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tv   The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  September 1, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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stephanie ruhle starts now. >> tonight, dueling takes on democracy. as the current president calls on americans to defend their freedoms, the former president promises his own form of justice for those found guilty of threatening free and fair elections. that, while joe biden warns of maga forces determined to take this country backwards, some in the gop seem to be walking back their extremist positions. plus, one-on-one with maryland's democratic nominee for governor, westmore. and battling inequality, and what he calls the threats he faces in november. as 11th hour gets underway on this thursday night.
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good evening once again, i'm stephanie ruhle. tonight, president biden issued a stark warning about what he sees as the clear and present danger to american democracy. >> as i stand here tonight, equality and democracy are under assault. we do ourselves no faber to pretend other ways. >> the president also we see no time to call out his predecessor. >> too much of what's happened in our country today is not normal. donald trump and the maga republicans represent and extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. now i want to be very clear. very clear, upfront. not every republican, not even the majority of republicans are maga republicans. not every republican embraces their extreme ideology. i know because i've been able
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to work with these mainstream republicans. but there is no question that the republican party today is dominated driven and intimidated by donald trump and the maga republicans. and that is a threat to this country. >> the president's speech from philadelphia's independence hall came just 68 days before the midterm elections. they are also some development today in the justice department investigation into those classified documents that were seized at mar-a-lago. lawyers for donald trump and the department of justice came face to face in a federal courtroom, arguing over trump's request for an independent third party or special master to review what was recovered. our own peter alexander has more. >> mr. trump's lawyers arguing the judge needed to help restore public confidence. by allowing more transparency into the government's actions. and dismissing the investigation into the former presidents keeping highly classified documents.
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comparing them to an overdue library book. the justice department opposes an independent review of the documents saying they have already gone through them. and acknowledging more than 500 pages may be protected by trying to client privilege. the doj argues the classified documents belong to the u.s., not to mr. trump. quote, because he is no longer the president, he had no right to take those documents. the judge today also saying that she will make public a more detailed list of what the fbi seized at mr. trump's estate. >> the jet is expected to roll on the special master request in the days ahead. and tonight, we learned one of trump's allies, former white house speaker newt gingrich has been invited to speak to the january six committee. they want to ask him about emails he sent to trump advisers concerning misleading tv ads about the 2020 election. and nbc news has confirmed former white house counsel, pat cipollone, and his deputy, pat philbin, are testifying tomorrow before a federal grand
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jury investigating the insurrection. today, a retired nypd officer received the longest sentence yet in a case related to the capitol riot. thomas webster, he now faces ten years in prison for attacking a d.c. police officer with a metal flagpole. today, donald trump said, he is offering financial support to some of the january six defendants and he also made this promise if he is reelected. >> i will look very very favorably about full pardons if i decide to run and if i went, i will think very strongly about those pilots. i think it's probably going to be the best. because a even if they go for two months or six months, you know they have sentences that have longer than that. >> a man? oh boy. we got questions. let's get smarter with our lead off pat panel. -- investigative reporter with the washington post, former federal
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prosecutor glenn kirschner who has tried hundreds of cases and his 30 year career. and msnbc legal analyst katie fang, but you know her as the host of katie fang show, we can, morning starting at 7 am right here on msnbc. glenn, let's talk about the president, because tonight, he divided maga republicans and mainstream republicans saying maga republicans are not believing the rule of law. is this the message the country needs to hear and force republicans hands to say, which kind of republican argue? >> you know, whether the country wants to hear it or not, i think it is something that they need to hear. this is the reality we are living in. where the rule of law often feels like it's hanging by a thread. whether in court or in the streets. so i think the president made a political calculation that he had to call it out for what it was. i mean i hate to put it in these terms stuff, but it almost sounds like he is saying look, you have to pick a side.
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are you gonna be on the side of law and order? who are gonna be on the side of the capitol police officers and metropolitan police department officers who you know were beaten by the maga crew. or are you gonna be one of the maga crew who assaulted the officers? that is a pretty stark comparison. and i think he challenged america to sort of rise up and you know the better angels as we always, here and pick a side. >> the medical crew isn't changing sides. they know exactly where they are, so who is the president speaking to katie, when he said earlier, you can't love your country, only when you win? who is he speaking to and are they listening? because that's a pretty real statement. >> it's so hard to assess what if people are actually listening. i think the question is to whom is he addressing america. does he really think he's going to move the needle with the people that are so entrenched on how they feel. but the reality is what glenn says.
