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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  August 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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gaps, the growing signs, the candidates might tank in the midterms. pushing back on china's threats, we'll be joined by democratic congressman don beyer who just returned from a delegation to taiwan days after speaker pelosi's visit. an american support investigating donald trump new polling shows that voters along the former president held to account. i'm ayman moye had been. let's get started. tonight, we begin with a status check. the midterms are just 11 weeks away. so the question tonight is, where to both sides stand. if you ask mitch mcconnell, he doesn't sound very confident about republicans prospects for winning the senate. there's probably a greater likelihood that the house flips
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in the senate. they're statewide candidate quality having to do with the l come. >> that's pretty remarkable to hear from the republican senate leader. not exactly exerting a lot of confidence. let's talk a little bit about those gop candidates, almost all of whom were handpicked by donald trump, and almost all of more floundering. there is, of course, arizona republican oblique masters who was endorsed by trump and he has pushed great replacement conspiracies and claimed that black people are to blame for america's gun violence problem. supery cyst believes, i might add. no surprise that masters is running eight points behind -- kelly with his opponent pushing racist views, he might be on the path to the smooth reelection. and then there's republican herschel walker down in
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georgia. herschel walker could barely string a sentence together most times. he has refused to debate democratic senator raphael warnock, and you can understand why when you see his long list of gaps, which includes lying about being an fbi agent. declaring that their 52 states in america you know, basic american geography. just like in arizona, georgia was a state that republicans were open to win back, but walker is currently trailing senator warnock in the latest batch of polls. and of course, you can't forget about mid odds -- the crudités king himself who is being picked by trump as well. his democratic opponent has successfully invested odds for months is an out of touch celebrity from new jersey, not pennsylvania. and of history leading fetterman so bad and polls that even donald trump's reportedly afraid odds might lose the race. mr. elections don't favor the party in power. obama lost congressional seats
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in 2010. trump lost congressional seats in 2018. trump's handpicked senate candidates might ruin the republicans chances for retaking the chamber. trump might help break a long tradition. his candidates, yeah, they are that bad. now, new polling from nbc shows that democrats have closed the enthusiasm gap ahead of the midterms. the gap was at 1.17 points back in march. now it's just two points. i can't believe i'm saying this, but mitch mcconnell is right. candidate quality actually matters. we have one person, more than anyone else to think for the quality of republican senate candidates in this cycle. donald trump. joining me now is my sunday night panel, former assistant watergate special prosecutor and msnbc nicole analyst, julie white thanks. you -- eugene daniels. nbc news senior reporter ben
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collins. great to have all three of you with us. eugene, what do you make of the states of the senate gop right now we just 11 weeks until the midterms? who is the bottom of the pack but of all the candidates that are out there to choose from? >> it's looking rough. the ones you just ran through. those are the folks and when you talk to republicans, they're all worried about. we're concerned about them. you talk to folks at the republican arm at the senate, at the house, you talk to some of these strategists in the republican party, this is where they're getting more concerned. one, the factors, or one, democrats have had a much better couple of months and they've had over the last year in some change. that closes the gap. but also you have this lack of candidate quality, as mitch mcconnell said it. we see folks in multiple states that republicans felt really good about last year.
