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tv   The Mehdi Hasan Show  MSNBC  July 10, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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we've an answer to the question, who shot and killed jim ten. during -- put to rest. >> that's all for this edition of dateline. i'm craig melvin. thanks for watching. edition of dateline. i' >> welcome to the show. i made the hudson. earlier this week, i told you about a father who took his children into the 4th of july parade in illinois. a father who grabbed a child and put them in a dumpster to save them when a mask shooter began firing on that parade. horrific stuff. now, we're learning about aidan mccarthy, a two-year-old, found alone on the parade route. why? because his parents, kevin and irene, were killed by that masks shooter.
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he's an orphan now. stories like this are horrific to all of us. as a father, as a human being, my heart is broken for aiden, for the mccarthy family. what's worse is to see the reactions of republican politicians when stuff like this happens. we are overwhelmed by gop extremism. every day brings a new crop of ghastly statements, bold face lies and bonkers, offensive conspiracies. from republican officials, and candidates. it's difficult not to become numb to them. it's tempting to just ignore them. this is the political party that could be in control of congress in a matter of months. so, though i would much murdered voided, and i hate talking about her, we have to start today with gop congresswoman, marjorie taylor greene. she spoke in a clip from her podcast about that mass murder in highland park. a clip that went viral on twitter this week. but >> here's what i have to
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say. i mean, two shootings on july 4th. one in a rich, white neighborhood and the other a fireworks display. it's almost sounds like it's designed to persuade republicans to go along with more gun control. after all, remember, we didn't see that happen at all the pride parades in the month of june. but as soon as we hit mcgahn wants, as soon as we hit the month that we're all celebrating, loving our country, we have shootings on july 4th. i mean, that's -- you know, that would sound like a conspiracy theory, right? of course. but what's the definition of a right-wing conspiracy theory? well, by the way, it's the news that just six months early. >> that's a sitting member of congress, saying on her own podcast, the philadelphia and highland park shootings on monday, on independence day, the latter of which killed seven people and wounded three dozen more, quote, almost
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sounds like it's designed to persuade republicans to go along with more gun control. in other words, a false flag. when a reporter from atlanta reach out to greene's office to clarify what you meant by the remarks, she took to twitter to call the report left his garbage and lies. she shared a private message in which some of her staffers told a reporter that, quote, it's an out of context clips from an hour-long podcast on leftist twitter. today, the staff of this show, my show, went to greene's facebook page and watched the 69 minute podcast to get the full context. it's even worse. >> we just finished up the month of june, which is pride month, where there were parades and festivals -- we also saw lots of things that really children should unsee, people -- naked people even. trans strippers dressed like drag queens. we never saw any of these
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parades or events get shot up. we never saw mass shootings that these events. yet, as soon as all the hashtag -- after the fourth signs and slogans came out, a bunch of cities were saying terrible things about their july 4th celebrations, a bunch of democrats it is, by the way. well, would have been on july 4th? a bunch of shootings. terrifying americans in all different places. you know what's, who knows? maybe this conspiracy theory to. >> why were there are no mass shootings at pride parade? just independence day celebrations? never mind that june, pride, month also marks the sixth anniversary of the -- nightclub shooting that killed 49 people in again at club in orlando in the second worst mass shooting in american history, greene did offer her thoughts and prayers to the shooting victims. she lamented mass shootings in america nfl video. but, was the suggestion that highland park was a false flag
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out of context? not at all. for more context, you can look at her twitter timeline. on tuesday, she tweeted this, obviously -- highland park shooting suspect. quote, people are not stupid. is he in jail or an rehab or a psychiatric center? that's not his bedroom. 36 math -- she posted, quote, supposedly this is photoshopped. supposedly. all the due diligence of a sitting republican member of -- not just any member of congress. marjorie taylor greene is among the most extreme republicans on capitol hill, unquestionably one of the republican party's most powerful's fundraisers. a reputation that she built largely on decrying mass shootings, as false flags. this is the woman who even, before she was in office, taped herself harassing parkland shooting survivor david hogg on the street. she launches supported conspiracy theorists, who claimed the parkland and sandy hook school shootings were staged. in may, she suggested without
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evidence of the uvalde school shooter was a cross dresser and questioned how he bought his guns. where is greene's boss? house minority leader kevin mccarthy -- as of this taping, his office is not responded to the request for comment about this member of his caucus. it's not just green or georgia where we're seeing this lunacy from the right, case in point, the republican senate primary in arizona, where the front runner -- faces questions about his old online postings. postings in which he lamented the u.s. entry into world war i and to, and approvingly -- he cited an old antisemitic conspiracy that the rothschild -- entry into world war i -- statement calling his postings old news. who cares, they say. fair enough. people change.
