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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  July 26, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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thank you so much for letting us into your homes during these extraordinary times. we are grateful "the beat" with ari melber starts right now. hi, ari. >> hi, nicole, thank you. top republicans are gathering in washington today eat conservative conference where several were pushing the kind of authoritarian arguments the overturning american elections and lie about voting, not only wading into constitutional territory, but blatantly contradicting their own claims
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about why they wanted to stop those kind of maga attacks on trump democracy and the loss after the insurrection. but we have the receipts from those you see on your screen today, including senator graham, a loyal trump supporter then criticized what trump was leading on the insurrection on the night of january 6th. but now as he faces legal pressure to testify in georgia for his own role in helping a trump effort that he claimed was over when he gave his famous enough is enough speech after trump fans stormed the capitol, clambering to kill mike pence. >> i hope he runs again. if you think trump is bad for the party, i disagree with you. i think president trump is good for the party. [ cheers and applause ] >> all i can say is count me out. enough is enough. it is over. i've travelled the world with joe. i hoped he lost.
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i'd pray he would lose. he won. he's the legitimate president of the united states. >> some of this is pretty simple even though people would wish it otherwise. so, as to what you just heard, fact-check, true. president biden is president. that is just a simple fact. then you have graham's extra statement that president biden is the legitimate president, which undercuts much of what was argued in the right wing gathering we showed you briefly today, which included donald trump's first return to washington since losing that election to the president, the current president, the legitimate president. washington's a place where the capitol remains a crime scene under investigation in many ways and for the first time we know of, white house trump aides are walking in and out of the federal buildings to talk about trump to a grand jury. there's a pence aide talking. the doj demanding arizona officials cough up any evidence
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of communication between the trump white house, the executive, legislative branch, trump or his campaign, and in what you see on your screen, a lengthy list. that's all bad if you're on the wrong side of it. it tix off the name of coup plotters like giuliani, ellis, or of course, eastman, the infamous coup lawyer shown here, patted down by agents, seizing his phone under lawful subpoena. made news, just as the fed searching the home of another trump loyalist, jeffrey clark, made news. what did not make much news was donald trump's speech today, his return to washington since becoming the loser of that last election. we can tell you fox news did not take the speech alive today. a snub surely noticed by trump and the entire republican party. and if you are keeping count, by
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the way, fox news have done live broadcasts airing about six of the daytime congressional hearings by the january 6th committee, with all that evidence on trump, and now none of mr. trump's return to washington in his speech today. i want to start with the experts, nyu law professor melissa murray and emily bazzleon. emily, i'm not sure anyone would have expected if you told them a couple months ago, that donald trump's return to washington speech during daytime, where you can take all kinds of things live, would not make air while six of these hearings would on fox. i'm curious what you think that tells us both on substance and beyond. >> well, it's an important signal that the media is learning something about what's important to cover.
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you know, obviously the january 6th hearings have been an important news event. they have been very successful television. former president trump's previous campaign kicked off with, you know, wall to wall coverage on channels like cnn, the rallies he was doing. it was a lot of really free air time for him that boosted his candidacy. and so i think it's important for tv networks to realize that they need to be covering things that are newsworthy. >> yeah, and specifically -- i agree with everything you said. makes sense. fox, will cover some things that are not newsworthy or even true, and yet even with that somewhat lower bar -- respectfully as we say in the streets -- respectfully, they still didn't cover this, emily. >> right, you're right. it's a more surprising development. they were at first very reluctant to cover the january 6th hearings, and so watching them figure out how to kind of thread this needle, what
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their audience is expecting, how much they can afford to get on donald trump's bad side, because we know that trump hates to be ignored, it's really interesting to see all of that play out, and it matters a great deal, because the fox audience is the one that's most trapped by the lies about the election, which, you know, have been so problematic and damaging to our democracy. >> fair. you mention the lies and when lies turn into fraud, which i want to go to the professor on. a trump lawyer write about how at the time they secretly viewed their own plan as false or fraudulent. they referred to sending in fake electoral votes to mike pence so someone would make an objection. these are any emails obtained by "the new york times." other evidence showing those people, eastman and giuliani, knew the elector fraud was a
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crime. these emails bring modern emojis into the plotting. boris epshteyn receiving an email saying, alternative votes is probably better than fake votes, with a smiley face emoji. we've reached the emoji section of criminal plotting. that may seem odd, but again, the technology and communication of any era can be fused with daily life or day lie crime. i want to be clear, the effort to minimize this with word play or jokes can be a kind of a tactic. we've seen trump officials try to rebrand all sorts of things, especially when they realize that the story or evidence is coming it. i asked mr. epshteyn about this. difference between fraud, fake, and alternate electors. >> not fraudulent electors, alternate electors.