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either staying out of touch when it comes to folks like mitt oz. successfully been painted as a carpet maker. -- you have arizona where blake masters is gonna have a difficult time getting to the center for the general election. herschel walker. people see him as -- how can someone like this run for office and win a general election and a state where it's trended blew a couple of times over the last couple of years? there's huge concerns for republicans. i will say, for democrats who are very excited, more excited than i've seen in a long time when it comes to the electoral prospects, there's still a lot of time between now and then. and anything can happen. people still care about the economy. people are still worried about gas prices. all those things, but at this point republicans are getting quite nervous about their
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ability to flip the senate, and i will say, their ability to have historic numbers in the house, because last year, a lot of them were telling me they thought they could win 60 seats. not so much anymore. >> jill, to that point, how rare is it that you have the senate leader of your party who is not openly saying the candidate, the quantity -- quality of the candidate matters. suddenly suggesting it might be a problem for republicans. that is not exactly exude confidence of leadership from the head of the block. >> exactly. i think what's happening here is don't blame me. you can blame donald trump. i just had to act to the list. i'm from the midwest. ron johnson. and j.d. vance. those are two really terrible
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candidates in terms of their policies. i think we have a very good chance of seeing a different outcome there. mcconnell, he said it tonight already. he can't believe you're saying it. but i think you might be right on this. >> then, i gotta ask you about the conspiracy theories. this election has seen plenty of conspiracy theories, which is what you focus on in your reporting. let's talk blake masters. the d fcc is attacking masters for being too out there. he's called cocaine smugglers heroes. after 9/11, called american security craving sheet. where didn't masters come from? i've never heard his name before he ran in this race. why did he get his believes from? >> he is of the -- peter thiel was on the board of facebook for a long period of time. he sort of a creature of the dark far right arts.
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he's in the band sphere of deconstructing the state, trying to replace it with something else. he has won several candidates. j.d. vance is one of them. blake masters as one of them. pretty much identical in terms of trying to wipe the slate clean on with these people used to believe or did not believe previously, and replace them with the silicon valley big brain far-right, nonsense that you would hear in a podcast or something. it's garbage, frankly, like a lot of these things people believe. technocratic -- they believe in this idea that is borderline racist, quite frequently. but that is the stuff you hear from those type of people. it's very well funded outside of the states that therein. it doesn't play well within these states. you're running against a popular astronaut i was married to a very popular person in the state of arizona. it's very hard to go in with your idea that black people are
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the ones doing on the shooting. democrats don't want to confronted because of that. that's exactly would like masters said at one point. that's the issue here. republicans have given into trumpism. in every way with a lot of these candidates. there is not going to be a right to the senate for blake masters, j.d. vance are herschel walker. maybe dr. oz, i don't know. maybe he'll go back to tv world that he wasn't. but for a lot of these people, they're fully committed to the band on trumpism. it's not working out in the long term. >> eugene, to that point, defense point, going down on the trump train or as far as they did, and not trying to pivot in a general election is probably why they're losing. you come out of the primaries in the republican party by being the most extreme most ardent trump supporter if not trump sickle fan theory obsessed conspiracy. are these republican beliefs
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and conspiracy is the reason they're unable to connect in the general election and struggle? >> one, they had really nasty messy primary is because donald trump was meddling in the primaries, but then yes, they believe and it's laid out beautifully and terrifyingly, that all of these kinds of things are kind of out of touch with a lot of folks and i think the things we haven't talked about just yet is the decision on dobbs overturning roe v. wade when you talk to democrats -- republican women, when you talk to them they say, wait maybe i did not want to go into abortion myself, but this feels like a write being taken away. that is not something i am for. democrats have not done a good job on messaging around that issue. as you see intra they try to paint the republican party as a party that used to be one that
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protected and talked about freedom, but now they're coming after your rights. that is something that they have done for months. that has also been one of the reasons why some of these candidates are going to have an impossible time getting to the center. you can't do that when donald trump has already pulled the entire party so far right, there's no way to -- i think they're going to find a difficult time doing that. it's not to say they can't win. this is still in a state like arizona. it's still pretty close. georgia is really, really close. that's going to be a nail-biter down to the end. it is going to come down to two people -- like this person is crazy or not. that is a lot of what's happening with these republican candidates right now. >> panel, please stick around. we've got a lot more to discuss later on in the hour. still ahead, congressman don beyer is going to discuss his trip to taiwan and pushing back on china's threats. my friend richard louis is here with the red headlines. >> good evening. russian officials launching a
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homicide investigation after the daughter of a prominent putin ally was killed in a suspected car bombing. that blast happened in moscow on sunday. abc news having not been able to independently verify that information as of yet. ukraine vehemently denied any involvement in this incident. at least 50 people are dead, and dozens more are missing. monsoon rains have caused floods and mudslides. crews are warning working around the clock to try and evacuate survivors. ukrainian boxer, alexander usyk retain his title after a thrilling rematch victory with anthony joshua and saudi arabia. he dedicated to his country and all those who are defending it for russian military advances. more ayman with a minimally hole dean after this break.
