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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  August 23, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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show which is called alex wagner tonight, alex's show premiered last week on what was a big primary note, you don't want to miss her tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. eastern, be there, or be full of lasting regret. "way too early" with jonathan lemire is up next. "the new york times" apparently just reporting just now to your point about the number of the scope of this, there were 300 classified documents apparently at mar-a-lago, which again i think, you know, what do you make of that number? >> we think that's a lot. and so 300 pages, you know, just, you know, of basement stairway away, in an open, you know, beachhouse, is not where you would want that information. especially in the hands of somebody who president biden deemed should not even be able to receive classified
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information. >> not where you want that information. good morning, and welcome to "way too early." on this tuesday, august 23rd. let's start with the news. we begin with that reporting on what sparked the fbi search for classified materials at mar-a-lago two weeks ago. sources tell "the new york times" the government has recovered more than 300 documents marked as classified from donald trump so far. those documents returned in january included more than 150 classified documents. according to the times, quote, the number ignited intense concern at the justice department and helped trigger the criminal investigation that led fbi agents to swoop into in to mar-a-lago this month seeking to recover more. multiple people briefed on the matter tell the "times" the former president personally went through 15 boxes before handing them over in january. the paper quotes, reports quote, the highly sensitive nature of some of the material in the
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boxes prompted archives officials to refer the matter to the justice department, which within months had convened a grand jury investigation. the government retrieved a second set of documents from the former president aides in june. followed by a third set that was seized in that fbi search. according to the "times," the large number of documents and the amount of time they remained at mar-a-lago while being sought for the justice department, with the former president or his aides had, been cavalier in handling them, not fully forthcoming with investigators, or both. sources tell the "times" investigators are still seeking more surveillance footage from mar-a-lago, a sign that officials are still looking into how the classified material was handled while improperly stored at the former president's home. according to the "times" the fbi declined to comment and
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president trump's spokesman did not respond. in the meantime, trump has filed a lawsuit to block the department of justice with a quote further review of seized materials before a special master is appointed. that lawsuit filed in the southern district of florida asked that the so-called special master review the classified documents seized from mar-a-lago, on august 8th. the suit requests a more detailed receipt for the property taken from the estate, and asked that anything not within the scope of the search warrant be returned. and while it was unclear whether the affidavit used to justify the search warrant would be released, in any form, the federal judge who approved the search said yesterday that he is issuing a formal order directing the government to prepare the redactions to the sealed affidavit. the magistrate judge for the southern district of florida said he may be inclined to make portions of the affidavit public.
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okay, there is a lot of news and a lot going on there. so let's get some understanding of what means what and what's important, joining us now senior correspondent michael weiss. we want to talk about ukraine but i want to start with the "new york times" reporting. what do you make of it, that the government has recovered more than 300 classified documents from donald trump, and that there is evidence that he at some point was himself looking through those boxes? >> well, extraordinary and terrifying. there are three gradations of classification, confidential, secret, and top secret, and early reporting by "the new york times" suggested that in these boxes the fbi recovered a few weeks ago, all three were there. oy find it very hard to believe that the president has methodically gone through all of this stuff before moving out of white house back to mar-a-lago to ensure that either the custody of it was in good hands, and that none of it was compromising in any way of
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national security. euph you a got documents in there from the cia, the fbi and the nsa, signal intercepts no doubt. fbi counter-intelligence investigation materials no doubt. and god knows what from the cia about what hostile foreign actors are trying to do or indeed may be doing to the united states. and the idea that these things are just lying about a mansion in a storage facility, that the fbi had to put a padlock on when they visited donald trump in june, is mind boggling. >> i think it's the scope of how much there was, and it was the way those documents were being stored perhaps as they say in the report a cavalier attitude to their security is particularly alarge. michael we did book you to talk about ukraine and we want to get to that. stay with us. here is the latest news on ukraine. turning overseas now, russian authorities are accusing ukraine for the car bombing over the weekend that killed the daughter of a russian ultra-nationalist, an ally of vladimir putin.