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because of the process that's laid out turned 12th amendment, everything was done legally accord to the rules and under the leadership of rudy giuliani. we fought for the truth. >> two-part question, professor, murray. one, can you lighten a criminal plot by adding a fun-loving emoji afterwards? just give us your legal analysis. and two, what does it mean they are getting caught up in the fact that they wrote done in realtime that this was fake or fraudulent, which seems to be a problem if you then try to submit it to the government as a dually elected elector of vote. >> to my knowledge, ari, the emoji mitigation scheme is not one that's recognize by most jurisdictions in the united states, so i don't think it's going to be availing here. but to your point, it does seem like the fact that there is this word play that's going on, that they're shifting from fake to alternate and there's a smiley face or winky face suggests they
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know what they're doing is fraudulent to some degree. there is i think in this email chain some evidence of intent here. like, they know that these are electors that are not the electors selected by the people of this jurisdiction, that they are instead alternate electors or fake electors, there for the purpose of essentially defrauding the people of the electors that they had initially chosen, so to my mind, the real question here is, who are these geniuses that are writing this down in an email? because that seems to be the real problem. >> emily? >> well, that is an excellent question melissa asks, but maybe it's not the problem, because in some sense it's the clue we have now to what's going on. i think it's also important that we know that people who were on these email chains were reporting what they were doing, not only to giuliani but also to mark meadows, trump's chief of
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staff. and we know that around this same time that these discussions are going on on this thread, meadows is emailing another campaign adviser and saying -- this is a quote -- we just need to have someone coordinating the electors for states. so again, it that goes to melissa's point that there's a sense of jing up some fakery and flimflam here and that people involved knew that's what they were up to. >> well, and emily, i think there's also, with all due respect to melissa's theory, people were making mistakes. >> i don't think that was my theory. >> well, you said they were stupid. >> i said they they weren't geniuses, but i don't think this was necessarily a mistake. i think it's purposeful, just purposefully stupid. >> i was trying. you said not geniuses and i was trying not to call them dumb. >> fair. >> fair. and i would say that i think it
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counts -- we'll call it the not genius theory, and i think that definitely accounts for some of the conduct that's gotten people in trouble. but i think there's an overlapping theory here, and i'm actually not joking about this -- although much of this is -- there was evidence they were writing each other before a violent insurrection occurred. so they thought secrecy and attorney/client privilege would hold, and i would observe often times it does if not for the horror on the 6th and then an assertive congressional committee. it's not clear any of this would be overturned to "the new york times." what about in addition to -- saying obviously this is not true, and if we submit it to the government it's fraud, but we'll call it fake or alternate, winky face, and we don't think this
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will ever come out. >> i do think that is a crucial point and helps answer the question of why were people writing things down that could get them in trouble later. also seems from the tone of these emails they lost sight of what they were doing, which is trying to overturn the legitimate election results of a u.s. presidential election. should be a momentous weighty scheme to engage in, and yet somehow with the wink-wink, nudge-nudge, alternate, fake, it seemed not like the very serious infraction that it actually could have been if it had worked and was, as a kind of attempted conspiracy, if that's what we're seeing here. >> exactly, and that's why it is more serious than the emoji, but as you say, how do you normalize that, how do you get more and more people on board? that matters. thank you, emily. melissa, i want to you stay with me on this other legal item. lester holt actually just sat
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down with the attorney general about all of this. let's take a look. >> so, if donald trump were to become a candidate for president again, that would not change your schedule or how you move forward or don't move forward? >> i'll say again that we will hold accountable anyone who is criminally responsible for attempting to interfere with the transfer -- legitimate, lawful transfer of power from one administration to the next. >> transfer of power and holding people accountable. let's return to you, paragraph professor, when we're back in 60 seconds. s return to you, paragrh s professor, when we're back in 60 seconds.