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dangerous collision course. that's when an expert on
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china's military told the new york times earlier this week after a bipartisan group of lawmakers touched down in taiwan last sunday. that vision -- visit came on the heels of nancy pelosi's visit to the region. they responded military exercises around taiwan as a response. senior white house official said china had used to speaker pelosi's visit as a pretext to launch an intensified pressure campaign in fear it could jeopardize peace and stability across the region. democratic congressman don beyer, was a member of the latest congressional delegation to visit taiwan. he joins me now. congressman, thank you so much for joining us. let me start broadly. what motivated your trip to taiwan and how concerned are you about the possibility of further increased tensions? >> this trip was planned long before we heard about nancy pelosi's trip so even three or four months ago. we decided to go ahead because
6:18 pm
of speaker pelosi's trips. it was fascinating when i got there. we waited a couple of days. met with many different people, including the presidents -- the biggest impression i got was how grateful they were that we had this renewed american commitment to the status quo. after speaker pelosi's visit, all of the live fire exercises, the overflights, i realized for decades the senate of the taiwan straight, the minute mark was really the unofficial dividing line between the people's republic of china and the republic of china and taiwan. china has completed violated that. they're flying literally on the shores of taiwan right now. i think it was really important for us to say you are the eight most important trading partner for the united states. for the first time now, our u.s. trade -- initiating trade talks between the u.s. and taiwan.
6:19 pm
after the recent chips act where we will put 52 billion and semiconductors, important for us to know the main source of semiconductors for all of our industries right now is taiwan. we don't want communist china to sort of fulfill their fantasy of pulling that island back -- >> has anyone from the white house's been in contact with you or your fellow lawmakers concerning this trip and the political sensitivities around it? >> not with me. perhaps to senator markey. and of course, when we were there we read about how she had asked president biden to keep the speaker from going. i think the president appropriately said there is a division of separation and powers in the united states. the president cannot tell the speaker what to do. which i appreciated. >> no doubt. let me ask you in another way. is taiwan worth the risk of going to war with china over? >> we have, in fact, it was
6:20 pm
really interesting that you asked that. much of the discussion was about the so-called strategic ambiguity versus strategic clarity. president biden -- heartfelt but interesting comments on that subject. i think where most of the people in taiwan are and u.s. policy has been we are committed to taiwan's self determination and their independence while recognizing sort of the historical idea of the war on china policy, so it's been better for us to be tactically ambiguous about whether we -- certainly want to deter communist china from extending their more -- not just to taiwan but to japan but anywhere else in the -- >> if i can switch gears to some policy back here at home. this week president biden signed into law the inflation
6:21 pm
reduction act and it is a sweeping bill that would help tackle climate change and lower health care costs. will this bill do for your constituents in virginia? what will it not do? where you think it fell short and where do you think it succeeds? >> i don't think it fell short anywhere at all, except when you compared to the original build back better that was three or four times the size. but it is still historic. it is the biggest ever environmental bill in american history. we're going to be able to cut our greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. i think the biggest single thing it does for the people who lived in northern region ye that i represent, it says look, government can work, we have hope and all those young people are depressed and anxious because they see the world bringing up around them. we have finally done something at a national level to say no, we can combat climate change and we strongly in the right direction. it's a hopeful -- >> unfortunately the
6:22 pm
republicans already preparing attacks against the ira. axios has reported on one particular ad that they've -- tested features -- tax provisions and in particular the hiring of 87,000 new irs agents. how do you think democrats should counter that misinformation from the republicans? >> that is just simply a lie. right now, only 11% of all the iris employees are tax collectors. auditors. the best estimates are there maybe 30,000 more i r s employees, and very few of them will be tax auditors. it will be people processing those 10 million individual claims that are backlogged stuck in an irs cafeterias across the country. right now, the number one personal -- somebody who's poor, in the south, earning an income tax credit. they make less than $30,000 a year.
