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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  July 27, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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tonight and where does dr. oz really live? hit me @arimelber or connect with me go to arimelber and answer the question where does dr. oz live? a little bit of fun to end the hour. "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. ♪♪ "the reidout" tonight on "the reidout" -- >> do you think that he may be prosecuted over his actions? >> i mean, that's just ridiculous for me to comment identification know, what some grand jury may be looking at. i don't see anything to prosecute him over but -- >> lindsey doesn't think so, but maybe just maybe merrick garland will come to believe that trump should be prosecuted, and we're starting to see the signs. i'll also explain why republicans just like lindsey graham are willing to defend the
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descent into assism. and a major effort to free brittney griner and paul whelan from captivity in red sox and i'll be joined by olivia juliana, an amazing young woman who turned a disgusting attack by matt gaetz into an opportunity to raise money for abortion services across the country. we begin with the new signs that the justice department is moving the ball in its investigation into the january 6th news. the house january 6th committee has spent the summer laying out its laser-focused investigation into the former president's actions leading up to the attack on the capitol, and while these hearings have been block birth and widely watched, if you found yourself frustrated asking where is the accountability you were not alone, but it's important to just keep in your mind alongside your work worries or where your kids' socks are or what date your credit card is due and all the real things rattling around there, the state of democracy
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and whether or not the state owns your body. the way to remember these hearings is to remember that this committee is part of a legislative body. it cannot prosecute anyone. all it can do is investigate what happened on january 6th, 2021, record it for history which is important and recommend changes in law or policy to prevent another insurrection or worse, and the on that score what we're hearing is the work of the committee already informing talks in the senate to try to reform the arcane hecht rall count act of 1887 to ebb sure that no future president could try to pressure their vice president the way trump tried to to get him or her to invent powers to undo an election. senator sue collins and joe manchin have taken up an action to overhaul the law in senate leaving a bipartisan group of 16 senators and i can see the faces y'all are making. please n.o.w. know that some members of the january 6th committee are also not impressed by knows generally ineffective senators' efforts and perhaps would like to go even further.
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the committee has also taken great steps to remind us that this was in fact an attempted insurrection highlighting another option, section 3 of the 14th ament, the insurrection clause, disqualifies a person from holding office if having taken an oath to the constitution they engaged in insurrection or rebellion. then there's option three, criminal referrals to the justice department. vice chair liz cheney has indicated that there could be multiple referrals regarding the former president and attorney general merrick garland was asked about that in his exclusive interview with nbc's lester holt. >> i think it's totally up to the commit, you know. we will have the evidence that the committee has present and whatever evidence it gives us. i don't think that the nature of how or the mapper or style in which this information is presented is of legal
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significance. >> fast forward 24 hours, and a lot of what we've heard from the committee and what the justice department is pursuing now is falling into place. nbc news has confirmed that the justice department is looking into the former president's actions in its criminal probe into january 6th and efforts to overturn the 2020 election, trying to find out what he told his inner circle about efforts to install pro-trump electors in states that president biden had won and tried to encourage mike pence to recognized those fake electors. nbc has also learned that investigators obtained phone records of former chief of staff mark meadows back in april along with other top trump aides. "the washington post" first reported these developments noting that the doj investigation appears focused on two potential tracks, the first, seditious conspiracy and conspiracy to obstruct a government proceeding. the second is potential fraud connected to the effort to submit those fake electors and
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to corrupt the justice department. quite a lot of what we've heard in these public committee hearings is starting to converge with the doj investigation, for example, greg jake okay former chief counsel to pence testified to the committee last month that coup memo lawyer john eastman's proposals to have pence overthrow the election likely violated the electoral count act and multiple reports indicated that jacobs testified before a grand jury recently. meanwhile today, the justice department on taped a new search warrant to access the contents of john eastman's phone which was seized by the fbi last month. not long after federal agents also searched the home of former assistant attorney general jeffrey clark also involved with encouraging those alternate owe electors. the justice department's scrutiny of the former president is for now not a criminal investigation of trump itself, it sure does raise the prospect