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they do. so what's he saying now? >> women are not paid less in america than men. it's a left-wing narrative, this gender pay gap. when you control -- you control for people taking timeouts. the birth of children, things are actually pretty equal. men do the most dangerous jobs. -- we don't need to be -- >> we do have a gun violence problem in this country and his gang violence. it's people and shank cargo, st. louis shooting each other. very often, you know, black people, frankly. the democrats don't want to do anything about that. >> they just want this open border. this is a policy program. from the democrats perspective, they like it, it's good. i'm old enough to admit the obvious, right? which is that they're doing this so that someday, they can amnesty these people and make them voters, we expect a vote democrat. >> blaming gun violence on
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black americans, paying women less, doubling down on the racist great replacement theories -- buffalo all paso and -- in another period american history blake, masters would be unelectable -- if you can even call them that. we know republicans are letting this nonsense flow freely to their base, and we know that democrats don't want to give these dumpster fouls more oxygen. i sympathize. my team and i discussed before the show, the pitfalls of platform-ing the fact free bile coming from the marjorie taylor greene's, and the blake masters of the world. the fire like this can't be allowed to range unanswered. we cannot accept living in america. in an america where politicians can say mad, offensive, outrageous things about shootings, without political consequences. when the bodies of those innocent american victims aren't even buried yet. we can't. joining me now is msnbc political analyst, david jolly.
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former republican congressman who is no longer with the party -- contributing writer at the atlantic and host of the podcast, then you have normal. thank you both for joining me. at>> molly, how do you save a problem like marjorie taylor? green -- you can actually help normalize them and you lose energy that could be spent articulating a real vision for americans. but, it's not as if democrats are doing the vision thing anyways. green has his big following you -- can't just ignore her either, can you? >> well we would need, theoretically, grown-ups in the room, right? members of the republican party would say that this is not okay. the closest you've got to that is live cheney and adam kinzinger. that's why they stand out. you may not agree with them, but they're saying that it's not okay. which trump did was not okay. -- >> people you are using the trump playbook and fundraising
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of this racist instinct of -- racism and sexism and anti, anti, anti everything. i think it's a very tough situation. what we need, theoretically, is grown up in the room. i just don't see that in the republican party. >> not at all. meanwhile, they get more and more outrageous, almost numbing us to this stuff. -- let alone lead with it. part of me is like, no, we can't just be silent, as she suggests seven dead americans -- david, you are republican in the room, as the gop was taken over by tea party extremism a decade ago. even then, the tea party folks didn't say is -- as recently as 2016, i would argue, that video of her suggesting a mass shooting was a false flag would be enough to end a political career. yeah, it would be 22, she can get away with. it >> yeah, mehdi, the comments of marjorie taylor greene
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remind me of a very sad awakening i had when i served in congress, which is the realization that nothing in the constitution requires judgment or intellect to be qualified to serve in the house of representatives. neither is moral clarity, discernment, fundamental commitment to equality and justice. we simply rely on communities to elevate people -- over national values. i think that's the greatest concern. we've entered into an era where marjorie taylor greene and others actually reflect a slice of american values. i like your comparison to the tea party because i think it's very important to look at what happened. coming to the 2010, consider myself an established -- many of us -- thought, this tea party wave, we can control it, it's not going to be a big deal. ultimately, the tea party waved to find the republican party. i think that's what's happening with this whack job caucus that's emerging, this
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anti-democratic caucus is emerging. it is taking over the party. it is the future of the party, and arguably, the present as well. >> molly, talking of the president, amid all this republican -- against gun control by republican congressman woman debbie lasko of arizona. have a listen. >> i have five grandchildren. i would do anything, anything, to protect my five grandchildren, including, as a last resort, shooting them if i had to to protect the lives of my grandchildren. democrat bills, that we've heard this week, want to take away my right -- >> molly, i was gonna say, i don't know whether to laugh or cry, but i just laughed as a wash up again. so i'm laughing. she clearly misspoke about protecting your grandchildren. she could've said, i meant i would choose someone to protect them -- she could've correct the record it moved on. no, not the gop in 2022.
