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tv   The Mehdi Hasan Show  MSNBC  July 24, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the right as demonizing it. congressman -- targeted by some nasty political -- it is behind them in. why congressman joins me live to discuss? this week, when joshua david holy junior, one of the chief architects of the big lie and the new cardio king secured would convince be described as main character status in american politics. it's an honor that is not entirely new just in the last month in fact. suggesting that trans people don't exist during the senate judiciary committee hearings. this time, however -- not for some bile he spewed, but well, take a look. >> as you could see in this photo, he raised his fist and solidarity with the protesters. already amassing at the
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security gates. later that day, senator hawley fled after those protesters helped to rile up stormed the capitol. see for yourself. >> to be clear, on january the 6th, republican senator josh hawley authored the forthcoming book manhood, the masculine virtues america needs, ran away from the same mob, since -- the moment that was revealed by the select committee on thursday. he instantly became a laughing stock. let's look at the committee hearing and how they reacted. >> that clip went viral immediately, and trust me when i say the means have been just
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splendid, the washington post reported, holly may have in fact broken a guinness world record for starring in the most music videos in a single day. zoom is -- simply ruthless, laying spring steals born to run, running up that hill and entire playlist of songs over the video. my own favorite was brave, brave sir robin from monty python playing over the -- and running. believe it or not, holly did actually respond to the whole incident while speaking at the turning convention in tampa. i objected on january 6th last year. to the state of pennsylvania. i just want to say to all of us, liberals out, there and the liberal media, just in case you haven't gotten the message yet. i do not regret it. and i am not backing down. i'm not going to apologize and i'm not going to cower. i'm not going to run from you.
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>> really, josh? you are not going to run? you are making this too easy, senator. it is worth noting, though, why there's been such an outpouring of ridicule for hawley. missouri -- the gop sedition caucus. remember, in the lead up to the capitol insurrection, hawley openly and recently aligned himself with the most anti-democratic forces in maga wealth. even in personally calling on his supporters on one sixth itself, to, quote join him and president trump and challenging the election result. and to be clear, he might now say he was just objecting to the vote in pennsylvania, not trying to overturn of joe biden's win, but at the time, in the run up to january 6th, that is not what he was saying. >> to pin you down on we are trying to do, are you trying to say that as of january 20th, the president trump will be president? >> that depends on what happens
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on wednesday. >> it depends on what happens on wednesday? hawley didn't just talk the talk, he was the first gop senator to say out loud, he would formally object to the electoral vote certification on 16. he provides trump's unhinged elected lie with its first smear evan establishment, gravitas. note that hollies on mentor the men who effectively launched his career, formed a missouri gop senator jon down fourth. he says that if not for hawley, the instruction would not have happened. i repeat, if not for him, if not for hawley, when six would not have gone down the way it went down. my question, naturally is, with manner of accountability is josh hawley facing? we'd be shocked. none whatsoever. this man objectively should not be serving in a government he actively attempted to overthrow. he should have been expelled from the senate on january the
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7th 2021. and i remind, you there is a historical precedent for expelling 14 confederate senators, from that body after they plotted to destroy the government they claim to serve. so i senator josh hawley deserving of special treatment? what's good for the goose is good for the gander. to those who might wine, the democrats just don't have the votes to do that, okay that, at least century. publicly chastise him. do something. and yet, as reported by politico, the democrats toothless ethics complaint against hawley hawley, for his actions against the capitol attack has effectively gone nowhere. in, fact last we heard for the record, was last november, hawley has not even been contacted by the ethics committee. the senator from missouri is now taunting us. he is taunting everyone. i mean that literally. when we are debating exactly how softly a slap on the wrist he should be given he is hawking vicious stick mugs on
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twitter. this is what happens when there are no consequences for the enablers of insurrection. joining me now is john nichols, national affairs correspondent at the nation who made the case for expelling hawley from the senate just days after january 6th at the capitol. thanks for joining me on the show. john dan ford, the republican and a mentor to hawley, said 16 would not have happened without hawley's involvement. that's not hyperbole, is it? >> no, it's not. i covered the run up to january 6th, and i was watching a group of united states senators. who had been outspoken on these issues. very outspoken on trump's behalf. i was watching ron johnson from wisconsin very closely. as january six got closer, johnson backed off a bit. so too did ted cruz and others. and then josh hawley jumped forward. he signaled that he would vote