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[whistling] with technology that can scale across all your clouds... it's easier to do more innovative things. [whistling] attorney general merrick guardland speaking out in a rare interview with nbc's lester holt. we are back with melissa murray. one, what does it mean when this largely press averse attorney general, and i can atft to that personally, grants a tv interview at this juncture after
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those hearings wrapped. and two, what do you make of him saying anyone possibly being prosecuted? >> well, with regard to the time of this interview, i think that really speaks to the fact that these set of hearings were aimed at a number of different audiences -- the american public in advance of the midterm election, but also to the department of justice and merrick garland himself. i mean, this was an effort, i think, on the part of the special committee to show that there is some there there. there's something worth investigating. and to at least give the administration and the doj a head start, as it were to, investigate and to really get to the bottom of all this and hold accountable those who planned, plotted and executed this insurrection on january 6th. as to the a.g.'s responses to lester holt, i'm not entirely sure this was responsive. he said before and he said this when he took office that he was
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going to reform the department of justice. this was a department that had been really mired under the trump administration in claims of partisanship, it was no longer independent. morale was low, and he had vowed to change all that, to return the department to the independent status and pursue those who were doing wrong, and he reiterated that. he didn't say anything about the timing. and he has said before if someone was a candidate in a presidential election that would be meaningful in terms of whether or not the department of justice would bring a prosecution. so he didn't really refute that in this statement. he said he would hold accountable those who needed to be held accountable. >> so you're making a nuanced distinction that i think is important, which is in your legal view he's trying to both exist within this public reality and this important probe, but also not by inference or
3:17 pm
admission or answer, not actually substantive actually announce or change anything. is that fair? >> i think that's right. i think he's trying make clear to the public he wants to hold those who are accountable accountable, but not on any particular time line. he did not commit to timing. not before the presidential election, not after the midterm election. he said he would pursue this without favor, and that's all he said. >> understood. well, from -- if i can go full circle, professor, from some nongenius subjects to genius level professorial analysis, we thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you, professor melissa murray from nyu on more than one topic. let me tell you what's coming up tonight, everyone. alex jones lost a big case, and he could pay millions and millions that even his people say could bankrupt him. this is a story about truth and the necessary limits to the first amendment later tonight.
