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tv   Symone  MSNBC  July 30, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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right now. s up right now. greetings. you are watching simone. president biden's agenda is back in action. democrats reach a bill on a bill talking inflation, climate, and cut prescription by prices. so course had a sit down with senator amy klobuchar divided at the deal came together and also, her predictions for the 2022 midterm elections. plus, we have got to talk about the missing tax messages, y'all. not just from the secret service, but top handling homeland security officials leading up to january six. and now, new reporting only hates ever serve on those messages were shut down. and queen bee is back, y'all. she dropped a renaissance on friday, and the streets have been buzzing since. we are going to talk about it in the culture quota. i am simone sanders and i have something to say. simone sanders and i have something to say
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we begin with breaking news from the white house. president biden has tested positive for covid-19, again. after about the position to the president says we're four consecutive days of negative tests. president biden tweeted, quote, i have got no symptoms but i am going to isolate for the safety of everyone around me. and the physicians update said, this development represents what he is calling rebound positivity. but for now, there is no reason to bring in a sheet treatment. we are going to bring you any updates as we get them. but first, let's get caught up on a busy week, y'all. big moves by the january six committee, and the justice department. we are going to break those down in just a few minutes. but first, something you probably thought would never happen. i know i was skeptical. democrats finally agreed on legislation to curb climate change. and to get the economy a boost. the inflation protection act came about after intense
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negotiations with senator chuck schumer convincing holdout senators joe manchin to get on board. here is what the senator, out of west virginia, said about the agreement. >> i think that we have had a balance. this is not a democrat bill, this is not a republican bill, this is an american bill. and this was the driving force of what we did and why we did when we did. >> here is some of what is in the bill. 369 billion dollars for climate proposals. that is the most ambitious climate action average he can by congress. the bill also aims to raise about 450 billion a new tax revenue from corporations. and it cuts the cost of prescription drugs by 288 billion dollars. that is a lot of money. so what does it mean? well, yesterday i sat down with senator amy cold which are of minnesota, and we talked about a number of issues facing the country right now. and, i got her take on how democrats will do in the midterm elections. of course i started by asking her, if she expected a lot of
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pushback from republicans on this latest bill. here is what she said. >> i don't know who could be upset about finally doing something on pharmaceutical prices, first of all. we have the backs of the american people. the democratic party, senator schumer, patiently negotiated with senator manchin over the last few months, and we have what is now an incredibly big bill. and an important bill. it is called the inflation reduction act for a reason. >> it is going to bring down inflation? >> it's gonna bring down the deficit some, actually is the biggest investment in climate in the history of america, it brings down the greenhouse gases by 40% by 2030, so we can start getting on that trajectory to net zero by 2050. where i want to, be and i know you want to be. and then, pharmaceutical prices. pharmaceutical companies that they are in washington, while they don't. finally, medicare is unleashed to negotiate less expensive drugs for our seniors. it is a big deal. >> that's a game-changer. >> and the idea that some of
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our republican colleagues would just be mad because we got an agreement? , i don't know how transparent that, is and then say well this is going to hurt us on things like moving forward on veterans and helping them with their health problems coming out of burn pits or in game urge. at some point, let's stop the games and let's just have votes. >> it sounds ridiculous. i wanna talk specifically about senator manchin because in the last week and a half, he was not on board with the climate change provisions. and then, it seems to people on the outside all the sudden he was. so what happened here. i know you are usually a wheeler dealer when it comes to the senate. i have been up there many times and i've seen you. how did senator manchin get on board? who did? this >> senator schumer took the lead in these negotiations. it wasn't one of these big gangs or public events of some kind. i am sure the white house, i know, was involved in working on this as well and we appreciate the presidents work but in the end it really came down to senator manchin having
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to make a decision. while these fires are burning in california and across the west. while we have seen higher and higher temperatures, record temperatures across the country, at some point we can't put our hands in the sand anymore. there he made what i think was a good decision to move forward on the climate provisions not just leave them behind. >> exactly, have you spoken to senator sinema about this bill? >> i talk to her this week and i know that she is reviewing it, and i will say that, she gets the importance of climate. she supported that in the past. she was involved in the earlier negotiations on the pharmaceutical provisions. i would've gone farther, i would've gone faster, i would've got more done. we are where we are, and at some point you have got to say, who has the back of the american people? and going into this august, the democratic party is going to have a lot to show for we have done. semiconductor chips, bipartisan bills passed, we are down to 13% made in america. we want to have cars and cell phones and be, and have our own