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of something extraordinary. as no other president has been charged with a crime in all of american history. joining me now is nbc news presidential historian michael beschloss among with jill winebanks, former assistant watergate prosecutor and msnbc analyst. thank you both for being here, and i'm going to start with you, jill winebanks, just on the knowing what you know about presidents and prosecution and the fact that, you know, nixon game real close to getting prosecuted. probably would have been prosecuted had he not been pardoned by gerald ford. >> should have been. >> right, he could have been. >> should have been. >> i agree with you on that. >> when you look at what the justice department seems to be looking at and also listening to merrick garland be as animated as merrick garland can be, i guess that was his version of super animated, how likely do you think it is that they will indict trump himself for crimes
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committed on january 6th? >> i believe it's now happening. not that it's likely to happen. i believe it is the right thing. michael and i had an exchange today on twitter, and i think we both agree that nixon should have been indicted. i fought for that when i was a special prosecutor while he was president. i do not believe that there is anything in the constitution that exempts any president from being president and then certainly the day he resigned i went back to leon jaworski and argued he should have been indicted right then when he was an ordinary citizen. donald trump is an ordinary citizen and is committing crimes right now, and he must be stopped. i think that had nixon been stopped, if he had not just been an unindicted co-conspirator which is a very powerful step. you know, it was very important. it let us use the evidence of his tapes at trial which we couldn't have if he wasn't a
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co-conspirator, but if he had been, one there, would have been a precedent and we wouldn't be dithering around arguing about should it be done or shouldn't it, and secondly, maybe just maybe, donald trump would have gotten a message from that that he couldn't commit christian and get away it and maybe he wouldn't have tried to take down our democracy. maybe he wouldn't have attempted a coup. maybe he wouldn't have used the big lie to rile up a crowd to try tonight fear with congress and the vice president. i think it was important that we should have done it back then. i think it was wrong that ford pardoned him, and i'm sympathetic to ford's motive. i don't think he acted out of any bad motives. i think he meant well in trying to protect america, but this is the result of non-action back then, and let's not make the same mistake twice. >> you know, and adam kinzinger took the same argument. i know both of you agree because we follow you on twitter and we
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know you agree wholeheartedly. we're like a mutual following on twitter society. here's adam kinzinger basically making that same point and taking that point forward. here's adam kinzinger. >> my belief is there. we never want to get to a place in this country to prosecute last administrations because that's what failed democracies do but if a failed coup and an obvious coup attempt and president who chose not to act and willfully watched to see where the bhob go for three hours on january 6th, if he is not held accountable through law, i actually fear that that is a far worse precedent than anything else. if we just wash this under the rug and say, you know, for the sab of the country, let's put this aside. there is going to be somebody else, whether it's donald trump in 2024 or somebody else somewhere down the line that recognizes that as the floor of their behavior and pushes each more, and we can't survive that. >> you know, michael, to that pain, you know, donald trump was
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making a speech in washington this week where he talked about essentially a purge of all bureaucrats that he doesn't like in washington. >> right. >> essentially saying he would like the power to purge governors he doesn't like. we've already seep him use the national guard to clear a path for him to go and hold a bible for a photo op and use military might and force to do that and displaying the military in a way in front of the lincoln memorial in june of 2020 during the george floyd protests as sort of a show of military force. look at that. that is the way donald trump thinks about power, and so i would like you to take that same thing forward, what jill said and what adam kinzinger said because this is not like a theoretical threat. it's a real threat. donald trump is just one of the people that could do it. >> total threat. donald trump is a would-be dictator, and he has been for search years. he's given us all sorts of signals that he would grab as much power as possible to the point that it is fascist.