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instead, she tweeted and i quote, it never ceases -- -- harm and grandchildren. absolutely ridiculous! i mean, it's on tape. she said she would shoot her grandkids, no one's misquoting her. she should've corrected herself. it's a broader problem here. this is a republican that doesn't give a damn about reality. >> they've moved to post true. they never have to correct themselves because there's not truth. they don't care, they'll just say -- i wasn't saying that, i was seeing something else. even though you can hear on the tape which he saying. it's this strange sort of post-truth world, but it fits. remember, with these gun issue, they will blame the shootings on anything but guns, right? don't blame it on mental illness. they have no interest in mountainous. they'll blame it on video games. anything they can. i think that, ultimately, it's
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just because they're in this post-truth world, where nothing is real and they never have accountability, so they never have to correct the record. >> you never see these republicans for themselves. >> david, i was just remind of why you said a moment ago about mcconnell and others thought they could control the tea party. i'm sure mcconnell thinks he can control these not cases candidates who are running in places like georgia -- yet, masters himself, have a listen to what he said in the speech on wednesday night at a gop rally. he told the crowd, we need to fight and win against the left. he said, we need to legislator informative america first agenda, and as far as i can tell, mitch mcconnell doesn't want to do that. this guys wanting to be part of mitch mcconnell's caucus and he's attacking him. he's funded by peter teal, we've talked about the show before, and it's far apart the ticks. this is no longer just ha, look at these crazies, this is a dangerous trend. th>> absolutely. mitch mcconnell not only is lost the narrative of today's gop, he may not be the next
3:15 am
majority leader, even if republicans take control. masters may not vote for mcconnell. eric right into missouri city won't vote for mcconnell. mcconnell and the establishment might really be losing control here. if we can examine the gop and recognize the danger and the crazy within it, mehdi, would i wrestle with -- these individuals are succeeding based on the support of the constituency. our politics, in many ways, reflects where our culture is. that is a harder root cause analysis to determine what would our culture -- to successful positions, when it's contrary and apathetic to american values into american destiny. >> that's a very good point. last quick question molly. we also learned this week, the former fbi director and his deputy both declared enemies biden trump. coincidentally, they had their tax return subjected to rare intensive audits by the trump run irs.