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you don't want to be with people that are going to cherry-pick when the rule of law works for you. you don't want to be alliance with people that are going to, say you know what, it's okay today to defund the fbi because you did a search warrant at mar-a-lago. but it's not okay when you are trying to set that law enforcement has to get protected because there is total to running in the streets when democrats are running cities. so because of, that because of that double standard, i think biden had to deliver the question, today enough of the double state speak. enough of the double standards. pick aside, figured, out if you are not gonna be with, us piece out, find something else to do. >> carol, joining -- special master's hearing, one of the trump lawyers said they compare this case involving an overdue library book. that might work on fox news, but is not really going to work in a court of law? this ain't no library book here. >> now, it won't work staff. i mean i think a lot of other people have addressed this who
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oppose judges, and i know a lot of judges who are appointed by republican, and a lot that were appointed by democrats. and they know when you are likely to be indicted for obstruction of justice, and they know what probable cause is that justifies a search warrant. the facts here are as one expert told our reporters the other day, really bad for trump, and the facts are so clear. the government owns these backwards. they were patient. they asked over and over, plays, at the national archives, please mr., trump turned these records over. and when that didn't work for a year, they then said, please we need them now or else we are gonna have to tell the fbi about this. literally, try to negotiate with somebody holding on to these records. than, when the fbi was involved and the department of justice, they said hey, guys! we have some classified records we found in the boxes you
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returned, and we are really worried there could be more. are you sure you've searched everything? they got a letter back and said we've searched and searched and we can swear to you that in this diligent review of all the records at the presidents, forgive me the former president's private club, there are no more classified records. but, i mean luckily for the u.s. public, the justice department didn't accept that. they accepted the words of witnesses and other great investigative information, that told them with the very high degree of certainty, we are gonna find more classified records here, and indeed, some of them were so serious, and so sensitive, that justice department national security figures couldn't even review them. because they didn't have enough of a clearance to look at them. >> carol may have lay that out like a bedtime story, but listen to her words. it's a horror film. another front, trump's former white house counsel, pat cipollone, testifies before a federal grand jury, the one
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investigating january six tomorrow. and i want to show what he has already told the house committee. >> there was some real question, in my mind, and a real concern you know, particularly after the attorney general that reached a conclusion, that there wasn't sufficient election fraud to change the outcome of the election. when other people kept suggesting that there was. can the federal government sees voting machines? it's a terrible idea. that's not how we do things and the united states. and there is no legal authority to do that. >> oh glenn, how much could these guys with bill tomorrow? >> you know all sworn testimony is not created equal. we saw cipollone testified to a congressional committee, the january six committee, and i'm glad you played that clip, stephanie, because it to remind all of us of the question that
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pat cipollone wouldn't answer. you remember when he would look over at this council? it seemed like he wanted to answer the committees questions but the counsel would kind of pull him back, suggests that no, this is an area where there might be some executive privilege, and pat cipollone would turn back to the examiner and say, that's all i can say. that's not the way it happens in a federal grand jury though. in a federal grand jury, when somebody asserts a privilege, if pat cipollone asserts executive privilege, lawyer client privilege, or his fifth amendment privilege against self incrimination if he has one, there is a vehicle to test that in realtime. the j six committee has no ability to test it and overcome it, and compel the testimony. but a federal grand jury does. what happens is that once a privilege is invokes, and we complete the balance of the testimony, we walk over to the chief judges courts room or
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chambers, in this instance, it will be chief judge beryl howard. the chief judge of district court in d.c., and we litigate the assertion of the public and realtime. and of judge howell says you know what, i for example, think donald trump may have been involved in criminal conduct, and i'm going to say mr. cipollone, the crime fraud exception, overrules negates the executive privilege you are trying to invoke, i'm ordering you to testify. that gives pat cipollone complete legal cover to answer all of the questions that it looks like he was wanting to answer during his day six testimony. >> let's talk a little bit more about what the former president is saying today, katie. we urge a clip, trump massing on conservative media, if i run again, and if i am elected, i will look at full pardons for the january six insurrectionists. can you remind our audience, trump was in office when january six happened. he could've pardoned a whole lot of them and he did nothing.