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you know, you were talking, joy, about trump promising a purge if he becomes president again. who did the most famous purge in recent history? that was stalin. did not work out too well for either his country or the people who were purged. millions of people were killed which i'm not predicting, but who on earth would even say such a thing? in any case, just about the worst thing that any president of the united states can do is to try to use his power to wreck our democracy and to take total power that goes outside of the constitution. that's what donald trump did on the 6th of january. he was at the center of the coup d'etat blueprint. no president in american history, and there have been really bad ones, including as jill knows, richard nixon, no one even attempted to come close to doing that, so if he does that and gets away with that, what does that say to him if he god forbid comes back in 2025 to the white house or another
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president who says, gee, donald trump got away with t.richard nixon got away with something less, so i'm just going to see if i can mobilize the 101st airborne to intimidate people in american society to do what i want, and that -- and in that case we have a lawless society. it's absolutely central that at least an indictment of donald trump be investigated. i think the last 24 hours is nothing but good news. >> yeah. i mean, i think about ron desantis who is basically trump with a brain but who also has a mind to literally control what teachers say, what businesses can say. >> absolutely. >> who wants complete utter control over speech. think about him with that same power. i do want to ask you, michael, about just the historical prospect of the united states taking that step and indicting a president. the great lester holt did ask merrick garland about what that would do in tearing apart the country, and in this case tearing apart the country means there is a part of the country that is armed and deeply
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fascistic. there are proud boys and oath keepers out there who are essentially willing to do violence for trump. what do you think would happen in the country if trump were indicted? >> i think it's going to make a lot of people angry, and i think we are already getting close to the edge of civil war and that would make it worse, burks and i'm so glad lester asked that question because, as you know, a lot of people are saying, that it's not the attorney general's job to be a political pundit and say, gee, if i indict this guy, this group out in wyoming might be angry and they might be violent. that's not his job. his job is to enforce the law and pursue justice wherever it leads, and it makes me cry that our country has come to the point where an indictment of an ex-president, even if we find that it's very much deserved, could take us over the edge of civil war, but alternative to that is to have an attorney general saying we're going to let criminals run wild, especially in the white house,
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because if we prosecute them we might have political problems. that would be terrible. >> yeah, indeed. last point to you, jill. we learned through audio evidence that the former defense secretary chris miller has said trump never did order national guard, didn't order troops. again, he ordered national guard to help him -- >> another lie. >> -- to bully people, citizens against their first amendment rights, but he didn't order national guard at that time. andrew weissmann has said he thinks that might be another potential element of a crime, that trump lied about it. that he said in his speech that he tried to give himself the excuse he did order the national guard. that appears to be a lie. do you think that that could factor into the doj's investigation in any way? >> i am in the so sure that lying to the public can ever be a crime even though it should, and even though it is an impeachable offense, it is one of the things that the watergate prosecutors gave in the road map to impeachment to the house committee was lies by richard
4:15 pm
nixon, but the failure to act is a dereliction of duty, and i think that that is something that is worth looking at. i think, us a point out, he used the national guard for his own benefit in a wrongful way, and he did not use them to protect his vice president, to protect any member of congress. the fact that members of congress are forgiving him and forgetting what they did to them is shocking to me, and i think all of these things come together in a one massive conspiracy. >> yeah. >> that includes many tentacles. i'll have to wear my octopus pin next because it has so many tentacles. >> i need to know what kind of pin? >> it's fallen, but it's lady justice. let me get it back. >> lady justice. >> justice is now acting and i'm very happy. >> i adore both of, and i'll have to have you both come back because i want to talk about
4:16 pm
this question is could this man, donald trump, ever credibly take the oath of office because the words of that oath are antithetical to everything that he did. >> which he violated. >> which he violated. >> the crime that says if he's convicted of that, it's automatic he cannot hold office. so, yes, he should not -- and when "the wall street journal" says it a he's not capable of being in office again, that he cannot be trusted, know that -- >> that's rupert murdoch. >> people are starting to move away? that's rupert murdoch. cannot think of two better folks to open up the strike. breaking developments in trying to bring brittney griner home as well as paul whelan and it will mean the first high-level talks between the united states and russia since the war in ukraine began. "the reidout" continues after this. gan. "the reidout" continues after this what if your clothes could stay fresh for weeks? now they can. downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters keep your laundry smelling fresh waaaay longer