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against recognizing the results of the election. effectively seeking to overturn those results. and when he did so, that's what's open the floodgates. not only in the senate, but also in the house of representatives. >> so, john, some might say expelling him from the senate, as you argued, as i've argued on the show in the past, it's too severe punishment? it's something that's only rarely been done in u.s. history, and others will say even if you want to do, with the democrats just don't have the votes. you need two thirds majority. what is your response? >> look, my response to those arguments is, we have a constitution in this country, which every member of the united states senate in the house representative, where there is an oath to uphold. the constitution has clear balance within, and suggests that when you engage in sedition, when you engage in support for an insurrection, you are supposed to be held to account. and it is absurd that the united states senate has not
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done so. as regards, josh hawley and frankly, as regards other members who urged on, egged on an insurrection that led to the deaths of multiple people on january 6th, and has since led to deaths, and really, tremendously awful results for not just your individuals in the capital, but people across this country. and until you have accountability, or those members of the senate, and those members -- we won't really resolve the issues that occurred on january 6th. >> john, it's easy to laugh at josh hawley, and it's ridiculous to see him running from the mob being incited. and he laid it up masterfully on thursday. at the select committee hearing. let's talk big picture. what does josh hawley represent within the gop right now? he has pushed the pseudo-populist kind of nationalist conservative -- he's writing a book about manhood, masculinity.
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is a very proud, christian conservative. what would a wholly presidency look like come 2025? that is clearly what he wants to achieve? >> well, we would have a president who wears a black t-shirt, i guess. at least that is what he did at the big rally the other day. here is the bottom line. josh hawley is an incredibly smart, incredibly calculated politician he is much more disciplined, although he does not always show it. he is much more disciplined overall. frankly, if josh hawley were too in some way emerge as the democratic nominee for president of the united states, or the vice president, -- the >> republican nominee? >> yes, the republican nominee, for president of the united states or vice president, you would have someone there who is, i think much further down the track than donald trump with regards to sympathy for authoritarianism, sympathy for an outside the law approach to
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governing. and frankly, one final thing. josh hawley is someone who knows the constitution well. he understands that he is at odds with it. he is clearly comfortable with that. that is a big deal. i don't think donald trump was fully aware of how at odds the constitution was. i don't think he cared. i think josh hawley is someone who is much deeper into this. >> so much more calculating for authoritarians. jon nichols, thank you so much for your reporting and your analysis. i appreciate it. >> it's an honor to be with you. >> coming up, michigan congressman and 11 has been taunted by millions of dollars and negative ads in his democratic congressional primary race. you will be fascinated, i think to hear where that money is coming from. he joins me live next. i thin to hear where that money i to hear where that money i coming ♪♪
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>> donna edwards, aloofness
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from the details of local problem solving, notorious for intention to constituents services. ups responsible for the content of this at. >> that was an ad mate and paid for by the united democracy project, a super packed belonging to a pack, the pro israeli lobbying group. it was one of many attack outs made against former democratic congresswoman, donna edwards, during her recent primary run to try and reclaim her old maryland house seat. on tuesday, donna edwards lost badly to a much lesser known, former state attorney, prince georges county glenn iv. now, how did donna edwards, who was endorsed by nancy pelosi, hillary clinton, and elizabeth warren, plus a novel local and national labor unions. the progressive caucus at emily's list, lose this race. a lot of it have to do with money, and more dark money. her race is one of the most expensive congressional primaries in history, with nearly all of the money coming from outside groups, including that aipac super pac, the
5:16 pm
united democracy project. they spent $6 million on attacking, just since mid june. other groups pitched in about 1 million dollars more. but these ads, funded by pro israel lobbying groups, by and large not even mention israel in the ads. and most offended by republican millionaires and billionaires. i should mention here that we've reached out to aipac for comment. i have not heard back. but my next guest, democratic congressman andy levin of michigan knows what this is like all too well. they're not a democracy project has already spent more than $2 million and attack ads against him. in michigan's democratic primary race for the 11th district, where he is up against fellow democratic incumbent, haley stevens. congressman levin joins me now. thank you for coming on the show. let me get right to it. you are jewish. why is a pro israel a lobby group, using a super pac, and dark money, to try and defeat you in a democratic primary? >> i'm not just jewish, mehdi,