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he >> he did nothing and what you just said is if, a lot of ifs. and that if he's doing a lot of heavy lifting, right? >> okay but it doesn't have to be an f. go back to january six. he could've done it that, and didn't. >> i think about the context of what was happening back in january six. he didn't have any support back in january six with this idea that he would be okay looking like he was condoning a hundreds of people coming over to the capitol. armed, hunting down members of congress. and because of, that he could not have possibly thought about doing it. maybe he thought about doing, it but you imagine what the optic would've been? if he had to address full pardons without even being able to identify who the individuals were going to be that's we're gonna get these pardons? just get them knocking on the door and say doj guess what, you can't prosecute, we have a full pardon donald trump, please. it's not realistic. but he's doing it because he knows who is catering to. he wants to sit there and intimidate if not encourage non cooperation from a slew of people, including potential defendants that were rioters, that's. a power insurrectionist that
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day. that are potential witnesses that they. and that's the reason why he is seeing like he can hand it out like it's candy. >> all right carole, the january six committee now wants to talk to news gingrich. how does he fit into this? >> you know, it's really interesting. north shaenridge who you know, some people could argue started the saber tooth war between the parties. he is viewed according to the chairman of the committee, now that they have copies of his emails, as someone who added his megaphone to the big lie about the election. he was emailing with jared kushner, and with former trump white house chief of staff mark meadows, in december, asking and offering his help to promote this idea that there was all this idea of fraud in the election which he knew was false. but to claim it in television ads and in scripts and two people he could reach out in the conservative movements. the worry about this is he said this right before december 14th stephanie, when states electors
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were going to be certified, and he was trying to basically bounce state allowed years and get a new raft inserted, illegally, so that they could reject the reject insert results and certain key swing states. when that effort to seize voting machines and we won the election didn't work, the idea was, let's just get rid of the electors who certify this information. what's also really interesting to me, stephanie, is that newt gringrich identified in emails as having said, what we really need to do is arouse the anger in the american people. i mean what else do you have to say about lighting a match before january six? because that's what he did. >> there was certainly a. arouse caroline, glenn kirschner, katie, thank good to see you in new york in person. when we come back, more of the president accusing maga forces of trying to get takeout country backwards. -- tim miller and small signers are here.
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american carnage and darkness and despair. despite fear and lies, lies told for a profit and power. but i see a different america. an america with unlimited future. an america that's about to take off. i hope you see it as, well just look around. >> more of president biden's fire raid primetime address tonight on what he calls the battle for the soul of -- >> he can demagogue voices to try to take the country backwards and called for americans to defend and protect democracy. >> i will not stand by and what,
8:22 pm
i will not, the will of the american people be overturned by wild conspiracy theories. and baseless evidence claims of fraud. i will not stand by and watch elections in this country stolen by people who simply refused to accept that they lost. >> back with us tonight, two of our favorites. simone sanders, chief spokesperson for president vice harris. and simone on peacock and msnbc. and timothy with his powers on contributed to the bulwark and former communications director for jeff bush. he wrote the new must read book, why we did it. simone, you worked and this white house, you have said on this show before, this administration needs to tell it to the people straight and get aggressive about. it is that what the president did tonight? >> i think that is absolutely what the president to. tonight i had general miley dylan on my show last week. and i said, is this jill biden that we are seeing post president speech of his
8:23 pm
campaign speech and maryland that joe biden we can expect moving forward. and she said to me simone, as you know the joe biden that you are seeing is a joe biden that's always been here, i worked on the campaign for them vice president biden, and when i spoke to him about what he wanted to run for president, before i signed, on he told me and made this case made about the banter for the soul of this nation. i believe what we heard from the president tonight was not a campaign speech but he feels very viscerally and very deeply that in fact we are in a similar place. the fbi agents losing their lives under threat, we've got election deniers who are running and winning. this is a five alarm fire and president joe biden just rang the symone sanders bell. >> rang the bell, tim, would you call this a presidential speech because after the speech, i keep hearing all that was political. it was a campaign speech. he broke from norms standing in front of marines. didn't we break from norms years ago? former president trump's inauguration speech about death
8:24 pm