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the biden administration announced today it offered a substantial proposal to russia to secure the release of wnba star brittney griner and former marine paul wheelan, both being held by the kremlin. >> in the coming days, i expect to speak with russian foreign minister lavrov for the first time since the war began. i plan to raise an issue that's a top priority for us, the release of americans paul whelan and brittney griner who have been wrongfully detained and must be allowed to come home. we put a substantial proposal on the table weeks ago to facilitate the release. our governments have communicated repeatedly and directly on that proposal, and i'll use the conversation to follow up personally and i hope move us toward a resolution. >> the announcement marks the first time the administration has publicly revealed concrete steps that it has taken to secure the release of the two detained americans. while secretary of state tony blinken did not provide any details on the proposed deal, two sources familiar with the
4:22 pm
talks tell nbc news that the substantial proposal involves trading russian arms dealer victor bout serving a it a-year sentence in a u.s. president and in russia today griner was back in a moscow court. she was arrested on drug charges alearninging that she was in possession of cannabis vape cartridges at a moscow airport in fed. if convicted which in russian cases happens 99% of the time, griner could face ten years in prison. in the case of paul whelan, he's been detained in russia since 2018. he was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment on charges of espionage which he has denied. joining me now is a washington correspondent and jonathan franks, a crisis management consultant and spokesman for the family of trevor reid who was recently released from russia in a prisoner swap. mr. frank, i want to start with you. this is brittney griner's legal team responding to discussions of this deal. griner's russian defense team
4:23 pm
learned about the u.s.' offer from the news. defense team is not participating in the swap discussions. from the legal perspective the wap is possible only after the court reaches a verdict. in any case we would be really happy if brittany will be able to come home soon. what do you read into that statement and is that accurate, that essentially she has to be convicted and sentenced? >> i think that's the proper way to do thing but this is a country orchestrated and conducted by one man. if she wants miss griper to leave she will leave. aho she does soon along with mr. whelan and mark fogel who was sentenced to abu abbas suffered term earlier this week. >> that's the other thing. we don't hear about mr. mark fogel. we've heard about some of the other folks and obviously mr. whelan. why do you suppose it's being done so piece meal? trevor reid's release was video for -- and it was a swap -- it
4:24 pm
ended up being a prisoner swap. the fogel isn't even being brought up. what do you make of the piecemealing of this? >> i don't know. honestly, since last october the raeds and i have been trying to lobby a two-for-two deal. we were surprised it was a one-for-one deal and we thoepd would soon follow with mr. whelan and miss griner and 91 days later it looks like we're kind of heading that direction, and to the president and secretary blinken i say bravo for that. >> julia, let's talk about this viktor bout, sentenced to 25 years in prison, convicted of selling arms to colombian rebels who prosecutors say was intend topped kill americans. he has five years left on his prison sentence so it's not as if he's got 25 years to serve. he's a pretty bad guy. what do you make of the fact that this is the ask on russia's side potentially?
4:25 pm
>> we don't know that this is the ask on russia's side but he's wanted him back for a long time. he's a notorious arms dealer, and the reason they were so incensed by victor bout's arrest because he was taken not on u.s. soil but in a third country, and russia is very upset by that. they don't think that, you know -- they are saying, you know, russia is not running around taking american nationals in third countries and neither should you be, and they have been want the dda to kind of rein itself in or the u.s. government to rep in the dea and stop seizing russian nationals in third countries. that is kind of the trucks. matter for them, but victor bout is kind of a nasty guy. it took a while to catch him, and i can see why the u.s. government held on to him as long as they did. >> i mean, they are not having to run around because they are seizing americans in their airport, and, julie, in the case of brittney griner, she's
4:26 pm
somebody who was helping them. she's somebody who was there and dedicated to improving and enhancing russia women's basketball. she's testified in court today. let's play a little bit -- we haven't heard her for a while. let's hear to what she had to say in court. >> we had to use my phone and goggle translate for him to be able to tell me a little bit. there was a lady that was there that they said was an interpreter, but it was more just her telling me surname, sign, really short words. she didn't explain the content of the paper. i didn't know exactly what i was signing. my rights were never read to me. no one explained any of it to me. >> and julie, you know, i'm reluctant to take anything that she says at face value. you know she's a prisoner and she has to say whatever it takes to try to free herself, but what
4:27 pm
do you make of the fact that they did go for this very high-profile detention of somebody like her? >> here's what i think happened, and this is what i'm gathering from my sources is that she was -- i think that this was a routine arrest. i think, you know, customs, the border agents didn't know who she was. like when you go -- when you land this is what happens. you have to put your luggage through the scanner. it's -- it's kind -- it's a little scary and uncomfortable. it's very, you know, police staty, and they -- they saw the vape car trimgts, they arrested her, but when -- when a foreigner comes in contact with police they have to call the fsb, and i think at that point they realized that they had such a high value prisoner and, unfortunately, when we have these kind of swaps, it creates more and more incentive down the line for russia to keep kidnapping people.