5:17 pm
i am one of two former synagogue presidents in the congress, along with senator jacky rosen. i've got the -- i've got -- on all my doors. i'm really jewish. but aipac can't stand the idea that i am the clearest, strongest jewish voice in congress, standing for a simple proposition, that there is no way to have a secure democratic homeland for the jewish people unless we achieve the political and human rights and for the palestinian people. that's it. last i checked, that was the policy of every democratic and republican administration, pre-trump, of this country. but aipac has completely gone off the rails, and they are trying to end my career because i won't follow in line with their view of what it means to be pro israel. >> and of course, donna edwards, who lost in maryland, she spoke out early this week, rejecting,
5:18 pm
you know, accusations of antisemitism, simply because he wanted to defend palestinian rights. you mentioned, yourself, you are a former synagogue president, much harder to accuse you of being an antisemite. which is surprising to me is that aipac running these ads, and they don't mention israel, which is what aipac is supposed to be all about. what's with this? >> yeah, it's extremely troubling, the, you gotta go beyond this instance, and think what this means, if the democratic party allows republican billionaires to come in here, and dominate democratic primaries. it can go well beyond israel. every right-wing calls can come in and spend money to curate who they want, running the democratic party, being elected as a democrat to the house or senate. and the fact that i am a flat out champion for medicare for all, champion for the green new deal, and so active on progressive causes, i am one of
5:19 pm
80 some people who voted to reduce military spending, recently. and you know, these republican billionaires, they don't want somebody like me in congress. they funnel the money through aipac the, and we are gonna be in big trouble, as democrats, if we allow this to happen to our party. >> you mentioned republican billionaires. given the united democracy project, this aipac super pac, takes money from republican donors. given aipac is endorsed for reelection, where this house republicans who voted to overturn the election on january the 6th. should your democratic opponent, congresswoman stevens, be denouncing and repudiating their support for, should all democrats be calling them out, and rejecting their involvement in democratic primaries? >> all democrats should. i mean, i rejected funding from any group that also backs republican insurrectionists. i mean, mehdi, it aipac is not just backing republicans. they are back in jim jordan, ron jackson, scott perry, even
5:20 pm
the loudermilk guy who was giving tours to insurrectionists on january 5th. so, yes, my colleague kayleigh stephens should reject the influx of money from republican megadonor, which is corrupting our primary, and all of us should, for the sake of the democratic party, and for us to be able to determine our own candidates and our own future. >> and is there anything that can be done to deal with this wave of dark money that has been poisoning american politics, since the supreme courts citizen united decision in 2010? we don't hear much about campaign finance reform from top democrats these days. >> yeah, well, we could do a lot. but first, let me just tell your viewers that, you know, some early block this died in pennsylvania, and jaime mcleod skinner, in oregon. andrea salinas, in oregon six. and i'm gonna but the trend in this year's new 11th district. one thing we're gonna do is just completely wipe them out
5:21 pm
in the old fashion, democratic practice of citizens talking to citizens. we are knocking so many doors, making so many calls, and we are specifically calling out this idea of right-wing billionaires, coming to dominate our politics. and you know, let's give your viewers some specifics here. i mean, we're talking about bernie markets, but union busting cofounder of home depot, putting in 1 million box. paul finger, the hedge fund guy who opt to destroy middle class jobs in at&t. and horrors just uncovered that founder, jan coon -- put $2 million to aipac super pac. this is someone who's donating to right-wing causes, and we just can't have it. yes, we can do a lot about campaign finance reform, even on citizens united. and we should. >> are you saying the home depot billionaire guy doesn't care about democratic party
5:22 pm
causes? come on, congressman! that's not fair. former congresswoman donna edwards tweeted out after her loss this week. my take, the world is not a better place when people who believe in peace and human rights are quest. how hard is it, congressman, for elected democrats to call out human rights abuses, in places like the israeli occupied territories, or in saudi arabia, when those countries are our allies, and when there are so many lobby groups think tanks, willing to go back on their behalf, run primary acts against people like yourself? >> well, mehdi, you know, i just do it anyway. you know, i've been one of the members of the egypt human rights caucus. i have spoken up against what's happened in kashmir. i speak up for ending the occupation, so israelis can live in peace with the palestinian neighbors. and we just have to do the hard work to make that happen.
