raskin. nice to meet you. good to see you. tali: this is wonderful. very, very- jamie raskin: oh manna is the best. i love these guys. tali: oh, yeah. jamie raskin: i'm about to make my contribution right now. i'm giving my entire january salary away
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since the government shutdown and everything. and so i'm giving it to all the groups that are on the front lines. that's you guys. jackie: yeah, well, we really appreciate being part of that, and we appreciate what you're trying to do when you're on the hill. jamie raskin: well, thank you. hello. hi. nice to see you, what a pleasure! woman: nice to see you, too. i voted for you! jamie raskin: thank you so much. you know, i'm here with manna and we're collecting food just to help give away to the people who are affected by the government shutdown. woman: ok, i make sure i give something when i come back. jamie raskin: thank you so much. jamie raskin: hey. man: mr. raskin. jamie raskin: hey. man: don't give him the fucking wall. jamie raskin: all right. man: thank you for your work. woman: i haven't emailed your office lately, but i'm sure i will. (both laughing) woman: whenever i get angry, i just fire something off. jamie raskin: we have a system of checks and balances here, and you don't hold the federal workforce and the people of the country hostage in order to get your way in a policy debate. he wasn't able to get the mexican government to pay for his wall. he wasn't able to get congress to do it, even when he controlled the house and the senate with republican control over the last two years. now, suddenly, the democrats take over the house.
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we won 40 seats and he decides to shut the government down. it's just an unacceptable way to do business in a democracy. ♪ ♪ (keyboard typing) ♪ ♪ i never thought that trump could turn out to be a good guy, but i thought maybe, all of this right wing authoritarian populist stuff, all this mussolini stuff, would just fade away quickly when he got in to office, that cooler heads would prevail, the conservative republican establishment would kind of take over and run things like a standard,
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run of the mill, right- wing presidency, as opposed to an existential threat to constitutional democracy. (audience clapping) reporter: donald trump today took to the rose garden to wave a white flag, agreeing to reopen the government without funding for his border wall. president trump: i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. (audience shouting) jamie raskin: i think he thought that he was going to practice extortion, political extortion and that we would give in. and we stood strong. (crowd shouting) (car engine revving) ♪ reporter: now, for the first time, donald trump will have an effective opposition party that will be able to thwart his agenda.
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reporter: they have the power to investigate, they have the power to subpoena, and most importantly, the end of one party rule in washington. reporter: congressional oversight of the president of the united states finally begins in earnest today. williams: trump's former personal lawyer, michael cohen, will give public testimony before the house oversight committee, and that'll be televised live. jamie raskin: in his opening statement, which we got last night, he said the president was a racist, a con-man and a cheat. and my reaction was, tell us something we don't know. (laughing) so, you know, i'm basically looking at him like a renegade refugee from a organized crime family and he's gonna tell us sort of the internal dynamics of the trump operation.
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(people chattering) jamie raskin: the big story in my mind is that we have a president who has turned the government of the united states of america into a money-making operation for himself, for his family, for his business, and for his friends. and so, we wanna try to get the best, most fine-grained portrait we can of what's taking place within the trump operation. and then we've got to start to ask the question about whether this is a president who is an actual threat to the character of our republic. oh my god, look at all those people! woman: they all want to get a seat. (people chattering) (cameras snapping) (gavel bangs) chairman cummings: mr. cohen, if you would, please rise, and i will begin to swear you in.