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in a statement yesterday, the russian federal security service said the attack on daria dugina was prepared and committed by the ukrainian intelligence agencies quote. russian officials allege the attack was carried out by an ukrainian woman and her young daughter and denies any involve in the killing. dara's daughter is calling for revenge. our hearts yearn for more than just revenge or retribution. that would be too small, not according to russia's style. we only need our victory. my daughter laid her maiden life on victory's altar, so win, please. chilling words. this as new u.s. intelligence reveals that russia is planning new strikes on the ukrainian infrastructure and government facilities soon. and michael, this story about
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daria dugina, the theories about how she died and who killed her, are sort of crazy and numerous. what's your understanding of how tensions may now escalate between russia and ukraine, this leading to her father's words there, i found really quite chilling, how do you see this playing out? >> her father is russia's far most fascist and idealogue and doesn't believe in the existence of ukraine as an independent sovereign nation state. and frankly he makes vladimir putin look kittenish on the issue of war. for him to say that now is the time for russia to go all out, possibly what he means by that is a full scale mobilization, you know, a total declaration of war, remember that the russian campaign couches it as a special military operation, it is not a war, their definition, it is not
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surprising. and you know, look, i mean the whole thing just wreaks of some kind of conspiracy or let's just take the evidence according to the russian government and the security services, right? ukrainian intelligence sends a woman into moscow who has spent several weeks there surveilling dugina in her own apartment. the woman, the assassin, alleged assassin, brings her 12-year-old daughter, and the family cat, okay, sets off a car bomb, in one of the toniest suburbs of moscow, gets away by car in a bright silver mini couper, drives through border guard territory, to estonia, border guard by the way is maintained by the fsb, so they patted her in their midst and let her go. and they were managing to piece this together in 48 hours. it took them years to finger a culprit, who many people don't believe the actual culprit, or certainly not the lone actor, in
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the assassination of the former deputy prime minister who was shot down brutally in the back, right steps away from the kremlin several years ago. it took them years to piece together the investigations of the murder, celebrated investigative journalists, et cetera, united states, but in two days, they cracked the case of who blew up daria dugina. no one who has been watching this believes a word of any of this. >> perhaps they didn't actually have the top cops on it but something else in this story and there is a lot of theories out there, as i said earlier. quickly on ukraine, michael, we spoke yesterday about the fears of some kind of attack or some kind of incident around the nuclear plant. ukraines today warning that the infrastructure could be in jeopardy, and we know what is coming up tomorrow, what you are watching, as it seems to be a pretty tense week in ukraine. >> it does. sources on the ground in kyiv are sort of preparing for the worst. it's been a quiet 24 hours,
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according to people i'm in touch with, including my partner in ukraine, you know, you've got i think the publish polish prime minister is there currently and a stalwart sign of solidarity and a looming barrage of missiles and rockets, but it is, it would come together, i think, if in the russian playbook, again, retaliation is, for the alleged car bombing of the daughter of a rather controversial but very public figure, in russia, and ukraine's forthcoming independence, symbolically, i could see putin deciding now is the time to escalate. >> okay. michael weiss, we'll keep watching the story. thank you very much. in covering that ground for thus morning. still ahead on "way too early," the end of an era in u.s. public health, as dr. anthony fauci announces his retirement. what he is saying about his next act. and what the state department is saying about dennis rodman's plan to travel to russia to try to secure the
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. dr. anthony fauci has announced that he will be stepping down. fauci will leave his post in december as president biden's top medical adviser and of course the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases which he has led for 38 years. the most notable face throughout the pandemic, fauci has served seven american presidents from both parties during his tenure. here is what he said last night about his next act. >> it's never really a good time to leave, but you have to leave sometime. i have been wanting to pursue another chapter in my career, particularly to do things, be they lecture or write or get involved in situations where i can serve as hope and