6:23 pm
the audit on rich people have fallen by more than half since 2012. we've been cutting back on people who should be audited and ratcheting up on people who don't have money. this is not about increasing auditing, it's about making sure that the system works. when you call the irs somebody will answer the phone. >> indeed, that would certainly be a good place to start. congressman don beyer, i appreciate you joining us this evening. >> thank you. >> still ahead, how politics and the pandemic are driving massive teacher shortages across the u s. r shortage across the u s across the u s
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laundry truths: the bargain jug. ♪♪ that's a huge jug of detergent. yeah, isn't it a bargain? you know that bargain detergent is 85% water, right? really? it's this much water! so, i'm just paying for watery soap? that's why i use tide pods. they're super concentrated, so... i'm paying for clean, not water! bingo. america needs foreign teachers. don't pay for water. pay for clean. it's got to be tide pods. there's no doubt about. that storms are facing a shortage of 300,000 teachers and staff nationwide according to the country's largest teachers union. many districts are resorting to once on think-able solutions to alleviate the pressure. some rural districts and texas have been forced to switch to
6:28 pm
four day weeks this fall. in florida, they're asking veterans with no teaching background to enter classrooms. and in arizona, they're allowing college students to step in and teach kids. the shortage has hit crisis levels, and school officials everywhere are scrambling to ensure that students return to classrooms. someone will be there to actually educate them. joining me now is dan dominic. he's the executive director of the american association of school administrators. and, great to have you with us. let's talk about some of the causes of the shortage. some of it has to do with,, i would argue, the escalating culture wars that is happening in our schools and in our society. the banning of books. illumining of which teachers can teach. attacking teachers though with a say and cannot say in the classroom. what is your understanding of that being a contributing factor? >> pretty much the things you've just said, although it's important to know the teacher
6:29 pm
shortages of been going on for a while. shortages of been going on for a while. would covid has done is it has accelerated the process and increased the number of teachers that are leaving the profession for the very things that you just mentioned. the tremendous stress of the job. the abuse that many teachers have been subjected to. in terms of what they teach or don't teach. being in school in person as opposed to virtual learning. all these factors have contributed. the big problem here, beyond the current shortage, is the fact that the pipeline is dry. when you speak to colleges and universities that have schools of education they will tell you they're enrollment to significantly lower and waited
6:30 pm
traditionally would be. so we don't have a crop of individuals about to teach coming up. so as we lose the ones they do have they won't be replaced. not in the numbers that we need. that is really the most urgent problem that we have right now. how are we going to get people into the classroom to teach? >> i'm not sure if i'm not sure if he you lost saw last hour my my colleague committee colleague who spoke hassan spoke with with a parent a parent from in keller, texas where the texas where the local local school district school district has removed has removed 42 books under their guidelines 42 books in including their guidelines including a graphic novel of the a graphic novel of diary of and the diary of frank. anne frank. here's which she said. watch. >> here's what she said they're doing. watch. they >> they are releasing a new are releasing set of guidelines a new set of tomorrow that guidelines tomorrow is kind of their rubric which is kind of their rulebook -- . it's a rubric, a checklist for a checklist for books books and. it pretty much is gonna kick a lot of books out of our library. >> your reaction to that and all the other cultural wars that are happening right now in our country to make life
6:31 pm
difficult for teachers? >> exactly, that's the kind of action that is frustrating teachers. when parents are deciding what books can be read or not, when individuals are deciding what they can teach or not. when they can't talk about race or they can't talk about gender. any of the issues but right now are outlawed by many boards of education or states like texas and florida. this is definitely a contributing factor, it's not just teachers by the way that are leaving the profession. principles are leaving as well and superintendents as well. we are having a major exodus of educators at a time when the children need these educators most. we are so excited about the fact that a new school year is about to begin and the teachers are excited, the principles are excited and yet a lot of these