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raise your right hand. cohen: my loyalty to mr. trump has cost me everything, my family's happiness, friendships, my law license, my company, my livelihood, my honor, my reputation, and soon my freedom. and i will not sit back, say nothing and allow him to do the same to the country. indeed, given my experience working for mr. trump, i fear that if he loses the election in 2020 that there will never be a peaceful transition of power, and this is why i agreed to appear before you today. (people applauding) jamie raskin: michael cohen did issue a stark warning to the country that if donald trump lost, there would be no peaceful transition, there's no way he would accept it. that is a frightening and startling thing
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for the president's own lawyer to say about him. but it seemed far off at that point to a lot of people. and people have said from the beginning, there's no way he would do that. there's no way anybody would do that. ♪♪ is this where your grandparents cut a rug, with a jitterbug? or returned from war, dreaming of the possibilities ahead. ♪♪ where your dad waited for his dad to come home from the factory. is this where they gathered on their front steps, with fats domino on the breeze... ancestry can guide you to family discoveries in the 1950 census. see what you can uncover at ancestry. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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♪ reporter: we've got a big story coming out of washington this morning. today is the public release of the mueller report. reporter: after 23 months of secrecy, this morning, answers for the american public, when attorney general william barr releases a redacted version of the nearly 400 page mueller report. reporter: was there a conspiracy in the election between russians and americans trying to help donald trump? was there obstruction or other crimes arising out of that investigation? reporter: mueller never concluded either way whether the president obstructed justice, so william barr made a determination himself. jamie raskin: you know there's an attempt, i think, here to preempt congress's role. we are the lawmaking branch of government. we are the primary and dominant branch of government. and we are the ones who will decide whether there were high crimes and misdemeanors committed by this president. barr had done a masterful job
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of propagandizing the public about it, basically pulling the wool over everybody's eyes about what was really in the report. he took a complicated set of facts which showed lots of wrongdoing and condensed it to no collusion, no obstruction. barr: there was no evidence of the trump campaign collusion with the russian government's hacking. president trump: there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, there was no nothing. jamie raskin: neither of those things was in there, but that was the mantra. you could hear it 500 times a day. i mean it's just the classic propaganda tactics of authoritarian regimes. jamie raskin: i feel like i pulled an all-nighter. but i didn't pull all-nighter, but i think it's just that feeling like being back in college, just like, cramming for like, three hours straight. woman: going up. (footsteps pattering) abramson: do you think that impeachment is more on the table now? jamie raskin: i don't think it's any more or any less than it ever was.
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you know my attitude from the beginning has been that impeachment should not be a fetish for anybody, but it should not be a taboo for anybody either. it's not a panacea for everything that ails us in america, it's not gonna get health insurance to people and it's not gonna lower prescription drug prices. but it is the people's last line of self-defense against a president who insists upon acting like a king and trampling the law. the great thing about america, what we love about america is that it is a constitutional democracy, it's government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and if somebody decides to disrupt the basic fabric of our republic, and to violate the law, we've got to take that seriously even... this is a system of laws, and the president is not above the law, the president is bound by the law, just like everybody else.
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we're all taught in third grade that we have three co-equal branches, and we're not a co-equal branch of government, we're the pre-eminent branch of government. there's a reason we're in article one: all legislative power is vested in the congress of the united states. so the constitutional sovereign power of the people to create the country, to write the constitution, flowed into congress. and what's the core job of the president? to take care that the laws are faithfully executed. that's it. and if the president doesn't take care that the laws are faithfully executed, get rid of him. ♪ i overslept. ♪ (footsteps pattering) can i use your phone to call julie? carter: of course. jamie raskin: you're not going to want to film this. you've found me on the one in a thousand days when i'm really, really angry. because my phone doesn't work, i also don't know my schedule. so if there's anything on my schedule, i'm blowing people off.
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and i'm taking the dogs for a walk because i got up late, because my alarm didn't work, because my phone died, because we didn't get me a new phone. hey john. john: this is quiet. jamie raskin: how's it going? john: good morning. (dog growls) (dog barking) jamie raskin: oh, potter. john: there goes the quiet. (woman laughing) jamie raskin: here, will you take this? potter, you stop that attitude. good to see you. i am so upset right now. the president was engaged in all kinds of corruption, and he just gave the finger to the separation of powers and congress's oversight role. so, there was great frustration building up. (footsteps pattering) there was a very strong sense in the country and in our caucus that we needed to formalize it into an impeachment inquiry or investigation. but i think that the democratic leadership was nervous about the politics of it. (footsteps pattering) some of our members started to say, trump's not worth it.
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the president's not worth it. the question is whether the constitution is worth it and whether the country is worth it.
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♪ ♪ the question is whether the constitu aleve x.orth it its revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast, powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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(door closes) (footsteps pattering) jamie raskin: the problem with these tv interviews, i can't get anything done. i have no time to work. kabba, hello. oh, wow. coulibaly: i come bearing gifts. jamie raskin: now, let me explain this. so this is kabba. kabba is my friend. he's my constituent. and he's gonna change my life so people, so the newspapers don't describe as disheveled anymore. that's the plan. that's fantastic! shall i try one of them on? coulibaly: i would like you to. jamie raskin: all right, why don't i try one of them on. coulibaly: which one do you want? jamie raskin: i'll try this one. coulibaly: and we have jamie here, twinning with me in our custom pinstripe suits. jamie raskin: very nice. i like mine.