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why do young people want change? we're going to hear from an interesting conversation. jay-z and kevin hart about what this younger generation gets right in politics. but coming up next, something i want to talk to you about -- conservative media further splitting over january 6th. evidence, some of this come right out in the open. >> january 6th committee, not a show trial. we have "the wall street journal" and "the new york post" saying trump was unelectable again. it was a dereliction of duty. he sat by and watched this for hours. sat by and watched this r sat by and watched this r hours. meta portal. the smart video calling device that makes work from home work for you. [whistling] it's easier to do more innovative things. [whistling]
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one of the silliest things we hear over and over in politics is also not true, it's that everything stays the same, which is why so many people insist on making predictions. like you may have heard people say, well, the evidence coming out of the january 6th committee may not matter if the right wing media defends trump no matter what, but that assumes a future we do not know because we have fallible humans. that brings us to a very special report, something i mentioned in the broadcast. parts of the normally loyal trump conservative media are splintering in public. sometimes awkwardly, over donald trump. his alleged malfeasance or crimes and whether it's time to look for something other than
3:24 pm
trump in the future. this is bursting wide into the open. >> january 6th floundered. it ended up accidentally exonerating trump. why is it that he seems more electable now? is it because the public saw that it was a show trial? >> first on the january 6th committee, not a show trial. we even had "the wall street journal" and "the new york post" saying that trump was unelectable again. it was dereliction of duty. he sat by and watched this for hours. >> that's not what the hearings were about. >> of course it's what the hearings were about. >> dereliction, the house is not a show trial. fox on fox debate. if you watch "the beat," you may know we welcome all kinds of ideas and sources and debates. what's different is you don't always see that over there, so they are seeing and their audience is getting a debate over trump and his potential crimes. now you have rupert murdoch, that very powerful chairman and basically the guy usually in charge over there also turning
3:25 pm
on trump through what we know to be his key mouthpieces like "the new york post", which is part of the fox news parent company there, saying that the silence by trump was damning on the 6th. or "the wall street journal," so influential in right-wing politics and business, turning on trump as well. meanwhile, there's something else going on on fox, because this isn't just about assessing the evidence. nobody really thinks that. certainly not over there. it may be that going negative on trump fits the desire to go positive for ron desantis. >> desantis leads the former president in all age groupings. then there is the university of new hampshire poll in june. desantis actually led trump, 39-37. and that "the new york times" sienna college poll we cited a few times, less than half of republican voters backed donald trump as their preferred choice.
3:26 pm
>> if you look state by state, ron desantis is showing strength in new hampshire and florida. he's leading or tied with the former president. >> you can read the body language yourself, but that's clearly the data. desantis also leading by 14 points over trump in the key state of new hampshire. and trump is accusing at least part of fox is going to the dark side. he's noticed. where does the rupture head from here? is it about murdoch? january 6th? is it about desantis? if rupert murdoch's empire continues a full-court press for ron desantis and against trump, it's going to matter. we have a friend of "the beat" who's worked for obama and other presidential campaigns who has ideas about all of this. chai come on durry on the splinter when we come back. l of. chai come on durry on the chai come on durry on the splinter when we come back
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with signs of a turning against trump on right-wing media, i am joined by obama campaign veteran chai komanduri. welcome back. >> it's good to be back, ari. >> how do you define what is happening on the air waves and in papers, accord to the public evidence, and why? >> well, i think they definitely want to break up with donald trump, and i wish i could say it's because they grew a conscious and watched the january 6th hearings and changed their minds about them buck i
3:32 pm
think something far more nefarious is at work. they know trump is damaged. they know more damage is to come, and they see a viable maga alternative in ron desantis. they see somebody who can basically play all trump's greatest hits but have none of his baggage. he can use conspiracy theories, he can do culture war battles. he can do all the things that keep their viewers on fox news engaged, and he doesn't -- he never tried to assassinate his vice president. so that's a very low bar, but desantis actually clears it. and if you think about it, when rupert murdoch was ahead of fox studios in the '90s. he was like, i'd like to cut costs. let me replace keanu reeves with jason patrick. that's what he did. turned out to be a disastrous movie. >> was murdoch involved in that decision?
3:33 pm
>> yeah, he was head of fox studios in the '90s. when they showed the movie, and it was a really bad movie, the first thing he said to everybody was, well, at least it's cheaper than "titanic." >> whether there's a low cost of trump and desantis is the point you're raising -- always learn thing on chai day. and you do have to public evidence. it's not nothing when "the post" and "the journal" pick the same time to turn on trump. the outlines of the problem, as you say, were there for a long time. then you combine what we just saw, fox hosts fighting about it. then mr. bannon, who found a lot of support from tucker carlson apparently either watches "the beat" or thinks that our reporting is accurate. so this is of course
3:34 pm
self-referential. this is a new post from bannon saying "the beat" lays out murdoch's assault on trump -- the great tucker carlson notwithstandingle he's referring to some of the coverage. it does look like a multiplatform assault in that tuckers and others are going to do their trumpism, but this is the widest break we've seen in the last several years on air there. >> yeah, and it's mirrored throughout the republican establishment. the republican establishment, i have noticed, is getting closer and closer to desantis. national review won editorials saying desantis is the horse we should ride. politico said liberals should be happy with desantis. we don't understand why everyone's upset about it. we're hearing a lot of never trumpers say, i didn't like donald trump but i can live with ron desantis. you're starting to hear that
3:35 pm
from the republican establishment, that this is somebody we think we can control, a better bet, fresh and new, and is not going to have the baggage trump has. the issue with trump isn't what he did, it's their fear that trump could lose. that has always been their guiding idea, and i think they worry that donald trump is a goner in another election, and somebody like ron desantis could be brought in and replace him very, very easily. >> right, and to your point, donald trump got fewer votes in '16. he got fewer votes in '20. he has proved resilient in many ways, i think viewers know, but the notion everything that's going on is going to somehow miraculously make him not the same, but bet derr -- he would have to increase his popularity and appeal in vote total. if you rerun the biden/trump election, he lost. who believed that? none other than ron desantis. take a look.
