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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 7, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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with his longer 22 and a half year state level sentence. but the sentencing marks the last of chauvin's slate of cases. and in larger sense, both the state and federal sentences against derek chauvin, signal a new commitment to justice by the minneapolis justice department, and our federal justice department. willingness that has not always been there to hold police officers accountable criminally for the crimes that they commit. that does it for us time now for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> good evening lawrence. >> good evening. ali and i was actually just going to begin with pretty much word for word the same summary of the derek chauvin update tonight. which doesn't add, as you pointed at, doesn't at present. time >> correct. >> but it does add that federal civil rights violation as a conviction that he pleaded guilty to, and spared everyone trial. on that. and so, you are right, this is that's a rare case, where case, where the police officer was
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prosecuted for murder, in the states, and prosecuted federally, for the civil rights. >> i will remember in minneapolis for that verdict, and i remember people saying to me, it's not just us everywhere, is accountability. justice would be if george floyd was alive. and a number of people who had been killed by police were alive. but it's a step toward justice by at least holding police accountable for what they do. >> it is that. and it's a big. one thank you. ali >> have a good show. >> thank you. and it's a big >> today, the most clownish british prime minister of our lifetime announced his humiliating resignation pending the choice of a successor and thereby demonstrated once again, the superiority of the british parliamentary system, over the system chosen by our founders, who believed they were smarter. and deciding to lock the country into fixed four-year terms, of presidents, who we
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now know, for partisan reasons, cannot be removed no matter what crimes they are caught committing. the founders obsession, to avoid all things british, in government, led them to the creation of the most grotesque institution ever imposed on a so-called democracy. the electoral college. the only reason to worry about the fairness of the next presidential election is the electoral college. without the electoral college, no problem. the electoral college is one of the founders many crimes against democracy. other crimes against democracy by the founders include two senators per state, not allowing anyone other than a small percentage of white men to vote. and not allowing anyone to vote for united states senators. the founders were expire
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mentors in democracy. not true believers in democracy. they were dabbler's and democracy. many of their obstacles to democracy, that they put in the constitution, have been removed. women are now allowed to vote. black people are allowed to vote. everyone now, at least, has the right to vote, theoretical right to vote. while republicans continue to try to make that fight more difficult to exercise. but the on movable roadblock to democracy at our presidential election is the electoral college, something that does not exist in any other country on the planet. republicans have completely given up the hope of ever winning more votes for president than the democratic candidate. it has been 18 years since the republican candidate for president won more votes than the democratic candidate for president. democratic candidates for
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president went routinely win millions more votes than the republican. and so, the only hope for the republican to win as we saw in 2016, was to somehow when the electoral college. prior to the year 2000, every winning candidate for president won the most votes and won the electoral college. so the electoral college was mostly just a theoretical factor, looking in the background, a presidential campaigns. now, the electoral college is everything. joe biden won pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes in the last election. donald trump won those 20 electoral votes for years earlier. and now, donald trump has a plan to win pennsylvania's electoral votes again. and this time, donald trump won't have to win the most votes in pennsylvania to win pennsylvania's electoral votes, because as we heard on this program last night, from our law professor and former republican, charles freed, the
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radical majority on the supreme court, may be participating in what he called, a slow motion coup d'état. the radical majority on the supreme court have agreed to hear a case that could allow state legislators to choose the electors for the electoral college, no matter which candidate gets the most votes in that state. pennsylvania is one of the states where that could happen. and the republican nominee for governor wants it to happen. the republican nominee for governor state senator doug mastriano, was plotting with rudy giuliani, to try to figure out how to give donald trump pennsylvania's electoral votes, last time even though joe biden won the most votes in pennsylvania. it was legally impossible to do. now there was some falsely alarmed written analysis at the time, and some publications, suggesting that the pennsylvania legislator could do that. but that analysis was always
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totally wrong about pennsylvania, in 2016. because at the time, the pennsylvania legislator would have had to quickly pass a law retroactively, giving themselves the authority to name electors and that law would've had to been signed by the governor, who is a democrat. and was never going to sign that law. so be the alarm in 2016 was a false alarm in pennsylvania. the supreme court might just decide though that even though the pennsylvania legislator has passed a law like all other legislators. delegating their authority to name electors, to the voters, who choose the electors, through the voting process, that same legislature condense simply decide to seize the power back to name electors. at anytime. without passing any new law. the supreme court might give them that power.
