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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  August 22, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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good day. this is "andrea mitchell reports" with a new poll showing threats to democracy are topping voter concerns, overtaking the cost of living. donald trump makes new demands after that mar-a-lago search even though he has yet to challenge that in court. the nbc poll also showing voters less than three months before the midterms are more pessimistic than ever before.
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we'll dig deeper. in russia, the 29-year-old daughter of a putin ally whose father is known as putin's brain was killed in a fiery car explosion outside moscow with the kremlin accusing ukraine for being responsible for what russia is calling a contract killing. with ukraine celebrating its independence this weekend also marking six months since the russian invasion, i'll be talking to retired general david petraeus. and congress members jerry nadler and caroline maloney are locked in a bitter intraparty primary battle in new york city tomorrow thanks to redistricting. we'll discuss that race. and i'll take a look at the rise in anti-semitic groups across america after leafletting in a small new jersey town this
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weekend just days after similar leaflets were seen on long island, new york. joining me is ken delanian and brandon buck. you've got the new nbc news poll with some major headlines. voters are angry, frustrated. they're saying for the first time that threats to our democracy is the most important issue to them. >> obviously that dissatisfaction really does stand out, but it's not just the republicans who are dissatisfied. democrats are also really frustrated right now. we asked another question. are you so angry and upset you'd be willing to carry a protest sign for a single day? we actually found more democrats saying, yes, i'd want to carry a protest side than republicans
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did. democrats now just trail by two points when they had trailed by 17 points back in march. >> that's an enormous jump. >> normally in a midterm environment the party out of power is way more enthusiastic than the party that controls power. that's one of the reasons why the party in power takes a big thumping in midterm season. i think what we saw in kansas with that state constitutional amendment on abortion shows the democrats are fired up and this issue has played a role there. >> let's talk about those findings. what does that tell you after kansas and now we see in our poll that abortion is resonating with democratic voters and what does it tell you about republicans? >> it's got republicans probably a little concerned. usually this is a referendum where everybody comes out and registers disapproval with the
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incumbent party. the one thing that should give democrats pause is that joe biden didn't really see a jump in his own ratings. joe biden has obviously been mired in the 30s and the low 40s in your poll. i expected at this point after notching some legislative wins, democratic voters reengaging that you'd see his numbers improving, but they haven't. often in a midterm election, the president's approval rating is the number one harbinger. the democrats have a few things to be encouraged by, but there are still challenges, including that while threats to democracy is the number one issue in your pool, when you add cost of living and the economy, i think voters are going to focus on economic issues and hope that can carry the day. >> another question finds 57% want the investigation into trump to continue, 40% say it
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should not, calling it partisan. we also have the judge in the mar-a-lago case now this week about to review redactions in the affidavit, which could make the document meaningless. what does that tell you about the investigation? >> the judge reaffirmed he believes the warrant was justified. he said there was definitely probable cause to believe that evidence of multiple crimes was present at mar-a-lago. but in terms of whether he's going to make any of it public, he seems leaning against it. in his written ruling he leaned into the idea that he believes the justice department's assertions that make this public would compromise the investigation and put witnesses and fbi agents at risk. he's not ruling out that these redactions would be so extensive there wouldn't be any point in
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releasing it. >> are people going to vote on that? even though people want the investigation to continue, most likely the economy and abortion are the driving concerns. >> yes. we asked in our poll what would be a single issue more than any other that would force you to vote. abortion was top on that list. you end up looking at donald trump. sometimes in a midterm environment you want to have as many motivation reasons to go to the polls as possible. i guarantee you, for example, in last year's virginia gubernatorial race, had that supreme court decision come out where you had that messaging to come out with that, i feel like that would have bolstered a lot of the waning democratic enthusiasm. >> one of the criticisms of the party itself in congress was
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that hey not passed anything. now they are armed with some real legislative achievements. on abc yesterday, liz cheney said she has no regrets after being voted out. she was also asked about what trump's grip on republicans means going forward. >> it says that people continue to believe the lie. they continue to believe what he's saying, which is very dangerous. i think it also tells you that large portions of our party including the leadership of our party both at a state level in wyoming as well as on a national level with the rnc is very sick. >> it's such a dramatic change from two years ago when she won 73% support. now she lost by 40 points. it's such a turnaround in wyoming. >> as she just explained, the entire republican apparatus is against her.