3:36 pm
>> yeah -- >> i'm sorry, trying to go to the desantis bite. let's take a look at that. >> desantis sort of admitted it was time to move on when asked if he accepted joe biden as the president-elect. >> it's not for me to do. here's what i would say. you know, obviously we did our thing in florida. the college voted. you know, what's going to happen is going to happen. >> now, it's a faux casual style -- we did our thing, the electoral college always votes, but it's different than trump's big lie. >> it did. had shades of josh hawley running away. he didn't want to get too close to the danger of the mob, so he tried to distance himself and give himself some wiggle room for the future. i think desantis is actually very cagey and cunning in that
3:37 pm
sense. that's why tucker carlson is circumspect about embracing him and thinks trump is the answer, is the key. all you have to do is go to youtube, go to c-span, and watch desantis's speeches. desantis is extremely boring. i think donald trump describes him as dull. donald trump does nothing but lie, but that may be the one true thing des he said -- desan is dull. it's like watching a car crash. a terrible thing, but you can't take your eyes off out. with desantis it's like having a bad meal at a restaurant. you have a bad meal, don't finish, you're never going to the restaurant again. i think that's the problem with desantis. he's boring and repulsive, not just merely repulsive. >> you're getting very close to saying that the food was terrible but the portions were too small. deep cut.
3:38 pm
i want to you stick with me and move beyond some of the conservative media to something in the culture, chai. kevin hath was just talking to jay-z about this younger generation's politics and why so many young people want faster change. >> this younger generation, they have the information, rite? because it's at their finger tips. they believe they have more information than us, and in some ways they do. but information without understanding is nothing. because on a cigarette box it has, this can kill you. people still smoke. it's not just information. it's got to be understanding of information and who it's coming from. they grew up in the time when banked collapsed and all these things happen, so they don't have a trust of the generation before them. they're like, nah, we need a whole new system because you guy went too far with it. which is superexciting to see where they're going to take it. >> jay-z over 50 years old
3:39 pm
talking about this new generation. he keeps that open mind, says it's superexciting but says they want something different than his generation or a whole older generation in our society, people like us, over 40. his diagnosis of youth politics today? >> i think jay-z concisely puts his finger on one of the big issues in american politics and culture, which is this generational divide between millennials and boomers. the millennials experienced 20 years of nonstop crisis. you know, 9/11, the iraq war, the great recessio trumpism. and each response seems to have made everything much worse. so they are, i think, very despirited. they have suffered. but i think jay-z is also right to be optimistic about what they can create, and history tells us this is the case. if you look at the world war ii generation, the greatest
3:40 pm
generation as they were dubbed, they experienced a war, a depression, and an even worse war. what they ended up doing was creating the great welfare states of europe and asia, the great movement that created prosperity in the middle class. african americans came back and were at the forefront, like jackie robinson, of the civil rights movement. ended jim crow and segregation. so, the world war ii generation, despite all that suffering was able to really put the country back in a better place than they had found it. so i think jay-z is right to be optimistic about what these millennials have created or could create. >> and with the -- i got 45 seconds or so. a specific points a well about the speed -- i mean, this is new how quick you can get information, and yet he's the first to say that's different than understanding it. >> yeah, he's actually saying there's a difference between intelligence, processing
3:41 pm
information, and wisdom. there's a whole line of thinking that says wisdom comes out of suffering. well, this millennial generation has really suffered, and i think there's a possibility for great wisdom to come from them, and i think jay-z is also open to that possibility. >> i love it when you put it like that, and all the politics we talk about come out of people's experience and emotion. when said the cascading crisis, and something we hear from young people today is when you look at what they're economic opportunities are, what they're being told to put up with, and how you say that's going to -- from suffering comes wisdom, demands impact, what life they want in the workplace, politics. super interesting. on more than one topic, chai komanduri, thank you, sir. i'll mention, when we were looking up that interview we saw it was done by kevin hart on peacock. he's got a show called "hart to heart". come. coming up, it is judgment