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and if the republican candidate for governor winds in november, in pennsylvania, he will help them do that. and we may be sitting here in 2024, watching presidential election, in pennsylvania, being stolen while it is also being stolen in other swing states with republican legislatures and the coup d'états will be complete and it will be televised. >> and the day that happens, the united states of america as we know it ceases to exist. that is what is on the ballot in november in the state where the united states of america was created. philadelphia, pennsylvania, was the place where the declaration of independence was signed in 1776, 11 years later, in philadelphia pennsylvania, the constitution of the united states of america was written and agreed to by the then 13th states.
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the place where the united states was born, maybe the place where it dies. nothing less than that is on the ballot in pennsylvania, in november, of this year. and in other states that could elect republican governors and republican legislatures who are already plotting to steal the next presidential election because the electoral college allows them to steal it. without the electoral college, republican stealing the presidential election would be mathematically impossible. they could never create enough fake votes in states like arizona, or georgia, or pennsylvania, to flip the national vote totals because in california alone, joe biden got 5 million more votes than donald trump. in new york, joe biden got 2 million more votes than donald
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trump. every other country in the world that is watching donald trump and republicans plot to steal the next presidential election, knows that the only way they can do that is the electoral college. and this is screaming lee obvious other countries because no other country has an electoral college. they look at it in wonder. every element of the criminal conspiracy that donald trump was running in 2020, to try to overturn the outcome of the presidential election, was a manipulation of the electoral college. that is it. that is the only way. most republican voters in pennsylvania did not vote for doug mastriano and the republican primary for governor. 56% of republicans voted for other candidates, many of the republicans who voted against doug machado agreed with the nine providence republican leaders who had come out today
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in support of democratic candidate in pennsylvania, because the future of the very existence of the united states of america, as we know, it is at stake. in the governor's election in pennsylvania. former congressman charlie depth, is one of the leaders of the republicans endorsing democrat joshua pirro for governor of pennsylvania. he is joined by former republican speaker of the pennsylvania house rogue representative and a former republican lieutenant governor, these republicans are endorsing the democrats because they believe that the republican candidates for governor in pennsylvania is dangerous. that is their word. dangerous. republican charlie that says that the republican candidate quote, is an extremist, who is a threat that the rule of law and the constitution or order. the rule of law and constitutional order are strong words for politicians.
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but they are way too dry. and academics and doing. for what actually is at stake. the united states will no longer be united. if pennsylvania republicans steal the pennsylvania presidential election in 2024. the united states itself is what is at stake. the word united will have no meaning if pennsylvania steals the presidential election. pennsylvania will not be reunited with its neighboring state of new york welch would deliver at least 2 million more votes for the democratic candidate. republicans in pennsylvania led by the republican candidate, for president, are applauding, not just a crime against pennsylvania voters. but a crime against the voters in every other state.
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republicans who have turned against donald trump, and trump supporting candidates, are generally described as anti trump. sometimes described as never trumpist. that is not with a stand for now. they do not stand simply on opposition to the worst candidate for president and history and the worst president in history, donald trump. they now stand in support of preserving the united states of america. and preserving the united states of america by preserving fair elections. republicans like liz cheney, adam consider, from the january 6th committee, who take a stand against republicans, find themselves in conflict with family and friends, and former friends. the state of missouri is now seeing such a personal conflict, deeply personal conflict, between friends. eric wright mints is running for senate. he was forced to resign as governor after allegations of
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sexual misconduct and campaign finance violations. in a country ravaged by mass murders. eric greitens made this campaign ad. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> join the maga crew, get a rhino hunting permit, there is no bagging limit, no tacking element, and it doesn't expire until we save our country. >> after seeing that, at a friend who has attended a recruitments weddings, released this video. >> eric, i want you to know that there are worst things in life and running for office honorably, and losing. trust me. i've done that. would you are doing now is not honorable, and it is not a reflection of the eric i know. even if you do win, you are gonna lose more than you can imagine by campaigning like this. you are called to hunt down republicans who disagree with you? that is my mom eric. just because she doesn't think the election was stolen, and let's be honest, you don't