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i admire liz cheney for putting what she believes is right above her own political fortunes. she could have won reelection. the reason she lost is she is a bit out of step with what republicans care about right now. the party is stacked against her. the lane for never trumpers is incredibly narrow. so she's going to have to find ways to impact the races probably mostly by raising money. i don't know that she's going to be able to really hurt donald trump in any way in the primary. i don't know that running as an independent is really going to do a whole lot. hopefully she can build enough political force. i'm just glad there's something on the playing field. >> of course there are going to be more hearings in september so she'll have a platform at least for that long. let's talk about the president weighing down the candidates down ballot.
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42% approval, that's not great for democratic candidates. >> it is danger territory. this poll was conducted during a really good stretch for president biden, including jobs growth, the passage of the climate and health care legislation. what we find in our poll is that biden is lagging a generic democratic candidate. one of the reasons this poll looks better overall for democrats is that a generic democratic preference is outrunning biden. we're seeing more latinos and african-americans and younger people more down on biden than they are whether or not democrats end up controlling congress. that's a little bit of a reversal. we'll continue to see if that holds. people are saying if joe biden is not the center of this midterm season, that's going to be a big win for democrats. conversely, you're going to see
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republicans put billions of dollars into, hey, my candidate would be a check and balance on joe biden. >> what's the latest polling on whether people want him to run again? >> we didn't ask this in our current national poll, but we asked a collegiate poll that we conducted last week. we had 7 in 10 college democratic voters who said they preferred someone else over joe biden in 2024. we're seeing that play out also in other national surveys. let's get to 2024 before we see who the candidates are. >> thursday is the hearing. are we likely to see a redacted affidavit? >> it's looking like we're not going to see anything. even if the judge disagrees with the justice department, he's giving them a chance to appeal.
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>> joining us now congresswoman abigail spanberger. i want to get your reaction to voters being most concerned now about ongoing threats to democracy. do you connect that to election deniers doing so well in the primaries? >> overall concerns about the health of our country and our communities has been something i've long heard from voters, worry about the ability of a congress so divided to govern, worry about election deniers, worry about certainly in the aftermath of january 6th, worry about a physical attack, violent attack on our nation's capitol. so this polling information is, frankly, something that did not come as much of a surprise to me. where i think we are seeing real engagement is the fact that the way that we get at rectifying this worry about our democracy is by demonstrating that
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democracy can work. yes, there are many threats to democracy. we see it with these extreme candidates coming through primaries. here in virginia in my district, i'm running against someone who defended the january 6th insurrectionists and called the fbi corrupt and referred to them as deep state. these threats are very real and they're a major driving force for those of us who want to demonstrate our beautiful american democracy can and does work. we're doing that by showing we can govern. we're investing in roads and bridges with the infrastructure bill. we're doing that with the inflation reduction act, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, investing in fighting climate change all all while paying down our deficit. we're doing that by pulling people together for bipartisan gun legislation. supporting our veterans who have been impacted by toxic exposure
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throughout their history of service not just in the last 20 years but before with those exposed to agent orange and those at camp lejeune. good governance is how we strengthen our country. it's how we are responsive to our communities and it's how we deal with the threat on the ground that exists across the country in so many races. >> how do you feel about the spike in threats against federal law enforcement, the fbi and others, especially after the mar-a-lago search? >> i'm a former federal law enforcement officer. i used to work narcotics and money laundering cases. i worked many joint cases with the fbi and other federal and local agencies. the idea that we would have career law enforcement officers who endeavor every single day to protect our communities, do extraordinary counter terrorism work, do extraordinary work to
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help our communities working directly with local and state agencies, the fact that they would now be at the center of attacks and the former president's ire is grotesquely disappointing, the fact we see members of congress calling to defund fbi, calling to defund other types of federal law enforcement. it's atrocious and deeply concerning. we are a country of law and order. it is the brave men and women of our law enforcement entities and in this case our fbi that are upholding that duty and law every day. >> while democrats appear to be closing the enthusiasm gap as we approach this midterm, president biden's approval rating remains stuck in the low 40s, 42% in our poll. voters still have to deal with