and destruction. former president trump was currently not accepting the 2020 results saying he should be reinstated. saying he will pardon insurrectionists. so what are we saying tonight broke from norms? we have been we haven't been normal and years! >> yeah. i don't have a ton of patience for the pearl collection plan intended, about norms. about four years of donald trump, where he literally held as convention on the white house lawn. so i think we have been down this road before. i think, and i thought by could person what president biden tonight when he talked about was both true and important as compared to kevin mccarthy's pre-vital speech, and donald trump's truth sort of or whatever they are called down in mar-a-lago. which were filled with lies. and conspiracy. conjecture. i do i guess if i was tended to pick one thing about the speech tonight is that i'm not really sure what the point was, politically speaking. i think there was a lot of fancy service. i think folks who are highly engaged democratic partisans
8:25 pm
are watching cable news on a thursday night in the summertime, probably really like it. because it was true and it spoke to their concerns and worries. i'm not sure it spoke to you know the concerns -- or to people who do not agree that we are in a five alarm fire. i think we are in a fire alarm fire but you can't just say hey, there's a five alarm fire. you have to persuade people about the risks and about the threats, and i just, i didn't see a ton of that tonight. >> so you are saying, what was the point? what's the downside and giving that speech then, tim? >> i don't think there is a downside. i think it was factual, i think it was fine. i think it was something that he wanted to say and that is fans wanted to say. i think he looked at social media, the people a lot of people out there that are saying, i've been clamoring for him to do that. but also all these people who are highly socially engaged democrats. i think it's okay. it's not really a criticism except to say, if democracy is really in threat, like the job of him is to try to -- he didn't a job tonight of
8:26 pm
carving off conservative republicans from maga republicans. okay, well the next step is how do you convince and persuade some of those conservative republicans, who are not maga publicans, to come into the fold? and say this is such a, threats we need, yo and given olive branch to them. there wasn't that tonight. and maybe that's still to come. >> well i don't, know maybe he's calling republicans out, simone, maybe the next step is for all of those republicans that they will be called to task. they will be asked, are you a maga republican, who is denying the election, who was supporting insurrectionist, who continues to push the big lie. or are you someone representing your state, your country, and trying to get a job done? isn't this just up one, because now, those republicans are going to have to answer joe biden's question, which kind of republican are you? >> you know, yes, stephanie, i think he is one, starting a conversation, but two, concerning on a path that he's already gone down. the coalition that propelled joe biden to the white house to
8:27 pm
president biden and vice president kamala harris was a coalition of base time aquatic voters, black voters, latino voters, independent voters, and some conservative republicans. there are republicans who have been republicans for a long time but they don't believe or subscribe to them extremism of trumpism. that was joe biden's coalition it was a uniquely biden coalition. that's who he was speaking to tonight. i would also say that as the president of the united states, it is important to speak truth to power. whether everyone hears your no one hears. you and i think what we heard from president biden tonight is just the truth. there is no both side-ism, there is no pontificating or trying to walk a line. he is calling it like it is and this is something that he has done before. he did on the campaign trail a number of times, quite notably when he gave the speech about white supremacy in iowa. so look, i think that this is a continuation of something that the president has done before, and you're trying to speak to those people that made up his coalition, but also americans
8:28 pm
across the board because he really feels as though that this is a moment that requires everyone's attention regardless of you, know what your political party might be. >> tim, does it elevate trump or does it hurt him that the president called him out by name tonight? because you know he thinks all the attention is good attention. >> yeah, i don't think president biden should really concern himself with that. it's hard to protect what the impact is going to be. frankly, what joe biden says, what we say on msnbc, is not going to matter as far as whether donald trump is elevated. the people who matter are people who have tuned out joe biden. and so as my go up oblique and that he was talking about. the people that want donald trump -- >> hold on hold on, >> will those people move on or not? >> hold on. though >> i think it matters. >> but it's not just, is he going to convince republicans? is he going to fire up unengaged americans? there are awful lot of people
8:29 pm
in this country who don't care about politics. who don't think about the threat to democracy, and maybe he is talking to those a political people saying, you need to care. >> i hope so. and i think that's important. and i hope that is something that he keeps doing. and yeah, i think that's a separate question then the trump our question. trump's power emanates from the maga base. as long as the maga base is with them, trump is going to be powerful within the party. joe biden does not control over that. all he can do is try to marshal a group of people to defeat donald trump, and i think that the speech is a part of a long as simone has been saying, a long held effort to try to build a coalition to do that. he did but the coalition in 2020, now he's got a baltimore. >> all right i'm not letting either one of you leave, symone and tim, we'll be back right after the break. when we return, the truth matters. republicans and quizzes are trying to scrub their websites of extreme anti abortion policies that they have been backing. but our friend politics girl