5:23 pm
i've called for the end of the u.s. collaborating with saudi arabia in its war and blockades in yemen. and i guess, it gets you some enemies, mehdi, but i'll tell you something, brother, it is not worth winning some office or having some title, and not doing what's right. we always have to stand up, and do what's right, which means, human rights for everybody here and around the world, reproductive rights for women here in the united states and anybody who can have a baby, and all the other rights they are coming for. i'm just gonna stand up for them, and i think the voters of michigan's new 11th district will see through this onslaught. but it is overwhelming, mehdi, you cannot turn on a television, or open your phone, and not see paid for by aipac and the others. you just can't. >> we have to see what happens. congressman andy levin, thank you for your time today. >> you've got a, take care. >> we should note that we've asked congressman haley stevens
5:24 pm
chose to come on the show to discuss this issue. but we have not yet heard back from her campaign. still to come, how the democrats can succeed at selling themselves? but first, we richard lui is here with the headlines. hello, richard. >> hello, mehdi. stories we're watching this hour. hundred and southern japan advise to evacuate their communities after the volcano erupted sunday. japanese officials say that the sheer force of the eruption blew large rocks, nearly two miles away. no damage or severe injuries were reported. summer temperature records, shattered as a blistering heat wave swept across the united states on sunday. approximately, 90 million people under excessive heat warnings, and heat advisories. forecasters predict scorching temperatures for many, and will last through tuesday. pope francis landed in canada sunday. he will use the visit to apologize to indigenous peoples previous abuses committed by some catholic missionaries in canada's residential schools. more of the mehdi hasan show,
5:25 pm
right after this break. . the ♪ ♪ ♪ f the mehdi hasan show f the mehdi hasan show right after ♪ ♪this break the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪♪
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forest and there's no one around to hear it fall, doesn't make a sound? only ask because, remember one establishment democrats told us that passing the by passing on infrastructure bill, who do wonders for the political fortunes. -- maybe helps explain why. only 24% of voters know the bill actually passed into law and came into effect less than one in four. the rest don't know it's status or think it is still stuck in congress. congratulations, democrats. another messaging win for the party that wants americans to know all the hard work on infrastructure they're doing, as well as how that's lead the republicans have become. but the party when you do that
5:30 pm
has been quite yet to find a way to tell americans any of that, just this past week, democratic congressman -- and over 150 voted against protecting same-sex marriage. all really, really bad votes. unless ordinary americans are aware that those votes happen. yes, that's on the media. that's on my industry to, but it's primarily a challenge for the democrats who have never been relentless enough and disciplined enough or creative enough in their messaging strategy. where is the full court press against the gop. and where is the shouting from the rooftops from top democrats on infrastructure or abortion. there is one democrat that has been trying to forge a different path, but -- california governor gavin newsom. on friday, for example, he signed a new gun control law.
5:31 pm
modeled on texas governor greg abbott's controversial anti abortion law. it encourages residents of california to sue any manufacturers or distributors of guns. ahead of signing the legislation -- they took out ads using abbots on words against them and replacing abortion with gun violence and texas with california. the ad red are creative -- the right to life and yet children lose their right to life every year because of gun violence. in california, we worked to save those lives. look, think about the battle over messaging as a gunfight. republicans bring a rocket launcher to that gunfight. the race theory, grooming, mexican caravans in the rest. they got on. democrats bring a butter knife to that gun fight. they are halfhearted, they are lacking in passion or focus and that has to change. we are less than four months away from the midterms and tens of millions of americans still
5:32 pm
have no clue about the good stuff the democrats have done and the bad stuff that republicans keep doing. in that way, lies defeat. speaking of messaging, stick around after the break. professor kimberly crenshaw is here and she's pushing back against republican attacks on critical race theory. you will want to hear from her. do not go away. critical race theory critical race theory yoy & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. ♪ i'm the latest hashtag challenge. and everyone on social media is trying me. but if you don't have the right auto insurance coverage, you could be left to pay for all of this... yourself. so get allstate. do not go away do not go away , one year they want all dinosaurs stuff the next, camels. - llamas. - llamas. so save money shopping back to school on amazon. you sure that's not a camel?