6:32 pm
youngsters are gonna be coming into situations where they may not have a certified teacher in front of that classroom. >> so what do you think of some of these stopgap solutions that i listed. having states hiring veterans with no teetering experience, asking college students to teach kids? there is no substitute for a really good teacher. i know that from my own experiences and the impact they've had on my life, but when you think of these stopgaps? >> they are exactly stopgap as you say. their urgent solutions to the problem but, certainly not solving the problem. anyone who thinks the teaching is an easy thing in that anyone can do it she spend a full day in a classroom with 30 kids and then talk to us about how easy that job is. these individuals are trained, they are professionals. they go through four years of education and then many states require an additional year or two to get a masters degree. they know what to do and how to do it. they know how to engage
6:33 pm
children, they know how to get the best out of children. somebody who walks into a classroom, because in texas they served in the military and have 60 credits or in arizona anybody can go in, that's not going to work. it's going to put an adult in the classroom, yes, so it may fulfill the need to have that, but it's certainly isn't going to provide children with the kind of quality education that parents want for the kids. >> let me see if we can end this on a slightly positive note. what can and should be done to fix the crisis? how do you convince young people with the talent, the compassion, the character to become teachers in a society that is depreciating them less and less? do you entice them with more money? do you work on trying to change the atmosphere? what do you see is the solution? >> well, certainly more money will help, but that's not why people go into teaching. people are going to teach recognize from the beginning that they're not gonna get the pay they could get if they went
6:34 pm
into the private sector. they do it because they love kids and they want to engage kids, and they want to create it for themselves that wonderful reward of doing things that will help children have a more successful life. what we need to do is to create better working environments, what we need to do is get the attitude of parents to change. you recall that at the beginning of the pandemic, heroes along with health care workers and emergency personnel, teachers were heroes. everybody loved the teachers because they were taking these kids at the worst of circumstances, and all of a sudden that changed when we got into the war zone for, wearing a mask, not wearing a mask, being in person or virtual, vaccinations or no vaccinations, and now the cultural wars. things like cultural race theory when that people don't really know what to talking about. that's what we need to do we need to create an environment where teachers feel wanted, comfortable and supported. >> i was gonna say as a father
6:35 pm
of two young kids in schools, i can't tell you how much i appreciate teachers and what they do, so they are more than just heroes, they are saints in a lot of communities. dan dominic, thank you so much, really appreciate your time and all the work that you guys are doing. best. you >> thank you very much my pleasure. >> coming up. but the let the investigation continue. that's a message from american voters as they've the trump faces an unprecedented number of legal issues. of legal issues. welcome to allstate, where you can bundle and save.
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you to believe the fbi search of his home is helping him in the polls, but here's the thing. numbers don't lie. and new nbc news poll just out today shows a majority of registered voters, 57% believe that investigations into donald trump should continue. 40% disagree. now of course that's just one of a dozen or so investigations
6:39 pm
and legal issues the trump faces. let's bring back our sunday panel. jill wine-banks, eugene daniels and ben collins. jill, legally speaking when you look at all the of the various challenges and problems donald trump is facing, where do you think, where do you see him facing the most legal trouble? >> i actually would have trouble picking my favorite thing. which is the worst. you can count them, there are at least 16 separate cases and one of them, the search warrant has three separate crimes attached to it. january 6th committee which cannot lead to chronically, lead to corrective legislation says six components. so we are talking about a lot of things that he has to deal with both in terms with courts and in terms of legislation that could affect him in future attempts to be a candidate.