3:16 am
the new york times that the odds of either man being picked was a one and 30,000 chance. our staff talk about the odds of both of madam being picked was one in 589 million. can it be the president to -- use our eyes to go after his enemies taxes? >> can and very likely did. the guy was bragging about the idea that he might do whatever it took. i would not be surprised. again, i haven't seen the dots completely connected yet, and i think is important -- but, certainly, the idea of putting anything past donald trump seems like a mistake. >> i mean, was donald trump the president of the united states using government agencies -- were just asking questions. david jolly, molly john fast, thank you both for time. still to come, democratic voters are frustrated by an old
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fresh blood. with fresh ambitious -- is still stuck with establishment figures who have spent decades in washington. people of joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer. lawmakers with a long track record, but you are from a -- -- are increasingly frustrated with. the question then, is how do you get new voices and the bold vision into the party? something or someone to fired up. would maybe just maybe -- was restaurants, retching from lower manhattan -- coming from all sorts of backgrounds of decide to throw their hat in the ring for that open seat. of course, bill de blasio --
3:22 am
he's running as the experience option -- you also have elizabeth holtzman, a woman who became the youngest woman ever elected to congress, back in 1972. if she wins, she would be the oldest non incumbent elected to the house. -- -- which is merged with another in this year's maps. he's now seeking election in the tenth. they're also high provoke and it is like daniel goldman, an air to the levi strauss fortune, but better known as the former federal prosecutor who served as the chief investigator for house democrats in the first impeachment of president donald trump. -- her current state district sit inside the newly redrawn congressional district. -- that hasn't stopped her.
3:23 am
she's banking on the fact that she's the asian american locally reviving district were asians make up 20% of the vote, and she's leveraging both a proudly progressive message, especially on housing, and a grassroots campaign style. >> [inaudible] >> i represent the communities of -- i thought corporate power in one, even -- 's time to take our fights to congress. >> that was a clip from her already very buzzy campaign ad. already, the power for working families -- endorsed her over her more well-known rivals like de blasio engines, will that be enough to carry new through the crowd and -- it's anyone's guess. what's clear is that this isn't a contest over policy radiology,
3:24 am
it's one of the most progressive district in the country -- it's more race about what kind of democratic politician voters want to see represent them in congress. joining me now, new york state assembly member, and candidate for congress, yulia knew. thank you so much for joining me on the show. you told the new york times last month, we are running against folks with hundred percent name recognition. what made you want to jump into this crowded race? you are set to run for new york state senate seat, i believe, why switch, especially how crowded this is with big names? elieve>> first off, thank you fr having me. i wanted to say, i've already represented part of this district in the state assembly for the past six years. 100 percent of my assembly district is inside a new york ten. i want to continue to represent my neighbors, my community. i think that something that has been important to me, and i think i've brought to the new york state legislature is to
3:25 am
provide accessible, transparent, powerful representation in our government. right now, as you know, as you've been stating and other segments that you are hosting, our country is in crisis. we're seeing people killed every day. people are losing the rights. people are suffering. when we really need is political courage. we have a democratic majority in the senate and in the house -- until we have -- having a government that's not happening to us, i always used to think that, these laws happen to us, until i realized, when i started in turning, there was no big screen secret to access in government. >> one of the well known as you up against in this race, current congressional representative, mondaire jones. he's been very outspoken about many -- who has spoken -- he's also young, progressive, gay person of color, and an
3:26 am
incumbent congressman. for the sake of argument, why should progressive voters pick you over him? >> again, it takes political courage. it takes political courage to fight for your neighbors. it takes political courage to, not just care about staying in office, but to make sure you're willing to take the hard votes, the hard route, and make sure you're standing for everybody. in this race, i'm betting on people. i have one of these district 100 -- i know it takes the. when i won three times here and i'm proud of the coalition that backs me -- >> i get that. i don't want to be a troublemaker, but i do want to ask the question again, which is, by definition, if they pick you, they're not picking him. i'm just wondering, why do you think you're a better candidate than someone like him? >> sure. i actually love the guy to. i went and helped him on his race in rockland, with the sunrise movement. i think the reason why sunrise,
3:27 am
working families party, want me is because i've been living these progressive values to our work. it's really about identity, it's about purpose. everything i do, every policy that i approach is about racial justice and it's about making sure that we're focusing on our socioeconomic. too often i think we saw with these issues and try to tackle them in the pub. -- every issues a disability -- does is help us -- >> one of the big issues for progressives for americans as abortion rights. -- it's only the first of many hurdles. that proposal -- to eventually put a bill to
3:28 am
voters. as someone who's worked in albany and his vying for a position in d.c., what can state and local democrats to do to lead on reproductive rights? has joe biden in bc been doing enough on this? >> last month, right-wing supreme court justices had not -- entire country. our bodily autonomy is not protected under the rule of law. make no mistake, this decision will kill people. -- >> and for our state, we have these protections now, but it makes it also so that we have to make sure that we have the funding to help everybody. for all the people who might need to depend on our state for help. if elected, i promise, all work to codify the abortion rights of roe v. wade. the fight for reproductive freedom, and access does not stop there. roe v. wade never guaranteed accessible and equitable abortion care for all.