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made in american products, we have got to get to semiconductors. we you can march through these accomplishments, including bipartisan infrastructure. so this is about bringing costs down for families. and as you can, see i am pretty excited that we've got an agreement. >> you are fired up about the spill. okay, we've heard a lot about inflation. you just said yourself, this bill will help ease inflationary pressures. we've also heard a lot about the r-word. i'm talking about recession. the white house has adequately fought the use of the r-word to the point where now, folks like me in television are having a definition about what is the definition of a pot refresh recession. but let's take the politics out, but how do expanded reckon people what's happening here? >> we have just gotten through, and we are still the tail end of it, a two-year pandemic. people were isolated, we have lost so many americans, and i don't think anyone can expect you're gonna come out of that and everything is just rosy. so what we have seen is major disruptions in the supply chain. we have people who are back at
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work, but we have got a lot of job openings. and that is why this definition doesn't fit. because my state has the lowest unemployment that we have had in the history of our state. we have low unemployment rates, but we have high cost because it is hard to get stuff. we have had issues, again, with workforce. but we have also had issues with getting supplies to where they belong. >> that is improving, right now. we passed a bipartisan shipping bill that island. because these shipping conglomerates have been ripping people off, charging four times the amount that they should for container. we are gonna bring the cost of pharmaceuticals down. we have seen some recent decreases and gas prices. in part because of the release of the strategic petroleum reserves. that made a difference. so, there is a lot more work to be done including, i think, workforce and training, and immigration reform could be a big part of this as well. >> oh, senator, now congressional reform.
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more, jesus. well it is important. >> it is important and i would think what people would hope to get. done we can go on. >> there is important to build a. workforce >> you know, what it is a part of workforce and development. i will ask about minnesota the second, but i will ask you about one other bill. i have seen all these commercials and i think everybody out there is watching right now and seeing this commercials where, these technology companies are running commercials talk about congress needs to do its job. call congress and tell them to do x y and z. all that technology. you have a big tech bill. the commercials are not in support of your bill. talk to me about what is going on here, why are the tech companies going for. you >> classic monopolies. they have not had one competition rule put in place out of washington passed into law since the advent of the internet. they went from start-ups encourages, i guess, to the biggest companies the world's ever known. google has a 90% market share. i don't get rid of these companies, i want to get rid of
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the products, i simply want to say, let's have an even playing field for competitors. so they are not always putting their own stuff at the top of the surge but engine to hurt small businesses. senator grassley and i have this bill together, growing support. we just got the support of the national federation of independent businesses, justice department, consumer group support this bill. we are all on our way to finally getting this done. 16 to 6 vote out of the judiciary committee. i met with senator schumer. >> that's a bipartisan vote. >> and senator schumer strongly deport supports this bill. late others who we talked about having this vote in the fall. we are not able to do this week, obviously, with we are major vote were having on the inflation production act. and the work that we need to do now for our veterans because of republicans blocking the bill. but i am so proud of the coalition we put together. we can't let this go. we've got to get privacy rules in place as part of this. we've got to protect kids on the internet, and then we have to have some simple competition rules in place. when you have got a foreperson
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luggage producer of luggage organizer in brooklyn in new york with four employees, put their products over to amazon to get it up on their platform, and the little bit later they find out that their product is ripped off because they took their non public data and created the same thing in amazon basics. it is completely ridiculous, and people know it. so let's get this bill passed and i am just, again, i am bullish on what we are doing and the votes we are gathering to get it. >> now i understand the commercials. i understand the commercials. before i let you go, i had to ask you a question about -- . >> you minnesota and i believe is a microcosm of the rest of the country. you've got, role you've got urban, if not manufacturing, if that business hubs, you've got social media tech innovation happening around the state. what are you hearing from minnesotans and what keeps you up at night as it relates to the midterm elections? >> what keeps me up at night is just the evil that we have seen from donald trump. the lies, the misrepresentations, that it is somehow going to turn people off of politics, and they won't
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come and vote. but what inspires me are these incredible candidates in my own state. angie craig, who has always been in a tough race there in minnesota, and it always pulls it out. or our governor keith ellison, is running for reelection after doing this incredible job taking on the murder of george floyd winning that case. so that is what happens at home. when i look at it nationally, i think about how my good friends, people like maggie hassan in new hampshire, catherine cortez masto nevada, raphael warnock in georgia, how they have been, and mark kelly in arizona, those are focused races. many others of course. there it man. they are doing incredibly well in their states, and that is because people know them and they love them. you then go to states like wisconsin, pennsylvania. one of my favorites, north carolina with judge beasley. >> oh, judge beasley.
