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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  August 4, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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i'm joe fryar in for katie tur. guilty is the verdict for brittney griner. she's also been ordered to pay a $1 million ruble fine, a little more than $16,000 u.s. dollars. you're watching her reaction the moment that the verdict was read out and then translated to her. the conviction comes almost six months after griner was arrested with cannabis in her luggage. her legal team has called the verdict absolutely unacceptable.
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>> we said we'll see you on thursday. she said see you on tuesday. she was very upset and very stressed and she can hardly talk honestly. so it's difficult time for her. >> let's be clear, a guilty sentence has been almost certain since before griner even confessed to accidentally packing those cannabis cartridges in her luggage. russian courts have a conviction rate of 99%. the white house put out a statement, calling on russia to release griner immediately and says his administration is continuing to pursue every possible avenue to bring home griner and former u.s. marine paul whelan, who is also detained. u.s. officials have proposed a prisoner swap for griner's
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release, despite claims from the white house that the process is moving quickly, it is expected to take some time and the ball is very much in russia's court. joining me is molly hunter and jonathan, he worked on the case of trevor reed who was released from a russian prison earlier this year. molly, we weren't expecting leniency here given russia's track record, the 99% number we just threw out but was this still a shocking sentence? >> yeah, joe, you're absolutely right. we knew this was likely going to be a guilty sentence, a guilty verdict with a hefty sentence. the real question was the number, were they going to go to the maximum numbers, which was ten years or go to something closer with what the prosecution asked for, which was 9 1/2. they ended up going with nine
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with that hefty fine as well. this was unfortunate but not unexpected, that is what we are hearing from officials across the board. leniency was never expected. u.s.-russian relations are at an all-time low. this comes at a backdrop with the russia-ukraine war, the u.s. helping the ukrainian side and the russians know that president biden will do a lot to get brittney griner and paul whelan home. >> there are lot of questions about why this didn't materialize before griner's prosecution and how much talks could accelerate now that we have a verdict and a sentence. >> joe, i do think the talks will accelerate. this could have been handled while she was from trial. this is a country controlled by
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one man. i think what you're seeing in their unwillingness to negotiate in the past like week before the sentence was final is they don't want to look like -- they want to make the legal system look somewhat legitimate. i watched the entire proceeding, i had a google translator, i found it outrageous. this was exactly the number that i was predicting. this is exactly the number trevor reed got and exactly the number the last american woman that got caught with cannabis in russia got as well. they are at least somewhat consistent but horrible at the same time. >> jonathan, let's look forward here. how hopeful are you about a potential exchanges of griner and paul whelan for viktor bout? do you worry the very public rhetoric from secretary blinken, something that russia does not like, that that puts all this at risk? >> i don't really understand why they did this, doing this in
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public. but then again i've been campaigning for them to be more bold in public for years so i kind of feel like i can't oppose it. i don't know why they did this. i'm not worried about the russian side. they want bout back a lot. i'm worried about the american side and the russians are going to try to inject an us versus them narrative into our discourse and people can lose their stomachs politically. >> jonathan, i want to play some sound of griner's final plea this morning before sentencing. let's listen to that. >> i never meant to hurt anybody, i never meant to put in jeopardy the russian population, i never meant to break any laws here. i made an honest mistake and i hope that in your ruling, it doesn't end my life here. >> so her fate now is essentially in the hands of that one man you mentioned, vladimir putin, which is not a position anyone wants to be in.