3:29 am
i will work to ensure that all people in other states have access to affordable, and i quote brutal -- regardless of where you live. we have to do better than row now. >> last question, you are running as a progressive, how would you compare yourself to the existing congressional party in washington? are you, like, congressional -- or are you more like the squad left? where would you put yourself? >> i think that we're all a spectrum of political views. i think it's probably -- i'm very progressive. i'm proud to be endorsed by the working families body -- ever since back in 2016. i continue to live those progressive values to my work. i think that we have to be making sure that we're trying to push that further to make things more accessible and more just for everyone, and that's our true progress evaluates. >> is there a particular -- 30 seconds left. is there a particular policy or
3:30 am
position that you plan to take in congress that you think will make you stand out? >> i think some of the financial services -- really plaguing folks in our district. one of the biggest things has been trying to make sure that we have a wealth building in our communities, and making sure the stop predatory practices. i was just talking to folks about the payday lending industry and some of the things that are still permeating through -- the -- buy now pay later models. there's regulations that we need to look at because, right now, the lot of the service -- some of them are really great, and some of them are really terrifying. we have to make sure that we are helping people on the ground. >> assembly member, yulin you, candidate for congress. thank you very much for your time. still to come, after a wave of scandals, british prime minister johnson a stepping
3:31 am
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. as the world waited to see if ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ uk prime minister boris johnson could -- will finally resign, media tension was focused outside number 10 downing street in london, the official residence of the prime minister.
3:35 am
think of it is the white house of the uk. -- let's call him an unusual political icon. >> the -- until this very moment -- you get that sense of the time his leadership having a way -- of the conservative party. >> be honest, you want to listen to any that comment terry where you? you were distracted, because like television could be a high wire act, my friends. if you haven't already -- yes, larry has a title. he got the job more than a decade ago, after rat scurried across another bbc live shot. then, prime minister david cameron rescue larry from a shelter in 2011 but when cameron resigned, five years later, there were reports that he and his family had never really -- and going to leave very behind. the departing prime minister had to address the backlash that, gas, shock or, the cat
3:36 am
may have been a public relations ploy. have a listen. >> and the rumor that somehow i don't love larry, i do. i have photographic evidence to prove it. sadly, i can't take larry with me, he belongs to the house and the staff loving very much. as do i. >> it seemed left behind larry may have had a last lap. his fame in political profile only rose under his next prime minister, teresa may. he grabbed headlines when donald trump came to town, first by photo bombing the photo call as donald and millennia arrived. larry lounging on the windowsill outside, seemingly, thoroughly unimpressed, as most cats do, most the time, in my opinion. a short time later, while anti trump protesters raged across london, he stages owns it in, underneath the american presidents limousine, that earned him quite a few new fans. larry hasn't just shamed bird or two in his time, living in downing street, he's learned how to get the police, staff to do his bidding. when he wants to come and go, and he's managers charm the
3:37 am