4:28 pm
>> yeah. >> so that they can swap, and not just for other prisoners that they want, but, for example, there was the israeli american woman that they seized in the exact same way as she went through the transit zone and they swapped her for property in jerusalem that the russian orthodox church wants so, you know, it's the state basically kidnapping people because they know the u.s. wants its citizens back or israel wants its citizens back but russia doesn't give a -- >> last question to you. actually, we're out of time. obviously this is not going to be over any time soon. thank you both very much. still ahead, gen-z abortion rights activist olivia juliana joins me to tell how she's raised millions of dollars thanks to matt gaetz's juvenile and disgusting trolling. o matt and disgusting trolling. rk, we . she's in prague, between the perfect cup of coffee
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it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile. kansas is an abortion island in the midwestern plains. that's because the kansas supreme court back in 2019 ruled that the state's constitution protects the right to choose. did you know that voters in kansas viewed as a reliably red state have repeatedly expressed support for some reproductive rights. a poll last year found that 60% of cansans opposed making
4:34 pm
abortion slightly illegal and movr more than half believed the state government should not regulate abortion. here's the rub. kansas voters were a primary election on tuesday are being asked to support or reject an amendment that would explicitly strip the state constitution of that right making it easier for the republican-controlled legislature to further restriction or even outright ban abortion, and that legislature has been just licking its chops at the prospect. in the spring a bill was introduced to ban abortion statewide with no exceptions for rain or incest. the timing of this referendum is no accident. republicans place it had on the primary ballot because who is seep engaged in the dog days of summerings religious fanatic diehards, that's who, and they are being mobilized by churches across the state. proponents of the amendment have been going door-to-door turning people out considering early voting is already upped way. after the overturning of roe
4:35 pm
many men and women across the country are wondering how to fight back. tuesday is the first test. meantime, reproductive rights areas living in abortion deserts are working hard to find alternative routes. among them 19-year-old olivia juliana of texas who called out none other than matt gaetz who is being investigated for alleged sex trafficking where she noted he made really gross comments about reproductive rights activists. gaetz who has arc published nothing in congress except becoming a well-known maga troll and being the best man of a man indicted on several counts of sex trafficking targeted olivia personally because he's not developed enough testosterone to become a grown man. olivia began a fund-raising campaign that raised $300,000 for abortion rights and wrote the congressman a quite classy
4:36 pm
thank you note. olivia joins me right now. thanks so much for being here. saw the tweets and how viral they went and your responses, and i love my producer. they are like can we get her on the show and thanks for agreeing to coming on. i want to get it out of way. you responded on social media to matt gaetz's disgusting i won't even characterize them but basically making fun of and putting down women who are abortion rights activists, and you're a 19-year-old kid and he decided to target you. your thoughts. >> i mean, i'm not necessarily surprised that this is a path that matt gaetz would take considering since he's been elected in cook his judgment has been questionable at best. i'm surprised that he thought that i would just allow him to publicly body shame me when i very clearly have a reputation in the past of letting republican politicians know that that kind of behavior will not be tolerated. >> amen. you will not be gen-z at the
4:37 pm
trolling. leave your whole generation alone on social. now we've got that out of the way. i do want to talk to you about that. you are from texas but we're seeing in kansas the way that getting rid of roe has given republicans the opening to do what the most fanatical part of their base wants which is ban abortion with no exceptions. in this case it's being put to a vote publicly in the state of kansas. you've raised a lot of money. tell us what you plan to do with that man because this is a time when people need organizing. they need door knockers and literally people to be in the face of folks who might be frequent voters. is that what you intend to do with all this mawn that you're raising. >> absolutely. this money is being split among 50 abortion funds across the country, especially in states where those services will be needed the most because of restrictive abortion laws this. money is going to the people who need, it it's going to the funds that will help people get the
4:38 pm
health care that they they'd despite the republican attacks against reproductive attacks. i'mence extremely excited that i've been able to use my platform to do something that will genuinely make a tangible difference in people's lives. >> and how much have you raised so far? >> last i checked it was $330,000 in the last 48 hours. >> that's really dope. i called you a killed. i apologize for that. you're a kid to me but i wonder for other young women your ainge, i mean, you're a kid to me, right, it's sad that somebody your age has to think about the state opening your body, but you're in a state, texas, where that is what the supreme court has said is okay. what are women and young women, girls, teenagers your age worried the most about? >> i think there's a lot of risks that come with reproductive health care access, whether it be criminalization of miscarriages, whether it be people being stripped of their bodily autonomy or even
4:39 pm
something as extreme as contraception being under attack. i think a lot of women across the country are afraid in japan of not just their right to an abortion but their right to simply exist and make decisions about their open body and their open identities. i will say that i've seen my generation mobilize like no other before, whether it be on social media or marching in the streets or even marching to the ballot box. we saw record -- we saw record voter turnout in 20 20erks especially amongst dependsy, and with these kinds of attacks coming from republican politicians i'm more than certain that we will see it again come this november. >> because that's the thing is that people are -- i see pundits saying, oh, well, the democrats are going to get wiped out and that's just the way it is because there's this history and that history and i feel like they are not noticing how angry women of all ages are about the loss of our right to exist as full citizens. do you see the kind of anger that you think could sustain all the way through november?