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and we will work with you every step of the way to achieve it. >> every few months, it seems the right comes up with a new bogeyman, death panels, hillary 's emails, migrant caravans, the trans community. a lot of times, it's because many people don't fully understand these issues, and so, conservatives and make them sound super scary. and that is certainly the case with critical race theory, possibly the biggest gop boogie man of the day. seven and ten americans say they are eiffel not familiar with what crt is. they are not familiar with it,
5:36 pm
excuse me, or they even don't know what it is. to be honest, much republican politicians railing against it, couldn't define critical race theory, if their lives depended on it. so, what can be done to push back against the growing body of misinformation, and flat out lies about crt? who better to ask van kimberlé crenshaw, she's a law professor at columbia university, and one of the cofounders of critical race theory. she's now leading a crtc education boot camp for students and teachers, and she joins me now. kimberlé, thanks so much for coming back on the show. you and i have talked about critical race theory before. but for the uninitiated, for the seven in ten americans who don't know what crt is, just briefly, in layman's terms, explain whether this, please, because a lot of people who watch fox think it means telling white kids to feel guilty about being white. >> well, you know, mehdi, critical race theory is basically the legal infrastructure behind some of the things that many parents of color find themselves having to do every time they say goodbye to their kits.
5:37 pm
when you have to sit down and give your kid the top, when you yourself have to look in the rearview mirror, and when you see police officers put your hands at ten and 2:00 positions, there's illegal infrastructure behind those experiences. so, critical race theory, the original cost was looking at the ways that race and racism have become embedded into law, structured, if you will, so that racial inequalities can be reproduced without there being a races behind every law, behind every encounter. but, what we began to understand, mehdi, is that the issue wasn't really about what is or is not critical race theory. the wright has said this, they don't care what is critical race theory. what they care about is that they can use critical race theory as a way of packing in all anti races infrastructures, ideas, and in fact, policies and practices, labeling them as a threat to your children and
5:38 pm
your well-being. and counting on the races in the bounce, to get everybody riled up, so they point their finger at a false idea, and not the real idea, which is our democracy is at stake, and we need critical race theory to understand why and how. >> so, you are running a boot camp now on all of this. why, now? and what's the goal of it? >> well, you, know this was our third year of doing it. we started in 2020 when there was such a public outrage over what had happened with, you know, the policing that people were just getting sick of. and they were looking for concepts that weren't about bad apples, but where about institutional ways that the right to express violence and that way against civilians. the fact that most police
5:39 pm
officers know that they have immunity, and won't really face any consequence, this are products of structural forms of racial inequality, so we're trying to share these ideas, these concepts, because people were asking for more capacious ways of talking about their experience. and then, of course, last year, we were in the middle of the pushback against critical race theory. and so, we thought was important to provide opportunities for people to understand. now, our democracy is at stake. and people do not understand what white supremacy has to do with it. so, that's why we need to bring people together. 116 structures, to teach us what is critical race theory, and how it helps us understand, there is no daylight between democracy and anti-racism. >> so, i'm guessing, a lot of liberals, a lot of liberal politicians, there are so worried about the damage being done to their electoral prospects, by republican,
5:40 pm
probably they just don't talk about it at all. they probably just stay silent. and i wonder how democrats and you being two defensive, in their response to these gop attacks centered on critical race theory? because the responses always, it's not going k to 12 schools, which is true, but the implication of that, it shouldn't be bad if it was. it concedes to the gop that's something wrong and sinister about the critical race theory. >> here exactly right. i was listening to earlier segment, and who stole one of my lines. we have been talking to parents. parents, actually in virginia, parents that i call stakeholders that are multiracial democracy, parents of color, white parents, they were furious that the democrats didn't stand up and put up a fight. they said, they are bringing a butter knife to a gunfight. they are fully aware of what the attack of critical race theory is all about, even if they can't define it. 60% or more of these parents are in favor of it, and then, when we tell them what critical race theory actually is, it's
5:41 pm
the stuff you tell your kids, it's the histories that you want your children to know. the support for critical race theory goes up 20 points. our elected officials are not aware of this. they're not acting as though they are. and voters will punish them, if they don't stand up and fight for the values that people went to the poll and stood in line for hours in order for them to defend. >> i was talking to a producer of the show, earlier, and i made the point that this all reminds me of 2008, democrats response to barack obama's win, was to say no, is not a muslim. and it took colin powell to say, is not a muslim, but so what if he is? and i feel like it's the same here. it's not taught in school, but so what if it was? we'll have to leave it there. kimberlé crenshaw, thank you so much. always pleasure. >> thank you. >> coming up, what it means that the world health organization has declared monkeypox a public health emergency? and don't forget, you can listen to the mehdi hasan show