pack of reporters -- as a grizzled, pessimistic reporter -- he even gets turned to for comment. take a listen to what happened on wednesday night. >> have you asked him to live resign, larry? but >> the cat may not have asked him to resign, but dozens of his own ministers did. boris johnson finally, finally, resigned, or one ounces resignation on thursday. which means larry will soon be living in working with his fourth prime minister. along with larry. >> i know that there will be many people who are relieved and, perhaps, quite a few will be disappointed. i want you to know how sad i am to be giving up the best job in the world. but that is the brakes. >> that is the brakes, indeed. it seems abortions and won't be
3:38 am
packing up just yet. there's a report that he won't be departing until he gets the chance to hold a huge wedding reception at the official weekend residence for uk prime minister's. it's called checkers, and his fancy, kids. he gets the venue for free. if he still prime minister. what's that saying? you can't shame the shameless. which brings me to my next point, johnson has often been compared to trump, when it comes to shamelessness and dishonesty and chaos. he's often called the british version of trump and between brexit and boyishness and bloopers galore, over his career, the comparison is the sound. 11 thing you did not see, before today's resignation announcement was an armed insurrection against the house of commons, in an effort to keep force johnson in power. at least the british trump spirit is that. still to come, wnba star, brittney griner, pleads guilty to drug smuggling charges inside a russian court, as calls grow in the u.s. for her
3:39 am
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and learn how abbvie could help you save. britney griner pleaded guilty
3:42 am
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on thursday to drug trafficking charges in a russian court, and could face up to ten years in prison. the wnba star as been held for nearly six months, since her february recess in the moscow airport. she was carrying -- in her luggage. the biden ministration says that griner is being wrongfully detained in pledged to do everything possible to bring her back to the states. just today, secretary of state confirmed that u.s. officials were able to attend our trial and deliver a personal rival -- demonstrations responsible for has come under fire. griner's wife, cherelle, in particular, accuse the white house of wasting time. president biden finally spoke with her on wednesday after receiving a handwritten letter from britney on the 4th of july, ensuring her that they're working to bring her home. at a rally, that same, night cherelle express your continued
3:44 am
frustration. >> i'm frustrated. i'm frustrated that 140 days have passed since my wife has been able to speak to me, to our family, and to our friends. i'm frustrated that my wife is not going to get justice. >> and unfortunately, britney griner is in the only american currently detained in russia. paul whelan, former marine, has been held there for nearly four years. he's currently serving with the u.s. government sir -- for espionage. once more, we learned sister says the biden ministration is yet to contact her family. let's not forget the americans wrongfully detained outside of russia either. -- has been held in an iranian prison since 2015. and just last week, he wrote a scathing new york times as -- chastising the white house. quote, i am compelled to break that silence now because i believe the biden ministration's approach to
3:45 am
resist doing -- in distress -- has filled spectacularly. so far, analysts president intervenes mediately we are likely to languish in the abyss for the foreseeable future. so what is next for this president -- and is the biden ministration doing enough to bring them home? joining me now to discuss is britain -- as well as a ph.d. student and the university of pennsylvania. thank you so much for coming on the show. what is your assessment of the white house's response so far to britney griner's detainment? >> i think the white house and the biden administration's response so far has been kind of wishy-washy. they are probably working and are working behind the scenes to secure brittani's release, but having initial conversations with britney's family and supporters would have help stave off some of this backlash that we've seen the past week in regards to the brittani release. just a couple weeks ago we had the mistake with the phone call that should've happened between brittani and cherelle.