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either, it's not a reason to threaten her. she was one of the few people to reach out when you were forced to resign as governor. she wrote to you about grace and redemption, she reminded you that even the greatest since those against one's own family can be forgiven. my kids who you played like us with eric, are going to ask one day when i did for my country in this moment apparel. you are going to ask to. i know that weighs on you. eric, what you are doing now is going to get someone killed. . to the right thing. drop out. focus on repairing the damage you have done and pray that it's not too late. >> leading off our discussion tonight is pennsylvania tony general josh shapiro, he is a democratic nominee for governor of pennsylvania. thank you very much for joining us again tonight, i really appreciate it. i have previously called the stakes in your election very high. they are only getting higher,
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especially with the recent decision by the supreme court to take up the case that could allow state legislators to name electors. i know there is the famous toenail phrase of all top politics is local, and you are supposed to be running on pennsylvania issues and going into local communities and talking about those issues. but, this governor's race in pennsylvania now, is now about the future of the very existence of the united states of america. you know >> lawrence i thought the waiting this of that in your lead into this interview. i feel it every morning when i leave the house and my wife pokes her finger at my chest and says, you better win this! and i thought to just a few hours ago when i was in carbon county, and a woman came over to me and grabbed me by the chest and said, you need to win! i am well aware that's our democracy, which was born here in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, where we have a unique responsibility to defend
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it, i am well aware that that is on the ballot in this governor's race. because i am going up against someone who is not just there on january the six, but breach the police lines. i am going up against someone who has tried to work overtime to not only overturned last election, but promised that he will use his authority that would be governor to deliver the next election, for the former president. it's very very dangerous. the stakes are very high. the good news is, we are gonna win. because we are building a broad coalition of republicans independents and democrats. people in rubble suburban, and urban communities, who recognize the stakes of this election, understand just how clear the contrast is. and they are prepared to defend our democracy here in its birthplace. >> let's take a look at the poll, and i don't normally care very much about these polls, especially at the state of campaigns, but it's important point to make that this is the
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usa today, suffocating poll. shows you at 44%, shows the republican at 40%. only four points separating you there. which is uncomfortable for anyone who sees those four points as defining the future of the country. 13% undecided voters and that poll. and those 13% of possibly ruin, going to decide a lot more than the governance of the state of pennsylvania over the next four years. >> look i obviously don't have a whole lot of attention to these different polls that come out, but here's what i do know. it's going to be close lawrence, we know that because if you just look at our last two presidential races, they were each set up by less than one percentage point. it's a razor thin state. it's why i am traveling all across this commonwealth, every single day, talking to voters, meeting them where they. our republican, independent, and democrats. here is the good news though, in 2016, when secretary clinton
7:18 pm
lost pennsylvania, i want. and in 2020, when a lot of other democrats loss in our state, i not only want, but i earned more votes than anyone in the history of pennsylvania, running for any office at any time. i don't say that pat myself on the back, i say that because i know how to win here. and the coalition we are building a strong, it's vibrant, and it's one that is going to help us get to victory. but make no mistake, it's going to be close. and with all the tongue on the line, i think it's getting more pennsylvanians engaged at a level that i have not seen before this early. it's really exciting. >> some of the nine republican leaders who have endorsed your campaign, set things that were not just stop the crazy guy, and save democracy. it's not just a defensive endorsement. some of them are in active agreement with your approach to governing pennsylvania, and that seems to indicate an ability for you to reach into
7:19 pm
that 13% undecided right now. >> that question, folks are joining our campaign, including those prominent republicans who endorse as yesterday. one because they know that i've got a track record bringing people together, to actually get things done. actually solve problems, and make their lives better. and two, and i think you cited congressman dan earlier, they fundamentally believe that my opponent is a threat to the rule of law. and the constitutional order. and that he is out there to try to undermine our freedoms. look, my opponent talked every day about freedom, he loves to cook himself in his blankets of freedom. but here is what i know. it's not freedom, when you tell a woman what she can do with her body. as he is known to do. it's not freedom when he gets to tell me what's books my kids are allowed to read in school. and it sure as hell isn't freedom when he says, yeah you
7:20 pm
all can go vote in pennsylvania, but i'll choose the winner. that is not freedom. and this is a man who is trying to take away our freedoms, trying to undermanned the rule of law, and disturb the constitutional order. and that is why republicans are joining our campaign, to go get together with democrats and independents, and why we will win in november, and defend our democracy. >> josh shapiro, candidate for governor, in pennsylvania, thank you very much for starting off our coverage tonight, we really appreciate. it >> thank you lawrence. >> thank you. >> coming up donald trump appears to be very worried about what his white house counsel, pat cipollone, it's going to tell the january six committee under oath, tomorrow. when he testifies behind closed doors, near katyal will join us next. ? doors, near katyal will join u
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counsel pat saponi will testify in a closed session with the generous a committee. it will be done on video for possible public use. former investigator for the january six committee said this about pot cipollone's testimony. >> i've heard other people say that he could be the john dean of this investigation but he's different from john dean and a very important respect which is john dean was actually involved in some of the wrongdoing. here i haven't seen any evidence of pat cipollone was involved in the wrongdoing, in