8:30 pm
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8:35 pm
are scrubbing abortion policies from their websites. and this might be why. polls are now showing most americans are very much in favor of reproductive rights. and for sack facts sake, nobody has that sort of memory. especially not when it comes to political lifesaving health care and as we like to say, the truth matters, but only if you see it. and our friend politics girl, it's delivering some real truth right here. >> some republican lawmakers are trying to walk back their positions on abortion now that they are noticing it's absolutely losing issue with the majority of the american public. but we see you. we heard two. you've already dined out and crowd and celebrated. no abortion, no exceptions. you can walk back those positions all you want, we see you, and we will be voting accordingly. >> still with us to discuss, simone sanders and tim miller. simone, why are they doing this? republicans campaigned on this, they walk these we restriction
8:36 pm
abortion law, why are they suddenly pivoting? >> i have to last a funny because, to think the voters are stupid? voters are very sophisticated. particularly the voters right now in 2022. they can read, they can write, they can google, they can check their twitter accounts, and it is all right there. i think they are doing it because it's not popular, and to be clear, it didn't just become unpopular. after their primaries. this is the positions that these republican candidates took, have been wildly unpopular from the beginning. row consistently pulled over 65% and the average and all of these polls. right now, what we know to be true though is that women are being jailed, could potentially be jailed, doctors could be jailed, find thousands of dollars, a bill just passed in texas. that is not what republicans quote on quote run on, but it's what's happening across the country and nobody likes it. >> tim, regardless of your stand on abortion, the inconsistency is not a good luck. i mean, while getting overturned was just a couple months ago.
8:37 pm
do republicans actually think that they can snuck sneaker voters here? >> yeah, at the slightly disagree with my friend symone one more time, because i do think black blatant matters do think voters are stupid. i'm pretty sure that that is part of the central elements of his campaign. doesn't realize that the way back machine exist. and i think it's quote was that he sees this policy pages as a living document. a living document. i mean this guy, i don't know stephanie. it's pretty presumptuous. it in a swing state like arizona, this is not popular. we saw it up in kansas. do you know what your stance on abortion is it's important to understand, there are a lot of voters out there who have mixed views on abortion. maybe they don't support you know completely no restrictions, but they so they certainly don't support a ban in one week with no exceptions, is what matters original position was. that's a 10% issue only the most extreme people support it. and so he looked got in kansas and said if that's a 60% issue in kansas, think about what it
8:38 pm
is like in arizona as wednesday. 75% issue. he's trying desperately to fix, it was pretty ham-handed. >> but why does have to be desperate now? simone, these polling numbers aren't new. we all knew this three months ago, six months ago, nine months ago. why are republican suddenly surprise and trying to pivot? >> look, i think they were trying to win a primary. tim knows this better than anyone. we see it on democratic side of the aisle. oftentimes, in the primary, it is the person who can be the most progressive opinion depending on what the district is. and i think it's what we saw in arizona. blake masters was running in the republican primary, primary, trying to capture republican voters, and folks that come up in the off your midterm election, these are based voters. and for a lot of them, i think the positions of blake masters was taken was popular. i think the reality though is when you pull back the layer even people who do not personally believe in abortions, do not think women are doctors should be jailed or fined, do
8:39 pm
not think citizens should be spying on their neighbors. to report them to the authorities on whether or not they're miscarried as well and abortion. and that is what is happening in this country. people need to be vigilant, this is not hyperbole, it will, and that is an extreme position that no one thinks should be the reality. but because that is what they reality of the policies, many of these republicans have put forward, they are running away from. it because they cannot defend it. it's indefensible. >> 68 days to go before the midterms, and you are trying to erase the policies you've been supporting? that's a tough putt. tim miller, simone sanders, thank you for being here, absolutely love having you here. remember, you can watch someone on peacock and msnbc, you do not want to miss it. coming up next, my one-on-one interview with the one only westmore, democrat who is hoping to be marilyn's next governor says about the most extreme parts of the gop. the president was just warning us about. west, he is running against
8:40 pm
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republican material -- dan cox a qanon whack job, and and, that discussion off be the nominee. he shouldn't be governor. >> but i'm not getting involved in addressing in the race but this is not just marilyn, this is happening across the country. >> he is talking about things that are absolutely false. defamatory, slanderous, it's all he knows what to do
8:45 pm