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inspiration, to encourage young people to go into public service particularly in the arena of science, medicine and public health. >> in a statement, president biden wrote in part, quote, because of dr. fauci's many contributions to public health, lives here in the united states and around the world have been saved. as he leaves his position in the u.s. government, i know the american people and the entire world will continue to benefit from dr. fauci's expertise in whatever he does next. whether you've met him personally or not, he has touched all american lives with his work. i extend my deepest thanks for his public service, the united states of america is stronger, resilient, and healthier because of him. a state senator from colorado is switching parties, resigning as a republican and becoming a democrat. kevin priola cited the republican party's widespread embrace of 2020 election conspiracies as his reason to
2:16 am
leaving. he said in a letter yesterday, he was horrified by the january 6th insurrection at the u.s. capitol. priota writes i cannot continue to be part of a political party that is okay for the violent attempt to overturn a free and fair aelection and continues to peddle claims that the 2020 election was stolen. he noted he still plans to support conservative causes like school of choice and gun rights. anti-semitic incidents are on the rise across the nation in big cities and small towns alike. among them one community on the jersey shore, nbc news chief washington correspondent andrea mitchell has that report. >> residents of the small beach town in new jersey woke up sunday morning to messages of hate on their doorsteps. >> i woke up that morning to several text messages, emails and phone calls, people were very, very disturbed, i can tell you the community is very outraged about this. >> anti-semitic flyers from a group called the defense league,
2:17 am
covid, abortion, inflation, and more on jewish officials in the biden administration and media companies led by jewish owners or executives. law enforcement can't do anything. its freedom of speech. in recent weeks, similar flyers in new york, north carolina, virginia, colorado, california, and florida among other states. >> this year alone, this group, the gdl, has more than triple the number of propaganda acts targeting jews. >> the anti-defamation lead tracked more than 2500 aeks events in the u.s., the highest since they were tracking 43 years ago and 1700 incidents of harassment, and 8 a in valorism, and 88 assault and 11 with a deadly weapon. >> the goal is to terrorize jews and the people around them. >> far right groups are coming under scrutiny for dealing with hate groups including doug
2:18 am
mastriano in pennsylvania, he regularly posted on a social media site known for anti-semitism and paid the site consulting fees until criticized in the media and kari lake in arizona, and endorsement of an oklahoma senate candidate who has used home phobe in and anti-semitic language. two powerful incumbents but one house seat. we will have more on the major battle in new york city as two allies become competitors. we will set the stage for that race and a big primary in florida. plus some of the most stunning photos yet of giant jupiter. i love this. we will explain the photo that really captured the attention of astronomers. "way too early" is back in just a moment. " is back in just a moment (vo) you can be well-dressed. you can be well-mannered. (man) oh, no, no, after you. wahoooo! (vo) you can be well-groomed. or even well-spoken.
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2:22 am
state department spokesman ned price yesterday making clear rodman was not acting on the u.s. government's behalf. >> we put forward a substantial proposal to russia to seek the freedom of paul whelan and brittney griner. we believe that anything other than negotiating further through the established channel is likely to complicate and hinder those release efforts. we have also provides very clear guidance to american citizens, owing to a number of threats, not the least of which is the threat of wrongful detention that americans should not travel to russia. to sports, and the nfl, and tom brady to the training camp, back on the practice field yesterday following what was described as a pre-arranged 11-day break for personal reasons. there is still no official word on his where-abouts last week
2:23 am
but brady addressed one of the rumors, he wasn't on the masked singer. to major league baseball and the opener of a two-game subway series in the bronx between the new york nbc and mets -- new york yankees and mets. scherzer allowing a season-high-tying four runs, including the major league 47th homerun of the season hit by aaron judge. the yankees beat the mets 4-2. to the north side of chicago, and another historic swing for retiring st. louis cardinals slugger albert pujols, with another career homerun last night leading off the seventh inning with a solo shoft to left center field, the seventh in the last 10 games. and he matches barry bonds major league record by homering off his 449th different pitcher.