7:26 pm
fact he was trying to stop it. but it is similar and john dean in the sense that not only did have the same position as white house counsel but he was right there in the room and so many of these conversations took place so he could turn out to be a very central witness to this whole investigation. >> joining us now is neil, former acting u.s. assistant -- this is a big day for the committee whatever investigation like this we, have the white house counsel coming in. we know he has been quoted in conversations that are material that don't even include donald trump. donald trump is not even in the room for some of these conversations. there isn't a with of privilege around many of these conversations? >> exactly lawrence, this is a big deal. the white house counsel is donald trump's top lawyer. we know he was a witness to so many of the things that donald trump did. in his testimony already before
7:27 pm
the congress that cipollone thought the trump was in danger of getting indicted for every crime in the book. if you want to know how serious this is, i think we can just take a look lawrence at donald trump's reaction to the thought that his top lawyer is going and testifying before congress tomorrow. trump issued a statement that really was kind of a rare soft touch. this is totally not trumpian. it didn't undermine cipollone's credibility, he didn't call him sully names like whatever donald trump would normally do. that's trump think that he does when he scared. with cipollone, he is terrified. so what he is doing is kind of buttering up cipollone and talking about privilege and this is not hoping cipollone will assert executive privilege, assert attorney client privilege and as you say, there's not a with of privilege
7:28 pm
about this stuff. this was a sure loser and every court where privileges asserted and will be an incredibly waste of time and incredibly damaging to the law firm the mr. law cipollone not to tell truth. tomorrow >> years with donald trump said in his written statement. i don't normally bernie audience with trump statements but this was interesting for a number of reasons. he says, why would a future president of the united states have to have candid and important conversations with his white house counsel if he thought there was even a small chance that this person, essentially acting as a lawyer for the country, may someday be brought before a partisan and openly hostile committee in congress, or even a fair reasonable committee, to reveal the inner secrets of foreign policy or other important matters so bad for the usa! exclamation point. any less so striking because i guess the watergate hearings were in the early years of
7:29 pm
donald trump's nightclub life and new york. he may be the only american who didn't watch the white house counsel john dean testify under oath and bring down the nixon presidency in the process. >> exactly lawrence. to me i read that statement, it's just fear, fear, fear. he is scared. to the extent donald trump is saying there's a chilling effect, i guess he's got me there. i guess it's going to chill future presidents from plotting a coup and telling your white house counsel about it. that's the chilling effect that is created. not doesn't particularly worry me. does worry me sometimes, i do believe an executive privilege. i do believe there is that. it just doesn't encompass people wrapping up a crowd and ordering them to storm the capital and interfere with the counting of electoral votes.
7:30 pm
so you know there's a zone for true executive decision making. what donald trump was doing was not acting as the president of the united states, he was trying to protect his job. he didn't care about the consequences for the country, there's no privilege claim here that will be sustained by any court. >> the theoretical version of it that donald trump comes up with the idea of the committee asking the white house counsel of the secrets of foreign policy. that remains impossible. no white house counsel in history has ever, ever been asked the secrets of foreign policy by a committee. no committee is ever attempted to do it. so his statement relies on this kind of utterly fanciful notion of what is involved here at every level. >> exactly lawrence. this is not like an oval office conversation that mirrors and some sort of working constitution debate on foreign policy or something that takes
7:31 pm
place in the situation room. this is him literally plotting a coup and trying to whip up things including this fake electoral scheme and things like that, and by the way, supple one is an eyewitness to all of this including the collectors including this plot to try to get to get jeff clark to be attorney general which apparently cipollone was the one who threw this plot out. and a whole bunch of other things like cassidy hutchinson's testimony last week when trump was told that people were armed and he ordered the metal detectors to be removed. all of that is stuff that cipollone knew about, was an eyewitness to. that's why his testimony is so important. that's why i really praise the committee but i really wanted them to subpoena cipollone. it took them a while to do it, but they ultimately did it. we're gonna have's testimony tomorrow. to me, i think the most remarkable thing about the committee lawrence, is not just
7:32 pm
that they have changed public opinion these hearings have changed the opinions of people closest to donald trump. the ones who were willing to speak for a year and a half, who sat on the sidelines, who would've been silenced in 2024, but these hearings of force them to come out of the woodwork, and pat cipollone is another one who comes out and tells the truth, tell the american public what happened. >> we could see pieces of this testimony as early as next tuesday when the committee has scheduled its next public hearing. they have that hearing scheduled right around the same time they were scheduling disagreement on testimony. so, it seems they were prepared to go forward with this hearing even without more material from cipollone but. now that they have it, they have shown the ability to use newly-obtained evidence in the public hearings. >> exactly lawrence.