4:40 pm
>> absolutely i do. i see it every day on social media. i have platforms on every platforms, and i see tens of thousands of women on a dale basis talking about how they are making plans to vote. they are making plans to fight back against these abortion bans and against these oppressive laws that are being put forward, and i have no doubt whatsoever that they are going to make their voices heard whether it be in the street or whether it be in november, and i think that we're starting to see more and more republicans like matt gaetz make these childish attacks because they know that these women are mobilizing across the country, whether it be women who marched back when roe was first decided upon or whether it be young women like me who have been fighting this fight for the last few years as teenagers, so i think that we're going to see a lot more people fighting for than the republicans are expecting, and i'm quite excited to see that myself. >> amennism mean, a loto may all want us to live in the 19th or 18th century but women ain't
4:41 pm
going back to the 19th century and by the way, matt gaetz wouldn't have been effective in those accept industries either because he's really not good at being a congressman. that's me, not you. coming up next, what do you get when you take a three-legged stool and chop off two of the legs in the modern republican party. i'll explain "x." e modern repub party. i'll explain "x. (man) [whispering] what's going on? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could save money by doing nothing. just be claim-free on your home insurance for three years. (man) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (dad) bravo! (mom) that's our son! (burke) we should. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ manhood looks different from guy to guy. but when yours bends in a different direction, you might feel bothered by it. so talk to a urologist. because a bend in your erection might be peyronie's disease or pd.
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give today. finding the perfect project manager isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found him. he's in adelaide between his daily lunch delivery and an 8:15 call with san francisco. and you can find him, and millions of other talented pros, right now on the composition of the republican party is often
4:46 pm
described as a three-legged stool. one leg represents the social conservatives, the christian far right who are possessed with seedsing women's bodies. the second leg is made up of hawks, thirsty for unnecessary wars, and the third would be the fiscal conservatives. this framing was popularized which the rise of the new right and the election of ronald reagan. things have changed though quite a bit since the reagan era meaning the stool is just a stool, but rearranged a bit. one leg still represents the white evangelical christian fanatics and another leg represents the war hawks, but the third leg is now made up of neo-fascists and their grievance politics, the people who want hierarchal christian man rule, but here's another thing about that stool. no one ever talks about the seat, right? it is an important component, the seat holds it all together. otherwise there is no stool, and that seat at the top is the republican obsession with tax cuts, the single most important
4:47 pm
thing for the republican party. it's why republicans vote republican, why they consistently show up to vote. it is how they win and why they win. it's how they elected a reality tv star riddled with controversy because as anti-tax activist grover norquist said in 2012, the only thing that republican party needed in its next president was enough working digits to handle a pen, to sign the precious, the massive tax cuts for the rich. that's why you hear all the republicans saying while they didn't like trump's personality they liked the personalities even though the only policy things that he accomplished in the past four years were pack the supreme court with anti-roe and also very corporate, rich people, friendly judgments, a stimulus package that literally handed billion dollar bags to the airline industry and corporate welfare recipient and the signing a mavis tax cut so sweet it made paul ryan retire from politics, like the fullest
4:48 pm
guy at thanksgiving dinner. the phenomenon was crystallized even further yesterday in washington, d.c. when donald trump and mike pence gave duelling speeches on america's future. now at one marriott trump painted a grim, fascism friendly picture of the nation, a similar sort of speech to his american carnage speech in 2017. >> our country is now a cesspool of crime. our streets are riddled with needles and soaked with the blood of innocent victims. they want to damage you in any form, but they really want to damage me so i can no longer go back to work for you. >> why not hide under your bed. >> at the other marriott you had pence praising trump. >> well, i will tell you that i couldn't be more proud of the record of the trump/pence administration so i don't know that our movement is that
4:49 pm
divided. i don't know that the president and i differ on issues, but we may differ on focus. >> okay. what? proud of the trump/pence administration even after the trump part of the trump/pence administration sent armed thugs to hang you. there's video. we know you saw, it mike. it just shows how pence and his fellow republicans are willing to overlook anything, even attempts to publicly lynch you so long as they get the precious, and no, not a wall. you know they never intended to do that, right? it's calks cuts for the uber rich. and up next, how reagan on micks stuck it to the mainlyialsed a set the staple for trumpism and how another wrote an apology to young americans mired in debt. he joins us next. s mired in deb. he joins us next a different sto.