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that's a race to. watch >> doing so. well ohio with tim ryan, who is defining all expectation, and florida. >> so it sounds like you are saying there are possibilities all of the map. >> there. are >> so your projections than, are you saying is the senate holding? it >> by reductions we more than hold the senate. we pick up at least the two seats we need. i think more. and then we are able to finally get voting rights legislation done and all these things. and as you know, we need two seats to do. that >> and what about the house? we are losing the? house >> no. symone! if my predictions are. right which by the, way one thing we don't mention is the extremism of the republicans when it comes to choice. and when it comes to reproductive freedom. this week, even turning down a bill that would have guaranteed contraception. the week before turning down a bill that would have guaranteed the right to travel across state lines just to access abortion services and reproductive care. these are extreme positions. the numbers show that 80% of
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americans are with us on that, they are with us on pharmaceuticals, they are with us on gun safety. so we have got to make the case and ending this work period and going into august with these big victories, watch what happens. >> all right, what would. happen you heard it first here, folks, senator amy klobuchar been. >> thank you, great to be gone. >> coming up, the latest chapter in the tail of the missing text messages. it involves two of the former presidents top homeland security officials and wet covid spreading around congress could mean for folks before the recess. but first, my colleague lindsey reiser is here with today's other top news stories. lindsey, what have you got. top news sto ries lindsey, what have y>> okay thi. these are some stories we are watching this. hour and tara kentucky's governor is worried about more rain in the forecast tomorrow as this week's total glance to 25. officials are still searching for people who are missing. and facing challenges like down self-service and power lines. state emergency has been
1:14 pm
declared and at least 14 counties, and three city statewide. in washington, a house passed a bill that would ban assault weapons yesterday. largely along party lines, to republicans voting in favor. five opposed. it now heads to the senate though, where it is unlikely to get enough support from enough senators to break a filibuster. president biden celebrated the bills passage saying, he will not stop fighting until it reaches his desk. and, nbc news has confirmed that russia countered the u.s. offer to swap britney griner and paul whelan for the release of russian arms dealer victory boot. and the nbc news reports that the russians also want the release of a russian's convicted of murder innocent prison in germany. but a spokesman from the national security council called that offer quote, not serious. more simone, after the break. more simone, after the break more simone, after the break [whistling] when you have technology that's easier to control... that can scale across all your clouds...