7:33 pm
my hats off to the committee for just presenting this in a way that ordinary people can understand. you can just watch this you don't have to have a lot agree, the idea that a president of the united states could be acting this way in the oval office. perhaps to me the most interesting thing is the hearings so far have not focused on the hundred and 81 minutes in the oval office while the capitol was under attack. they're obviously saving that for the end. they're obviously trying to paint a picture through witnesses and what actually trump was doing if anything during those 181 minutes. so there's a lot more to come. the committees doing a great job, but i think tomorrow is a very critical day for the truth to come out and i really hope that mr. cipollone does the right thing. >> we will have to be patient and discover what the cipollone truth is that comes out in that testimony tomorrow behind closed doors. neil, thank you for joining us once again always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> coming up, russian state tv
7:34 pm
is already talking about donald trump running for president again. julia davis who watches russian state tv will join us david. that's next tv will join us david. that's nex
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about donald trump running for president in 2024. >> [interpreter]
7:39 pm
>> and joining us now is julia davis comms with the daily beast creator of russian media monitor and david rothkopf a foreign affairs analyst for usa today and for the daily beast. julia, what are we to make of that exchange on the russian tv where they're talking about we have to think about whether we want to reinstall donald trump as president? >> it's a twofold message to their own audience. they're trying to convey that they are omittance that, they are telling the former president of the united states want to do, and also i believe it was a message to trump himself to stick to the message i'm.
7:40 pm
as long as he does, they will continue to support him or lead him to believe that they support him. >> and david, donald trump of course has been characteristically silent about vladimir putin's war in ukraine. you don't hear him cheering on president zelenskyy and you don't hear him cheering on vladimir putin anymore now that we're past the stage of him declaring the invasion of ukraine a work of genius? >> well, i think he realizes he may someday want to call upon president putin again if he runs for office. i don't think he wants to run afoul of president putin. that's why he's sort of walking a fine line on all of this. essentially, once again betraying american values and our national interests in ukraine by not doing what he
7:41 pm
should do as a leader of a major american political party and support democracy, stand up against putin, stand up against putin's aggression. aggression that in the past he has played down in order to stay cozy with his buddy. >> julie davis, what is the coverage of president biden in russian tv? i assume he's regarded as an enemy because of his support for ukraine? >> absolutely. he is portrayed as the devil incarnate. they are bashing him and mocking him in every way possible and expressing their desire to have him somehow forced out of his position or certainly not reelected. they are supporting the one candidate who they believe is his strongest opponent if he doesn't and up getting indicted and they don't think he will. so they're all for trump.