2:24 am
pujols providing all of the backup needed for cardinals starter jordan montgomery who pitched a complete game one hitter. the cardinals beat the cubs 1-0. so they now only have eight games, they have an eight game winning streak. i tell you, if you do not understand baseball, that is like reading chinese. now time for the weather, let's go to meteorologist michelle grossman for the forecast. michelle, fill me in. >> you did so great. here's the problem, jonathan -- >> i i would say it is very hard. >> i know nothing about it. i think i learn more about sports in the little bits like you said, with jonathan and you than i ever in my entire life. did you awesome. let's talk about weather. we are looking at a very soggy day once again. we had a summer worth of rain in texas yesterday, and in dallas. and we're going to add to the rainfall totals in the lower mississippi valley and southern plains, nine million people impacted by a flood watch from texas through the mississippi
2:25 am
valley and over to mississippi and alabama seeing heavy rain. where you can see the darker colors, torrential downpours. where you can see the brighter colors, the yellow, oranges red, the heaviest rains. generally two to four inches of rain in east texas and arkansas and louisiana and mississippi and alabama, especially where you can see the darker colors. we can see up to six inches, if not a little locally higher in some amounts. here is the problem. we have an area of low pressure moving very slowly. it's going to continue to move very slowly over the next several days. which i showed you the flooding today, it is going to be the same spot tomorrow, the same spot the next day, so we're looking at the potential for flash flooding as well. the temperatures only in the 70s in jackson. that's a look at weather. michelle grossman, thank you very much. we are thinking of those poor people in dallas today. new photos, this is my favorite for the show, from nasa, are giving earth lings some of the most jaw-dropping images ever of
2:26 am
the solar system's biggest planet. scientists released these two pictures of jupiter yesterday. captured by the space agency's new $10 billion telescope. the photos show off the auroras of both of jupiter's poles as well as the faint rings that surround the gas giant. there is no rush to go in for a closer look. experts say that white oval on the bottom right is a storm big enough to swallow us. i thought they were just pretty pictures. think again. anyway, i love them. still ahead, we're looking at the primary elections happening today in new york and florida. in new york, there's a tight race between two long-time members of congress. and the newcomer hoping to shake things up. down south, a former republican now running as a democrat, is a top contender to take on governor ron desantis this fall. "way too early" will be back in a moment. "way too early" will be back in a moment (vo) give your business an advantage right now, with nationwide 5g from t-mobile for business. unlock new insights and efficiency,
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 out west. voters will head to the polls today for primaries in new york and florida. while oklahoma will hold its primary runoffs. in new york, where the 12th congressional district pits two powerful democratic house chairs against each other. jerry nadler of the judiciary committee and carolyn maloney of the oversight committee. the new congressional map blended their districts and a wildcard also, patel is running
2:31 am
on the theme of generational change. there is also a crowded field of candidates competing in the state's tenth district. mansy pelosi endorsed freshman congressman jones, a prove plinnal and one of the first two gay black members of congress and by goldman, with w-a back handed endorsement by president trump and a formal prosecutor counselled for house democrats during the former president's first impeachment inquiry and dismissed trump's endorsement as quote obvious effort to manipulate the election to prevent me from standing up to him again in congress. in addition, a city council member and state assembly woman are also running for the seat. on to florida, where multiple democrats are competing to take on the incumbent republican governor ron desantis. one of the top contenders includes congressman charlie crist, you may remember, he is the state's former republican governor, who later then became
2:32 am
a democrat. his main rival is state agriculture commissioner nicky freed, crist has out-raised freed and out-spent her on the air waves, arguing he has the experience necessary to beat desantis, and freed has taken aim at crist's past as a republican and past election losses and it is significantly outweighed by desantis himself, and would advance as the underdog in november's general election. also in florida today, democratic congressman demings is expected to win the primary for senate and take on marco rubio this november. he is running for a third term. currently, the political report rates the race as leaning republican. joining us now, democracy state politics reporter for "politico," we have run through several races there. which is the one that you're watching more closely?
2:33 am
>> thanks for having me. i think the most interesting one is down in florida, it is the race to replace governor desantis because it is a statewide race and we are a little biased to those. governor desantis seems like an unstoppable force heading into 2022 and 2024, and potentially a presidential candidate but he's got a win first this year. florida is one of the states that democrats have had a football game away from them, like charlie brown, over the last several cycles. going into november, this doesn't seem like the time that he will be able to beat ron desantis but anything is possible. so the primary there between nicky freed and charty crist is an interesting one. a generational one charlie crist is an interesting character to say the least, to change parties three different times basically and i will look to see what happens there. >> and briefly on florida, while we still have you, is rubio in any trouble against val demings? we have seen him slip in the polls recently a little?