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over at the department of homeland security. let me break this down for you guys. a few weeks ago, we found out that the secret service texts leading up to january 6th disappeared. we all know that. what we did not know, though, until the new york, not the new york post, floor jesus, the washington post new reporting is that the inspector general knew the secret service texts were deleted in february. initially planned to try to recover those delayed tax, but then decided not to. the post says, quote, inspector general joseph casarez of his plan to contact all dhs
1:19 pm
agencies offering to have that a specialist help retrieve messages from their phones. but later that month, qatari's office decided it would not collect a review any agency phones. they didn't tell anybody that. oh, and that i mentioned that the post also says even more texts are missing, from homeland security officials themselves. i'm talking about trump's acting homeland security secretary, chad wulf, and acting deputy secretary, my favorite person on earth, ken cuccinelli. and these checks are from, you guessed it, a key period right before the attack on the capitol. so, i have a friend with me because we need to break this down. msnbc contributor, joe windex, is here. she's the author of the watergate girl and co-host of igm politics. jill, first, it was that the secret service of the lead messages when they were getting their new phones because they didn't know any better. okay. then texts from chad wolf and the coach went missing, but none of those texts were worth finding. does anyone on the planet
1:20 pm
believe this is a coincidence? because i don't. >> well, maybe donald trump believes it because he believes a lot of stuff that nobody else believes. i don't believe it. it is not a coincidence that these particular tax are missing. it's also illegal because there is an obligation for the agency heads to maintain these federal records. there's a federal records act and there is a provision of the federal records act that makes it a crime to not maintain them, and that also bars you from ever holding federal office again. >> so, maybe, then, jill, and i know that federal records act very well, as a former employee of the white house. so, maybe this is why chad wulf is blaming the department of homeland security for the missing messages. he tweeted, quote, i complied with all data reaching lies and returned all my equipment fully loaded to the department. full stop. dhs has all my texts, emails, phone lines, et cetera. any issues with my think data
1:21 pm
needs to be addressed to dhs. to imply otherwise is lazy reporting. so, jill, wolf is saying he did not believe the tax. what exactly is going on here? he's calling any assertion that he did ally, essentially. >> well, obviously this is something that needs further investigation. we cuffari, who's the inspector general, knew that he had requested these documents, knew that congress had requested these documents, and possibly the department of justice had, that we are not sure of yet. but the servant's are certainly have asked for them now. and the destruction, in addition being a violation of the federal records act, could also be a violation of obstruction of justice or obstruction of congress, for not giving them to them. and destroying them after the request. it seems to me, first of all, that when you start with, as you know from the federal records act, that you cannot destroy any records that you create is part of your job. these were records that were part of secret service agents of jobs, certainly part of wolf
1:22 pm
and cuccinelli whose responsibilities, and they cannot be destroyed. if there was a phone reset, it is the obligation of the people at the department to make sure they are uploaded to somewhere else for permanent retention under the federal records act before they can be deleted. and there is some evidence that a message was sent tall agents saying, phones are being changed, you must upload, here is how you do it. so, individual agents also had a responsibility to do exactly that. but it was certainly incumbent upon anybody who is the leading and changing the phones to make sure that they had, in fact, then uploaded first. these are federal records that must be maintained. and we need it for transparency in office, and obviously now we also need it for evidence of criminality, not just about the january 6th events, but of the deletion of evidence.
1:23 pm
>> yes, thank you for breaking this down for folks, gel, because i do think there was some confusion out there. we are talking about criminality, talking about the laws, i want to talk about merrick garland for a second with the time we have left. and i would like to give mary merrick garland his new. a lot of people have been criticizing him and the department of justice for taking their sweet time in charging the former president. i, myself, has been critical. but i actually think he's taking his time to get it right. it seems to me like there really is a reckoning coming, jill. i'm going to start saying, when it comes, not if it comes. but the reality is, it could come after the midterms, and then the democrats could have lost the house by then. so, what happens to the department of justice investigation if that is the case? >> the department of justice is in office for two years after the midterms. so their investigation can't continue, and i'm sure will, i think we've seen enough evidence that they are now really on top, that they are, in fact, looking for the evidence that leads to who is
1:24 pm
responsible for all the tentacles of the january 6th. not just the violence on january 6th, but all the other parts of the conspiracy to take down our democracy. >> jill wine-banks, thank you for making it plain and making it make sense. i appreciate your time. >> thank you, simone. >> all right, next we have the difficult but interesting dance playing out on both sides as we get closer to the midterms. the ties to donald trump putting some republicans in a knot, and as democrats try to weave their way around tough polling numbers, we are going to get into it.