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(all laughing) that's beautiful. coulibaly: jamie, come on out so we can- jamie raskin: wait. i gotta put my own shoes on. but i'm embarrassed to put my old shoes on with my new suit. (woman shouting) you know, i didn't get into politics to impeach donald trump. i didn't think donald trump was gonna be in the white house when i ran for office. i ran as a constitutional law professor. i know one thing really well, which is about the constitution and the rule of law and american democracy. and it became clear to me that trump was actually attacking the constitutional underpinnings of american government. woman: thank you. jamie raskin: my pleasure. thank you kabba. ♪ for most of the history of humanity, of our species,
9:28 pm
people have lived under kings, and queens, and dictators, and despots, and bullies, and authoritarian systems. democracy is very much the exception. ♪ the whole point of the constitution is to keep people in office from just doing whatever they want. it was the idea of lawless discretion in government officials that motivated the american revolutionaries to write a constitution that would bind to people in power. so we've got to make democracy work, and it's something we do together ♪ we need everybody out organizing to get everybody registered to vote in 2020. and we've got to counter all of these fascistic style tactics that are coming from donald trump.
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as hard as we were fighting trump and trying to stop him from his rampage in america we were also working to turn out a landslide for the democrats in 2020. fudge: hey, jamie. jamie raskin: hi, good morning. how are you? fudge: how are you jamie raskin: good to see you. fudge: everybody likes the hairdo. it's a plus. jamie raskin: so, i understand. (woman laughs) yeah, yeah. you guys want to spend the rest of your lives looking at my forehead, that's all right. (jamie laughs) fudge: no, so much younger. jamie raskin: really? oh, i appreciate it. fudge: we like it. jamie raskin: thank you, much. ♪ i'm gonna lay down my sword and shield ♪ ♪ down by the riverside ♪ ♪ down by the riverside ♪ ♪ down by the riverside ♪ ♪ i ain't gonna study war no more ♪ (audience cheering)
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audience: aoc, aoc, aoc, aoc, aoc, aoc! (audience cheering) jamie raskin: hello, democracy summer in the house. (audience cheering) we brought some organizers to be with you tonight. one of them is sitting behind me. (audience cheering) jamie raskin: thomas jefferson said, "we are by blood and by tradition the heirs of rebels "and revolutionaries who overthrew kings and tyrants. and we must never forget who we are." (audience cheering) ocasio-cortez: when i studied congress in school, the kind of member that i had in mind, who a member of congress is, what they're like, is pretty much exactly
9:31 pm
who jamie raskin is. (audience cheering) voraciously intellectual, relentlessly principled, eminently compassionate, and able to quote jefferson at the drop of a dime. (audience cheering) jamie raskin: i've always felt that politics at its best is about education. so, when i first ran for office i started democracy summer. (audience cheering) it's about teaching people about the process and how it works. about the issues and the competing merits of different kinds of solutions, and then teaching people about how you go out and make change. (crowd cheering) (crowd chattering) tommy raskin: i'm sorry? carter: mother and son, i need a shot. sarah bloom raskin: i'm so happy to be here. (indistinct chattering) carter: that's excellent.
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and congratulations about your future. tommy raskin: thank you. thank you so much. sarah bloom raskin: you're so smart. ♪ (crowd chattering) ♪ man: you're in the perfect place right now. jamie raskin: yeah, i feel that. it's like everybody knows one thing, and my turn came up. they all want to know about the constitution. hello, happy labor day everybody, happy labor day! nice to see you. ♪ okay, i take a few more of those. man: happy labor day. jamie raskin: hello, you guys. happy labor day. crowd: happy labor day. jamie raskin: nice to see you. woman: nice to see you. jamie raskin: nice to see you. well, do you guys need a constitution? woman: yes. jamie raskin: you got it. it's got the impeachment clause in there, too. happy labor day, you guys. constitutions are a big hit this year.
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happy labor day! hello. nice to see you. happy labor day. teenager: jamie, did you want more? jamie raskin: that's great. that's awesome. all right, did we get behind here? so hello. oh, good. good, good, good. so happy labor day, you guys. ♪ jamie raskin: have they elongated the parade route this year? come on, man! (jamie panting) dad, when is the future? um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help. so now we're in the present. and now... we're in the future. the all-electric chevy bolt euv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving. - dad. - yeah? do fish get thirsty? eh. find new answers. find new roads. chevrolet.