7:42 pm
they're also expecting him to deliver basically the same warning he delivered for them when putin annexed crimea and that is a message of total support, that it was a smart move, genius move and those ukrainians actually wanted to be part of russia. that is i think the message they're sending him. that's what they want from him again, and in return they will try to interfere on his behalf. >> david, it's fascinating to hear joe biden attacked. in this country by republicans but on russian tv when he has been so supremely effective in countering vladimir putin by supporting ukraine as strongly as he has. it's a level of presidential success at this kind of intervention that i don't think we have seen since franklin roosevelt mounted land lease to support the british before the
7:43 pm
united states entered world war ii? >> i totally agree with you. i think that the way the biden administration has handled the ukraine crisis, the way they've marshal our allies in europe, they strengthen nato to the strength and size it's never been before, that's not only great u.s. foreign policy that is putin's worst nightmare. he is already suffered the kind of strategic defeat he didn't think was possible and he is feeling it. what you are seeing on russian tv is kind of read in surfaces. it's kind of a distraction, because behind the scenes one of the russians doing? in a russian parliament, they are putting forward bills to give the government more control over the economy because they need defense production. people are starting to feel the sanctions, because they are worried that if europe moves off their energy dependency on russia that's gonna hurt more. because in ukraine they are struggling. they can't even get ukrainians
7:44 pm
in the occupied territories to occupy top positions and they're having to put russians in those positions. they are struggling and the reason they are struggling is at the western alliance that has been led by joe biden and that's why he's being vilified. >> david rothkopf and julia davis thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you,. >> coming up, sister simone, the leader of nuns on the bus was at the white house today for the presentation of the presidential medals of freedom. she was one of the lucky ones who left the building with the metal. sister simone will join us next. metal. metal. sister ♪ and party every day. ♪ ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ applebee's late night. because half off is just more fun. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. next
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just then our hero has a breakthrough. "shoot it, camera, shoot a movie!" and so our humble team saves the day by working together. on miro. other than my family the biggest impact my life this sisters of st. joseph. >> i can say the same thing about the sisters of st. joseph and that same brendan's my elementary school in boston. president biden awarded the presidential medal of freedom to 17 people today. like other lists of presidential medal of freedom honorees in the past, the list included world renowned artists and athletes, former officeholders, civil rights leaders, educators and for the first time in history today,
7:50 pm
the list included a member of the sisters of st. joseph. president biden recalled a conversation that he had with pope benedict when he was vice president. >> he said, do you have any advice for me? i said to be presumptuous of me to give you advice tirana. >> he said no really. i smiled and i said one piece of advice. i go easy on the nuns, they're more popular than you are. >> today, our next guest, sister simone campbell received the presidential medal of freedom. >> simone campbell. [applause] >> inspired by notes in catholic schools, sister simon campbell has dedicated her love life to this suffering. for nearly 50 years as a nun and an attorney, she is lead
7:51 pm
organizations that provide free legal services to the poor and advocate for workers. her moral courage helped pass the affordable care act and guide the nuns on a bus tour across america to protect the impoverished. with humility and fearlessness, sister simon embodies the blessing of faith in god and our obligations to one another as fellow americans. [applause] >> [applause] >> and joining us now is sister simone campbell for executive director of the catholic network, and leader of
7:52 pm
nuns on the bus and as you can see right now a 2022 recipient of the presidential medal of freedom. sister, thank you very much for joining us tonight on this very important night in your life. i saw that moment once that metal was around your neck and your hand couldn't resist and had to go up and feel that it was real. >> absolutely. i was so stunned. it was such a dear moment of being honored but also disbelief that the work that we do every day that just seems natural could receive such recognition. it was a humbling honor and it wasn't just me. it was all my sisters around the country who are being honored in the process. it was stunning. >> i know you and i know many nuns and i know that there is no none who has ever entered service in the hope of getting
7:53 pm
a medal of any kind. and so it was really something to see today. i was there once. i was there in 2011 with bill russell when bill russell, former boston celtics great, when president obama had to reach out to get the medal around his neck. i have to say he was an characteristically kind of speechless afterwards. how long did it take you after the fact to be able to put descendants together? >> well, i'm not sure i have arrived at the moment where i can put a sentence together yet. i think of the level of disbelief really comes from who i was with on that stage. it was so awesome to be with the person who had represented the civil rights folks. i sat next to simone biles, this young gymnast was so strong and powerful in her
7:54 pm
claim of mental health and own being. as you can, tell i'm still speechless. it was such an honor to be with them. >> you have forsaken material goods in this life that you have chosen. what would you say to people about what they should value? especially young people who are being beginning their careers? >> to value deeply, to have time in your lives to listen deeply to what is needed and to respond to those needs, as opposed to what can i get out of it, or thinking that i have one direct path. i never thought of this as a path to the medal of freedom. how do you do that? but to listen and respond to the things around us, to the cries that we hear. everyone here is cries in different ways, so listen and then respond. that's where the hope of our nation's, is that we can do
7:55 pm
this. it is possible. >> sister simone campbell, thank you for joining us on this important night. thank you for your service, thank you for everything you did to earn that metal. >> thank you lawrence, it's an honor to be with you. thank you for this opportunity. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be right back. opportunity opportunity >> thank youfor what you need... and a blowtorch. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >>
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freedom honoree, sister simone campbell, gets tonight's last word. the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. the 11th hour >> tonight, as the political power of one controversial later suddenly disappears, efforts to challenge the legitimacy of another kicks into high gear. then two weeks after the reversal of roe v. wade, the ability to obtain an abortion is simply going away in some states. we will ask one state lawmaker about what happens now. plus with the next mass shooting likely just days or even hours away, we talk with a big city police chief of how the bitter politics over at the