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for a chance in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. from the president's positive covid test the justice department in this week's primaries and arizona, and several other states, we have a lot to unpack. so let's bring in this power packed panel, klay cain is here. he's a democratic strategist and sirius xm radio host. toe loop, all that brittani but it's also here. here's a political enterprise and investigations reporter for
1:29 pm
the washington post, and rachel bannon is also with us. she's a co-host of the suburban women problem podcast. welcome, welcome to you all. to lou, i'm going to start with you, my friend. okay, we know that president biden tested positive again for covid-19 today. i frankly think it's a reminder that covid is still running rampant. we know a lot of members of congress have tested positive, particularly members of the senate. talk about how this is critical right now in terms of members staying healthy and not catching covid to pass this agenda? -- agenda -- there's a small number of people for you to take paxlovid to end up getting a second rebound infection and they're saying that this would have. another president says he has no symptoms, he feels great. the unfortunate will not be able to go out for a number of events and that is gonna be the biggest impact of this.
1:30 pm
he will not be able to have his weekend travel to women, or have to travel that he had coming up next week where he was going to be touting the chips bill that just passed. so with, just over 100 days before the midterms, i think the biggest impact of this new infection is, this new positive result, is that he is not going to be able to take these days. he will have to isolate at the white house and i will not feel to be out on the road touting his agenda. he is at a time in the administration when he has some windows back in the number of bills passing disagreement with manchin. but he is going to have to wait until he gets another negative test, i believe, until you can't go out tout some of those things. in the country. >> and, so quickly, what about congress though. because joe manchin, we played a clip of him early in the show. he was virtual because he also had covid. talk about the, are senate democrats concerned about not having the numbers in place to pass this reconciliation bill before recess? >> yeah, symone, just like you said, covid is still with us. this be five period is impacting people all over the
1:31 pm
country. and it is gonna have a political impact. not only are some members not gonna be able to cast votes in per person but they had to continue to talk about this when they wanna be talking about other things. they want to be talking about other things on the agenda. but every time you get a headline that that has a president tested positive, or senator, or a member of congress. it shows that covid is still with, us it's still an issue. but what the white house is trying to do is that is just say that even though people are getting infected, we're not seeing the numbers of deaths and hospitalizations continue to rise. in part, they say, because of how they've handled this, the people had therapeutics, vaccines, and all kinds of things to make sure that covid is not a senior says it was two years ago. so. >> yeah, they've got those mitigation measures. that's what they've got. well, okay. let's talk about merrick garland for a second. rachel, we've been talking about merrick garland. i just said, i just basically want to apologize. mary garland, is on the right. jack do you think a reckoning is coming? and when? >> well, i appreciate you listening to joe before me.
1:32 pm
she is certainly an expert. so what i would say is, i really hope so and, like you symone i will owe merrick garland an apology. and i also believe that now it is a question of when and not to. that's the most important thing we need right now is accountability. and, whether or not comes from the january six committee or from the department of justice, everyone is digging through these hearings, the bat in the depth of what happened on january 6th. and that, we can all of the accountability when we vote in november, when we vote in two years, by being active and talking about these issues. not everyone is watching the hearings. unfortunately, so those of us who are we need to continue to have these conversations with our peers who are not engaged. and we need to keep talking about it. but, i do think that mayor garland, and the department of
1:33 pm
justice, working just like the january six committee. it just is not in public. >> all right, we wait to see it. let's talk about midterms. clay, tuesday arizona voters are gonna cast their ballots in the gutter a primary. they are two top contenders. trump endorsed election denier carry lake. and she has been handing out pins endorsed karen taylor robinson in recent polling. now lake recently claimed that any evidence that her campaign has already detected supposed fraud. ahead of the election. is this going to be the playbook now? our republican friends going to be accusing each other of stealing primaries before the elections even get started? >> oh yeah, this is the gop playbook. this is how they are going to go moving forward. and they are already setting things up for the general election. that is why i think it is so important for us as democratic voters to remember, we have had so many legislative wins since the biden harris administration has been in office. i get that not everything is perfect. we have to hold democrats
1:34 pm
accountable. but if we can't acknowledge our winds, we can't win moving forward. because the other side is strategizing. i want us to really go beyond bad memes we see from wrappers like snoop dogg on social media, i want us to go beyond misinformation, and google at our fingertips, and realize that one party is working against us and another party is pushing for legislation to try to move our country forward and not backward. so i really hope we get that with these midterms coming up, because this is not only an election for our democracy, it really is for our humanity. >> you know, white clay, we're gonna leave it there. i would pass the plate where i'm from, and i'm passing the plate for collection to you my brother. clay, lou, rachel, thanks to you. all okay, folks after the break, millennials and gen z. they make up the largest voting bloc heading into the november midterms. i talk about 65 million eligible voters. and if they get out and vote in big numbers, things can and they will change.