3:46 am
they have a plan that didn't happen because an official wasn't in office on saturday to allow the call to happen. you have this easily adjustable issues with the biden ministration, and in particular, at the state department. on the other hand, we don't know all that's happening behind the scenes or what kind of negotiations could even happen between the biden administration and the kremlin in terms of a prisoner exchange or securing britney and paul wheeler's releases. this is something that is harder for the public to understand, including the family and her supporters, because these are not things that the administration of any president are generally going to share with the public. >> let me ask you this, brittani's coach, among other people, plenty people have said that's, but parties coach said, and i quote, if it was lebron in grounders place, quote, he'd be home. how true do you think that is? is it because she's a black woman that she's getting less attention from american politicians and journalists? >> i think it's hard to say but
3:47 am
i do understand the frustration of britney's coach. i think we have to put this into a different context. if it was lebron james or tom brady, i think would be in the same position but the asked that russia would ask would be considerably higher. we had secretary blinken who is talked about britney's case, the national security adviser has broken out about her case. they both reached out to party's family and wife. i do think bernie is getting a considerable amount of attention, versus the attention that others like poland has gotten before she was arrested and detained. thanks to britney's detainment, more americans are paying attention to the fate of paul whelan and is still in russian custody, and trevor reef was and russian custody until late april. >> that's a good point. >> question, you talked about russia and what russia wants. what does russia want? what did they get for detaining high-profile americans like brittney? >> well we're seeing is pretty much typical russian hostage diplomacy. generally, when russia takes
3:48 am
someone a, foreign person into custody, they generally want something. as we've seen with the release of read, they received another prisoner and an exchange, who was serving 20 years for drug smuggling. they want high-profile russians who are in foreign detainment. right now they have been really telegraphing the victor boot is a key person that they want out of american custody. he's known as the merchant of death, he served in a 25 years sentence in prison for armed selling and for selling arms to terrorist groups that wanted to kill american serviceman. he's a very bad actor. he's the person that russia has been telegraphing for months, even before brittani was arrested and detained. this is the person they want out of american custody. i think in terms of what russia wants, the first could be a prisoner exchange. the secondly, we have to remember, britney's arrested not happen in a vacuum. it happened in a worldwide crisis in a russian war in
3:49 am
ukraine. we have to think, america has significant sanctions on russia. we're one of the biggest supporters of ukraine's efforts against russia. could ukraine -- could russia ask for more -- eliciting of sanctions? all of those things, they could be out for play because britney's case is -- >> so according to espn, grant's guilty plea could be the precursor to a prisoner swap. you've mentioned that if the americans don't agree to handing over an alleged arms dealer, or convicted arms dealer, is there are others, are there swab that could work without victor about? >> i don't think it could. if you think about it from the russian perspective, this is the biggest and highest profile american they've ever had in custody. this is really the only way they have enough clout in terms of the foreigner the, american they have, to get victor boot out. i think that's going to be key, is getting him out. or some heavy concessions in terms of american sanctions on
3:50 am
russia regarding the war. >> here's a question for you than. you study russian history and russian relations with the west, given how bad relations are right now, put it in some context for our viewers. how bad our relations now with the warned ukraine and with the wider issues of energy, prisoners, et cetera, espionage, and appearance in elections. how about our relations between the united states and russia in a historical context and a big picture. how about to sell to be to get to how bad it is right now? >> i don't think we have to go back too far. we can think that's the jfk and his relationship with the bay of pigs crisis, in the cuban missile crisis, we're not quite there in terms of the threat of nuclear war. since i was a sense in the soviet union, this is the worst or relations have been with russia. we are actively committing war crimes in ukraine were supporting ukraine militarily financially. the sanctions are incredibly heavy, but we also have the problem of having high stature
3:51 am
americans, they also poland. all of these things are coming together and really one of the worst times in terms of our relationship with russia. >> yeah really is coming together all the worst times. as i mentioned you got the espionage act, the interference, the war, human rights abuses, and now we've got prisoner issues as well. i did smile when you said we don't need to go that far back and you gave the bay of pigs you gave us the cuban missile crisis. that's kind of far back, and also kind of scary, as you say. we're at least hopefully nowhere near any color conflict right now, especially with the war in ukraine. thank you so much for your analysis, kimberly, we appreciate it. we appreciate your time. >> we will be back with a look ahead after a very short break. we're not done yet, don't go away. ahead after a very short and forms an antibacterial shield. try parodontax active gum health mouthwash.
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you don't want to miss that conversation. that's tonight at 8 pm eastern, live here on msnbc on the money hasn't joe. for now, for me, goodbye. mone hasn't joe for now, for me, goodbye
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