4:50 pm
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4:54 pm
cassidy hutchinson, may be cooperating with the doj's january 6th -- and it offered damning testimony against donald trump. . a list of these policies. i hear people say, what policies specifically? >> well, the tax cuts.
4:55 pm
>> there you go. tom hartman, a host of the tom hartman program. i'm a big fan, so i'm excited to finally get you on the show. i'm such a big fan, that i'll forgive you for ignoring generation x in your otherwise excellent op-ed. you skipped us, we always get skipped though, we're used to it. this is your apology to young americans, and you wrote this. they are millennials, i'm sorry we didn't stop. them your generation has only 4.6% of the nations wealth, and you're most likely struggling to own a home and are deeply in debt. the most important reason the millennials are so badly screwed these days is they tax codes change in the 19 80s, 74% down to 27%, and cut corporate tax rate from 50% to functionally nothing. i just to let you talk, because every time you hear republicans say, i didn't like trump's personality but unlike the policies. all i hear is, i love those tax
4:56 pm
cuts for the rich. they love tax cuts, and they will let the devil become president if they can get tax cuts, but i'm gonna let you talk. >> thank you joy, and thanks so much for having me here, it's great to see you. we are on the tail end of a 40 year old experiment on new neoliberalism that ronald reagan rolled out, the party embraced and some democrats as well i think there's a consensus across the country now that this is a failed experiment the huge tax cut that reagan did and george w. bush tripled down, on and doubled trump tripled down on. the transfer of 14 billion dollars out of the pockets of working class people into the pockets of the top one tenth of 1%, 50 trillion dollars. npr reported about six years ago that the middle class used to be like half of us, that's why was called the middle class. actually, in 1980's about 60% of it.
4:57 pm
now it's in the neighborhood of 45 or 50% of us, it's been wiped out. our wages have been wiped up on reagan's neoliberalism, by these republican policies that -- the so-called right to work for less laws. they went after our abilities to get an education, yours and my kids, and the zoomers and everybody. i went to college back in the 60s, i didn't graduate, but in the brief time that i was there, i was able to pay tuition by working part time at washing dishes implementing gas. you could do that in 68 or 69. they came after -- and i've got two trillion dollars of student debt, where literally the only country in the world that has widespread problem of student debt. >> can i just stop you right there on the student debt thing. because whenever republicans, when you bring up the idea. because this there is this sort
4:58 pm
of who benefits? the queen bono question in politics. if you say you're gonna cut taxes on the rich, republicans run into it. if you say we're gonna transfer a little bit of tax money to pay off student debt, they say moral hazard. it's always moral hazard if you want to provide health care to people who need it, it's moral hazard if you want to provide relief to student debt. but it's never moral hazard to balloon the deficit for more tax cuts. and they're willing to be more and more extreme to appease the base with bananas like social stuff, to get it. do you think my theory is correct, because they have to do more to entertain their, base because they need to sell the idea of stealing from their base to give to the rich. >> you are absolutely, right and it's starting to wear thin. these folks will say, oh we can't give people free education and free health care, because we have people headed,
4:59 pm
free you can't just value money. then you go -- . at some people people are going how. -- whole life, around seven small businesses, for them were pretty successful. when fire failed terribly, that's how you learn. you just can't do, that because everything is gotten monopolized. these giant corporations, now they're coming after our rent. you've got wall street buying up houses all across the united states, just so they can rent them out, and what we find in the wall street journal actually did some pretty good journalism on this about four months ago. what they found was when they hit this critical threshold of four 5% of all the homes in the community owned by wall street they start jacking up the rent by ten, 15, 20% rain increases
5:00 pm
every single year. so these tumors, and really everybody i've said dear millennia was i'm sorry but my kids are millennials, so i'm speaking to them i suppose. so they have been relentless, it's all about transferring wealth and power. >> that's right, transferring wealth and power up and up. i have to have you back, because we need to talk more about this. it underlines a lot of the extremes in our politics. yet to get more crazy to sell that to their audience. that is nice readout, all in with chris hayes, guess, what's starts right now. tonight on all in. >> the justice department remains committed to holding all january six perpetrators at any level accountable under law. >> the twice impeached ex


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