1:35 pm
so, what are they looking for in the lead up to the midterms? well i'm going to ask three of them, next. o ask three of them, next them, next grandma! this'll be fun. (young woman) two chocolate milkshakes, please. (grandmother) make it three. (young woman) three? (grandmother) did you get his number? (young woman) no, grandma! grandma!! (grandmother) excuse me! (young woman vo) some relationships get better with time. that's why i got a crosstrek. (avo) ninety-six percent of subaru vehicles sold in the last ten years are still on the road. (grandmother) i'm so glad you got a subaru. (young woman) i wonder who gave me the idea? (avo) love. it's what makes subaru, subaru.
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fighting over this country right now could leave a heaping pile of you know what in the labs of young people. are folks going to leave us with an unbelievable plan? it can college be affordable? we young people in america be left with no right to make decisions about their own body, per circular young women? here on symone we're gonna go outside and asking folks post. we're gonna talk about people who feel the panic and sway the votes as midterms. so let's talk to gen z and gen x voters. i've got 26 your voting rights activists of texas. and 35 your digital organizer of maryland. greetings to you all, my friends. i am very excited about this
1:39 pm
because people will talk about that young people, but nobody is asking us. so, i'm here to ask you. so i want to start with this big problem. we are turning of roe v. wade, as we all know it has really rocked the country. but take a look at this. the washington post is saying that 65% of americans see the supreme court was a major loss of rights, but only 62% of democrats say they're gonna vote in the midterm elections. it's a show of hands folks, how many of y'all hear a plan to vote? >> okay okay. all of our hands are up. i don't see him gentlemen, okay agenda. so chauvin, how many of you know someone he says they're not voting? >> you all shook her head and chanted you raise your hand. i want to start with you who ever told you they were voting, whether this is their? not >> it is interesting. a lot of people that i speak with don't even know we have an election coming up. so a lot of folks might not
1:40 pm
even know who's running, one offices are running right now. but in addition to that, a lot of people just lost interest in politics. maybe they got the spark during the obama campaign, but with the recent administration are not interested in engaging. >> wow, asha. u.s. shook her head, why folks told you that they're not gonna vote? >> yeah, i think pretty similarly as enchanted said, there are some people who just don't realize that there is the election coming up. and then i think another big part of it is not feeling like their vote matters. that, even though it did go out and vote in 2020, there are still so many issues that people feel like haven't made any progress. and so, it is kind of a sense of what is the point? >> okay. so let's talk about the issues that. because i have heard similar things as you all have. and charlie, i'm going to start with you. what is the most important issue, or giving your top two important issues the cycle that
1:41 pm
you want to hear candidates talking about. >> unfortunately, there are a lot of issues happening right now in texas. >> what are your top, to charlie. what are your top two. >> for me it has got to be voting rights right now. because we don't have equitable access to the ballot, we can't hold these folks accountable. and that is what we see happening in texas right now. we have folks elected who are so sure of their power, so sure that they have fortified the votes in their favor, that they have no interest in actually representing the people who live here. if they did, they would do something about the energy grid, which would also be very up there in our top issues in texas. >> asha, top issue? >> single issue? >> give me your top two. >> okay. that is also very hard. but i would say, right now climate change and reproductive rights. >> reproductive. issues >> yes and as that relates to racial justice and
1:42 pm
marvelous groups. >> perfect. >> enchanted, top two. >> i definitely agree with that broad stroke. of course racial justice is in fact, the back black maternal health crisis is huge on my mind. so i definitely am interested family planning, but it seems like i can't even make a decision with all the uncertainty. >> so, you all are, i would like to say very engaged voters. some of your organizers, y'all are paying attention. but each of you know somebody that says they are not voting. so, i am wondering where the disconnect is and what do you think folks need to do to get people and gauged? it is very striking to me to hear that people don't know and election is happening in summer like maryland where adds up and run, or texas where y'all are in the news every day. so, what do you think folks need to hear? tyler, i'm going to start with you. >> you know, so many young people that we talk to and our generation are feeling a real sense of hopelessness. and i think this is happening across the country, but