2:34 am
it has been interesting. >> it is interesting to see. it is tough to say right now if it is has helped demings race, but he is the definitely odds-on favorite right now. the strong favorite. not invincible. >> new york city has a bunch of interesting fry mares, democrat can primaries on today, the 17th district and that has sean patrick malone y, why does that one look so interesting? >> so the reason that one looks so interesting is sean patrick maloney is a party boss, the chairman of the campaign operations in the house and he is fationing a primary challenge from a progressive state legislature. maloney moves districts more or less and kind of elbowed out a member of the democratic house dem gation moving to his district that is a bit more favable for his in november. so what makes this very interesting is the house
2:35 am
campaign committee chairman is facing a challenge. i think going into the day, he is definitely the favorite. if you ask anyone up in new york or if you ask most people in new york, it looks like he can hold on. i had a very real challenge he had to navigate while trying to direct the house campaign committees, democrat is house campaign commit's overall strategy so that is really juggling multiple balls at once. >> another key race in new york, and that is the special election in the 19th district. you say this is probably the best test of the political environment after the supreme court's ruling restricting abortion rights. tell us about what race and why it is so, it has so much impact on the roe v. wade debate. >> yes, so what makes this race interesting, it is a general election, right? it is not just a primary. it is not just democrats and republicans voting. it is everybody voting. unlike most special elections we've seen sin that dobbs decision, this one is taking place in a district that is a
2:36 am
swing district and president trump won in 2016 and joe biden in 2020 and a quintessential swing district. it is a very close race. >> a lot going on, matt, thank you for joining us, and breaking it down for us. still ahead, we are live with cnbc for an early look at wall street. we promise we will get there today. the futures board is in better shape this morning following the worst day since june for the markets. "way too early" is coming right back. better skin from your body wash?
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2:40 am
sell-off we saw yesterday. the stocks, the s&p 500 fell 2.1%, the dow jones lost 1.9% yesterday. and that rate sensitive tech heavy nasdaq dropped 2.5%. treasury yield also moved higher. the big narrative that dominated markets yesterday was concern around interest rate hikes as well as rising energy prices in europe. we saw a spike in natural gas prices and power prices in germany. lots of concern around the energy outlook in europe this winter. oil prices this morning, bouncing back, saudi arabia warning opec producer es ready to cut oil output to cut falling prices. and we are seeing in terms of data, u.s. home sales for july, manufacturing index for august, are going to be data points to watch. >> and federal officials say that romaine lettuce on wendy's sandwiches possibly responsible for an e. coli outbreak.
2:41 am
sickened at least 37 people. what's going on there? >> so the cdc has said that a specific food, not yet been confirmed, as the source of the outbreak, but many cy sick people reported eating sandwiches with romaine lettuce in restaurants in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, before getting sick. so based on this information, wendy's has taken a precautionary measure of removing the romaine lettuce being used from sandwiches in restaurants in those regions. the cdc are also saying that while 37 people have fallen ill officially, that number is likely to be higher in reality. >> we have tech problems yesterday where we missed the story and i wanted to talk to you about it which is "grease," back in theaters to honor olivia newton-john. how is is doing? >> well, i was excited to see this news, unfortunately in the u.s., where this is happening,
2:42 am
but "grease" fans everywhere are thrilled with the idea that amc will be showing "grease" as part of $5 fan day movie deals and the screening will cost only $5, taxes and fees, and one dollar donated to breast cancer research. go out and get your ticket if you're a fan. >> finally, i can't wait to see whether it holds up or we just have a childhood fantasy about it. julianna tatelbaum, live from london, thank you. coming up, you in polling for nbc news shows threats to democracy, the top voters for issues this fall but republicans in congress tell us it is no need to worry. next on "way too early." ay too " problem so lve together, and find the answer that was right under their nose. or... his nose. she is fearless heart's on the line depend silhouette
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2:45 am
senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is brushing off concerns about the state of american democracy. speaking to reporters in his home state of kentucky yesterday, the top republican was asked to comment on this new