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in your mind, what's the best, most time live outcome here? >> i think a trade of viktor bought and paul whalen is appropriation. i'm also concerned about mark fogle. if they won't do a two-for-one deal, the government should do a 2 for 2 deal. they cannot leave miss griner in prison. they left paul whalen in the gulag for too long. these deals are never neat and tidy, they're often politically unpopular and they leave a sour taste. as a country we have to decide whether we willing to bring our people home and what we're willing to do to get that outcome. >> thanks for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> the biden administration plans to declare monkeypox a public health emergency to
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contain the virus. two sources confirm that a declaration could come any moment now as the biden administration scrambles to catch up with the virus's quick spread. those efforts will be led by an newly appointed monkeypox response team. the team met for the first time this afternoon as the cdc confirms more than 6,600 cases now nationwide. joining me now, chief white house correspondent kristen welker at the white house and dr. ann ramoyne, she has researched and tracked monkeypox in the congo for 20 years and she was on the committee that declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern for the world health organization. you're the one we want to have here right now. kristen, what more can you tell us about this declaration we're expecting at any moment now? >> we know it comes after the biden administration feels it's been playing catch up on these issues. we've all seen those long lines, particularly in new york for people trying to get vaccines and to get treatment. so this is a significant
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announcement today. the administration is set to announce that monkeypox is a public health emergency. we are going to learn more when hhs secretary xavier becerra holds a briefing later today as well as when the press secretary holds a briefing later on today. the question is what does this actually mean? think about it this way, joe. it basically will allow the federal government to cut through some of that red tape, to make vaccines more easily accessible, as well as drugs and emergency funding. it will allow them to hire additional workers to help manage this outbreak better. that is the hope and that is the goal. i anticipate we will hear more about that in those briefings a little later today. it does come in the wake of new york, california, illinois, other global health leaders declaring monkeypox a health emergency as you just noted. thele world health organization did back in july. this is really a moment where the administration is ramping up its response to this virus that
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now has 6,000 cases or more in the u.s. and the administration making it clear they want to have a more aggressive response, joe. >> kristen, thank you. doctor, you had california and illinois joining new york in declaring states of emergency over the rapid spread and lack of vaccines in those states. now we have this. what are the things that can be done? what's the impact this is going to have at the federal level and where should they start, in your opinion? >> i think that the key here is that we have to be doing everything we can, pulling out all the stops to get in front of it. so it goes along with what kristen was saying. so the issue is related to getting that vaccine as accessible to as many people as possible, ramping up every -- all of the surveillance, which is really time intensive, making sure that testing is available, the communication to clinicians to be looking for it and really good risk communication to the
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community is going to be critical to get in front of all of this. >> do you think this should have happened sooner? >> i think it false under the category it's much easier to stay out of trouble than get out of trouble. the sooner this is declared, the better it is. i think it could have been done sooner, would have been nice to have it done sooner, but this is where we are now, let's get in front of it and get as much information out to the public as we can. >> and here is where we are right now. confirmed cases have gone to the dozens and thousands in very little time. i think i saw it's doubling every eight days right now. do you think there's still enough time to contain monkeypox in the u.s.? if we take the right actions, what does it look like a few months down the road? >> i think with good situational awareness, vaccination, research, all of these things firing on full speed, we can get in front of this. but we are losing daylight here.
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the longer we allow this virus to transmit, the more likely it will become established in human populations and then we worry about this issue of spillback in the animal populations. this has a wide range of capacity here, it's rodents driving it. if we see it start spreading into animals, we're going to have a very hard time controlling this. >> you've seen how this has been handled in other countries around the world. when you look at the way the u.s. is handling monkeypox, how does it compare with other countries that have historically dealt with outbreaks? >> well, you know, we're a large country. we normally have things pushed out by the states, which means that the response is going to be different in different places so it's much harder here to be able to have the kind of strong response that a small are smaller country would be able to have. i think this again falls under the category of let's now start planning ahead, getting ahead of
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this. i've been working on this virus for 20 years in a place like the democratic republic of congress owe. we've seen cases increasing, the signs have been there. i think over and over again with pandemics, we just aren't willing to invest the way we need to to have this ready to go. we can't be scrambling every single time to get everything in order and start working on it. you have to work on it when we don't have a problem, not only when we do. >> there are still concerns from the lgbtq community about the way monkeypox is being discussed, the way it's being framed, the delays in the response. it's stigmatizing a community that is already stigmatized a lot. what are the best ways to address that? >> i think it's important to have really straight talk here. the virus is spreading and men who have sex with men quite efficiently because it spreads very well through close person-to-person contact. we're seeing a lot of dense social and sexual networks. of course this virus can spread to anyone. it's not about who it is.
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it's just about the type of contact that we're seeing. so i think that the key here is being very straight forward about how this virus spreads, what the opportunities are and where it is spreading most efficient right now. >> doctor, and kristen, thank you both for joining us on this breaking news. we do appreciate it. >> still ahead, it became a rallying cry for protests around the country demonstrating against police brutality. the dnc announcing charges regarding the deadly raid on breonna taylor's home. >> and how much could conspiracy theorists have to pay for lies on sandy hook? and democrats look to pass a key climate deal. what senator sinema is demanding. sinema is demanding. neighborhoods "open". businesses "open". fields "open".