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♪ reporter: an extraordinary development likely without precedent in u.s. history. a whistleblower complaint by an intelligence official about a private presidential phone call. williams: in a july phone call, trump repeatedly pressured the pres ukraine to investigate joe biden's son. reporter: the president withholding military aid in exchange for investigations that would benefit his reelection. reporter: i see three crimes here, extortion by the president, which is basically using a threat to obtain something of value, conspiracy to engage in extortion, and conspiracy to violate federal election law to obtain foreign interference in the united states election. pelosi: the actions of the trump presidency revealed betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security,
9:37 pm
and betrayal of the integrity of our elections. jamie raskin: it was our breakthrough day. we've been waiting for it for three years. and i got the newspapers. i'm saving those papers, julie. julie: awesome jamie raskin: yeah. ♪ jamie raskin: the whole ukraine shakedown seemed like a game changer erned about the political corruption and the lawlessness with those who were concerned about what donald trump was doing to america's image and reputation in the world. and i think that's why the impeachment pressure built up in such a large way. people understood that he was trying to wage war against not just our political party, but the whole constitutional order. it was an extraordinary abuse of power. oh, wait, i forgot to tie my tie.
9:38 pm
don't look at my collar with a scowl. (both laughing) reporter: i'll make it quick and easy. not all the elaborate setup like last time. jamie raskin: all right. reporter: so, a crazy couple of days, huh? jamie raskin: yeah. really a wonderful couple of days. reporter: can you hold this for a second? jamie raskin: the times have found us. the moment that the ukraine episode came to light, you could tell everything was gonna change. at the same time that i was shocked and startled by the radicalism of this new chapter, i felt it was completely consistent with everything we knew about donald trump. he's been betraying the office. he's been betraying the constitution. he's been betraying national security from day one. thank you so much. great to see you. american elections belong to the american people. they don't belong to the president, and they don't belong to a president working in league with foreign powers against us. that's what the framers were afraid of.
9:39 pm
♪ i used to have like a bunch of these witches, i'm down to like one witch (chuckles) oh, my god, are these guys already trick or treating? are you guys already trick or treating? man: we are already trick or treating. jamie raskin: well can you give me a few minutes? man: we'll come back. jamie raskin: come back 'cause i'm getting my decorations. i've been a little busy. but you guys promise to come back? man: we will. we definitely will. jamie raskin: all right. all right. child: yes, we have to come back to watch. jamie raskin: all right. happy halloween you guys! oh, man. oh, this is not even a pumpkin. is this...? can you carve a gourd? child: how many? jamie raskin: well, as many as you'd, can you fit three in your hand? (tabitha groans) there we go. wait, do you like skittles, too? you like m&ms? child: oh, i think i can fit. jamie raskin: there we go. child: i can fit four of them. jamie raskin: well, then, you've got it. you've got it. 'cause this is the trump era, it's whatever you can grab.
9:40 pm
tabitha raskin: oh, dad! (both laughing) jamie raskin: hey, would you guys like a baby constitution? child: what is that? jamie raskin: well, look. come here. it's your own constitution, okay? child: sure. jamie raskin: it's got the first amendment... ♪ holt: in a sobering milestone, house democrats turn weeks of testimony, evidence, and speeches into actual articles of impeachment against the president. hayes: the house judiciary committee decided to charge the president with two articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of congress. reporter: president trump is now the fourth president in u.s. history to have articles of impeachment drawn up against him. ♪ jamie raskin: good morning. it is my solemn responsibility this morning to present for your consideration house resolution 755, concerning the impeachment of donald john trump, president of the united states. the investigating committees conducted 100 hours of deposition testimony with 17 sworn witnesses, and the judiciary committee
9:41 pm
is now in possession of overwhelming evidence that the president of the united states has committed high crimes and misdemeanors. impeachment is like an indictment. when the house votes to impeach, it's acting like a grand jury, and it's essentially saying we believe that there have been these crimes. president trump has abused the awesome powers of the presidency by using his office to corruptly demand that a foreign government interfere in our american presidential election in order to promote his own political campaign in 2020. this scheme subordinated the democratic sovereignty of the people to the private political ambitions of one man, the president himself. the way i thought of it was that this would be an attempt to state the case against the president before the country because the tv cameras would be there. so i was trying to bring it back to the question of elections. if we just let this misconduct
9:42 pm
go and authorize and license presidents to coerce, cajole, pressure, and entice foreign powers to enter our election campaigns, we can only ask what the 2020 election will be like, or indeed what any future election in america will be like. the president's continuing course of conduct constitutes a clear and present danger to democracy in america. we cannot allow this misconduct to pass. it would be a sellout of our constitution, our foreign policy, our national security and our democracy. thank you, mr. chairman. i yield back. ♪ pelosi: on this vote, the yays are 229, the nays are 198, present is 1, article 2 is adopted. reporter: it is official. president trump impeached.