6:40 pm
i think they all combine into something that really should give the republican party some pause about whether this is the person who should be representing the party. those numbers that we are talking about in the paul really show that i think even republicans are supporting going ahead and that a lot of republicans no longer identify as republicans. i think if you look at the number of independents who support continuing these investigations, it's a very high number, and that's probably a lot of republicans who not fall into that category. the ones who are opposing it are trump supporters who remain in the republican party. >> eugene, the new york times reports that many in trump world are blaming mark meadows for the fbi search. he oversaw the transition's chief of staff, told aides that documents will be handled properly. there's a part of me that tells me it's not a surprise the
6:41 pm
trump world will throw somebody like mark meadows under the bus if they have to protect the president at all cost, but what do you make of this? >> you say serve at the pleasure of the president, they take this to the and a degree. everyone and anyone could be thrown under that bus, and mark meadows as chief of staff is the one right now. because what you saw as soon as news came out of donald trump's own email and statement that the fbi was executing a search warrant on his home, you saw republicans jump on board immediately and try to change over and over again as more information coming out, explaining why this classified information was there. why it former president trump had brought the documents there. all these kinds of themes. so it shows that the republican party forever or least for the foreseeable future will be tied
6:42 pm
to trump and trumpism. so as we see folks, you know 57% of folks say these investigations are good, that's not what you are hearing from leadership on capitol hill. and congress, you're not hearing that from the rnc, and rnc, all these groups that are out there who are supposed to make sure that the republicans get elected. and so if you did not see january six republicans leave donald trump behind, it's very hard to see how that is gonna happen. he is mulling over a presidential run and he has been saying to this actually bolsters him in his head, it makes it easier for him to do so. now he has something to say right? they came at the knee and there came a after me. >> he's always about playing. then, despite all this he continues to fan the flames of hatred against against, law enforcement and fbi. this is a party was he was supposed to be the law and
6:43 pm
order president, backed the blue guy. you've reported on the violent comments by trump supporters, threatening basically civil war after the mar-a-lago search. what have you been hearing and seeing online since then? >> the tenor has remained at that level, the rhetoric has remained at a fever pitch, but now they're pulling the irs into the conspiracy theory. pretty much anyone in the federal government is out to get them. that's how they're framing this entire thing, through framing 2022 in 2024 with the idea that since donald trump's persecuted they believe, we are persecuted, we are next. the donald trump fans are next and that we are going to be rounded up, our guns will be taken away, or the irs agents are a secret army to go after trump supporters. that's how this has evolved over the last couple of weeks. i just want to be clear, fielding trump is still the
6:44 pm
number one thing among gop base right now. and they are not apologizing for anything that happened in the trump years or the idea that he has come up over the last few years. marjorie taylor greene is a rising store in the spaces. i think people are shocked when you hear that marjorie taylor greene has some real power, but she does. she is a tremendously powerful person among the gop base right now. she has a way to real people in, and on these trump forms they view her even, more so as a vice presidential candidate morsel in mike pence at that point. >> god help us all of that happens. panel please stick around, we've got a lot more to stick around. still ahead, how the inflation reduction act is rigged by a republican's conspiracy about the irs. acy abou the irs. ks] [dog panting]
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to kill you, or at least that is the conspiracy du jour receiving wall-to-wall coverage of the conservative news media this week. ostensibly as a ploy to distract from the search of trump's own, republicans and their allies at fox have started hyperventilating about a provision in the inflation reduction act that provides a boost in funding to the irs. what will the irs be doing without funding boosts they want to know? making sure won't wealthy people pay their share in taxes may be a start, but if you asked the republican media, they will be using that funds to buy guns and ammo and should appear house of course. to discuss with this me this is terry's my son in a crowd panel. how in the world did the irs become the shadow army of the u.s. government going after conservatives here? >> i want to break down how stupid this is. even in my world it's very
6:50 pm
dumb. here's the deal. they found, they were going -- they found a job listening in the irs's website saying you should be comfortable with a firearm, for one specific job on the irs website, not for 87,000 people. however, the way the right wing gristle works is if it's on one thing it has to be everything. the great flattening of information occurred. that's how they started to believe there was a stand-in army coming in for joe biden to come in and take our guns, from the irs of all places. this is pretty symbiotic with the anger at the fbi at the moment, or searching mar-a-lago. there is a conflation of those two big ideas there, but it really is very stupid. at the end of the day, it came from a guy on the internet who