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jury deliberations are under way in the defamation trial of
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conspiracy theorist alex jones. sandy hook families are suing jones for his repeated claims the school massacre was a hoax. the parents of one child are asking for $150 million in damages. yesterday he finally admitted the shooting was 100% real. the about face came after his lawyers appear to have accidentally sent over the entire contents of jones' phone, including undisclosed financial information to lawyers for the plaintiffs. ann thompson has the latest. >> reporter: for years info wars host alex jones claimed the sandy hook school shooting was staged. >> sandy hook would use a synthetic, completely fake with actors, in my view manufactured. >> reporter: a hoax. >> the recycling of the green screen behind them. >> reporter: but facing parents seeking $150 million in damages, he changed his story in court. >> especially since i've met the
11:19 am
parents and it's 100% real. >> reporter: a dramatic about face on a day when jones was also called out as a liar. >> you know what perjury is, right? >> reporter: the plaintiff's attorney accusing jones of withholding evidence. >> your attorneys messed up and sent me an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone with every text message you've sent for the past two years and that is how i know you lied to me when you said you didn't have text messages about sandy hook. >> reporter: jones is being sued by the parents of jesse lewis, one of 20 first graders killed in the massacre. they say jones' lies made their lives a living hell. >> my home was shot up. vehicles were shot up in my regard. >> reporter: jesse's mother, scarlet lewis, spoke directly to jones, pleading with jones to stop spreading falsehoods. >> i know you believe me and yet you're going to leave this courthouse and you're going to
11:20 am
say it again. >> reporter: on his show this week he went after jesse's father and his testimony. >> he is being manipulated by some very bad people. >> reporter: throughout the trial jones has tested the patience of the judge. >> this is not your show. >> reporter: who took him to task for not telling the truth earlier had week. >> you're already under oath to tell the truth. you've already violated that oath twice today. >> reporter: the question now is what does the jury think? the plaintiff's attorney showed a video of jones insulting the panel on his show. the jury will decide how much, if anything, jones has to pay jesse's parents. the court has already found him liable in defamation in a summary judgment issued last year. it's just the first of several lawsuits from sandy hook families who have spent years fighting back against jones and other conspiracy theorists. >> thanks, ann thompson for that reporting.
11:21 am
joining me is senior reporter ben collins. we ask you to cover a lot of unreal stuff for us. you've even been wowed by some of the things you've heard here. the judge has clearly been frustrated with jones. now it goes to the jury he insulted. >> he called them blue collar. he said i don't mean like billionaires, like transhumanists, means basically robotic people. it's very alex jones of him to say that, by the way. the jury is right now at lunch. they are deliberating this as we speak. the sandy hook parents are asking for $150 million and alex jones' lawyers are saying it should be 8 dollars, as in just the number 8, by the way. that's where we're at right now. they're deliberating. it's been a wild trial for alex jones that has much further implications because of this data leak that his lawyers accidentally sent over to the
11:22 am
sandy hook lawyers yesterday. >> what could be the implication of data leak? >> january 6th committee is subpoenaing it. their lawyers said we'll send it to law enforcement as needed. they had in these documents for the next defamation trial for more sandy hook parents, there were psychiatric records of those parents. it's unclear how he even got those. he should not be in possession of those. there's ride ranging implications from this tranche of documents. >> i want you to explain that moment. even in the courtroom, he called that a perry mason moment. do we understand how those documents were accidentally sent to the plaintiff attorneys? >> it seems like a paralegal sent the full contents of the phone instead of the largely redacted contents of the phone.