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inflation. what headwinds are you facing? would you want the president to campaign for you in your district? >> i've previously welcomed the president to our district to talk about lowering the cost of prescription drugs, giving medicare the ability to negotiate the cost of prescription drug pricing. i think we're seeing the democratic party across the country has extraordinary candidates and we are hyperfocused on the issues that impact our communities. i'm hyperfocused on transportation and infrastructure issues, on agriculture related issues and the need of the cattlemen and the loggers that i represent, the need for broadband connectivity, the need for seniors to lower the cost of prescription drugs and the need of veterans and active duty military members to make sure we're keeping our promises to them. there are so many candidates focused on the issues that
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matter. that's what i'm focused on. anyone across the country who's headed towards election day i believe is intending to win. that's how we've done it in the past and we'll do it again this november. and dr. fauci has formally announced after leaving the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases for 38 years, he is announcing he is stepping down in december. he'll also leave his post as chief medical advisor to president biden. over four decades, fauci has served seven u.s. presidents going back to ronald reagan. in a statement he said, quote, i want to use what i have learned as niaid director to continue to advance science and public health and inspire and mentor the next generation of scientific leaders as they help
9:17 am
prepare the world to fight future threats. we've worked with countless talented and dedicated people. president biden released a statement saying in part, whether you've met him personally or not, he has touched all americans' lives with his work. i extend my deepest thanks for his public service. the united states is stronger and more resilient because of him. coming up, the daughter of an influential putin ally killed in a fiery attack russia is calling a contract killing. k ru calling a contract killing
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a fiery explosion that killed the daughter of a close putin ally has sparked a host of
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theories about what's responsible. darya dugana died in the blast saturday night. this eyewitness video appearing to show the car on fire and a distraught dugan at the scene. today russia's fsb security agency is blaming ukraine secret services for the murder but has provided no proof. ukraine has denied it. wednesday is independence in ukraine, the same day marking the six month anniversary of the war. joining me is david petraeus. general petraeus, thanks for joining us today. russia state media is reporting dugan was expected to be driving the car, but switched vehicles
9:23 am
at the last minute. what are the implications of this? she was a well-known broadcaster putting putin propaganda out on state run media. >> alexander dugan was described as putin's brain, as you may recall. his daughter darya was a well known propagandist. it's not clear who carried out this action. there are various accusations. one could be some kind of dissident group in russia trying to take actions against putin, but that is not clear. it's not entirely possible this is some kind of inside job because alexander dugan had fallen out of favor a bit in recent times and the invasion is
9:24 am
not going well. without knowing more about what really took place, it's still hard to assess what has transpired. >> it could become some sort of excuse for retaliation against ukraine. you have ukraine independence day this week. >> that is correct. president zelenskyy issued a warning to ukrainians that putin could take action. so there could indeed be some kind of response. i think the big development in ukraine right now is ukrainians for the first time have seized the strategic initiative. in other words, the russians are now responding to them much more than the ukrainians are responding to russian actions on the ground. yes, the russians are still
9:25 am
trying to seize additional territory in the southeast, but it's very incremental. they're taking substantial losses and they're never able to turn their modest tactical gains into some kind of operational success. so you don't expect to see something more significant in the southeast. in the meantime, the ukrainians have been isolating the russian forces west of the river. they've basically taken out all the bridges that protect the russian occupied part of southern ukraine. it appears they are going to try to liberate that area in the month or so that lies ahead. more importantly perhaps even than that, the ukrainians have been using the precision munitions provided by the u.s. and other nations very impressively. they have been taking out russian ammo supply points, headquarters, fuel depots, even
9:26 am
airfields all the way into the cry peninsula. peninsula. that means they'll be even less responsive than they already have been, noting that the close air support by the russians has not been particularly impressive. this is creating additional problems for the russians in the south and is something those of us who hope to see the ukrainians make gains in the weeks and months that lie ahead can capitalize on during that time. >> the administration also authorized more weapons on friday to start making their way to reenforce them. >> that is correct, yes.
9:27 am
among those weapons, there are unmanned aerial vehicles that are a considerable upgrade for the ukrainians over what they had. there are 15 of them. they don't require an airfield to take off or land. we see how they can use this and bring it to bear as they have done so far. >> i want to ask you about zaporizhzhia. it's the largest nuclear plant in all of europe. it's now controlled by the russians. you've had erdogan and others, macron calling to try to get
9:28 am
russia to let nuclear inspectors go in. there was a call between president boris johnson and macron on this point as well as on iran and other issues. we're now learning that the russian ambassador in washington was summoned to the state department. they're using it as a fortress so there's a real chance that artillery fire will land on a reactor or spent fuel. it's a real fear from europeans i'm talking to as well as ukrainians about a nuclear incident. the u.n. inspectors have not been allowed in. >> this is a very legitimate fear. again, everyone basically has this. what the russians have done, as you noted, is taken what should be a protected area according to the geneva convention.