2:46 am
poll from nbc news, where voters ranked threats to democracy as the number one issue facing the country. here was his response. >> we have a very solid democracy. very little election fraud. will is some. i mean we've met people in kentucky, go to jail for that, it happens occasionally. but our democracy is solid. and i don't think of the things that we need to worry about, i wouldn't be worried about that. >> talking in cross-purposes in some of the polls and now we speak with debbie dingell of michigan, on the house energy and commerce committee. thank you for joining us early from michigan. i know you spent the month of august talking to your constituents in michigan and i wonder whether you're hearing their concerns about threats to democracy, what are the issues
2:47 am
that they're raising with you, as you're back in the district ahead of the midterms in november? >> well, great to speak with you this morning. i am somebody, that when i'm getting home, i look at the events of the day, at the farmer's market, some small businesses, i'm holding town hall meetings, and we are hearing that people are worried about our democracy, and what's happening, and we have a very heavy presence of the michigan militia, and donald trump is obsessed with this state, and it is an issue you hear about, people are scared, they're worried. i'm also going to tell you they're worried about inflation, they're worried about gas prices, and those issues, too. so i think people, i see people more engaged, i will also tell you in michigan, women are very, very much involved, because of beak on the ballot in november, about the ability to make their
2:48 am
own decisions about their personal health care. >> it was interesting, the new "times" poll yesterday showed threats to democracy a top issue and the issue of commissions an inflation, i'm sure people are still talking about. that abortion actually only ranked sixth. and yet, we hear that there is a lot of energy around this issue. do you think after your conversations that come november, this will be an issue that drives democrats to the polls for the midterm elections? >> i believe it will drive people to the election, to michigan, and michigan is not going to be on the ballot which i think very much changed the dynamics of the november election, and people have said to me, republican women, come out and vote for the proposal, and will they vote for the republican candidate for governor or the democratic candidate for governor, and we'll have to watch that. but i can tell you, when i'm out, and i'm out, i've gone places that are, i think, a very
2:49 am
traditional catholic town, i was very worried that if we accepted an invitation, careful about how i spoke, and there were 3,000 people, there and it was sort of stunning. and similarly, in other towns like that, and in places like ann arbor, and ypsi, women are upset. they're coming out. we collected 800,000 signatures in a matter of a few weeks to put this on the ballot. it is an issue. there's an ad playing on the republican nominee and how she feels on this issue. it is already very effective. so it is an issue. in michigan, it is an issue. >> an interestingly, you raise men too being motivated by this as an issue. you talked about inflation and people are raising that as an issue when you go out and talk to them. we've seen gas prices ticking quite substantially over the
2:50 am
course of the last few weeks. is that having any impact on how people in your district view the president and the administration and the job that the white house is doing? >> i would say that there is a gradual changing. i filled my car with gas this weekend, and i got, you -- you know, i take my car myself. i get yelled at, and i still got yelled at this weekend. makes me feel like life is normal when somebody yells at me. but, on the other hand, i am hearing people say, "you know, they did get a lot done the end of this year. why aren't you?" they yell at you, "why aren't you talking more about what his agenda is?" i'm like, "why aren't you telling your neighbors?" i think we all have to do a far better job of talking about what is getting done in washington and what we accomplished in these last few week. >> okay, congresswoman debbie dingell joining us from michigan, on the program where
2:51 am
no one will yell at you. i promise you that. thank you so much for joining us. good to see you. >> thank you. still ahead, first it was china's bad air, now too many trees. we'll show you herschel walker's latest argument against climate spending. on "morning joe," steve kornacki will be at the big board to break down the key primary elections in new york and florida. plus, live reporting from the sunshine state on the race to replace republican governor ron desantis. also ahead, democratic texas gubernatorial candidate beto o'rourke is a guest. "morning joe" is just moments away now. , camels. - llamas. - llamas. so save money shopping back to school on amazon. you sure that's not a camel? yeah. whatever you say.