apparently because he is still upset that we trounced him. and his candidate. >> as you just heard, the split and the republican party is on display in the maryland governor's race. current republican governor who you saw right there, larry hogan, has made it abundantly clear, he will not support his party's nominee for the office. and lately, some republicans like maryland trump endorsed dan cox, who easily won his primary, are getting a run from their money, from democratic opponents like westmore, i had a chance to speak with more a few days ago about his campaign and what it will take for democrats to win not just in maryland, but across the nation. >> i look at maryland in many ways people call it american miniature. we also know that so many of the challenges that you see around the country are right here in the states and maryland. we can have some of the best medical institutions in the world right here in the state of maryland, and people who look down the street for them they can't afford basic care. >> why? why is this state even the city
8:46 pm
of baltimore, divided like that? >> i think you have to be intentional about inclusiveness. and here's a be intentional about not leaving people behind. >> those are fancy words. how would you solve it? >> when i think about the work that we were able to do when i ran one of the largest poverty fighting organizations in this country, the work that we were able to do is say, our policies need to actually reflect our values. and these education systems that is not leaving children behind and having when they leave high school, that they're not prepared for the drops of now or for the jobs of the future. >> crime is an issue in maryland, specifically and baltimore and across the country. you are seeing more and more voters put crime as their number one issue. this city that we are and has had 200 murders this year. that is basically a person dying every day. how are you gonna solve for that? >> i can tell you, the issue of crime is not just important. it's personal. i am, i'm a very proud bottom oregon. it's something that the city
8:47 pm
alone should not have to -- punish a. matters >> you can put resources to the city of baltimore to help address that, investing and involuntary intervention programs, like safe streets, we are us. these are problems at the data shows that are proven to. work and right now they are underfunded, undervalued, and we have to change that from day one. >> how do you feel then about the term, defund the police? because it has put a brand on democrats that doesn't align with what you are talking about. >> i don't think that the answer is defund the police because i think defund the police it's more of a slogan then strategy. the strategy that we have is just fundamentally going back to the idea that everybody has a. right to feel safe in our own communities. they want to know that if something happens, and they call on law enforcement to be able to protect, them but that is going to be the response is going to be quick, and the response is going to be supportive. that's all communities are asking. for and that's not a republican issue our democratic. issue >> right around this time
8:48 pm
last year, you and i spoke, if i wanted to talk to you today. you are the first person i interviewed on tv when the u.s. pulled out of afghanistan. where are you on this now that we are a year out? >> it's still painful, it's painful because it's personal. i think the decision to withdraw was the right one. and frankly, it was just an overdue, one and i'm glad that it's one of the first things that the administration put in place. the thing that we also have to consistently remind the american people, is that just because people made it home does not need the support and their. you know, thank you for your service, cannot be the end of the conversation and. time. >> shouldn't just get tempers and a dennis. >> there you go. it should just, you know what i'll buy this person coffee when i see someone in uniform. at the coffee shop. thank you for your service, actually has to mean something. we have people who when i country asked them to serve, they didn't ask the country to wait. and so when they come back home
8:49 pm
for them and their families, our nation should not be asking them or us and their families to wait. under your promises. >> you are running against someone who is not looking for unity and anyway. dan cox is an election denier, he has come out and said he will look to have maryland state police go after joe biden for the lawful mar-a-lago search. how do you respond to that? >> i responds by first making sure that the people know who our opponents is in november. and i'm very clear. i don't have an opponent in november. this is a threat. this is someone who asked for mike pence to be hung because he certified an election. this is the person who is a current governor who is a republican, when asked, would you support my opponents? his response was, i think he is mentally unstable, and i would not give him a tour of the governor's office. let alone do i want him to be
8:50 pm
the next governor. >> wes, i did a double take in the last week when i heard the current republican governor say those things about your opponents. he has said that he is a qanon crazy, and over the weekend, i'm looking, and i see westmore out an event with larry hogan. are you seeing his endorsement? because if you've got the republican endorsement from the governor, that would be enormous, not just for you in the state, but a statement to this country. >> i want to be very clear that i would love his support and the support of anybody. >> have you asked him for? it >> i have not asked for his official endorsement yet. >> why not? >> maybe i should right now. no, i would love the governor supports. because i love the support of anybody who believes that our vision and our values are better reflective of division and the values for the state of maryland then of my then opponents. >> but here's the thing, governor hogan did endorse a republican primary candidate. and dan cox beat them handily.