1:43 pm
particularly across the southern states like texas where we can't keep the lights on. this is really ground zero in the fight for abortion access, for the freedom to vote. and these really troubling attacks that we see against kids in the lgbtq i community. it gives this feeling that nobody is here to save us. that nobody is going to come to our rescue. and i think it is about time that we remind ourselves that we are the cavalry. nobody is coming to save us but ourselves, and that is why it is so critical that our generation showing up this election. >> enchanted, you are like. yes we are the cavalry. is that why young people in our generation need here? >> i definitely think so. a lot of people have lost hope. i've been engaged in politics for a long time and i would be lying if i said i was as hopeful as i used to be. but i really do believe that a lot of politicians need to show that they are movable. that when their basis saying they want this, or want that, they are not aligning with how
1:44 pm
they're voting, they will move to represent the people in the community that are speaking up. and it just doesn't seem like it is the case anymore. people are too connected to their party, to all, especially the republican party to loyal to what their party wants versus whether people. one >> asha, you're gonna get the last word in this. what is your take? >> yeah. i think it is hard when we have seen so many, so many steps backward on so many issues. but i think it comes down to triage. even though, you know, voting is just one thing. it is an important thing, but obviously there's so much work, so much organizing that happens outside of just voting. the is one step, and i think it is really important as a triage step and thinking about, yes these past few years may not have been exactly and all about we want to get. but how much worse it would be if we had republicans, more trump republicans in power and democrats. >> voting is one a but a very
1:45 pm
important crucial tool in our tool box of social justice. charlie, and chanted, asha, thank you all so much. we will be checking in with young voters throughout the course of this maternal action. appreciate you guys. all right, next, i am heading into culture corneal. and you know, we are going to be talking about queen bee's album, plus, will smith breaks his silence but is it too late to apologize? stay with us. apologize stay with us when you have technology that's easier to control... that can scale across all your clouds... we got that right? yeah, we got that. it's easier to be an innovator. so you can do more incredible things. [whistling]
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the culture corner, y'all. i have some also awesome culture critics with me today. richie -- is a putt culture expert and he is with us. so is jade mathis, she's a television personality and mental health advocate. welcome, welcome, welcome, y'all. okay, let's get a little alien superstar. what everybody is talking about is beyoncé's new album, queen
1:50 pm
bee dropped her seventh solo album, renaissance, and it has already blown up the charts. so richie, i'm going to start with you. what is your take on this latest area for queen bay? >> -- thank you for having me, let me say that first. but let me tell you something, i was down in jackson, mississippi. i had just visited the civil rights museum and so, when i got back to my hotel room to press play on church girl, i was prepared to drop down to my knees. but what i ended up doing was dropping a loaf of jesus, because the woman went off on this song, okay? she said something about, we was doing the lords work, and that's all i had to go off of. so let me tell you something, this album is everything. everything from start to finish. she touches on everything from the black existence and everything that we have been through over the past several years. she encapsulated that in one album. but it's an album of
1:51 pm
celebration, and that is what i love most about this, because it's a testament to everything that we go through, okay? we dance, we saying, we are spirited through all of it. so to me, this is her quintessential album. >> oh, this is very high praise, richie. high praise. i, to, was very surprised by the church girl. and i was feeling heated, i'm feeling a lot of the tracks. but jade, we have to talk about it because everybody is not necessarily given this high praise, honey. and you know what i'm talking about. the track energy, okay, it's samples, her 99 some, the 1999 some. getting along with it -- i'm talking about police. police called it breath, honey. she said, let me just look at this. she posted videos on social media saying that the queen bey, beyoncé, never reached out about using the song. now jade, i just want to preface this with, is not credited kelis as a writer on that song. but what is your take on this?