5:42 pm
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that has spread around the world rapidly, through pneumonia transmission about which we understand too little. >> the director general of the world health organization declared a global health emergency just yesterday, over monkeypox. a last time the world health organization declared a global out health emergency was in january 2020, for the coronavirus. now, two and a half years later, here we are, with yet another virus running the same designation that falls just short of the full-blown pandemic title, and of course, we are still grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, with covid-19 and all of those deaths that are still happening every day. in fact, there's perhaps no bit reminder that the current pandemic has not gone away and
5:47 pm
the president of the night states was so keen to declare victory with the pandemic last year, declare independence from it. now, he has covid-19 himself. white house coronavirus response coordinator, ashish jha, confirmed today that the president is sick with the newest and the highly transmissible covid variant, ba.5. still, biden's physician says the president is doing okay, and his symptoms are improving, as it completes his course of covid antivirals. lucky for the president. he has access to the best medicine and the best health care. millions of americans don't. joining me now is a doctor uché blackstock, msnbc medical contributor and founder and ceo of advancing health equity. dr. blackstock, thank you for being here tonight. a day after president biden's covid diagnosis, dr. leana wen, washington post columnist, former president of planned parenthood, wrote, and i quote, president biden's covid-19 diagnosis is an opportunity for segments washington straight the success of his leadership on the pandemic, and what
5:48 pm
living with the coronavirus looks like. for now, biden is back at work, carrying out all the duties of his office. that's exactly as it should be. in your view, is that as it should be? in a country with no paid sick leave, no free health care, people are just supposed to accept that they will keep getting covid, they will keep working when they get it? >> mehdi, thank you so much for having me. that is so dangerous, that narrative, to keep pushing what doctor wen is pushing. the fact is that, the president as you mentioned, has the very, very best health care available to him. so, he is not a good example to use at all. and also, the recent reason why the president wasn't impacted it was only because of a contagious variant, but because of the century lifted all of the covid protections. we've lifted mask policies. we lifted vaccine requirements. and so, that's why we are seeing, you know, a combination of this really high rate of infections, and we are also seeing re-infections. and i think to use him as an
5:49 pm
example, it's really just a false narrative. it doesn't apply to the majority of americans. he definitely doesn't apply to the wage workers who are disproportionately, they don't have health insurance, and disproportionately don't have paid sick leave, and have to choose between going to work and potentially infecting others, or losing their income. >> so, white house chief of staff, ron klain, actually tweeted act out about that opened by dr. wen, calling biden's covid, a teaching moment for the country. so, on the one hand, we have some members of the administration, like ron klain, echoing the notion that everyone will inevitably be exposed to covid, likely infected, you just go back to work, you'll be fine. on the other hand, as she shot, biden's coronavirus response coordinator has also been working about the new variant. it's high degree of quote on quote, immune escape. he's warned about the risk of reinfection that this spring poses. what should the descriptions
5:50 pm
question on conviction be, especially given, no one seems to talk about the risk of long covid? >> i think, long covid is often left out of the conversation. i mean, definitely, there is more research that needs to be done on it. but there's so much unknown to the degree that we should be preventing, having policies in place where we are preventing reinfection. and that needs to be discussed so much more than it is, and essentially, we are folding that. the vaccines, hospitalizations and deaths, and there's no mention of long covid. so we know that vaccines may reduce the risk of long covid, by about 15%, but we don't know is what multiple reinfection, potentially due to someone. and right now, given the status quo, where we essentially are wide open, we have no covid protections in place, we are going to see many americans with multiple reinfections. and at the disability community, as i said before, this potentially could be a mass disabling event, where we see millions of americans with long
5:51 pm
covid. >> a good thing to say there. that's a stark, but potentially true, something we should talk more about. i don't understand how anyone who has worked in health care, things that you are there system is ready for any what's coming down the line, for what's still happening right now on our daily basis. dr. jha said today that the hhs, department of health and human services is considering invoking a biblical emergency for monkeypox in the u.s.. we know that there's been a limited supply vaccine for monkeypox, certainly not enough to meet demand, and that demand is going up, of course. what would hhs public health emergency declaration enable the united states to do as a country? >> right, so that declaration, hopefully, essentially, it would ensure a coordinated response where we have a coordinated way of making sure that people are aware of the messaging around monkeypox, how it's transmitted, what do you do if you have symptoms of it. but also, ensure that there is surveillance, genomic early, around it.