8:51 pm
what does that tell you about the republican voter in the state? >> i believe that republicans need to be able to hear what's the alternative actually is. you know, when we are going all around the state, and people are telling, us you are going to a lot of places that an all of democrats. my answer is yes but there's a lot of marylanders. and i plan to be on their governor to. >> did marylanders realize that they can elect somebody who can really hurt abortion access, somebody that people in maryland, or people in new york, we take for granted. >> yes, i'm running against an opponent who the day after the supreme court robbed millions of moments of health care, his response was to praise donald trump. and praise the supreme court. and then said he would double down by essentially criminalizing all abortions. even the case of incest or rape. that's my opponent. in november. >> the latest move from the supreme court scary? you relevance have how you feel about abortion rights, this is
8:52 pm
the first time that we have seen the supreme court start to take things away. what does that tell you about where we are? >> what it tells us is we have to remember that progress is not guaranteed. we've got to fight! every day, we have to fight for what makes this country so beautiful and so important. and what makes it worth fighting for. time alone and duration does not make progress. it's hard work, it's determination, and it's being assertive about what our values are and standing up for our values. that's what makes progress. >> my thanks for westmore for that conversation, apologies for all of those dogs in the background, i was in their neighborhood, there was a dog hotel right next door. i should also mention that we extended an invitation to candidate dan cox, he has not taken us up on that invite yet. but that invitation is open. as you see the rest of my interview with westmore, just had over two and a msnbc news channel for more. coming up next, it's back to
8:53 pm
the classroom. after a summer of devastating conflict. we are gonna check in with the children of ukraine when the 11th hour continues. 11th hour continues. and, kyle, well, he's keeping calm with another day to adjust his balance if he overdraws by more than $50. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours. a monster was attacking but the team remained calm. because with miro, they could problem solve together, and find the answer that was right under their nose. or... his nose.
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8:57 pm
go to to get yours. tonight, ukrainian strong, kids all over the world are heading back to school this week and in war torn ukraine the conflict has not stopped. determined young people from getting their education. ukrainian authorities say since the war began more than 2000
8:58 pm
educational institutions have been damaged from bombing and shelling. 225 completely destroyed. ap photographer, amelia were not a spent time with some students who used to go to one of those shadow schools. he captured powerful images of them returning to the ruins, and he asked them for their reactions. sitting in his old school chair, 13 year old alexander says, when i'm in my classroom, i think about how much i want this war to end. 13 year old anastasia stands in the rubble of her former classroom and says, i want to graduate here, the school feels native to me. returning to where his former desk once was, 13-year-old oleskiy says it's like a dream. i've never seen something like this. it cannot be reality. and that right there is 16 year old christina, standing at her desk and what's left over former classrooms. she says what's happened is a tragedy, i already cried out about everything i've lost.
8:59 pm
i miss my school, my friends, and teachers. but they will be a new school, new teachers, and friends. the most important thing is that life goes on. they are so so many in ukraine right now determined to make sure that indeed, life does go on. and in a new nbc news now special, called a mother's war, our foreign correspondent molly hunter and her team crossed the entire country, meeting woman fighting their own remarkable ways, here is just some of what they had to say. [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language]
9:00 pm
[speaking foreign language] >> a mother's war is a must see and it is available tomorrow on youtube. and on that note, i wish all of you a very good night. from all of our colleagues across the networks of nbc news, thanks for staying up late with us. i will see you at the end of tomorrow. tomorrow last night, mary portola defeated sarah palin in the special election for alaska's deep red at large congressional district. she will join us right here live, coming up. from the courtroom where donald trump's lawyers faced off of the department of justice today. but we start tonight with a stark warning from the president of the united states. >> too much of what is happening in our country today is not normal. donald trump in the maga
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