6:51 pm
got aggregated to a bunch of blogs. the fact that fox news is talking about this right now, and congresspeople is almost incomprehensible. look, if it can get them, it will get dumber. >> i swear, i have a feeling that that line, some guy on the internet is going to be the end of his all. there's always some guy on the internet that leads us to this hole that we find ourselves in. eugene, i've got to ask you, is this the inevitable consequence of democrats passing extremely progressive legislation, that you have reported respond with unhinged lies about secret biden death squads? >> in the old days we would've had a republican party that said here the policies we're gonna do. we're gonna take power and we're gonna change with the needle because that's bad for the country. that is no longer how the republican party operates. it goes from some guy on the
6:52 pm
internet and just continues to bounce around. now i never thought i was ever going to see republicans say defund the fbi but here we are. and in a world, some of these rising stars have been saying this. there's always gonna be backlash to legislation right? you start to feel as a party worried about your chances when the other guys seems to be doing better. the old days would've had a republican party operate completely differently, so it's a reminder of how donald trump has changed the republican party. it's not just about him, it is now in everything and everyone who operates within that stratosphere, and i think that is something for those republicans like joe was saying earlier who were getting worried about the party, liz cheney, adam kinzinger, this leads them with not a lot of places to go. because it's not about being conservative, it's about being worried about a deep state that we all know doesn't exist. >> jill, how does the law and
6:53 pm
order and back to blue party that the republican party tried to pretend it was at some point suddenly start chanting defund the fbi and now the iris. you have even some republicans making threats against fbi agents? >> this is all part of the subvert and disassemble. it started, let's go back to the mueller report, when barr went on air and said there is no obstruction, there is no collusion. and then finally when he released the actual report, you could see that that was a lie. it was a diversion and a disassembling. but it was too late because the first impression had already been made and it's very hard to change a first impression. this is donald trump and his total propaganda machine operating trying to divert from what is the facts, trying to divert from really wonderful piece of legislation the
6:54 pm
democrats have passed single-handedly without any help from the republicans. something that is changing about how people are going to vote in the midterms and that's with this is all about. it's not about facts anymore, and i long for a time when we could at least return to the facts and just look at what are the facts. as you said, we are not gonna have 87,000 people in the irs carrying guns. most of them are going to be auditors, and the funds are gonna be used to audit the wealthy. it will not be going to anybody at the lower end, even the middle, even the upper middle class aren't going to get audited with this new money. as somebody said, at least someone's gonna start answering the phone so if you have a question you'll get unanswered. it's what we need to get out there, are the facts and the positive nature of the inflation reduction act and all the other accomplishments in the last few weeks. >> ben, do the facts matter to
6:55 pm
this group of people, those that have latched on to this 87,000 irs number? they say that's the number of armed agency irs is about to hire, but of course it's not true. we know it's not true. sitting members of congress are now tweeting at this number of 87,000 as some sort of secret code to its base. does it overlap or is it quite remnant reminiscent of the qanon world? >> it's all a meme right? that's all it is. it starts with a hatred of government and you can fill in whatever mid or big fairytale that you want to personal spaces, as long as they attacked the same character. this time it's another federal government agency. the the fbi, the irs it filtered nicely, next week it'll be the atf, we'll find a new federal agency to attack next week. that's the thing, if you can find a big target it really helps this time were not attacking specific agents, like
6:56 pm
they were the week before attacking the fbi, you're not attacking places you can physically attack. if you can make it this broad deep state thing that has no specific characters, and really works well. that's why they attach themselves to. it >> i was about to ask how long before we see 87 k top pop up on t-shirts and signs, and people start walk around with 87 k2's. who knows we'll see. >> 87 q drop. >> 87 to drop exactly. joe collins, eugene when x, been cause always a pleasure, thank you so much for your time and thank you for making time for us. coming up at 10 pm here on msnbc. and encore presentation of the field report with paul around us. she examines the rightward shift of latino voters, in a state where key midterm races are taking place. watch feel report with paulo
6:57 pm
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