3:42 pm
day for right wing conspiracy theorist alex jones, and he's complaining he could run out of money, when we come back. s complaining he could run out of complaining he could run out of money, when we come back it's easier to do more innovative things. [whistling] hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. it's easier to do more innovative things. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been
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in the 1950 census. see what you can uncover at ancestry. turning now to truth, lies, accountability, and the actual limits of speech literally. you can start anywhere, but if you go back far enough you can start with the scopes trial,
3:47 pm
which looked at if evolution could be taught. it was turned into an award winning theory with spencer tracy. discusses what we want to do for the rules. we have lying on trial right now, because there are opening statements today in the punishment for alex jones who has repeatedly and knowingly peddles some of the most disgusting possible lice you could imagine about the sandy hook murders and the parents of the victims involved. i'm not going to repeat all of his lies but for the purpose of this story you have to know that he has besmirched everyone involved, including that parents were staging. 6-year-old jesse lewis, basically saying that this child
3:48 pm
who was dead was a part of his father's hoax. it went on and on like this. the parents of jesse lewis are getting some modicum of process and justice. they are testifying about what that turned into it bad enough as an initial lie, but they've faced threats and harassment from people who follow alex jones who -- and this is important, profits of all of this, makes money all all of this. this is not a random set of beliefs, it's something we used as a profitable business. now, jones lost the defamation trial, so this case basically, i'm simplifying, will focus on how much he has to pay. he's already the loser. the question is whether he'll be hit with millions of dollars in about making money, and that's an important point here. because while they have suffered real financial losses, and the courts can measure that, they have said for years this is much bigger than alex jones. it is about something that's only gotten worse in the last several years, a construction of
3:49 pm
lies or what under trump was called alternative facts, to pursue any and all agendas, business, or profit. this is a real problem in america right now. i bet you've heard about it. people around the country spent free time trying to torment grieving parent of dead children. it is pretty disgusting when you think about the specific examples. in politics, it has turned to these fantasies about ped philes running the u.s. government or that venezuela -- the election. this is bigger than alex jones but bankrupting him, according to plaintiffs and legal experts might help stop the worst of the worst. we want to get into all of this, including the political side of it. because that's where the heat is. we're joinedly reed galen who hosts the lincoln project
3:50 pm
podcast, has been critical of some of these problems. welcome, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> you look at alex jones as someone who 20 years ago might have been considered completely fringe, and yet got a larger foothold in donald trump's republican as i mentioned, by peddling conspiracy fear adjacent fear products and now could lose millions. his open folks are saying he could be bankrupt. what are you seeing as important in this case on judgment day? >> i think it's interesting. remember, years ago alex jones lost a custody case with his wife over their children because she said you can't raise our kids around someone like this, and his defense was it's all an act, right? now with the kid from sandy hook and their parent he's saying -- well, he already put his organization into bankruptcy to protect it, and i think what's interesting, whether or not it's allence jones or so many of these people around january 6th that we've seen take the fifth
3:51 pm
amendment meaning they have no respect for deese sent, they hide behind so many that they disdain. >> well put. what is your view of alex jones and today's republican party? >> i think he's right up there with the steve bannons and the tucker carlsons of the world which is he provides a safe place for otherwise, as you said, incredibly destructive, strange, weird theories. i was watching a little clip of him yesterday and i wouldn't recommend that for your mental health. there's a giant dragon ready to eat us. there's the chip implanted and they are going to kill us. charlton and clown doesn't begin to say it, but he has the voice that speaks to millions of people. it's not just the phones that watch him on youtube which i