9:43 pm
putting a bitterly divided america on display. virtually every democrat voting for impeachment. every republican voting against it. nadler: today we took action to hold president trump accountable for the serious and undisputed risk he poses to our free and fair elections and to the separation of powers that safeguards our liberty. pelosi: we passed the 2 articles of impeachment, the president is impeached. reporter: once the house speaker sends the articles of impeachment over to the senate, that sets in motion a trial- jamie raskin: when it comes to the senate, the senate has the sole power to try the case, in other words, to be the court that conducts the trial on those charges. and there 2/3 is required to convict. a jury in the senate is almost by definition biased, and certainly in trump's cases because he demanded that kind of personal loyalty. (crowd cheering)
9:44 pm
announcer: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump. (crowd cheering) ♪ (crowd cheering) ♪ president trump: thank you. thank you. this lawless, partisan impeachment is a political suicide march for the democrat party. they have nothing. they're the ones that should be impeached, every one of them. (crowd applauding) and we have tremendous support in the republican party, like we've never had before. nobody's ever had this kind of support. (crowd applauding) but it's all gonna end soon,
9:45 pm
and it's gonna to come out to a beautiful great victory for the republican party and for this nation. (crowd applauding) crowd: four more years! four more years! four more years! four more years! ♪ crowd: stop the lies! tell the truth. stop the lies! ♪ graham: this is not about protecting the country, this is about destroying the president. crowd: hey. ho, ho. donald trump has got to go. mcconnell: there will be no difference between the president's position and our position. the house made a partisan political decision to impeach, i would anticipate we will have a largely partisan outcome in the senate. i'm not impartial about this at all. crowd: no more cover up! cole: there's no way this can or should be viewed as legitimate. certainly not by republicans whose minority rights have been trampled on every step on the way.
9:46 pm
(protesters shouting) president trump: we were treated unbelievably unfairly, but this is what the end result is. (crowd applauding) jamie raskin: it didn't surprise me that much that our side was unable to dislodge that monolithic republican support because the leadership were all trump accomplices. (crowd applauding) we basically had all these sycophants in the house and in the senate who were just going along with whatever donald trump wanted. president trump: you have been so good. thank you very much. thank you very much.
9:47 pm
(grandmother) thank you for taking me home. it's so far. (young woman) don't worry about it, grandma! this'll be very much. (young woman) two chocolate milkshakes, please. (grandmother) make it three. (young woman) three? (grandmother) did you get his number? (young woman) no, grandma! grandma!! (grandmother) excuse me! (young woman vo) some relationships get better with time. that's why i got a crosstrek. (avo) ninety-six percent of subaru vehicles sold in the last ten years are still on the road. (grandmother) i'm so glad you got a subaru. (young woman) i wonder who gave me the idea? (avo) love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. (♪ ♪) how do we demonstrate our unmovable strength? (eagle call) nope. how do we show that we'll stand tall through the storms? nah. (thunder) how do we make our clients feel secure and- ugh... not lions. (lion rumbles) we do it with our people. people who've been looking after people for over 170 years.
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like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles.
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♪ (wings flapping) ♪ ♪ reporter: the cdc is mobilizing teams right now in an urgent effort to head off a newly identified deadly virus from china. president trump: you call it a germ.
9:50 pm
you can call it a flu. you can call it a virus. you know you can call it many different names. i'm not sure anybody even knows what it is. reporter: the corona virus has now been detected in at least 48 different countries, with case numbers rising rapidly. reporter: the coronavirus has altered daily life across the united states. reporter: record unemployment. 10s of millions of americans out of work- reporter: the death toll in the u.s. rising as new cases appear in more parts of the country. ♪ ♪ ♪ jamie raskin: covid-19 was a catastrophe for our country.