1:52 pm
>> thank you again for having me, simone, as well. but you are correct, she's not a writer. and as an attorney from a legal sense, that song is not copyrighted by her. she does not have the masters to that song. for el and hugo have the masters that some. so those are the individuals that own that song. so as long as beyoncé, and i'm sure her billion dollar legal team has cleared that with them, she has the okay to use that. she does not have to ask kelis. this is more kelis, i think she's more offended that queen bey did not reach out to her and she's also saying that she had the common decency. it's out of common courtesy. she is beyoncé, ma'am. she's beyoncé. >> should she have reached out? do you think maybe she should have? >> i will put it this way. it would've been a courtesy, however, she did not have to. but what i think kelis should've done is turn this into something different and monetize it for her. if you can't beat them, join them, right? that's with anything in life. for kelis, that's her own brand now. girl, you've got to rename, i
1:53 pm
think she has, like, a food brand or something like that, organic brand. it could've been energy by milkshake, -- shea butter, hit into the shape butter. like look, it's your point. if you are going to get mad, at least get your coin while you're getting that. because no, i think she handled it's a complete wrong way and she should come and apologize. >> she sort of been in her bag instead of her feelings. okay, we are going to go from kelis to kolisi, the game of thrones prequel house of the dragon. it's set to premiere next month and fans are already excited. jade, i'm not about to speak to you because you have not seen game of thrones, honey. so richie, since you are the only one who loves the show just as much as i do, what elements do you think will set this for equal apart? >> i'm going to need to see dragons and lots of dragons, okay? i don't want to wait all season to see these dragons. that will set this apart from the ending of game of thrones in a way that i felt like we'll leave fans a lot more satisfied. and can we not do this of this
1:54 pm
other trope that we always do on these types of either movies or television shows where the women gains so much power, she loses her mind and loses control? no, i want to see this and on a good note. but not only, you know, women involved because i just feel like that is always, we do this all the time in the world of entertainment and movies. i don't want to see it no more. >> that's right, richie, you are a feminist, okay? let me just put you in the feminist bucket real quick. >> okay. >> let's move on to a topic that jade can discuss with us because she's not a fan like we are, richie. so david, we are going to bring you back, honey. i want to talk about will smith because the oscar slap is so making waves. four months after the slap heard around the world, will smith has issued an apology to chris rock in a recent youtube video. i want you to take a listen. video. i want you to take a listen. there is no part of me that thinks that was the right way to behave in that moment.
1:55 pm
there is no part of me that thinks that's the optimal way to handle a feeling of disrespect or insult. >> now, we'll noted that chris was not ready to discuss this situation with him, but would reach out when he's ready. jade, what's your take on the apology and what would it take for you to forgive well? >> listen, y'all, if doing -- was an apology, that would've been a real -- on that youtube video and i say this because listen, number one, i'm proud of you for apologizing. you should always apologize when you offend someone or you run someone. however, you know, -- you, you acknowledge, it except responsibility, you ask for forgiveness and you express remorse. he did that, but then he went on to apologize to chris's brother, mother, the goldfish, cat, dragon in the house, it just went on and on. and when you are apologizing,
1:56 pm
you, know anything beyond a sincere apology and asking for reconciliation -- more on you than it does on the victim. it kind of turns into an eye situation, and that's what i read into his apology, it's an eye situation. you can send -- when it's off line. the whole world does not need to leave -- send them flowers for your apology. give them another apology another way, -- >> jade, i just throw my, i threw my square. we are going to have to leave it there. richie and jade, thank you for joining us for your -- conversation in the culture corner and thank you at home for watching symone on this saturday. i'm symone salvagers townsend and you can catch me right here on msnbc weekends at 4 pm eastern and tomorrow, we are going to have some special coverage marking 100 days until the midterm elections. i'm going to be joined by new jersey governor, phil murphy, who is the vice chair of the democratic governors association. he's the man with the plan for democrats running for governor
1:57 pm
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