9:29 am
this is similar to a church or a school or some very clearly civilian site, in this case one, though, that could unleash nuclear effects on the surrounding area if there is some kind of explosion that exposes the core of a reactor. i'm not predicting another chernobyl but that is in the back of our minds, of course. this is very significant. the u.n. secretary general raised this recently. there have been a lot of efforts to try to get the russians to pull their military assets out of these areas, not to park them inside the various warehouses and facilities and protect them by being in a protected area. however, the russians have not exactly been high on observing the geneva convention so far and i doubt that's going to be the case in the weeks that lie ahead. >> friday is the first
9:30 am
anniversary of the suicide bombing that killed 13 of our troops at kabul airport. the u.s. still hasn't gotten many of the people who helped the u.s., including translators out. it's a very slow process. >> those reports of trying just are not satisfactory anymore. what we have to do is do. the state department itself reported over 70,000 former battlefield interpreters who were left behind. it's not just they who are entitled to a special immigrant visa, but their family members. so you're talking well over 165,000 afghans for whom we have a moral obligation. we need to meet that obligation. we just need to get the asset into the locations and the
9:31 am
positions that can expedite this process. a year is far too long to have gotten a very modest number out of there. when we were sought to do that, we have been able to do this. we need to get serious about meeting what is trial a moral obligation for united states of america. >> they have targets on their back, the families, the translators. it's more than a challenge. general david petraeus, thank you for being with us. and from allies to opponents, how a newly redrawn congressional district in new york city has forced two well known democratic members of congress in manhattan into a battle for one seat. attan into a battle for one seat. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... that's a trail i want to take. eliquis. eliquis reduces stroke risk better than warfarin. and has less major bleeding than warfarin.
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bubbles bubbles so many bubbles! as an expedia member you earn points on your travels, and that's on top of your airline miles. so you can go and see... or taste or do absolutely nothing with all those bubbles. without ever wondering if you're getting the most out of your trip. because you are. tomorrow is another big primary day. voters in florida will be casting their primary ballots. val demings is the favorite to win for the u.s. senate setting up to take on marco rubio this november. former governor and current
9:36 am
congressman charlie crist is leading the democratic primary for governor. joining me is shaq brewster. >> reporter: ron desantis is going to be the major factor once you get to the general election. now they're painting themselves each individually as the best candidate to take him on. desantis is polling at 50% approval rating. he has that national profile built because of his anti-lockdown activities. both candidates, charlie crist and nikki freed are saying they are the stronger person to go up against desantis, but for different reasons. charlie crist says he's won in
9:37 am
this state before. he believes he can win. nikki freed believes she can rally democrats. it's about juicing up the base and taking advantage of overreach by republicans in this state after the overturning of roe v wade. this is going to be an extremely close race. nearly two months after voters in new york were scheduled of their primary elections tomorrow, they get another chance to decide who's going to run this november, that delay due to a judge filling out a new congressional map violated the state's constitution. it pits two long-term democratic incumbents against each other. a map was thrown out. you have jerry nadler and
9:38 am
carolyn maloney, two chairs of committee, going up against each other in manhattan, which is upper west side against east side. it's really a horrible fight. >> yeah. remember, democrats in new york actually passed a very aggressive gerrymander to maximize democratic gains and pick up additional seats. then the high court in new york struck that down giving the power to a special master to draw new districts. that master ended up creating that race in new york 12 as well as a race where jones is going to have to run in a very crowded primary where he might not come out on top. >> especially because shawn maloney preemptively took on that district and jones was squeezed out.
9:39 am
he's an incumbent also facing a lot of questions. >> it created a game of musical chairs. in that new york 12 race there is a poll showing nadler is ahead. he's gotten key endorsements from chuck schumer as well as the "new york times." in that new york 10 race where jones is running, dan goldman was leading in one poll. it's a very crowded race. it's created a tremendous amount of controversy and chaos in new york. >> thank you very much. watch tomorrow's results come in
9:40 am
from florida, starting live at 7:00 eastern. steve kornacki will be at the big board. coming up, fighting hate. yet another community faced with bigotry on their front lawns after a disturbing rise in anti-semitism across the country. i'll speak to the ceo of the anti-defamation league, next. te anti-defamation league, next ♪♪ you had me at allison® 10-speed transmission. ♪♪ features available on gmc sierra heavy duty. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc. they said it couldn't be done.