3:52 pm
think he's been banned from but his clips get push around and they further these conspiracy theories. i was watching the half segment where jay-z says that information doesn't equal nom or wisdom, and i think that's the truth which is folks are taking in information. it doesn't matter whether or not it's true. you can hold your iphone. it has every last bit of human knowledge that's ever been invented within it, and yet we have people that believe the same sort of superstitions as they did in the 1,500s and 1600s. there are other ways thinking about what's possible and a what can be discussed or taught and according to the law he's already lost. "beat" viewers know i talk about how they are a lot of free speech in america for good reasonch this is not good free. this is dangerous defamation that's already been ruled by the courts. he had his day in court, not free speech, legal defamation.
3:53 pm
these poor familiar lirs and my heart goes out to these parents and the children that are no longer with us and what they have had to endure beyond. what does it mean, do you think, for folks who are on the scam or profit side if they see that sooner or later he does have to pay out tens of millions? what does that do to this so-called political, quote, unquote, disinformation economy? >> well, i think that what it does it stairs them in some way because now they have a lot of corporate overlords, right. iheart radio, salem communications. a lot of these folks who are -- i'm not going to call them main street. i won't insult mainstream that way, but they on mainstream outlets they are backed by large corporate interests who are willing to let them say these things because they are profitabling right. we know facebook, trucks and these things. youtube has until recently pushed these sorts of algorithms because they know that conflict sells, and these people sell
3:54 pm
ultimate conflict all the time, and so, you know, ari, you're a legal scholar far more than i am. the whole idea is like you can't yell fire in a crowded theater. that's all these people do all day. they yell fire in a crowded theater the size of the united states of america and do it almost without compunction. will alex jones stop? he's not a human being. this is a guy that goes into a barbecue restaurant in texas and starts scream at people so this is a dangerous, sick man to begin with. do i think it's possible, yes? do i think it's important, yes. we talk to people who sell advertising to these people's podcasts and their shows. big corporate family company. is this the kind of stuff you want to sell your people to? there's a reap why over on fox news in primetime no reputable company wants to advertise on that. it's gold, bomb shelters and the pillow guy, right, that's it. those are the only people they got because no otherwise
3:55 pm
respectable company or outlet wants to have anything to do with them. >> yeah. >> and i think these people were drawn in from the fringes, in from the wood by the likes of donald trump, and we need to inch by inch push them back. >> reed galen with all your experiment, wanted to hear from you on this. we'll keep covering this accountability trial on "the beat." thank you, sir, and we'll be right back. trial on "the beat." thank you, sir, and we'll be right back
3:56 pm
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donald trump's first time in washington today since he lost the election did not get live coverage on fox news as mentioned, but it did get this political move by the democrats who actually funded a van circling the hotel where trump was speaking with the facts of his loss, playing an endless loop as well the moment when fox news did declare the fact that trump lost the election. >> the fox news decision desk can now project that joe biden will win pennsylvania.
4:00 pm
>> and this is the way we live now. just a moment from washington. you can always find me online @arimelber on social media or oil see you tomorrow at 6:00. "the reidout" with jason johnson in for joy starts now. ♪♪ tonight on "the reidout" -- >> we will hold accountable anyone who is criminally responsible for attempting to interfere with the transfer -- legitimate lawful transfer of power from one administration to the next. >> attorney general merrick garland in a rare interview tells nbc's lester holt what might happen next in the doj's investigation of the january 6th insurrection. speaking of which the man who
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