9:51 pm
the economic consequences of it were calamitous. (papers rattling) we ended up losing 100s of 1,000s of people. we have 82,000 of our fellow citizens who have died already. we have 10s of millions who have been thrown out of work. we have seen massive shutdowns. harvard law school closed physically, and tommy came back to live with us. he was on zoom doing his classes. it was a very strange, isolating time. and trump demonstrated how terrible his leadership was. he never had a plan. we really came to the verge of becoming a failed state at that point. and what was happening in terms of police violence and police brutality
9:52 pm
also reflected the tendency of us to become a failed state, a state that could not deliver the basic goods of existence to its people. one of those goods is public health. another good is equal administration of the laws. crowd: george floyd! george floyd! george floyd! george floyd! jamie raskin: my friends, we've got to organize now the third reconstruction of the united states of america. now is our time. now is our moment to make it happen. (crowd applauding) you can't have democracy without participation, without people really getting engaged in it. (crowd cheering) (car honking) we're not unified by being one ethnicity or one religion or one ideology, we're unified by one constitution. it's not that the constitution was somehow perfect when we got started, far from it. i mean, we were not a democracy.
9:53 pm
we were a slave republic of white male property owners over the age of 21. but it's been through these successive movements for democratic enlargement that the constitution has become better and we've become a more perfect union. a great marylander, frederick douglass said, "if there is no struggle, there is no progress. "power concedes nothing without a demand. it never has, and it never will." (crowd cheering) thank you for organizing. black lives matter! man: black lives matter! woman: black lives! crowd: matter! woman: thank you so much. ♪ reporter: not only may this actually be the most important election in our lifetime, it certainly will be the most unusual. ♪ reporter: states across the country are turning to mail-in voting in this election in an effort to allow americans to vote safely during the pandemic. holt: while most americans support the option
9:54 pm
of mail-in balloting, president trump launched a new attack on it today as he trails joe biden in the polls. president trump: they're gonna be sending out 80 million ballots. where are they going? who are they sending them to? they're trying to rig this election. reporter: the president's failure to address the pandemic continues to hurt him in poll after poll. asked if he would accept the election results, the president said, "i'll have to see." president trump: the only way we're gonna lose this election is if the election is rigged. remember that. it's the only way we're gonna lose this election, so we have to be very careful. jamie raskin: my friends, we've got some hard days ahead of us, don't we? we really do. we got some hard days ahead of us, but we are battle tested and we are ready. we are preparing for an epic landslide victory for democracy in 45 days. get ready for it! (crowd applauding)
9:55 pm
we don't have, believe it or not, a constitutional right to vote in america. it's just the power of state legislatures to appoint electors. and the republican party, which is a minority party, in a shrinking minority party, is using every lever of political power they have to try to thwart the majority. ♪ this is why the struggle for voting rights is so essential. we need everybody's vote, we need everybody's voice to count. holt: a historic election night in america. after a year of tragedy and unrest, americans have turned out in force to make their voices heard. reporter: you've got 100 million people who have already voted in this country. we may see turn-out today that smashes records. reporter: for their part in the campaign 'cause we're talking about same three states day, after day, after day. they we're talking about wisconsin, where they are ahead- jamie raskin: oh good, my haiku went out and i got my first compliment,
9:56 pm
love the haiku. carter: let's hear it. jamie raskin: okay, my haiku is, don't ever again say that it can't happen here, say we won't let it. we were obviously still in covid-19, so there were no election night parties going on. everybody was at home. tommy was with me and we were just watching and waiting. reporter: the early vote totals dallas county here. biden is leading these by thirty three points- jamie raskin: wow. biden's taking a big lead in texas? what? tommy raskin: 10% in. jamie raskin: that's awesome! reporter: we are watching those texas results as they come in. but there has been so much hope, the democrats have invested there, especially looking at the high turn out numbers. again, we are still watching the final votes come in in the all important state of georgia, north carolina, virginia- (phone ringing) jamie raskin: tombo? tommy raskin: hey.
9:57 pm
jamie raskin: are you staying up or are you going to sleep? tommy raskin: i don't know, dad. donald trump is going to win. jamie raskin: i don't think so. i'd be willing to put money on it. tommy raskin: oh really? jamie raskin: yeah. tommy raskin: do you want to bet? jamie raskin: yeah, i'll bet you. tommy raskin: it's a win, win for me, because if trump wins i get money. jamie raskin: (laughs) okay. tommy raskin: if trump loses, i get biden. jamie raskin: all right. love you, kiddo, bye bye. my kids are so freaked out that trump might win. everybody is so freaked out. i mean it's gonna be a long night. i mean trump is gonna be suing we're gonna win this narrowly and then trump is gonna be fighting it every step along the way. i mean, buckle up. we'll be fighting about this until we get in to the new congress. we'll be fighting about it until january 6th. maybe beyond. i mean trump will not let go.
9:58 pm
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(audience cheering) president trump: this is a fraud on the american public. this is an embarrassment to our country.


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