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kinda creepy. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ georgia republican senate nominee herschel walker is blasting the democrats' recent law that commits billions to climate spending, arguing too much money is, quote, going to trees. the "atlanta journal constitution" reports walker was referring to the inflation reduction act signed into law last week. the former football star said, quote, they continue to try to fool you, that they are helping out, but they're not. because a lot of money, it's going towards trees. don't we have enough trees
2:55 am
around here? the georgia candidate stood by his comments in a tweet last night. yes, you heard me right. joe biden and reverend warnock are spending $1.5 billion on urban forestry and raising taxes on those making under $200,000 to pay for it. yes, i have a problem with that. joining us now, senior political correspondent at "axios," josh crenshaw. let's talk about herschel walker's campaign. is his name recognition, despite the trees, enough to pull out a win, even with these policy issues of his? >> look, katty, herschel walker is one of a trifecta of republican celebrity candidates who have made a long string of gaffes on the campaign trail. this is the second time a comment from herschel walker about climate change has drawn a lot of criticism. frankly, republicans want herschel walker and all their leading candidates to talk about the economy, inflation, rising crime. these are issues that benefit
2:56 am
the republican party. it is why republicans have a very good chance of winning back the house. but when you see these gaffes, when you see herschel walker getting caught up in describing, inaccurately, climate change, it really gets the party in trouble. all the polls show walker has a chance to win, it is a good year, georgia is a swing state, but when you make as many mistakes as herschel walker has on the trail, it gives warnock a good chance of winning re-election. >> something about now seeing the wood through the trees there. looking at today's primary races, new york and florida, which are you keeping an eye on? >> boy, the battle between jerry nadler and carolyn maloney is one of the biggest matchups. two titans of the democratic party going up against each other. it does look like jerry nadler has the advantage in the polling, and certainly after getting chuck schumer's endorsement and the endorsement
2:57 am
of "the new york times." that is going to be one of the big races. the new york-19 special election, as you guys were talking earlier, this is the one test between republicans and democrats in one of the biggest swing districts in the entire country. it'll give a little bit of a temperature gauge on what the political mood is looking like in the run-up to the midterm elections. >> yeah, and there's that interesting race down in florida, the democratic challenges to try to take on governor ron desantis. either of them would go in as an underdog. tell us how you see that race shaping up. >> they would. ron desantis is a very formidable figure in florida, but he is also looking to run up the score for his re-election, if he wants to look at a presidential campaign. who he runs against may have a big impact on the trajectory of the general election in florida. charlie crist is a former republican governor, much more moderate within the democratic
2:58 am
party. his opponent, nikki fried, is much more liberal, running to the base of the democratic party in the primary. crist is better positioned to make it competitive. >> crist probably has the name recognition, too. josh, thank you very much for joining us. thanking all of you, too, for getting up "way too early" on this tuesday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. good morning. welcome to "morning joe." it is tuesday, august 23rd. i'm willie geist. this morning, we are following new information on the investigation into classified documents seized from mar-a-lago. new reporting overnight about the alarming number of documents found so far. what triggered the unprecedented search of the former president's home? and new reporting that donald trump personally handled some of
2:59 am
the documents that were ultimately returned to the government, going through the boxes himself. plus, another big primary day. in new york city, two powerful democrats and longtime allies going at it now and facing off against one another, while a newcomer hopes to shake things up. we'll set the stage for that race and the contest in florida, as democrats choose a nominee to face republican governor ron desantis. with us this morning, correspondent for bbc news, katty kay. pulitzer prize-winning columnist and associate editor of "the washington post," gene robinson. and msnbc contributor mike barnicle. we have new reporting on what sparked the search at mar-a-lago. two weeks ago, the government recovered more than 300 documents marked as classified from donald trump so far. the first batch returned in january included more than 150 classified documents, but there
3:00 am
were more. according to the "times," quote, the number ignited intense concern at the justice department and helped to trigger the criminal investigation that led fbi agents to swoop into mar-a-lago this month, seeking to recover more. a number of people briefed on the matter telling the "times," the former president personally went through 15 boxes beforehand before handing them over in january. quote, the highly sensitive nature of some of the material in the boxes prompted archive officials to refer the matter to the justice department which, within months, convened a grand jury investigation. the government retrieved a second set of documents from the former president's aides in june, followed by a third set seized in the fbi search two weeks ago. according to the "times," the large number of documents and the amount of time they remained at mar-a-lago while being sought by the justice department, quote, suggested to officials the former president or his aides had been cavalier in handling them, not fully


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