5:52 pm
we are also finding, and researching ways to show more rapid testing. because right now, in terms of testing, is very difficult to get it on -- it involves multiple steps, and 6 to 3, four days to get the results back. we should ensure that we have an adequate supply of vaccines. so right, now we are seeing a pretty inadequate response to the monkeypox outbreak so far. we've seen that new york city, and, so a quarter native spots would make sure that we have the messaging in place and that we are able to push forward with the resources that are needed, to deal with this outbreak. >> let's hope the white house is listening. let's hope the department of health and human services is listening. doctor uché blackstock, we will have to leave it there. thank you so much for your analysis, appreciate it. coming up at the top of the hour with a man, doctor patel's dire warning about the future of ob/gyn in the united states, in the wake of republican abortion bans at the state level. that's tonight, 9 pm eastern here on msnbc. i'll be back in a moment with ayman talk about some really
5:53 pm
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we'll be right back, next sunday, 8 pm eastern. you can now find this on the msnbc hub, on peacock, and stream it anytime. new episodes of the mehdi hasan show on peacock will post every evening, monday through thursday. now, it's time to hand it over to my friend ayman mohyeldin. ayman, did you see the conference for right-wing
5:57 pm
students hosted by turning point usa, and in tampa, florida yesterday. because the speak has included donald trump, that cruz, all the other usual maga suspects. it wasn't their speeches that caught my eye. it was the weird way that they were introduced on stage. heavy watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wow! >> donald j trump! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:58 pm
>> now, ayman, putting aside how cringed that old one was. the fact that this conservative moment has gone on full mode, and it's actually quite revealing. because what those entrances remind me of our ww he rest was coming to the ring with smoke and the -- and let's be honest. just as wwe wrestling is all fake, let's all pretend, so sorry to break two at home. so it's conservative politics right now in america. so the republican party. none of those people actually believe any of the nonsense they are selling to the kids in the crowd. it's all performance audience. it's all the grift, isn't it? >> no, it's all a grift, and it's a proper to see these like various to politicians, trying to be relaxed and cool in these moments. and it's absolutely remarkable, mandy. i mean, it was not just their entrances that were over the top, and unhinged. it was also the frightening glimpses they gave us, into how the gop would govern, if they actually work to regain power in congress, or the white house. i mean, just take a look at florida's own congressman, matt
5:59 pm
gates here, and listen to what he had to say about black lives matter. >> i make you this promise. if the republicans are in the majority and i have subpoena power. i will personally investigate blm, like i'm a soros funded prosecutor going after the trump organization. >> i mean, mehdi, that some pretty dark and scary stuff, not even mention or highlight that family bade qanon george soros reference he said there. but look, let's be honest, this is not a party interested in making life better for millions of ordinary americans. this is a party led by a cult of personality's, addicted to conspiracy theories. and look, i am one who takes them at their word, when they say they will unleash a dangerous and addictive assault on civil society, their political opponents, perhaps even civil servants. i believe them. and that is how they will govern, and i think we should all be terrified of that, besides those entrances. >> i think you're right. and i think the problem is, that were both terrified by them, and we find them
6:00 pm
hilarious at the same time. i talked about josh hawley at the start of my show. yeah, we should laugh at him running. that's worth laughing at. but yeah, josh hawley is the face of right-wing authoritarianism. and it's that kind of balance to have to get our brains around, that they're hilarious, weird comic characters, but they are also in danger start democracy. >> absolutely. that's a great juxtaposition. we should not lose sight of that, while we enjoy these cringeworthy moments. my front, it's always great to see you. welcome back. enjoy the rest of your evening. >> cheers! >> we didn't to you. and welcome to ayman. tonight, the channel six committees big picture, not at the first hearings are over. how should we interpret the findings? david corn is here. he has a warning for the news media and you at home as well. plus, vice president harris takes a stand. we are gonna show you the powerful message she has on reproductive rights. and a group of senators is doing to block future attempts to overturn elections? i am ayman mohyeldin. let's get started. ♪ ♪


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