11:23 am
he sent years evading sending over stuff that was usable in the trial. some of it was usable and he did not send it over. that's another breach of the order. when they had it, alex jones's lawyers said please disregard them. that's not enough in the courtroom to start bringing them up. ten days later they were able to look through them and two days later, yesterday, they brought them up in the trial. >> appreciate it. >> ivanka trump and donald trump jr. took the stand and neither pled the fifth. what their testimony means into the investigation of the trump organization. and now federal charges facing four louisville officers involved in the death of breonna taylor.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we're following breaking news from the department of justice in the criminal investigation into the shooting death of breonna taylor. attorney general general merrick garland announced new federal charges against four former and current louisville metro police officers in connection to the deadly 2020 raid at taylor's apartment. the alleged crimes include self
11:28 am
rights offenses, unlawful conspiracies, unconstitutional use of force and obstruction offenses. >> the federal charges announced today allege that members of the place based investigations unit falsified the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant of miss taylor's home, that this act violated federal civil rights laws and that those violations resulted in his taylor's death. joining me is nbc news justice and intelligence correspondent ken delaney and georgetown lawn professor paul butler. explain to me these new charges, what they center around and what happens next? >> this is an extremely significant case in a case that sparked national outcry. police who broke into her apartment in the middle of night
11:29 am
based on wrong information. today's charges say it wasn't just wrong, it was a lie. and prosecutors say police knew it was a lie and sought to cover that up when the raid ended in disaster. attorney general merrick garland announced these civil rights charges against four current and former louisville police officers saying their misconduct directly led to breonna taylor's death. three are accused of conspiracy of falsifying a search warrant and a fourth is charged with using deadly fourth. none were charged in connection with taylor's death. one officer was accused of firing his gun recklessly, endangering her neighbors. and the lead detective wrote in the search warrant application that he verified with the u.s. postal inspector that taylor's ex-boyfriend, who police you is expected of dealing drugs,
11:30 am
received packages at her apartment but prosecutors say james came to know that information was wrong, that he and other officers conspired to mislead state and local investigators. garland said they even met in a garage two months after the shooting to get their false stories straight, joe. >> paul, your reaction to all this. how significant is this move from the d.o.j.? are you surprised at all? >> it's an important development, joe. these three cops sponsored a search warrant that was full of lies. they claim that breonna's boyfriend visited the apartment. they had broken up months before. the other indict of a cop who fired so blindly, he completely missed the room where breonna was, rather he fired at the apartment next door. one concern, one major concern, is that the two officers who we know fired the bullets that killed breonna still have not been charged, neither by a state
11:31 am
court nor in this federal indictment. >> it's taken more than two years to get to this point. we did hear from attorney ben crumb, who is representing taylor's family after the new charges were announced. let's listen to that. >> this is a day that black women saw equal justice in the united states of america. she's looking down from heaven today. but the first thing i will say is thank god that kentucky attorney general daniel cameron did not get the last word in regards to justice for breonna taylor! >> paul, in your mind what do today's charges say about accountability and about justice in cases that involve police officers? >> it says that who's in office or who holds the presidency
11:32 am
makes a difference. these are not charges that a trump administration justice department would have brought. so credit has to go to the civil rights division and to attorney general merrick garland for having the strength to bring this case, which is far from a slam dunk, especially considering that the one officer who was charged at the state level was found not guilty. it's also important to remember, joe, that the department is also investigating the police department of louisville to make sure that they are operating in a way that's consistent with civil rights. the evidence suggests that they're not. and those kinds of investigations typically result in settlements that have more of an impact on policing than criminal prosecutions of individual officers. what these new charges are about is bringing cops to justice who did wrong but i think we'll see more important change from the civil rights investigation of
11:33 am
the police department. >> paul, both you and ken mentioned that one state case that involved brett hankenson. he faces charges of excessive force with these charges today. what do you think about that? >> one reason that we have federal charges in these cases is when states either fail to bring charges in civil rights cases or they don't prosecute them effectively. so they're not exactly the same charges but it's basically based on the same kind of reckless conduct. so let's hope that the federal jury does justice in a different way from the state juror, which found this officer not guilty. >> paul butler and ken dilanian, thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it. >> still ahead, ivana trump and don jr. have talked to the a.g. as part of the investigation of the trump organization. so when will she hear from the former president?
11:34 am
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we're back with some other stories that we've been tracking. china fired missiles and deployed planes around taiwan less than 24 hours after speaker of the house nancy pelosi wrapped up her visit there. for weeks chinese officials threatened drills and calling the exercise a prelude to a larger show of force to come. the abbott baby formula plant in michigan shipped out formula produced since the recall. the biden administration said it does not expect a full recovery until the abbott plant is functional for more than one month. pro golfer phil michelson and ton of his competitors who are part of the saudi-backed liv circuit, suing the pga tour,
11:39 am
accusing the tour for unfairly suspending them for joining the rival and are seeking a temporary restraining order that would allow them to play in the fedex playoffs which begin next week. >> and viktor orban is an established strong man known for dismantling his country's democracy. his participation in a right-wing march is notable. kyrsten sinema wants changes in the major spending bill in exchange for her votes. democrats may not have much of a choice. if democrats concede, the wealthiest americans will continue to pay less in texas.