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9:44 am
flyers appeared in the small beach town of brigantine, new jersey, from a group called the goyum defense league, blaming covid, inflation and a list of other issues on a list. similar flyers were found earlier this month on long island. just last week in raleigh, north carolina and this summer in palm beach and other places across the country. this comes as the anti-defamation league said they've seen an extraordinary rise in anti-semitic attacks. joining me is jonathan greenblatt. why do we see this rise in anti-semitism now? >> this is indeed an incredibly disturbing incident, but unfortunately it's part of this broader pattern. this group, the goyum defense
9:45 am
league, we've tracked more than 250 propaganda incidents across the country where they have left flyers like you showed in that clip or have put out signs or stickers specifically targeting the jewish community. this comes on the heels of a record number of anti-semitic incidents in this country. this year alone this group, the gdl, has more than tripled the number of propaganda acts targeting jews. >> this is not just happening in jewish communities. >> not at all. the goal is to terrorize jews and the people around them. brigantine, new jersey, doesn't have a notable jewish population per se. but in states across america, like 17 different states thus far, big cities, small towns, urban, suburban, rural, these groups are trying to spread fear
9:46 am
and terrorize jews all over the united states. >> tell our larger audience what the word goyum means. >> goyum means nonjews. this group is a loose affiliation of anti-semites. what they specialize in is spreading noxious, toxic anti-semitism. it's a group founded purely on the idea of trying to dehumanize jewish people. when you look at the level of anxiety they're creating, people are very concerned. >> how do they organize? is it all online? >> they organize online. so they use the private web and the dark web to spread their message and to encourage people to do these kind of flyer drops all over the country. last year, just to put things in
9:47 am
perspective, we saw more than 4850 propaganda incidences across the country targeting african-americans, jews, asian-americans, et cetera. but the goyum defense league specifically specializes in trying to spread disgusting anti-semitism. they're a white supremacist organization. >> one was hired as a consultant to the republican candidate for governor in pennsylvania. this is his campaign against josh shapiro, the sitting attorney general, the democrat.
9:48 am
>> all over the country. you have this guy andrew torba who runs a social media service called gab, which is a cesspool. doug mastriano has used gab to get out messages. he says he won't bow to the jews and said awful anti-semitic things. you have people right here in the state of new york saying disgusting anti-zionist things coming from the political left. it remind us that anti-semitism isn't the sole property of any political party. it can happen across the spectrum and all of it should alarm us. >> the adl on its website has alerts as well as logs of a lot that's been happening on the dark web as well as the web.
9:49 am
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the ukrainian freedom orchestra has completed a tour of concerts with a performance at the kennedy center. we've been tracking this orchestra, made up with refugees and others of ukrainian heritage. they are promoting their music that ukraine is not a country and does not exist and doesn't have its own culture. ♪♪ >> on this stage, these artists aren't just making music. their on a mission. >> i truly believe that we are defending our ukrainian culture here. >> in the shadow of war, 74 performers have come together to form the ukrainian freedom orchestra. it is a mix of refugees from ukraine and those with ukrainian heritage. >> music is something that expresses human emotion that no
9:54 am
language can. >> led by the conductor, the music is on tour bringing their music to the homeland of some of the biggest stages in the world. they called themselves artists of resistance. >> we're on a mission to fight for ukraine and what better ways to hold up our instruments instead of our weapons. >> this man is of fighting age but got permission to go on the summer tour with the orchestra. back home in kyiv, his street has been pummelled by russian rockets. >> could art survive in the midst of war. >> no choice. it has. it must survive. >> this week the orchestra arrived in the u.s. performing outside of lincoln sentner new york city. as the night fell they played their final piece. an arrangement of ukrainian national anthem. hoping to send a message through
9:55 am
their music, ukraine won't be easily silenced. >> and the orchestra flew home on sunday but they may reerm earth sometime in the future. you could call it on encore. they've played such beautiful music together. they may come back. and that does it for us for this edition of andrea mitchell reports. follow us online on facebook and twitter. chris jansing reports starts right after this. and as we go with more from ukraine's freedom orchestra. ♪♪ new astepro allergy. now available without a prescription. astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours
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hello, everyone, i'm chris jansing. call it discontent, dissatisfaction, disillusionment. a new nbc poll shows that the american voting public is tired of infighting and worried about the future. but there stiek of a stark political divide, it is united in opinions on state of our country and the people who lead it. a clear majority of voters wants investigation news donald trump to continue. and that may be tied to this stunning shift. the cost of living is no longer the top issue on voter's minds. it is the threat to our democracy. this poll also reveals several key things for us to watch moving forward. a record high 58% say america's best years are behind it and 61% are so upset, they're willing to carry a protest sign for a day. and here is a sample of signs. for democrats, it is women's