11:40 am
joining me is sahill kapur and ali vitali. what are you learning about senator sinema's expectations? >> it's hard to say. our attempts to get her office to comment on it has not been successful so it's left to people close to her to make sense of this. a former campaign worker said she gets a lot of money from elites and tends to be quite stubborn about it. the irony is that carried interest is not essentially mathematically needed to make the bill work.
11:41 am
revenue-wise the essential component of this bill, what i would consider the steak in the meal, is this corporate minimum tax of 15%. that is something that kyrsten sinema came out for last october. if she remains as stubborn in support of that has she was in opposition of other things, democrats have a chance of getting this bill con. here in arizona business lobbyists are going on the air with a major pressure campaign targeted at sinema trying to get her to oppose that corporate minimum tax. her spokesperson said only that sinema will make every decision based on only one criteria, what is good for arizona. >> so stephanie ruhle asked senator manchin about what lawmakers are saying behind doors, about why anyone wants to keep the carried interest loophole. let's listen to his response. >> i just can't get a direct answer. please tell me. i wouldn't harm anything and am not punishing anything.
11:42 am
if one-tenth of the wealthiest people in the world are taking this, it's time to address the fairness. >> what do they say about meaning to take it out. multiple attempts to close this loophole have failed over the last decade, right? >> reporter: that's right. if you listen to senator joe manchin, it's all part of the larger message that the wealthy corporations need to be paying their fair share. that is part of their focus and has been overs last year as they've been trying to cobble together some version of this legislation. you listen to manchin talking about how important closing this loophole would be to him, i asked him after this deal was announced if it was something he would be willing to lose because
11:43 am
it's something that sinema has previously voiced his opposition to and what manchin told me is he's not willing to lose it, even though it's not necessarily the full feature of this bill and it is something that if you look into the dollars and cents of it, they can afford to lose the $14 billion associated with closing the carried interest loophole and still be fine on the upshot of the bill being definite and inflation reducing. you end up at this moment where the two key players on this reconciliation deal are at odds and it's anyone's guess where they end up on that. talking to senators here in the last few minutes, the view from me and our team on the ground here on capitol hill is many senators are saying this isn't over until it's over. frankly, getting a deal between manchin and schumer was really step one because they are still up against the clock with the
11:44 am
senate parliamentarian, and wanting to do this before august recess and that's all the stuff that doesn't have to deal with senator sinema. >> let's ban the world loophole for the rest of this. what else is senator sinema asking for? >> there is some speculation she may want some changes to implementation around the fine print. she has said she's most enthusiastic about the climate change provisions of this bill. if you walk around phoenix, you would understand why. this state has been ravaged by extreme weather. there is aca funding. senator sinema is a big supporter. a drug price component has been scaled back to make sure pharmaceutical motivation isn't stymied. most of this deal has been written already with her vote in mind. the one provision of this which
11:45 am
we get back to again that was stripped from the earlier bill to meet her demand was the carried interest and it was readded. the irony is nobody wants to publicly explain why they support carried interest, even though a number of people on capitol hill do support that because the people it benefits are not the most sympathetic of people, hedge fund managers, not a lot of people want to go to bad for them. >> thank you both. appreciate it. >> flags on capitol hill are at half staff to honor republican congresswoman jackie walorski. she died yesterday. she was killed when the vehicle she was traveling in collided head on with a car that veered into her lane. two of her staffers were also killed, zachary pots and emma thompson. a statement said she has returned home to be with her
11:46 am
lord and savior jesus christ. please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. >> after the break, what we know about the testimony provided by trump's eldest children on the family's company's financials. family's company's financials. ♪ ♪ we believe there's an innovator in all of us. ♪ ♪ that's why we build technology that makes it possible for every business... and every person... to come to the table and do more incredible things. ♪ ♪ open. it's a beautiful word. neighborhoods "open". businesses "open". fields "open". who doesn't love "open"? offices. homes. stages. possibilities.
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we're learning former president trump's two eldest children have now testified in the new york attorney general's investigation into the trump organization. sources close to the a.g. civil tax fraud probe donald trump gave his deposition last week while ivanka testified yesterday. the office is looking into allegations of the trump's inflated financial statements by hundreds of millions of dollars. alleges those were signed by the president himself. trump is expected to speak with investigators in the coming weeks. the trump org has denied any wrong doing. so joining us now to talk about this is correspondent tom winter and former manhattan assistant district attorney and rf at new york law school rebecca rofy. what more can you tell us about the robe and what we're learning? >> a couple things that are interesting here. this was testimony that was already going to happen. it was going to happen in july,
11:51 am
but the death of former president trump's first wife led us to the point where those depositions were, in fact, moved. they were moved so they could have funeral and memorial services. so they have goten both of the depositions from the kids. the next thing is to get the deposition from the former president himself. that should happen the next couple weeks. the important thing for people to remember here is this is really a marker that this investigation, it's a civil one. nobody is going to jail unless they commit perjury in their depositions, but this investigation for all intents and purposes will be over and then up to the attorney general's office to determine whether or not they are going to file a civil complaint and seek a monetary compensation if they think there's a violation of law. so at this point, that's where this investigation stands. the big marker here on top of getting these depositions is that we're really coming to the end. >> how significant this testimony from trump's oldest kids? what is the office's hoping to
11:52 am
learn here? >> in any investigation like this, you'd put together a lot of information from other witnesses and from the documents that you already have in hand. the question here, i think, is who knew what went wh. the attorney general is really trying to get to the question of who signed off on these valuations. if she can prove they were false, it is key and critical to know who knew what when and if she can prove that, she can put together a civil case. and as we were just saying, a civil case is pretty significant. no one will go to jail, but there would be substantial penalties and potentially impair trump world to do business in new york. >> that's the important point we have to keep bringing up here. this is a civil investigation. any connection at all to any criminal investigations? >> there is still an investigation that's being led by the manhattan district attorney that has not formally
11:53 am
concluded that we haven't heard about any steps in that investigation in seven or eight months. at this point, there doesn't appear to be anything on going in that. an important thing to remember is that certainly if there was something that came out of the depositions that because they the attorney general has been working, that could help the investigation. it's certainly possible it could be used. they suggested it's not something they are definitely going to do. but another thing is there's been assertions by some of the parties in the case that nobody sought to use their fifth amendment privileges in the course of these depositions. in other words, there was nothing that came up they felt could have been self-incriminating. i haven't seen a transcript and we haven't seen any court filings, so i can't say that definitively. , be that's what we have been led to believe. when you look at it at this point, it doesn't appear that it will shift fig from a criminal
11:54 am
standpoint, but it is ongoing. it's just something we have to. watch. >> so lawyers for the trump organization, they have called the case inappropriate, unjustified, they say it should be resolved by civil tax authority. why is it that letitia james' office is handling this investigation? >> this is a complicated issue. there's absolutely if there has been fraud in business dealings in new york, that is within the arena of the attorney general of new york to investigate and to bring charges if appropriate. that said, letitia james really inappropriately campaigned on this notion that she was going after the trumps. and that plays right into the hands of trump's lawyers who now can use that every time she makes a step in this case to argue it's politically motivated. she opened herself up to this and made it harder for new york to bring a legitimate or seem
11:55 am
ingly legitimate, but it has to win the approval or the legitimacy from the public. >> we expect trump to testify next to be deposed. >> that should happen in the next couple weeks. will we ever see that is probably your next question and the next question of everybody watching us. it's possible that deposition could come up in two different places. one in any sort of legal filings from here on out they could use parts of that transcript. we assume it will be video taped, so that might something that could be included at trial or included to challenge the president if they ever went to a civil trial. hard to see where we might get based on the investigation so far. but as i have said now three times, this investigation is ongoing. it's just something we have to watch. >> we know you'll do it. tom winter, we appreciate it. thank you so much. that does it for me. you can catch me on nbc news
11:56 am
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we are coming on the air with a new official public health emergency in this country. monkeypox with the biden administration making the formal call in the last few minutes.
12:00 pm
the white house on the left side of your screen set to brief reporters any minute. likely to talk about what it means and how else they plan to fight this outbreak. and something else you bet we'll hear about, the status of a prisoner trade for brittney griner after her sentencing today to more than nine years in a russian prison. how serious are the russians taking the u.s. for a swap president bush. and a far right leader accused just recently by his own lon-time adviser currently the star of the stage at cpac with conservatives descending on texas. we'll take you there live later in the show. i want to get right to kelly o'donnell at the white house and dr. patel, former white house policy director is with us too. i'll start with kelly. what are you hearing from the administration about this move? >> they are declaring a national emergency. officials are answering
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